Dolly and her Tri Coach - a Very Wet Dream

I have a dream.  A recurring dream.  And whenever I have it, I wake up shuddering, soaked in sweat.  I’m not talking about the kind of sweat from Miami summer humidity.  I’m talking about that golden sweat that only comes from orgasms so strong I feel like I have to peel myself off the ceiling.  You know the kind.  If you don’t, you should.  You haven’t lived until you do.  I can happily say I’ve left that kind of sweat on ceilings across the world. 


My recurring dream goes like this.   I’m entered into a major world championship triathlon event.   It’s taking place in a stadium that seats a hundred thousand and every seat is filled.  But the crowds don’t intimidate me.  In fact, they turn me on.  (I’ve always liked being watched.)  Now … with this many people … I’m ready to put on a show.   I’m focused.  So focused that I don’t even think about the crowd.  I’m pre-visualizing every move I will make …  in the water, on my bike and on the track.  My entire body is pulsating with desire – to win.


I’m world ranked but not a bit nervous.  At the startling line, I look around at my competition:  all incredibly toned women, at least a few of whom I would enjoy fucking as much as beating in the race.  Looking at their muscular bodies gets my blood boiling … in all the right ways …at least “right” in my book.


I am absolutely confident I will win.  Why?  Because of one man standing at the side of the starting line:  my coach, Jeffrey.  When I decided to take competing in world triathlon events seriously, I knew he was the best coach in the world.  So I traveled to his training camp.  As soon as I met him for the first time, I could feel the wetness between my thighs.  He was not only the best triathlon trainer in the world.  He had one of the tightest, toned bodies in the world.  But he wouldn’t accept me as one of  his “chosen few.”  I’d entered this level of competition later than most.  I was in my late twenties.  And he didn’t want to waste his time with me.  But there was no way I was going to take no for an answer.


I asked him before he made his final decision to just watch me run, to time me in the mile on a track just outside his office.   I knew I could compete on a track, which I’d done successfully back in high school and college.  The swimming and biking were the events I needed him for the training. 


But I wanted him to see me run for another reason.  It would give me reason to strip down to my running shorts and sports bra so he could see what he could REALLY be working with.  I knew I had two of the hottest legs on earth, attached to a body that most men would want to fuck in a heartbeat.  Yes, within ten minutes of meeting Jeffrey, I not only wanted him to train me but fuck me like I’d never been fucked before. 


I have no idea what it is psychologically that relates athletic performance to sex.  But the adrenaline from one just naturally leads to the other.  So many athletes I’ve met over the years feel the same way.   It’s like we need to somehow get all the energy bottled up in ourselves out in some way or another.   It can be pumping iron, or, well, humping iron.  You get the idea.


Jeffrey agreed to take five minutes of his time on the track.  But that was all.  Five minutes, he said.   When we got to the starting line, I slowly peeled down my track pants to reveal what I know had to be the hottest ass and legs he’d ever seen on a woman.   None of his younger trainees had anything on me in that regard.   Maybe he’d seen some great legs, but add that to firm 36 DD’s?   I was in a class by myself and I knew it.   (Have you ever noticed how most women track stars are flat chested? ) 


Was I checking for a lump in his pants?  You bet your ass (or mine) I was.   Then I stripped off my sweatshirt down to my sports bra and watched his erection grow so fast, it was like a rubber hose when the water gets turned on.  I knew I was about to become one of his “chosen few” regardless of how fast I could run.  But I wanted to really impress him as a great athlete first.  The fucking could come later.   I tore through that mile in 5:05, fifty seconds off the world record.   “Fuck!” he said (RIGHT REACTION!) as I crossed the finish line and he punched his stop watch.  “Maybe you do have what it takes.”    So I “picked up” Jeffrey as a trainer.  I’d take my time picking him up as a fuck buddy.


For the next six months, I worked with Jeffrey nearly every day, and he really did turn me from a great runner into a great swimmer and biker as well.  I started winning competitions … a LOT of them.  First state, then regional, then national.  And after a year of intense training, I was competing internationally.


Now you’d think I’d have fucked Jeffrey a hundred times within that year.  But here’s the surprise.  NOT ONCE!   It turns out he was married, with kids.   And even though I did everything humanly possible to seduce him, he resisted.  He was a “good man”, and I respected that.  But I could have made him a GREAT man.  You get my drift.


There was one afternoon when he and I were the only ones in the training center.  I’d cramped up a bit during a run and his trainer was out for the day.  So he took me back in the workout room, laid me out on the table and began to rub my calves and thighs.  THIS, I thought, was IT.  The perfect moment.  If it wasn’t going to happen now, it NEVER would.  I laid down with just a towel over my ass, topless but with my face down, while he worked my muscles.  I knew I HAD to be turning him on.


I snuck a peak at his shorts and HOLY SHIT!  There was an anaconda trying to break out of its cage.  But DAMN he was professional.  He never made an improper move and just talked “shop” (probably like some guys try to recall baseball stats to avoid premature ejaculation.)  So I decided to take things into my own hands, so to speak.


Without any warning whatsoever, I flipped over, my bare 36DD’s staring him right in the face, and my shaved pussy inches away from that snake cage.  He was, needless to say, shocked.  Immediately I asked him, trying to be “professional” but with a double entendre, “Jeffrey, do you think we can REALLY work together as a team?  Do you think I can make you proud of me? “  He was awkwardly speechless, so I went in for the kill.  “Jeffrey, I need you to fuck me, right here, right now.”


Now I ask you, could you EVER imagine a hot-blooded man looking down at a SUPER GIRL like me and saying no?   Well, he did.  He very politely laughed, re-arranged the towel over my hot-spots and went back to massaging my legs.  UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE. 


I didn’t know if I should feel like a failure, a fool or just plain embarrassed.  Then, he explained himself (with the anaconda still making its presence known I might add.)   “Don’t take my NO as rejection.  Take it as a compliment.  Do I want to fuck you?  Of course I do.  But I know if I do, things will never be the same for us.  I want you to win championships.  And I know that if I travel with you around the globe to these events, we’d be fucking every single night if not more.  And THAT would hurt your chances to win.  I’m serious.  All this energy you’re feeling right now needs to be put into your events, NOT into me.”


I laid there quietly.  I could not believe my ears.  I didn’t want to marry him.  I just wanted to FUCK him!  But DAMN IT, what he said made sense.  How could I win a triathlon event which takes every ounce of energy in my body if he and I rolled in the sheets all night just hours before a race?  


Now all of us have this “rational” part of ourselves knowing the “right” thing to do.  But we also have this carnal, passionate, instinctive side whispering in our ear, “Are you kidding?  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Go for it!”  


Jeffrey’s rational side was in control.  My rational side “started” to make itself known, but then something snapped in me.  I slowly, seductively pulled my towel off again, parted my legs so he could see the juices already dripping from my pussy, and said, “There is no race tomorrow.  I don’t want you to fuck me all over the world. I want it just once.  Right here.  Right now.  If you go along, I’ll never ask again.  If you don’t fuck me now, I’ll fuck YOU.   (Knowing full well that if he had me once, there’s no way he’d EVER be able to resist another round.)


Jeffrey wasn’t laughing anymore.  I watched his eyes staring at my pussy, so I parted my legs wider, ran my finger down past my clit up over my totally erect nipples, slipped them into my mouth and politely said, “It really does taste good, Jeffrey.  Try me.  Or do you want me to try you?”


Now I could see Jeffrey starting to sweat.  I had moved his rational side enough for him to at least consider it.   So I flipped over and made the same move again, keeping total eye contact as he stared at what I’m happy to say must have been the finest, tightest ass he’d ever seen.   “Any way you want it, Jeffrey.  I’m all yours.  But consider this a one-time only offer.  It’s now or never.”  I slowly licked my lips and smiled for emphasis. 


To my amazement, Jeffrey began to walk away.   But then I realized he was only going to the workout room door to make sure it was locked.  YES!  I might have earlier felt like a predator, but now I felt like prey.  And that was a smoking hot feeling.


As Jeffrey walked back toward me, he took off his shirt and slowly ran his hand over my backside, his own fingers now making the same moves around my clit, his own fingers now moving into his mouth, then into mine.


I was literally trembling with excitement at this point.  And there it was, six inches from my face, still clothed in gym shorts, the shape of a cock ready to be released to the wild (ie me).   And I was happy to set this prisoner free.


I began to slowly rub Jeffrey through his shorts and felt that cock literally jump at my touch.  (I love when that happens.)  Still lying on the table with my ass in the air, I pulled the elastic down and dropped his shorts to the floor.  It was all I expected it to be and more.  My pussy was becoming drenched just seeing that cock, still feeling  his fingers inside me.  I ever-so-slowly started to tease the tip the way I know every man likes it.  First, just a light touch.  Then a brush just under the back side of the head.  I heard Jeffrey start to groan and slowly slid him into my mouth.  I didn’t even have to ask before Jeffrey began moving it back and forth, fucking my mouth like it was the pre-game show to my pussy.  


And suddenly, without even a warning, I came with a gusher from my pussy all over Jeffrey’s hands.   He laughed and said, “Why do I have a feeling there’s more where that came from?”  


As Jeffrey kept pounding my mouth, I made sure his balls got equal attention, taking them both into my mouth.   Then HE started to moan.   I was certain he was about to come, but I didn’t want the FIRST wave in my mouth.  I wanted it where it REALLY belonged.  I flipped over on the table, opened my legs wide and said simply, “Aren’t you the least bit hungry?”


By now, Jeffrey’s “rational side” was a thousand miles away.  He was all raw, carnal instinct and so was I.   His tongue dove into my pussy like Greg Louganis executing a perfect high dive.  OH MY GOD!   I came again, literally drowning his face with another gush of my juices.   This man REALLY knew how to eat a girl out.  And believe me, I’ve been to that restaurant so many times I do know the difference between a dilettante and a connoisseur.  HOLY SHIT!   His tongue was like a dart, moving in and out quickly, then slithering around my clit in circles before darting in again.  DAMN!   I now had lost total control, and he knew it.  Our bodies were so soaked in sweat we might as well have been in a sauna.


I literally screamed, “Jeffrey, I need you to fuck me NOW!!!”   I laid back on that table, raising my legs into a perfect Y shape to lead his plane onto the runway.   But then … amazingly, I could see his demeanor change.   It was like that rational side just magically returned and he said, “I don’t have any condoms.”   UNBELIEVABLE!   At this moment the guy is thinking about getting me pregnant or having STD’s?  I’m sorry, I know that’s the “right way” to think, but COME ON!  My response could not have been simpler.  I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Definitely no STD’s.  As far as getting pregnant … can you imagine the kids we would have?” It was a hot line, and I know he was tempted, but I could still sense his concern.  “See my gym bag over there?  Unzip the side pocket.”


He unzipped it, reached in and pulled out a string of foil-wrapped condoms (the really good “barely there” transparent kind).  He was definitely amused, “Why do I think you’ve done this before?”   I spread my legs further apart and replied, “A girl scout always comes prepared.  (Emphasis on the word “comes”. )  Would you also like to buy some cookies?  I have that kind with the cream in the middle   Here, let me put it on for you … the RIGHT way.”


I literally tore that condom out of the wrapper, placed it in my mouth, and circled my lips around that gorgeous still-rock-hard cock … slowly slipping it over and teasing it at the same time with my tongue.  It was a REALLY tight fit.  There is simply no better way for a man to put on a condom.  They should have those instructions on the package.  I could tell my approach had the “intended effect.”

Sandstone had turned to granite.


Now “covered” and ready for action, Jeffrey moved the head of his cock to the edge of my pussy and slowly began to tease me, rubbing it up and down, sliding it just “slightly” in and out.   It was driving me CRAZY.  I honestly thought he was wondering in his own mind if the condom was so tight it might burst wide open.   So I helped ease that worry and said, “Jeffrey, I have never had a cock as beautiful as yours inside me,  And I want it NOW.”


WOW!  The power of words.  He rammed into me with the force of a jackhammer and I nearly flew off the table in ecstasy, screaming so loud I almost lost consciousness.  What had started as HOT was now literally surreal.  He rammed me in and out, in and out, slower, faster, pulling out to tease me, then BACK IN with that full-force action of the jackhammer.


I literally thought I was going to die with ecstasy.   But I didn’t care.  I had been craving this for months, and NOW it was finally happening, and all I could do was scream out, I WANT YOU TO COME INSIDE OF ME!!!  PLEASE!   I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him inside so strong that I could literally feel his cock grow even BIGGER instantly.  And then, when he screamed so loudly that I KNEW he was about to come, I whirled around, ripped off the condom, and guided the hot spray of what felt like a gallon of semen fly onto my face and tits.  I literally felt like I was hit with a fire hose. 


Emotionally and physically, I was without a doubt at one of those moments when I needed to be scraped off the ceiling.   Actually no.  I broke through the ceiling.


Jeffrey then collapsed on top of me.   THIS was what sex was all about.  THIS was what Eve must have felt like with Adam.  Only I didn’t even need to get him to bite an apple.  I just needed to give him an ultimatum, “Now or never!”   And did he ever deliver.


As I laid there, delirious and drenched in sweat, Jeffrey slowly moved off  the table.   I ran my fingers across my face and tits and licked the semen off of them.  The best filet mignon I ever ate didn’t taste that good.  Then, with my mouth filled with the liquid from his milky white waterfall, I kissed him deeply, transferring some of that cum from my mouth to his.  There is NOTHING hotter than that.


Jeffrey moved away again and grabbed a towel, drying off some of his sweat.   I looked at him and asked, “Do I dare ask if there’s more?”   He looked at me, obviously exhausted, and said, “You said once.  Just once.  I think that should do it, don’t you?”


As I laid back on the table, closing my eyes and reliving every second of what seemed like hours but in reality was probably 30 minutes, my own rational side kicked in and I thought, “I know he’ll never live up to that proposed limitation.  I know he’ll be back for more.  So for now, I’m willing to wait.”


I moved off the table, joined him in the shower, where our tongues danced again together under the rushing hot water.  Then we quietly got dressed, barely saying a word.   I knew I had taken him to a place he maybe didn’t want to go.  But I also knew I had taken him to a place he would NEVER forget.


I went back to my apartment that night and masturbated like there was no tomorrow.  I just imagined fucking Jeffrey again and again in every way possible position, all the time rubbing my clit with a passion I’d never used to “solo” before.   My screams were probably heard down the hall.  Other athletes in training were probably wondering who the hell was in the room with me.  Well, there were three of us.  Me, myself and I.    Now … but not before :)


SO …. all this “action” with Jeffrey is really true.  It DID happen.  And we did end up touring the world together as he coached me to win many championships.  But incredibly he held me to my promise.  To my absolute disbelief,  he NEVER fucked me again.  We had separate hotel rooms at every event.  Hard to believe I know.  But he was a man of his word.  Damn it!


So are you ready for the continuation of my recurring dream?


Like I started out, I’m at the starting line, just waiting for the signal to go.  I look over at Jeffrey who throws me a smile and a huge “thumbs up”.  The starter pistol goes off, and away I go.  I’ve never swum, biked and run faster in my life.  I am so far ahead of the field, no one can believe it … even me.  And after hours of this full-blast adrenaline rush, I see the finish line ahead and cross it to the roar of the crowd.


Normally after such a race, I would collapse right then and there out of sheer exhaustion.  But in my dream, Jeffrey immediately runs out and throws his arms around me, kisses me passionately, and we fall to the ground, tearing each others’ clothes off.  And yes, right there, in front of a hundred thousand people, we FUCK like there’s no tomorrow.  I don’t even hear a shocked reaction from the crowd.  I’m just absolutely lost in the wildest orgasm I can ever imagine.  AND THEN … I wake up … soaked in that glorious sweat.


Damn … I get SO HOT again just writing this down for the first time.  Jeffrey, if you’re out there reading this, just know that I STILL want to fuck you again.   It probably won’t be in a stadium.  A nice hotel room will be fine.    


I just want you to know that I’m coming after you … again.


Partly fictional fantasy for your readng pleassure.

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