Happy Thanksgiving Dolly

There are a set of photos for my web-site that I was never able to use. I still get a rattle and hum in my pussy whenever I think about that photo session. Oh, I’ve still got them, somewhere private, not on the internet.  I’m looking forward to sneaking another peak at them this Thanksgiving.  Just before I see the photographer.

I wanted something sexy, and my ex-husband’s brother is a professional photographer, traveling the globe for fashion shoots, catalogs, and earning significant under the table money for private photography sessions that no one wants to publicly admit to.  Yes, he does some porn star photo sessions and private sessions for ladies who want to give some intimate images to their husbands.  Or lovers.  I love my photos at my website.  But my former brother in law didn’t take those.  I’ve tried to keep the Dolly part of my life separate from family.

Oh, Mike (my former BIL) knows I’m a horny slut, my ex used to brag.  And I knew Mike was no stranger to taking photographs of nude women, or even of women in the midst of having sex.  Those posed shots at the porn site home pages with the cock half-way in are not still-captures from the porn video, those are separately taken with better lighting during the walk-through just prior to when the director shouts “action” and the clothes fall to the floor.  Walk through, ha! Try fuck through, more like it.  Anyway, Mike has done those.  Mike likes MILFs.  And he told me the first time I saw him after my divorce was finalized, “I wish you both a lot of happiness.  And does this mean I can finally call you a MILF, Dolly, instead of just thinking how much hotter you are than the porn stars I photograph?”

“Oh, I am?  Well thank you, Mike.  You do know what MILF stands for, right?”


“Well, so you’re saying you’d like to…you know….?”

“Big time.  But I couldn’t do that to my brother.  But you’d have never extended the offer, so I’ve been content to just fantasize about you when I’m with someone else.”

Hearing Mike tell me that he thought I was a MILF, that he’d like to fuck me, and that he imagines he’s fucking me, his brother’s wife up to that point, when he’s having sex with another woman was HOT.  Mike was good looking enough—his attitude was sexy, for sure.  Yeah, I’d imagined fucking Mike when I was making love with my husband.  Who was no longer my husband.  Hmmmm.

So I called Mike and asked him if I could hire him for one of his private portfolios.  "You're usually in town for Thanksgiving, instead of flying somewhere for a photo shoot.  So I thought maybe I could hire you on your day off to take some photos for a new friend of mine."  Which wasn’t a lie.  My Dolly dates were new friends I met after Mike’s brother and I divorced.  “It would be my pleasure,” was Mike’s response, but I can't let you pay me.  I need to test out a new lens, anyway, so consider it my Thanksgiving gift to you.  I guess I knew I was playing with fire. Like that ever stops me.

Mike brought over some lighting equipment, and knew just how to set everything up and soon my bedroom was a photo studio of sorts and I placed some sexier than usual satin sheets, a nice tone that Mike had suggested to go well against my tanned skin and blonde hair.  I was in black stilettos, black stockings, a black bra with pink accents.  He’d even made some makeup suggestions, knowing how the lighting would impact the make-up. With all my yoga, I’m very flexible (in case you boys hadn’t noticed) and we had some fun and laughs, music in the background, with me arching my back, laying down, ass in the air on all fours, arms over my head, then peeling off various elements of my seductress lingerie and playing a little peek a boo with the top sheet.

But with the south Florida humidity, even just before Thanksgiving, and the heat of the lighting, Mike had suggested we turn the AC way up, and I ended up with hard nipples just poking right out, drawing the attention in every photo.  I’d position my arms to hide those nipples on some side-boob shots, and then Mike said, “let’s do some kink, let me blind fold you.”  That came out of left field.  And as if I wasn’t already moist and turned on from the photo session and Mike, the blind fold helped me get really wet, like having a big porn cock slide right into my tight, warm, snug sexy pussy in one slide kind of wet. 

Mike moved my hips, positioned me more ways than a little girl twists her Barbie.  So I’m getting wet, my female sexy scent is filling his nostrils as his hands touch my flesh to position, me, and finally Mike just tosses the top sheet aside and says, “with your body you need to have a set of nudes done by someone who knows what they’re doing, and that someone is me.”  I could feel his hands on my, stroking my skin, while he’d whisper compliments, “Geez, Dolly, how’d my brother mess up and lose you,” or “damn, I can think of a few fitness fetish sites would love these photos but they’re all yours, Dolly,” and then my favorite, “A shame you aren’t an escort, men pay top dollar to be with a woman with a body like yours.”  Which made me giggle and leak sweet lubricating nectar, and I know he was aware.

And I felt his hands on my breasts, “this okay?  This is how we try to tweak nipples for the photo shoots, okay?”  Oh my God, was it okay, I was so turned on.  “Mike, its just us, you know…” was what I moaned, and he took my wrists and lifted them above my head while my body was still twisted on my side, the satin feeling so good on my bare flesh.  Then I felt some silk around my wrists, “what the…”

“Its okay, Dolly, I always bring some men’s neckties for a shoot in case we do some faux bondage poses,”  It didn’t hurt, I felt … well, if not safe, then at least protected, as if Mike had claimed me and the rest of the tribesmen did not dare touch the chief’s woman.  And with Mike’s hands on me, and me obeying his commands, I definitely felt like I was Mike’s woman.

I heard the shutter.  “Lick your lips,” he commanded, and then again with the compliments and photos, “so sexy, Dolly, so fucking beautiful, you’re pure sex, Dolly, pure fucking sex coming out of every pore…”

I felt his hands, lifting off the blindfold and re-positioning my hair. I saw him, saw his eyes on me, naked now, tied to the brass heard rail, and he stroked my skin, “does this feel good?”

I licked my lips again, “God yes. Touch me, Mike, like you touched the porn stars.”

“How do you know what I did with the porn stars?”

“Whatever you did, it must have been amazing, I feel so sexy with you today, Mike.”

I guess if life came with sub-titles the words “Fuck Me Now” would have flashed across my body.  And Mike began to massage my labia, stroking his fingers into my wetness, swirling my juices onto his finger then feeding me that finger, which I greedily licked and sucked. “Yes” was all I said.

And then his fingers were inside me, I moaned in pleasure, started bucking my hips, and realized my wrists were still tied.  I bit my bottom lip, “Mike, untie me, I need to hold you while you touch me.”

“All in good time, baby.”  And then his mouth was on my nipple, and I felt an earthquake begin, centered in my core, and I went from 0 to 60 in no time flat and gushed.  “Oh my God, you’re a fucking squirter! A squirting hard body slut MILF!”

Another woman might have been upset to be called a slut.  At that moment I was so damned horny and proud to be called a slut.  “Fuck me, Mike, fuck your cock into your brother’s ex wife’s squirting slutty pussy.”  Tremors stopped me from saying more slutty things.  “Oh, God, fuck!”  I burst out, and my brain was so fried with the pleasure I couldn’t continue my playful porn dialog. “There are condoms in the night stand” I told my ex brother in law, and Mike pulled his shirt over his head as he walked to that side of the bed. Opening the drawer, he grabbed a few, and they were magnum sized.

His shorts dropped, and Mike was eight inches and wasn’t fully erect yet. My wrists were still tied.  “I’ve always imagined you had a wonderful mouth for sucking cock” and he presented his cock beside my face.  I turned my head, and he pushed into my mouth just far enough that I felt like he owned my throat.  I imagined still being married to Mike’s brother, that I was sucking my brother in law’s cock.  That I was about to fuck my brother in law. I tasted pre-cum and Mike fucked my mouth with short, steady, but unyielding strokes.

I gagged, and he pulled out, and then bent over me and kissed me as he straddled me.  His legs were hairy, and felt rough to my smooth as a baby’s ass bare skin.  Untie me, please, Mike, fuck me but let me touch you while you do.”

He grinned a truly wicked grin, and rolled the condom onto the bigger of the cocks that the two brothers had been gifted.  I bit my lip again, “don’t tease me, Mike, fuck me with that big thing, c’mon brother, don’t you want to put your seed into your slutty sister’s hot pussy, and feel her nails digging into you while you fuck me into submission with all the family downstairs at the Thanksgiving table?”

Mike's body let me know he loved the dirty family holiday role play I'd just improvised.  His cock spasm’d upward and the wicked grin turned into a smile as his faced neared mine.I kissed him like my life depended on it. He was an aggressive kisser, but so am I, and then he lifted his body and I felt the pressure inside me as he filled me.  He rammed himself up into me hard, and I was thankful he was wearing a condom so that my slutty role play dialogue was just that, role play. 

He fucked me in varying speeds for about five minutes, and rolled me onto my belly in the middle of that and I got my ass up in the air, posing on my knees while Mike’s pleasure pole drilled me.  Then he reached forward, his sweaty chest against my own perspiration-slicked back, and unties my wrists but didn’t release them.  “Do you want me to shoot a baby into you like my brother couldn’t?”  “Mmmm, yes, your cock is so much better than your brother’s, wouldn’t you just love knowing I’m carrying your child after you fucked me in your brother’s bed….”  A shame we weren’t videoing this session, I was play acting for all my worth and this was hot.  Mike was still wearing a condom but it felt so dirty to talk like he didn’t.

And then he released my wrists, and we grappled, muscles straining to try new position variations with me inside him, my legs wrapping around every part of him I could wrap and still keep him deep inside of me. I squirted my way through another pair of orgasms and we ended up me on top, at which point I showed why in addition to a MILF I can also be a spinner, and then facing the same way as my brother in law, I rode him reverse cowgirl while his hands felt my breasts, squeezed my nipples, and twiddled my clit.  I was cumming and cumming, and I cried out for him to cum inside me, fill me, make me his bitch.  "Oh Mike, right there, right there, yes, yes, yes…you feel so fucking great inside my wet pussy….”

I think it was the “make me your bitch” line that I belted out that pushed Mike over the edge and his body stiffened and I clawed at him, ankles locked behind the small of his back and I felt him pulse inside of me.  So much hotter than any fuck his brother had ever given me.

We caught our breath, and then Mike slipped out of me, and surprised me by taking off the condom and going into a sixty-nine position with me.  “I must taste like latex” I protested.  “no, you taste amazing, I could taste your freshly fucked pussy all day long.”  I had him hard again by the time I finished gasping, ‘Oh my God, yes, YES YEESS!!” while squirting all over his face.  He kissed me, and I licked my flavor from my ex-brother in law’s face.  He didn’t feel like an Ex, I noticed, just that he and I were now lovers and this was so hot.

He fucked my mouth some more, and then when he grunted that he was close, he pulled out and shot his thick cream onto my tits.  “Stay still, Dolly, just a second.”  He grabbed the camera, which I realized for the first time he had set up onto a bedside stand while he’d been fucking me.  And he shot a frenzy of shots of his cum covering my tits, chin and neck.  I obliged and scooped some up and licked it off my freshly manicured fingers.

I asked if he’d like to shower with me, but that I needed to put my bedroom back together and go pick up my child.  “Don’t want anyone to know I’ve been soundly fucked by good ol’ Uncle Mike.”  He was still catching his breath, and said, “it sounds fun, getting in the shower with me, but how about next time?”  Next time?  Presumptuous stuck up big dicked power fucking machine.  Assuming there’d be a next time.

Well of course there was going to be a next time.  “That’ll be fun.”

And it was.  Because the next time he came over I found out that the camera had been on a mount and an auto setting to simply snap off a digital photo at five second intervals while Mike and I fucked.  Mike fucked me in a way that appealed to my slutty bad girl, making me feel like a sexual animal, and left my muscles wonderfully feeling used. My body comes alive when Mike fucks me in a way that just never happened when I was married to his brother, who was a tender lover and a good man, but, well, there were just enough points on which we didn’t click that the divorce made sense for us both.

Sometimes I wonder, would I have gotten around to fucking Mike if I hadn’t divorced his brother.

Mike doesn’t wonder.  “I’d do anything for my brother, Dolly, you know I love him.  So thank goodness you divorced him and saved me from feeling guilty that I wasn’t strong enough to keep from fucking you much longer.” 

So last Thanksgiving, and now this one, since my ex and I are on really cooperative terms and we split Thanksgiving Day and I bring my child over at about 4:00 p.m. for the rest of Thanksgiving Day and then the next day as well, I get to see Mike when I do the exchange. 

"Hi MIke."

"Happy Thanksgiving, Dolly.”

“Happy Thanksgiving, Mike.”


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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