What Led Up to Dolly's Hot Foursome

Dolly Jewel walked briskly out of the steel and glass tower where her office was located just ahead of the semi-annual building fire drill.  She was NOT going to walk down forty-four flights of stairs again, as she had six months earlier.  Sure, she'd taken off her heels and walked down barefoot, which was better than trying to do so in a killer pair of Jimmy Choo's, but Dolly had quite enough stairs in her life with the stair-stepper and comparable cardio exercises as regular features in her fitness routine.  Deciding that fire drills were for suckers only, Dolly cultivated her building's director of security at every tenant function.  Whether it was the summer barbecue, the Christmas breakfast, the "spring fling" with lots of fresh fruit and desserts, or the Halloween party with warm cider, donuts and candy, Dolly made sure that her long blonde hair had fresh highlights, her lipstick was the most seductive shade of red, her mani pedi was best described as "man-eater," her blouse was showing just a tease of lace on the edge of her bra with the girls on prominent display, and her skirt was short with a slit showing off the toned, tanned, gorgeous bare skin that most men craved to have wrapped around their hips during a hard thrusting, no-holds-barred sexual marathon.  She never did have to fuck Mr. Security -- the flirting was enough to get her the heads up in advance of the next fire drill.


It was three forty-five p.m. and by the time the building got the all clear a half hour later, did she really want to go back upstairs?  No.  So, she went straight to her car and headed home for the day, earlier than usual.


Only later did Dolly realize what was unusual about the scene at her home.  She'd seen something that was familiar and normal for her to see, so no red flags went up in her mind.  Only when she went into her house and heard the sound of her boyfriend's orgasmic yell, "oh God, oh God don't stop, oooohhhh oohhhh," did Dolly realize that she'd just seen her friend Monica's Mercedes two-seater out in front.  Then Dolly rounded the corner and there on Dolly's sofa was a half-dressed Monica, blouse open, skirt pushed up to her waist and thong pushed to the side, riding Warren's cock, his hands playing with her luxurious pair of D-cup breasts while he laid on his back, his neck arched.  Dolly's phone had reflexively been in her hand to check text messages and emails from the office.  How handy.  Took her all of two taps to start the video camera and she had a great angle from the entrance to the great room, where she couldn't be seen.  Monica's wedding ring was on her finger as she clawed at Warren's chest, the air thick with her musky, arousing sexual eau de pheromone


Monica had been a friend for a long time and she and Dolly had been involved in some threesomes together back in the day, including with Warren, though not since Monica married a handsome plastic surgeon who Dolly saw at half marathons or half ironmans.  Dolly had no idea Monica was fucking around on her husband or any reason to think why Monica would want to.  The only things Dolly ever heard about Dr. Bill from Monica were about what he bought her, where he took her, and how in love with her he seemed to be.  And Dolly knew he was handsome and in great shape and an accomplished triathlete for his age group.  Dolly was processing what she was witnessing when Monica responded to Warren's orgasm with her own orgasmic growl, eyes closed, head still, hips and legs quivering.  Dolly knew that Monica too, had cum, and then she leaned forward, kissing Warren, and giggled as she said, "I always love when you cum in me, Warren."


When Monica caught her breath and dismounted, Warren's gooey seed ran out of her.  Again, this was not the first time Dolly had seen Warren's cum form a Monica creampie, but she had no idea that her boyfriend and her best friend had resumed fucking.  This sure had the look of something that had been re-established for a while and Dolly only found out because of the early escape from the fire drill.  The action, or at least the climactic portion of the action that Dolly witnessed, was hot.  Involuntarily, Dolly's body responded by starting to naturally lubricate as a memory reflex from the days, a couple years back, when Dolly and Monica and Warren shared their hot three ways.  But that was all on the up and up -- this one was not sanctioned by Dolly.  Did that make Monica Dolly's newest former friend? 


Not to mention... no condom!  Their mixed pleasure fluids coated his shriveling cock.  Sure, Dolly had half an urge to lick that sweet, fragrant sex sauce off her favorite cock but, well, just what the fuck was going on here? 


"Always" she'd said.  Dolly wondered how the hell long this had been going on.  Warren, as an entrepreneur, controlled his own schedule.  This had been a treat for Dolly when she met him -- the spontaneous sex was awesome.   She could call him when she got horny at lunch and have an intense nooner on demand.  While she was upset and trying to sort out her feelings, watching these two fuck again reminded her of how much she'd enjoyed doing just that before joining in back in the early days of her relationship with Warren.  One thing was apparent here:  Monica and Warren didn't seem to be in need of a third.   Maybe watching them a bit longer, hidden as she was in an alcove with large houseplants providing additional cover, might not only be visually hot, but also provide answers to some questions about what this meant.   


Right about the time Monica dropped her already open blouse on the floor (no bra, Dolly noticed), slid her bunched up skirt down to join the blouse, and started licking Warren's sperm and lady-cum coated cock clean, Dolly decided she wasn't going to interrupt.  She'd seen what she'd seen and had the video (with sound) to back it up.  When Monica and Warren started kissing deeply, wildly, Warren hungrily licked the combined sex flavor from his now-married lover's face.  Monica's wedding ring and large engagement diamond came back into view as she reached up from under his arms to dig her nails into his shoulder and mumbled, "Oh God, you're hard again.  Please fuck me again.  Please, I need it.  I need you.  Take me however you like."


Okay, at that point, Dolly had to slip two fingers into her own baby-smooth and by-then dripping pussy and swirl her own lubed up fingers over her full, fleshy labia and into her tight and caressing vaginal passage.  She pumped her hips into her hand, careful to remain silent, while Warren helped Monica to her feet, her petite tight body so tiny in front of him, and then lifted her, hands beneath her trim ass.  Monica reached down to locate Warren's (still) bare cock, and together they lined up their steamingly horny sex parts and she was lowered onto him.  Once Warren bottomed out inside Monica's married vagina she eagerly wrapped her legs around his hips, locked her ankles at the small of Warren's back, and pulled herself up and lowered herself down using her hands and arms on Warren's shoulders while Warren found the same rhythm with his hands supporting her ass. 


Soon they were up against the wall and Dolly could see that Monica was lost in bliss, eyes closed, face turned into Warren's neck, whimpering and cooing to his thrusting into her.  Their familiar "orgasm approaching" sounds returned, and Dolly was about there too, especially now that she could see Warren's own firm ass flexing as he pumped his married lover.  Dolly bit her lip and her skilled fingers brought her to an enforced silent climax, and then her ears were filled with the echoes of sex as Monica's no-longer-faithful pussy was filled with another man's seed.  Dolly headed out.


Where to go?  Dolly needed to think, reflect, and have a drink.  While it was still warm in Miami, it was winter and the sun set early, so by now it was approaching sunset.  Dolly headed to the Bar at Level 25 on the 25th floor of the Conrad hotel for the view.  That would help her think.  On the drive there she kept interspersing her thoughts of why Warren wouldn't have been open with Dolly about his sexual desire for Monica -- theirs was a devoted, but not exclusive relationship.  And as for Monica, well, other than damn, ol' "Mon" was definitely keeping herself in tip-top shape and watching her fuck was a treat even if she didn't know exactly how she felt about what she'd walked in on, Monica was still Dolly's friend, and to the best of Dolly's knowledge, Monica had been faithful to Dr. Bill as a married woman.  And Dr. Bill had not quite been fully made aware of the sexual history that Monica and Dolly shared.  Was Monica's marriage at risk?  How could it not be?


Three vodka sodas later, Dr. Bill returned Dolly's text, the one she'd sent after two of the vodkas calmed her down.  "Just finished procedure.  Surprised to hear from you.  Can call Monica and we can both meet you, okay?"


Dolly texted back.  "No, don't contact Monica.  Involves her.  A surprise.  Meet me alone at Level 25." 


Dr. Bill arrived an hour later.  "Are you okay?  What is this about?  Is Monica okay?"  Dolly was lightly buzzed as he'd never seen her except at large parties where everyone was partaking.  Dolly was always sexy, radiant, and in control.  That was a huge part of this sexy woman's mystique.  Like a beautiful James Bond villainess, she embodied everything he desired physically, sexually, visually, and she was so cool and together and elusive that a sense of danger hung in the air at the very idea of bedding her.  Not that he'd ever tried.  He was married to her close friend, after all.


No, Bill had never seen his wife's friend like this -- and he'd seen her a lot, not just because she was Monica's friend but specifically because she was smoking hot and pretty much fulfilled his fantasy image of an uber-fitness chick sexy Goddess.  Bill looked for excuses to be around her.  He loved entering races where she'd also be competing and found every excuse he could to just hang around her, inhale her essence, see her skin, imagine sex with her.  Then he'd feel bad about how he was lusting after his own beautiful wife's best friend.  But yes, more than once while fucking Monica, typically either doggy style or anal, he closed his eyes and imagined his steel hard, circumcised, bare shaved cock sliding into Dolly's body.  Having her. Cheating on his wife and shooting his seed into Dolly.  Monica being a cumslut, Bill had said goodbye to condoms when they got engaged.  That was always the safeguard, he told himself -- he couldn't act on his desires because he'd have to buy condoms.  How could he explain that purchase if found out, since he didn't use them with Monica?  Oh, and even though he lusted for Dolly, imagined her full lips deep throating him, imagined feeling her hard muscles beneath soft smooth sexy skin, he didn't want to mess up his marriage. 


"Have you and Monica been fucking much lately, Bill?"  Bill was shocked that Dolly's first words to him were that question.  "Everything good in the sack with that horny wife of yours?"


The tone in Dolly's voice sent off a distress signal.  Something was wrong.  What the hell was it?


"Dolly, I don't know what you and Monica share, I mean I know you two are close, but she and I...."


"I only ask, Bill, because I would hope you were giving her all she needed at home.  She's a sexy woman and from the look of her riding my boyfriend's cock and then sucking her cum off that cock today, I wondered if she was getting enough from you.  Not that their affair is your fault."


Dolly hadn't consciously meant to spill the beans.  She'd wanted to protect Bill.  She liked Bill.  Sometimes she imagined scenarios in which she and Bill would hook up after a race -- sometimes after a shower, or sometimes just all sweaty and stinky and raw and dirty -- but she had meant to just ask if things were okay in an ambiguous manner.  Well, subtle left the building when the alcohol flowed. 


Truth be told, Dolly couldn't even sort out how she felt about any of this.  Was she jealous?  Just simply wishing she'd been invited?  Upset that she hadn't been screwing around with Monica lately one-on-one, which, yes, used to also happen back before Dr. Bill?  Something about that slutty sexy pixie's tongue just touched Dolly oh so right.  Or was she upset because her morals told her that she couldn't fuck Bill and now her body was telling her morals to shut up and get out of the way, that what Bill and Dolly deserved was the chance to screw each other big time and that doing so would heal whatever wounds might have been caused.  Not that Dolly was even positive there had been any wounds. 


Monica riding Warren's cock.  Affair.  Bill let all that sink in.  He signaled the bartender, pointed to Dolly's glass, held up two fingers, and sat.  One for him, and one more for the lady.


"What did you see?  When?  Where?"


With only slightly slurred words, Dolly told Bill what she'd seen.  "I would never have encouraged this, Bill.  You know she and I used to party hard together, did some of the same guys, sometimes together, shared cocks for threeways, and we've gone down on each other...," Dolly blabbered to no one in particular but in a way so that everyone heard.  It all sounded hot to Bill, right up to the point that he contemplated the fact that it was his wife in these lurid scenes, fucking another man.  Bill realized that he was getting a bit hard at the idea of Monica fucking another man.  In secret.  Her best friend's man.  So taboo.  So... hot?  Shit.  This was a story full of surprises -- none of them wanted, but many not unwelcome.


"Let's not go home, Bill.  They didn't seem to want to be disturbed, though I suppose...," she paused, looking out onto the lights coming on downtown and also out onto Biscayne Bay, "I suppose by now they're done, since I'd have been home by now."  Dolly looked into Bill's eyes.  She felt the urge to kiss him, but held off.  For the moment.  She reached over, intending to take his hand, but her reflexes were a bit off and her hand landed on his thigh close to, though not touching, his cock.  Close enough to notice "he's hard."


Bill was still sorting this out on the inside, so he hadn't fully vetted the idea of "not going home" as Dolly said, or whether there was an alternative "Plan B" with Dolly.  And then her hand landed next to his cock.  The image of Monica, undoubtedly turning around to do a reverse cowgirl on Warren, as she did so spectacularly on her own husband's willing and eager cock, filled his mind.  And it just plain turned him on that Warren had cum inside Monica. 


Bill had been with no one else since meeting, dating, proposing to, and then marrying Monica.  If she had been fucking around, she hadn't apparently passed anything on to Bill that he might have caught.  Just for on-going precaution, he'd had himself tested regularly, since he was having blood drawn for cholesterol anyway.  High cholesterol ran in his family, and in med school he'd taken Lipitor, though since becoming active as a marathoner and triathlete he'd kept his numbers low through exercise.  But he was a doctor, and doctors talk amongst themselves.  He heard all sorts of stories of doctors whose trophy wives were fucking their personal trainers or tennis pros or neighbors or husband's business partner or whomever, frankly, and only got caught when they unwittingly passed an STD along to the cuckolded doctor.  So Bill had been getting full panel STD tests every six months, and he was clean as of just a couple weeks ago, in fact. 


Dolly had slowed her alcohol intake, just sipping and considering her options as the beautiful south Florida sunset wound down and the lights of the Miami night brought a feeling of pleasure and calm to her.  Would it even the score to fuck Bill, something she'd imagined doing more than just a few times?  Bill was apparently as confused, and perhaps hurt, as she was.  But there was also a bulge in his jeans that let her know something about this sexual diversity was arousing his feelings.  Did he want to watch Warren fuck Monica, which she already knew was a hot view?  Or was fucking Dolly what Bill had in mind, which was sounding better and better to Dolly?  Or was it time to treat Bill to what Warren had enjoyed in the past -- a Dolly and Monica sandwich? 


Bill's drink was empty and his own thoughts, assisted by the panoramic views, had reached a decision point.  He turned to face Dolly, took her close-to-his-cock hand in his, interlocked fingers with her, and leaned toward her.  Sexy man with hard-on leans toward Dolly, and Dolly leans right back.  As their first kiss moved from tentative to exploring, to LFK and then to a sedated DFK, Dolly slid their joined hands to Bill's cock.  When Bill felt contact he open his fingers, releasing Dolly to stroke and tease him through his jeans.  She moaned approval and he moaned right back.  As Bill's cock twitched, Dolly broke the kiss long enough to mumble, "I've got a room."  Bill left a one hundred dollar bill on the bar and they left, hand in hand, to go become each other's lover.  Bill's mind had long since left behind the fact that he'd never been with another woman since marrying Monica.  This was Dolly -- he'd always known he wanted to be with her.


Elsewhere in south Florida, Warren finally got dressed after one more fuck with Monica, this last time in the shower after their standing bareback fuck against the wall.  He didn't complete the act and climax this time -- he was just too spent -- but the experience of the tight, trim 5'1", 105 lb. brunette Monica, a natural D-cup with green eyes, was so wonderful that neither he nor Monica felt any disappointment that he hadn't cum again.  She certainly had.  Warren was expert with his fingers, so when his cock called it quits and surrendered to having been all fucked out, he went from one, to two, to three fingers and his lips and tongue with the water cascading down.  Monica needed about ten minutes to compose herself, get her legs steady, and dry up and dress and kiss Warren goodbye before returning home, grabbing some healthy take-out on the way for her and Bill.  When Bill wasn't home at his usual time, Monica merely assumed his surgery schedule ran long, though usually he had his office call when that happened.  She settled into a soothing, soaking tub bath, her body having been marvelously fucked.


Warren tidied up and checked emails, returned a couple calls and text messages, and then got busy on some internet research of a property he and some partners were looking into.  Usually Dolly's arrival home broke him out of his work focus but tonight he worked until he looked up at eight-thirty and realized Dolly wasn't home.  He texted and called -- no response.  No answer at her office phone.  A sly smile hit his face as he thought, "always wished I had longer amounts of time when I get together with Monica.  Who knew it could have been tonight?  Not that I could have done anything with the extra time.  She had me all fucked out hours ago, obviously" reflecting on his lack of a third pop.  Though this was really late for Dolly. Had he forgotten some appointment she'd made? 


He thought of Dolly, her body, more athletic than Monica, half a foot taller, feminine, but more able to be the sexually dominant lover that he so enjoyed.  Her confidence, blonde hair, blue eyes, dazzling smile....  He thought back to when he used to fuck both Monica and Dolly, how Dolly would focus on just Warren while riding him to their mutual satisfaction, regular and reverse cowgirl, all while Monica straddled his face so he could taste her more delicately flavored pussy.  He knew that Monica also watched Dolly's sexually fulfilling and physically demanding pumping and riding with the same awe that he did.  After Warren arched his back and sucked Monica's clit when his body stiffened and his cum spurted into Dolly, Dolly had let her aggressiveness subside, and she was loving and sweet as they all dismounted and repositioned.  He thought of how genuinely happy Dolly was that Warren was being pleasured by both women.  And that soft kiss followed by the whisper, "now you just enjoy watching me make love to Monica until your wonderful lovestick is ready to join us again."  Wouldn't it be great to have that group love and sex again?  Being Monica's lover again was hot, but how would Dolly react if she knew?


Only an hour and a few orgasms for each of them later did Bill and Dolly realize that neither had spoken a word since they entered the hotel room.  They'd had company in the elevator, so they merely held hands and waited for Dolly's lead since Bill didn't know what floor they were on.  A glance and a head nod meant "follow me" on the eighth floor.  Dolly led Bill to room 809 and looked back at Bill as she got ready to slide in the card key.  Bill nodded toward the door, a "yes, go ahead, let's do this" message communicated silently.  His cock had simmered down from its fully erect stage up in the bar.  "Not for long" Dolly thought as she saw the absence of a trouser tent when he entered the room.


Dolly put out the do not disturb sign, closed the door, slid the security bar across and when she turned Bill was facing her, shirt already pulled over his head and tossed onto a chair.  Shaved chest, from swimming, even though he was typically in a wet suit for triathlons.  His arms went over her shoulders and she stepped wordlessly into his lust-filled embrace.  This time there was no hesitation in their kiss.  Dolly felt her body's furnace rapidly heating up and both of them interrupted their kissing briefly as needed to step out of their shoes without falling down.  Then hands slid down bodies.  Bill's didn't get too far, reaching her expertly enhanced D-cup breasts, feeling their fullness, responsive softness, and sensitive nipples hardening right through her Victoria's Secret bra. 


Dolly placed one hand on Bill's compact, bounce a beer top off it ass to squeeze and pull him in close.  The other hand she had palm out, heel up, pressing and stroking his cock through his jeans, her fingers twiddling the underside of what felt like a full, tight ball sack.  His firm flat tummy was a match for hers.  He reluctantly removed his hands from squeezing, kneading her breasts.  "Damn, that felt so good," she thought when his hands went south.  But they only went far enough to search her skirt and find a way to undo it and get it off her.  Dolly cut the search off, put his hands back on her tits and took her skirt off, then kissed him again and dropped the blouse.  Her tanned body was everything Bill remembered from seeing her in bikinis during the two couples' trips to the beach the previous year.  In a black thong and bra she was the perfect seductress to take him in on the night he found out his wife was fucking another man -- never mind that the idea of her fucking another man was hot and that he imagined that scene in his head a time or two while kissing Dolly and feeling her hand on his cock.  His cock responded without hesitation, and Dolly’s fingers knew how to coax a man’s sex organ into full-blooded hardness and keep it that way.


Much as the kiss was drawing Dolly in from her confusion and hurt from the rest of the day to an isolated, protected environment of sex with Bill, she broke off the kiss to focus on taking off his clothes.  Bill silently assisted her, and when he was fully nude, cock erect, he hooked his thumbs into her thong and slid it just a little south, far enough to expose the entire smooth, sweet region where Dolly’s pubic hair was but a distant memory.  Again they kissed, eyes closed for both newly emboldened lovers, as the spell of their impending mating lured them both away from reality into a universe where they were the only two.  Dolly reached behind herself and removed her bra.  Bill’s eyes did not need to open to find her soft to the fingertips, firm to the squeeze breasts.  Another brief kiss and Dolly finished sliding her thong to the floor, took Bill by the hand, and they moved to the bed.


Though not typically a missionary lover, Dolly laid on her back and pulled Bill down to her.  When he was on his knees, she again took his shaft in her careful grip and he followed so that his body was perfectly poised for a penetrating plunge.  In the meantime Dolly rubbed the head of his cock up and down her well lubricated sex slit, so close to breaking into the holy of holies, the pussy he’d dreamt of, truly the object of his lust.  Bill brought his lips down to Dolly’s neck, and the hunger of his nibbles and kisses warmed her as she gradually relocated her cock self-teasing from her slit to her clit.  The sensation caused Bill to pump his hips into Dolly and to move his lips to her nipples.  They were ever so slightly sweaty, a hint of the exasperation of the day, and the flavor mixed with the trace of perfume that Dolly had absent-mindedly dabbed in minute quantities on various sensual locations of her body hours earlier. 


Bill took Dolly’s hand – the one that wasn’t working his cock along, around, and ever so slightly (perhaps accidentally but then again, maybe not) into her pussy -- and pressed that hand to the sheet, palm up, above her head, and clasped fingers with her.  It was a controlling move, a sign of taking control.  Dolly was not one who usually ceded control to a lover, but this was new territory tonight.  The idea of her best friend’s husband taking her, controlling her, claiming her body as his, even if just for the evening, excited her.  She had seen her boyfriend bare backing her married friend, the one who had seemingly given up other cocks.  Warren had seemed possessed by Monica, compelled to fuck her.  And now Dolly felt compelled to be fucked by Bill and Bill felt a calling, a pull to seek a revenge of sorts, an equaling of the playing field, by fucking Dolly.  He bit her nipple, hard enough to get her to moan and her body’s tension to vanish as the rest of Dolly joined her right hand in surrender to Bill. 


She bit her lip, then moaned.  Then her mouth was invaded by Bill’s, and she pointed his cock into her pussy, unsheathed, and began to pull him into her.  Dolly then released Bill’s cock, claimed his other hand, and pulled it to the bed, then turned her own palm up and surrendered her other hand.  Bill now had both hands clasped and controlled, but Dolly raised her spread legs to wrap them around Bill’s hips, then hooked her heels behind the back of his upper thighs.  Her powerful legs answered the last question, unasked, in his mind:  "Uh, shouldn’t he put a condom on?"  Apparently, that answer was “no'” and Bill only gave a moment’s consideration to the lack of a condom as his cock continued a slow, searing penetration into the slickest, sexiest pussy he’d ever felt.  He hadn’t fucked anyone else since meeting Monica, and loved the bliss of her tight, sometimes nearly virginal feeling pussy when it flexed, stretched, quivered and then spasmed and came on his cock.  Monica’s pussy was Bill’s -- or at least it used to be his alone -- but now he was eight inches deep into Dolly.  Dolly!  His pumping, thrusting sex rhythms had started slowly, but he built speed as he got more and more turned on by the exact act he was committing:  Sex with Dolly.


Then the thought of Warren, similarly unsheathed, slamming his cock into Monica’s married pussy, filled Bill’s mind as he picked up the pace.  Soon not only was the head of his cock bottoming out in Dolly’s pussy, hitting her spot, raising her body’s temperature and raising both their pulses, but he was squeezing the shit out of her hands via their interlocked, clasped fingers.  This was not lovemaking—this was fucking, hard fucking, each of them seeking revenge of sorts.  Bill felt his body tighten and knew he would be shooting his sperm in seconds.   Dolly sensed it too.  Neither one hesitated.  Bill suddenly grunted, bit into Dolly’s bottom lip and groaned as his cock spurted into her.  A raw, angry, inspired fuck.  They were both out of breath.


When Bill rolled over onto his back he was only semi-soft and he never got softer than that.  He was already imagining fucking Dolly doggy style while she kissed Monica, who in turn was having her married pussy filled with Warren’s cock.  It was just so hot.  Dolly was such a good kisser too, he’d discovered, so Bill took Dolly’s face in his hands and kissed her, then pointed her face toward his crotch.  Dolly took the hint and lifted Bill’s dick up towards her mouth.  She saw the next drop of pre-cum, round two, already forming on the bulbous tip.  Deftly, her tongue darted out to taste his nectar.  It was sweet and salty at the same time.  She loved it.  Married, previously committed, faithful cock.  Now hers for the sucking.  Her lips parted and her head moved forward.  The heat of her breath brushed past his increasingly large cockhead.  Her lips moved further, engulfing the crown. Dolly closed her mouth around the giant head and started to slowly rub her tongue all over it.

Bill closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.  He was loving the way Dolly's mouth felt on his prick.  He’d known he would love it since they first kissed.  His hands rested on her head, his fingers working their way through her thick blonde hair.  Dolly's hands began to work their way up and down Bill's once-again fully firm shaft.  Her soft fingers once more twisted around its girth. She started to suck intently on the tip of his meaty cock.  Bill's hands applied some force to her head.  Dolly started to slowly allow more of his cock into her mouth.  Her tongue ran along the underside of every hot inch she allowed inside.  After what seemed like an eternity for the both of them Bill’s strong cock hit the back of Dolly's throat with a pleasant bump.


Dolly saw that almost half of Bill's cock was still outside of her well stretched mouth.  She inhaled deeply through her nose and started to suck hard.  Bill lets out a groan of pleasure.  His hands held her head in place as he started to back his cock out of her hot mouth.  With just the tip left in, Bill pushed forward again, establishing a steady rhythm with which to fuck Dolly's face. Dolly was a little taken aback by this act of dominance.  Warren had never taken control of her head during a blowjob, much less actively moved his average-sized dick in and out of her.  Dolly continued to suck and moan around the big cock she was enjoying.  Her hands reached up and cupped the two pendulous balls attached at the base of Bill's shaft.  Their size and weight were like nothing she had every felt before.



*Will Monica keep fucking Warren?  Or will she return to her previous marital fidelity, having gotten a weekend of “shore leave?"

Will Bill keep fucking Dolly, even though when he woke up that day he was convinced that he was in a faithful and fulfilling marriage? 

Would things return to the way they had been, or would the four of them recognize the desire and hunger in most everyone one for everyone else within their group?


To be continued.

Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!


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