Craig, My Neighbor, Who Walked Me Home From the Neighborhood Pool Party

"Dolly, I really wish this party wasn't winding down, I've had the best time getting to know you this evening.  I'm embarrassed at how many years we've lived across the street from each other.  I wish we could just keep talking, I'm not tired at all."


That was when I knew I was going to seduce my across the street neighbor, Craig Levy.  Corporate lawyer, divorced, two sons.  Both of his sons were friendly with my son, we called them the three amigos.  I was married in those days, before what became a remarkably civil divorce.  But that weekend my husband had taken all three boys to Orlando where they had a couple days of Universal Studios and a couple days of youth baseball tournaments somewhere in the Orlando area.  My husband knew, without saying anything, that I was going to have sex with someone while he was gone.  That's how it was for me.  Okay, that's how it is for me.  I love sex.  Every day.  And suddenly I hear Craig telling me how much fun he was having talking to me.  Inside my head I was thinking, "just imagine how much fun you'll have when I go down on you, you won't mind at all that I won't be doing much talking with that noticeable bulge in your shorts filling my throat."  But a lady can't say that.  And at that moment, anyway, at our other neighbor Darla's pool house, I was acting like a lady.


"Craig, I was going to say the same thing."  Okay, so I was lying.  I'd learned where he was from, watched his interesting facial expressions as he volunteered about how his marriage broke up, that his wife had seen her high school boyfriend at their twentieth reunion and even though they were both married they ended up leaving together and fucking the rest of the weekend.  (Note to readers:  all bets are off when you send a really attractive late 30's trophy wife MILF out of state on her own to her high school reunion).  But the entire time I was thinking, "I usually see Craig in his business suits, or maybe dressed for golf, or a couple times in a tux at some fundraiser or New Year's party.  But today at Darla's pool, those athletic legs were on display while he wore shorts, and then when he actually went in the pool and took his shirt off not only was he lean and fit and hot and strong, but my God, he shaves his chest!  Dolly's gonna have to get a little bit closer."  That's what I was thinking.


"C'mon, walk me home, its dark and I'm an unescorted woman in this dangerous neighborhood, you seem like a chivalrous man."


His cock twitched when I said walk me home.  And again when I said I was an unescorted woman.


Bless Darla's heart, she had "to go" cups by the door.  Darla was from New Orleans before moving to South Florida, and in her home town you don't have to finish your drink before you leave the bar, you just grab a plastic cup from the stack next to the door, pour the drink into the cup, and keep drinking outside because there is no open-container law.  So as Craig and I made use of Darla's go-cups, I caught our hostesses eye, and she'd seen who I was talking to.  She winked.  She knew.  That slut.  And I say that in the most positive sense of the word slut.  After all, she and I had once gotten fully interactive with each other during an impromptu threesome with a handsome college student who charmed us both one day when she and I were having drinks together.  I smiled back.  And in my mind I was thinking, "wish I could take you with me, but maybe next time, I like to seduce and enslave my lovers into life-long servitude to my feminine needs alone before I share." 


I took Craig's hand, and he froze for a second before he relaxed and went along with the idea of holding hands with his married neighbor.  It was dark, just a couple houses down.  Lots of drooping foliage and assorted landscaping to make it a little harder for prying eyes, if there were any, to notice I was acting in a less than faithful way.  Or at least was on my way to.


"You know Dolly, I've always had a secret crush on you, ever since I moved into this neighborhood."  Okay, I blushed when he said that.  A girl never gets tired of hearing that men are attracted to her.  "Well good thing its just the two of us tonight so that if anything happens it can be our secret," I told him.  Then I interlocked my fingers with him and squeezed.


"C'mon in," I said when I opened the door into my house from around back.  I set my cup down, took his from his hand and set it next to mine, pushed the French door closed and then pulled him toward me and we both fell into a passionate embrace and kiss, my hands starting on his firm pecs, up to around his neck, and then I snuck one hand down to his tush.  I pressed my body into him, and I was merely in a bikini with a gauzy coverup and a silky wraparound that occupied the space that a mini-skirt would have so that I wasn't just walking the street with a thong bikini bottom.  He was a good kisser, just intense enough to match me, but not overly aggressive.  You know, like if he thought he was going to be the leader.  Nuh-uh.  This was Dolly's party, and he was the only one invited.  My house, my rules. 


Craig's hands went to my ass, then my waist, unwrapped my wrap and by the time I cupped his cock through his shorts he was getting me out of my cover-up.  I pulled his t-shirt up over his head and let me save you some time here by dispensing with the rest of the disrobing -- we stripped each other there.  I threw a blanket from the back of a large sectional sofa onto the floor.  I settled onto it, patted it next to me.  His cock was seven inches, erect, already dripping precum.  He'd already tested my inner heat with two fingers, tasting them, then after the fingers took a second dip, he fed me my own flavor.  I licked his smeared precum from my hand.  A droplet had gotten onto my flat fit tummy from how close we were standing.  I scooped it with my finger and on the way to my mouth he hi-jacked my hand and sucked his own thick baby-juice.  Then kissed me again, and I tasted it.  "You're so fucking hot".  We might both have said it to each other at that moment.  I stroked his cock as he got next to me on the blanket, and he closed his eyes and shivered.  Yeah, my hands are that good. "Oh God, Dolly, stop or I'll cum now, fuck I've wanted you for so long."


"No, Craig, I'm not going to stop. No woman's ever touched your balls like I have, have they? No one has ever stroked your dick so perfectly like this, have they now? You've never cum with a married woman before, have you?"  He shook his head no.  "But I've always imagined that if I did, it would be you...." I kissed him again, our tongues dancing, his cock twitching in my fingers. "Tonight this is all going to come true for you and for me. I'm your first married lover and you'll always want more of me, won't you?"  Oh God he was so powerless by this point!  "I want you, Craig, I want you too. Do you want to fuck me?"  He shook his head.  Yeah, like a head shake was the way to respond to the seduction dialog I was laying on him.  Rookies.  A couple of times with me and he'll be playing right along.  But I know how to lead an obedient sex slave to Dolly down the path.  "You desperately want this fit, toned body of mine. You want my legs wrapped around you, you want to feel all of me becoming one with you.  My ass in your hands, your cock penetrating me, my nipples in your lips..."  I kissed him again and his fingers were back to the place between my legs and I was so slick I was completely frictionless. "You're going to cum for me. I want to see it spurt into the air and onto my tit. Just let go."

"That's right, give me your seed, cover my body, let it all out," I said as he couldn't hold back any more and his sperm arced out, one shooting stream after another, probably a good three or four thick ropes onto my firm D-cup tits.  His fingers stopped working me (Damnit!  Guys, please learn to multi-task!  Just because you're coming doesn't mean I've had enough of your fingers.  Okay, I'm teasing.  A little.  I do get a kick out of a man paralyzed by my technique.) His orgasm stiffened his whole body. La petit mort.  His teeth clenched. A bit of a moan just at the end of the final drip to leak out.

 I kept stroking, softer, more gently, and dragging my nails over his balls. I leaned forward, and he met my lips. I expected a gentle kiss from this conquered lover. Not hardly. He forced his tongue wildly into me. His hunger is as strong as mine at that moment. I hadn't made him my sexual prisoner after all.  I'd released his un-tapped sexual animal and made his fantasy come true.  He was going to be fun.

 He pulled me down on top of him.  I straddled him, my labia on either side of his cock, which was going to have to be brought back to life.  I moved down his body slowly. Kissing, biting all the way. Sniffing, scratching playfully, nipping his flesh with my teeth. I licked his spent tool, took it in my mouth, began lightly sucking. The feel of my soft lips surrounding his shaft was working its magic.  His whole body twitched and spasmed,  "Fuck, Dolly I've imagined you a thousand times and I never imagined it could be this good." He surprised me with his quick recovery as I saw him begin to get hard again. This was going to be quite a night. 

When I tasted the first hint of his next load, I turned around, away from him, on all fours. I presented my ass -- and told him that he should open the corner cabinet drawer nearest us, where he would find a zippered pouch that could have been for anything, but for me it was my playroom supply of condoms.  He didn't need to be told twice.  He kissed my shoulder, then down my back to my ass, licked briefly between my legs teasingly.  "Oh Dolly, it makes me weak to see how sexy and beautiful you are."  Condom in hand, and drawer for more still left open, he ran his nose and lips, all his sensitive facial nerve endings, up and down the backs of my thighs, grabbed a handful of my hair, then returned his tongue to the lips of my vagina. His tongue then circled the small dark shadowy puckered rear flower that is my anus. My long blonde hair falling everywhere, firm breasts hanging down, my excited nipples hard and long. "Touch me, lover, I'm yours, I want you," I told him.  I looked over my shoulder and watched as he, one hand at a time, reached forward and pinched my nipples. Groaning each time and pumping my hips, hell, my whole body in response to his touch. He reached back, with his middle finger, touched the top of my ass, then let his finger follow the cleft between my firm cheeks. All the way down. "Oh fuck yes," I moaned.   I couldn't help it, I needed more of what he had to offer.

 I turned around, postponing my boning, and licked his balls, taking them one, then the other, in my mouth, making eye contact with him the whole time, showing him my left hand so that he could see my diamond rings, my wedding band, around his shaft, cupping his balls.  Another man's beautiful fit wife servicing his most inner desire, submitting to him.  Sucking, licking, kissing. I began to smell his sweat, his skin and then I caught a whiff of the juices in my own pussy and felt the sheen of sweat on my own body. I tied to inhale it all. God, he was sensual.  I felt as if every pore in my skin was electrified. Ready to erupt.

 I pushed him down again, my nails on his chest, down to his navel, he was shaven, I suddenly realized, all the excitement about his cock and balls and the smoothness of his skin matching my own lack of hair, it hadn't dawned on me that he manscaped.  Heaven!  And right across the street.  I swiveled back around to face him, stole the condom from his hand and tore it open, grabbed his straining dick, held it straight up, and slowly impaled myself on it, at first slowly while I adjusted to this thickness, and then more quickly, mixing in some up and down bobbing, working him into my body, until I was in fully, sitting on top of him I pressed my hands to his chest, hunched over him, my eyes locked on his, and his hands cupped, tweaked and massaged my tits. "Can you feel it Craig, that you and I fit together well, you're so tight in me."  I did a Kegel exercise.

 His eyes begin to bulge. "You felt that didn't you. I can squeeze you with the muscles in my pussy. Tell me you like it and I'll do it again." "Squeeze me again". I did it again. He begged this time for me to do it again. I did.  Then again. And again. And again. "Holy shit I never knew a woman could do that; I never felt like this," he babbled.  I drove him farther into that white heat of desire. "Fuck me" he said.  "Really fuck me."  I leaned forward, braced my hands onto his shoulders, and began to slide up and down on his cock, slowly.  I fucked him for a long time, varying my body angle, and then rotated and leaned back into a reverse cowgirl, and Craig did a great job of keeping up with what I knew must have been a new sexual position for him.  I loved how long he was lasting, which was why I'd made him cum earlier.

 I raised up, pulled off, and on his stomach. "Lick my clit," I tell him.  He did as he was told, and while not an expert, he was good and passionate.  I gave him some stage directions to make our personal porno play go just the way I was in the mood for it that evening.

"Good. Then take your finger and touch it, too. That's right. Now move it slightly in circles, very lightly. A little bit lighter. Yes, like that. Make the circle a little smaller."

 I looked into his eyes. It felt so good, his combination of fingers, lips and tongue.  "That's it, Craig. Now don't stop. Whatever you do, don't stop."  I shivered, lowered my chin, grunted some inner wild animal sounds, and flooded his hand and face. When I opened my eyes my pussy was still convulsing around his finger and tongue.  "I want your cock back inside me, fucking me."

 I lowered myself back on Craig's cock, bent back, far back, using my arms to brace myself on his legs. "Keep touching my clit with your fingers while you pump my pussy" . I  closed my eyes. I heard Craig's voice, "no, open your eyes, I want to look in your eyes while I fuck you, I want to see your face when you cum again." 

"Oh God yes, fuck yeah" I practically shouted, mixing in a little gurgling laugh. The greedy laughter of pure pleasure. 

I began swaying my hips back and forth, just slightly. Just a few inches. My breathing deepened, and so did his, then more so.  Both of us.  I wanted us to come together, his condom-protected cock deep inside me.   But not yet!  Ah, the moment passed and we were still screwing, sweat now dripping into our eyes from our foreheads, my legs straining, and Craig's lean body looking so damned fuckable under me. He was amazing, he didn't let up. He gave this long, low guttural groan, and as he did my train reached the station too, and my whole body quaked, my breasts shaked and he reached up and grabbed them, forcefully, which I love, being really taken and grabbed when I'm cumming. I was a woman on fire. I threw myself down on his chest, which was by then a river of sweat and mist. Juices ran down from my pussy and onto our smooth shaved loins,  then the blanket. We were both reaching our crescendos, and I raised my hips, trying to slam them onto his body, and he was doing the same to me. He squeezed my ass hard, trying to get as deep as humanly possible, pulling our bodies together. "God you're good," I gasped just as he said, ""Fuck you're amazing."  We kissed, embraced, were totally enmeshed with each other. Both of us breathing hard, Our bodies together.


The sweetest neighborly orgasm I ever had. One that I will always remember. Every smell. Every touch. Every taste.  Just like I remember the rest of the times I took Craig as my lover.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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