Dolly Takes Her Driver For A Ride

The great thing about living in Miami is that the area has EVERYTHING.   And for me, “everything” means sunshine nearly every day allowing me to head to the beach whenever I please (a clothing optional beach of course), incredible night-life with every type of club imaginable … from rock to swing (and by “swing” I’m not referring to the dance era.), great Art Deco hotels and an amazing selection of delicious men of every nationality (and I do mean “delicious”.)


In my never-ending search for new ways to please and be pleased, I have to admit I came across a new one recently.  And it didn’t involve a club or a beach, but a car.  


By now, just about everyone’s learned about the new car services that allow you to get a nice car and driver to pick you up just about anytime anywhere with a simple touch of an app button on your smart phone.   I first started trying these services months ago and LOVE them.  The drivers are courteous, the cars are nice (especially if you request a black town car), the prices are reasonable and no cash or credit cards are ever even required in the vehicle.  Billing is automatic, always fair and you get an email receipt right away.  What could be better?


Well, I’ll tell you what could better.  And it happened to me just last week.


I was at a terrific party where I literally danced my ass off until 2 in the morning before heading back to a hotel where I was staying that weekend. I had taken one of these services to the location of the party, and, as I left, I used my smart phone to call another to get me home.   I ordered a black town car and within seconds up popped a picture of the driver with his name, Manuel, who was on the way to pick me up.   Right away, when I saw his picture I thought he was cute …probably late twenties, early thirties.   But you know how tiny those pictures are on the phone.  You can’t tell much.


Within five minutes, the black car pulled up where I was waiting, an electronic window rolled down and Manuel leaned over, “Dolly?  I’m Manuel.  Hop in.”


Wow, he really was a cute as his picture.  And trim.  And …. downright sexy.  I nestled into the leather back seat, gave him my hotel address and away we went.


Now I’ll admit I had a few drinks at this party, but NO “pleasurable” experiences in the manner I would normally prefer.  The dancing was definitely hot.  But no one “clicked” for me on the dance floor to turn a dance into a great night-long fuck.  (Hey, it’s my blog.  I can be perfectly honest here.)


But I have to tell you, as I sat in the back seat of that town car looking at Manuel, something definitely DID click.  Or, more precisely, something was getting definitely wet.  And yes, it was between my tanned mini-skirted legs.


I started small-talk with Manuel and could see that he was able to see me in his rear view mirror.  So as he chatted ….the usual stuff … “great night in Miami, how long have you been driving, where are you from?” …. I thought I would give Manuel some fun and provide him with a little “show”. 


As we talked, I tossed off my jacket to reveal a skin-tight silver tube-top (no bra) that I’d worn to the party.   I could tell this was having the desired effect, as I could see that Manuel’s eyes were slowly watching me more than the road.   Then I moved a bit in the back seat, as if I was trying to get more comfortable, so he could get a great view of my mini-skirted legs and heels.   This “skirt” was already little more than a wide belt so it didn’t take much to make sure he had a great view.


It was actually getting funny, because Manuel suddenly began stammering a bit as he tried to keep his “professional” attitude.   I could tell he was getting as hot as I was, so I added a little more spice to his view.  I spread my legs to reveal a really tiny sliver of a black thong.  


I knew we were heading in the right direction because the car suddenly veered to the right for a second before he steered it back.  I was caught between wanting to excite him even more and possibly causing a traffic accident.  But what the hell, there were very few cars on the road.  I reached down into my thong, started slowly rubbing my clit and said to him, “So, Manuel, are you in a hurry to get to your next ride after this one?”


He smiled broadly.  “Well … I normally do pretty well this time of night getting all the partiers home safely, BUT ….”   


I reached down and took off my thong panties, giving him a straight-shot view of my soaking wet pussy, and kept rubbing my clit.


“But what?” I asked.


“But … sometimes … other things come up …. I mean ….”


I knew exactly what “other things were coming up” in his front seat.


At this moment, we were on a shoreline road along the beach where during daylight hours, parking is impossible to find.  But at this hour, it was empty.


“Manuel,” I said.  “I think I’d like to change my destination.  Do you mind.?”


Now I could see sweat starting to form on his forehead.   LOVED that.


“Uh … no … where would you like to go?”


“Right here, I said.  Pull over and park.  It’s actually not MY destination I was referring to.  It’s yours.  I want you in this back seat with me.  Or, to put it more simply, Manuel, I just fucking want you.”


HA!   I honestly didn’t know a car could pull over and stop that fast.  Manuel turned off the car, opened his door, and practically leaped into the back seat with me.  I positioned myself with my back to the other side of the car and spread my legs wide open, giving him a TOTALLY full view of my now soaking-wet pussy as I continued to rub my clit.


Then, I just licked my lips, ran my tongue along the outside of them, and asked, “So, Manuel ….are you hungry?”


Thank goodness I’d ordered a black town car, as the windows were tinted, and no one if they passed could see what was happening in our car.   I popped the lock down beside me, and Manuel literally dove his tongue into my pussy.  HOLY SHIT!   Talk about “dining at the Y”.  This guy was ready for a buffet!  And I was the appetizer, entrée AND dessert.


I just laid back, closed my eyes in the leather back seat with my legs in the air and felt like I was in clit-licking heaven.  DAMN!  I literally ROLLED into an orgasm, screaming out so loud, if anyone was even driving past they could have heard us.


But there was MORE!   He just kept eating and licking and OMG X 1000!   I must have come ten times in five minutes.  


I pulled him off me for a moment and dove my own tongue into his mouth.   There’s something about the taste of my own pussy coming from a man’s mouth that literally drives me crazy.  As our tongues danced a fucking salsa, he STILL kept fingering my pussy so fast and hard I came again and AGAIN.


UNREAL!   Then he literally ripped my tube-top off and give my tits the same tongue-lashing, sucking treatment.  AGAIN orgasms!   (Damn, it’s great being a woman with virtually unlimited orgasm potential.  What a bitch it must be to be a man and be able to have only one or two before taking a break.)


I reached down to Manuel’s crotch and felt a FUCKING PHONE POLE! My eyes literally rolled back into my head as I COULD NOT WAIT to get his pants off and wrap my mouth around that cock, which had to be ready to explode any time judging by the size of it.




I reached down, unbuckled Manuel’s belt and THERE IT WAS.  I literally threw him back to the other side of the seat so I could go down on him.   Honestly, he was so big I thought I’d better take it slow so he could last, but I just couldn’t help myself.   Once I teased him for a minute, licking all around that pulsating head, I went full throttle into deep throat mode.  And BOY could Manuel fill a throat!


So picture this.  Manuel is now lying on his back in the rear seat of his car and I’m completely naked except for my heels on top of him, sucking that cock so fast and hard, it might as well have been my pussy.   I felt SURE he would  ome any second, but amazingly did he EVER have stamina.   We are both a total sweaty mess.   A FUCKING GREAT sweaty mess.


So I stripped off Manuel’s pants, saw that cock still pointing up like the fucking Washington Monument and positioned myself with my pussy just above him.  I reached into my handbag, quickly pulled out a condom, put it in my mouth and slid it over my man Manuel.   DAMN it was one tight squeeze.  I had to do a fucking handjob at the same time to get it on him.


Then I looked him straight in the eye and said “So Manuel, can I take YOU for a ride?”


When I lowered my pussy over that cock, I thought I was going to DIE!  And he was panting so heavily, picking up on my pounding rhythm, it was obvious that he was in the same boat … or the same car … or the same heat … or … shit, you get it.


I honestly have not fucked a guy in a car since I was in high school but THIS was one of my BEST FUCKS EVER!


I COULD NOT BELIEVE he hadn’t come yet, so I flipped around to give him a reverse cowgirl view.  AGAIN more pumping than an oil drill.  


AND THEN … I FELT IT!   HOLY SHIT!  Just when I thought it could not get any hotter, Manuel was slowly but VERY firmly working that monster cock into my ass.  


I literally must have lost five pounds of sweat by now in the back of this car as Manuel just POUNDED away like the best Greek athlete who ever lived.  


When he quickly pulled out, I realized that it was definitely Manuel’s time for release.   I flipped him over again on the seat, stripped off the condom (I honestly don’t know how that latex ever held up) and went down on him again with my mouth just waiting for a load of hot cum.


And what can I say?  It DID NOT TAKE LONG.  And it was a FUCKING GUSHER.   So much I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth.  I had Manuel’s creamy hot white sauce all over my face and my tits.   He SCREAMED that fabulous carnal, masculine scream that makes me feel like I’ve conquered Everest and literally collapsed on top of me.




There we were, in the back seat of his car, his body on top of mine.   I kissed him with a wide open mouth allowing a taste of his cum into his own mouth and he fucking loved it, laughing so hard.   Then I made some moves under him so he could feel the cum on my tits rubbing against his chest.  DEFINITELY a turn on.   


Seriously, I looked around the back seat of that car and there was cum EVERYWHERE.


“I think you may need to stop for a detailing job before picking up your next client,” I laughed. 


“I may retire after this,” he said.  “I’m only 32, but with this I’d say I’ve definitely reached the peak of my profession.”


If we weren’t in the back of a car, there is no doubt we would have both fallen asleep right there.   But the “professional” that he was, Manuel struggled to get back into his pants, gave me a kiss, got back into the front seat and away we went to what was my original destination, the hotel where I was staying.   I hastily got back into the little clothing I had on.


As Manuel pulled up to the front of the hotel to let me out, a doorman immediately opened my door and there was no way he could not have seen all the cum in the back seat and smelled that wonderful smell of fucking great sex.   But, professional that HE was, hesimply smiled and said, “Welcome back.  Hope you had a great evening.”


I looked at Manuel before I got out of the car, as he was obviously trying to be very professional as well, and said, “Thank you very much.  You’re an excellent driver.  I will definitely rate you five stars when I receive my smartphone receipt.”


“Thank YOU”, he said.  “You may have enjoyed the ride, but believe me, I enjoyed it FAR MORE.”


Now THAT was a fucking ride.  I’ll never look at my smartphone the same way again.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure.  



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