Golf Detour To Perfection

When one goes to play golf in a resort area as a single player, or going solo, as it were, it is common practice for the course to match the solo player up with a twosome or threesome.

Such was the case when I made a weekend detour to Sea Island following a business trip in Atlanta. The gentleman friend with whom I had had some amazing overnight business offered me the use of his ocean front house in that lovely resort, and loaned me his Jaguar to get me there (I am so blessed to have such successful, generous regulars!) so I beat traffic and drove down the Interstate arriving Friday night.

Having no set plans but plenty of time, and being worn out by not only the drive but the largely sleepless overnight in Atlanta (not that I'm complaining!  Have to imagine neither was he, considering the "extra" in my gift envelope and then the use of the house and Jaguar) I slept in late to recharge my batteries (not THOSE batteries!  silly boys, I meant ME, recharge ME!  Besides, I always carry extra batteries for that indispensable toy!)  and drove over to the golf club, to which I had access because of the house where I was staying, just before noon. The friendly young man in the pro shop smiled, eyed me up and down in my candidly short skirt, tight top and lots of leg showing outfit, called the marshal and set me up with a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Reed, who were members and ready to tee off in the next fifteen minutes. 

I was on the putting green, enjoying the crisp gorgeous weather, soaking in the sunshine and the ambience of the plush club, when I heard his voice behind me, a soft, slow, heart-warming southern drawl, like spilled molasses oozing down the branches of the indigenous and plentiful Spanish moss trees. "Hi, thay-uh, yew must be Dolly."  Okay, I freely admit, charm and manners with a touch of class and wit get me wet every time.  

I turned in response to the melodic greeting, and when I saw him, my body responded with a moist tingle within my lady place. He smiled a smile so bright it could have been seen in nearby Savannah. "Ah'm Abernathy Reed, Ah think Ah'll be playin' with yew today." Whether the pun was intended, who knows?  But what I knew was that one way or another, oh yes, he was going to get to play with me.

I extended my hand to him as I made my own introduction and we made small talk on the putting green while waiting for his wife to join us. I couldn't wait to see the lucky gal that got be charmed by this handsome, slightly graying, mid-50's looking catch of a man.  Oh God, I thought as I watched him putt, even his hands are gorgeous, strong without appearing rough or industrial, tanned like the rest of him (that I could see, anyway).  Dressed immaculately, and the kind of ice blue eyes that make you look away because they're too alluring. His iPhone was in a custom pocket on his Callaway bag, and he looked at a text.  Abernathy, who soon told me to call him Bert, muttered softly, without too much regret and certainly no surprise "She's in the bar, ran into friends, asks if we can be a twosome and send her sincere apologies. She's a sociable lady, not the first time, c'mon, Miss Dolly, let's make this course our own, shall we?" I started to wonder just how much fun this trip might bring.

Bert was about five foot ten, carried a few more pounds than I'll bet he did in his days at the University of Florida (I spied a Gator on his bag, asked if that was for him, and he confirmed he was originally from my state. Said he knew he liked me right away, so it was meant to be that I was from Florida).  He wasn't fat, he was...cozy, inviting, handsome, with dimples... and carried himself confidently but never arrogantly.  

He was a perfect gent driving the cart and coordinating that I was teeing off from the Reds while he told me would play from the Whites just to cut down on the time between our tees.  I did catch him checking me out every time I bent over for any reason, to putt, lift and mark my ball, tee it up...and yes, I was trying to put on a not so subtle show. He asked me what my exercise routine was to stay in such world-class fitness condition.  I blushed, told him about my running and triathlons and that I'd spent years playing tennis before dabbling with golf, and then told him how sweet it was for him to say such lovely things to make a lonely woman by herself feel so special. "A compliment like that could win a girl's heart, Bert, such a shame you're married or I would try to steal you away..." I told him.  "Dolly, I'm sure you know what happens on Sea Island, stays on Sea Island."I made sure my skirt showed a lot of my thighs for the rest of the round, and I somehow managed to keep the ball on the course so that we could keep moving.  Somewhere around the eighth green I suggested that since his wife hadn't been able to join us, perhaps just nine holes might be enough for a two-some like us and a late lunch could substitute for the back nine.  "The house I'm staying at has amazing water views, Bert."  I shot a 44, not great but wasn't embarrassed, and he effortlessly carded a 35.  He asked me the house number, then picked up his phone and called the clubhouse to have a pair of lobster salads and fruit and cheese plates delivered with a Pinot Grigio, bottles of sparkling water with sliced lemons in a bowl, and sweet tea, which he explained was one of his weaknesses.  "What are the others?" I asked, noticing that I'd finally caught him glancing at my cleavage.  "Beautiful women from Florida," he replied.
I propped my tanned legs up on the inside dash of the golf cart, deliberately providing Bert with an unfettered, eagle-eye view. The rising bulge in his trousers let me know we were fully on the same page, and he drove his cart to the house where I was staying, as Sea Islanders will do, saying, "we'll get your vehicle late-uh, Dolly" and I nodded as we each continued to glance at each other unabashedly.

 Bert knew his way through the developments, and I never had to give him any directions.  He pulled into a private area behind a privacy fence so that no one could see his golf cart at the house.  Then his warm, wonderful hand was on my smooth thigh (at last!) and he kissed me gently on the lips, but my lustful manner got the best of me and my tongue made its way to his, and my right hand found its way to his bulge and my left hand brought his hand to my breast.  He tasted of a mix of lightly salty perspiration and the tea he'd sipped on the course. I felt his cock pulse, and his hand felt good on my breast, still outside my blouse but my nipples announcing my readiness for action.  "Ow-uh lunch will be wait'n on the verandah, Miss Dolly," he said as he broke our kiss.  "We could pop it in the fridge and have it for dessert," I suggested. He said he liked my thinking, and kissed me again, playfully, sucking my bottom lip and then slipping his hand from my breast into the hand that was still stroking him through his slacks. 


OK, let's face it, even though I'd been fucked all night in Atlanta, I was so fully in Bert's spell that I needed him to serve my lustful desire pretty badly.  What the hell, I really had come here to unwind, I thought for a second, and hadn't meant to seduce anyone.  But who was doing the seducing?  God he was handsome and charming and sporting wood that I'd inspired.  I just wanted him to fill me. We got out of the cart, found the lunch trays left in a chiller box to keep them cool, slipped into the back door (okay, I should have phrased that better, but it was a house and we weren't going in through the front).  He was no longer hesitating to admire my body as we closed the door to the refrigerator, and he took my into his arms and cupped my ass with his hands, pulling me tight as we kissed, and then he nuzzled my neck.  Now his taste included a hint of some very elegant after shave, the type only a man of wealth and distinction would dab on. I ground myself onto him.  He was so hard, I could sense his cock aching as it twitched.  I lifted a knee, hooked a leg around him.  "Oh God, I'm humping him, why don't I just fuck this fine man?" I wondered.  But I felt that I should let him dictate the pace.  His charisma was undeniable.  Finally, as I opened his trousers, and he un-tucked my blouse from my skirt, I kicked off my shoes to match the fact that he'd left his spikeless shoes by the door. "Well, when Ah see a beautiful woman like you in such a tight skirt Ah do get excited" he said as I released his cock from his shorts and he stepped out of what he had been wearing below the waist. I lifted his shirt over his head, then did the same to myself, lost my bra into the growing pile of discarded clothes, and now my thong was the last stitch of fabric. Both of his hands cupped my D-cup girls, and his licked and kissed my nipples. I did my best southern accent impersonation, " If Ah wear a t-shirt with no bra and my jugs are undulating, Ah can stop traffic."  We both roared with laughter and kissed, and my skin against his felt so wonderful.  "You've stopped my traffic, I'm all parked, Dolly" Bert told me. "Follow me, I need you to pull into my garage."  I led him by the hand to the sumptuous master on the main floor.  Ocean views, a wonderful king size bed, and my Dolly duffel on the night stand that still had all my love-making accoutrements that hadn't quite been all used up in Atlanta. I knelt, and came face to face with about six inches of southern pine projecting upward at a nice angle.  I realized he'd be tapping me internally just where I love to be tapped when I rode him.


But first, I had to taste him.  With a couple of condoms I'd slipped out of my bag next to me, I savored the musky, sexy seductive scent of his body, and I bathed the underside of his shaft with my tongue.  He ran his fingers through my long blonde locks, my "hay-uh" as he said to me.  He kept himself still, maybe his knees trembled a bit, and I did all the head-bobbing and his cock ventured farther into my wet, hungry mouth.  I let it slowly slide out, then stroked the slicked up shaft and twirled the head, adding pressure just below while I licked first one, then the other inhabitant of Bert's scrotum.  He was leaking precum. I dragged my nails down the back of his thigh. My thong was soaked, and he removed one hand from my hair and placed it solidly on the back of my head. "Fuck my mouth a little, Bert, please, but then I need to feel you in me."  He only gave me two pumps before he backed out, gasping, "Dah-ling, I do apologize...." Oh shit, was he having second thoughts? "But I'll cum fah too soo-wun if you keep thrilling Bert Junior the way you-ah doin'." 


Bert Junior!  That accent!  I laughed, stood, and kissed him, feeling his tongue swirling around the corners of my lips to taste his own pre-game show. "So now that Ah know you've tasted me, Ah need to re-ton the favuh and taste your own southern sweetness.  Lay back, sugah."


He slid my drenched thong down my legs, and kissed me all the way down.  His fingertips wandered all over my legs as he positioned himself between them, which I'd spread wide in complete surrender to my charming lover.  Soft, introductory, teasingly light lashes of his tongue.  Then more thigh kisses. "I'm a leg man, Miss Dolly, and sugah, I don't know that I've evuh been so blessed to spend time with a lady with so mahvelous a pair of legs as yours." Then Bert finally focused on my ready to be taken pussy, and he was no longer such a gracious gentleman, he was instead a confident lover, not hurrying, but wasting no time and my legs wrapped around his neck, my fingers dug into his forearms as he held my body steady, and I was thrusting my pussy into his face as his tongue entered me, flitted my clit back and again, and I curled my toes, arched my back and threw my head back as he neared a perfect bullseye of a touchdown, gasping, panting, "oh, ugh uugghh, oh, ahh, ahhh, ahhhh, fuck, oh fuck, Bert,  mmmm,  oh God, oh, OH!  Oh!  Fuck, yes!, yes, .. oh God yes....." I think I blacked out for a few seconds.  Maybe I was dehydrated from the warm temperatures on the golf course.  No.  I was in bed with a master.


He took me through three (THREE!) more, squirting on the second of those two, while he added his fingers to the magic, then rimming my ass, teasing my taint, and as my teal pedicured feet rested on his shoulders, he started to move up the bed, bringing that fine log of his back into view.  "You were sayin' you needed me to pull in to the garage, Dolly, or something like that...wrap this ol' boy up so I can do my best for you."


Do his best?  I was flushed with perspiration from the best four of a kind you can have, four fantastic orally induced orgasms from a first time lover and he still hadn't shot his load yet.  Not that he needed much of a reminder, but I deep throated him briefly and licked a few times and then applied a thin, textured variety of condom.  I wanted to feel as much of Bert as I could.


I got him to lay back, and I straddled him, hunching down, kissing him to taste my own sexy pussy flavor from all over his face.  I reached down with the hand I wasn't using to steady myself, positioned Bert Junior to my entrance, and sensing how sopping moist I was from all that oral and cumming, pushed all the way down onto him in one move.  His eyes widened.  I didn't even start slow.  I'd noticed the clock when I reached for the condom. Damn, lover, he'd been with me in this house for over an hour already, and I'm only just now getting his cock?  I did rapid fire thrusts, his hands on my tits, squeezing, tweedling my nipples, and occasionally he simply relaxed his mouth to open and I'd pounce, kissing and using my tongue to fuck his mouth with the same rhythm I was being filled by his nice, strong cock. 


I did a spinner move, never dismounting, but now facing away for a reverse cowgirl, and Bert held my ass for steadying support and my feet were on his legs, my arms behind me on him.  None of me was touching the bed.  He was tapping my spot and I came and gushed, and suddenly wished I'd taken the comforter off the bed.  It must be a mess. I watched Bert in the mirror I was now facing, and saw his cock thrusting upward into my slick, shiny shaved pussy. And then, I felt that satisfaction I get when I bring climax to my lovers when Bert silently stiffened, closed his eyes briefly then grimacing, leaned forward and kissed my fit, toned back as his cock filled the condom that was deep inside me.


I stayed still until I felt Bert move me, then dismounted and curled my body into his.  He held me.  Really held me.  Tenderly, lovingly, protectively.  Couldn't believe I'd just met the guy and all I'd been looking to do was play golf with him and his wife.    Hoped whatever she was doing with some guy that it was half as good as what her husband was doing with me.


We were quiet. Softly kissing, stroking, and just savoring the feeling of our bodies. Together.


"Ah promised you lunch.  And I'll need mah strength to have a chance to give you seconds."  And before I could cheer he went to the kitchen and returned with the trays, the wine open and the beverages were welcomed to replenish our precious bodily fluids. At one point I dared to try inquisitive small talk, "Bert, I'd love to have you all for myself, but if I'm keeping you..." but he cut me off. "Not to worry, sugah, there's a fellah down he-ah who she enjoys when she can.  Just sort of how things evolved with us. No one's out looking fo' me, an' I know where not to go lookin', eithuh. I'm just so lucky you took pity on mah silly ol' self and made this ol' man so happy today."  Self-deprecating, charming, eats pussy like a porn star and lasted way longer than most men of a certain age.  And apparently he wasn't about to have to leave me just when I was getting that tingle for a post-nosh second round of sex (or was it a sixth or seventh round, I'd lost count of the orgasms and was having such an amazing time.  I cleared the trays.

He watched me lay down when I returned, after I'd finally tossed the sexually soaked comforter onto the chair nearest the bed, and he lowered himself, running his hands down my body, over my breasts again, caressing my narrow waist, and eventually down to my smooth puffy labia, and the hood of my clitoris protruding, from the top of my slit, beckoning him for more. With his hands pressed against my hips he pulled me toward him and put his mouth over my clit and ran the flat of his wet tongue over it. God, he was so good with his mouth.

"Oh yes," I whimpered as he pushed his head farther into my pussy.

I lay back on the bed, "You jus' sit back and enjoy this," he told me and I closed my eyes. I spread my legs wide and he took over my pussy lips, my well fucked but still needing more glistening folds and even a hint of my hole. He licked my pussy up and down in the narrow crease between my inner and outer labia, first up one side and then down the other. Bert kissed the length of my inner thighs and as I approached nirvana he returned to my clit then stopped short. He teased me for a long while and between his tongue and my excitement my aching pussy got even wetter. What started as a trickle of clear liquid dribbled down my thigh into the recess of my tight, toned ass. I looked up to see my hands caressing the lightly tanned button-sized nipples on my breasts. I hadn't even been aware I'd been doing that.  But I couldn't dwell on that for long as he suited his own cock up this time with another condom from bedside and repositioned himself over me and then thrust into me.

I clung onto the sheets as I raised my thighs onto Bert's shoulders and he buried his greedy cock again and again into my soaking wet vagina, making both of us sigh. 

I was beyond control, throwing my head from side to side as he wonderfully pumped in and out and up and down and thrilled my pussy and used a finger well-lubed with my slick sex fluids to tease my little pink bum hole. "Ah'm in sexual heaven like I haven't felt in years, Ah haven't been with such a woman like you in so long, no, probably nevah," he groaned, and that made me feel like a  super-hero, knowing I had this wonderful man in the throes of intense Nirvana. After a minute or two he began clawing at my wrists, pinning them to the bed sheets near my ears as I used my inner muscles to bring Bert and me closer and closer to a powerful mutual orgasm. He loved this added touch I'd saved for this round.

"Ooooh yes . . . don't stop," he said without looking at me, writhing frantically while he pumped his body fully into mine.  The crushing impact of a unrestrained fuck into my hips, so fulfilling.

His breathing became labored and I could feel his hands squeeze mine, our fingers interlocked holding me in place as we brought each other to a shuddering orgasm. He let out a loud moan and I clamped my runner's (Golfer's?) legs around his hips just as those hips jerked several times into me, as he pressed his mouth to mine and we sucked each other's tongues . Then I felt his legs relax and he broke the kiss, going up for air as if he'd been underwater. I looked down and could see the red flush on the skin between my breasts. My body gleamed with a thin layer of sweat in now fading light.

 He breathed deeply for a minute and then said, "God, that was absolutely amazing. Ah've cum before but never like that! Thank yew, thank yew, thank yew!"

I swiveled my body around again snuggled into him. He gave me a slow sexy grin and took a hesitant lick at the tip of my nose. I dozed off, and when I awoke, he was showered, dressed, and had apparently ordered more snacks that I hadn't heard being delivered.  Strawberries, herbal tea, new cheeses.  I nibbled a bit.  "I had your friend's Jaguar driven back here from the club, Dolly.  I'm so thankful to have met you, but I do fear I've overstayed mah welcome."  Before I could implore him to stay, and maybe find the strength to thrill me once more, Bert put his finger to my lips.


"This was no random accident Dolly.  You see, my house is just a couple doors down, and my good friend, your good friend from Atlanta, called to let me know he was having a very special friend stay here and could I make sure you had a wonderful visit to Sea Island."


I was shocked, thrilled, confused, and wondering a thousand things when Bert continued, "He texted me your photo so I'd recognize you if I saw you, and that way I could greet you even if the first time we came across each other wasn't here by the houses.  But Dolly, when I saw that photo he sent, I just hoped something like this could happen.  I hope you don't feel I've taken advantage of you, sweet darlin'."


I smiled my Dolly smile at Bert as it all sank in, and I wondered just how much of this my sweet man in Atlanta knew would happen, but I'd been thrilled by both these wonderful gentlemen for most of the past few days, and I was hoping to see so much more of both of them. 


"As it happens, my sweet wife texted me that she'd been called back to our home to help her sister and niece with some back to school last minute details, you know how it is for the young girls, having to get just the right dress for sorority functions and all.  I've told her to take the car, and if you wouldn't mind Dolly, I know you need to return our friend's car to him, would it be too much to ask if I could be your chauffer back to Atlanta?"  I barely let him finish before I threw my naked body into his, hugged and kissed him, and moaned "Yes, take me anywhere, Bert" into his ear.


"Oh, there's one last thing, our friend and I are practically neighbors in Atlanta, too.  You will come back and visit him again sometime, won't you?  My wife sometimes prefers to come on down here to Sea Island with her lady friends to play cards, or so they say."

So....Do ya'll wanna hear about our ride back to Atlanta?



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure.

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