After the Cottage- Cottage Story Part 2

(If you have not read it yet- please read The Cottage Story before this)


“I mentioned to Dolly that you had a chunk of a day to kill, after your cruise gets in, until your flight home.  She said she’d be happy to pick you up so you’re not just sitting in an airport for hours on end.”

“Aww, Richard, I don’t want to impose, tell her thank you, but…”

“No buts, she’s going to be your sister in law, Steve, you should get to know her,” Richard told him younger brother, “at least, she’s going to be your sister in law soon enough, since I’m going to propose on New Year’s eve.”

Steve closed his eyes and shook his head but said nothing into his phone as a million thoughts filled his head.  Many of those thoughts were of the highly erotic, unplanned first tryst that Steve and Dolly had shared Steve & Richard’s family’s beach cottage.  And then the second, and only other time Dolly and Steve had been lovers, when they snuck off with each other during the Labor Day weekend when Richard brought Dolly with him to meet the extended family who were all gathered to celebrate Richard & Steve’s parent’s anniversary.  Dolly and Steve had been exchanging glances, barely able to avoid letting anyone know they’d fucked each other’s brains out when they inadvertently found themselves both at the cottage the day before what was to be Dolly’s first “date” with Richard after their internet-based meeting.  Though Dolly knew that Steve was Richard’s brother, and he was much younger than the men with whom she would ever allow herself to become involved in a real relationship, the physical attraction had taken no time at all to bring these two fine physical specimens together for cottage sex at the beach.  Hot, raw, lustful sex. 

And then a couple months later, when Dolly needed to pick up some drug store items after forgetting to pack her TSA-allowed quart sized zip-lock for her flight, and Richard told Steve to take Dolly to the CVS. Richard was playing golf with their uncle.  “Since you don’t golf, little brother, you can make yourself useful.”  Dolly spit her water out when she heard Richard say that one, thinking that Steve was WAY more than just useful.  Both of her lovers the known-Richard and the unknown-Steve, looked at her, and Dolly merely said to the witnesses of her water spray, “boys, don’t fight.  Steve, if not as a favor to Richard, you would be doing me a big fat favor, if you would?”  Oh, the priceless sparkle in Steve’s eye, made all the more satisfying because Richard looked at Steve smugly, thinking he was scoring a win over his little brother.

“Sure Dolly.  Richard, you and Uncle Dave go have fun, I’ll make sure Dolly gets what she needs.”  Dolly sprayed her water out again.  “You okay?” Richard asked, patting her on the back, and then shrugging it off and heading out the door to go golfing when Dolly shook her head yes and waived him away.  She took a couple napkins, mopped up her water sprays that only Steve understood, and thought silently how glad she was she’d declined the offer of a glass of wine and opted for the bottled water.  The wine would’ve made a much bigger mess.

Steve thought about that most recent sexual encounter with Dolly and thought of the similarities to this new circumstance.  Richard was once again bossing Steve around, still being a big brother instead of just being a brother now that they were adults, and once again was unwittingly providing his younger brother with the chance to have carnal knowledge of Richard’s girlfriend.  Ah, sweet irony.  Such good fortune to have a big brother with a big ego and a blind spot.

“Sure Richard, I guess I should get to know her.  Beats sitting around in the Delta Sky Club for half the day.  Text me her phone number and I’ll send her my cruise debarkation information, I’ll be on the Liberty of the Seas.”

Dolly was thrilled and wary, both at the same time, when her caller ID showed that it was Steve calling.  “Um, hello?”  “Dolly, its Steve, can you talk, Richard asked me to call you.” Steve told her matter of factly.  What was it about this boy, she thought, she felt a tingle down her spine and her body began to lubricate just at the thought of him.  Such mixed feelings.  Her relationship with Richard was wonderful, and had grown more serious. The satisfactory sex she had with Richard was as much as Dolly figured she could expect from any one mortal man. Satisfactory sex was a relative term, Dolly often thought.  To her it meant the guy had good skills and equipment, cared about her pleasure, and was no worse than most other men, but not enough to truly fulfill her insatiable sexual hunger.  No one could feed her hunger until it was full all by himself.  Though something about Steve seemed to come damn close.

“Listen, gorgeous, I’m really not trying to infringe on your relationship with my brother, but as it happens I’m in a college friend’s wedding and the wedding party is going on a bachelors’ cruise out of Fort Lauderdale for four nights in a couple weeks, and my flight arrangements left me with a four o’clock flight in the afternoon the day we get back in port.  Richard said I should use the opportunity to get to know you better. Since your relationship with him is heating up, apparently.”

“And cruise ships pull in around dawn, in my experience,” Dolly said, her mind starting to run through potential sexual positions she had shared with Steve as she realized she was going to have plenty of time with Steve.  Her right hand snuck down to her shorts, undid the top button, and slid into her string bikini panties.  God, she was already so wet. She started to rub herself, putting pressure on her clitoris, flittering it just right and smearing her slick juice all around, imagining Steve’s thick tool filling her. “So, Richard thought I could show you more hospitality than the Delta Sky Club for about six hours?”


“And your drunken fellow groomsmen?”

“Have better flights than I do.  Last time I let the cruise line book for me.”

A smile across Dolly’s face, “yeah, shitty luck, Stevie, with that late flight and all, better do as big brother says,” and then she closed her eyes, silently said a small prayer of thanks and inhaled deeply as she plunged her fingers into her gushing warm sex, arching her back, throwing her neck back.  God she loved how her pussy responded to manual stimulation.  Her own or her lover’s. Then she remembered something Steve had just said that almost got lost in the middle of the excitement of seeing (and fucking) him again.

“So what exactly did Richard say about my relationship with him heating up?”

Steve wondered if Dolly and Richard might not be on the same page.  “Oh nothing.  Just that things were good and so I should get to know you.”  Did she have any plans for marriage?  And if Steve fucked her again, a third time, would that break up those plans?  Sure, Richard could be a douchebag of a pain in the ass big brother, but Steve didn’t want to do something to hurt Richard.  It was all a game, sibling rivalry, right?  But the complete open erotic intimacy he and Dolly shared from the first moment they met, that WAS different than taking your brother’s last beer, or grabbing his keys and taking his car.  Or breaking Richard’s school record for the hundred meter backstroke at their high school – a  school swimming record that stood for twelve years before Steve broke it.

Dolly wondered what Richard had REALLY said to Steve, who didn’t sound the least bit convincing when he said “Oh, nothing.”  She did have feelings for Richard, she did look forward to their visits to each other, she did sometimes imagine what it might be like to be married to him.  It’s just that part of those fantasies, along with what their home would be like and what career adjustments would have to be made, who would move where so they could be together full time, also included secret sex romps with her brother in law, Steve.  Fucking her groom’s best man, his younger brother Steve, while in her white bridal garters and stockings just hours before she walked down the aisle to marry Richard.  Having Steve carry his drunken big brother over his shoulder to the bridal suite from the reception after Richard got too excited and drank too much, and then Steve taking the groom’s place between Dolly The Bride’s legs on her wedding night, having the first pleasure of her with a wedding ring on her finger.  Mmmmm, and making him clean her up afterward with that hot young tongue so she wouldn’t show as much evidence of the betrayal when the groom finally woke up with a hangover.  And the wickedest thought of all that she’d fantasized about, imagining that Richard turned out to be sterile and Dolly turned to Steve to impregnate her the old fashioned way, hoping the family resemblance would be passed along so that her brother-in-law fathered child would look enough like Richard that no one, save for Dolly and Steve, would ever know….

            Steve gave her the date.  She told him to text her when he was lining up to disembark, that she could look up what terminal the Liberty would be in at the Port Everglades website.  Dolly called Richard and told him that she’d heard from Steve, and was Richard sure he thought it was a good idea for her to entertain Steve during the day before his flight home.  “I just thought he should get the chance to get to know you; you know you’re very special to me, Dolly.”  Awww, that was really very sweet to hear.  Which made Dolly feel even more conflicted about the whole situation.  Richard then added, “And I want my little brother to eat his heart out at what a sexy amazing girlfriend I have.  He’ll never get a girl as hot as you.”  Dolly rolled her eyes, wondering what the hell went through Richard’s mind sometimes.  What, was she like a trophy or something?  Never mind that the truth, unknown to Richard, was that not only could Steve “get” a girl as hot as Dolly, he had gotten Dolly herself, more than once, and Dolly’s body was casting its vote for Steve.  “I’ll make sure he gets the idea of what I have to offer, then Richard.  Sorry to contribute to sibling jealousy.”

            As it happened, Dolly had a bike and running race, no ocean portion, as it was being held in-land, on the second day of Steve’s cruise.  Which meant that the Dolly who picked up Steve at Port Everglades was not just a sexy woman in her late thirties, approaching her sexual peak, blonde, tanned and toned, 5’7”, blue eyes, movie star smile, narrow waist, slender hips, legs that drove men’s eyes crazy on the beach and then caused them to cum hard when wrapped around those men’s hips in the bedroom.  No, beyond all that, the Dolly who picked up Steve was in competition form, so she was probably three of four pounds even leaner than her normally perfect form.  Her flat, toned abs were a shade more defined and six-pack-ish, her fit legs even more ripped…and unlike her frequent hobby of celebrating the completion of a race and a great finishing time by having wild hot uninhibited sex with one of her cadre of sexy fellow race competitors (and sometimes more than one.  Yes, really), she kept her body’s need, her sexual hunger, bottled up, unsatisfied until she brought Steve to her South Florida home.  Good thing his young beach boy body was in such great shape—otherwise it might genuinely have been life-threatening, the fucking Dolly was going to demand and extract from Steve.

            Steve couldn’t quite keep his mind on the bachelor party at sea.  He didn’t participate in the pizza slice eating contest, the multiple rounds of shots, and tried to nurse his drinks along to make them last longer so he could drink fewer but not get noticed and have to answer questions.  He was the first one to call it a night and head to his stateroom from the drinking and commotion in the ship’s dance club each night.  They were sharing their staterooms, so Steve had little room to hide, and he must have repeated “oh, I’m fine, don’t worry its all good” a hundred times.

            During their day stop at Cozumel, the guys went to the Hard Rock Café, which was oceanfront.  Steve zoned out while sipping his frozen margarita, remembering his Labor Day hometown encounter with Dolly.  They’d already formed their secret sexual bond at the family’s beach cottage, so there was mutual desire and mutual awareness of how much each desired the other.  Her scent, her taste.  The feel of her powerful, sexy athletic body, so firm, toned, her muscles seemed to push back when he touched her. The sensation that nothing was being held back, that she was fully his for the taking, and the feeling that she wanted to take all of him and own him as her own. Any trace of kink that came out was met, accepted, and matched.  Not so much dirty talk that their sex sounded like a bad low budget porn, but no fear in any verbalization of need, response, desire or reaction to sharing the ultimate intimacy…

            “Steve, back to the boat, hello!  Cozumel to Steve!”

            How long had Steve been remembering his time with Dolly?  A glance at his watch as they piled into a cab shocked him.  Half an hour in Steve & Dolly land, alone in his mind, together with her in spirit.

            The Labor Day tryst lasted much longer.  Steve opened the door of his car for Dolly in front of his parent’s circular driveway.  Family members watching, Dolly and Steve playing it cool, just so no one saw anything that needed to be reported to Richard when the golf game with Uncle Dave was done.  But the glance, the eye contact between Dolly and her boyfriend’s young fuckstick of a hot brother, that said it all.  Steve’s cock throbbed in response.  Dolly’s nipples hardened.  Which was noticeable up close to Steve, since Dolly hadn’t worn a bra under her tee-shirt for the trip to the CVS. A tee shirt slightly too short, so her flat tummy showed, tan, fit, firm, and seeming to be calling to Steve’s own mid-section.  He wanted to feel her skin smacking against his once more.  Those fashionably manicured fire engine red nails, oh how he wanted to feel those dig into his flesh as her snug, tight, tangy warmth captured his manhood and sucked him in deeper than he thought he could push.

            She’d waited until they were out of the subdivision before reaching over and sliding a hand inside Steve’s waistband and finding his hard young shaft.  It was warm to the touch.  She wanted it to be in her mouth, to invade her womanhood, and perhaps, as a symbol of how completely she was going to be his, perhaps she might feel him press beyond her stiff, puckered sphincter ring and conquer her ass.  The ass she’d never given to Richard. Her body, so recently having been in a competition, was so damn hungry to be fucked hard, filled, worked out, rode hard, and put away wet.  Steve shifted his hips, the better to allow Dolly to stroke him while they drove.  He almost made it to his condo, except that Dolly had pushed his shorts farther down along the way and leaned over to take him in her mouth.  Gently, her mouth formed into a tight “O” around his pulsing cock head, she sucked, then licked his cock’s head, then slid her tongue up and down the under side of his shaft. Bathing his dick in her sinful, brother-fucking saliva.  As she worked the base of his cock with her fingers and the rest of it with her mouth, his toes curled inside his running shoes.  He finally pulled over into the strip shopping center parking lot a few blocks short of his condo complex, just in time for his legs to tremble, for the light in his eyes start to go dark.  Steve barely maintained consciousness when he thrust his hips and pumped his cock upward into Dolly’s mouth a final time and then blew his spunk into her lusty mouth.  Her fingers stroked him all the way through his ass shaking orgasm, his body convulsing, then slowing down, eventually finishing all motion and feeling spent, his balls emptied and Dolly having swallowed the evidence.  “Oh my God your mouth felt so good on me, Dolly, Christ that was so good….” 

His MILFy lover giggled as she licked the last traces of his cum from his cock or her hand.  She loved the sensation of taking a softening cock in her mouth after she’d sucked the man off.    Steve regained enough control to finish the drive home some ten minutes later, and after leading Dolly into his apartment, hand in hand, not caring who saw him with this fitness goddess, he dragged her to his bed, they stripped each other, and Dolly sat on Steve, kissing him deeply, her lips still tasting of his seed, doing a stripper slide on his cock as it regained its life and blood flow. As she felt Steve regain his full chubby beneath her, Dolly shifted her slide, raised her gloriously slender, sexy fit hips, had Steve pass her a condom he’d pulled from his night stand, wrapped him for deep penetration, and positioned Steve’s re-awakened cock into her.  Their eyes were locked on each other as Steve’s hand pressed down on Dolly’s shoulders, impaling her onto his sex tool.  Dolly and Steve each shifted, bucked, pumped and fucked. Again she leaned forward, losing herself in their resumed, deep kisses.  Steve’s hands stroked her smooth skin, her breasts, her ass, and his middle finger tip played with her puckered bung hole as he fucked her pussy full of young cock. 

Steve had just cum in the car, so he was enjoying the full sensation of Dolly’s body, her kisses when their mouths were in proximity to each other’s, her energy, her heat, without nearing an unfortunately early climax.  This session would last a long time, as Dolly changed positions once, twice, three times…taking Steve to the edge of insanity with pre-marital wet docking, then backing away to prolong things, then slowing again.  His mouth was sucking her nipple hard and their bodies bathed in sweat when Dolly cried out, and the feeling of her constricting pussy sucking the cum out of his cock as he finally came again.

Steve was thinking back to that holiday weekend fuck as her white convertible pulled up to the cruise terminal pick up curb.  A beaming, tanned face and gleaming white smile, her hair looking even more blonde than he remembered.  Touched up highlights?  Or maybe just the sunlight on Dolly’s hair – he was used to seeing her inside, in private, naked and in the midst of sex so good he still wasn’t sure either of their two previous trysts were real and not fantasy.  He looked again.  Blue eyes, full lips.  He noticed her hands at the top of the steering wheel.  A fire engine red manicure.  He felt his cock swelling, and it occurred to him that his view of his secret lover was entirely G-rated.

“Hey sailor, you on shore leave?” Dolly hollered over to Steve.  “I’ve been at sea a long time, lady, and I’ve only got a few hours R & R today,” he shouted back, taking his first couple steps toward her car.  So natural to just click with her, even on an unexpected little role-play.  Dolly popped the trunk, hopped out, and as Steve place his bag in and dropped the trunk lid, she wrapped her arms around his neck and raised her lips to his.  He was pretty sure the rest of the groomsmen were over in the cab line.  He also didn’t care. Instantly his tongue smoothly snuggled with Dolly’s, their kiss deepening, unrestrained, and if they hadn’t both heard the whistles and hoots from the surrounding passengers at the curb, they might not have broken it off.  “The white zone is for loading and unloading only!” someone yelled, Dolly smiling as she recognized the line from the movie “Airplane.”   Dolly dragged her nails down the back of Steve’s neck and said, “R & R huh, sailor?  I guarantee you won’t get any rest, but I’ve got a day of recreation for you.”  She planted a quick peck on his lips and motioned toward the front seat, and they got in the car and headed back to her place.

He didn’t even notice how easy it was to talk to her, he was too busy simply talking to her, enjoying the banter and her questions about the cruise.  Steve reached over from the passenger seat and firmly gripped her right thigh.  Fit, toned, powerful.  He imagined her in workout clothes, imagined her skin in his fingers instead of the stretch material of her casual pants.   Dolly loved the feel of his young strong hands on her body.  She started rocking her hips, bucking with small thrusts up and back, dry-air humping in response to his touch, his fingers squeezing and testing her body’s firmness as if she were produce at the grocery. And she enjoyed her own sexiness, having a body that was firm to the touch no matter where she was touched.  And she was going to be touched everywhere today.

            Dolly would have loved to start the sexcapades with Steve in the car.  Though she hadn’t lost her virginity in a car, she’d had several hot youthful exchanges of bodily fluids and sweaty orgasms and sex lessons in vehicular love nests between the ages of seventeen and her late twenties.  Such fun, irresponsible times.  Football team captain, sixty-nine in his dad’s BMW.  Her first swallow that time.  The taste had been different than what she’d thought it would have been.  Too many references to sweetness in Penthouse Forum when she’d swiped her father’s adult magazines.  Slightly bitter, not really salty though sometimes referred to as such.  She found it arousing.  The body heat of her lover, the forbidden taboo nature of what they were doing, the power to use her mouth and reduce a handsome strong young man to a quivering limp drained puppet.  That’s what a man is right after he cums, Dolly had often thought, pure puppet.  He is in total bliss, amazed at how she has made him feel, how good she has felt to him.  A man who has just fucked Dolly, or been blessed to have had her suck him until he cums in her mouth will say anything, agree with any proposal she makes, is in a state of awe.  And not just the young ones.  That married tennis pro, early thirties, when Dolly was nineteen and a college student-athlete, good thing he was fit and flexible too, his Mustang had just about no back seat at all, yet she’d ridden him to a sweaty, screaming series of orgasms during a summer evening while parked in the employee lot at the racquet club after everyone else had gone home.  His mouth felt good on her breasts that night, his fingers skilled at teasing her young asshole and her excited engorged clit while the skin of her inner lips stretched around his married, cheating cock.  By that stage of her life, having experienced the thrills, orgasms, occasional duds, and the variety of feelings from lust to hurt feelings and everywhere in between, Dolly had decided that a married lover was responsible to police himself.  She wasn’t looking to break up anyone’s home, or steal anyone’s husband.  She was just having sex and fun, and if the guy was not looking for sex outside the marriage he didn’t have to flirt or proposition.  She wasn’t going to make demands or interfere.  She simply had an amazing body built for sex, and as an athlete, she was so in tune with her muscles, her joints, her limbs…and being blonde, beautiful, blue eyed and sexy, well, why shouldn’t she enjoy the benefits?  The yacht designer who played cards and golfed with her father had been a wonderful sex teacher and strong but sensitive lover.  So what if it wasn’t a car, fucking him after the Christmas dinner at the club when she was home from college and he took her to his sloop felt like forbidden sex in a car, only sexier, since the boat rocked at the dock slip and their fucking actually seemed to add to the rocking.  He’d told her during the afterglow between the two times they screwed that night that he and his wife weren’t faithful to each other, but they just avoided the subject and were apparently content.  Whatever, Dolly thought, he had nice arms to grip when he took her missionary position, and his hands on her waist she he fucked her doggie style, Dolly slamming her ass backwards to meet his thrusts, he was a good lover and that first maritime fornication led to a series of discreet and pleasurable encounters with him over much of the next decade. 

But Steve was not going to be a car fuck.  Not today, anyway, though she did shift in her seat in such a way that his hands had room and reach and an accessible angle to move from her thigh to between her thighs and inside her sexy white linen shorts to discover her lack of panties and to dip and swirl in her growing wetness.  Dolly had sworn off car fucks when she reached her thirties.  And she had mostly lived up to that vow.

Steve had two fingers inside Dolly and a raging hard-on, with just the slightest hint of a wet spot on his shorts when she pulled past the gate into her circular driveway where a white SUV and a British racing green Jaguar sedan were parked.  Apparently the convertible they rode into the garage completed the fleet.  Nice.  Not just a woman into her thirties but financially successful as well, with classy taste in homes and vehicles.  His big brother was a lucky man to be getting engaged to Dolly.  Which meant Steve was going to continue to have opportunities to fuck Dolly.  Who clearly loved being with Steve sexually.  Thanks for insisting I call your girlfriend, Richard!

When Dolly’s garage door closed behind them, she killed the engine and leaned over toward Steve, pressed her mouth to his and sucked his young tongue, her left hand reaching across and stroking his cock through his shorts.  He was sooooo ready.  And so was Dolly.  “Come inside, baby, I want you in my bed.”  “You sure know how to treat a sailor, ma’am,” Steve replied, concluding the sexy MILF-type picks up a sailor at the dock riff they’d played with back at Port Everglades.

She’d been kidding herself when she mentioned wanting him in her bed.  They weren’t nearly able to contain themselves long enough to reach her bedroom.  She took his hand, he followed her from the garage into an entryway that offered a path to her kitchen, her pantry, or toward her screened-in porch that led to her pool. More kissing pressed up against the kitchen counter, lifting her onto the counter, stepping between her legs.  Those legs, tanned, fit, runner’s legs, a sexy red polish on her toe nails, her sandals having been stepped out of as soon as they were in the door. When Steve noticed Dolly leave her sandals there, he stepped out of his boat shoes and matched her barefoot preparedness for intimacy.

Dolly couldn’t get enough of the passion from their kisses.  He kissed like a much more mature lover.  Sensual, never rushed, exploring, sharing with her the same sense that slow and full tongue strokes made for the best building blocks of deep French kissing.  Alternately sucking her bottom lip and allowing her a turn to do the same, to combine tongue and lips with hands on each other’s neck and shoulders.  Dolly felt as if she was in her own private world when kissing Steve.  Richard wasn’t bad, but his kisses always felt like a staging area where mouths warmed up the bodies’ senses on the way to greater sexual pleasure.  Which can be hot.

            But Steve’s kisses were a destination unto themselves, and allowed Dolly to focus on the kiss itself, not just the sensation that they were on the way to fucking.  She lifted Steve’s polo shirt over his head and tossed it across the counter top past the breakfast bar and it landed on the back of the large leather sectional in the great room beyond the kitchen.  Steve’s hands meanwhile slid up inside Dolly’s scoop neck tee, feeling her lean, ripped back muscles, her toned lean midsection, her full, firm breasts.  Soon Steve’s tossed shirt had company in the form of Dolly’s top and bra.  A pair of women’s shorts, and Steve’s shorts and his pre-cum smeared boxers soon joined this laundry pile. Steve marveled at the sight of Dolly’s bare body once more revealed to him.  The look on a man’s face when seeing Dolly’s body was something that never got old for Dolly.  Want motivation to get up before dawn and run four or five miles when you haven’t had more than maybe five hours sleep and you’ve had more than just a couple glasses of wine?  Just experience the worship a man’s face expressed like Dolly got to experience.  Sure, the feeling of fitness and the endorphins were a wonderful reward.  But the reaction of men…and yes, sometimes women, too, that was for sure a major motivator.  Why, Steve’s cock hadn’t even been in her cum loving mouth or felt the warmth and pleasure of her tongue on this visit and he was already pointing straight up toward the ceiling, glistening with precum and ready to spear her, just from kissing, touching, and visuals.  While Steve’s hands cupped and squeezed her breasts, his fingers working her nipples, Dolly reached down and rubbed the circumcised head of his wonderful cock up and down her drenched pussy, a major intimate camel toe slide, stimulation, then she just twittered it across her clit, quickly, back and forth, totally slicked by her body’s secretions.

            Steve and Dolly each adjusted how they were positioned relative to each other, Steve varying the amount of knee bend, Dolly changing the angle of her hips and how close to the edge of the granite counter she sat so that his cock was positioned at just the perfect spot to enter her after she was done using his cock to masturbate herself with the fully enraged head.  Dolly had done this for Steve before when they’d made love, but she’d always had a condom close at hand so that she could deftly reach the drawer, open the foil wrapper, unroll the condom over his cock, and then enthusiastically fuck her boyfriend’s younger brother.

            Much as she loved sex, Dolly didn’t keep condoms in her kitchen drawer.  No Trojans to be found among the wisks, ice cream scooper, egg slicer, cheese slicer and corkscrews in the drawer beneath the section of counter where the granite was warming from the body heat transferred from Dolly’s firm, tan-line-less ass.  Steve could get lost in a hot fuck the same as any twenty-four year old hunk, but he did know enough to wrap his wiener when he was having pick-up, one-night-stand, or booty-call sex.  So when Dolly looked into Steve’s eyes and Steve felt Dolly pull his bare cock against the entrance of her sex tunnel, when his fingers had just moments earlier revisited after having manually penetrated her in the car, this was different.  They’d used protection the first lusty weekend of unexpected, spontaneous sex at the beach cottage.  There was evidence of clandestine planning for the Labor Day weekend sneak away from the rest of the family fucks, with condoms at the ready when Steve took Dolly back to his condo.  He’d assumed he was going to Dolly’s bedroom for this post-cruise coupling, and that Dolly had arranged protection. But he felt her pulling him in, and he allowed his body to stop its forward motion, and he reached down to position his cock so that Dolly’s fleshy labia enveloped him.  Stripper slide, he was aware this was called.  Dolly’s already uncontained flowing sexual fluids slickly coated the underside of his cock.  He was pressed to her warmth, and he did some toe raises to slide his hard steel up and back, up and back, up and …”Oh God,” she gasped, “you feel so good baby, nobody makes me feel like you do”.  Hearing that only made Steve harder, his cock twitching in the sexually captivating but not penetrating position their loins had formed.

This was something they both anticipated, looked forward to, made plans to make it happen.  Richard?  Not on either of their minds as they faced each other, naked, on the precipice of penetration bare and fully intimate, in Dolly’s kitchen.  Steve felt Dolly’s toned arms slipping inside his, her hands reaching around to the small of his back, pulling him close, her mouth again as one with his.  She didn’t feel older, more worldly, more experienced, more confident than he was.  She felt like the woman he made love with more fully than he knew a man and a woman could make love.  Yeah, this was lovemaking. 

She also felt like the woman whose nails were digging into his ass and pulling him tighter against her, his cock still so torturously close yet so far from her entry.  So warm, tight, slick.  Wishing he could take that one full, deliberate, slow slide in, deeper, warmer, until he was balls deep.  Her legs wrapping around him, hooking her heels behind his thighs, unbridled avarice bringing their bodies together.  Steve brought his arms to Dolly’s back, again savoring the sensation of his fingers feeling the ripples of her various defined muscle groups, the sexy v-shape of her athletic figure complimented by the swimsuit model/Playboy centerfold shaped sexy bust and slender but feminine curve of her hips.  For her part, Dolly felt a want, a need, a fulfillment with Steve that she didn’t quite feel with Richard, or any other man.  Not the yacht designer who golfed with Daddy back in the day (and fucked Dolly so gratifyingly back in the night).  Not the Dolphins wide receiver at that fundraiser a couple years back, so smooth in the manner that he coaxed her away from her date and up to his suite, not even any of the fantastic physical specimens from her triathlon or half marathons whom she’d seduced before and after races.  Now, some of those no-body-fat types, with their rock hard abs and asses flexing and pumping their condom clad dicks deep into her, often hard and fast and with urgency, were damn good lays.  Nope.  She hadn’t wanted any of them to take her as urgently and fully as she wanted Steve to take her.  Now.  Here.  Somewhere between the port and this moment, sometime when their mouths were together and she unconsciously tasted the difference in how intimacy with Steve tasted, their togetherness had been elevated into a new level of desire.

            He lifted her.  Dolly’s ass was in Steve’s hands, his cock sliding up along  her warm tight canal.  Dolly reached under his arms, then her hands up onto Steve’s shoulders, and she pulled herself up.  She kissed his neck, moaning from the sensation of his cock sliding back and forth over her clit.  A few directions on how to find her bed filtered through her whispers of “mmmm, yes, oh God you have to take me I need you inside me, now, oh my God so badly, please,” and the rest of her stream of passionate hunger and surrender to this young man.

When he got Dolly to her bed, he bent forward ,his hands tucked sensually under her ass, his finger tips teasing her ass, even spreading her dripping pussy’s slickness over her rosebud and gently pressing inward.  He felt the bed and shimmied forward, until they were both on the bed, now in a missionary stripper slide mount.  Dolly’s athleticism instinctively drew him into her powerful grasp, in control even when she was on the bottom.  “More out of her mind with lust than ever.  “Please, Steve, go inside me, now, now, don’t wait, we don’t need anything, I just need you inside me.”

            Was he supposed to think this was a test?  Was he supposed to insist that it was sweet of her to offer but that they still needed to take the extra precaution?  Those questions passed across his mind, but the truth was Steve felt exactly the same way.  This wasn’t new.  This was becoming regular.  Dolly wasn’t just some girl he was fucking.  Nor was she a MILF or a cougar he’d hooked up with at a touristy fern bar. 

            But she was also his brother’s girlfriend.  Oh, right, Richard.  This was Steve’s mind trying to regain control.  The big head talking to the little head.  Because the little head was in full agreement with Dolly’s body, which was obviously taking control over Dolly’s mind.  Steve chuckled briefly as the phrase, “condoms?  We don’t need no stinkin’ condoms” passed through his head.  He noticed the night stand drawer slightly open, reached over, and felt the familiar packaging.  Dolly was silent, but still thrusting and humping her clit against the ridges along the underside of his circumcised cock’s head.  Her body tensed, and Steve passed and humped her pack, still on the outside but just by fractions of millimeters.  Dolly threw her head back and he felt a release of warmth, wetness, above and beyond how her hot body had already been responding.  When the teeth gritting and moaning leveled off and Dolly knew she was going to need him inside her fast, she just said, “now, hurry”.  Steve obeyed, and then repositioned himself inside her legs, but Dolly had lost all patience and had regained her strength. 

            Dolly grabbed him and rolled him onto his back, then substituted her hand for Steve’s and held his now protected baby seed installer upright, positioned herself above him, teased her clit a few more times, then launched herself downward, taking him inside her in one deep thrust.  And she’d clenched her internal muscles as she did so, maximizing the sensation, and three hard, selfish hump and pumps after that mounting brought her to a second gush.  Steve’s hands were on her toned body, trying to provide some balance to her as she played sexual pogo stick with his dick.  Her body had broken out in a warm light sheen of perspiration.  A sweaty fuck. Sweaty lovemaking.  One of those.  He was pretty sure he knew which one.  Dolly’s mouth found his yet again, after brief stopovers on his nipples.  How she could be so passionate and sensual and still stimulate him in such an electric manner, he did not know.  Like no one else, ever.

Their kissed grew hotter, and Dolly resumed her thrusting.  Steve playing with her breasts now.  Tweaking her nipples, then squeezing them harder, harder than he ever had before.  Which drove her even more wild.  He pushed her off but never released her hips, and she read his sexually synchronized mind and turned over onto all fours and Steve remounted Dolly from behind, and rammed himself into her.  “He’s never fucked me this hard,” Dolly thought, and that was her last thought for a while—the next several minutes were done on pure instinct.  Steve didn’t ask, he just did as he pleased.  “Yes,” was her instinctive reaction.    Adjusting the height of her hips to meet his fucking, slapping her ass if she didn’t move quite as much as he wanted.  Flashes of electric sexual thrill throughout Dolly’s body when he slapped her, since that was a first for him.  He’d never felt so powerful, so…in charge. Her ears heard him spit, her asshole felt his thick saliva hit the target, and a finger began to swirl around, then work its way into her while his cock just worked and worked.  Steve’s other hand held her hip, and again she felt him moving her legs, using her as a fuck doll to be positioned in whatever position to receive his cock that he needed.

Steve told her, “I want you to do reverse cow girl” and then pulled her over as he turned and sat on the edge of the bed.  No dismount.  She loved the loss of control and power that she usually exercised during sex.  Being taken – TAKEN!! – by this younger lover was like nothing Dolly had experienced.  Another orgasm of hers caused her again to dig her nails into his thighs but while Dolly paused in her body’s tension, Steve didn’t.  She loved to continue to be fucked hard during her orgasms.  When her shaking let up, she resumed her role in the up and down screwing.  She balanced her feet on top of his, and lifted her body by pressing against his thighs.  His mouth kissing her flexing back muscles as she rode his cock, and then Dolly sensed Steve changing his body angle, leaning back, tensing….”aaaghhhh, uuuughhh,   oh, oh, uuughhhh, nnnnn, fuh, fuh, fuck oh fuck….” he groaned as his teeth actually bit into the back of Dolly’s shoulder in front of him.  He fell to his back, his legs broadening and then encircling Dolly and pulling her back onto him.  Their sweaty bodies exhausted, spent.  Together.

A long time until either spoke.  Both were just nuzzling, nibbling, stroking kissing various places on each other’s body.  Pure intimacy.  Did he really have to fly home this afternoon?  They each wondered about that….

Without any discussion, Dolly untangled herself, removed Steve’s filled condom from his post-sex softened cock, went to the bathroom, flushed it, ran some water, and returned with a warm wash cloth and cleaned him up.  A few swipes for herself, while she was at it.  Then dropped that into the edge of the tub and returned with a deep kiss.  This kiss moved down his body.  The live porn show visuals of Dolly running her tongue up and down the underside of his cock, licking the head, teasing his balls with her nails and her blue eyes on fire with desire all brought resurrection to his young cock in a few short moments.  Steve pulled Dolly’s ass around to his face, a sixty-nine of unrestrained aggression, and Steve’s mouth knew were to suck, tease, bring pressure …she came twice into his mouth and with her sexual aroma all over his face, he reached for another condom.

Dolly grabbed Steve’s wrist before her reached the drawer.  “You don’t have to,” she told him, the implication looking so sincere in her eyes, an offering, and offering of all that she was to him.  Steve raised Dolly’s chin with his fingers, to look into her eyes.  So beautiful, so purposefully lustful and determined.  “Dolly,” he began, but as at the beach when they were first together, again her finger went to his lips.  “We know each other, we’re lovers, I’m on the pill, we’re ready” she told him.  Steve tried to read his own thoughts in her eyes, but all he saw looking back at him was that Dolly was once again in control. “But… Richard,” he tried to protest, though Dolly was way ahead of him.  “He’s not here, he wanted you to be here, made you be here.  Didn’t he?”  Dolly was making a point, selling her argument to take the next step.  Truth be told, Steve thought that if Dolly was someone he’d met separate and apart from anything to do with Richard, he just might agree they were ready to go bareback. “But I’m not your boyfriend, my brother is.”  “It’s okay, baby,” Dolly told him, never wavering, “today, here, now, you are my boyfriend…you’re my lover.”  She kissed him, and reached for him.  Her finger found him, hard, ready.  She was ready, too.



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