Dolly Takes Her Nephew To College

I live in Florida, so naturally I love college football.  My big sister’s son, Randy, just enrolled as a freshman at one of the big programs in the state and I’m so excited for how much fun he is going to have.  I’m pretty close to my nephew, as he and I both have a passion for fitness and tennis and I was always the understanding ear in the family to listen to what was going on in his life.  My sister is a great mom, but she’s, well, his MOM.  Randy wasn’t about to open up to his own mother about how he felt when a date with a hot young Florida lady went well, or perhaps didn’t go the way he wished it would have. 


Because I’d advised him on tennis strategy since he was maybe ten years old, he felt comfortable asking me, in private, to help him learn to evaluate what was going on with girls in his life.  “Aunt Dolly, you just really seem to know what a girl might be thinking when a guy is asking her out, but you don’t judge me for what I’m thinking and also really seem to know what a guy wants.”  (Had to bite my tongue to avoid saying “no shit, Sherlock, I’m totally worth those envelopes full of hundred dollar bills my satisfied Dolly-date lovers bring me.”)  “Well, Randy, I try.  I just like to see men be happy.” 


I also had to bite my tongue when he discussed his first semester schedule and told me about his classes. Randy has confided things to me, and I’ve given him my honest opinion about what he can do to please his girlfriends.  Had to laugh when I’d see him again and he’d say “Aunt Dolly, you must be like the sex expert of Florida.  She was going wild when I followed your advice when I went down on her….”  It made him blush, talking to his aunt about going down on his date. And it made me blush because, well, I consider myself a sex expert alright, but not just of Florida. 


So since I was the cool aunt, I was glad to be the solution to a logistics problem when my sister had the chance to accompany her husband to an international conference in Rome that was scheduled for the very week Randy was going to go up to campus and move into his freshman dorm.  “I’ll take Randy.  This is too good of an opportunity to miss.”  I got a hug from my sister, and from Randy, for that one. 


Now, as it happens, I’ve got a semi-frequent Dolly-date friend who lives near Randy’s campus.  He’s extremely generous and told me that he’d be honored to arrange a nice suite at one of the city’s nicer hotels, where many a University visiting dignitary stays when in town.  He said he’d get the room for a couple nights for my purposes with Randy, although he just had one opportunity to see me while I’d be there.  I told him about the move-in schedule, the list of chores we had to get Randy settled in, then shopping for things the next day and the start of fraternity rush.  He told me he’d make the reservation for a couple extra nights.  “One for me, and one so you don’t have to drive home late.”  He paused, and I swear I could hear him smile over the phone, “why don’t you maybe see if you can make a new friend that extra night, Dolly.  If you have another friend in town here, plus your nephew, I might get to see you a lot more often.”


So I did a post on TER that I’d be making a visit to this particular city and got a few responses.  I checked out references and was able to set up a wonderful two hour visit with a man who sounded like the sort of guy I enjoy bringing excitement to – he sounded stable, dependable, and in dire need of excitement and adventure.  I deliver both to my dates. 


Not to be Captain Obvious, but August, when freshmen move into dorms at college, is really hot and humid in Florida.  So I drove up in a gauze-type blouse, very open and sleeveless, and shorts that show off my legs pretty well (hey, I work hard for these, I love showing them off).  I let Randy drive, and my legs were up on the dash, sparkly blue pedicure catching his attention in case the tanned, toned gams didn’t.  “Randy, keep your eyes on the road, not on me.”  “Sorry Aunt Dolly, but, well, you’re still really hot.  All the guys on my high school football team loved when you made it to our games.  You’re their favorite MILF”


When a lady is over thirty, and I am, no matter what, she ALWAYS loves being told that she’s still got it, so I slid my hand onto his thigh, a safe distance away from his embarrassingly erect cock, scratched his skin flirtatiously with my nails and told him that I insisted my men be over twenty-one.   “I’ve got some friends in the Pi Kappa Alpha house, Aunt Dolly, and they’ve invited me to rush their house, and maybe you could swing by the house with me after we dump my stuff, when I register for their rush party.  I’m sure to get a bid from them if they like MILFs.”  Now, I generally don’t go in for men that young, I was just teasing when I said I like them over twenty-one.  I wasn’t lying, it’s just that I liked them to be about twenty or so years over twenty-one.  But never say never, right?


We got to town the night before the dorm opened, checked into the hotel and showered up before heading over to campus so Randy could show me where on campus his dorm was located and I’d know where I was going the next morning.  Then we went over to the Pi Kappa Alpha house.  I learned that they were called “Pikes” and I learned that they had a lot of handsome, lean, fit young men with broad shoulders, narrow waists, terrific butts, and they all had the same haircut.  They also seemed to like MILF’s, as I was aware of the eyes on me, and how several of the brothers made special efforts to talk to me even when I said, “I’m so sorry to embarrass Randy by being here, I didn’t mean to make him drag his old aunt across campus, I just asked him to show me around, please don’t mind me.”  Hopeful responses ranged from “you’re no bother” to “you’re his aunt?  I just figured he had a sister who was a senior!” to “Come by any time.  Really.  Will you be coming up for home games?” 


I was offered a beer, and the dark headed hunk of vitality who offered it to me said, “we’re required to check ID’s, though, Inter-fraternity Council Rules.”  I took the beer, kissed him on the cheek then teased him as I raised the long neck bottle to my lips, played with the rim with my tongue and lips, took a long swallow, then handed the beer back to him as he stood there with his jaw open and said, “If I showed you my ID then I’d have to see yours, and I’m just afraid I might start stalking such a handsome young man as you, so how about just the one swallow and you take my word for it that I’m over twenty one, darling."  Okay, he was really delicious looking. Not that I think I ever would, but I had this image of his shoulders and arms fully tensed, doing push ups, perfect definition and form, as his young cock was pumping into me, my legs raised high over those strong shoulders…but I quickly reminded myself that I had not one, but two paying Dolly-dates this trip.


I got a tour, several invitations to come back for parents weekend (but I’m not his mother, I told that fellow), and homecoming (you could be my date, said one fellow who by appearances I’d have thought might actually need help getting a date, but by the time he was done giving me his spiel on why it would be okay for me to go to the homecoming formal with him, I couldn’t help but realize the guy had excellent game and I was pretty sure he didn’t need any sympathy dates) and even just anytime ("you remind me of my neighbor’s wife, the one I’ve had a crush on since I hit junior high").


Randy seemed to benefit from the attention I was getting, and I never allowed myself to be more than maybe four feet from where he was standing, told everyone I spoke to that I was his aunt, that he was my favorite nephew and he and I went to football games together a lot and I hoped he might invite me up to see him once in a while.  Well he’s a shoo-in to get a bid.  He was here this summer at the house, everybody likes Randy, and Pikes value family so they hoped they’d be seeing a lot of me, I was told.  Randy gave me a wink when we went back to my car.  “Thanks Aunt Dolly, I think I’m in.”


The next day was move-in day, so we grabbed some dinner at a popular, semi-upscale chain restaurant near campus that was filled with parents and incoming freshmen.  I noticed this one dad who didn’t have a wedding ring on.  There was no mom in sight and he was just plain handsome.  Nice eyes, nice smile, nice…everything.  He saw me looking a time or two, and I smiled.  He smiled back.  But there was nothing more.


Until the next day, that is, when Handsome Dad was moving his son into the same dorm that Randy and I were carrying stuff into.  I hadn’t seen him in shorts, or from behind, in the restaurant.  Nice ass.  He gave me a little nod, acknowledging he’d recognized me too, and he used his leg to hold the door as I walked through holding a medium sized duffle with sheets, towels and a blanket.  “You were at dinner last night, right,” he asked.  I smiled my Dolly smile.  I’m proud of my smile.  My dentist loves me.  There’s a photo of my smile at my dentist’s web site. 


“I thought you looked familiar.  I just couldn’t figure out from where.  I’m Dolly.” 


“Paul.  And what’s your son’s name?” 


“Oh, he’s not my son, he’s my nephew, Randy.  My sister is on a business trip with her husband.”


“Glad you could make it in her place and get Randy moved in.  My son Doug is on the third floor.”


“Randy’s on four”


We passed each other a few more times, at the door, in the elevator, and sometimes when the elevator was backed up, in the stairwell.  He asked me if I was heading home after Randy got settled or staying for the next day’s parents’ program (even though I wasn’t a parent, he added, to let me know he was paying attention).  If I was staying he said, he’d love for me to join him for dinner after we got finished.  I knew I couldn’t see him because I was having Dolly dates each of the next two nights, but I figured I might see him the next day, so I simply told a form of the truth and said I would have loved to but that I was going to be working in my hotel room the next couple nights.  Which was true!


And I must say I loved my work that night.  My established client is very oral, and we started in the shower with each other, scrubbing every surface that had any possibility of being licked or sucked.  So basically, head to toe.  I was glad to have the suite because that meant I had another bed to sleep in after his wonderful tongue brought me up and over the threshold of gusher-ville three times.  He fucked me missionary, my legs wrapped tight around him like he likes.  Then, after small talk, wine, and licking him to the edge of insanity, I lubed up my ass as well as his condom-suited cock and he took my ass, which he’s done before.  While he eats pussy better than he fucks ass, I don’t go anywhere without my Dolly-vibrator and I do love having my ass fucked while I talk dirty and feeling my lovers stiffen up inside my rectum and the pulsation of their orgasms is a lovely way to earn my Dolly fees.


Handsome Dad and his son did have lunch together with Randy and me the next day.  His son Doug was also rushing a fraternity, but a different one than Randy was joining.  He told me that he had divorced Doug’s mom a few years earlier, that they’d grown apart and she was remarried, and that her remarriage had made it somewhat easier to communicate with her.  He was an alum himself, so he came back to campus enough that Doug wanted to follow his legacy.  I naturally gave up less info about myself and tried to talk more about my sister since I wasn’t the student’s parent.  But the attraction was obvious, in spite of the fact that I glanced at my watch and calculated how much time I had until my Dolly date.  I said I hoped I might see him on a future trip up here and that I came up on business a few times a year.  When he asked what business I was in I said I was a consultant and that I had a few clients in town, which was sort of true.


When we were walking back to our cars, I reminded Handsome Dad that I had another client to see that evening, as long as I was in town, and that I was sorry I hadn’t been able to meet up with him the previous night.  “Maybe next time," he said.  He gave me his business card.


I went back to my suite, and saw that my previous night’s date had sent flowers.  I’d chilled some wine before leaving for campus and I freshened the ice bucket.  I got myself fully ready for a night of pleasure and erotic adventure.  I frigged myself in the shower thinking of Paul, the very charming Handsome Dad.  Twice.  I was almost sorry I’d scheduled the second Dolly date.  But the thrill of having men give me really generous sums of money to get to make love with me and spend intimate pillow talk and small talk time and all the other date aspects is a pretty big thrill.  I figured I’d get another chance at Paul.  But this was a first date, and I always, ALWAYS, make a great first impression.


My requested evening’s welcome lover attire was black thigh highs, black string thong, black bra, and five inch "fuck me heels," which brought my height up to six foot tall.  It made me think of the most recent time I’d worn this outfit.  In Miami.  At in my incall.  A second date from a lawyer from Atlanta who was just about exactly my height when I wore those heels.  He same in, looked me up and down, absent-mindedly set his envelope down on the marble counter of the kitchen at my incall, and then kissed me deeply.  Minty.  He used those Listerine breath strips. 


He had told me he would be arriving freshly showered, and although there was about ten minutes of local travel between where he was staying and where I was meeting him, he still had a whiff of bodywash scent to him.  He didn’t need to shower, and his tongue went right into my mouth.  Then he bit my bottom lip gently, sucked it, then, as he released his teeth and his hands found my breasts, I took the aggressor’s role in our kissing and he seemed like a bit of a sub as he surrendered his mouth to me.  His hands were now feeling my back, down to my lower back, to my ass cheeks fully available to him because of the thong he’d requested.  I felt his cock twitch when my hand cupped his balls through his trousers.  I undid his fly and opened his belt and opened the trousers with one hand.  I moaned into his mouth when his fingers went to my thighs, and then nudged the thin string of fabric aside from my already dripping pussy and slid up and down.  “So fucking slick already, you must really want me to fuck you, Dolly.”  Dirty talk.  He loved it.  “Mmmm, yes lover, but first I need to feel your cock in my slutty mouth, baby, fuck my mouth with your cock.”


He twitched and I felt the precum on my wrist down there.  I lifted his shirt over his belly, and he followed up on the dirty talk.  “I knew you were a bad girl when you told me you loved wearing all black like this.  Dolly, do you want to lick it like a bad girl?”  “Mmmmm, you know I love that.”  He’d gotten his socks off and I slid his boxers down.  I reached behind my back and removed my bra so he could suck my hard nipples.  Then I knelt in front of him and used my fingers to tease and stroke while I slathered my saliva all over his cock and bobbed and circled, alternating pressure around the rim of the head of his cock as I felt his hands go to my blonde hair.  He was pumping his hips, and I took as much as I could when he popped, too soon for my wishes, but Dolly dates aren’t about MY wishes and I faked some gagging sounds, then showed him my seed-coated tongue, then swallowed.  He’d been in the door eight minutes. 


The next thing I’d done on that first all-black lingerie night was lay down on the bed and he slid my thong down my legs, placing it on the nightstand, and then he tasted my juicy nectar straight from my aroused pussy.  He used a finger to twiddle my clitty while he did so and I told him that I hadn’t had my pussy eaten in so long, that I’d been thinking of his tongue all day.  I gave him a few reminder directions, it had been about six months since he first fucked me, and I squirted onto his chin in about five minutes. 


“Come up here, I want to see how good I taste,” I told him.  As we kissed some more, I felt that his cock had returned to a stay of play, and I asked him if I could please ride his delicious cock.  He moaned "yes" into my mouth without truly abandoning his kissing.  I leaned over, grabbed a condom, rolled it over his cock, and then pushed him onto his back and lowered myself onto his stiff sex tool.  He didn’t take more than maybe five or six thrusts in each of CG, RCG, K-9 and mish in the next couple minutes.  We finished in mish, my heels poking into him, my thigh highs still encasing my legs as I squeezed my Atlanta visitor deeper into me with the power that all my athletics had bestowed into my legs.


I was hoping that my college town Dolly date would be as much fun, back in my all-blacks, when my new lover knocked.  I looked through the peephole and gasped with excitement.  I opened the door, staying behind it, with my heart racing with excitement for this new date.  He stepped from behind the door, saw me dressed just as he’d ordered, and then looking up to my face his smile moved on to amazement.


“Hello Paul, “ I said to Handsome Dad, now revealed to be my TER hobbyist.  “Dolly?!” he said with a sense of lustful surprise and wish fulfillment.  “You know, “ he started, “for two days I was looking at your legs, and I kept thinking they looked familiar.  I can’t believe its you, that we’ve met….”


“I told you I had work to do Paul.  Now let me do my job.”


About three and a half hours later, when Paul was dazed, fulfilled, showered, dressed and heading to the door (yes, I let him take his time beyond our two hour appointment -- my decision, my prerogative, and I am still so glad I did), Paul stopped, interlocked fingers with me, and as I remembered how those fingers had twiddled and flicked me to some wonderful orgasms, he kissed me, softly, his mouth still tasting of my own sexual flavor (mmmmmm, Dolly juice!) and he asked, “you remember how you told me you had work to do?”  “Uh-huh” I replied.  “You sure are awesome at your job,” he told me.   “See you at homecoming, Paul.”



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!



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