Dolly the Divorce Attorney

They both were in contempt.  That was pretty much the Judge’s ruling.  Yes, the ex-wife was supposed to have paid the ex-husband back for half of their child’s summer camp.  Andyes, the ex-husband should have told his ex-wife that he’d enrolled Junior in camp sometime prior to the day he picked the boy up to drive him to camp a couple hours away.

Dolly and Mike exchanged looks as Judge Gett announced his ruling from the bench. Both knew this case was all about a pair of so-called adults still pissed off over the divorce and the settlement.  Neither one of them had really liked it, which, if they’d been listening, was what the mediator had told them: “If we do this right, both of you will compromise and not get everything you want.  So neither of you will be happy, but both of you will be able to live with it and move on.”

Dolly’s client hadn’t moved on.  Her ex-husband had gambled away their nest egg from 20 years of marriage.  Mike’s client hadn’t moved on.  He still felt justified in never talking to her, because all she did was nag and remind him that he wasn’t as successful as she expected.  Dolly and Mike had been facing off in domestic relations cases for five years now, and they knew how to argue their clients’ positions in a zealous manner without personal attacks on each other.  It was important that they be able to get along, both thought.  On the cases that did have a chance to settle, that relationship allowed them to speak candidly and cut to the chase to find common ground and avoid trial.  Today was hardly the first case they’d had that really never should have made it to court.  And when Judge Gett said, “I’ve done thousands of divorces since I was appointed to the Family Court Bench, and may I tell you that you need to settle issues like this, because they are going to keep coming up solong as your children are minors, and your youngest is nine years old.  This never should have made it to court.” Both Dolly and Mike had trouble hiding their grins.

Friday afternoon Family Court was when Judge Gett held his contempt hearings, maybe in the hope that people would settle so they could get a jump on the weekend.  Or, if they didn’t, at least they didn’t feel so guilty about heading straight to the bar to drown their sorrows or cheer their victoriessince there was no court the next day.  Mike always managed to be a gentleman and let Dolly leave the courtroom first, holding the door like the gentleman he hoped she perceived him to be.  And also so that he could take another glimpse of Dolly’s magnificent ass, since Mike was not only a gentleman, but also a man who admired sexy fit chicks, and Dolly was notoriously the sexiest lawyer in the cityand probably the state.  

He’d never noticed her cheekbones before today.  Damn!  Who’d have thought after five years there were still more beautiful sub-parts to Dolly Jewel?  Ass.  Legs. Bust(She must have had some work done on those but, hey, clearly the work had been award-winning, he’d long ago concluded.  Oh, to be the lucky guy who gets to inspect them up close and know for sure!). Smile.  Blonde hair.  Blue eyes.  Trim waist.  The occasional warm weather outfit and the annual bathing suit at the beach resort boondoggle known as Continuing Legal Education confirmed the flat, hard tummy.  And her fit, defined back and a face that had gotten her elected homecoming queen in high school and inspired her professors at both college and law school to hit on her.  Shameless men.  Not that she hadn’t fucked some handsome ones, a couple of whomwere marriedbut that was their burden, wasn’t it?  She was singlein her 20s, and hadn’t taken any vows.  There were rumors about Dolly’s love life since she was admitted to practice law.  No one seemed to know.  And she had brains to match the looks.  Mike figured she probably fucked like a pornstar.  And he’d always wished he might somehow get the chance to find out.  Like that was going to happen!  But a dirty old man leer as she went through the door first, sure, that’s fine.  It was not as if his wife was there to see what he was doing.

Dolly smiled to herself as she felt his eyes on her ass when Mike held the door for her.  She’d caught him checking her out many times when they were in court, and today was par for the course.  She appreciated it a bit more today, because, well, she hadn’t had her pipes cleaned in almost a month.  “Boyfriends” and fuck buddy friends always got scarce during college football season.  Was the Georgia-Florida game really more important than being available if Dolly needed a booty call?  Come on!  There was that one time she was shacked up with Paul, that way-too-perfect-bodied fitness instructor and nutritional supplement wholesaler on New Year’s Day, when three sweaty acrobatic fucks all over his apartment left every one of her major joints feeling refreshed and well-used, and her insides, well, fulfilled and stretched oh socompletely.  She’d started to wonder about Paul, he of the perfect body, a body that he shaved (Hurray!  No pubes in her mouth when she licked Paul’s balls!), and a large cock that really didn’t get all that soft between orgasms, well, maybe Paul might be more than fuck buddy material.  Or at least until he had her pinned face down on the bed, her legs straining while being widely spread by his knees, and his thick 8” cock splitting her in two in a lazy dog position fuck, when suddenly he dismounted, took that magnificent schlong out of her wet warm sex holsterand ran into the living room to see the two-point conversion attempt to tie thescore in the Fiesta Bowl.  Who does that?  He was listening to the game while they were fucking?  Really?  Back to the fuck buddy bucket for you, Paul!  What a tool, she thought at the time, and then she giggled thinking of the double-meaning.

But it was Mike’s eyes on Dolly and Dolly in need and way overdue at the moment.  That wedding ring of his never stopped his eyes.  Wonder if it will stop the rest of him?

“Buy me a drink, Mike?”  Dolly said, over her shoulder, with a head nod toward the square adjacent to the courthouse.  “Shouldn’t you be buying me one?  My client won, Dolly.”

“You call getting repaid $1,000 over 36 months a win, Mikey?”

Mikey!  He loved when a sexy woman called him Mikey.  A nickname of such great affection was how he regarded it ever since he was 13 and his drunken older cousin taught him to French kiss in a kitchen corridor at the Marriott during his Bar Mitzvah reception.  “You ever kiss a girl,Mikey?  You’re really cute, Mikey.  Our little secret, Mikey.”  Michelle was such a slut, and he’d lusted after her since about the age of 10.  She let him feel her nice Jewish girl boobs, too, on that lucky Bar Mitzvah day.  He truly felt the words “Today I am a man” applied to him.  By the time he was old enough to realize that incest was not just a term used for immediate family, and that making out with, feeling up, and then, three years later at age sixteen, losing his virginity to his first cousin was also incest.  By then, Michelle was 21, home from college, and picking off high school jocks one by one.  She could get them to do as she told them, because they were all so excited to be fucking a 21 year-old college co-ed.  Mike learned to eat pussy pretty damn well, since he had extra opportunities, those being family gatherings and college breaks. So, did “Mikey” want to buy Dolly a drink?  He was ready to buy her the whole fucking saloon.

A pair of empty bar stools stood at the far end of the bar, near the jukebox.  The bar had a good selection of oldies and was dark enoughthat no one could see Dolly’s hand on Mike’s thigh when she leaned into hear him over the music.  The smell of her perfume on her hair was intoxicating to Mikey, as he stole several glimpses down her blouse at her cleavage.  Definitely a D-cup, he thoughtShe wore a slut red manicure on those nails that were starting to dig into his leg, higher upthe thigh than earlier, around their third drink. He was so rock hard, her legs looked so damn good, and her eyes were different than on any other day of their professional relationship.  There was not much professional going on any longer this evening.

Mikey,” she asked him, in a come-hither voice that nearly made him, well, cum hither, “you ever cheat on your wife like our clients do?  I mean the men.  The women cheat on their husbands.  Remember the case we had when you represented the guy who was fucking his co-worker and the wife was my client, and then the wife started fucking the husband of the co-worker your guy was fucking?”  That had been a fun one.  They ended up getting two cases out of that one.  And then pretty much all that happened was the guys effectively swapped houses, and each married the other’s wife.  “I sure do Dolly.  Your client was gorgeous.  Good thing she had you for her lawyer, so everyone could drool over you and not make her feel self-conscious.  Did she hate the fact that, as hot as she was, she was second-best whenever her divorce lawyer was around?”  Wow—had Mike just said that?  Oh, what the fuck, Dolly leaned across his lap to catch a glimpse of the crowd in the bar and had stroked his cock not quite accidentally when she did so.  “Oopsie,” she muttered with a shit-eatingdrunk-girl-gonna-fuck-you-good, Mikey, kind of a grin.

“Dolly, if I did cheat on my wife, I couldn’t tell you.  You’d end up asher lawyer, and I’d be left with nothing but the shirt on my back.”

“Not if I was the girl you cheated with, then I’d have a conflict of interest and couldn’t represent your wife.”

She had a point.  A tipsy, slutty, Dolly’s gonna fuck you tonight and fuck-you-oh-so-good kind of a point. “So, to make sure that, if my wife ever divorces me, she can’t hire you, I should seduce you.  Is that what you’re saying?”  Now Mike had his hand on her bare knee, fingers sliding up under her skirt.  She’d looked so sexy in court that day, her makeup perfect, subtle, not much at all, a touch at the eyes, some cheek color, her lips.  He’d never noticed how kissable her lips looked.

“It’s not seducing me if I let you know I’m going to take you home and fuck you silly.”

When Dolly said that, followed by rubbing his cock through his trousers with the heel of her hand and planting a kiss on him with those lips he’d been mesmerized by, he thought of the scene in “Sixteen Candles” where Farmer Ted hooks up with the prom queen and looks straight into the camera to say, “This is getting good.”  

“You can’t take me home, we’ve had too much to drink, but there is that stately Highland Avenue Hotel down the block.  It’s on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Two Presidents and the Duke and Duchess of York stayed there.  And that Senator, what was his name, that’s where he fucked his press secretary and his campaign ended.  Which, I guess,is why I can’t remember his name.  But I’ve never stayed there, and we could go there if you’re serious and not just giving me the most exciting cock tease of my life.”  Yes, this was the most exciting.  More exciting than Cousin Michelle, whom he’d continued to occasionally fuck, generally around Thanksgiving weekend, for some years after that de-flowering in the back of her mother’s Lincoln Navigator.  Thank God Aunt Debbie got those fold-flat seats in the Navigator.  There was a ton of room to fuck back there!

“I’ll text you the room number,” Dolly told him.  “That way you’ll know where to go after you stop at CVS and pick up some condoms.  Forget the KY.  I’m pretty much soaked, and I don’t see us needing that.”  Schwing!

Mike made his way to the condom aisle and had to stop and think about what to buy.  He’d never worn protection with his wife, who was on the pill, and Michelle never made him wear one, either.  She was his cousin, he’d reasoned.  Surely she wouldn’t have given him a disease.  Why on earth he thought there was no chance of STDs with his slutty cousin, so horny that she continued to fuck her own younger first cousin for years, including the weekend of her own wedding and the week after he’d gotten home from his own honeymoon, who knows?  Good fortune smiled on him.  He never caught anything from Michelle and somehow never managed to knock her up.  Twice they’d fucked when she was off the pill, cycling off to try to get pregnant with her husband.  Mike hadn’t known, but she had.  Oh the damn taboo thrill of unprotected fucking with her own cousin.  How very Alabama of them!

His phone buzzed, and Room 516 appeared.  Nice, old-fashioned hotel, no security floors or card-keys needed for the elevator.  Magnums, though not the XL, were his choice.  He was about 7” long and about 5-1/2” around.  He also stopped at the alcohol aisle, thanked his fates for the liquor laws that allowed beer and wine in the pharmacies in his town, and found a nice enough bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante along with MD 20/20Richard’s Wild Irish Rose, and Manischewitz (ohthe dirty, seldom-told shame of the kosher wine industry, that the bulk, of their profits came from corner convenience store sales to alcoholics with the other sweet fortified wines, so the winos were effectively subsidizing the observant Jews who honored the Sabbath and kept it holy).  He hoped Dolly liked sweet wine.  Well, at least it was bubbly and festive.  And he was way too horny to go to the far end of the block to the liquor store.

Mike undid his tie and stuffed it into the pocket of his suit jacket on the way up the elevator.  He unbuttoned the cuffs on his shirt to make undressing that much quicker.  He cursed that he’d used his VISA card to charge the condoms and Asti.  What the fuck had he been thinking?  That was exactly what he was thinking, that he was going to fuck.  His concern about his paper trail ended when he saw that the door was unlatched, the DNot Disturb sign already on the outside, so that he could just push the door open and enter.  He did, shutting the door behind him, and the setting the security latch as well.

Dolly’s fuck-me pumps were next to the big arm chair, and her skirt, blouse, and bra were draped on the chair.  The bed had been turned down, without much concern for neatness, and there was Dolly, lying on the bed, propped up on an elbow, already having raided the mini bar, sipping some Merlot.  She was wearing navy blue string bikini style panties and had no tan lines.  Her legs were now revealed all the way up to her slender hips, she looked like an Olympic runner, with not an ounce of fat.  Her legs, which merely looked world-class in heels and a skirt, suddenly appeared even more toned now that they were bare, from hip to toe.  Her pedicure was the same seductress red as her manicure.She had a slight hint of six-pack definition on the sexy flat tummy. Her breasts were a pair of high beams, large areolas, erect nipples, firm enough with little enough droop that he decidedyes, she’d had them done, and, that, yes again, she must have gone to the best boob plastic surgeon in the country.  As it turned out, she had.  But he didn’t get that detail until much later, when he couldn’t get it up again after three orgasms and was just sweetly sucking her nipples and sharing pillowtalk. None of that had happened yet.  Though he had an inkling about at least some of it.

“You brought a big bottle!” she declared and leapt up, stepping in close to him, now about 5” shorter without her heels, and kissing him deeply.  Her mouth tasted of wine and sexual need, her tongue pushed into his mouth, and Mike’s mouth and tongue were longing to receive her exploratory tongue swirls, swipes, and schlurpsDolly’s tits pressed into Mike.  His cock pressed into her.  She undid his belt, and he started taking his shirt off.  Dolly broke off the kiss, “I’ll open this, you open that,” as she nodded in the direction of his bulging crotch monster.  He did as he was told, and soon a blue pinstripe suit and white shirt werepiled on top of her clothes on that chair. And her heels had company as well, in the form of a pair of Allen Edmonds lace-ups, not quite untied,as Mike was in a hurry.

Mike stepped in behind Dolly, his erect cock finding a place between the cheeks of her firm ass, his hands sliding around her waist, and the feel and touch of her skin causing his cock to twitch upwards and then thump down on her ass again.  He drew his body tight to hers.  Mike slid one of his hands down her back to her ass, reaching underneath to nudge the thin fabric of her bikini panties aside and feel how wet she was.  Her labia already were opening to reveal the dripping sexual flower offering itself to him between her magical legs.  Dolly moaned and rotated her hips, pressed her ass back into his cock, and shifted up and down to tease him.  His other hand made its way up her body, cupped her firm breast, kneaded it, then tweaked her nipple between thumb and forefinger.  He kissed his lover’s neck and, at that momentthought of her as his lover for the first time.  His excitement had not abated, but he felt confident, comfortable with her in this hotel room.  Long-time courtroom adversaries were about to fuck.  Dolly loved the feel of hislips on her neck, his hand on her breast, his fingers dipping into her sexual wetness and stroking the skin on her legs, slowly, touching and feeling her toned muscles from all those 10-K’s, half marathons, and triathlons she’d completed.  And a hell of a lot of time in the gym.  She arched her back, shoving her ass even harder against his cock.  His lower hand stopped pawing at her thigh, hooked around the thin piece of fabric on her hip, and started to slide her panties down.  Dolly shimmied her body to assist Mike. When the panties hit the floor, Dolly and Mike were both naked, fully sexually aroused, with two glasses of sparking wine in Dolly’s hands.  She turned, looked up into her lover’s eyes, sipped fromher glass, and handed Mike his.  “Drink,” she said.  “Then fuck.”  Yes ma’am!!

Dolly drained her glass, and Mike did the same.  Then they set theglasses down, and she took his hand and led him to the bed, pushed him down on his back, crawled up above him, hovering on hands and knees, and ran her tongue from his balls to the pre-cum leaking tip of his cock head. A grin on her face morphed into a wickedly greedy sneer, and Dolly lightly held his cock in place while her lips and tongue danced up and down, focusing on the shaft, then the head, and then taking him deeply into her throat.  All Mike could do was watch in wonder at the porn-like scene between his legs. His hand made its way to the back of her head, grasped a handful of her thick, silky, dirty blonde hair, and he bobbed her head up and down on his cock, thrusting upwards, pumping her mouth, and triggering a couple of gags that caused him to throttle down and back off, until the urge to speed it up again overtook his caution.  About the best 10 minutes of his cock’s life, he later reflected.

“Oh God, Dolly, you’re so fucking good at that. I’m going to cum in your sweet mouth if you don’t back down.”  Three orgasms from that moment, the first of which was just seconds away, he had to smile at thethought that he really did mean for her to back down when he said that.  Instead, Dolly’s mouth pumped him faster and faster, and she raked her nails on his inner thighs, lower abdomen above his groin, ass, and balls. She next cupped his scrotum and applied finger pressure to the base of his cock, to the tender flesh between his cock and his asshole.  He came,hard.  Dolly’s breaths hadn’t been timed quite right, so she spilled a bit out of her mouth, but did manage to corral most of his seed into her mouth. Dolly’s eyes locked on Mike’s.  His were glazed over, rolling back in his head.  He would experience this twice more this night.

But first, when his legs stopped trembling and his heartbeat got back down below 150, he pulled Dolly up to him and kissed her, tasting some remnants of his own man spunk on her lips, and finding it so forbidden and deliciously bad-boy-esque to have cum down Dolly’s throat just hours after being in court against her. They kissed slowly, sensually.  He lay on his back with Dolly on top, her pussy was pressed down, slick and sweet and hot, on the underside of his cock.  Dolly took Mike’s hands, pressed them against the sheets near his ears, her fingers interlocked with Mike’s. She was wet humping him, and he was rapidly recovering his hard-on from the perfectly lubricated pussy riding him.  He lingered as the head of his cock traced her opening.  They both froze in position.  If either had wanted, he could have been balls deep in Dollyjust for the asking. He was sucking her bottom lip.  “Sit on my face, Dolly.  Straddle meI need to taste you.”  Yes, sir!!

Dolly did just that.  Her hands pressed down on his shoulders to preserve her balance and thrust her pussy into Mike’s face, across his lips.  Her back arched, her eyes closed, her body broke out spontaneously in a glow of sexually inspired perspiration. “So close, Baby.  Lick me right there, suck my clit, hard babydo me hard.  Oh God, I love it ….”  Dolly seemed to be in a sexual trance.  Mike soon found out the trance was thetwo-minute warning.  Shaking and gasping and moaning soon followed.  Shaking and gasping and moaning.  Shaking and gasping and “Aaaahhhhhuuughhhhhh, oh, ohmmmmmmyesssss.”  Score tied, one all.

The stimulation of Dolly’s intense sexuality in his face got Mike the rest of the way back to steel hardness, so Dolly grabbed a condom from the CVS bag Mike had dropped on the nightstand.  Mike caught his breath, enjoying a somewhat out-of-body experience, amazed at being with thisincredibly sexuawoman and having her seem so uninhibited in their sexual variety together.  His mind somehow wandered, as he found himself admiring the antique furnishings in the room along with the modern touches like the mini bar and the flat screen TV.  And then his mind flashed back to the present as Dolly had unrolled a Magnum over his cock and was positioning herself above him, to force Mike up into her.  Poised on the soles of her feet, a position Mike soon learned was called “Asian Cowgirl,” Dolly mounted and then rode Mike’s cock.  She loved his thickness and the way he filled her.  He was long enough for anything she wanted that night—no worries that she’d been filled with longer dicks.  Mike was doing plenty of fucking for a man in his 40s,banging a fellow attorney who was in her 30s.  And then Mike grabbed Dolly’s ass, pushed his cock as far into Dolly as he could get it, and spun their bodies, connected at the crotch, around so that she was on her back and he was in her missionary style.

He lowered himself onto his forearms, so that his chest was right above hers, and again their mouths blended with one another. Dolly hooked her legs around Mike, pulling him in tighter as he fucked her pussy with his married cock.  Oh, right, he was married.  Mike was about to consider that aspect of the evening’s wonderous dream-cum-true fuck when Dolly whispered, “Really give it to meI know what you want. You can do that to me all night long.”  He probably would have cum right there, if he hadn’t just cum minutes earlier.  Dolly adjusted her hips, again raising herself up a bit on the soles of her feet, and, in so doing, got her angle ofpenetration just right for Mike’s cock to smack against her G-spot.  Mike, in a high school wrestling move, used his head for balance as it was pressed on the bed, nuzzled against her neck, her perfume and the taste of her skin again intoxicating him.  Using his head for weight-bearing allowed his hands to be free, and Mike held Dolly’s toned ass in his hands, opening her as wide as possible, and fucked her as fast and hard as he could, given that it was the end of the week, he’d had (by his standards) a lot to drink, and he was middle-aged.  Not the best fuck she’d ever felt, but since she was dictating most of the sex positions involved in this tryst, Dolly was making sure of her own pleasure.  This was just the pipe-cleaning she needed.  And that pipe-cleaner thought was the last thing to pass through her mind before her body suddenlyspasmed into a hard, muscle-twisting orgasm that lacked the usual buildup.  The surprise factor pleased her, and, as her pussy responded by clamping down on Mike’s cock during the downstroke, he came simultaneously, filling the condom, feeling her warmth grip and capture him.  They collapsed onto their sides, face to face, softly kissing and embracing, aftershocks and tremors of pleasure making the next few minutes both unforgettable and a blur.  The best damn blur Mike had ever known.

This time, they readjusted into an afterglow embrace, each playing with the other’s body, Mike stroking Dolly’s unbelievably hot, firm, sexy body, and Dolly enjoying the immense attraction and desire that Mike’s hands communicated through their embrace.  Small talk like “Now are you going to tell me if you cheat on your wife?” to “So, what’s your deal about being single, anyway, because you could have any man you want?” went back and forth between the two legal adversaries.  Mikethought about having been seduced by Dolly long enough to ask her, “So, you can’t really exploit this in one of our cases, can you?  I mean, you’re here with me, right?”  Dolly lifted her head, looked at Mike, kissed him lightly, and told him to “Shut the fuck up and just enjoy the hot sex.  Look at it this wayI’ve never brought anything like this up in any of my cases, and you’re not the first married lawyer I’ve fucked and then litigated against.  Or in front of.”

That last add-on, “in front of,” got Mike wondering, since it meant she’d fucked at least one judge.  “Which judge?  C’mon, you gotta tell me.  You can’t just leave me wondering. I mean, we’ve shared so much today.  Obviously, I can’t go blabbing.  Which judicial cock has had carnal knowledge of your sexy body?”

“Now, did I say it was a man?  Mike, its on a need to know basis, and you don’t need to know.  Just like no one needs to know about us.”

“Is there an ‘us,’ Dolly?”

“Not on a daily or weekly basis, no, but this has been way too much fun for me to swear off repeats with you.  But, like tonight, this just kind of fell into place and fit our schedules.  I can trust you, Mike.  I’ve dealt with you for years.  You can keep secrets, and this is a very good one for us both to keep.  Okay, so now that I’ve let you know you’re a good enough fuck that I’ll want to do you again, how about you do me one more time and then I can let you go so we can get started on ourweekends?

Tired as Mike was, this was Dolly, and every new position with her was a new visual thrill.  And if that won’t help get it up again, then her wonderful hands and hungry mouth could get the rest of the job done.  Mike learned that there is a position called reverse cowgirl where Dolly was on top but faced the same way Mike was facing.  He’d seen it inporn, just didn’t know the name of it.  Dolly came hard, twice, in that position and thenafter some sixty-nine during an interlude where the softer oral stimulation kept them both aroused but gave their over-pounded sex zones a break, Mike experienced Dolly from behind.  If Michelangelo had carved a fitness model on all fours, that statute would have looked like Dolly.  His hands were on her hips, pulling so far back that just the head was inside her before he thrust forward again, pounding her pleasure zones for another orgasm before he spilled his final seed of the night into his lover.  They walked hand in hand to the shower a few minutes later and gently soaped and rinsed each other.  They embracedthey kissed.  He confessed he’d wanted to fuck her since the first time he met her.  She responded that she knew.  And that it had always made her hot that she could tell he wanted to fuck her.  And that if he had the fantasy of fucking her in the courthouse there were a couple judge friends she had who owed her enough of a favor that she felt she could make it happen for Mike back in one of those judgeschambers.

“Of course, you might have to fuck one of the judges too, to convince her she should make her chambers available for our tryst, you know.  But we’d do it all together.  Don’t worry, Mike, I’ve seen her naked.  She’s plenty sexy.  Now you’re wondering who.  Admittedly there are only a handful you would think it could be.  You’re right, its one of them, but which one?  Whaddaya say, you like a threesome, Mikey?”

Mikey likes it.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! 


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