What Led Up to Dolly's Hot Foursome-Part 2

Dolly and Bill each took turns providing intense oral stimulation to one another on that first night of sex between the admiring triathletes.  Whatever guilt might have been involved -- and there wasn't much considering the hot and obviously on-going sex that Bill's wife Monica was having with Dolly's boyfriend Warren -- was left outside the hotel room.  Bill came twice for Dolly, once in a "When Dolly's Mouth Met Bill's Cock" roving blowjob that began with Bill seated at the foot of the bed and continued with Bill standing, holding Dolly's head.  In response to her direct command, "fuck my mouth, don't be afraid of gagging me, I can take care of myself, just treat my mouth and throat like the hottest pussy you can imagine," Bill took Dolly at face value and jammed his cock as deep into Dolly's face as he'd ever penetrated any lover's mouth. 


Was she a lover?  Or just the insanely hot and fit object of his lust, now inviting him to use her.  He'd wanted to be with Dolly long enough and they had a deep enough friendship pre-sex that he didn't want this to just be a one night fuck fest.  Not that he'd have declined if that had been all she offered. 


As her saliva production increased dramatically in response to having a thick cock shoved with power past her lips along the length of her phallus-loving tongue and to the back of her throat, touching her uvula and tonsils and yes, blocking her air passage momentarily, again and again, and causing her to gag and her eyes to water, Dolly never backed away.  "Aaaarrgghh, uuughghhh, aaacckk, aaacckk," she gagged, then backed off for a second of air while her fingers stroked his spit-blanketed cock to steel hardness during the brief absence of his dick from her mouth.  "That all you got?  C'mon, let me taste it.  Make me gag.  Make me swallow.  Use me hard...."


Dolly's dirty slut talk was a turn on.  He'd seen her work out.  He was getting ever more excited seeing the muscles of her shoulders and upper back as she worked his cock from her knees, her hands roaming his body when the cock was unavailable for stroking because she'd deep throated all of him.  Bill's six pack abs, his nipples, his tight marathoner ass, his thighs -- Dolly's hands explored all, her arms in motion and her cock-loving mouth in overdrive.  It all reminded Bill of some hot porn he and Monica had watched together, and he got harder again, if that was even possible, when he once again thought about how this was his wife's best friend chowing down on his manhood.  "Fuck my mouth."  Hot.  He imagined Monica, her own sweet lips smeared from a similar vicious mouth-fuck, naked, in the room with him and Dolly, urging him on.  "That's it Bill, she loves your cock.  I want her to share that great seed you fuck into me.  Let her taste it Bill.  Cum in her.  What she doesn't swallow she'll snowball into my mouth and then, when you're ready, you can fill her sweet pussy with your amazing dick.  The dick I'm married to.  Right in her.  Sharing you.  Yes, making her feel how good you fuck me...."


Bill was damn near finishing when Dolly uncorked her mouth, motioning Bill back onto the bed.  She sixty-nined Bill, and he found he couldn't sustain the brutality of his phallic attack -- though invited and tolerated and desired -- because of the wonder that was Dolly's pussy.  Her labia so fleshy that kissing them truly was almost like kissing a mouth -- though a mouth that tasted of pure sex.  He lubed up a finger, then two, and slimed her puckered bunghole with her own Dolly sauce.  Then, while nibbling on her large clit, he inserted the fingers into Dolly's back door.  Dolly came on Bill's face, her hips rotating and pumping back and forth and round and round, humping and fucking his mouth and tongue.  Dolly thought of how good it felt when Warren did this for her, and how much she'd loved when Monica's mouth was assisting both she and Warren back in the good ol' threesome days.  Dolly's gushing at point blank range made Bill back away and laugh, his open mouth catching her squirt. She ended up popping five times.  Or was it six?  Truth be told, in all the excitement she'd kind of lost count and Bill never got all that soft in between his cum shots into Dolly's mouth.


Their bodies were sweaty, their faces smeared, Bill's balls emptied, and Dolly's pussy well fucked and cum-filled, in light of the intimate, unique circumstances of how assured she was that Bill was clean for sure because of her relationship with Monica.  Now they spoke, telling each other breathlessly how hot this had been, that this was something they'd each wanted for so long, that it was just what they needed, considering....


Considering.  Considering what, exactly?  They now felt no hesitation to discuss Monica and Warren.  What surprised them was that neither was truly mad, just confused.  Dolly finally admitted the threeway history that she and Monica shared with Warren.  How hot it had been.  And how she felt that heat watching her fuck Warren that day.  She confessed to wishing it hadn't had to stop.


Bill got a rush of excitement hearing Dolly say these things.  Yes, he'd always wanted to fuck Dolly, but that part of the fantasy involved Monica, having them both, with their contrasting body sizes -- Monica more of a pixie gymnast but with bigger tits than any gymnast good enough to make it to a televised meet, and Dolly the fitness model dream come true, half a foot taller than Monica.  And then Bill admitted that he'd shared the idea with Monica and he and his wife had done some role play imagining that they were indeed fucking each other along with Dolly.


All this talk actually got Bill hard again, and this time he mounted Dolly missionary style, eyes open, face to face.  They kissed passionately, whispering little role play lines they imagined their absent lovers saying.  Dolly whispered that Warren was "loving seeing such a fit man as Bill pleasuring her, matching her sexual appetite stroke for stroke," that Warren's eyes were on them even as Monica rode Warren's cock and bit Warren's earlobe, moaning how she wanted Bill in her as well.  And Bill, safe from talking himself into prematurely cumming from all of his previous shots into the goal that evening, telling Dolly how good Monica's tongue felt as it went back and forth from rimming his freshly cleaned ass to his ball sack to Dolly's tits and then rimming her and then right into the heat and fragrant liquid of Bill and Dolly's fucking, then transferring that flavor of sex into Dolly's mouth with a kiss.  He growled and sucked Dolly's tongue when he finally came in her.  They fell asleep for two hours, but then awoke and saw that it still wasn't morning.  "Let me drive you home, Bill.  We need to talk to Monica and Warren.  We both still love them.  I think we both love both of them.  Nothing gay, just, well, you know."  Yes, Bill did know.  They didn't want to lose their wife and boyfriend, respectively, and through all their "revenge" fucking here in a hotel, realized how much they knew in their hearts that Monica and Warren had only been doing what they had just done -- simply expanding their close relationship to, in their case once again, include sex between erotic, energetic beautiful lovers.


Warren had called Monica, asking if she'd heard from Dolly.  She hadn't, but she said that Bill was unusually late for a night when he hadn't called.  Neither had answered their cell phones when called.  Warren said he'd get back with Monica in a minute, but he needed to just make sure he wasn't forgetting some business trip or something on her calendar, so he called her office phone to see if the out of office message was turned on, which happened when Dolly traveled on business.


And that's when he heard it.  The general announcement recording that Dolly's office had closed early due to a building fire drill that had to be extended to the end of the day due to irregularities with the alarm during the drill.  The office had closed early but would reopen the next morning.  And then Dolly's regular voicemail kicked in, "Hi, you've reached the office of Dolly Jewel...."


They'd left early.  Warren rapidly remembered how he thought it odd that he'd forgotten to lock the door when he walked Monica to her car after they had their late afternoon fuck.  No, he hadn't been so excited to fuck her that he left it unlocked.  Dolly must have come home without warning, seen the no-longer-a-secret coital reunion between Warren and Monica, and found out that they'd been drawn back together after a couple years apart.  She must have been stunned and just left without locking the door.  And she must have called Bill.


It was about four a.m. when Dolly drove Bill up to his home and neither was surprised to see Warren's car there.  "Shit, they're enjoying each other so much they decided to fuck and sleep over when we were both late.  God, their bodies just can't get enough of each other," Dolly said.  Bill just said, "It would be so hot to see...I'm jealous that you got to."


Walking into the foyer, Dolly and Bill expected to catch their lovers involved in their own infidelity.  But as they turned the corner into Bill's great room, they didn't see Monica riding or sucking Warren's cock, nor did they see Warren taking Monica from behind, either anally or just a doggy style pussy fuck.  Both Monica and Warren were in robes, drinking SmartWaters and, upon seeing the returning lovers, said practically simultaneously "please, sit.  We want to explain.  We love you both.  We want to please you both, but we never got over how great it was when we were all together.  We want to include Bill.  We don't want to lose you or hurt you, just love you both."  Or words to that effect.


Bill approached Monica, who rose to meet her husband, and he lifted her.  "I love you too, Mon," he told her, and they kissed, his hand exploring enough to learn that she was nude below the robe, and that her ass, so petite, was firm with skin even more smooth than he remembered.


Warren rose to meet Dolly's direct walk straight to him and they deeply French kissed, her hand going straight to his cock, which had recovered from an active afternoon of fucking. "So you missed the three ways?" she asked.  "Dolly, I'm so sorry.  I should just have spoken up, to ask you to speak with Monica...I guess I...."  But Dolly shut him up by kissing him again, and as she did, she felt the sexy manicure of Warren's lover, her friend and Bill's wife, Monica, lightly raking her thigh and ass. "I never stopped imagining what it was like with you either, Dolly, or thinking about how I wished I could have seen Bill enjoy your body, your sexuality, the way I got to.  The way I still want to.  And I still want him to get to do you."


Warren started undressing Dolly, which was only fair since she'd opened his robe so that Monica could drop to her knees and suck his cock while Bill helped Warren undress Dolly and then knelt down to drive his tongue up Dolly's once-again wet pussy.  Bill took a handful of Monica's straight brunette hair and controlled her, something she loved when he fucked her, but this time he pulled her face to his, and Monica instinctively licked Dolly's pussy from her husband's mouth.


The sun was coming up when the four of them all fell asleep in Bill and Monica's California King.  Dolly had been the ring-leader, calling out the partner switches and positions.  Then Monica had shared her visual desires, what she'd like to see done to which lover, and by whom.  The ladies each made sure, without having to be reminded, that the men were not interested in testing any new Bi-horizons.  And none were violated, though when Bill held Monica's hands down flat on his thighs while she was on her belly, his cock deep in his wife's sweet married mouth, Warren was hammering her pussy from behind, slamming her body forward and enhancing the cock sucking force Monica performed on her husband on the down strokes.  Without looking each other in the eyes, the men each enjoyed the cuckolding images the women provided, and the ladies took turns two-teaming the men as well.  Dolly, for her part, rode Bill in a hot reverse cowgirl up and down thrashing while Monica licked her husband's cock at the point of entry in his wife's best friend's pussy.  And Bill's wife's pussy, bent over while she licked his cock and Dolly's pussy was being licked into a frenzy by Warren, the boyfriend of the hardbodied Goddess, who's cock soon would fill the pussy of the beauty he was tasting and could sense was about to explode as well.


When Dolly got to her office late, around lunch time the next day, she explained she'd taken the day yesterday to take care of some personal business, and no one gave it much thought.  Though she added, "damn, that was a great fire drill yesterday, wasn't it?"



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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