Across the room....

We see each other, across the room at the cocktail reception.  You purse your lips into a subtle kiss that only I can see.


We have tasted each other, been with each other, felt each other's touch in our most intimate places.  I have felt the warmth of your body envelop me, your kiss, your fleshyourscent.


You have wrecked me for being with any other woman.  I have tried.  My wind wanders to you.


Your body:  Powerful, strong, athletic; sexy, seductive, intoxicating, addictive; knowing when to squeeze, when to hold, when to dig in, how to possess me.  I am yours.


Our eyes, from across the room, know all this.  You know I am powerless to resist.  I know your hunger, your need, that your sexual appetite must be fed.  And that look in your eye says, simply, "Feed me!”


Our heads nod, we make up a silent sign language on the go. Yet, without words, we each understand. We will be together … THIS night … in moments.  We must not be discovered.


I think of how your skin glistens, your hair, your eyes, yoursmile. How every man at this reception wishes he could be with you.


I know that I am the man who will be.


No man can satisfy you, this I know to be true.  But tonight I will place all that I have at risk to be with you long enough to do all that I can to partake of the unearthly delight you offer.


You leave, I follow.  I count the fingers that you hold up as you enter the hotel's elevator.


I take the next one, and follow your instructions.


I see the door, propped. As I arrive, the door swings open, controlled from behind.


When it closes, you are revealed to me.  More beautiful than I recall, or than you appeared just moments earlier.


Our lips meet as if you have craved nothing more than my kiss since our last tryst.


Everywhere I touch, you feel like magic, like perfection.


And every touch you make upon me is equally magical.


Gasps, grunts, moans, aches—sounds emerging from our inner animal. Vows left at the door, other relationships void and not in effect when we are together. Logic tells me to hurry, to avoid the discovery of my absence.  There is no logic with you, though—only passion, lust, desire. Time slows down as you fill all my senses.  I feel your body consume me, squeeze me, possess me.  I lose all sense of time, up or down, right or wrong. You bring me to places I think I've been with you before, yet I can't ever recall being this high off the ground, this far outside the grasp of reality, or, indeed, gravity.


All of your body drains me.  I find no barriers with you.  Only lovers who know each other so very well engage in what we share. Betrayal is downstairs; here, together with you, is ecstasy.


I have given you all that I have, when you have been fed, filled, and, for the moment, satisfied.  We help each other dress, check each other's appearance for any trace of this rendezvous. You leave first to stop in the ladies room to be seen there and then to return to the party without suspicion.  I wait, then venture out to the stairs, walking down, stopping in my own room, creating evidence of where I have been, though I know I have been elsewhere.  But this is not the first party you and I have left together, to unite in sin, and then return, separately, without being caught or questioned.


We return to those with whom we arrived. Our escape together remains undetected. Our bodies still feel each other.  I still have your scent in my air.  My ears echo with the sounds your body makes when I take you, use you for my pleasure, work to please you. Nothing ever feels as good in my hands as you when we are with each other.


Tomorrow, when I take in my mail, when I see you across the street doing the same, we will wave. Our eyes will know, but no one else will.  How long until we will be together again?  Under what circumstances?  These answers are not yet known, only that we will, as we have tonight, and as we have now for so many treasured moments.  Like a good neighbor, Dolly is there.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! 

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