Sex Sounds of Silence

When Dolly got her Doctor of Audiology degree, she liked that she could be her own boss, set her own schedule, decide during consultations whether she would take that patient on or refer him or her to someone else, and not get hassled for having the figure that she does because most of the patients would be elderly.  Not that Dolly complains about having a fitness model-type figure.  Just the opposite, Dolly works hard every day and takes a lot of pride in her appearance.  And yes, to be honest, some of the 70-somethings and 80-somethings can be the most determined flirts, figuring they have nothing left to lose at their age.  When Dolly takes a tour to a city for Dolly dates, she has associate audiologists who see the patients those days. 


So Dolly was caught by surprise when her last appointment before lunch walked in to have his hearing checked and he was a fucking stud to the max!  Dark complexion, some kind of Latino or Mediterranean, about 6’2”, bulging biceps straining the sleeves of his oxford shirt, tailored trousers that made his strong thighs and just-wanna-sink-her-teeth in it ass cause her to start to cream herself.  Dirty blonde hair, combed upward, warm hazel eyes, and a smile that must've made his dentist damn proud.  This is my 10:30 deaf guy?


Dolly was in a crisp teal patterned blouse, short sleeve, with a black skirt that showed a lot of tanned, toned, sexy bare leg in her 5” fuck-me pumps.  Some things a gal just doesn't want to give up, and if she isn't in running shoes, Dolly loves heels that show off her ass and legs—almost as much as the guys love her in heels that show off her ass and legs.  A former triathlete and still a yoga and fitness fanatic, Dolly is always in mid-season peak condition these days.  She had a trip to California coming up, a chance to show the boys on the West Coast that the Sunshine State has much to offer, so she was actually beyond peak.  She'd been doing some final tune-up conditioning.  Despite her hectic schedule and trying to accommodate her audiology patients, Dr. Dolly was actually slightly more lean and ripped than usual.  The place that enviable condition was most visible was her legs.  And a doctor's white examination/lab coat is short enough to show a LOT of Dolly Leg.


Dolly stood, greeted him, closed the door from the waiting room, and made the spontaneous decision to lock that door, unseen by her patient.  A nice warm handshake, great eye contact.  His name was Bill Moore.  That didn't explain his ethnicity (always a demographic curiosity in South Florida, the gateway to South America and the Caribbean), but who cared, because he was so HOT!


Those hazel eyes of his seemed to be reaching the same conclusion about Doctor Dolly Jewel as he checked her out, top to bottom, making her blush and feel warm between her thighs.  Her nipples hardened.  But there was professional work to be done.


He was here because he'd long been trying to hide some hearing loss.  He'd gone to many rock concerts, stood close to massive speakers, mowed lawns as a teen without ear protection, and sport shot at clays (nothing living, he explained).  They had all taken their toll.  He was a chiropractor and was having trouble hearing patients.  Crowded restaurants, public places, these gave him hearing problems.  One to one in an office, face to face, he was fine.  He joked with Dolly that he could hear her just fine--and added that her accent was nice.  "Nice?" she thought.  Then she admitted to herself, "What, as if he came in here for a hearing test and he was going to say it was sexy?”  Dr. Moore, the stud-ass handsome chiropractor, then told Dolly that he was 37 years old, and he was embarrassed and worried that hearing aids would make him "handicapped.”


Hearing this handsome hunk of attractive masculinity open up to her and admit his fears touched Dolly.  Now, along with lust, she felt compassion for him and instinctively reached across the desk to take his hand and assure him that he was NOT handicapped, and that hearing the things he needed to hear was no different than wearing eye glasses to read or see what his eyes needed help with.


About the time Dr. Dolly took Dr. Moore's hand, he realized that his eyes needed no help in seeing that Dolly was basically built like a brick shithouse.  Her cleavage was full, and her rack was easily a D-cup and firm, with no sag.  He knew his eyes were being lured between her breasts, the tan skin inviting him in, it seemed.  Although she had the white doctor coat on, it was open and her waist was trim, tummy flat, no bulge in her lower abdomen.  Her handshake and her touch signaled a strong hand that had worked out, probably handled some dumbbells for toning her arms.  The outline of her shoulders and her great posture showed that she was probably a serious gym bunny, one of those beautiful women who turned every guy’s head, across the generations, in the gym while working out big time and making most of the guys wish they were not only having sex with her, but also in the kind of shape she was in.


And her legs!  He hoped she'd get up from behind that desk.   He'd stolen a glance when he walked in, and her calves were athletically sexy—shapely and alluring.  Upon closer look, he saw that the edge of the calf was toned and sharp, honed, possibly glass-cutting hard. Her thighs, shit, made him think back to the female NPC competitor he used to fuck when he was in Chiropractic School, and SHE didn't have ripped, defined thighs like that.  Oh, how Dolly's legs must feel when entangled and wrapped around her lover's legs during sex ....


"So are you ready?”


Okay, he'd gone way into whatever self-conscious daydream he was in after admitting he felt as if he might become viewed as a handicapped person, Dolly thought.  That was the third time she'd asked if he was ready for her to examine his ears prior to the hearing test.  He was somewhere else, deep in thought.  She wished she was deep in his bed right about now, and, if his cock were anything like the rest of him, she wished he were deep inside her.


Now Dolly is nothing if not a consummate professional, so her examination was clinically impeccable and thorough and uncovered no unforeseen abnormalities.  The problems were not visible.  He'd been to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor, who'd confirmed there was no medical situation contributing to the hearing loss.  But Dolly was also a woman, so, given the chance to get close to broad, toned shoulders, a back that she wished she were clawing in the heat of hot pounding intercourse, she rested a hand on him more than usual.  It didn't take unusual poses to keep her breasts pressing into him when she leaned in to look inside his ears and lingered slightly longer for a hint of her perfume to attack his senses and lure his desire toward her own wants and needs.


It was working.  Dolly peeked at Dr. Moore's crotch, where he was popping a tent.  Dolly took her time while fitting several types of modern hearing aid devices onto his ears, looking forward into a mirror, and leaning over him in order to give him more a view of her body.  When he stood to go into the soundproof booth, she stood just a little closer to him than usual, to enjoy the sense of intimacy, closeness to his strength, and give him a test example of being belly to belly with her.  Their eyes met and the corners of her mouth curled into a smile.  He blushed, and then she gave the first verbal hint that she had ulterior motives when she said, "Much as I hate to close a door with you on the other side, let’s get you in there and tested."


Dr. Moore had a bit of a struggle in the soundproof booth.  Sometimes he swore all he could hear was the pounding of his own heart as he thought about Dolly and the hard-on she'd inspired.  For her part, Dolly was wet, so slick and wet indeed, and was forcing herself to focus on the hearing test, not the images flashing in her mind of her riding his cock while he sat in a chair, both of them nude.  She imagined him tanned all over, like she was.  She imagined him shaven, hairless below, like she was. 


Part of the hearing test involved re-positioning earphones onto the bone just behind the ear.  This time when Dolly leaned in to do the job, instead of standing behind him, she did it while in front of him and supported herself by placing her opposite hand on his thigh.  Their eyes met again.  Instead of a smirk, there was a narrowing of the eyes, a mutual assessment, and then a barely imperceptible nod from him.  "Yes, Dolly, I do want to fuck the hell out of you" was the message received.  Fortunately, that was also the message intended.


When the last portion of the hearing test was over, Dolly spoke to Bill over the earphones. "Now I'm going to come into the booth again.  Is that all right?"  "Yes," he said.  "Is it okay if we go over our time a little bit?  Did you need to get back?"  "Its all good," he said.


She'd left the white coat on the back of her chair outside the booth.  When she removed the headphones, there was no more attempting to hold back.  She was half-straddling him, her knee on his thigh.  He placed a hand on the back of her calf to help Dolly maintain her balance, and then he did the same for her other leg as she shifted to the other side.  He allowed his fingers to savor the feel of her smooth skin, the firm, toned muscles beneath, breath in her scent. By the time the earphones were off and hung on the wall, his hands were on her waist and her legs were astride his.  Dolly sat on his lap, with no more pretense, felt his cock poke her though his trousers as their mouths met.  Tongues flitted, teased, and then got intimate inside each other's mouths.  Dolly shifted her hips and unconsciously started dry-humping Bill, thrusting her hips into his, grinding, her powerful legs clamping around him and her nails at long last digging into those shoulders and that upper back she'd drooled over earlier.


Dr. Bill Moore took a handful of Dolly's thick, mid-back, blonde hair and pulled, just enough to arouse lust, to show a hint of kink to go with the hot body.  His other hand felt the most toned ass he'd felt since, well, since his NPC friend with benefits.  His lips explored Dolly's ears, her neck.  Oh shit, she thought, he's going to make me cum right here, right now while we're still dressed.


Dolly didn't quite cum while still dressed, but soon their hands were busy stripping each other.   Before long, his hazel eyes focused on her firm breasts, perfectly round D-cup handfuls of pleasure for the touching, licking, and sucking.  And suck he did, his tongue showing a playful manner while her lace bra ended up on the floor along with his shirt, her blouse, his shoes, his trousers, her skirt ....


Right about the time Bill's erect cock was in Dolly's expert hands and starting to ooze pre-cum, he removed his mouth from her nipple to notice that she was down to her fuck-me pump heels and a black thong.   He was in boxers with cum smears and a thick, well veined, steel-hard tool poking out. There was a pause, then he whispered softly, "I need to fuck you, Dr. Dolly.”  A wicked grin spread on Dolly's face as she bit his bottom lip, sucked that lip into her mouth, and told him not to move, that she had a couple things to do before she devoured him.  Dolly scooted to her desk, glanced over to confirm that the door was locked, reached into her shoulder bag, removed a pair of Magnum condoms and a tube of K-Y lube, moved back into the booth, and pulled the door shut behind her. 


"There's no lock on the booth, but it is soundproof.  And we're going to make a lot of noise."  She sat on the chair, spread her knees, and pulled Bill in close, so that his cock was at her mouth's level.  Bill took Dolly's head in his hands and guided his sex missile to her mouth.  Dolly's lips and tongue slowly, lavishly, spread her mouth's heat, her tongue's flitterings, and a thick coat of her saliva all over his cock in the most sensational blowjob he'd ever imagined.  Dolly gripped his solid ass to pull him close, deep-throating her new sexual conquest, running her tongue up and down the shaft, teasing the underside of his heavy balls with her fingers.  Bill didn't see Dolly lubing up her other index finger, as he was too busy pumping her mouth.  He looked down, loving the view, and ran his hands over her shoulders and arms to feel her skin, feel her powerful toned body.  He enjoyed the vision of the muscles in her back tensing as she worked her head up and back on his cock.  Bill's moaning was now making the soundproof booth a necessity.  Thank goodness no one in the waiting room or the reception desk could hear his dirty talk. "Oh fuck, Dolly.  Yes, suck it just like that, my God, oh, yes, suck that cock, ugghh, oh, ugggh, shit.  Oh, I love it.  Suck me till I cum in your mouth, suck my cum Dolly."  He was unaware that he was thrusting so hard now that he was actually giving her mouth a good fucking.  Dolly loved it, because it was all so hot and spontaneous.


She moved her formerly ball-tickling fingers to the inside of his thighs and nudged them apart.  He thought nothing of it, until she ever so briefly removed his straining cock from her mouth and told him to bend his knees.  You'd think he'd have realized then, but he didn't.  No matter.  When Dolly went back to sucking him he went weak in the knees and they bent more.  That made it easier for her lubed finger to venture up into his ass, skillfully find his prostate, and massage it, making him quiver and shake and bringing him to the edge of cumming.  She worked that finger and found that Dr. Chiropractor Bill loved it.  Indeed, he did!  He loved everything she did.  He couldn't believe how sexy she was and how kinky, too.  His grunts intensified, and she felt the swell that preceded the climax in his tool and his scrotum.  His eyes closed as he threw his head back and growled, "Oh fuck, yeah ...." Dolly pulled him out from deep in her mouth so that he shot his thick, creamy load onto her chin and her tits. She worked her finger in him to get the last drops out and then withdrew it and licked the last dabs of cum from the sensitive head of his freshly spent cock.  A nearby wipe dispenser gave her something to sanitize her finger with.  How convenient that she kept some inside the booth for cleaning off hearing aids.  And now for prostate-massaging fingers, too.


Dolly smeared the man-goo from her chin with her fingers, licking them clean, and then did the same from her tits.


She pressed Bill's shoulders down, instructing him, "Now let me feel that great kisser of yours on my other lips, Lover.  I hope it helps you get hard again so you can go inside me.  And I want you to know how good you make me feel by tasting my happiness."  As Bill hit his knees, he knelt over, and Dolly lifted her hips to slide the thong off and then to present his cunnilingus offering.  She now had a handful of her lover's hair.  His hands ventured up and down her legs, feeling the muscular definition and feminine curve.  Then they slid up to her gym trainer quality abs.  He had decent technique, not world-class like Dolly, but Dolly didn't need a lover to be the absolute best to really enjoy the shit out of a man sucking and licking her clit and dipping a finger or two inside to massage her G-spot.  She knew how to thrust in time with his tongue.  "Get ready" was all she offered before she cried out, "Aaaaah, oh yes, uh huh, yes, oh yeah, ooooohhh," as she squirted onto his aroused face.   He circled his lips around her soaked pussy, smearing her flavor all over his face.  Then he straightened up and kissed her.  Bill loved the feel and sensation of Dolly licking her flavor off his face, much as she'd licked his flavor off her tits.  He deeply kissed her, his tongue finding traces of both of their sexual explosions on the corners of her mouth.  And his cock was rock hard again, as Dolly had hoped.


Dolly stood and stroked Bill just twice before saying, "I need you to fuck me with this, now."  She applied one of the condoms she'd brought into the booth.  She turned, leaned over, and braced herself against the back of the chair.  "Take my pussy doggy style, Lover.  Fuck me good and hard."  He knew she could take it.  Having been spent once, and slightly desensitized by the condom, Bill had no trouble holding off on his second shot on goal, working his cock into Dolly's amazingly tight feeling pussy, as she pushed back against his thrusts as hard as he slammed forward.  His hands wandered from her hips to her tits and back, then to the back of her neck, just to feel the tensing and relaxing of her shoulder and back muscles as she fucked back against and onto his wonderful cock.  Dolly left one hand on the chair, enjoying the height adjustment of still wearing her heels while Bill fucked her standing.  Bill likewise loved the visual of those amazing runner's toned legs in black fuck-me heels.  Her legs were so sexy and fit, absorbing his sexual thrusts, vanishing where they met her world-class ass.  She reached down to twiddle herself just right.  Between the thick cock he was giving her and the detailed work of her fingers, she gushed no fewer than three times.


The trio of orgasms did sap Dolly of some of the power in her legs.  Contrary to some beliefs, she isn't a goddess, but actually mortal, a living, breathing, sexy woman, and her body does, to a certain extent, get drained by sexual exploits.  This is especially true from hot, physical, work-out sex with a well-built chiropractor, all inside an increasingly warm and humid  soundproof booth.  Dolly bent farther down, resting her elbows on the seat of the chair.  "Fuck me hard, Bill.  Oh God, your cock feels so good.  I want you to cum again.  I'm so far ahead of you in cumming, just fuck me till you cum."  Their wet flesh slapped as he pounded her.  Dolly's moans and muffled dirty talk continued, "Oh, you fuck so good, just like that, oh God, yes, more ...."  Bill's guttural and aggressive, "Aaaahhh, aaaah, uugghh, uugghh, aaahh, fuck, yeah," over and over again made Dolly so glad she had a soundproof booth for fucking available.  This was the first time she'd fucked in there.  She wondered what had taken her so long.


"Let me ride you," she said while looking back over her shoulder.  Bill had long since realized there was no shame in letting this fitness instructor-type beauty call the shots.  He gripped her tight, then slowly backed out while holding her hips, completely controlling the dismount.  He moved Dolly to the side and sat, feeling both anticipation and the wetness of her gushing orgasms on the seat.  Dolly sucked and stroked his cock briefly with the condom on just because she thought it was such a great looking cock—and Dolly loves having a gorgeous cock in her mouth.  Then she positioned herself over him and lowered herself down, her muscle control amazing, the sight of her legs flexing, muscles at work on her sexy athletic legs, her abs tightening … it was all a dream cum true.  Bill locked his hazel eyes on Dolly's blue eyes, and her radiant smile made it all so special as well as erotic.  He moved his hands to her arms to feel her triceps, biceps, and the rest of her fit, lean, sexy body that she was sharing with him.  “You're so sexy.  I've never been with anyone like you.”  A compliment like is always nice for any woman to hear.  His reward was a kiss and a firm touchdown, fully engulfing the length of his shaft.  Then Dolly lifted a leg and showed off what the word spinner means.  She began a reverse cowgirl series of up and down, fucking ups and downs, on his cock, while he reached around her sides and cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples.


Dolly's eyes caught sight of the clock through the booth window into her office.  She merely told him, "I need you to cum.  Lunch hour is almost over."  She rose and squatted ever-faster, working her internal muscles to grip his cock.  "What makes you cum, Lover?  What do you want?" she offered. They were both dripping in sweat and sex juices.  He stood, lifting her with him.  He dismounted and spun her so that she was facing him again, then reached underneath, cupped her ass in his hands, and lifted her.  No more words, just heaving breathing as he pressed her against the wall of the booth and fucked her hard in a standing missionary position, working a natural lube covered finger into her ass.  He grunted and slammed her while Dolly clung to his muscular frame, legs locked around his hips, fuck-me heels hooked around the backs of his thighs, her arms wrapped around his shoulders for support and her nails digging in for sensual enhancement, without too much skin indentation.  She bit his ear and moaned when she guessed he was about to cum.  Dolly was a good guesser.  He stiffened, stifled a moan into her neck where he'd been nuzzling her while they fucked, and emptied his seed into the condom.  Bill stayed in her just a bit longer, until he softened enough to slide out.  Then he released Dolly slowly, lowering her heels to the floor.  They kissed again.


Placing a finger to Bill's lips, Dolly indicated to "shhhh” and be quiet so she could open the door and get some airflow while they tried to mop up a bit with paper towels and get dressed.  He didn't have time to put his tie back on, but otherwise he simply looked like a patient who'd gotten hot in a closed room in the summertime.  The ear-to-ear grin, well … the other patients he walked by in the waiting room were none the wiser.  The receptionist, who knew Dolly's side exploits as a trusted confidant, was far more attractive than he'd noticed on the way in.  Was he just horny?  As it turned out, no.  She and Dolly had done a couple of doubles in their day.  Her working name remains a well-kept secret.  That receptionist smiled as she stepped into Dolly's office and discretely handed her boss a towel and a bag to gather up the sex-soaked paper towels.  "Dolly Jewel, you hot sweaty piece of sexy ass, you," she said.  "He was hot.  Was he as good as he looked?"


"Uh huh, man!  He was good, darling.  Thanks for covering for me." 


"My pleasure.  You and I are always good.  And thanks for making sure the microphone inside the booth was on and the audio plugged into the recorder.  I definitely want to listen to you two fucking tonight over a glass of wine."


Ah, but she and Dolly would be the only ones to enjoy that pornographic recording before the audio file was destroyed.  Thanks to the soundproof booth, to the rest of the world, Dolly's appointment was just the sound of silence. 



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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