Dolly at a Vegas Trade Show - Threesome Anyone

An industry trade show in Las Vegas is always exciting.  Business, networking, companies making deals, individuals getting offers to change companies, and oh yes, illicit sex, alcohol, drugs, and more sex.  This wasn’t a “Dolly Date” trip for her, but rather a civilian business trip.  Dolly stands out in any crowd, sexy, fit, confident, radiant smile, gorgeous looks.  And her professional success as a civilian also places her in great demand.  And if the rest of the professionals at the trade show were going to get laid, then what a waste if Dolly wasn’t going to enjoy the same pleasures, right?  And speaking of pleasure, Dolly saw Derek Davis coming toward her in the lobby.  A smile of recognition from Derek.  A smile back from Dolly to Derek.

Derek was a good looking entrepreneur whom Dolly had met professionally on a few prior occasions.  His company was interested in Dolly’s company, and vice versa.  And the fact that he was six foot three, one hundred ninety pounds of lean muscle, had dark brown hair and green eyes and a smile that darn near matched Dolly’s, well, Dolly would have loved to have him as a lover.  But Derek was married to a stunning former model (what, you thought a hunk like Derek would be married to a Kathy Bates lookalike?) and seemed only interested in being a faithful husband, that hadn’t happened and its not like Dolly was in short supply of handsome, exciting sexual opportunities.  Dolly had only once made any sexual comment to Derek, at a cocktail party where Derek’s wife, all five foot nine, one hundred nine pounds of her, stunning red hair, long, shiny, luminous.  Blue eyes, a 34D-23-34 natural figure, and yes, she had worked as a print model and been homecoming queen at a major football university.  Dolly’s sole sexual comment to Derek had been when Derek’s wife, Brianne, stepped away for a moment: “She’s gorgeous, Derek, a shame she’s so happily married to you, she could make a girl switch teams. I don’t expect it to happen, but let me know if you two ever want to experiment with a third.”  And with that, Dolly winked, pinched Derek’s arm, and told him to enjoy the rest of that convention. 

After she walked away, Dolly had two thoughts:  first, “wow, I can’t believe I said that, no more Cabernet for me”; and second, “but yeah seriously, I would fuck either or both of them.”  On her way to get a bottled water, Dolly noticed Brianne laughing in a grouping of four or five gents, all conventioneers, all of whom, Dolly suspected, would have loved to help Brianne break her wedding vows.  One of the men happened to glance over his shoulder, and noticed Dolly.  He smiled. Dolly smiled back.  But that wasn’t a “Dolly Date” tour trip.  That man didn’t get anywhere with Brianne or Dolly.  At least he was striking out while lusting for the best.

And now Derek arrived where Dolly was standing, and greeted her by her civilian identity.  Nothing out of the ordinary, though Dolly did allow her mind to flash images of Brianne on her back, knees apart, Dolly on all fours, tasting Brianne and using her expert lips and tongue to bring screaming orgasms to Brianne, and Derek behind Dolly, slamming a nice thick, gorgeous cock deep into her dripping with lust wet pussy, his heavy balls slapping against Dolly’s clitoris.  A mind would be a terrible thing to waste, and Dolly wasn’t wasting any brain power with these fine mental images…

“And is your lovely wife with you?  Brianne, right?” 

“She is, she went down to the spa to make some appointments for some treatments.”  A moment of recognition and a smile took control of Derek’s face. “ Ah yes, I do recall you noticed Brianne when you met her.”  Thinking about Dolly’s offer.  Considering it?

Dolly leaned in to whisper into this sexy man’s ear, her stilettos raising her tall enough for her lips to brush his ear as she did so. “I never expected you to either accept that offer, and I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much by being tipsy enough to have made that offer.  She is very beautiful.  You two, you and Brianne should contribute to the gene-pool as much as possible.”

There she goes again!  Okay, Dolly, learn to control yourself around Derek as well as you usually control everything in your worlds, both civilian and as “Dolly”.

Derek smiled.  “I’ve seen you in the resort gym before, Dolly, not just in business clothes or a cocktail dress.  I hope some lucky man gets the pleasure of your company as well and even if he was a toad, if his genes were mixing with yours, you more than make up for anyone else’s deficiencies and you should make your contributions to the gene pool as well.”  A squeeze of the hand.  “I’ll see you at the morning session tomorrow.”

After Dolly dropped her bags in her suite and unpacked, she thought back to Derek mentioning the spa, and the idea sounded good to her, too.  And by later tomorrow all the appointments would be booked, but since Dolly, like Derek, had gotten into Vegas rather early the day before, there shouldn’t be much of a crowd at the spa.

When Dolly got to the spa, there was no one at the desk, but usually someone showed up from in back with a fresh stack of towels in a minute or two when that happened, or returned from a tour with a new guest.  But when a couple minutes passed, Dolly ventured around the corner toward the treatment rooms and called out a “hello?”  No answer, but now that Dolly was standing back there, she heard some commotion and muffled sounds.  Was someone having a fight?  Dolly took a couple steps forward, following the sound, when she noticed there were multiple voices.  Maybe she needed to call security?

Within seconds all became clear when Dolly heard a woman’s voice cry out in unmistakable orgasmic pleasure.  Followed by “Oh shit yes, keep fucking me,” This wasn’t a fight, or a crime, or any sort of trouble.  Oh my God, there was a hot sounding three way, as a second mail voice, the one not grunting in a climax of his own, told the woman, “now suck me with your hot married mouth.” 

OK, Dolly’s not into porn, per se, but this wasn’t porn, it was live, hot sounding sex, and yes, Dolly’s body has a sexual appetite all its own.  Her nipples were hard, her pussy was twitching, and she just had to get a glimpse.  Were all Wednesday’s “Three Way Day” at the resort’s spa, and what was the fee for that treatment?  Then she heard, “your husband doesn’t fuck you like we do, does he, slut, and his thing doesn’t stretch you like big boy over here did a minute ago…now get ready for my coke can to fill you full.”

The door was closed.  Dolly couldn’t resist.  What were they going to say, someone was fucking on work time, and someone was married and cheating, it just sounded so hot, Dolly had to peek.

She turned the knob, and it wasn’t locked.  Schmucks.  Who doesn’t lock the door when engaging in illicit sex with a married person?  Dolly the pro never ever made that mistake.  It must be amateur hour.  Dolly pushed the door slightly open, and OMG, there on the treatment table, head turned to the side with a mouth full of thick, dark cock, was a beautiful red head, sucking off a very tall, muscular African American man, naked and holding her hair away from her face so he could enjoy the sight of her interracial blowjob.  Her legs were up in the air, resting on the shoulders of another black man who was standing at the foot of the padded treatment table, slamming his un-worldly large cock into her, the pussy slickened shaft popping into view when he pulled back to recoil and get ready to thrust again.  And the bonus, unexpected vision was the third man, Caucasian, standing on a third side of the table, his shorts around his ankles, his cock being stroked by the redhead.  Her French manicured fingers were struggling to reach around the thickness of this man’s cock, and her wedding rings shown prominently on the hand stroking this third cock.  His shirt read “Spa”.  It was Brianne.  As Dolly’s eyes surveyed the rest of the room, she saw a fourth man, also nude, holding a compact video camera.  Brianne was being gang banged by this foursome, and there were no signs that she was anything but a very eager, willing participant. This appearance was confirmed when Brianne pulled the dark cock, uncircumcised and covered in her saliva from her mouth and while stroking it, told the group in general, “Oh my God this is better than last time, just try not to cum in my pussy, okay?”  The man between her legs had his hands forward, tweaking her nipples. While the gang bang wasn’t usually the most attractive pose for a woman, Brianne’s body was confirmed sexy in Dolly’s mind.  This was too much, Dolly thought, and she closed the door and backed away.  At the desk, Dolly took the note pad and wrote out the spa treatments, real ones, not gang bangs, that she wanted, and her desired time, the signed her name and room number, asking for a call to confirm the appointment.

Witnessing such wanton sex really made Dolly horny, and she decided to go upstairs, change into her bikini and head to the pool, not before playing with herself while she was in the room.  Did Derek have any idea? 

Much later than night, at the welcome, casual wine and cheese reception the night before the conference, Dolly saw Derek again.  Dolly was dressed in resort casual, and looked every bit like the sexy trophy wife type of woman in her thirties who gets noticed by men of all ages that she was.  And there was Derek, in a polo and khakis, looking resort casual himself, with Brianne, now all pretty and proper, hair up, in a cute and modest sun dress.  A lady could be dressed for a church picnic like that.  That is, if the lady was the type to gang bang a mixed race group of four studs before going to the church hand in hand with her husband.

Dolly played it cool, greeted Derek, and allowed Derek to reintroduce Dolly to Brianne.  “Nice to see you again,” Brianne told her, using impeccable Junior League manners.  “You too.  I thought I saw you earlier, in passing so I didn’t say anything, I went down to the spa to make an appointment.  Darndest thing, I got there during their break or a meeting or something, no one was at the desk.  Left a note, though, and they called with the appointment a while later.  Have you ever been to the spa here, Brianne, it’s just what us girls need.” 

Go get a dictionary.  Look up “horrified”.  See that photo?  That’s Brianne’s face when Dolly said that to her and smiled.  Flip a few pages in the dictionary.  See the definition of “shit eating grin”?  Look familiar?  Yep, that’s the high wattage Dolly smile we know from when she greets us at the beginning of a Dolly date.

Derek was completely unaware.  “Yeah, Bree, you should do that, too, while we’re here, why don’t you?”

“Bree”, Dolly noticed Derek called her.  Short for Brianne.  A nickname, a term of endearment.  He has no idea.  And why should he.  Most women he meets are stunned by his good looks.  Remember when Dolly said Brianne was good looking enough to make a girl switch teams?  Well, Derek was good looking enough to empty out the closet of any gay or bi-curious man who might be in the closet, at least, if Derek had been looking to hook up with a man.  Which he wasn’t.  He was totally into Brianne.  He’d never returned the flirting from Dolly.  And Dolly being, well, DOLLY, she could pick up on the vibes of a man who wants to step out on his wife, either on an amateur or a P4P basis. Derek didn’t give off  those vibes.

“Would you like me to show you where the spa is, Brianne, or have you already been there?” Dolly asked.

A part of Dolly felt for Brianne.  A girl’s got her secrets.  Dolly certainly knew that.  But the point of secrets was keeping them private so that nobody finds out, nobody gets hurt.  Derek was a nice guy, and Dolly bet that finding out what his bride was up to would cause him great hurt.  Dolly was a professional, and when she made nice with other men, she knew that such get togethers were known only by Dolly, and the man involved.  No third parties.  No loose ends.  And no fucking videos!  Geez, what was going to happen with the video of Brianne full of black cock, Dolly wondered. 

Or did Derek know?  Did Derek have a fetish about seeing his wife like that?  Was the video for Derek?

It was a day later, late afternoon, when the morning session of the conference had wrapped up and folks were on their own for a few hours before a pre-dinner speaker and then cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres session, that Dolly saw Brianne again.  They were each towel wrapped, in the sauna, at the spa.  “Oh, hello,” Brianne said to Dolly, using the civilian name by which she knew Dolly.  It was just the two of them.  “May I join you?  I’ve been hoping to speak with you privately, since yesterday. Do you mind?”

Did she mind?  She’d thought of little else, though she did score two long sought appointments with potential business partners earlier in the day.  This was, after all, a business trip.  The wild sex usually reserved for Dolly trips but found during the Brianne variety hour show yesterday was just a bonus.

“Not at all.  I thought you might want to tell me something.”

Brianne was visibly uneasy.  Had she never been caught?  Was this her secret, or one she shared with Derek?

“So you saw.”

“Saw what, Bree?”  Using the nickname Derek used.  And saying it in a snarky voice.

“Yesterday.  Me.  You saw.”

“Yes.  I saw.  Four of them, by my count.  Or did I miss anyone?”

Brianne frowned.  Dolly enjoyed having the upper hand, which was part of the thrill of her own secret life.  But it wasn’t clear yet what to do with the information. But Dolly thought again about what if she was on the other side of this exchange.  How would she hope Brianne would let her off the hook if the roles were reversed?

“Why don’t you tell me what that was that I saw, Brianne, speculation usually only makes more trouble than the truth.  And it’s just you and me here.”

Heavy sigh.  Brianne, thinking about it.

“Derek is gorgeous, Brianne, and I don’t get the sense your playtime is for his benefit.”

“It’s not.  This is just…something for me.”

Dolly reflected on this confession.

“I understand, Brianne, really I do.  I’ve been around the block, and I know lots of people.”

Dolly was trying to let Brianne find an honorable exit.  But she had some follow up questions.

“And if Derek found out?”

“I’m hoping you and I can talk and that he won’t.”

“Are you sure?  There are guys who would find that scene hot.”

“I know.  If you saw four men, then you saw the camera.  I know there are men who love sex scenes like that.”

The light bulb went off above Dolly’s head! “Brianne, that was porn?  You were doing that for porn?  Are you a porn star?”

Brianne blushed.  Blushed!  “I don’t know about ‘star’, but …”

Oh my God, Brianne does porn!

Dolly’s towel had slipped as she sat up straighter in excitement over Brianne’s revelation.  Brianne noticed, and took in the sight of Dolly’s breasts.  Her eyes drifted down to Dolly’s legs.  Dolly thought back to that first request she’d ever joked about with Derek, drunkenly.

“So, how long…”

“I did a few before I met Derek, and I reduced the amount since we married four years ago, but the money is terrific and it turns out there is increased demand since the supply is smaller.  I do about three a year, when I come here for trade shows.  This company is a new start up.  With so much porn for free, I tried a new production company and I guess they aren’t as professional as they need to be, since you were able to see what we were doing.”

“You’ve been in porn the whole time?”  That three way image was starting to come in more and more clearly to Dolly’s mind, even here, in a hot, sweaty sauna. Now Brianne let her towel slip.  No, she made it slip.  Her legs had been up yesterday, so her pussy itself hadn’t been visible.  Perfectly clean shaven. Fleshy labia. Great slender legs.

“So you’re keeping this from Derek and now you want me to do the same?”

They eyed each other.  Dolly pushed her towel the rest of the way down.  Two hot women, figuratively and, here in the spa, literally, looking over each other’s body.  One, Brianne, having just fessed up to being a sometimes porn actress.  The other one, Dolly, was certainly no prude, quite the opposite, although Dolly was not at that moment revealing her secret “Dolly” life to anyone.  Whoever spoke next would lose this stare-down.

“What would you like me to do to earn your silence?” Brianne asked.

“Victory!” Dolly thought.

“You’re gorgeous.  Derek is gorgeous.  He doesn’t know he’s sharing you, apparently, but do you ever share him?”

Dolly didn’t usually mince words.  So she reconsidered, and while Brianne was still contemplating that first question, Dolly rephrased it:

“I told Derek I wanted to fuck you both together the first time I ever saw you.  That’s what I’d like.”

Brianne looked at Dolly, studied her face, then her body, and kept thinking.  She was thinking about it!

“Do you want me to suggest it to him, Dolly, or do you want to ask him, and then have me agree to it when he checks with me?”

That sounded kind of experienced.  Been down this road much, Bree?, Dolly wondered.

“Don’t ask him, Bree, tell him it’s what you want.  Make him ask me.”


This was going to be hot.  “Tonight, Bree, I don’t want you chickening out, getting cold feet and begging me not to make you.”

Bree smiled.  “You’re hot, Dolly, and you know it.  I’ve done bisexual scenes.  Only difference tonight is I won’t be getting paid.  Oh, and no cameras.”

“Are you sure?”  Dolly winked.  Another Brianne smile.  Dolly was starting to like this girl as more than just an object of feminine lust.

“Make sure to be around the ice sculpture around nine o’clock tonight at the cocktail hour, Dolly.  Your room or ours?”

“I’ve got a nice suite,” Dolly told her, “I want you two up in my suite.”

“So let it be written, so let it be done.”  And then Bree wrapped herself back in her towel, mouthed a kiss toward Dolly, and left.  And the clock on the wall said it was time for Dolly’s massage.  She was fully relaxed, and this was going to be a night to remember.  The massage, peaceful and freeing, not one of those painful but good for you deep tissue massages, was just right for the occasion.  Dolly tipped her masseuse well, and went back upstairs to shower and get ready.


Fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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