Dolly Skis Aspen

It was 3:53 pm, which meant I had 6 minutes to get down to the bottom of Aspen Mountain and still have time to catch the last gondola up for a final run of the day. I always like to make the most of my ski days, because, since I am from Miami, they were limited. Ski trips out West were possible only once, maybe twice each year. My two buddies that were on the trip with me, Ed and Jeff, had already retired to Ajax Tavern to sip on Coronas and eat some delectable truffle fries. I would meet them after my last run. Dont get me wrongthey were excellent skiers (I don’t travel with guys who can’t keep up with me)they were just spent from a few of the challenging double black diamond runs I had led them through. This was a true bluebird ski daynot a cloud in the skyand we were flying home in less than 20 hours, so I wasgoing to make the most of my last day. It was a great last run, and I was exhilarated as I stepped out of my skis and headed for the Tavern.

As I sipped my Corona at the base with my buddies, I thought about the incredible ski day and how much I was enjoying being in the mountains. Ski trips were a break from being Dolly. I like to ski hard, relax, and go out with my friends or do my own thing for a few days without the temptation of giving up one of those for the hard-to-turn down lure of a Dolly date.

One of my favorite times during any ski trip to Aspen is après ski. That’s when you get to relax,drink, and flirt with other skiers, either still in their ski boots or freshly showered after their ski day. It was always a great time having some drinks before everyone headed to one of the many fine restaurants in Aspen. My preference was to have a quick jacuzzi while sipping some red wine, then shower, and arrive at après ski,which, during this trip, was always at 39 degrees(Little Nell used to be the hip spot, but seemed to be quieter this trip.)

So that was the plan tonight. After that refreshing Corona, Jeff, Ed, and I soothed ourmuscles in the jacuzzi, while reminiscing on the days challenges and highlights. We were joking with a young stud, Henry, who happened to be with his family from Minnesota on a ski trip staying in the same condos we were. I had been tempted to make a real come on move to Henry in the jacuzzi, but the timing wasn’t rightand Ed and Jeff were there, so  no.

Following the jacuzzi, I had a quick but welcome warm shower. A quick glance in the full-length mirror in my room assured me that the few days I had been skiing hard had been good to me, even though I had to miss myworkout schedule in Miami (which included runningyoga, and some weights)My taut abs,long muscular legs, and firm bubble butt were all still looking very sexyeven if I do say somyselfI slipped my red toenails into my black lace thong underwear, pulled up my black Miss Me denims, put on a sexy studded cropped t-shirt (no bra needed) and a few layers over all that to stay warm outside, zipped up my knee-high 4" heeled black leather boots, and was ready to go. Ed decided to take a quick nap, so Jeff and I headed across the street to 39 degrees,the bar at Sky Hotel.

I loved Aspen, because the après ski and night life were always assured to be fun. Many guys choose Aspen as their ski destinations, because it’s known for the attractive female residents and visitors and for a steamy night life. Many guys mistake me for being a localan“Aspenite,” as they call it ... maybe I look like one of those ... ;)


While sipping on my second Stolle O and soda, I noticed an interesting guya very good-looking, mature gentleman, 6'3" or so, dark but greying hair, mid 50s, with a muscular chest and rounded biceps that I could see through his lightweight, fitted blue sweater. Jeff was across the room chatting up a group of girls, and I had been wandering around the bar slowly flirting and laughing with various groups of guys. The tall stranger was with a couple. I am not shyI pride myself on my ability to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, but I obviously enjoy it most when I see a figure of prey and am on the attack. He introduced himself as John in a very sexy Australian accent. (Another reason I love to visit Aspen is that it’s a ski destination for so many international skiers. I wonder why so many Aussies travel nearly 30 hours to come ski Aspen. As I said, it has to be the ambience, the nightlife, and the finer diningestablishments, because the mountain is no better than many other Rockies resorts.)

John was visiting from Sydney for a 2-week ski trip with a lifelong ski buddy for what apparently used to be a boys weekend every year. This trip, the buddy brought his girlfriendalong (as he was bored at night, John said), and John was the odd one in the group. I joked with him that I was with two mates as well, but they were both ski AND sex partners (AND my bodyguards when needed). I don’t think he quite believed me. However, after getting to know each other a little more over another drink (alittle light touching was involved) anddetermining we were both super horny and in need of a pre-dinner quickie, I suggested we go up to his room (he happened to be staying in the Sky Hotel). John sheepishly asked about Jeff, towhom I had introduced him a little earlierI reassured him that Jeff wouldn’t mind. (I knew Jeff and Ed were fine with me having a little extra fun here and there, as they knew I was having Dolly withdrawals, and new experiences were what kept my engine running. I couldn’tquite tell John from Sydney that, of course.)

I let Jeff know I was slipping out and promised I would be no longer than 25 minutes. That’s when Ed would be showing up, too, and we haddinner reservation at PinionsI followed John out of the bar and was already feeling wet between my legs at the thought of what was about to take place.

I suggested to John that we take the stairs up to the second floor, where his room was. When I was a step above him we stoppedthen I was eye-level with him—and we parted our lips, asour tongues made their way deep into eachother’s mouth. At first, with a curiosity, but after a few seconds, with a forceful, ever-so-passionate hunger. We couldn’t get enough. I reached down and felt his rock-hard manhood beneath his jeans and had to restrain myself from unzipping him right then and there. Good thing, too, as the stairwell door opened and fourguys made their way up the stairs.

We held each other’s hand firmly as we made our way into John's room. The lighting was perfectone dim light, so we could see each others body as we disrobed one another. With our lips and tongues playing games with one another (but never disengaging), John slipped his large hands under my cropped t-shirt to fondle my breasts and squeeze my nipples with just the right amount of pressure. He licked his fingers to make them wet and slid one hand down my jeans to tease my excited clitoris. At the same time, I was unbuckling his belt and jeans and unzipping his pants to free his engorged, swollen, thick cock. I couldn't wait any longer and stopped kissing John, bent over,and took him in my mouth. At first, I gently swirled my tongue around his swollen head, then, enveloping his shaft, I used my tongue in long up-and-down movements, trying my best to lick from his balls to his head. As I bent over, John pulled my jeans and my thong down so he could get a perfect view of my butt in the full-length mirror next to the bed. With my pants down, I squatted under John and was able to lick his balls, finger his ass, and continue with the blow job Dolly does best.  Looking up into John's blue eyes, I knew he was very close to blowing his load. So I stopped, pulled off my boots, got rid of my jeans completelyand lay on my back on the king-size bed. What John did next was magic. He used a combination of his tongue, two fingers in my pussy, and one finger in my ass to give me the most shuddering orgasm I had had all trip! Pulling his fingers out from my pussy dripping wet with my Dolly squirt, John knew he had hit the bulls-eye.

"Would you like a rest for a moment?"

"No way, John. We have only 15 more minutes, if thatwant you inside me now!"

John grabbed a condom from his side drawer (I was glad he came prepared, though I always carried them, too, just in case), covered up, and entered me from above. His cock completely filled meI lifted my legs behind my head and,with a few more vigorous strokes, uttering,"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"... I came yet again, soaking his condom.

"If were running out of time, say the word, and Ill cum for you, Honey."

"Would you like to fuck my ass in doggie style and cum that way? It’s one of my favoritepositions."

"I do really enjoy that, but hardly get the chance with the Sheilas in Australiaso YES!"

I rolled onto my knees and reached for the small bottle of lube I carried in my bag, just for moments just like these.

"Honey, hold off for a few minutesI want to lick that ass first." This was my lucky night! As John tongue-fucked me in my ass with his long Aussie tongue, I played with my clit and had yet another intense loud orgasm.  

"I am ready for your cock now, John. Fuck my ass with it now, please!"

John maneuvered his swollen, still rock-hard cock into my ass, gently at first. Then, once deep inside, he gave me a meaningful ass pounding. I was playing with my clit and was in heaven.

"I want you to cum now, John. No holding back, my Australian stud."

"Where do you want it, Doll?" I told him when he was ready to cum to roll me over, pull off the condom, cum all over my abs, and give me some to taste. I love to see a man's cum. It’s a real turn on for me. Swallowing is fun too, but you lose some of the effect when you can't see most of it.

"Here it cums, Honey ..." John pulled out, I rolled over, the condom came off, and his cum sprayed all over my abs. I managed to catch afew drops in my mouth, too, and maybe a tad in my hair. I told John I would enjoy smelling his cum in my hair during dinner and was not planning to shower. We both lay there spent and very satisfied. The time on my watch was 7:55pm—just enough time to dress and get back down to Jeff to meet Ed for dinner. I told John I would go down ahead of him. His parting words were, "Doll, if there was a worldwidecompetition for the sexiest gal and the greatest fuckyou would be the winner!"

I gave John a slow, sensuous kiss and passionate hug and thanked him for the exciting après ski encounter. I had to chuckle to myself ... I guess John had no idea that ranking web sites existed,that I was in the escort business in Miami, and Dolly Jewel was currently ranked top in the world ... that was probably best kept to myself, dont you think?


Partly fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! 





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