Dolly Does July 4th Pool Parties

Alex had always wanted to fuck me.  No words were ever spoken, but when Alex’s eyes were on my ass, my legs, my stomach, tracing my bikini line, fixating on my tits…Alex had no subtlety skills. Which was fine, it made me feel sexy, gave me something extra to fantasize about, and besides, Alex was married and I only ever ended up seeing Alex at events with spouses and children, either at youth soccer league games in the park or at pool parties.  I hadn’t seen Alex in a couple years, since my son decided he liked sports that emphasized opposable thumbs and quit soccer.  Somehow we’d missed each other at the summer pool party and Christmas party circuit.

Until today.  July 4th.  And for the first time, I was at a friendly neighborhood pool party without any family members.  Alex was there with the whole family.  And the eye-fucking was as if it had never ended.  Only this time, today, a couple hours ago, in fact, I noticed that I wanted to fuck Alex.

Big time.

Alex’s sport had been soccer – while I was only at soccer days in the park until my son quit the sport, Alex had played Academy-level soccer through high school and then played collegiate soccer at a major collegiate sports program in the southeast.  And Alex coached youth soccer, so Alex still had a soccer body.  Tight abs, defined but not freakishly so like at a body building tournament.  Legs that were tone, with rock hard calves, definition and hot fitness shaped quadriceps, hamstrings…oh wrap those things around me, or let me in between them to run my fingers over Alex’s skin while my lips and tongue enjoyed the pleasure parts between Alex’s thighs.  Dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, no premature grays from parenthood, smooth skin, toned arms but again, not large muscles, just the kind that look good and that I want pulling our bodies together. A trim firm soccer-player ass, a nice smile, and I was ready to ask Alex to do me on the pool table at our hosts’ home.  Like without caring if Alex’s family was watching.  Yeah, now I wanted to fuck Alex. Time to go beyond the sly smirk that I would make at Alex, or vice versa, when caught eye-fucking each other.

So what was different today?  Okay, I finally bothered to check out my niece’s prom photos at Facebook this morning, and seeing a bunch of eighteen year olds in the prime of their youth, the girls all looking their best, hair and makeup probably professionally done for the first time in their lives (well, except for their older sisters’ deb balls or weddings, if they had older sisters, or their parent’s second weddings to the girls’ stepdads or stepmoms, which is becoming more and more a rite of passage these days).  And boys, well, a tux always adds a point and a half minimum to any man (or young man) who would otherwise be rated a seven or below, and maybe more if the young man had someone with some taste give some suggestions as to the accessories, tie, cummerbund, vest selections, what sort of lapel, which colors.  And my niece was tall, slender and had long blonde hair and blue eyes, so the boys in her social circle and prom photos were all well accessorized and in great shape.  Sure, I couldn’t see much skin on these boys, but basically they were all of legal sex age, attractive as hell with those pre-collegiate maintenance-free bodies, and I was letting my mind wander to the inevitable post-prom fuck sessions and virginity takings.  Remind me to write about the last prom I went to as someone’s date sometime soon.

But enough about my niece and her friends and what a youthful buffet of sexual coming of age candidates.  I didn’t fuck any of them today.  They just got me started on being hornier than usual.  And let’s face it, my usual starts out pretty horny.  And here was Alex.  Looking at me that way again.  I imagined my lips on Alex’s skin, which had that extra shiny quality today, what with the sunscreen lotion that those who spend a ton of time in the sun know to rub into their skin.

I should also tell you that when I saw Alex, it wasn’t my first pool party today.  I started at the pool party of a recently divorced orthopedic surgeon whose great looking but morally bankrupt bitch of a sexy trophy wife filed for divorce when she somehow became convinced she’d get a big enough settlement to play house with her personal trainer whom she’d been fucking for a year and a half.  Randy the surgeon had been crushed and the anger was evident in the divorce.  He had better lawyers.  He got the house, got their children once the kids figured out mid-way through the case that their mother was little more than a great looking plaything who loved to shop and they refused to spend any time at their mother’s.  Randy had done some arthroscopic repairs on me that kept me doing marathons and triathlons and playing tennis and running and all the rest, (oh, did I mention that Dr. Randy had gone through college on an athletic scholarship and got interested in orthopedic surgery because he was an athlete?- He was so yummy and fuckable.) 

He’d confided in me during the divorce, and I lent him an ear and a shoulder.  He’d told me about which pieces of furniture the bitch got in the division of property.  Upon my arrival at the party,  I set down the fruit salad I’d brought as my contribution to the party, and saw Randy looking tanned, fit, and in a tank top.  We hugged, and I let my lips linger on his cheek as my eyes spied the approximately seventy-five guests at his home.  Some inside, some outside, some in the pool, some in the gazebo for shade…but my guess was none were upstairs.  “Randy, you did get with my decorator to find pieces to replace what she took, didn’t you?  Please tell me this beautiful house is as fully furnished as its handsome owner.”  I squeezed his bicep and was standing closely enough to feel his cock twitch against my leg.  We both knew that I’d felt it.  He blushed, and I whispered into his ear, “I bet your nephew, his cute wife and your party planner over there can keep an eye on the party while you show me around upstairs. It could be a private tour.”

Again, he twitched against my leg.  I saw hope in his eyes that I hadn’t seen since back to when he thought he was happily married to his dream girl.  “Come on Randy, show me what you’ve got.”  I took his hand and we made our way through the billiards room, past the room that was formerly designated as the guest room where his in-laws slept when he’d fly them down to South Florida at his expense to visit.  Which was also where his now ex-wife would fuck her personal trainer while the kids were at school. Yes, in his house.  I dragged my nails down Randy’s arm. And he took the lead in walking me up the back stairs, past the butler’s pantry, past his main floor master with replacement chandelier and four poster bed my decorator got for him to replace what the bitch took, and upstairs to the rooms that had never belonged to anyone in particular.

I closed the door to the sleep over room and rubbed Randy’s cock through his swim trunks, and we kissed, really kissed, a kiss of hunger, lust, desperation and need.  His tongue figured out the moves my tongue wanted, and suddenly, our tongues fell into rhythm with each other.  His surgically precise hands lifted my top, undid my bra and stroked my tits with his sensitive fingertips.  Meanwhile I got his tank top over his head and WOW!—He’s shaved his chest.  I had to run my hands over that!  I broke our kiss to praise him, and to ask if the shaving continued below the beltline.  “Yep.  But don’t take my word for it.  Trust, but verify.”

I don’t often have a man as hairless below the eyelashes as I am.  Randy was hard before my mouth tasted his slightly salty, slightly chlorinated (he’d been in the pool) body taste, and his hands guided my head and his hips pumped.  His precum was oozing quickly, I dragged my tongue up the underside of his shaft.  He wasn’t overly long, or thick.  Was that why the ex had left him?  Such a waste – there was nothing lacking in his cock, even if he wasn’t a big cock experience.  Sure, I’m lucky and have variety and had enjoyed big one’s filling me.  But I never denigrate a fully functional standard issue specimen.  And Randy’s cock was attached to a lusty fitness man who was fucking with anger.  Ever fuck a truly angry lover?  Yeah? Damn, that’s good stuff, right?

There was a plain mattress and box spring on a metal box spring frame without a head board, footboard or any other piece of replacement bed furniture yet.  Which always makes for better free form sex.  Nothing to bump your knees into when you fuck a woman who is on all fours, ass up, head down on the sheets between her hands, offering you full access to both her shaved pussy and her tight, puckered, fuckable ass, too.  Which was what I presented to Randy.  I dragged a three-strip of foil wrapped condoms out of my bag before dropping it on the floor where I dropped my short little tennis skirt and kicked off my flip flops. “I want you inside me, Randy, I want you to fuck me, make this your independence day, fuck some fireworks into me, I need your heat.” He could have had either entry he wanted, he took the conventional way in rather than the back door.  I thrust my hips back onto his hard, eager cock, gyrating.  It felt good.  No pubic hair to brush against me sensitive genital folds.

Okay, I didn’t need Randy.  But I sure did want him. And saying I needed him was hotter than telling him that he needed me, which was damned true. “Oh Dolly, God I want to fuck you.”  Randy wasn’t in the mood for poetry.  Holy shit, I was his initial post-divorce fuck!  What with the crowded party downstairs, I didn’t mind that he fucked fast, hard, frantically, and came a lot earlier than he probably wished, and definitely faster than I might have wished. His hands were powerful on my hips as he strained and groaned, “ahh, fuck, … shit, oh fuck Dolly you’re so fucking hot…” while emptying his balls into his condom.  I love when my body induces such sentiments from my lovers.  And I’ve learned to understand premature ejaculation as a form of compliment.  The same guys wouldn’t have busted their nut so quickly if they were trying to screw Berta from Two and a Half Men, right?  The best part was knowing how much of a release, sexual, physical, emotional, I had been for Randy.

Randy bent over, his sweaty forehead slick against my back, which had broken out into a thin coat of perspiration. He kissed my flesh, reached around to cup my full D-cup breasts, and by now I was flat on the bed, belly down, and Randy was flush against me, and he kissed the back  of my neck. “Oh my God I needed that.  Oh my God you’re exactly what I needed.”  He kissed my shoulder blade.  I slithered into a rolling motion onto my back, and our lips met, his smooth chest against my tits, and I wrapped my own strong legs around him, to hold Randy close while we caught our breath and softly kissed. His eyes went toward the shut, but not locked door. We both knew there was a very limited amount of time and that limit had probably been reached.

“They’ll be looking for me,” he realized out loud.  He looked at me, quietly trying to do the right thing.  Would it be rude to fuck me then run downstairs to return to the party even though I hadn’t cum?  Well, generally speaking, yes.  I wasn’t getting a gift envelope for this service, after all.  Randy knew me as a member of the local running club and from the triathlon training community, and some mutual friends.  He knew about my day job.  He didn’t know about my Dolly dates.  When I do a civilian style fuck, something friendly, or emotional, or just personally satisfying (or, like with Randy, all of the above), I don’t expect pay, but I do like to cum.  But remember, I’d been the one who decided he needed to get laid and that even with a house full of guests, I was going to take him upstairs and do him.  “Dolly, I didn’t even make you cum, you’re so sexy, I’ve always thought you were so sexy but I was married, and I wouldn’t have wanted to jeopardize our friendship…”  I couldn’t help smiling.  A gentleman.  A freshly laid gentleman.  I kissed him softly again, embracing him tenderly.  “I’m a grown up woman, Randy, this was my choice, I loved it, and I loved making you feel good.  You go down first, I’m going to freshen up a little bit, okay?”  I smiled, and he looked down, then back up.  “I’m glad we did this, I hope you are, too.” I told him.

I made a point to be seen telling Randy that I was so sorry, but I wasn’t feeling well and it must have been the heat since everything served at the party was so delicious, and I thought I should go home and lay down.  I was flushed and still perspiring a bit, so that looked consistent with what I was claiming.  No reason for anyone to suspect I was freshly fucked.  Randy had apparently mentioned he’d stepped away from the party to take a patient call.  I kissed him on the cheek as I had when I arrived, and exited out the side.

And now I was at Erica and John’s pool party, and here was Alex. Alex looked good.  And I hadn’t cum yet. John’s blender was making some wonderful frozen margaritas, which aren’t my usual, but they are festive.  I got two and brought one to Alex, without much concern that we were surrounded by other people and family.  And why shouldn’t I have been confident?  After all, I’d already taken someone away from a party, snuck upstairs and gotten laid today.  Alex wasn’t the center of attention of the whole party, either, like Randy had been.

“How’ve you been?” I asked as I handed Alex the other margarita, and I took a sip of mine.  Yes, sucking it through a straw, with my tongue playing a bit with that straw. Alex smiled, took a sip, and gave my hand a squeeze in a way that would look like a friendly greeting, but I knew better and so did Alex.  There were a lot of hugs and greetings at a party like this, anyway.  “Summer with small children, soccer camps to coach, and last week we took the kids up to visit grandparents in Connecticut.”  Our eyes studying each other.  Did it have to be this way?  Couldn’t I just say, “Guess what, tonight’s the night we’re finally going to fuck and you look so damn good and I’m going to give you a good Dollying.”  I suppose not.

We made a bit of small talk, I guess we were both trying to figure out how this would work.  I confess, I have grown to love Dolly dates as my preferred method of erotic sexual fulfillment and not the least because both parties to a Dolly date know what the score is, and there’s no uncertainty or fear of being misunderstood. Well, okay, sometimes I do get a guy who gets confused about which form of entry he should use when I’m either on my back and he’s standing, or when I’m on all four and my ass has shifted back farther than my feel so that my knees are kind of tucked toward my chest.  Luckily I’m usually hoping my guy will be open to anal sex and I’m always prepped and armed with lube at a moment’s notice. 

Enough was enough.  The crowd was getting a bit loud, sports was on television, children were just outside in the pool playing and screeching. I leaned in to speak directly into Alex’s ear. “Can I take you upstairs, it’s so loud here.”  And again, at my instigation, we were holding hands, only this time instead of a squeeze, I interlocked my fingers,  I let my lips brush Alex’s ear. 

“Yeah Dolly, let’s do that.”  And I felt Alex squeeze my hand.

I should also add that through a remarkable coincidence, both July 4th parties I went to featured three story homes, with bottom floors opening onto pools, screened in patios and shade, and grassy yards, with two levels above the main party level.  The challenge at Erica and John’s, as it had been at Randy’s, was to get two floors above the rest of the party. “Do you know the upstairs of this house?” I asked.  Alex shook her head no.  “Well you can find the stairs.  At the top of the stairs, all the way up, not just at the main level, turn left and go to the end of the hall, then turn left again.  There’s a home gym there, I’m going first, and close the door behind you.”

I was tingling and I felt myself getting wet as I went up the stairs first, imagining Alex’s lips on my nipples, and having my way with Alex’s hot tight lean body.  I left the door cracked, and then waited two long minutes.  I kicked off my flip flops in a spare upstairs room of a friend’s house for the second time this Independence Day.  I heard footsteps, and then Alex came in, eyes on first, grinning, and the door was barely closed when I’d stepped forward and initiated an aggressive kiss.  My hands went to Alex’s ass, and Alex returned the kiss while her fingers roamed up my thighs from as low as she could reach while standing until up under the skirts and covering my hot, moist mound.

Yes, I said her.  If you hadn’t already guessed from my lack of male or female pronouns in this blog entry, Alex is Alexandra, and she is a hottie and married, and no pussy is so sweet to me as married, heterosexual pussy who might have been bi-curious but  not actively bisexual. Kisses so tender. Her skin glistening, as I’d mentioned, and she’d worn a fashion blend of sunblock moisturizer that also contained a hint of body glitter. We dragged each other into the adjoining spa bathroom that Erica had built onto the home gym. There was a double sized walk-in shower, and I started peeling Alex’s bikini while she pulled my top over my head and I dropped my own tennis skirt. Two kids and a flat tummy like that, walking around in a bikini with a body that just needed to be licked and touched and brought to orgasm.  If I had any interest in Charlie I’d try to set up a three way, since I’d love to see Alex’s firm MILF body penetrating by a hard cock, but Charlie and I have never clicked.  I’m as polite to him as I need to be based upon the setting.  And now I was sliding his wife Alex’s bikini bottom down off her legs and inserting my fingers into her womanhood, into where she’d delivered Charlie’s children into the world, and giving her an orgasm in nearly record time, even for me.  I swear that girl’s body had one of the most sensitive all the men ogling her, her husband Charlie doting on the children and enjoying good ribs and chicken and drinks and not noticing that Alex and I had snuck off. “Oh, God Dolly, I have wanted this for so long….” she gasped out as I twiddled her clit.  Alex had a dark little trimmed landing pad.  Yes, it did occur to me that it was odd that the man I fucked today had less pubic hair (none) than the woman I was fucking.  But that didn’t distract me for long, and I went back to enjoying Alex’s pert B cup breasts, her flat tummy, her delectable ass, all part  of a petite, tight 5’2” body.  Alex knelt and ran her tongue up and down along my wet lower lips, she softly sucked my clit, and then slid a finger into me, and teased my spot and caused me to shudder. I ran my fingers through her hair, and soon enough I was close.  Alex was whispering that she’d always wanted my body, that I was hot, sexy.  She called me a fucking fitness fantasy.  We made our way back from the spa to the gym, and used a modest sized cushioned mat for our continued pleasuring of each other.  We kept biting down on our lips to keep from crying out and perhaps being heard.  I loved being on the bottom as we moved into a sixty nine position, and Alex responded to when I squirted my sweet sex juice all over her face by lubing up a finger in my liquids and sliding it up my ass….”do mine, too, Dolly, take my ass.”  Turned out that since my name was RSVP’s as attending at the online invite, Alex had been hoping this could happen and was fully prepared and cleaned. My tongue was everywhere on her.  In her.  Feeling her body convulse and tighten around my tongue.  I felt her body stiffen and the quiver when my fingers brought her to her next orgasm.  It was while we each were kissing and licking our own pussies from the other’s face that Alex asked, “how long have you known I was interested?” and I told her “for a couple years, but today just felt right”.  Alex was still stroking my body, and told me that she’d had a couple soccer-teammate experiences in college, but liked cock and loved Charlie and her life.  But that I had been her secret taboo naughty wish.  No idea about my Dolly date side career clearly.  “Well now that we crossed this line together, we should try to do so again sometime when we have more time.”  “I want to see your tight little body when a man is making love with you, Alex, we should try that sometime.”

“Charlie would never go for that,” she told me. 

“Who was talking about Charlie?”  I replied, and we both laughed.  “No, really, I didn’t mean with Charlie.” I continued.  Alex paused, and then said, “okay”.  Wow!

We kissed, more intensely than before, and agreed that we’d figure out a way to make that happen. 

Hope you all had a happy 4th, too.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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