Dolly and Doug playing Strip Gin Rummy in a Snowstorm

Dolly was completely packed and ready to head back to Miami after another great trip to DC.  She had a couple of extraordinary friends amongst her clientele in Washington, and several great regulars, and she always felt good about her trips to the nation’s capital.  She smiled as she thought, “there really are a lot of big things going down in Washington, and I love doing my part.” 


There was a black cloud hanging over her this morning though.  Once again, the January weather on the east coast was nasty.  Just a year earlier, Dolly had been grounded in the airport before a trip home and she feared the same today.  She was waiting to leave for the airport until the very last minute in order to avoid giving up her suite.  The weather reports were atrocious and waiting out the storm in 5-star luxury sure beat the hell out of waiting who-knows-how-many hours in the airport.  Leaving all of her luggage and her overcoat in the room, Dolly headed to the lobby for a Starbucks and an oatmeal. 


Timing is everything, and Dolly was walking past the front desk when her cell phone pinged the feared American-Airlines-your-flight-has-been-cancelled text message.  She spun left, walked 20 feet and caught the nametag of the day representative at the hotel check-in desk.


“National is canceling flights, including mine to Miami.  I’m Dolly Jewel, room 1114 and I’d better keep my suite for another night, Bill.  You’re going to have plenty of vacancies if planes aren’t arriving today.”  She flashed the 1000-watt Dolly smile, just in case there was any doubt.


“Not really, Miss Jewel.  We’re full and this is going to get crazy – your timing couldn’t be better.  I’m guessing we would have given away your room in the next few minutes.  Just a minute, though…..and…. you are set,” Bill responded, tapping his keyboard and smiling back.


Dolly headed to Starbucks to figure out what to do with the rest of the day, and maybe tomorrow.  It might be interesting to fit in a couple more dates, especially since she couldn’t be expected back home tomorrow, which was Friday.





Dolly finished her coffee and oatmeal and took one last glance at her smart phone to check tomorrow’s weather and flight schedule to Miami which didn’t look good either.  She thought she would head up to the room, cancel her Friday night plans in Miami and place an ad for tonight, tomorrow and the weekend…her research made her think that she might just as well see if she could make the whole weekend profitable here in DC.  Then a 45-minute run in the fitness center and see what the snowy afternoon brings. 


As she headed out the door, she came face-to-face with a very pleasant flash from the past.


“Doug Streeter!!!  What are you doing here?” she exclaimed, and moved in for a big hug.


The tall man in the entryway dropped his luggage and stretched out his arms.  “Karen!  Same as you, I would guess….trying to figure out how to get out of town.  Wow! You look wonderful as ever.”  Doug returned the hug, holding on as friends do. 


Doug Streeter was one of Dolly’s oldest friends – from waaaay before her “Dolly” days, and of course, knew her as Karen.   They had grown up together living two doors apart, and were as close to best friends as a teenage boy and a girl could be.  There had never been any romance between them, but they had nursed each other through other romances, gone to movies together and played about a thousand hours of canasta.  Doug figured heavily in some of the most relaxed, pleasant, warmest memories of Dolly’s childhood.  But college, marriage, kids, jobs and time had separated them.  They still talked a couple of times a year, felt free to drop e-mails at random times, and saw each other when Dolly visited her hometown.  Honestly, short of a $5000 client with time on his hands, Dolly couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather have run into than Doug.      


They got a drink and spent an enjoyable half hour catching up.  It was a familiar scene for them, and even in the swanky DC hotel where Dolly stayed three or four times a year, her “Karen” was very comfortable.  She was always so pleased to see Doug, and the warmth and depth of the friendship returned quickly every time they saw each other. 


Draining his coffee, Doug stood and said, “I’d better go get a room.  No telling what this storm will do to hotels in town.”


“You don’t have room?”  Dolly arched her eyebrows and then smiled, knowing the situation in the hotel.  “You best hurry.”




Minutes later Doug strolled back to Dolly.


“No rooms here tonight or tomorrow night.  The staff is trying to find a room for me in the neighborhood.”


“Fancy a game of canasta?  What’s it been – 15-20 years?  I have a suite and you’re welcome to settle in for a few hours.  I don’t have any other plans,” Karen offered.   “Why don’t you see if you can find some cards and I’ll go see if my suite has been cleaned….room 1114, c’mon up.”


Doug looked a bit surprised, but headed to the gift shop and Karen took the elevator to her room.  One of the clear and distinct pleasures of being “Dolly” was the internal knowledge, almost always, that she knew things no one else in the room knew.  Karen was very comfortable in her secret Dolly-world and loved knowing that she had information that no one else had.  She was very comfortable with secrets to the point that her double life was almost seamless for her.  Karen and Dolly could exchange places fairly quickly, and Karen was doing the calculations now.  Canasta on the floor of her suite was a game for Karen, and the room needed to be Karen’s.  She made short work of putting her clothes away.   She scanned Karen’s suite, satisfied that she was comfortably in Karen-world, and when Doug knocked, she let him in from behind the door, smiling as she did so. 


“Hope you don’t mind, I grabbed us a bottle of wine, but only one deck of cards…gin rummy instead of canasta?” he asked.


“What kind of wine?” Dolly asked.  “Will it go best with plastic hotel glasses, or do I bring the good stuff out of the bathroom?”


“Good question, but let’s go with glass,” Doug laughed.


“Make yourself comfortable.  Let’s play on the floor.  I’m going to switch into some sweats and a pullover,” Karen headed to the bedroom to change.  Hmmm…he brought wine she thought, and the outline of an interesting plan began to emerge in her head.  “Not so fast, Dolly Girl,” she admonished herself, noting that sometimes it was complicated to have information that no one else had…and fun.  She smiled, changed clothes and headed back to the front room.


Ninety minutes and six or seven hands later they had caught up on each other’s lives and killed off the bottle of wine.   Doug’s cell phone rang and he answered it.


“Ummm…okay…well, thanks for trying,” he said and hung up.  “No rooms here, or in the immediate neighborhood.  This storm has things really messed up.”


“Good thing your childhood best friend has an empty couch,” Karen giggled.  “You can sleep here, and no one will ever be the wiser.  Hang up your dress clothes and change into something comfortable…I’m going to go buy more wine. Want something to eat?”


On her trip to the lobby, Karen couldn’t help but think that a domino had fallen in her vague but intriguing little plan.  Doug had no idea about “Dolly”, of course, but Karen knew how attractive she was and she was quite sure that Doug was well aware, too.  Due to the absolute separation of the lives of Dolly and Karen, she would never have thought of Doug in her Dolly persona.  He was a part of Karen’s life.  But he was good looking, fit and one of the nicest people she knew.  Maybe the Dolly skills and desires could be blended here for a few hours.  As she headed back up with the wine and snacks, she decided to see how it played out, not ruling out making the first move, but maybe looking for a sign from Doug…..


When she got back to the room, Doug was in jeans and a branded sweatshirt from his alma mater, with no shoes or socks on.  He was standing at the window.  “Really snowing now.  You can’t see anything on the ground,” he said, not turning around.


Karen joined him at the window, standing close to him, not intrusively, but still closer than normal.  “How bad am I beating you?” she asked. 


“100 points – I won’t have any trouble catching up,” came the reply with a big smile from Doug.


Dolly put her hand on Doug’s elbow and with her biggest smile said, “It’s a game of streaks – you’ll get lucky sooner or later and then you can be on top.”  She patted him patronizingly on the shoulder and spun back into the room.


As they began the assault on the second bottle of wine, Karen deliberately left it on the counter away from the game.  She decided to slow the intake a bit…this would (or “could”, she thought) be more fun if there was a reasonable amount of alcohol involved, but not too much. She poured each of them a half-glass, tossed chips and trail mix on the floor by the cards, and plopped down.  They talked and played for another hour, during which Dolly had multiple opportunities to gently touch Doug on his outstretched leg, and again on the shoulder as she delivered another half glass of wine to him.  The chips and trail mix were long gone when Doug reached for the hotel guide to find out about room service.


“It’s four o’clock,” he said, “I bet room service will bring us appetizers.”  He crawled back to Karen and settled in beside her, both of them leaning against the couch.  She leaned in to read the room service menu, her shoulder and thigh firmly pressed against his.  They decided on an order and another bottle of wine.  Since it was her room, Dolly got up to place the order on the house phone, leveraging herself off of Doug’s shoulder as she rose.  She was very pleased to note that his hand ran down the back of her calf as she rose…that brought a smile to her face.


After she ordered she turned and walked back towards Doug.  She was aware that he had been watching her during the call.  “We caught them at a good time.  They said 45 minutes and it will be up.”  She lowered herself back down next to Doug, grabbed one of his hands in both of hers and looked him directly in the eyes.  With a huge and genuine smile, and a twinkle in her ice-blue eyes, Dolly squeezed his hand and said, “this has been a great afternoon.  Who would have ever thought that you and I would be locked in a room in DC and get a chance to spend a very pleasant day together?  Fun, fun…”  She released his hand with one of hers, but left her other one resting on top of his for several seconds.


They played until room service was delivered.  Doug paid cash to the waiter while Karen moved cards, wine and food to the table in the suite.  The hotel had corked the new bottle of wine and sent real glasses.  Dolly poured both glasses and set the food on the table.  When Doug sat down, she sat close enough that he could repeat the earlier touch if he chose to, but she wasn’t obvious about it.  She was acutely aware that “Dolly” had to be quite careful here.  She was getting quite interested in where this might lead, but this was a lifelong friend and Karen wanted to wake up tomorrow morning with that friendship still intact.  While it might be great to spend this snowy night working Doug over “Dolly-style”, she couldn’t miss on the first step.  That first step….very interesting, she thought.  I know just what I want to do with Doug, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to get there.  She had to giggle -- who would have thought that Dolly Jewel would be uncertain in a bedroom with a man.   


She realized Doug probably wasn’t oblivious to the situation and would be worried about the same risks -- if he had any interest at all.  Doug had always been tuned in, and if he was interested in Karen, he wasn’t going to make a mess of it either.  She continued to give him opportunities to take a step over the course of the meal by resting her hand on his forearm while they talked and brushing against him when she got up to look out of the window at the progress of the storm.


“Still snowing like hell,” she said.  “I can barely see across the street and can only make out lights and shapes on the ground.”


Doug was clearing the table and putting dishes back on the room service cart.  “More wine?” he asked.  He poured a little into his own glass but noted Karen’s was still full.  “You haven’t touched yours.”


“Actually, I have, but I’ve been going slowly…I want to be a great hostess.”


Doug sat at the table and began to shuffle the deck.


“Let’s sit on the floor, Sweetie….it brings back very good memories,” Dolly suggested.


“’Sweetie’?  There’s a new term in our relationship.  But a nice one, ‘Honey’,” Doug laughed, moving to the floor.  He handed her glass to her and clinked his against it.  “It has been a great afternoon, and here’s to an even more enjoyable evening….while I spank your behind at gin rummy!”


“Ummm…will you call me ‘Bad Poodle’ while you do?” and they both laughed at the Lily Tomlin line from a movie they saw together when they were 13 or 14.  But Dolly held Doug’s eyes while they laughed and he was the first to look away.  If I can just get past that first step, Dolly thought…


They played a couple more hands and then the opening Dolly had been waiting for happened.  She stood up to replenish their wine, and to turn on additional lights.  She crossed to the window to confirm it was still snowing, handing Doug his glass on the way.  She could feel his eyes on her backside while she looked out the window, so she bent slightly at the waist to lean her hands against the window, peering into the darkness below and giving Doug a nice long look at her glorious derriere.


“You can see vague streetlights, and snowflakes outside our window and nothing else….I’m guessing we are here for tomorrow, too,” she said.


When she sat back down on the floor, she removed the socks that she had put on hours earlier and stretched a bare foot out that came to rest against Doug’s knee.  Her fire-engine-red toenails, perfectly pedicured despite a relentless running regimen, rested against his leg.  It was actually a much more innocent action than several of Dolly’s had been in the last two hours, but it precipitated “step one”.


“You have always had the most beautiful feet,” Doug said, “how do you do it with all the running that you do?”


Dolly laughed and playfully rubbed his thigh with her foot.  “Runners pay attention to their feet – we have to.  In my case, I care that they look good as well as feel good.”  And then Dolly saw the sign that she had been waiting for – there was a definite beginning of a bulge in Doug’s Levis.  She pulled her foot under her.  She wasn’t going to tease him excessively, she wanted real basic decisions here and she wanted Doug’s big head to be doing the thinking.  She concentrated on his face as he dealt the cards.


“Doug, have you ever played ‘Escrow’?  Some of my college friends called it ‘Time Warp,’” Dolly asked.


“Not that I know of…but if I can win, I’m all for it,” Doug grinned.  “What is Escrow?”


“You play it with people you really trust, and the basic premise is that once the game begins, then time stands still and anything you say and do while the game is being played never really happened.  The time in between the beginning of the game and the end of the game doesn’t exist, so anything that happens, doesn’t happen,” Dolly explained.  “Get it?” she asked.


“So for example, two old friends can say and do whatever they want because their time doesn’t exist in Escrow – right?”  Doug asked with a twinkle in his eye as Dolly nodded yes.  “Cool,” he said.  “I’ll start…I did lie to you in high school.  I had it bad for Miss Hillson and I spent all of fifth period for a year trying to look up her skirt….there, I’ve said it but when Escrow ends I haven’t said it!”  Doug was laughing now, the silliness of the game and his more-than-half share of three bottles of wine making the whole thing quite funny.


“Well, I was going to take a bit of a different approach, but yes that’s the point,” Karen was laughing at Doug, but was also ready to make her first step – her big risk.  “I was sort of thinking along other lines,” she said.  “Like I have never played strip poker and I really would like to.  Any interest in risking the shirt off your back, Sweetie?” throwing the “Sweetie” in to diffuse the downside, if it came.


Doug looked right into the ice-blues and he wasn’t laughing now.  “Hmmmm…interesting game.  I’ll play along, but if sanity ever reenters this room either of us can stop at any time, no hard feelings and the rules of Escrow remain intact forever.  Oh, and let’s play strip gin rummy…I don’t trust you.”


Dolly looked at Doug for a moment.  He was relaxed and having fun.  Step one was behind her.  “How many pieces of clothing you got on, Stud?” she mocked.  “Tough guy like you wants to play gin rummy instead of poker must have on panties and what else…blouse, pants, garter belt?”


“I’ve got on four…probably same as you…sweatpants, bra, sweater and Spanks, right?”  His eyes were twinkling….he knew she had been a world-class athlete and that she was still in extraordinary shape.


Dolly faked indignation.  “Spanks?   I’m not wearing Spanks!!  I work hard for this ass, but you are going to have to win a few hands to learn that for yourself, SWEETIE!!!  So, we each have four pieces of clothing, counting your belt -- one piece per lost game – right?”


Doug dealt and they settled into the first hand, Doug losing when Dolly knocked.


“You can’t knock in strip gin rummy,” Doug protested.  “You gotta gin.” 


“Show me the rules, Buddy,” Dolly smiled, “and give me your belt.”


Doug won the next hand, also knocking, the obvious strategy of strip gin rummy.  There was an uncomfortable moment for him, when he won, but Dolly knew just where this was going.  I was fun to be Dolly Jewel.  With the exception of a successful “step two” (for Karen to negotiate in a few minutes) she could see the next several hours pretty clearly.    


“Spanks, my ass,” Dolly mumbled, pulling her sweater off over her head.  “You’re going to have to win ALOT to find out I don’t wear Spanks, Cowboy!”  But he could see a very sexy lace bra the same color as her toenails.  And that it didn’t cover much of what looked like a magnificent set…


Dolly won the next hand and without hesitation, Doug stripped off his shirt.   Then Doug won the next hand and Dolly looked him right in the eye, reached behind her back, unsnapped her bra and handed it to him.  “Spanks my ass,” she giggled. 


Doug’s mouth was agape.  “You have beautiful breasts, Karen” he breathed heavily.  “I know I’m staring, but Escrow has led us down an interesting road here.”


“Why, thank you, Sweetie,” she smiled, with absolutely no edge on the “Sweetie”.  It was genuinely wonderful to have Doug Streeter compliment her body. 


Doug also won the next hand and Dolly unhesitatingly shed her sweatpants, revealing lacy and fairly skimpy panties that matched the bra laying behind Doug’s back.  Doug’s breathing had returned to normal, but his eyes were locked on Dolly’s long, strong runner’s legs.


“I will now accept the apology for the spanks comment, unless you care to insinuate that these are the smallest, reddest, laciest spanks on the planet,” Dolly teased.  “Your deal, I think.”  Dolly stole a quick glance at Doug’s pants.  It was pretty obvious that Doug wasn’t having any trouble thinking of Karen as a woman rather than as a childhood canasta partner.


Dolly won the next hand and Doug clearly hesitated about removing his pants.  Karen held her breath, but Dolly knew what she wanted by now.  To give Doug a little psychological space, and an entirely different view of the skimpy red panties, she stood up and strolled slowly toward the thermostat.  “Seventy-one, seventy-two? What’s your preference -- it’s getting just a little cool in here, don’t you think?”  She heard his jeans rustling off his legs, and when she turned around they were jumbled on the floor.  Dolly glanced at his underwear as she walked back to her spot on the floor.  He had a full hard-on going, and Dolly smiled.  Time for Karen’s step two.


“Looks like next hand wins.  Let’s up the stakes a bit.  Loser sheds their undies and winner gets to decide what’s for dinner, to boot,” she said. 


Doug looked a little puzzled, but agreed, and dealt the last hand.  Karen’s heart raced as she picked up her cards.  She knew Dolly could be in charge at this point, but Doug was still with Karen.  If she won the hand, step two was easier for Dolly but tougher for Karen.  If she lost the hand, Karen could leave the next move up to Doug, but Dolly might end up with her battery-powered-best-friend between the sheets tonight.


It really wasn’t much of a choice.  Dolly and Karen both liked to be in charge, both liked to be driving the action -- and she had a good hand.  Seven cards later, she discarded face down and said “Well, well.  You’ve had a half hour to stare at my boobs, and after 25 years, I get to see what’s making a cathedral out of your underwear.”  She giggled, but then got very serious.  Karen had one last bridge to cross.  Looking him square in the eyes, she said “Hey, Doug.  I’d have let you see my boobs just for asking 20 years ago.  If this is too weird, let’s get dressed and go down to the restaurant.  Escrow ends when we decide it does.”


Doug looked her in the eye and said, “In for a dime, in for a dollar.  I don’t welch on my bets” and removed his shorts. 


Dolly got a good look at a nice-sized, very erect, circumcised cock.  Karen took a deep breath and took the last step.  She played it for comedy.  “Oooo, wow!  Jumbo franks for dinner.”  She looked at him and he giggled, not particularly self-conscious.  “Who would have thought!” she exclaimed with the full Dolly smile.  “Before we deal with dinner and terminate Escrow, let’s make a trade.  Let’s call this Double Escrow, but I’d love a feel of that cock if you’d like a moment alone with my boobs?” she asked.


Doug smiled and said, “Well, just one.”  Karen was out of the room and Dolly was in charge now.  One, my ass, she thought.


“Hop up on the couch so I can see and touch at the same time,” she commanded.  Doug moved onto the couch and Dolly crawled on all fours over between his legs.  His eyes widened as Dolly slid her hand down the length of his unit and caressed his balls.  She leaned closer as her hand slid back up and gently swirled her index finger around the head.  She sat back and looked him in the eye as her hand slid gently back down the shaft and said, “How about Triple Escrow, Doug?  We HAVE to be just Doug and Karen when we fly out of this storm, but Triple Escrow is the most fun of all,” and she ran her hand back up the shaft and encircled his head again.


“Triple Escrow works for me.  It’ll just be a secret we have,” he said, breathing very irregularly now but dealing some reality into the room.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Dolly was sure he was bought-in and leaned forward, sliding her lips over the top of his dick.  A little tongue, a little lick and she spread his legs to gently massage his balls.  With one hand caressing his sac and the other cooperating nicely with her mouth, she worked slowly, very slowly, up and down, in and out, going deeper and deeper with many strokes until his entire cock was buried inside her mouth.  She gave him several deep, deep thrusts into her mouth, with lots of saliva and firm but gentle stroking with her hand.  Then she looked up and raised her hips off her heels while her hand worked his now throbbing cock gently.


“You are NOT touching my boobies, Buddy, and that was your half the deal,” she smiled, spit onto her hands and rubbed them on her breasts.  She took his hands, put them on the outside of her breasts and leaned in with her chest over his cock.  “I speak Russian, Honey.  You?”


Doug was groaning now, and his hips unweighted on the couch to move his aching tool back and forth between Dolly’s beautiful breasts.  Dolly leaned in to flick his nipples with her tongue, but also dropped her hand into her panties.  She was soaking wet, and her clit was the size of an acorn.  Slow down, Dolly-Girl, she thought as she gently stroked herself and dribbled a little more saliva onto the undulating mass of hands, breasts, and penis. 


All doubts about the evening were actually ended by Doug.  He raised a hand to the side of her face and said “There’s one more thing we absolutely have to accomplish, and soon.”  He put his hands under her armpits and pulled her up, gently, onto the couch.  She put one knee on each side of his thighs and settled onto his lap, pantie-covered-clitoris firmly against erect penis.  He pulled her face down toward his as she began to rhythmically move her hips.  “No, I want to concentrate,” he whispered, clamping one hand onto her muscular thigh to stop her movements as his other hand pulled her face into his slightly parted lips.  What could have been uncomfortable turned out to be perfect.  Four lips and two tongues slowly, gently worked from soft exploratory smooching to a hungry, passionate first kiss that lasted several minutes, even as Dolly’s hips, unchecked this time, slid against him. 


After a very long, very pleasant time, she pulled her head back an inch and slid toward his ear.  “I have clothing on that I don’t need,” she said, “and there is a perfectly good bed in the next room…” She raised her hips and lowered a hand onto his penis, saying “…unless you want me to finish you with my mouth right now?  I really love that, and we have LOTS of time…”  She slid off his lap and wasted no time taking him deep into her mouth.  When he made no move to stop her, she just engulfed him.  Nothing subtle, nothing slow…she was after his cum and now.  Dolly’s oral skills were legendary and within a minute Doug arched his hips and thrust slowly upward.  Dolly took him deep and allowed him to move as he wished, assisting with hand, mouth and saliva until he groaned and spurted into her mouth.  She took all of it, swallowing but leaving a small amount in her mouth.  She raised up and kissed him, their second kiss ever laced with his semen.  And it lasted until he regained his regular breathing.


“Jesus, Karen!” he exclaimed.  “Holy fuck!  That was…that was…Jesus, Karen….”  He stood up and took her hand, walking toward the bedroom.


As they entered the bedroom, Dolly stepped toward the closet.  “Turn down the bed and adjust the lights, please,” she commanded and she reached into the closet and pulled a couple of condoms out of her bag.  She made no explanation as she laid then on the bedside table.  Doug smiled but had retaken control.  He stood her up and leaned down for a lingering kiss, standing by the side of the bed.  He lowered his hand inside her panties and slid a finger into her drenched slit, teasing her clit, but slipping a finger inside her and moving it slowly, enjoying her wetness and the tension in her shoulders.  Dolly felt his mouth slide toward her ear, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but that finger. 


“Lay down,” he whispered, nuzzling her ear and removing his hand from inside her panties and removing her panties from her legs as she raised her ass to allow him access.  She was flat on her back on top of the clean, crisp sheets, and he was kneeling above her, sliding his finger back into her.  Her breathing quickened as Doug removed his finger and lowered his lips to her clit.  Dolly was openly squirming now, as Doug gave her the same surprise that she had given him ten minutes earlier – he was seriously good at this.  His tongue moved from back to front, back to front, slowly tasting her before using the underside of his tongue to rapidly flick her female nub several times.  He lifted his head and said “I take instruction well, feel free…” and locked his lips onto her clit and began to suck gently.


“Ohhh….my…gaawwd…” Dolly moaned.  With uneven breaths, she said “wet a finger…..really wet….ohhh….ummmm…and press my asshole…just lightly…”  She raised her knees and spread her legs to make it easier.  And then she was lost.  Doug was gentle, both with his tongue and with the pressure on her backside.  Her own juices ran down unto his finger and she became wetter and wetter as he changed his rhythm and began to lick and flick her clit harder.  Finally, he slipped the drenched finger inside her up to the first knuckle, and she pressed her hardened nub into his tongue, holding the back of his head against her.  Her six-pack abs tightened and her knees clinched tightly against his shoulders.  She gasped, moaned, did half a sit-up for 15 seconds, then fell back onto the bed.  Doug dropped his tongue to her glistening entryway, carefully avoiding her clit and removing his finger from inside her.


He raised up and kissed her, his face wet with her juices.  Laying on top of her and resting on both elbows, he leaned in to gently kiss her.  Finally, he raised his head, looked into her eyes and asked, “So, am I in bed with Karen or Dolly Jewel?”  He laughed as her eyebrows arched markedly.


A few seconds later she exhaled, smiled, then laughed and said “Quadruple Escrow, My Love, Quadruple Escrow.  And you can be in bed with whichever one you wish, but Karen is less expensive…how did you know?”


“Well, I’ve been a hobbyist for years and noted the parallels a couple of years ago….Miami, athletic history, a general physical resemblance.  Then that little pose by the window, red toe-nails, very sexy, expensive underwear, ‘Russian’, the six-pack abs, and condoms close enough to the top of your bag that they come out in 15 seconds…pretty easy guess.”  He kissed her gently, and took one of her hands and lowered it to his cock, “By the way, just a little effort on your part and we can use one of those before we go down for dinner…”  He lowered his mouth onto hers as her hand encircled him.


He hardened almost immediately and both thought “hope this snowstorm lasts a week…” 


A minute and a wonderful kiss later, Karen reached for a condom….



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure.

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