Dolly at a Vegas Trade Show - Part 2

When you’re Dolly Jewel, you’re ready for anything, sexually or otherwise.  The first time a Dolly Date ever told Dolly that, just after she’d anticipated every one of his not-as-kinky-as-he-thought requests and pretty much ruined him for any other lover, she felt so appreciated for how much preparation, thought, and just plain inherent sexuality she brings to her dates.  Yet, as she went downstairs to the ballroom for the big cocktail party, looking killer in her tight red leather skirt, red FMPs with 5-inch heels, and black sleeveless top, showcasing enough cleavage to make all dicks within visible range hard, but not so much that she looked like anything but a sexy professional.  Dolly was excited and wondering exactly what would happen.  She was so excited and unsure that she had to remind herself who she was.  “Okay, so Derek is hot, and Brianne is not only hot, but, as I saw, a sexy, slutty fuck.  So what, why so nervous?  I’m Dolly, for goodness sake.” 


Maybe it was that she hadn’t had as sexy a threesome couple to make love with in a while.  Hey, they’re tougher to find than you might think.  She got inquiries from couples, and a sensual good time is always had when Dolly puts her open mind (and willing, skilled, immaculate body) to work, but there’s something about …


About what?  Okay, fucking Derek had been a goal of hers, something she could have done long ago in Dolly-mode, but Derek was someone she knew in her civilian life.  Ah, the inner conflict of a superhero living within her mortal alter ego, she chuckled.  And there he was, in view, not too far from the bar, in a very packed ballroom filled with attendees, spouses, businessmen, sales people, investors, and a few “dates” whom Dolly either recognized with a wink from reference exchanges at TER or who she was 99% sure were escorts she hadn’t met.  Lots of pretty girls in Vegas!


And Brianne, or “Bree,” as Dolly was now calling her, just like her husband Derek did, was totally one of the prettiest girls in Vegas during this trade show.  Her tall, slender, but fit body (not too skinny, but still thin enough that most women felt insecure around her) glistened—was she wearing body glitter to the party?  Scented?  Flavored?  Oh God, she really did look so hot and lust-driven when Dolly had walked in on Bree filming that interracial porn scene with those black cock-monster studs.  Bree’s blue eyes met Dolly’s, and there was an excitement, an “I’m as excited to fuck you as I am to watch you fuck my husband” look that made Dolly’s body begin the lubricating process.  A black, stringy thong was absorbing sex nectar—between both Dolly’s and Bree’s legs.  Derek’s smile when seeing Dolly fight her way through the crowd toward them near the ice sculpture was more civilized.  More of a “damn, you’re hot” look.  Dolly loved rewarding that look by making the man’s innermost carnal desires come true.  Soon, very soon!


Closer now, Bree wore a floral short dress, spaghetti straps, strappy high-heeled sandals, with a perfect ruby red pedicure and manicure.  Her hair was up, held by a single tortoise-shell clip, her tanned skin looking luscious. Was she really going to make Dolly’s dream come true?  Wow!  Usually that was what Dolly did for others.  Derek stepped close first, his arm going around Dolly’s waist, in a familiar, friendly, affectionate, pre-sexual sort of a way.  He leaned in, and a bare trace of erotic cologne found its way into Dolly’s nostrils.  A soft half-peck on the cheek from him.  “Bree said you and she ran into each other and we would see you here.”


Dolly flashed the “Dolly” smile. His arm was strong and warm, and she was getting warm, too, in a sacred place in her body she hoped Derek would soon experience for the first time. A quick glance down.  He was hard!  “So crowded here, I must be late,” Dolly whispered directly into Derek’s ear, so that he could hear above the noise. She pulled her head back so they could re-establish eye contact, and she felt him spread his fingers, now his entire hand, open on the small of her back, guiding her back in close so he could say something, back into the sphere of his masculine, potent, scent .…


Then she felt Bree take her hand and slip a flute of champagne into it. Did that porn wife drag her nails on Dolly’s palm just a little, to send the basic message understood by all sexually active high schoolers, “I want to fuck you,” to Dolly?  Again, warmer and wetter. Dolly turned to Bree just as Derek leaned in to speak directly to her ear.  In the process, Derek’s lips brushed Dolly’s earlobe, her body trembled at the sensuality of his hot breath in her ear, on her neck, and then, eye to eye and face to face with Bree. Dolly told her new threesome-cock-sharer, “Thank you, Bree, and not just for the bubbly.”


A second later, Dolly experienced her next un-Dolly-like, rare moment of not being in sexual control.  If Academy Awards for Directing were given out for escort dates, Dolly would have a shelf full, so completely did she have an innate sense of orchestrating and choreographing sexual pleasure and scenarios.  But so intoxicating was the sexy husband-and-wife combo of Derek and Bree that Dolly didn’t see it coming when she simultaneously felt Derek’s teeth nip her ear and Bree’s manicured nails lightly scratch down her inner thigh from the hemline of her short skirt to halfway to the knee. Bree whispered, in close so that Dolly could focus on her lips in case it was too loud to hear, “I told Derek I want us to fuck you.”  Only a porn chick can maintain such a calm, cool poker face when saying such a thing.  And the way Bree looked in the spa, she was quite the porn chick, part-time status notwithstanding.  Ever wonder how many of those hot trophy wives at YOUR country club are doing porn on the side?


And then Dolly felt two warm stray fingers under her skirt.  Her fit, hardbody runner’s ass cheeks were being stroked by Bree’s husband’s fingers, moving oh so achingly close to her growing body puddle of sex juice.


Dolly bit her lip and blushed.  Bree’s eyes were on fire—not such a pro, for a porn chick.  This was sincere lust, not a sex worker trying to make it look real.  Dolly’s grin was, likewise, a truly heartfelt rush of pure want. Without breaking eye contact with Brianne, Dolly leaned her neck back, to bring her voice closer to Derek, “Slip one finger inside if its just you and me, put two in if all three of us are going up to my suite.”  It was so hot that this was taking place in such a crowded ballroom and no one else knew what these three sexy people were up to. Dolly raised her glass, teasing Brianne by licking her lips just before taking a long sip.  Suddenly Dolly closed her eyes and held her body stiff.  Two fingers in a tight honey pot will do that to a girl, even Dolly.  When Dolly opened her eyes, Bree was beaming, and Dolly took Bree’s open hand in hers, interlocked her fingers, squeezed, and clinked glasses with the wife of the man whose fingers were in her coochie. “Let’s go see the nighttime Vegas Strip all lit up from my suite.”  Derek smeared Dolly’s own slick syrup over her swollen, excited clit as he said, “Lead the way, we’re all yours.”


When you have to make your way through a crowded room under ordinary rules of polite society, rubbing your tits or ass into someone else is less than what Miss Manners would advise as the standard of conduct.  For guys, those are circumstances where taking extra care not to jab your raging stiff cock into someone is advisable.  For Dolly, Derek, and Brianne, however, lust triumphed over polite society, and many a cock-poke and ass-drag against the bodies of their fellow cocktail party attendees took place on the way from the ice sculpture to the elevator.  Each trade-show attendee who was the recipient of a cock-poke or ass-drag, as well as those who were boob-rubbed, turned, saw this horned up collection of sexually aroused, devastatingly attractive people, and felt some twinge of lust or desire.  A couple of the folks who responded to Derek’s cock poking into them or Dolly’s boobs or Bree’s ass rubbing tight against them even had the passing thought of how hot it would be for those three folks to have a three-way.  If Dolly had noticed, she might have financed the whole trip by selling tickets.  Because that hot three-way was no joke, and it was just moments away.


A mom and her two grade-school aged boys were in the elevator when our trio of lovers got on and pushed the button for Dolly’s floor.  The mom looked tired, as keeping track of children while on a trip will cause to happen.  “Why do people bring young children to Vegas?” Dolly thought.  Derek similarly noticed this young family was the only thing keeping the sex from starting right then and there in the elevator.  “Wonder if she knows that all three of us are going to fuck?” he thought to himself.  Brianne barely looked at the woman with her children, a habit she’d developed out of the guilty conscience concern that people would look at her and know she’d been filming porn.  She needn’t have been so concerned.  People who saw Bree knew she was hot, but not that she was a porn star.  Just as Dolly knew that people who saw her knew she was sexy and fit, but not that men gladly paid her thousands of dollars for a fulfilling date.  The mom, using each of her hands to hold hands with her sons, noticed not just the prime physical characteristics of Dolly, Derek and Bree, she also caught a whiff of the scotch Derek had been drinking, and a very subtle hint of the pheromones that the ladies were giving off.  She thought back to HER last three-way, with her college roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend, years earlier, and smiled pleasantly to herself.  The older of the two boys, age 11, noticed Derek’s “boner,” saw Dolly’s cleavage, and developed a pre-pubescent boner of his own.  And then the doors opened, and mom and the boys got off the elevator.  And not a moment too soon.  As soon as the door shut, Bree, who’d looked Dolly up and down, and saw how hard her husband was, took Dolly’s face in her hands and kissed Dolly, who gladly opened her lips, welcomed Bree’s tongue into her mouth, and then countered with sensual lip and tongue maneuvers.  Dolly’s talents let Bree know just how good her smoothly shaven pussy and pulsating clit were going to feel in the care of Dolly, and how good her handsome husband’s cock was going to feel when Dolly sucked on that nice, thick, long-lasting pleasure tool.  Derek looked on as the two beautiful women he was about to fuck, one of whom he was married to and the other of whom he’d thought about while fucking his wife on more than one occasion, began the erotic encounter that was destined to “stay in Vegas.”


As Bree's mouth surrendered more and more, responding to Dolly's skilled tongue, both of their pulse rates increased.  Dolly pulled Bree tight, her hands now on Bree's thighs, silky, smooth, and, yes, accented with body glitter.  She smelled of an arousing, sexually enticing scent Dolly believed to be a Victoria's Secret product. Derek placed his hands on Dolly's ass, feeling for the first time truly how powerful her athletic-trained ass was, and his cock twitched with the thought of that ass-flexing and twitching so soon when he would be driving his cock into Dolly from behind, his heavy balls slapping her pussy, which he knew first hand (sorry for the "hand" pun) to be smooth, hairless, slick and primed for sex since even before he'd double finger-dipped into Dolly's body back at the cocktail party.  My God, she'd been finger-fucked in the middle of the ballroom! As Dolly's fingers reached Bree's ass and began to explore Bree's own smooth, clean shaven pussy and enticing wetness, she took one of her hands back out of the young porn/wife's privates and reached behind her, to find the cock that was pressing into her, belonging to the handsome guy who was man-handling her from behind.  She felt Derek's pole through his pants, hard, flexing, thick, and warm even through the silk fabric.  Dolly bit Bree's bottom lip softly.  Bree responded, pressing her body into Dolly's, placing a hand onto Dolly's bust, over the blouse, feeling the hard nipples.  Bree’s mind raced in a thousand directions at once, but then focused on the image of Dolly's hard nipple in her married lips, being sucked, while Dolly sucked Derek to completion right in front of her.  Dolly, in turn, realized how special this was, how, in a regular Dolly date, she couldn't get the hot and dirty thrill of licking pussy off of a cock, since all penetration needs to be safe.  Tonight, husband would fuck wife bareback, inseminating her, and Dolly would get to taste those tasty mixed flavors together when she cleaned the husband's cock that had, moments earlier, climaxed in his wife.  And Derek thought about how hot it was that, not only was he going to be having a torrid three-way with these two sexy ladies, but also his wife was granting permission to him to fuck Dolly.  "I've always wanted to fuck you both, together, and see you two together.  So damn hot," he mumbled.


And that was the moment when Dolly realized Bree had played her, that Derek knew full well that Bree did porn.  No man married to a woman that hot sees her getting so into it with another person, as Bree was with Dolly, for the first time and doesn't have at least some concern that he might be losing his wife to another person.  Dolly knew that men talked a good game about wanting the three-way, but really we just want to have sex with the "new" pussy and not get in trouble from our wives.  We're insecure, possessive.  Sure, once reassured, we can enjoy the full implications of a three-way without fear.  But this was all too quick, too soon.  Not a new occurrence that happened because Dolly caught Bree being so completely dominated and black fucked that afternoon.  No, Derek must know all about Bree, and it turns him on that she shares her body.


No problem, Dolly thought, as she slid her own slender, skilled fingers into Bree's hot sweet love cave. Dolly found the textured inner wall of Bree's G-spot, and a quick finger twiddle brought the already excited young wife to the brink.  "Save the groan for my suite, honey," Dolly told Bree whose orgasm trigger was apparently as excitable as that of a 15-year-old boy. "When I get you and Derek into my room, the stars above are going to wish they were looking in on us, instead of us wishing we were looking out at the stars.


The elevator stopped and the doors opened, but the groping and deep French kissing continued all the way down the hall.  By the time Dolly had the door open and the card key back out, with DO NOT DISTURB on the outside handle, Derek's shirt was untucked, as was Dolly's blouse, and Bree's dress was unzipped in back, the spaghetti straps hanging from Bree's sensual shoulders.  Dolly pushed Bree a little playfully, but really more in a take-charge way, toward the bedroom of the suite. "Get ready," she said, then turned to face Derek.  Dolly's eyes met Derek's.  Then, for the first time, their lips met. "At last," he thought.  She was thinking the same thing.



[Watch out for Part III]
Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure...ENJOY! 

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