Vegas Trade Show - Final Chapter

Derek was a great kisser, Dolly was thinking to herself.  She had her hands on his shoulders, initially, then raked her fingers down his torso, feeling his lean, hard body through his clothes.  She'd started untucking his shirt when she felt hands on her ass.  Not Derek's, these were Bree's.  Oh, right, Brianne, the porn hottie wife who'd set this whole threesome up.  Exactly who was playing whom, Dolly wasn't entirely sure.  As Bree's lips found Dolly's ear, then her neck, and Dolly enjoyed the sensation of four sexy lips on her, and four eager hands familiarizing themselves with her prime, fit body built for sex, she thought to herself that unlike a Dolly date where there were thousands of dollars' worth of reasons to be focused on her lovers' pleasure, this time was not compensated and Dolly could be selfish.  As Dolly's hand squeezed Derek's erect cock through his pants, causing his knees to buckle slightly, she broke her kiss, and grinned a wicked, sexually victorious grin, her lips still touching his face. "I'm going to fluff you and then you and I are going to fuck your hot little wife, Derek.  That sound good to you, Bree?"

Brianne moaned with approval as her fingers slid up Dolly's smooth thigh, under the red leather skirt, where she felt Dolly's warmth and moisture.  She took her lips off Dolly's shoulder long enough to say, "let's suck him together, I want to taste his precum from your lips Dolly".  "You're the hostess, sounds good to me" Dolly quipped.  The next three minutes were a full interactive dance of hands undressing each other, fingers getting acquainted, every permutation of kiss available, and various finger-licking samplings of preliminary, pre-orgasm appetizer fluids. Brianne's comfort level when Dolly first tasted her sweet lady fluids, with those quick tongue lashes up and into Bree's baby-smooth porn pussy was wild--there was none of the shock and awe that Dolly experienced when taking a sexy woman's lesbian virginity.  Bree must have mixed in some girl on girl porn with the big black cocks.  Dolly'd never done porn, but about the time she felt Bree push her onto her back, lap up a tongue coating of Dolly-juice and then deeply push that hot lustful flavor right back into Dollys mouth with a deep slow kiss, the thought of "maybe Dolly and Bree sharing some big black cocks would make a good Brazzers Video".  As Dolly sucked Bree's tongue, she felt how responsive Bree's clitoris was, matching the bodily twitches and convulsions by Bree to Dolly's expert finger flicks on her lady lover's pleasure button.

And Derek's fingers were up to the task.  God he could work a pussy, the man didn't need a map, his fingertips seemed to have a built in GPS to her g-spot.  Hmm, GPS, maybe that means global pussy system.  Just as Dolly was telling herself that she needed to remind her married lovers that the idea was to get Derek's cock sucked to readiness, Bree slipped her tongue back into her own mouth and whispered, "you sure know how to warm a couple up.  Wanna share a lollipop with me?"

Eyes twinkling, Brianne was really cute and charming when she wasn't in full slut mode, Dolly thought.  The ladies pushed themselves up from the bed and mutually pushed Derek down on his back in the middle of the mattress.  This was the first time Dolly'd seen him full bodied and naked.  Somehow she'd failed to really appreciate that he was fully shaved. Oh he had to be doing porn too, Dolly thought.  She had too many civvie fuck buddies, very sexually active, and this degree of shaving was still pretty rare for men.  Dolly stroked Derek's cock, barely touching her thumb to the tip of her middle finger around its girth, while kissing Brianne and then bringing a mouthful of mixed lady saliva to Derek's mouth for another adulterous, polyamorous kiss.  Dolly was straddling Derek's thigh, and felt Brianne's fingers lube themselves up with Dolly lube and then circle the tight, puckered brown bud of Dolly's backhole.  "You're so perfect" Brianne muttered just before her mouth replaced her finger, rimming  Dolly just slightly, then saving Dolly's fleshy, tender labia.  Another minute and then Bree kissed her husband, delivering Dolly's sweet flavor to his lips, and then telling him, "time for us girls to suck your cock, lover."

Through the years, Dolly had usually found that the best shared cock sucking adventures involved two women whose sole focus was pleasing the man who was attached to the cock.  Brianne was more mercenary than that, and Dolly made a mental note.  They eye contact between the women made it clear that this was an exercise in Brianne turning Dolly on by her dick licking, deep throating, cockhead teasing tongue gymnastics right up close in Dolly's face.  To which Dolly responded by matching Brianne, lick for dick-teasing lick, and showing a skilled deep throating technique that scuba divers would envy for its breath control.  Each woman was contributing one hand to stroking Derek's saliva coated dick, and was massaging, tweaking, squeezing, and teasing the other woman's breasts with the non-dick involved hand.  Alternating deep schlurps of cock, Dolly and Bree timed their hands to a combined two hand stroke on this magnificent fuck stick while they returned to the sensuous deep passionate kisses of each other than men will never understand.  Only now these all girl kisses were flavored with prelube, and the ladies were themselves lubing up.

"Get on all fours and suck him, I want to lick you from behind."  Ah, Bree, Dolly thought, I thought you'd never ask.  Derek, whose eyes were wide with the unbelievable spectacle of female fitness, beauty and sexuality in front of him, shifted to the top of the bed and propped himself on his elbows.  Dolly stalked him on all fours, narrowing her eyes, a jungle cat targeting her prey.  She supported herself on one arm, and held Derek's cock in position so that Derek's wife could see Dolly trying to suck Derek better than his porn star wife ever had.  Quite a challenge, when Derek was married to a no hold's barred porn star.

And that porn star ate pussy so well, Dolly began to realize, it was as if Brianne's spine were so flexible that she could reach her own love nest and could practice on herself all night long.  Sensational feelings were sending electric bodily impulses throughout Dolly's body, and though a pro when she was in Dolly-mode, tonight on her own time she really was getting as good as she gave.  "Oh, god, Oh God, ...ooooohh,,,,uuughhhh, aaahhhh, oh yeah! Oh fuck yeah, there, yes, fuck, ahhhh, fuck yeah....."  Bree gets the medal for causing Dolly to be the first one to cum.   Fuck, and the slut's tongue is now just working every other sensitive part of me, Dolly thought, appreciating that Brianne, unlike a man who doesn't have a clitoris attached, understood when to back away and not disturb the inner, wonderful nirvana that flows when an intense orgasm simmers down.  But by now Derek was oblivious to the women's interactions, his hands were holding Dolly's head and his hip thrusts were giving Dolly all the mouth fucking she could handle, which was a lot, and soon he was the one grunting.  He gritted his teeth, emitting a guttural moan and groan but none of the "I'm cumming" that often accompanies men fucking the mouth of a woman with whom they've never had sex before.  He knew damn well he was welcome to cum in Dolly's mouth.  And he did. Bree, having heard her husband's rising state of exhilaration, coaxed him on through the finish line, hissing through his pussy drenched lips, "fuck that mouth Derek baby, fill Dolly's mouth with your hot seed."  Wow, Dolly thought as she took his hot married load and held it in her mouth without swallowing, this is the best trade show ever!

"Switch" Bree commanded.  Definitely a new experience--Dolly was usually the hot sex queen barking out orders.  Dolly rolled onto her back, bending her knees, not quite sure which of the married couple she was fucking would be getting between her legs.  Would a cock or a tongue be the next vaginal visitor?  Bree's mouth met Dolly's as Derek's mouth began the process of orally bringing Dolly to her next orgasm.    No explanation was needed, and Bree hungrily received the Derek-flavored snowball that Dolly delivered into her mouth.  A little bit dribbled, but then Bree pulled away to push some of the remainder back in her husband's mouth that she lifted from Dolly's pussy with skilled fingers under his chin.  Dolly took advantage of Bree's 180 degree turn to lick Bree's very wet pussy, and soon the ladies were 69ing each other with the added bonus that Derek's fingers and mouth were supplementing the pleasure that Bree was giving Dolly's loins.  Derek got himself onto the bed in a sideways position so that Brianne could suck her husband while both husband and wife fingered, flittered, and tingled Dolly into a set of consecutive orgasms while she sucked Derek back to full readiness.  Brianne's own orgasmic moans and instinctive hard sucking when Dolly's mouth brought Bree over the top to cum-ville were a thrill for Derek. Now Dolly took charge. "Derek on your back, Bree ride that beautiful cock of his, I get to ride his tongue."

Brianne sank onto her husband's thick erect tool in one downward push, balls deep from the get-go.  Derek's tongue on Dolly's doo-dah struggled to keep pace with his bare cock thrusts into his wife's very wet pussy. Dolly's hands were moving between Bree' s nipples and her waist, alternating between trying to give pleasure to Bree and just trying not to be thrown off by all the bucking and fucking.  It was a damn sex rodeo, she thought for a second, and she shouted, "ride 'em, cowgirl" to Bree, then returned her mouth to Bree's.  Yeah, this girl really could kiss. When Bree sensed Dolly was about to cum again from Derek's tongue, which had caught up to the pace his cock was keeping inside Bree's pussy, she bit down on Dolly's bottom lip, almost painfully but not quite, just enough to be sensually exciting and Dolly, now covered in a sheen of perspiration, buckled in a body-wide orgasm.  Dolly rested her head on Bree's chest, itself moist with perspiration, and Dolly's heavy post orgasmic breath inhaled an entrancing scent.  Must be whatever body glitter/spray she'd noticed on Bree back at the cocktail party.  The girl certainly knew how to fill every sense of the her lovers.  Turn around, Dolly told Brianne, and Brianne proved she was a spinner, never dismounting while swinging her legs over Dolly and shifting from a cowgirl fuck position to a reverse cowgirl, now facing the same direction as Derek.  As Bree balanced herself while humping, pumping, and thrusting down on Derek's wonderful cock, Dolly looked down, reached under Bree's firm toned and bouncing ass, dragged her nails on Derek's ball sack, then cupped those balls firmly while raking his abs with her other hand's nails, and that was all it took to push Derek over the edge and pulse his seed into his wife's womb. His lips, not his teeth, clenched on Dolly's clit, and she popped too. The angle of Derek's cock in the RCG position found Bree's spot just right, and Dolly's hair pulling  from behind and dirty talking "that's it, feel him fuck his baby right into you, he's breeding you right now, with his mouth up my pussy and thinking its me he's fucking".  A triple simultaneous orgasm.  Game, set, match.

They repositioned to all be lying entangled, but all facing the same way, heads on the pillows, feet toward the bottom of the bed.  Derek in the middle, Bree to his right, Dolly to his left.  If he'd had any brain cells left, he'd have appreciated what a fucking lucky guy he was.  But he didn't.  The ladies had fucked him senseless.  Though young lean and in shape, it took him quite a while to catch his breath, and he savored the experience in silence.  What could he have said, anyway?  Thank you?

Dolly reached across, taking Bree's hand, bringing to her breast, and once Bree propped up on an elbow to support herself while she reached, she enjoyed the firmness of Dolly's breast, the rock hard nipple, the sensitivity of the areola.  Then Dolly placed Bree's hand onto Derek's cock, and said "see what he has left", and used her Sweet Dolly lips to lick Bree's freshly fucked-on pussy flavor from Derek's cock.  As Derek began to have blood flow return to his cock, Dolly nudged her lovers closer, the better for the husband and wife to kiss passionately, deeply, satisfied in their shared pleasure with Dolly.  Dolly shifted over and feasted on the pungent creampie Derek had planted into Brianne, and Derek managed to get his fingers working on Dolly's pussy, soaked from a handful of orgasms, while Dolly cleaned all of the mixed marital sex fluids from Bree's honeypot.  Derek was hard again, and Dolly hadn't had that cock inside her yet.

Dolly began to stroke Derek, and Brianne leaned over to suck the sex flavor from Dolly's glistening lips.  "I've got condoms in my handbag," Dolly began but Bree just answered, "we've got that covered" and reached back to open the night stand.  Oh, the sensuous eroticism of a wife loving sucking her husband, rolling condom onto his cock with her mouth, and then moving out of the way so that another woman can mount her husband and fuck him.    Dolly's wanted to fuck Derek a long time.  He'd cum already in Dolly's mouth, and in his wife's pussy.  The pussy that Dolly had seen stretched and filled with black cock the previous day.  They'd all enjoyed several orgasms.  All bills were paid in full.  "Okay, Bree, if your husband really doesn't know you do porn, which I doubt," Dolly thought, as her rocking and riding brought Derek fully to her cervix and their lover's rhythm emerged, "then I've held up my part of the bargain and not let him know what I saw."  But it didn't end there, Dolly thought.  "Now you're going to watch me make love with him, not fuck him."

Dolly's focus was completely on Derek, her eyes on his, her kisses just for him, as she slowly, firmly, pleasurably, rode his cock through two cowgirl positioned orgasms.  She turned, never making eye contact with Bree, and rode him reverse cowgirl so that Derek could marvel at the sight of her ass while his cock plowed deep into her.  Bree watched, felt a tinge of jealously, but that tinge was not nearly as strong as the rush of excitement of watching Dolly fuck Derek, fully and completely.  Dolly dismounted, then kissed Derek, telling him "fuck me from behind, hard, Derek, fuck me like I know you've wanted to since we met.  Like I've wanted you to"  He stood at the foot of the bed, she backed up to him, and she wrapped her feet backward behind his thighs to pull Derek forward, into her, as he fucked her, and Dolly thrust her ass back, her moved matched by Derek.  Bree leaned back and took in the sex show, reaching down and fingering herself to a climax at the hot visuals combined with Dolly's vocal encouragement to fuck her good right there in front of his wife and show her whose pussy he really loved best.  When Dolly sensed from Derek's breathing that he was close, she straightened up, bent her hips to keep him buried in her but lean her shoulders back into his chest, and Derek reached from behind and filled his hands with her round, firm breasts, thumbs and forefingers working her hard nipples.  Dolly's arched back and backward arms around the back of Derek's head was quite the enthralled lover visual for Bree, and Bree threw her own head back and moaned a few Oh God's of her own.  Damn he felt good.  He started really picking up the pace when Dolly summoned all the self control she could to reach back to his hips behind her, push him back, and briefly disengage.  His cock had been buried inside her for about half an hour straight, and there had been no lack of lube from her body that entire time.  "I want to make you mine" Dolly said seductively, as she laid back, and spread her legs open to invite Derek to finish fucking her face to face, missionary style.  He again sank into her, and she wrapped her ankles behind his powerful thighs, pulling him deeper into her with each downward thrust.  Derek supported himself on his arms and knees, and Dolly's fingers enjoyed the feeling of his powerful biceps and triceps and as she accepted him into her, totally opening up to his masculinity, his breeding instinct.  He leaned forward, their mouths came together.  Soon, his body stiffened and he emptied his last load of the night into his condom, the one placed on his cock by his wife's mouth.  As his cock filled that condom, his wife's mouth was licking her own lips, in awe and lust and feeling the want of a voyeur.  And as his cum flooded the condom his wife's mouth rolled onto his cock, Derek's own mouth was softly, passionately, deeply, kissing Dolly, aware only of the desire his body felt for her.  Slowly the thrusts came to a halt, but their bodies stayed together, their mouths stayed together.  Dolly's arms and legs didn't release her lover for quite a while, until after the kisses subsided and because playful, lover's pecks on the tip of the nose, intimate nuzzling.

Brianne's hand slid across her husband's ass, possessively, and with a look at Bree that conveyed exactly who had won this contest, Dolly slowly dragged her fingers off Derek's spent body and shifted to allow Bree to snuggle to her all fucked out husband.  Bree didn't have a look of defeat, but rather of understanding, when she looked back at Dolly. She'd loved seeing what Dolly did to Derek.  And Brianne had loved sharing Dolly as well, enjoyed all of the pleasure of Dolly's body and skills for herself.  Derek's breathing was getting deeper, yes, he was drifting off to the most peaceful sleep a man has, when Dolly removed herself from the bed, and made her way to gather her  clothes.  Bree met her just as she got there, and one last time, fully bare so that each could admire the other's magnificent body, the two women of this voluntary sexual triangle embraced, kissed slowly, and stole some farewell ass and pussy finger touches.  No words were necessary, and Dolly dressed and went back to her own suite to shower and collapse.

When Dolly went to the on-screen checkout the next morning, there was a message that there was an envelope at the front desk for her.  Now dressed in her travelling clothes, casually, hair up, and no make up, she was doing her best to downplay her body, her looks, and blend in.  The desk clerk nevertheless noticed the beautiful mature blonde who stepped up and asked for the envelope left for her room, showing the print out of the express checkout that contained the notice to pick up the envelope.  He smiled and handed it over. 

It was from Derek and Brianne.  The note read, "Same show, next year?" Dolly smiled.  Damn right.  And then she noticed at the bottom of the note, where Brianne had added, "Is it safe to send a link to my video to your business email when the spa video comes out?  If not just let Derek know where we can send the link." Dolly smiled, "I knew Derek knew all about her being a porn star!"


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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