Dolly - Like a Good Neighbor

I had been perspiring all day working at the Rescue Dog adoption event. Adopt-A-Dog of South Florida had a great day, finding forever homes for twelve of the dogs who we had on display outside the pet superstore on a Sunday afternoon. I was in a great mood and I was looking forward to peeling my clothes off and collapsing into the pool when I got home just after three in the afternoon. Little did I know the best part of my day, the most rewarding, was yet to begin.

I walked around back and to my surprise saw our neighbor Cynthia on all fours on the padded lounger, between my husband’s knees, her left hand steadying William’s cockshaft while her red-tinted lips slid slowing over his large cock crown, while William’s hand massaged Cynthia’s breast, tweaking her nipple, all while his eyes were focused on the adulterous sight in his crotch. I stopped, assessing the situation. William and I aren’t strictly monogamous with each other. I tell him about some of my Dolly dates, and hearing about my sexy hookups is a big turn on for him. Every so often he returns from a trip or a late meeting and he tells me about some conquest he had. But we NEVER bring a sex friend home without advance planning. So I was a tad puzzled. And more than a tad turned on.

Cynthia. A tall, leggy MILF with dirty blonde hair, big blue eyes, a slender build, B-cup, stays in shape with long walks and yoga and eating right, in her late forties. William had been married and divorced twice before he and I married, and he was in his late fifties when I walked in on his blowjob from Cynthia. I was the baby of the bunch, mid-thirties. Some of our foreplay had involved describing a seduction of some of our sexy neighbors, and Cynthia had been featured more than once.
About the age difference between William and me when I was married to him. Yes, I was a trophy wife. I met him at a fundraiser, which made my date that night a bit jealous (hey, I told that night's Dolly date, if you bring me to an event like this and go network about business deals for half an hour, I'm allowed to make small talk, though I'd have preferred you hadn't left me alone at all. My date agreed that what I said made sense, and when I was done with him that night he'd forgotten all about being upset.) I then saw him in the cocktail lounge while waiting for a table on another date about a month later. We met for a third time at American Airlines Arena, at a Heat game, and he saw that I was with a third gent. He asked me out, which I thought was balsy since I was on a date, but I also respected that he didn't ever mention anything about the circumstances of a different man every time. He'd simply been charming and said he'd like to take me to lunch sometime. Hey, I love romance and intrigue. And given the settings in which I'd met him, I could tell he was very successful and worth knowing on a civilian basis. We got married six months after the lunch. It was after the second time I spent the night that I told him about my Dolly dates. He said he kind of wondered, given my schedule and the dates I'd met him on, but he was cool with it, and he thought it was sexy. He approved of my safety protocol and precautions. Since he was older than me, he told me that I'd need something on the side to fulfill my needs, and he thought Dolly dates was a hot way to scratch that itch.
So I guess when my lovely MILF neighbor was sucking my classy husband’s cock I was only briefly surprised, and then I was turned on. See, I'm not the only one who gets some extra sexual pleasure. Good for you William. I knew he fantasized about Cynthia. And seeing her nude, mature and sexy, eagerly giving him oral pleasure, her engagement, wedding, and anniversary bands, a collection of platinum and diamonds, on her slender fingers, a pearl white manicure making for a very classy married adulterous hand stroking his six and a half inch long, five and one half inch circumference circumcised cock while she smeared her lipstick and slowly licked his shaft when she wasn’t working the head. How had William gotten her into this situation?

Previous to this, when we’d brought a married woman home, she was for sharing. Someone from my gym, or a business associate he’d met. There hadn’t been all THAT many, I suppose, but to date we’d stayed out of the neighborhood. Cynthia was two doors up the street, inside the gated community where we enjoyed our lovely life. She had a small patch of caramel colored trimmed hair I could see between her legs. Pink nipples. I noticed what a slender trim ass she had in a pair of tight white jeans only a few weeks earlier when she was climbing into her SUV at the Publix when I pulled in. Yes, I’d imagined being with her. Imagined William being with her. And now it was for real!

I stayed lurking in the foliage, with a good view but they were too into each other to be looking around and noticing anyone else. She’d looked up at William, his tool still in her mouth, eyes focused on his, and then obeying what he must have said to her, stroked him briskly as she lifted her mouth off and then shifted forward while William stood and moved behind her, and he knelt to taste her married pussy, using two fingers to also work her into a bucking sexual slut for the taking. I heard Cynthia moan, “oh fuck yes, put it in me already, ugh, oh, please, put it in me, inside me, fuck…fuck me already….”

William stood, and did. He reached down to where his swim trunks, a cabana shirt, sandals and keys had been dropped. A condom, and he tore it open and after placing it over the head of his erect cock, he rolled it over his dick with one hand while fingering her and Cynthia reached back with one hand to use her fingers in conjunction with his. Then he rubbed the sheathed cock head up and down her very wet, pink pussy. “Don’t tease me, please….” “Please what?” He asked her. I had to smile. He liked this type of power role play. “”Please fuck me” she replied, obediently.

“Please fuck you how?” Playing with her. I’d stepped out of my running shoes and peeled off my socks.

“Hard, please fuck me hard.”

“What part of you do you want me to fuck Cynthia?”

“My pussy, please…fuck my pussy hard, your cock, fuck me hard with your cock.” She was clearly hoping she’d stumbled onto the right combination of words.

“Your single pussy? No, you’re not single, are you. Is your pussy married Cynthia?”

‘No, Fuck my married pussy hard, please fuck my married pussy hard…please.”

He was done playing. She was good. She’d made two of us wet. My shorts and bikini pantied were on the pool deck as well and I was walking toward the lovers, who still didn’t hear me.

William slid in easily. Holding her hips, he had one knee on the lounger, one legs standing, and Cynthia gripped the arms of the lounger and put her head down to the thick cushion while my husband fucked her. I peeled my sweaty tank top up over my head from the bottom, and reached behind and undid my similarly sweaty bra and dropped that as well. William heard me first, looking over his shoulder, and simply smiling while continuing to fuck our neighbor. Hard, like she’d begged him to. I smiled back.

“Cynthia, do you want to fuck Dolly, too?”

“She’s beautiful.” Not a direct answer. I was now close enough to hear his body slapping into hers. “I want you to be Dolly’s lover too. You said you were tired of not getting laid and that you wanted me to help you and no one would know. Well I don’t keep secrets from Dolly, and I want you to fuck Dolly too.”

Her eyes were still closed. “I haven’t been with a woman since college, William, but fuck, yes, if I can keep getting fucked by your great cock and Dolly’s so fucking sexy, sure, I’ll fuck you both, just keep fucking me now, I’m so close.”

I later found out the soul-baring conversation about our neighbor not getting any due to her husband’s erectile dysfunction and refusal to admit it and get a prescription to help took place at a the bar at a nearby tex-mex place where the margaritas were good and strong and the salsa and chips were made in-house. William always flirted, and she was finally at the point where a handsome man flirting, someone who apparently had as much to lose as she did, since they were both married, so yes, she was at the point where she made the suggestion. Dragged her nails on his thigh as they sat closely at the bar and said, “if you can keep a secret, I can too. I know Dolly’s sexy, but maybe I can give you some variety and you can give me what I need.”

I nodded my head at William, and mouthed the word “finish” as I reached down and touched myself just right, and about the time Cynthia was huffing and puffing and panting, “yes, yes, cum in me, fucking cum in my married pussy, yes, harder, fuck me, cum in me….” And then her body began to tremble about the time William’s body stiffened when he slammed forward and gripped her shoulders, She muffled her cries into the lounge pad, he released an unmuffled animal grunt and groan, and I made it a three-fer-all and reached my own finished line, and added some ahhhs, and oooohhs. Cynthia pulled her head up and suddenly saw me, her eyes wide, and she started to pull away from William.

I took the final two steps toward her as William held her tight. “Shhh, its okay, don’t move, Cynthia, its okay,” I assured her. She glanced to William and back to me. “Dolly…” she started. “No, its okay, really.” I reassured her. I took her left hand with mine. All of our rings on the hands that were touching. “ You looked so good fucking my husband, I want you to fuck me now. But I need to dip in the pool, come with me.”

I kissed William, whose hand, slightly moist with our neighbor’s pussy flavor, went to my chin, and I took his hand in mine and sucked his fingers. “Mmmmm, I love your married pussy taste, Cynthia, come in the pool with me, I want to touch you, too.”

She was dazed. And compliant. A tall, beautiful and confident woman, probably 34B 25 36 was my guess, just a hint of MILF tummy, some crows feet, a soft feminine body rather than my usual athletic fitness chick type pick up, with lovely curves. We walked down the steps into the shallow end of the pool, and it felt so good. Cynthia had interlocked fingers with me as we walked. “I dropped down, dipped under the water, so refreshing, and smoothed my hair away from my face when I emerged. Cynthia watched, her eyes on my body, clearly considering her first time with a woman, apparently, in more than twenty five years. She knelt down, dipped her head back to wet her hair, then rose up and I pulled her to me. Into my embrace. I leaned forward to kiss her, to make what had been a needful adulterous sport fuck with William into an intimate encounter. Her lips and chin, the skin of her cheeks near her mouth, all had trace tastes of my husband’s cum. I licked her, gently, sucked her lip, slid my tongue into her mouth and slowly, sensually, and she was withholding nothing. Cynthia was all-in, increasing the intensity of our kiss. She embraced me back. My right hand moved down her skin to between her legs while she focused on my D-cup breasts, massaging softly and tenderly as a woman does, pleasurably, less nipple play than a man’s hands get busy with in seconds, usually. We kissed again, “did you like my husband’s cock fucking your married pussy, Cynthia?” I moaned into her mouth. “Mmmm, yes, he has a great cock, I needed someone strong and handsome to fuck me,” she answered. “I know, doesn’t he? Let’s go share him, and I want your mouth on me and I want to show you how good I can make you feel.”

We took the sex party inside, and into our bedroom. William had used the outdoor shower, and we all toweled each other off. “I get her first,” I told William, and I laid on my back and beckoned Cynthia to climb above me, reversed, in sixty-nine position, At first, she licked me like a college boy would, tentatively, uncertain, inexperienced. So she was getting the better of this exchange, my mouth working her like a girl on girl porn star, and as she shook with her orgasm, the tension of being first caught and second seduced by a woman left her body and suddenly Cynthia was working my tender folds and moist slit and stimulation enlarged clit with the understanding that only a woman whose own body is equipped with the same sensual parts can do. Her tongue became more confident, plunging into me, and she erotically ran her fingers over my skin and raked my thighs and ass cheeks with her nails. “You’re so strong, so firm and toned, oh my God, Dolly, its like making love with a bikini competitor.”

I turned her around, and rolled so that I was on top, and I supported my body above Cynthia’s while I lightly scissor’d with her, our pussies teasing and stimulating each other. William appeared by the side of the bed, and between our lesbian show and show stroking while watching, he’d recovered and was fully ready for action. Cynthia and I both licked at his cock simultaneously, and we giggled when we did. I kissed her while reaching a hand over to William’s tool, and again, Cynthia did the same, We found our rhythm, sharing the stroking and licking and sucking, and then we rearranged so that William was lying down, and she and I were alternating, and whoever wasn’t working his cock was fingering and nipple sucking on the other woman. I loved when William fucked Cynthia missionary, with none of the dirty talking like before, just intimate, “yes, please, mmm, so good” and with her legs wrapping around my man’s hips and pulling him in, her arms clinging and clawing at him, she was fully his to fuck. I licked my husband’s balls while he fucked our neighbor and licked her clit while my husband pumped her married pussy. This was the first time they kissed, and it was heated and passionate, and then I kissed her and she sucked my tongue as she climaxed on my husband’s cock. But he wasn’t done.

I replaced her as the bottom of the missionary sex pairing, and William was bareback inside me, of course. So hot that he was kissing Cynthia while pumping me, her fingers on my breasts, then her lips on my nipple, and then tasting my pussy as William pulled out and she knelt and cleaned his cock of my sex juice. She worked him like the slut we’d turned her into, and he didn’t last long when he buried his hard working cock into my wet aching pussy, while she fed me my flavor by kissing me while my Husband pulsed his seed into me. Cynthia stroked the last few drops into me, then when William withdrew and collapsed next to me on the bed, Cynthia knelt between us and alternated her mouth on his tool and then in licking my creampie, with some minor snowballing a portion of what she licked out of me into my mouth.

We all three made use of the oversized walk in shower, and all cleaned each other up. Cynthia embraced each of us, lightly kissing, and told me that she hoped this wasn't going to be the only time.

It hasn't been. Many happy returns.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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