I Was Just Helping My Favorite Aunt

"You're killing me! Now I know you've had too much to drink."

"I'm serious, Dolly, Stan's a fucking animal." Aunt Cheryl, slurring her words, continued. "I can't take it anymore."

I was stunned.  My Aunt Cheryl has been so in love with “Uncle” Stan, her husband, who just happened to be the father of a former sorority sister of mine.  Which made that sorority sister my sort-of cousin.  Awkward, especially since she married a former boyfriend of mine.  I wrote about that wedding reception previously in my blog.  The one where I had hot up against the door sex during the reception with the groom.

"You've been married to Stan for 10 years, Aunt Cheryl, you met him when Lisa and I were sorority sisters! You and he snuck out at Lisa’s wedding reception to fuck just like I did!  When did you fnally decide that you couldn’t handle sex with him anymore?"

Cheryl sighed.  "I love him, but I’m not like you, Dolly, I can’t go all day and night, every day.”

Okay, so I’m close with my aunt and she knows my appetite for sex. 

Cheryl laughed to herself, and then let me in on the joke, “And he's too fucking big."

"What? He hasn’t put on any weight, he's in great shape, the same size as when you got married."

"I'm talking about his cock. Really, I can't do it anymore. Since he sold his business and has more leisure time, all he wants to do is fuck, and he’s starting to resent me because I won't let him every day."

You wouldn’t think there could ever be too much information (TMI) for me, and yet my reaction was to tell my aunt, "I don't want to talk about this!"

"Oh I forgot! Sweet little Dolly doesn't even think about such things." Okay, the dripping sarcasm to the slutty niece was appropriate considering I was the niece.

"Come on, Cheryl, don't be mean. You're just angry. Why don't you stay here with me tonight, we’ll make a girls night of it."

"You know I'm taking night classes just to avoid him, don't you?"

"Don't be silly! You've always wanted to go back to school and get a masters."

"Fuck it, it doesn't matter. Maybe you’re right. You’re sure I can stay here?"

"Sure. I'll go up and tell Stan."  Cheryl and Stan had moved in to the condo a few floors above me in my same building a year and a half earlier after they downsized their south Florida home and bought a great place in Vail once Stan sold his business.  There was a vacancy in my tower and they’d always admired our views, so I told them and Stan and Cheryl became my neighbors.

"Tell him he can wank it tonight!"

"I'll just tell him you fell asleep."

Living in a luxury high rise with your aunt has benefits, but it had now turned out to have costs too. I slowly walked to the elevator, wondering if I would know all this if Cheryl still lived over in the next county and we were simply and aunt and niece, not neighbors who conveniently walked, jogged, did yoga, and went to the spa together.  We shared drinks previously, but this time Cheryl was drinking more than usual and the conversation went to a place I hadn’t expected. I told Stan that his wife fell asleep, then slowly returned home. Stan was hot, and when I first met him, before Cheryl did, he was the “hot dad” of my pledge sister Lisa.  I was considering going after an affair with him since he was recently divorced.  But then Aunt Cheryl came to campus on a visiting week end, met Stan, and they hit it off immediately.  But I still thought Stan was sexy.  And now I knew that he needed more sex than Cheryl could keep up with, and that he was hung, too.  I hoped that Cheryl had actually fallen asleep. When I entered, my wish was granted.

In the morning, Cheryl had no memory of the previous night's discussion. I did nothing to change that.


Stan answered on the third ring. "Yeah."

"Hey Stan – It's Dolly – is Cheryl there?"

"Nope. She's at class, like usual."

"Sorry – I forgot. I just needed her opinion."

"Anything I can help with?"

"Thanks – maybe. Can you keep a secret?"

"Sure can."

"Great – come on down. I'll leave the door unlocked."

Stan didn’t have to be asked twice.  He loved Cheryl, but there was always this energy between us, and while Cheryl is a looker, I think my fitness level places me squarely into a particular desire Stan has for hard-bodied fitness chicks.  Apparently we’ve fantasized about each other.  And now here he was, walking in my door with a beer, "Dolly! I'm here."

I called to him from my bedroom. "Great! Stay out there, ok?"

"Fine. What do you need?"

"An honest opinion!"

"And you were asking your aunt? You must be crazy, she’s totally in love with you and could never be objective!"

"Whatever." I continued, still in my bedroom. "I'm meeting a guy I know later, and I want *more* out of our friendship."  I didn’t tell Stan it was a Dolly date.  Even Cheryl didn’t know about those.

"Its about time! Have you even had a steady boyfriend in the last couple years."  

"Don't be an asshole, Stan. It's complicated, and I want some help. Probably better to have you here anyway, I can get a man’s opinion.  Sorry to make you check out your niece!”

“That’s never a problem when you’re the niece, Dolly. I may not be too objective, either, I’ve always thought you were hot.”  Stan telling me I’m hot, instead of just looking and thinking? I wondered how many of those beers he’d had. 

"OK, then Dolly – what's the problem?"

"He's married. I need to know if this outfit will help me seduce a married man."  I’d caught Stan by surprise, letting him know that I sleep with married men.

"What the fuck, Dolly? When did you become a home wrecker?"

"I'm not, and I don't want to be."

"Sounds like it to me."

"Whatever. Just help me with this: how do I approach him to let him know that I don’t just want to be friends?"  Okay, so now I was just purely bullshitting Stan.  Wait, you’ll see.

"He has no idea?"

"Not a clue."

"I can't believe I'm asking this, but do you think he's going to be into it?"

"Not sure, that's why I'm nervous."

"Just tell him. He's a guy – be direct. Any man would want to take you to bed, Dolly, hell, the first time I saw you back when you and Lisa…..” he trailed off, but I knew where he’d been heading.  Good.  “But, um, anyway, I don't think you should do it."

"Why not?"

"I think you're too nice – I don't think you would feel good about yourself."  Now he was bullshitting me.  He knew damned well I wasn’t too nice.  He was reaching for excuses. I could smell victory approaching.

I entered the room. "That might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me." But Stan barely heard my words, and he was speechless when he saw me.

I wearing a skintight, little black dress as a contrast to my mid-back-length blonde hair. The dress barely went past my ass, and beneath it only my tanned, toned, smoothly waxed thighs were visible: just below the knees my calves were covered by black high heel boots.

"So you think I should just tell him."

"Goddam Dolly, you look so ..."

"So ... what?"

"Different. So, so, … shit, you look…."  Babbling.  Love when I have that effect on a man.

"I look ‘so’?  Is that all?"

Stan, finally pulling his eyes from my body outfit, noticed her bright red lips, my matching manicure, my cleavage.  His eyes were all over me and I was getting so wet, toying with him. "No, you look amazing."

"What should I say to him, Uncle Stan?"  I only called him “Uncle” when I was teasing and flirting.  Always made him blush.  But I could see from his shorts that this time it also made him hard.

"I don't think you'll have to say anything."

I stepped closer now, and asked again. "What should I say, Stan?"

"Fuck if I know. Tell him you want him."

"Should I mention his wife?"

"He's not going to give a shit. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. Should I mention his wife?"

"Yeah. Tell him you won't fuck up his life. Tell him you'll keep it secret."

"I can keep secrets. You can too, right?"

Stan nodded in the affirmative, while continuing to stare at me.

"OK. I think I have it. Wish me luck."

"You're not going to need luck, kid. You're gorgeous, I’m fucking jealous."

"Thanks, now listen. I want you, and I'll keep it secret."

"Yeah, that's right. It'll blow him away."

"Stan, you’re not listening, I want you, and I'll keep it secret." 


The look on Stan's face went from confused, to perplexed, to very, very serious. "I'm giving you one second to change your mind." I stepped closer and stared deep into Stan's eyes, taking his hands in mine, and he complied when I interlocked my fingers in his, like lovers.

When he was sure I wasn't backing away, and that he wasn’t dreaming, Stan released one hand and stroked my hair. "You look like you’re ready to close the deal right now" He whispered into my ear.  I heard him inhale, further lured to me by my perfume that he was now intimately close and could smell.  I let my cheek touch his, glad for the heels on my boots to bring my face to his face in spite of his height.

"Yes, I am, oh God, Dolly, I want you."

A brief smile was shared before I dropped to my knees. I raised my eyes to his, my hands on his trousers, feeling the swell and the heat. "Here, let me take it out."

I undid his belt, unsnapped his shorts, pulled down his zipper, than pulled his shorts and boxers down to his knees. Stan's cock sprung forward. Cheryl hadn’t been lying.  Stan’s cock was magnificent. I felt my body responding, lubricating, preparing to be boarded and occupied. 

"Oh, fuck." I gasped. 
"Oh yeah, we’re gonna fuck alright."  Stan had gotten with the program as my hand stroked his shaft.

Quickly I pulled his shorts further down. "Get undressed. Right now. Stan – right now." Stan let go of my shoulders, where he’d placed his hands when I knelt before him, pulled his shirt from his body, kicked his shoes off, stepped out of his shorts and was naked in my apartment.  Naked, and hard. 

I stared for a second, then took his cock in both of my hands. I wanted to stretch him, as if that were possible, with one hand pulling toward the head and the other pushing toward the base. I looked up again and smiled triumphantly as I felt him grow, my own excited body slowly rocking so that his head just tapped lightly against my lips.

I kept this going long enough for fluid to emerge from Stan's cock, and for it to form little ropes between my lustful lips and his cock’s eager head. It was clear to me he liked this, but quickly it became apparent that he wanted more. Good, I’d been waiting for him to take charge. Which had been the Stan fantasy since the first day on campus all those years ago, when I was sleeping with the man now married to Stan’s daughter.

"That's right, suck it. Oh fuck, Dolly, show me what a hot little slut you are." His dirty talk excited me. I was proud of how much I could take down my throat, my saliva output at the max but not yet quite gagging.

"Oh fuck, if I knew you were this good a cocksucker I would have taken you sooner." That motivated me, and I worked him faster and faster. When he swelled, I prepared to swallow. But that wasn't Stan's plan. 

Stan pulled my head back just before a rope of cum hit my nose, a second hit my chin, and a third found a landing on my breasts. An immensely powerful ejaculation, it was exciting.  He really did fuck as hard and strong as Cheryl said.  “Your loss, auntie” I thought to myself.   "Lay back." I reached for my zipper but as I did, Stan stopped me. "Leave it on. I like it. I'm going to fuck you in it." I was on my bed now.  In Stan’s hands.

Stan took my boots in his hands, lifted and spread my willing, eager legs. Stan stared between my legs. "Seriously, Dolly? Shaved? No panties? And, fuck, I can *smell* how wet you are. God your sex smells so hot" I gasped as he ran his semi-erect cock across my pussy lips. "Soon."  I was so excited by the dangerous feel of that bare stroke across my unprotected pussy, and was glad I’d taken out condoms in advance, and they were visible, just beside me, on the comforter that was being soaked with my anticipation juices.

Stan wasted no time. He fell to his knees, grabbed my ass with both hands, lifted my pussy to his face, and made me convulse with his aggressive tongue. Stan's fingers dug powerfully into my ass, while his tongue split my lower lips and entered my body, which had begun to perspire. Stan was not graceful, but he was eager. He tormented my clit like some sex fiend. I was receiving almost constant stimulation by either his tongue or nose. He was relentless. Cheryl hadn’t exaggerated in the least.

My orgasm built quickly.   My hips thrust high in the air, “Mmmm, damn, oh, God, yessss!”  Brainless orgasm talk time. But Stan paid no mind, he wouldn't stop, and a second orgasm hit, and then a third, and a fourth. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, no, shit, on God, no, oh wow, Jesus, oh fuck…” Yeah, I’d had my brains fucked out.  Only he hadn’t even fucked me yet, just oral.  I couldn’t take it anymore and was striking Stan on the shoulders. "Stan, please, oh shit, Stan, Stop! Stop! Too much. I can't take it ..." Stan stopped licking me when the fifth struck, but he extended the orgasm with his thumb.

I was laying there panting as Stan moved into position. His cock, now hard again, rest against her pussy lips. "I love having you as my slut, like I always wanted," and it looked like he was ready to enter me.  I summoned enough brain cells to point and look at the condoms, Magnum XL’s since I’d had the benefit of Cheryl’s drunk talk about Stan’s size.

Not able to form words yet after five orgasms, the last three gushers, I simply looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"Oh don't worry, I'm gonna wear protection when I fuck you just like you want me to." And with that he tore open the foil wrapper, slowly worked it over his engorged girth, and then re-centered himself and pushed his head into me. My groan and gasp seemed to feed his lust.

I groaned, again, in sheer tantalizing pleasure.

"You're so fucking tight, Dolly, like I imagined you’d be." Stan kept repeating these words as he worked his way into me. "So fucking tight." Didn’t dawn on me until later how he’d referenced imagining how my pussy would feel stretched to its limits while stuffed with his cock, the cock he used to sex my aunt Cheryl, and now her niece—me.

It’s not like sex ecstasy was real pain, though, and I started whispering for more. "Come on, come on, come on, oh fuck, yes, yes….."

When Stan's movements stopped, I opened her eyes to see him. He was looking down, inspecting how perfectly our bodies fit together. I looked too.  It really was hot, just perfect sexual mating. When finally he looked at me, we were both was struck by the magnitude of the moment. 

There I was, his cum soaked niece, his wife’s niece, his daughter’s sorority sister and bridesmaid, impaled on his cock, begged him with my eyes. He did not disappoint me. Stan shifted his weight forward and began to take me, make me his. His thrusts were short and slow at first, but quickly became rapid and deep.

I started moaning in a higher pitch when Stan surprised me and grabbed my breast, teasing my erect nipple. The combination of pain and pleasure was too much, and I exploded on his thinly sheathed cock. He was insatiable, didn't pause and Stan threw his arm under my leg and lifted it toward my chest.

Now unimpeded, and with me fully open and surrendered to his power and masculinity, Stan fucked me as hard, as fast, and as deep as he could. My orgasms continued to rock me, but what seemed to excite Stan most, judging from his face, were the gasps, the grunts, the hints of pain that only a sexual woman can understand to really be extremely pleasure beyond my capacity for pleasure.

When he was close, he lifted my other leg, pressed all of his weight down, and forced his cock as deep into my body as possible. I felt the pressure of his release, filling his condom, and Stan continued to pump his cum into that Magnum that somehow didn’t explode with short deep thrusts.

Afterward, we lay there, bathed in sweat and sex, but neither spoke. Stan pulled away just slightly, looked at me, and then kissed me passionately as I returned the kiss, tongue to tongue, fully engaged in our mouths becoming one source for sensual mutual pleasure. It was our first kiss as lovers after what we’d both come to realize was more than a decade of lust and desire.

"Cheryl will be home soon. Stan, you need to leave." He didn't say a word, he just pulled from me, carefully removed his condom without spilling, and stared at my glistening, well fucked body, my little black dress hiked above my slender but curvy hips as he got dressed. I was still on the bed, watching him dress as I brought my fingers from my swollen well-fucked pussy to my mouth.  I love how I taste when I’m all frothy.  Next time I want to taste him, I thought.  Another wish that came true eventually, and not long afterward, either.


"Stan and I are on similar schedules." I thought as he left. "He sets his own time, and I start work almost two hours after Cheryl goes to her class four nights a week."

Here’s how I rationalized my desire to keep fucking Stan. I knew I would be able to take Cheryl's biggest problem away, and my ability to fuck Stan as often and as aggressively as he wants will almost certainly save their marriage. And that's what a favorite niece does for her favorite aunt.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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