Xmas Party- Dolly and Jack Part 2

As Jack sat at the edge of the futon, putting his shoes and cufflinks back on, he couldn’t help but smile as he watched Dolly deftly put herself back together, back into her party dress, checking her hair, so cool, so calm, just minutes after fucking Jack like a porn star.  She’d gritted her teeth to keep the noise down, just in case anyone might be out in the yard and might have been within ear shot of the pool house, but she’d goaded Jack on as he took her from behind, “That’s it, Baby, fuck my married pussy with that big thick cock, ahh, aaahhh, mmmmm, don’t stop, keep, uh, yes, keep fucking me, just like that … does your boss’ wife have a nice tight pussy, Jack?  Do you like how I feel while you fuck me in his house?”  Jack loved the feeling of his thighs hitting the back of her toned legs as he stood at the foot of the bed, Dolly slamming her ass back onto his cock, meeting his thrusts pump for pump while on all fours at the foot of the bed, looking over her shoulder as if she was getting as much pleasure from watching their tryst as she was from the deep penetration itself.  He felt her tight ass and firm hips in his hands while he lost all control and started thrusting so hard that he had to reposition his feet to maintain his balance, as if engaged in sports, when feet side by side just didn’t offer support from rapid shifting of his body back and forth. Later, they changed positions and fucked face to face, and she sucked his tongue in rhythm to him pumping his cock in and out of her while her ankles were tightly locked onto the back of his legs.  It was all he could do not to cum too quickly as Dolly hissed into his mouth, “Oh god, yes, Baby, fuck me deep. I love it like this,” while digging her nails into his back just enough to turn him on, not enough to break the skin.  Her body was flawless, surprisingly muscled, a flat six-pack, runner’s legs, and the sexual appetite and style of a porn goddess.   Jack could get used to this.  But he knew this was some one-of-a-kind of dream come true.  Still, if his wife hadn’t been out of town, he’d have been a dead man when he went to bed that night, with some ‘splainin’ to do.  Instead, he had no one to answer to except for his unexpected lover, who didn’t seem to have a care in the world except for total pleasure. 


Dolly had thrown her head back when cumming the first time, then kissed Jack deeply, so that he tasted his precum off her lips from her pre-fuck blow job, and then, when she came again, she bit softly into his bottom lip.  He responded during the bite by biting back as he reached his own climax and filled the condom she’d rolled onto his cock.  “This time, anyway,” she’d said when she took her mouth off his straining cock, and then paused as if making a decision, before using the condom she’d pulled from the accent table in the bedroom.  Was she planning to fuck him again?  Yes!


And as she completed putting herself back together and was no longer the wanton fuck goddess, but had returned to her mortal form, the beautiful wife and mother, elegant socialite, she spun on her stilettos and smiled.  Jack was finishing putting himself back together, and Dolly glided over to him, kissed him softly on the lips, more like a lover than the hot vixen in heat she’d portrayed during sex, and simply said, “Stay here five minutes. Smoke one of Arnie’s cigars to cover any lingering scent. The humidor is just outside the bedroom door, but walk around while you smoke so that it’s not just in the bedroom, but throughout the pool house.  Next time won’t be so rushed, Jack. You’re a terrific fuck.”  And she was gone, back to the party.  Jack felt like he’d had no say in the matter, and he was right.  He also knew that he sure as hell did want to fuck Dolly again. Maybe in five minutes the tent in his tux pants would settle down enough to return to the party.  Spent, confused, and satisfied as never before, he did as he was advised, and helped himself to one of Arnie’s contraband Cohiba de Habana Churchills, and walked around the poolhouse’s rooms as he drew in the smooth Cuban tobacco smoke and exhaled to cover the scent of sex, perfume, and betrayal that had hung in the air when Dolly returned to the party.


 After staying a perfunctory amount of time, Jack stepped outside to the pool deck and made sure he was seen by at least three others who could then say they’d seen him smoking a cigar and coming back in from outside. “I remembered from last year that Arnie had a stash of Cubans.”  Sounded believable.  His alibi as to where he’d been covered, Jack made his way to Arnie, thanked him, and then bit the inside of the corner of his mouth as Arnie said, “Glad you could be here, John.  I hope you enjoyed our hospitality.  I’ll let Dolly know you’re heading out.”  “Goodnight, Mrs. LaBreque,” Jack managed to say, extending his hand for a handshake, but Dolly winked and rolled her eyes at hearing Arnie get Jack’s name wrong again, and pulled Jack in for a hostess hug that, to anyone who’d have witnessed it, looked situationally appropriate for the party.  She proclaimed, “Thank you for coming.”  Jack’s eyes widened as if he’d seen a ghost when he heard the double entendre.  Dolly winked again as he put on his top coat and headed out the door.


 As the last guests left, Dolly told Arnie she’d escort him to bed and then see to the caterers and help after she’d gotten Arnie settled.  Arnie kissed his wife with affection if not true love or lust anymore (the lust being targeted toward Steffi now).  Dolly did still have affection for the man, as he’d provided a social standing for so long.  He’d fathered her children and even spent some time with them over the years, though he was hardly a doting father.  But she didn’t need him any longer, she’d begun to realize.  Wondering what would become of her shell of a marriage in the new year, she did get a kick out of kissing Arnie with the same lips that had sucked Jack’s cock a few hours earlier.


Dolly kept an eye on the caterers cleaning up and putting away.  She supervised the volunteers who were picking up the leftovers, and there were plenty of leftovers from this extravagant and wasteful party, to be brought directly to a shelter for battered women and children, and she slipped a check for $1,000 to the shelter into the hand of the volunteer before he left.  She tipped the waiters and kitchen staff from the caterers with $50 bills each, in addition to their pay from the caterer, and wished them a Merry Christmas.  When, at last, the house was empty except for Arnie snoring upstairs, Dolly returned to her dressing room, changed out of her party dress, and took a shower, rinsing away the remnants of her perspiration, of Jack’s sweat that had rubbed onto her body as they fucked, her dried sex secretions, and then enjoyed the shower massage on her clitoris, assisting with her finger for a third orgasm of the evening as she slumped against the side of the oversized shower.  She thought of Jack, that he’d been the best fuck of any of her extra-marital sexual partners.  Was he still awake, she wondered?


 Dolly put on some boy shorts and a Victoria’s Secret sleeping t-shirt and made her way to the home office, where the computer was always logged on.  She checked and found Jack’s cell number, just scrolling down an office list, so no incriminating key strokes related to Jack would be recorded in case Arnie had spyware installed.  Which he didn’t, she knew, since her own P.I. had done a forensic check to confirm that the computer was clear of such programs.  At least, clear of any that any spyware except for the program Dolly had installed.  She’d read Arnie’s emails from Steffi.  Old Arnie couldn’t type much, but he knew how to read an email and check stock quotes on line.


Dolly took her phone into the sitting room and texted Jack,


“R U awake? U were amazing.”  It took only a minute to hear the quiet chirp of a response:




“Uh huh.”


“R U alone?”


“Yep,” she texted back, thrilled inside that he was still awake and responding.


 “Couldn’t sleep,” she delicately typed out with the tip of her nails.


“Me either… hot woman on my mind.”


“O I C.”




“’O I C’ means ‘oh, I see,’” she explained, “not bad for an old broad, huh?” she teased, giving him the chance to compliment her.


“Old?  Not nearly—try ‘sexy.’”


“ty,” she texted to him.


“yw,” Jack replied.


“Had fun.”


“Me too—so much for not having a date.”


“Glad you were solo … when does Allison get back?”


“Tomorrow night.”


“What r u doing for brunch tomorrow?” she asked him.




“Want to ‘do’ me?”


“omg, yes.”


“Four Seasons across from the mall.”


“Thanks, I’m familiar with it.”


“Not like you will be when I’m done with you tomorrow; I’ll text you a room number.  A nooner?”


“Great. Now I totally need to get my rest and get to sleep.”


“’Night, lover”


Jack’s mind was on fire, but somehow he managed to doze off, until Allison woke him up with a call at 8:30 the next morning to ask, “Did you miss me?” and say that she was going to stay an extra day if that was okay.  Her grandmother asked her to, and was that okay?  Jack agreed and said he’d see her Monday night.  Not the first time she’d added days to her family visits.  Yet, remarkably, she and her family didn’t seem so close when they visited here in Atlanta.  Now that he was awake, Jack tended to the dog’s breakfast and trip outside to poop, then played with the dog in his living room while watching the local morning news before he re-set his alarm and fell asleep for another two hours.  Waking again, and this time refreshed, he got up to shave, shower, and get ready for a rendezvous.  There was a text when he got out of the shower.  “Four Seasons 624. Make it 12:30.”


 Jack parked at the mall and walked in through the west entrance, then exited the mall through the Macy’s north doors, one of the mall anchor locations which, in this case, faced the Four Seasons.  He crossed the street, unaware that Dolly was watching him.  She’d been surveying the hotel’s driveway down below, expecting him to pull up and valet his car, but she noticed him walking across the street instead.  She decided, correctly, that he hadn’t been shopping, but instead was avoiding having a valet record of his car.  Smooth!  Dolly liked the way he thought.  She was confident he’d like today’s teal satin string bikini brief and lace bra set.  She’d thanked the Four Seasons’ discreet concierge with a pair of hundred dollar bills discreetly placed into his hand for having booked the room for company purposes, and she’d slipped him three more hundred for covering any expenses for the booking.  She figured he’d probably have under a hundred in actual costs, the rest to his bottom line.  He’d arranged liaisons for her twice before at the recommendation of one of Dolly’s oldest friends who also conducted her affairs at the Four Seasons.


Jack was cool as he made his way through the lobby, then up to the sixth floor, but he could not deny the growing hard-on in his khakis as he knocked once on the door to Room 624.  The door opened, with no one visible, and Jack realized she was behind the door and stepped forward, silently.  Dolly smiled broadly, her eyes shining as she popped the “do not disturb” sign on the outside handle, then closed the door and latched the security bolt.  She slid her hands up his chest as she lifted up on her tip-toes so that her lips could meet Jack’s.  His hands stroked her smooth skin, as he returned her kiss, growing more comfortable with Dolly as his new lover, the nerves from last night gone, and his cock growing in excitement over Dolly waiting for him in nothing but her bra and skimpy panties.  She sucked his tongue, then broke the kiss.  “Jack, Baby, you fucked me so hard last night, it felt so great.  But this morning my slutty married pussy is a little sore, so I need you to kiss it and make it all better.  She reached down and unbuckled his belt, untucked his polo shirt, then stepped back, taking his hands in hers. He looked at her hands, again admiring her diamonds.  “Sure, definitely my turn to taste your sweet body,” and as he kissed her again, he interlocked fingers with her, feeling the rings Arnie had given Dolly press into his fingers as Jack and his boss’ wife squeezed each other’s hands tightly.  “Can you stay long, Jack? Arnie’s at the club, watching football and schmoozing the men in the lounge all afternoon.”  “Matter of fact, I’ve got all day.  Allison isn’t even coming home today after all; she’s staying over an extra night.”  This time it was Jack leading Dolly to the bed.  He was looking forward to slowly making love with Dolly, in contrast to the fast and furious fuck of the night before.  Dolly was thinking somewhere in between those two options, and usually whatever Dolly was in the mood for sexually was how things turned out.  Jack had no idea that Dolly had already sent her P.I. over to Alabama to follow Allison and verify just what she was really doing that was so important she’d missed the firm party, not the first time she’d missed a function.  Just in case Jack was going to turn out to be more available than even he might imagine.  And if Allison was on the up and up, well, good to know more about her, if Dolly was going to be fucking Allison’s husband on a regular basis.  Which she’d decided she just might want to do around the time, during last night’s pool-house poke, that he’d grunted, “Oh fuck, Dolly. I just want to keep fucking you over and over.”  Dolly was already planning this Four Seasons tryst, though she didn’t know it would be the next day, as soon as Jack’s spent cock had gradually deflated and slipped out of the wet wreck he’d created between Dolly’s legs back in the pool-house.  Oh yes! Dolly had a new man in her life, and, given Arnie’s gradually developing expiration date, at least in terms of marriage if not literally, Dolly wanted to know much more about this man who’d fucked her at her own husband’s party.  At her house, his boss’ wife, he’d gone for it.  Had to see where this might go.


It was quite a day for sex.  Arnie excused himself from the club to drive to Steffi’s townhouse and get a blowjob from her.  She was skilled, having helped her grades out in college a few times.  Using those same skills gave her the confidence to know she could suck cock well and get men to do things for her in return.  Arnie had been providing her the cash to make the payments on the condo and even make extra payments toward principal.  She’d own it free and clear soon enough.  Dolly’s P.I. had long since installed a few completely illegal micro-cameras in the condo when he swapped places with the pest control contractor some months ago, so all of Arnie and Steffi’s activity was being preserved on digital video.


At the Hampton Inn in a small town in Alabama, Tom Miller was on his back, looking up at Steffi Logan, his high school girlfriend, as she lowered herself on his cock cowgirl style, whispering, “You’re sure he’s cool that you’re staying?” Allison didn’t like to talk about Jack when she fucked Tom. “It’s fine, I told you.  He doesn’t know a thing,” she hissed back.  Allison closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of riding Tom’s cock, imagining she was 16 again, after the junior prom being deflowered by Tom, and vowing to love him forever as his cock had pierced her hymen all those years ago.  Damn him!  Why’d he go and join the Air Force and get shipped off without sending for her?  And then convince her to fuck him, even though she was married, when she’d run into him two years earlier at the Publix during Allison’s visit to her family.  Tom was selfish, so she had to do the work to make sure she came when they fucked.  And, in spite of all Jack felt for her, Allison just never felt like herself living with him like she did when she shacked up with Tom and then shared a cigarette with him after fucking him, just like back in high school.


But Jack knew none of that as he got naked with Dolly in the Four Seasons.  Although Jack’s mouth had ever so briefly tasted Dolly’s fragrant and moist pussy as he’d removed her panties, he did pause for just a moment as he stood before Dolly, now fully nude with him in the daylight for the first time.  He licked his lips in anticipation savoring his chance to perform cunnilingus on this married sexual goddess, this beauty queen and multi-, multi-millionairess.  He thought about something outside Macy’s tinted window that caught his eye and made him think of a gift for Allison, something he should buy her out of guilt.  He knew this was wrong, that Allison didn’t deserve this, he thought.  But, God help him, he’d felt something not fulfilling in his marriage especially the past two years, and here was his most erotic fantasy offering herself to him, apparently returning some measure of his lust.  He stored the guilt away.  He knelt, slid his finger tips up Dolly’s legs to her labia, slowly rubbed in a circle and then gently opened her flower to his approaching lips.  He thought about how much more responsive Dolly’s body was to him as a lover than Allison’s body was.  He had no way of knowing that at the very same moment, Allison was silently cumming on her high school boyfriend’s cock, which wasn’t encased in a condom.  Tom told Allison he’d forgotten to bring one and that he didn’t like wearing them, anyway.  He said he’d pull out so long as he could cum in her mouth.  Tom pulled the same shit years earlier—the birth control burden was always hers.  This time, she was on the pill, but she hadn’t told Tom that.  She had been thinking of going off the pill.  Allison, meanwhile, had no idea that Jack was enjoying a sensual afternoon of lovemaking and erotic passion and that somewhere between the time Dolly moaned that she was cumming for the third time and when Dolly flipped Jack onto his back, insisting that now it was her turn to use her mouth on him, Jack had forgotten all about Allison and started to fantasize about having a long-term romance with Dolly, instead of what he believed was a short-term fling to which she was treating him.



 To be Continued....


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!


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