Dolly Puts More Oral Into Baseball Than Hershiser

As the summer heats up, I like to think back to one occasion when baseball meant some unexpected fun for me.  I don't think of myself as a cougar, but on the occasion I'm thinking of, well, I plead no contest.

It was a gorgeous summer day, the type that you imagine during the northern winter as the ideal. It wasn't too hot, no wind, and just enough clouds sprinkled in the blue sky to provide shade when needed. A perfect day for baseball.

At the time I was dating an athletic fellow, somewhat older than me, named Billy (seriously, a grown man with a college aged son who is known as 'Billy") who was coaching a summer All Star team youth team after he'd leave his business in the afternoon, and seeing as the baseball complex where the boys played had lots of sunshine, some shaded areas, too, running trails....well, I tagged along.  Oh, and college players, love their young lean fit bodies, used to practice close by in the park.  I just love the look of a fit athlete. My guy was handsome too, but one of the reasons I was checking out the other guys was that my guy was not up to Dolly's level of sexual desire, frequency, or performance.  This was near the end of our dating days, but the end hadn't arrived yet.  I hadn't met his sons yet, as one was at college and the younger one was forbidden by Billy's ex-wife to meet Billy's girlfriends in the early days of the relationship.


Billy's son Blake had just arrived home from his first year at college. He hadn't gained the freshman fifteen, and instead was 6'1" 190lbs, in good shape, short dark hair, and dark eyes.
Blake didn't even mind having to bring his younger brother to the team's practice, and since .it was a beautiful day he had the same thought I had, that maybe he'd get an early start on his tan.

 Blake wore cargo shorts, sneakers, sunglasses, and a snug white t-shirt.  Blake had just pulled into a parking space along the small road that ran through the park, when his little brother jumped out of the car to join his friends gathered around the right field bleachers. Blake then saw Billy carrying a large cardboard box. I noticed Blake about the same time Blake noticed me, as I was carrying a smaller box, walking just behind his father, Coach Billy.

 Blake's eyes locked right onto mine as I walked up the small grassy hill to the spot where all the little players were now congregating. Blake looked young, sure, but his fit body and a bit heavier dark facial stubble made me think whomever this beef cake was, that he was mid-to late twenties.  I was around age thirty at the time, dating an older, established man.  I thought dating an older established man meant better restaurants, cars, and travel destinations.  I hadn't planned on the youth baseball, so like I said, I was looking around.  I smiled brightly and my tennis shoes gave me a light and young bounce, and even though I wasn't wearing heels, the cut of my shorts gave me the appearance that my legs seemed to go on for days, right up to her little jean shorts. I've got a few photos wearing them in my Gallery -- yes, they still fit and look sexy and playful. They were short enough to make my legs and ass look amazing, while still being appropriate as to not warrant any nasty comments from jealous moms.  Not that I was all that worried about the moms.  No -- never did hook up with any of those moms.  

My long thick blonde hair was pulled into a tight ponytail, around which I wore a cute little visor with my college's emblem on it.  Maybe that made me look younger, not that I have any problem getting attention from young men. I wore large Gucci sunglasses, and when I removed them momentarily Blake seemed to notice my blue eyes and sexy white smile.  I liked the smile I was seeing back from this handsome young boy toy, whomever he was.. 

"Everyone, gather 'round" Billy announced.  As the coach's girlfriend, I gathered close too.  So did the young handsome man with whom I was engaging in some serious eye-fucking.

 I thought I'd get us all some nice baseball shirts that you can keep, one of which my lovely girlfriend is wearing right now."  Oh God, this is why he asked me to wear one?  Not to be supportive of the team, but so he could draw attention to me and show off?  All heads turned to me, although Blake's had never left. I stood, hands on my slender yet fuckable hips, reluctant to really model the shirt, but I was resigned to slightly cocking my sexy hips and putting on a bright smile. I swear I noticed Blake begin in his crotch to swell now that I was fully (or as fully as clothed gets) on display..

 "If you just sign the check list my girlfriend has, she will get you a shirt. I'll be right back, I have to get the equipment from my car."

 "Do I get one?" Blake's younger brother, who I later learned was named Wilson, asked. I still had no idea these were Billy's boys.

 "Sure buddy, of course you do." Blake said, as he headed down the bleachers toward me. Blake was looking more incredible as he got closer.

 "Hello, my you are quite the young father." I said while trying to suppress a smile, so all that came out was a wicked grin.

"No no, I'm just the big brother." Blake responded

"Oh, is that right?"  Oh God, how young was he?  I love sex, but I'm not a cradle robber.  Please God, I thought, let him at least be legal age.  "I'm really only supposed to give these out to the parents..." I let my voice trail off.  I saw the size of his strong hands.  Billy was being a schmuck and had been having some erectile dysfunction problems that week.  I needed a good cock to play with and big brother, so long as he was old enough, looked yummy enough. 
 My eyes were hidden behind my sunglasses, so Blake was at a disadvantage with me, but there was a tension and we were both trying to hide the fact that we were equally as aroused.

"You want..?" I asked, pointing vaguely at my chest. I love to play.

Swallowing hard, Blake would have sprayed out his drink if he'd just taken a sip. But then, I could see right where his eyes were focused. 

"Excuse me?"

"A shirt, even though you're not the dad, you want to pick up your brother's shirt?" I clarified.

"Oh yeah, yes, and it's okay that I'm not the parent, you see coach Billy is my dad and he's my brother Wilson here's dad, too.


I wish I could always keep my cool.  Usually I can.  But yes, I'm human, and I would have sprayed out my drink at that point if I'd had a sip.  Shit, I was eyefucking Billy's own son?  And in front of his younger boy?  Well, Billy's the one who brought me here, and he knows damn well how high my libido is--the one he isn't satisfying.  How nice of him to practically deliver a solution for that problem right to me..

 My next  flirty move almost made Blake completely hard in an instant. Still teasing him, I peered down over her sunglasses at him. That along with my little sports visor, revealed just enough of my blue eyes, which combined with my smile and my cleavage I've found tends to drive many men wild. I added another wicked grin, and when I saw his adam's apple bob, I knew he was lucky he didn't cum right there in front of me.

"Hmmmmm?" , as if I was considering him.  "Sure!" I said, and broke out into a light smile.

"Thanks a lot" he replied, and grabbed one of the shirts to hold for his brother after showing him, whereupon little Wilson scampered back to the dugout while Blake was still taking me in his sights.. 

He later told me he had never been more aroused, and that he'd told himself, "Forget it.  She's your dad's girlfriend."  He also admitted that the thought of fucking his father's girlfriend was a longtime fantasy of his, since his dad had a thing for sexy blonde women, which is how he'd broken up his marriage to his brunette ex wife, and that Blake thought I was the hottest of the girlfriends he'd met. He told me all that later on, when I was stroking his softening cock with one hand, and scooping his hot young virile cum off my tits and licking them clean.  But that's getting ahead of myself.

 By this time Billy returned, and moved in behind me, kissing me on my neck, and bragging to his son, "So Blake, thanks for bringing Wilson, I see you've met Dolly!  Ain't she something?"  Something?  Really?

"Ok guys take the field" Billy shouted, and practice was on, Blake and the parents going back to their spots in the bleachers.

 Blake and I spent the whole time during the practice stealing glances at each other. If the moms or dads were doing any glancing, neither Blake nor I noticed.  The game was on. I knew I had to make this happen. 

As the practice rolled on, a few of the other moms decided to take a walk through the sunny park, leaving Blake and I mostly alone. Blake still sat, trying not to leer, He was totally lost in thought when I spoke to him.  I repeated myself when he didn't answer, "Your brother, he's a pretty big boy."

"Ummm, I guess so" Blake replied, a little confused.

 I continued, "The shirt you grabbed seems a little small, are you sure it's big enough?"

"Oh, I..." he said as he tried to look for the label.

 I reached out my hand toward him, "Here let me check if it's the right size."

He moved over to her and handed me the shirt.  Now we were close, in an intimate shared space, at least distance wise.  Not so intimate at the bleachers for the ten year olds, though.

"No, I think this is way too small, let's see if we can find something bigger" I said, after checking the label.  "Bigger?" he asked.  "Mmmmhmmm," I told him, "much bigger." Which was bullshit, the shirt was a perfect fit.  But college boys don't know what sizes ten year olds wear, and probably didn't know even when they themselves were the little ten year olds.  Cute. 

"There should be a few more in my car, I picked them up for your dad" standing up, I waited for him to follow.

 I walked toward the parking lot, and Blake got his first full view of my ass. I love my ass, if I do say so myself, and many Dolly dates are so kind as to say the same. My ass is not too small, fit and tight, and looks great when a man's cock is vanishing between my firm ass cheeks as he fucks me doggy style.. Blake seemed to get lost in the views again. I liked what I saw of him, by now having adjusted to the idea that he was twenty, since I now knew him to be the twenty year old Billy would speak of. I stopped, and did a half turn toward him. "Aren't you coming?" I asked, knowing that he had lagged behind, so focused on my ass.

 "So I haven't seen you at our other practices before."

"Oh no, I just got back from college." he responded.

"Oh how fun." she said, glancing toward him.

 We approached my SUV at the back of the parking lot. Don't picture Dolly with an SUV?  I have a bit of a fleet, I confess.  The SUV carries a lot of sporting goods, shirts, my tennis racquets, a change of clothes....very useful.  There were not a lot of other cars as most people either parked on the road, or walked.

"We should have more in the back" I said as she popped the hatch of the SUV, and peered inside. There were the 2 boxes from earlier, the larger one on its side, with shirts scattered about. I tossed one to Blake, who was still checking out my ass so it hit him in the face.

 Check that one for an XL" as I began checking a few of the shirts on the floor of the car.

 Blake rummaged through "You really think that big?"

"Hopefully." I responded, chuckling to myself since I knew I was really talking about that straining young cock bulging in the cargo shorts Blake wore. 

 I reached further inside the back of the SUV, having to throw my knee up on the bumper. My cell phone in the pocket of my tiny shorts made it difficult so I pulled it out and set in on the bumper, then threw my knee up and leaned in.  "Nothing in here but smalls..." Blake announced, as he set the box down and looked up. His eyes almost bugged out of his head as he saw me, one knee up, leaning down into the back of my SUV, my head still down as I rummaged around, ass up, looking under the seats.  Soon I was on all 4's in the back of my car, my ass pointed right at Blake, who by now had his jaw on he floor., By then Blake's young pole was rock hard, but he was so hypnotized, he didn't even notice.

  "I think I got it!" I said, as I grabbed a shirt, and still kneeling, straightened up. I checked the tag and held out my hand, which Blake took and helped me out of the back of the SUV. He seemed a little disappointed that the show was over. 

"But that wasn't all that you wanted, was it, Blake?  I lowered my sunglasses down my nose, peered up at him, and firmly placed my hand up his rock hard bulge.

A grin broke across my lips, Blake was breathing heavy, and he looked around.

"Uh fuck, what are you doing ...?" he asked, realizing he didn't know my name..

"What does it feel like I am doing?" I asked, rubbing his stiff member.

"Are you sure, my dad....?" he asked

"Oh I'm sure." I purred.  "And please call me Dolly."

 He was lost in my power, in a trance, oh I love when I get them so worked up that they surrender all conscious control to me.  Still in a daze, so I moved in to kiss him.

"What are you doing?" he asked in a very different tone. "I can't kiss you, you're my dad's girlfriend." he added.

 I just grinned back, dropped the t shirt I was still holding, and while keeping my eyes locked on him from over my sunglasses, slowly lowered myself down to my knees, using the shirt for cushion.

 Forgoing the belt, I went straight for the zipper instead, opening it with a soft moan, and then reaching my well-manicured hand inside this young man's shorts, I grabbed for his firm cock through his jockeys.

"Uh fuck Dolly!" he moaned, as I worked my finger magic inside his jockeys, then pulled them down, finally getting my hands on his flesh. I pulled his fat young cock from the opening in his shorts and stared at its length protruding from my fist. Another wicked grin as I mentally measured him with my eyes and continued to jerk what I determined to be 8 hard virile inches.

"Mmmmm, XL indeed." I said softly.

 He began breathing heavier as I kept stroking his stiff young meat faster and faster. One of my skilled hands on his hard stomach, the other jerking him with great enthusiasm, I looked up at him from my knees, my lips apart.  I licked them slowly.

"Uh fuck, do it." he let out.

"What?" I asked with a coy smile.

"Uh fuck, please." he practically begged.

"Say it." I demanded. Oh God I was enjoying this.

"Suck my cock." he groaned.

Licking my lips again, I shoved him back, so that he rested on the bumper, slid my fist to the base of his cock, and opened wide.

As if in slow motion he watched me, and took in every detail of the greatest blowjob he'd ever had in his life. The way I smiled slightly with my mouth wide, the sexy look in my eyes, my hand as it was splayed out over his stomach, feeling his youthful strength. 

I moved close inserting his college-aged cock into my mouth,  not closing my lips until it tickled my throat. Closing firmly around his cock, he moaned loudly. I pulled back fast, then slid down again, slowly, and further then the first time.

He watched in silent awe, punctuated only by involuntary gasps of pleasure, as I continued to  give him the greatest blowjob of his life, the kind only Dolly could. I had teased him long enough, and began working harder, and faster. My visor was bumping into his belly, interrupting my pace, and Blake gently took hold of the bill of the visor, and slipped it off my head, and down my long ponytail, tossing it into the truck.

"I looked up and winked at him with a mouthful of hard young cock.

 Blake was silent, in awe, captivated.  He'd have committed a murder for me at that moment if I'd asked him to.  I didn't want murder.  I wanted more of his cock. I  just looked up at him and smiled through a wide open mouth full of collegiate meat.

 I continued sucking, his cock slick with my saliva, when he was startled by a sudden noise. Continuing to blow this young man, I reached out blindly to Blake's side, groping around. My hand found the source of the interruption. Pressing the "answer" button on my cell phone that he'd held for me when I was shaking my ass teasingly at him in the SUV,  I yanked my head from Blake's cock with an audible POP!

"Hello?" I answered, while still pumping my fist over Blake's now dripping prick.

"Oh hi honey." I said into the phone "it's your dad" I whispered to Blake, then stuffed him back into my hot mouth.

"mmmmhmmmm, mmmmmhmmmm" I moaned to my boyfriend, the father of the college student I was fellating, then POP!

"No, no, I was just getting another shirt for Wilson, the first one didn't fit, Blake is helping me" I lied.  It's a skill....

 "My SUV was such a mess and I was just getting little Wilson another shirt." I continued nonchalantly, with a dirty grin up at Blake, reinserting his cock back into my wet mouth while on the phone with his father.  Blake was a cross between the panic of fearing being caught while I did something taboo to him, and an oncoming orgasm.  I've seen this look many times.  It never gets old

 By now Blake had to fight back his laughter as he threw his head back, then back down at the sight before him. There I was, an older woman, his father's lover, sucking his young cock, while on the phone with that father.

"Mmmmmmhmmmm, mmmmmm, , mmmm hmmmm" I tried to say while still working the potent undergraduate's pulsing rod.

"MMwhat?" POP! Yanking the cock from my lips, and rubbing the head, making sure Blake could see my saliva coating it, glistening in the sun.

"No no, just grabbing a snack from the car, I know honey" licking pre-cum from the tip "but I have been starving." giving my new lover a wink and engulfing him once more.

This was all too much for the young man, looking down at me as his knees began to tremble he said softly..."I'm gonna cum."

 I knew I had to end the call. "Ok, gotta go, see ya in a second hon, bye."

 We could hear his father, my lover, Coach Billy, trying to get a last word in just before the phone was tossed into the truck, while I was shoving his son's cock as far down my throat as possible, trying eagerly to win the prize I had worked so hard for.

"Uhh fuck I'm gonna cum" he said, loudly now.

 I worked him more, gagging a bit as my ponytail swayed and bobbed from the force of my head moving over his shaft.

Then it happened, being turned on more than he had ever been, and having been pent up for over a week, he shot a hard thick stream of cum into the back of my greedy throat. Even as experienced a cock mistress as I had trouble drinking him down, this was so powerful, but I managed to swallow, while my hand still stroked his spasming member.

I looked up at him, sweaty, my makeup a mess, and couldn't help but chuckle.

"I'm a mess" I said, feeling my neck and face.

 Blake leaned back, grabbed a spare t-shirt and handed it to me, then took one for his own messy just sucked self.

"Thanks." I replied as I straightened myself up.

"Well, we better get back to the practice." I put my sunglasses back on and looked up at him with a devilish grin. "See you next week at practice?" I asked with a wink.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure

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