Xmas Party- Dolly and Jack Part 3

Dolly lay on her side, her allover tanned body cooling down from the thin sheen of perspiration their intense, passionate lovemaking had induced.  She played with Jack’s sparse chest hairs, while mixing in a little soft raking with her manicured nails across Jack’s fit body.  Jack softly stroked Dolly’s firm breasts, gently tracing her areola with his fingertips, his breathing gradually slowing down.  He was fit for a 32 year old lawyer, but he wasn’t in the shape he’d been in when he ran cross country in high school.  He noticed Dolly wasn’t breathing heavily.  He thought back to moments earlier, when he’d gradually abandoned the sensuous, slow love-making pattern they’d shared for nearly three hours, and finished his third orgasm of the day by slamming his thick, circumcised cock into Dolly’s smoothly shaven married pussy from behind in a lazy dog position, laying directly on top of her, his chest pressing into her toned back, his mouth on her ear, his fingers interlocked with hers, pressing her wrists down to the bed from on top, his knees having pried her strong legs open for his rapid thrusting.


“Hundred dollars for your thoughts,” Dolly joked, surprising Jack into a half-laugh, half snort.


 “Oh, my thoughts are worth a hundred, are they?” 


“Don’t they bill you out at five hundred?  I was hoping you’d give me a discount, considering I let you fuck the boss’ wife all day, Baby,” she was quick to reply.  Another smile.  


“I’ll just give you my thoughts for free,” he laughed.  “You’re amazing, and so much more than I’d ever imagined.”


Dolly smiled.  She knew men desired her, she couldn’t think of the last time she’d been denied sex from any man she truly wanted to fuck, but from the ease of last night’s seduction, she’d gotten the idea that Jack had fantasized about her.  His last comment confirmed that, and with age forty approaching before long, it was nice to hear it explicitly said that she still inspired younger men’s fantasies, just as years earlier during her cheerleader and then Miss Georgia days.  “Well thank you, Lover,” she said, and leaned in for a brief soft kiss on the lips.  “So you’ve imagined being with me, have you?”  She blushed.  She’d trolled for a compliment the night before, too.  Fuckin’ Arnie probably never bothered to tell her how beautiful she was, Jack thought.  Jack knew telling a woman she is beautiful is important, he told Allison she was beautiful often.  Though somehow Allison had grown distant anyway.  But not for Jack’s lack of trying. 


“Somehow I thought you must have known that I’ve had the hots for you, the way you worked things last night.  But yes, Dolly, since before I worked for the firm, too.   I was in my teens when you were in the Miss USA pageant.  I’m from Georgia like you, so I was very aware of you.  That was probably the first time I masturbated to thoughts of you, and I’m forever grateful to my mother for sitting me down to watch you in the semi-finals.’  He laughed a bit self-consciously.  “Then, ten years later I interviewed with Arnie and spent half the time in his office looking beyond his shoulder at the photo of you on his credenza.” 


Dolly took on a twisted grin upon hearing that, “the one in my Vera Wang wedding gown?” she asked.


Now it was Jack’s turn to blush.  “Anyway, last night was pretty close to a dream becoming a reality for me.”


Dolly reached down and lightly stroked Jack’s cock, which was spent, though not completely dormant.  Then they just both went silent, Jack’s fingers straying down to Dolly’s recovering pussy.  She must have cum ten times that afternoon.  The chemistry, the ease of conversation was clear to both of them.  Thoughts of Allison were far away, suddenly Jack was just imagining being Dolly’s steady fuck buddy.


They spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the newness and intrigue of each other’s bodies.  Dolly had Jack every way she wanted him, and had another handful of orgasms.  But all good things come to an end and she wanted to beat Arnie home from the club…or Steffi’s.  They showered, dressed and kissed good-bye, with Dolly slipping out the door five minutes before Jack.




Jack’s mind was filled by his spectacular MILF sex with Dolly most of the next few days, and he had to fight to concentrate while defending depositions on Monday.  And while he wasn’t sorry about his time with Dolly, he did hope that it would stay private and not hurt Allison, or Dolly, or jeopardize his career.  Jack was committed to discretion in his professional life, and personal discretion was second nature.  He became convinced over the next several weeks that time with Dolly had to be ultra-discreet.  Neither he nor Dolly could afford a public scandal.  He did run harder, farther and faster on his 4 to 5 weekly runs – he had to be in better shape the next time Dolly-aerobics occurred.


Dolly went about her business as usual in the week immediately following her weekend of stolen lust with Jack.  She awakened early, ran or did spin class, but made it a point to get home to Arnie and have morning coffee and small talk with him in front of CNBC while he read the WSJ. She was way ahead of Jack in her understanding of discretion.  After years of watching Arnie with his clumsy liaisons, and having had a few short flings herself, Dolly was very accomplished at being careful.   Late in the week following the Christmas party, Arnie said something about the upcoming Christmas holiday -- had she made up her mind about staying in town or going to the lake house? 


Dolly thought about some of the wild New Year’s Eve parties at the lake house over the years with the other homeowners on their cove—including the one very early in her marriage to Arnie when Dolly found herself in with a group that was mostly a few years younger than her and which included the Princess of Doom, Arnie’s oldest daughter Jennifer.  Dolly headed upstairs for the ladies room after drinking beers with the boys, and inadvertently walked into a spare bedroom where Jennie was on all fours pushing herself back onto some young buck’s cock while her own face was buried between the legs of a short-haired petite brunette who’d been a Kappa with both Dolly and Jennie.  Dolly smiled now with the recollection.  She’d been surprised at the time -- the first time Dolly’d had any knowledge of Jennie being even remotely bi.  The scene looked so hot Dolly might have spoken up, or even joined her step-daughter and sorority sister, except she really did need lose some processed beer, so she left the room and continued to the bathroom. 


“Yes, Arnie, let’s go to the lake this year for New Year’s, and have Christmas here in town.”  Arnie was glad—in town allowed him to find excuses to go to the office, and from the office it was just two blocks to slutty assistant Steffi’s townhouse.  Dolly knew that—she had DVDs of him making the walk.


Christmas break with the kids was great for Dolly.  She enjoyed the season, the sentimental feeling she had when she and Arnie were alone with the children.  Some things didn’t change, since her feelings for Arnie were not negative, just not inspired.  All the normal traditions -- dinner, Christmas morning breakfast, gift opening and holiday season TV were all just like old times.  And she had stumbled across Jack on one of his fitness runs so they made plans to run again two days later – it was nice to get some time with him, even if their clothes were on.



“You’re going back to Alabama for New Year’s?” Jack asked, surprised.  Allison had just informed him that she was going to celebrate New Year’s weekend, and watch the Crimson Tide in their big bowl game, with her family.  “Your family was up here for Christmas.  They just left.”


“Granny’s not getting any younger, Jack, and I haven’t seen my brother since Thanksgiving,” Allison replied.  “It will be a quick trip and you’ve got that trial coming up anyway.”


“Do you want me to come with you?  I enjoy the bowl day festivities with your folks.”


“With the trial, can you afford the time?” Allison asked.


“We’ll work it out.  Maybe it’s best if I come down New Year’s morning – I can work until New Year’s Eve.  I don’t want to drive down with the partiers – too dangerous.”


Allison smiled, thoughts of New Year’s Eve with Tom dancing in her head.  “That makes sense.  You can get a good night’s sleep and get an early start.  The roads will be deserted early New Year’s morning.  Thanks for understanding…Granny means the world to me and this will make her year.”



Dolly’s son and daughter went their own ways for New Years, her son to ski in Vail with friends’ families, and her daughter to South Beach with a couple of her girlfriends’ families.  Arnie wanted to go to theLakehouse, but Dolly was exhausted.  “Arnie darling, you go on up and I’ll join you after New Year’s, okay? I think I just need to unwind.”  Arnie said that was fine, he’d call her just before the ball dropped in Times Square on TV so they could wish each other a happy New Year. 


On the morning of the 31st, when Dolly was at last alone, the entertaining done for the year, she decided she could use a run.  The thought of a run brought to mind Jack, and she decided maybe he might need a running partner if he hadn’t already run today.  She texted to his personal number.


“Happy New Year.  R U in town?”   Jack saw this appear on his phone, next to him on the desk of his home office as he wrapped up his time entries for December.


“Dolly!  Happy New Year, almost” Dolly smiled when she looked back at her phone after changing into her running attire


“u2.  got plans with wife 2nite?”


“ugh. No.  alone.  She’s in Bama”


“u didn’t go”


“supposed to go tomorrow”


“arnie at lake, kids away too”


“mmm, need a date, LOL”


“why LOL.  Yes I do.  Why, know anyone available 2nite?”


“hang on, I’ll look…oh, right there in the mirror, that guy is available”


“is he good looking, LOL”


“he’s okay. Married”


“I didn’t ask that”

“you thinking of playing?”


“later, yes, I’m going running now.  Join me?”


“great, haven’t run today…give me 10 minutes, out in front okay?”


“u got it”


Alabama again?  Dolly knew Allison’s folks had just been in Atlanta, and that Allison’s last trip, which caused her to miss the firm party, was less than two weeks earlier.  Time to follow up with the P.I. she’d hired and see what was what in Alabama with Allison.  Dolly was stretching against the mailbox post when Jack came over the slight hill and into view.  She started her trot before he caught up to her, and about a quarter mile later, over the next crest from her house toward the park she allowed him to catch up and run alongside.  They just ran, getting a good workout at a fairly brisk pace, when on the way back Dolly spoke first. “My house isn’t the best idea.  Coast clear at your house?” 


Jack gasped for air and missed a step. “My house?” 


“Sure, if we can; I don’t want to have you seen at my place.”


“Then why is MY place okay?” 


They continued running, a bit slower to allow for them to speak, “because it’s much easier to get into your house discreetly than mine.  At the corner I’ll split off and run toward the main road, you go straight home. Then I’ll circle around just before Bond Street and use that cut through path to get to your back gate.  Which you’ll leave open after you get to your house.” 




“Baby, don’t you want to shower up with me after this great run?…here’s the corner, you’ll be home in 10, I’ll see you in 20”  And she was gone.  Jack hoped the thought and planning Dolly seemed to put into the logistics for meeting him meant he was important to her, and not that she was simply a cunning adulteress.  He needn’t have worried.  Dolly looked forward to seeing Jack as much as he looked forward to seeing her.


Dolly wasn’t quite honest about her path.  When she rounded the corner she went through her own back gate in the privacy fence, then went into the pool house and stuffed a string bikini panty and a handful of condoms into a knit hat, put it on her head, and went back out, running to the path that ran behind Jack’s house one street over.  She cut through a small clump of trees and slipped through his back gate.  Jack was already at the back kitchen door, watching Dolly approach.  He opened the door as she got close.  When he closed the door behind her, she stepped up to face him, sweat running down her face, and raised herself up on her toes to kiss him.  He returned her kiss.  He, too, was sweaty.  “Let’s go shower, I’ll do your back, and you can do me.” She winked and smiled.  Jack thought about what a happy New Year it was shaping up to be after all.  Dolly wanted to taste his young hot seed, feel his hunger for her.  The passion both ways from them that was absent when she went through the motions with Arnie.  Who, she knew, would be fucking Steffi at their lake house tonight. 


They both grabbed a water and a beer from the refrigerator and headed to the master suite.  As Dolly stripped her sweaty running clothes off, placed the hat on the bathroom counter, open side up to access the g-string and condoms she’d grabbed, she smiled again as she saw Jack’s hard young body emerge from his own sweaty Under Armour, and pushed thoughts of Arnie out of her head.


Jack cornered Dolly in the oversized walk-in shower, and kissed her hard on the mouth, aggressively pulling her body to his, the shower’s stream of water soaking them both, washing their sweat away, warming them from the seasonal chill outside.  Jack’s tongue was aggressive today, more forceful than during previous kisses.  It was a hot, angry kiss, angry at Dolly, maybe angry at the world, and he seemed to want to take sexual pleasure from Dolly as his payback.  She was tickled to have him so eager for her, since she wanted to give to him what he wanted, and she imagined he’d be eager to do to her exactly what she wanted him to do.  Her hands slid down the sides of his torso until her right hand took a firm grasp of his young athletic ass cheek, and her left, complete with wedding and engagement and anniversary rings from her unfaithful husband began to stroke Jack’s already hardening tool. She responded firmly to his kiss, but did not fight him for control.  And he didn’t seem to be in any mood to give up control.


Jack’s hands went to Dolly’s own tight ass and also to her wet hair.  He spread his fingers and raked through her hair, then stopped and grabbed a handful.  He pulled her face to his, and used his knee to lift up her own leg onto the corner built in seat of the shower.  Her one leg up, one down posture made her pussy vulnerable to his pending approach. She repositioned his cock so that the broad cap shaped head brushed against her wet (even before the shower, and now even more so) slit.


“That’s it, Dolly, open your hot married pussy to my stiff cock, the cock you want to fuck, my stiff young cock,” he murmured into her mouth, and it excited her to hear him take the lead on the dirty talk.  “I need your body Dolly. I need to fuck a hot slut who wants my cock, who needs my cock, who’s into fucking me, and having me cum and shoot my hot load inside her,” he continued.  “That’s what you want too, isn’t it, to be my hot fuck toy today, slave to my cock, begging me to fuck you for all you’re worth, isn’t it?”  Dolly was wild with desire.  He’d loved her dirty talk during their first fuck and now he was giving back to her big time.  Dolly found this even more exciting than their first, Christmas-party-in-the-pool-house fuck.  The condoms were in the knit running hat -- would Jack get one himself or should Dolly speak up now, she started to wonder.


Abruptly he turned her around, slapped her palms up against the warm tiled walls, and again used his knees to knock her knees open and to raise one of her legs again, the better to fuck her in that position. Dolly shifted her pussy back, arching her back to try to line her sex hole up with his fuck tool.  She had but a moment to decide if she was going to put on the brakes and get a condom.  Not getting one would make this an emotionally involved love affair, not a really hot fuck buddy session.  Dolly knew what her decision was.  She turned quickly and pushed him back against the far wall of the shower, dropping to her knees and taking him in her mouth.  She didn’t waste any time – she was lust-crazed, too.  She deep-throated him, then used her hand and mouth to focus his passion and hunger right where it should be – in the seven inches of turgid flesh that she could stroke off into her mouth.  And she did, tasting his seed for the first time in nearly three weeks.


The heat wasn’t gone, though.  Dolly was as spun up as she ever got.  “To bed, Jack, now!” she said, and they dried off, grabbed the condoms and almost sprinted into Jack’s bedroom.  The advantage of 32 year-old-cock, she knew, is that it wouldn’t take him long to recover sufficiently to give her what she needed.  And she had a couple of ideas about what his tongue could do to help her in the meantime.


And she was right – her incredible need, and the drive he had shown in the shower turned into an orgasm-fest for Dolly and another mind-blowing-condom-filling explosion for Jack.



An hour later, as they rested with Dolly on her elbow looking over Jack from above, he saw the glint.  He’d just given her the fuck of his life.  But he could see it wasn’t the fuck of her life.  Dolly took great pride in giving Jack a glimpse of what real sex was. Real sex by a real woman. Not that namby-pamby lovemaking that girls like Allison no doubt performed, if she was even still performing at all.  Or even if Allison was capable of good country girl fucking (which she was, though she had transferred the desire to share that ability from Jack to Tom), Jack certainly was entranced by Dolly, and  he had just shown he had great potential to satisfy her like no one had done in many years.  He had also shown that he was under her spell.  Dolly loved to show the fact that she was capable of things in the bedroom that no other girl could dream of doing for him.  Or to him.  He’d shown a rough side just now.  Perfect.  Dolly was an expert in rough, animal-like fucking. The kind that most men couldn't handle. The kind of fucking it took normal men days to recover from. Dolly was a highly sexual woman. Oh, she’d started merely beautiful and kinky, getting by mostly on her beauty pageant looks and family wealth.  But as her own confidence grew in the time following her humiliation by her first husband, Dolly had experimented, liked the power, the control, the rush.  Years and years of practice had made Dolly a spectacular fuck.



The week after New Years, Dolly’s PI confirmed what Dolly had suspected.  After Allison’s last trip to see her family, her PI’s report was simple. “She doesn’t spend much time with her parents.  Most of the time she’s at the house of a Tom Miller, Mrs. LaBreque.  He grew up there, a couple years older than Mrs. Logan.  There is no doubt what’s going on, because they also spent time at a Hampton Inn about 20 miles away.  We were very discreet and didn’t ask any questions, like you told us to be, but the amount of time they spent together, the hours they met, and then the trip to the Hampton Inn leaves little doubt what this is.  We have pictures, several recordings and some intercepted cell phone calls.  Do you want those now?”


“Is it true love, an ongoing affair or an occasional weekend romp – friends with benefits?” Dolly asked.


The PI smiled.  “There is no way of knowing for sure, Mrs. LaBreque, but she’s in love with him, I think.  They are rekindling an old flame and she’s putting a lot of effort into it.  We can find out, if you wish, but I would strongly say that Mrs. Logan is very interested in this guy.  Hard to tell how he feels, though.  Do you want us to do some more digging?  Do you want to review our files, pics and recordings?”


Dolly had all the information she needed and she certainly didn’t need to hear Allison and her lover in the act.  She had no idea how she would use it, if at all.  Jack’s wife, after all, was doing exactly what Jack, Dolly and Arnie were also doing.  (And it did mean no unprotected sex with Jack, even if she had thought that was a good idea, anyway – she thanked her lucky stars for her quick instincts in the shower with Jack the previous week.)  “Keep all of it for a while, Paul.  I don’t want it unless I need it.  Put it with the Steffi-stuff.  Thanks and I’ll get you paid through the normal channels.”


Dolly drove home, changed into her running gear, and hit the road.  She needed to think, and this time, without Jack.  The information about Allison was extremely good news on many fronts.  It had been obvious to Dolly since the first time with Jack that he was a “guy” (a magnificent guy, but “guy”, nonetheless).  His marriage was shallow enough, and Dolly was attractive enough, that he decided it was okay to do the boss’ hot wife – and the next day at the Marriott was really just a follow-on to the pool house.  But the encounter in his shower was part animal lust, and part anger at Allison.  Jack’s dick wanted Dolly (“guy”), but his brain had to work through what it all meant in terms of his marriage, his career, his future.  His brain was still with Allison, his dick was with Dolly, but his heart was in limbo.


Dolly knew in her heart that “home-wrecker” was not a title she wanted, nor one that she could tolerate in the community.  Allison, however, God bless her, had home-wrecker written all over her. With time, patience, and an open heart and open ear for Jack, Allison would send Jack packing into the world, and to Dolly, fairly soon.


Jack was a special guy, and Dolly’s instincts were that he would be in her life for a very long time.  But her kids, her status in the community, and her affection for Arnie demanded that she let this play out naturally and slowly.  Allison would screw up.  Steffi and Arnie, or Steffi’s successor and Arnie, would screw up.  The kids would grow up.  And Dolly and Jack would be there for one another.


It was settled, then.  Patience is a virtue, Dolly thought, and really, it won’t be long.   And having a hunky, intelligent, 30-something lawyer to play with while waiting for more was just….orgasmic.  Dolly smiled and picked up the pace of her run.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure! Enjoy!

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