Radio Never Sounded So Good

"You look so fucking hot riding my cock reverse cowgirl," he gasped, both of our bodies drenched in sweat.  Don was peeking around my shoulder, looking into the floor to ceiling mirror opposing the foot of the bed in our boutique hotel suite.  He was propped up on his arms, straining as I thrust down onto him, again and again, my full engaged pussy slick and hungry.  Sweet Don, once I'd swallowed his first load, he'd be up again in maybe fifteen minutes, plenty of time for him to lick me into a frenzy, and then he'd last and last and we'd work up such a hot steamy sweat-fest of a fuck session. "I love your cock" I told him.  I felt him push back a bit harder against my ass when I bottomed out on him during the next down thrust.  He loved dirty talk.  I loved getting him excited and keeping him that way. "Look at your abs, they're so tight," he marveled.  Flattery will get a boy everywhere.  I take a lot of pride in my fitness and healthy nutrition regimen, and hearing compliments like that while I'm sharing my hard-earned hard body with a regular lover is the perfect time to tell me you love the visuals (hint, hint, guys).  Tell you what, legs, abs, glutes, I love reverse cowgirl, it’s one of the best workouts out there for sexy core body parts. I needed to get off again, and Don felt great, so I told Don to tell me what he wanted, how I was making him feel, and then I closed my eyes, listened to his amazing baritone voice, so smooth, and thought back to when I first met Don.


I was looking to do some marketing on the radio.  No, not "Dolly" marketing, my real job.  You do know this is all a hobby, remember?  So I sweet-talked a business talk radio general manager into a spot on a morning drive time round-table at a chamber of commerce reception and mixer.  That general manager's eyes never got above my tits, which is why my 34 D twin girls, a sexy lace pushup bra, a couple extra buttons undone, and the tanning I do at the nude beach all came in handy.  He didn't know that I have blue eyes or a smile that gives my dentist a world of pride.  I slid my hand across his crotch when the bar was absolutely packed, a gentle squeeze, and said huskily into his ear, "I'm going to like doing business on your station".  So when the morning arrived, and it being radio I was dressed for the South Florida warmth and again, cleavage and skin on display in a sexy and "Sure, I'll fuck you, but on my terms" kind of a way.  And they brought me in, sat me down, put headphones on me so I could hear what was going on, and then I heard this golden voice.  "Don Greenberg, with the 'Morning Business Green' back at you, and in this session, we have a new friend of the station, and a climber in a high powered branch of the business community, Dolly Jewel.  Dolly, welcome."  He sounded sooooo good. I looked away from my iPad in my lap and saw Don.  He looked fit, not too tall, hazel eyes, a nice tan and smile, and a shaved head.  Maybe 40ish.  Very fuckable.  And his smile let me know he was thinking something similar about me.


We talked business, I told some war stories, told more business, plugged my firm, and eighteen minutes later my couple of sessions were done.  As a promo for the stations afternoon drive time show came on, Don winked and said I was a natural, and would I like to come back, that I should be a regular guest.  "Sure, I'd love to."  We shook hands.  He had large hands.  And I believe in stereotypes.


I got on the air about twice a month with Don for a few months.  A couple times they wanted to book me and I couldn't, and it was sort of embarrassing to come up with a lame excuse since I couldn't say, "I'm doing an overnight on Key Biscayne with a married surgeon from Chicago who likes to fuck me doggie style when we wake up," or tell him that I was touring in D.C. and planned on all kinds of kinky positions with a senator's chief of staff.    The senator wasn't nearly as kinky, but then the senator only booked hour long sessions, it was so hard for him to vanish for longer than that.  His chief of staff had a deputy, a wife who was back in the home state, and family money to help pay for long, kinky sessions.  But I couldn't tell Don any of that.  But a few months in, Don mentioned that he was going to a big trade show in New Orleans and asked if I liked New Orleans.  "Why, are you asking me to go with you?"  I took his hand in mine for the first time, below the table where no one could see.  I rubbed his wedding ring with my finger, then scratched the inside of his thigh with my nails.  "Yes," he said, his voice making me wet. "What happens in New Orleans," he began, and then I finished, "stays between us."   I locked my eyes on him.  I wrote a telephone number for him, told him to text me, and we'd firm up the plans.  He had a pretty nice sized bulge.


That bulge, the one I was getting filled with, now, in the boutique suite, didn't stand a chance.


Touristy drinks at Pat O'Brien's, oysters at Acme, and I was ready to make him mine.  We were staying at the Bourbon Orleans, an older, somewhat renovated  hotel(most things in New Orleans have seen better days, that's half the charm of the place), and he had a two story suite overlooking Bourbon street.  We held hands, interlocked fingers as we carried oversized frozen drinks up to the room.  I usually never drink those things, but hey, we were in New Orleans.  And there's this thing I do to an erect cock when I have a lot of cold in my mouth.  I call it "the frozen treat".  He tasted saltier than average, and I found it wonderful when he licked the excess man fluid from my cheek and upper lip when we kissed after my blowjob to completion.  The bed was upstairs, and our clothes stayed downstairs.  He brought the condoms.  Had already stashed then in the night stand.  It was drunken, horny, hungry sex.  He finished in missionary, pulling out, pulling off the condom while I licked him, and then blew his goo onto my tits.  Scooping it off and feeding his essence to myself from my slutty red manicured fingers, then I stuck a cummy finger in his mouth.  He never flinched, licked his goo clean off that finger, and then we exchanged cum remnants in a deep kiss while he fingered me to another peak and gasp.


The next morning, when we fucked instead of hearing the breakfast speaker, I asked him if he had lots of girlfriends outside his marriage, because he was a wonderful lover, he confessed he's been to what he called, "high class escorts" in some cities on travel, and hoped that didn't make me think less of him.  "Did you ever fuck one so good that she gave you a freebie?" I asked him, sensing that he had no idea about me and my Dolly dates.  "Been offered, actually, but I didn't accept because I didn't want to step over the line, that's a professional relationship of trust, you know" he told me.  "I do know," I told him, and then went down on him and brought his nice, circumcised cock to life again, watched as he deftly sheathed himself in another condom, then straddled him before lowering myself onto his cock. facing him.  I leaned forward, and he moved to meet my lips.  Our tongues wrapped themselves in each other as I ground myself into his cock's hardness.  "Are you sure you never got a freebie with this nice cock?"  I asked him again.  "I think I'd know," he told me, and hearing that made me laugh so hard my pussy flinched and forced his tool from me.  I lay there, breathing heavy, legs open, wanting only him.  "Au contraire" I told Don, "I'm top ranked and you've been fucking me since yesterday."  "This isn't a freebie," he was quick to reply, "I paid for your airfare, all your expenses, drinks, dinner, dancing.  So we've blurred the line, Dolly, but I can tell, you're too good at sex not to be making more of your talents, and if a hobbyist watches carefully enough, he knows when he with the best.  And Dolly, you ARE the best."


I pressed him down on the bed and did a stripper slide, so turned on that he'd put two and two together and found it hot, not a reason to run and hide. He was so close to going into me, bareback, flesh to flesh...but I can't, and when he tried to fix my angle to penetrate me I shifted again, staying just out of range. Humid town, New Orleans.  We got sweaty there, too.


After New Orleans, Don told me he wanted us to be professional about being lovers, keeping everything the way hobbyists and providers should be.  I discount down some of our extended sessions, particularly out of town, but for all the radio plugs he gives me, and the increased business since I started as a guest on his show, that's the least I can do.


Ah, radio and New Orleans,  I opened my eyes again, just as Don was holding me tight to his body and we were re-positioning without a dismount or an undocking, (okay, those are the same thing, but its just so fun to say." He put me flat on the bed, placed my hand to my gushing, cock-filled pussy, and held our slick bodies tight and we slithered and lazy dogged.  His teeth on the back of my neck, his strong hands on top of mine, fingers interlocked, pinning my hands to the bed.  God he can really make me feel like a woman, the way he just goes at it.  And grunts in my ear, then gasps, and finally post cum he said, "jeez I love when we get together."  He finished inside me, in his condom, then stayed in my as he softened a tad.  My pussy quivered when I felt him spasm inside me.


I'll save the best Don story for another time.  The time when I got stood up on a no-show who, to his credit, texted an hour later about the wreck on the turnpike and then Fedex'd to me the funds from the missed appointment even when I told him he didn't have to.  He tipped me so when whenever we got together, life happens, I didn't mind, but he insisted.  I didn't tell that no show regular that the real reason I didn't mind and that he didn't have to pay me was that by coincidence I had arranged to meet him at a particularly exclusive lounge and while sipping champagne and waiting I spotted a sexy lady I've done some of my hottest doubles with, and even just gotten together for pure Sapphic lust on a couple of occasions.  She was with a very distinguished older gentleman, and we exchanged a smile.  Then she whispered to him, and not long after a second glass of bubbly was brought to me with a note that said "join us?  and do you have a friend who wouldn't mind an audience, my handsome gent isn't just generous, he just wants to watch a threesome".  My radio hero that night, that's what I told Don he was after he'd brought us both to multiple screaming climaxes and used that hot voice of his to tell the visiting surgeon who'd funded all the excitement (and then some) some specialized fetish lines by request, "I love fucking your wife, its about time you watched how good I make her feel, and now I see how your daughter loves my cock just as much, you just stay there and watch me fuck your women in your bed while they beg for more."  On Don, making the most of that golden voice!



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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