Dolly Fulfills Frank's Fantasy

"I always have an amazing time with you, Dolly.  Then I get to relive it in my mind every day until wmeet up again."


Dolly couldn't help but smile when Frank said that to her.  And Dolly's smile could light up a room.  Hell, it could light up the sky if she were outdoors.  She would attach outdoor photos of herself smilingon a nude beach to the emails she sent to Frank when they made arrangements for their Dolly Dates.  So he knew that sunlight on her smile was amazing.  Of course, right now, Dolly's smile was simply lighting up his hotel room—just sitting there on the love seat, across from him, wearing one of the hotel bathrobes that came with the room, a flute of champagne in her fingers.  The fingers that had stroked his cock while they kissed, then cupped his balls and stroked the slickspit-lubed shaft as she licked and sucked and swallowed his cock to full attention. "I love the way your cock feels in my mouth, Frank.  Oh God, I've missed your cock!" she'd told him today.  Damn rightHe flew into town a day early every month when regional meetings required his attendance.  And that day was spent with Dolly …..


Dolly kicked her foot a little, now bobbing it up and down, her legs crossed, not because she was shy about her fully nude form—just the opposite, she was most comfortable when she was nude.  Dolly's body was like something Michelangelo might havecarved if he'd ever seen a 21st century fitness model/beauty pageant-type nymphomaniac, the feminine physique raised to a new level of fit sexuality.  No, she was just bobbing her foot, legs crossed, because she was so relaxedwith Frank.  He was mid-50's, married, successful, and a good family man at home, but he had needs that, well, only Dolly could satisfy.  Frank understood how their relationship worked, so he was a low-stress date for Dolly.  He was not going to get attached or kid himself into thinking Dolly wanted him to be her next husband.  He'd been nervous as shit the first time he met Dolly.  He'd met other escorts, but nobody ever approached Dolly's combination of wit, class, sexual desire, unabashed lust, body, looks, and stamina.  Basically, about a full page of entries on his bucket list got checked off when he met Dolly.  She sipped more champagne.  "You sure you have to get dressed and go?  I've still got some time, Frankie."


"Frankie,” their little "in" joke.  His high school football coach had nicknamed him Frankie, just as he had given all the players nicknames.  So that was how he was known in high school"Frankie.”  He shared that story with Dolly when he asked her on their third Dolly Date if she wouldn't mind fulfilling a fantasy of his.  "Sure, Lover, what would you like?" was her response.  Frank told Dolly about the sexy English teacher, Miss Hammond, who had coached the cheerleaders in his high school, how he'd always wished he could have fucked her, and how he'd fantasized that she'd cry out, "Oh God, yes, Frankie.  Fuck me hard like that Frankie, oh yes! Don't stop fucking me, Frankie, oh Frankie!"  Dolly stifled the instinct to snicker when he told her what he wanted.  Every guy has a fantasy.  Orthree.  This one wasn't weird and didn't involve anything sick or illegal.  No animals were harmed in the making of his fantasy.  No pooping or anything painful.  "Sure, Frankie," she'd told him, and they both smiled.  As she rode Frank that day in a reverse cowgirl,hot fuck position at the foot of the bed, his hands reaching around from behind her to tweak her nipples, Dolly did what Frankie wanted, and he actually strained a groin muscle when he came with such intensity.  It had been a sweaty, desperate fuck, and Dolly's ad libs about how wrong it was for her to suck a student's cock, or how she knew that most of the cheerleaders would be jealous, because they all masturbated while thinking about him.  Here she was, a teacher, getting his strong young body and thick hard cock all to herself, whichreally took Frank's fantasy to a level he hadn't imagined. She'd knelt in front of him, worshipping his cock, digging her nails into his tush as she took him deep into her talented mouth, her blue eyes on his, periodically dragging her tongue the length of his shaft as she pulled his cock out, then allowing a strand of saliva to keep her full, kissable, cock-sucking lips connected to his erection a moment longer before she looked him in the eye and said, "This has to be our secret, Frankie, if you're going to be fucking your English teacher the rest of the this year."  That third date had been many Dolly Dates agosince then, the code word for "I'll take you places where you haven't even dreamed" was "Frankie.”


"So, Frankie, do you really have to get going, or, since I've got time, can we spend it together?"


He was showered, but still in his robe.  He typically grabbed a Scotch, maybe a second, depending how long it took for the rest of the meeting attendees to show up at Shula's.  When they'd reached critical mass, they would be seated at their booth and enjoy prime steaks, Cabernet, and then a glass of port, all on the company.  The others came straight from the airport.  Frankgenerally checked in early after an early flight, and he was always freshly showered and changed after an afternoon of passionate kissing, savoring her nipples, her firm round D-cups, rimming her between those trim, toned ass cheeks, teasing her clit withhis tongue, inserting fingers …. Damn!  The foreplay list was full and complete, and every aspect of it was an adventure in exploring her amazing body.  Bending her over the foot of the bed and slowly pressing his cock into her well-lubed ass, such tightness, such a personal surrender, surely, if he was free to fuck her ass, she was his completely, there was no part of her off limits.  He enjoyed cumming in a missionary position after taking her in so many other positions, her fingers gripping his shoulders, at least one leg over a shoulder.  And now she was offering to stay.


Did he have another load to give?  "Suck me dry, DollyI'm gonna cum.  Oh shit, here it cums.  Suck me, just keep sucking me!" he'd gasped as he shot his cock goo into her mouth.  She showed it to him, played with it on her tongue, and saved a bit in her mouth for when they kissed.  It was the proof, so to speak, that indeed her mouth craved his manhood as much as her tight, hairless, large clit-equipped pussy did.  "Just let me text one of the guys to let him know to go ahead without me."


"Oh Frankie, I love when I get to ride your hard young cock during our secret fucks," she told him, returning again to the recurring cheerleader coach roleplay for just a moment.  Frank smiled, hearing her seductive, purring voice.  Out the corner of his eye, he saw her robe fall down her leg, as she returned to the bed, opening her legs, resting on one elbow, eyes on her prize.  "Let me lick that yummy cock back to fuck condition?" she asked.  She didn't need to ask twice.  Frank left his own robe behind on the armchair where he'dtaken only one sip of his Champagne.  He was halfway back to erect by the time he got to the bed.  Dolly pushed him on his back, leaned across him, held his cock upright, and pumped her mouth downward onto his cock. 


Enjoy! Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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