New Semester and Dolly's Friend Becomes Her Lover

"Damn, she's incredible," I heard Ted say.  Which made me a little upset, even though I usually don't have any feelings of jealousy.  But I had let Ted fuck me all morning before we made it to the gym and well, shouldn't that make me the center of attention for at least the rest of the afternoon? Especially since I was wearing some really sexy, skimpy workout wear.  All the other guys were checking me out.  So why was Ted looking at Christy?  Ted turned, probably realizing he'd actually said that out loud.  He does that sometimes with sexual admiration when he only meant to think it. Hilarious how that works sometimes, especially in the worst moments. Thank God Christy didn't hear him. He'd mentioned she'd be an amazing threesome with us.  It would not have been my first ménage a trois, but it was still an unchecked box on Ted's bucket list, and I was so proud of how I'd whipped Ted into shape that I was starting to think that a threesome with Christy would be fun.    I was sitting on the weight bench in between sets at the university gym where Ted and I worked out and was doing a bit of gawking at Christy's perfect backside myself. When I heard Ted make his remark, I stepped over to him and gave my then-fuck buddy a tap on the shoulder. 

"Admiring the view there?" I whispered in Ted's ear.

 Ted turned to see who had caught him.  Lucky for him it was me.  "Oh, God, Dolly, I said that out loud, didn't I?"  Ha!  I'd been right.  He looked sorry, and a bit scared.  After all, we were in a gym, and my muscles, while not overly large, were toned and pumped up.

 I made my blue eyes as icy as I could. "Dammit Ted" I scowled. I just love bustin' balls on a guy when I know I'm going to fuck him later anyway.  Just playing with his mind. He started to talk, and still looked remorseful, so I decided to let him in on the fact that I was really more amused than anything else.  I gave him my Dolly smile.  His face relaxed.

"You're the one who said it out loud," I whispered and poked him hard in the shoulder. "I know she looks hot, but I think I've already treated you pretty well today.  Still got some left for more?  If you like, I can shower and be ready to leave here in 10 minutes."

I saw his cock twitch in his shorts. "Shit, sorry about saying that, I have one set left and then I'll be right there."

 Ted was the closest thing I had to a brother, and funny thing is he ended up in the fitness business because of me.  We met the first week of graduate school when he wandered into the student fitness center. Ted was new to the sunshine state, having grown up and gone to college in Minnesota. He was determined to get into shape, to try to keep up with all the fit hot students who can be found on a university campus in Florida, but from what I saw, he had no clue where the hell to start. He was cute in a lost puppy sort of a way, so I approached him to ask if I could help.  The next thing Ted did was make me laugh (another turn on, guys, the ability to make me laugh, take notes, please).  I laughed because Ted's eyes bugged out when he saw me and the poor out of shape lost refugee from the land of snow and ice-fishing couldn't even manage to get out a "Hi." "Cat got your tongue?" I asked.  Ted literally shook his head back and forth, hard and fast, and then said, "In my defense, you've got me a little dumbstruck because it’s not every day that a smoking hot, hard-bodied athletic blonde fitness model strolls right up to me and started talking."


Yes, I guess you could say I liked Ted from the start. 

 I took Ted through the same workout I was doing that day and from the look on his face he was in absolute heaven. Physically hurting, but his eyes never left me.  But I wasn't just eye candy in the gym, I was (and still am) strong! Looking back on it, it's a little ego boost that I could bench and squat more than a guy who described me the way he just had.  Even though he wasn't in shape, he wasn't too far out of shape either, just kind of average guy who isn't an athlete. He gladly followed me around for an hour, taking every chance he could get to sneak a peek at my young, perfect little ass, firm, D-cup tits, and my bare flat tummy with enough definition to make you want to lick and kiss me there before we fuck. I was used to being looked at in a gym, just as I'd gotten used to being looked at on a tennis court, when running, or back in high school when I was a cheerleader. We made small talk, about what graduate housing we lived in, where we were from, which graduate program we were in, and other sort of grad school discoveries. For the record, I was getting my MBA, and Ted was getting a masters in hospitality management.

 After our workout he offered to take me to lunch, saying it was to pick my brain about fitness. I declined at first, but I finally agreed to go get a spinach salad at the student center dining hall. I could sense his pride walking across campus talking with me, trying not to let me catch him watching my boobs and tight booty as we walked. When I finished my salad, I handed him a napkin with my dorm room number and '7am tomorrow' written on it and strolled off.

 Sure enough, Ted stumbled into my building lobby the next morning, groggy, still confused, and from the way he was walking I could tell he was incredibly sore from that first work out. He was two minutes late, and I had already taken the elevator down, so as soon as he came through the door I was in front of him, wearing tiny running shorts that barely covered my perfect round ass and left my lean, tanned, toned legs in view, and a tight tank top showing off the rest of my hard-earned fitness body. I was sporting some bright pink running shoes, and said simply. ”We're going for a run."

We did a 2 mile loop, and I was pretty sure he was going to die. He stayed with me until we made it back, then I took off for 2 more while Ted recovered. After I finished, we stretched and I told Ted to meet me at the gym at the same time as yesterday. After our afternoon workout, we talked for the rest of the afternoon. I told Ted if he was serious about getting into shape like he'd told me he was, that he had to stick to a routine and I would do my best to help him. 

Thus began a friendship and a routine, 5 days a week 7am runs, noon workouts, often followed by lunch dates for salads or whatever other healthy choices the dining hall offered. I made it clear that I was dating other guys very early on, though I left out some of the members of that list since I didn't know what he would think if I mentioned the non-students I enjoyed sex with, like an occasional professor, classmate's father, sorority sister's boyfriend, visiting lecturer, and supervisor for an internship.  I did enjoy his friendship, and took pride in his body as my project--and I love to excel at everything I do-- and we focused on the workouts and our friendship instead of having any dating tension. A few weeks later, just after we got back from Christmas and New Year's break, that all changed.

During the fall semester, I had narrowed my list of sex partners down to a hunk who I thought was "the one".  Looking back, I was young and this was a learning experience.  I enjoyed spending the warm beautiful fall having a variety sampler of sexual dates and hookups, along with the adventures. Like when my favorite best-selling author was in town as a guest lecturer and I sat in the front row for his talk. I lured him into eye contact with my décolletage at the reception afterward and offered to give him a tour of some parts of the campus he'd read about. Then fucked him in the early dawn hours before his early flight the next morning after I called him at 5:00 a.m., told him I'd forgotten something in his hotel room when I'd dropped him off the night before, then showed up with a baby doll teddy, lace & satin and sweet and sexy, under a trench coat and told him he needed a proper university send-off. But I'd bet on the wrong horse when I selected Mr. Hunk as my steady on campus bed mate for the spring semester. I knew he was on campus, not going home (without mentioning the sport, he was a former all-conference athlete and was a graduate assistant beginning a coaching career. He was a much better fuck than one of his red-shirt seniors with whom I'd also hooked up, and had a better body than the divorced single dad head assistant coach in a different sport who'd also been part of the fall assortment of sexual test rides from the athletics department.)  So I came back to campus a week earlier than I'd told him I would just after January 1st.  Went to surprise him at his place, wearing a cropped school jersey to show off my abs and cleavage, a teeny thong, thigh highs and boots under my trench coat, and the women's volleyball assistant coach answers the door in his t-shirt, barefoot, erect bra-less nipples pressing through the thin cotton of the t-shirt, with a distinct aroma of sex and highlighted hair that screamed "I look like this because I've just been fucked."  She also had an engagement ring on her left finger.  Truth be told, she was attractive and athletic enough (killer legs -- I would die for those legs, btw) that I wouldn't have denied him the chance to do her, and would gladly have tagged along for a threesome with her, but the behind my back feeling of this situation and the engagement ring just made me turn around and never call Mr. Hunk again.  Turned out the engagement ring wasn't from Mr. Hunk, either, it was from a rising star in the sports casting profession, who did find out about his fiancé's hookups but they got married anyway.  That was a not-so-happy New Year's surprise for me.


So now that I'd found out about him, it no longer mattered to me that Mr. Hunk was ripped and pretty good looking. I called Ted, told him I'd decided to go back to campus early, and invited him to come back, too, and said we could work off the holiday pounds together. (Just a couple pounds, actually, which are always gone in a few days after the holidays.) I needed a friend whom I trusted and who I knew would never hurt me, or give me a "what goes around comes around, Dolly, you do a lot of fucking, too you know" type answer.  Ted was great, and said I'll see you tomorrow.  He called me when he got in town and we went for a run an hour after the call. Over a banana and a sparkling water I told him about Mr. Hunk, and I said I felt silly for having been so focused on his body and missing what a douche he was.  Ted tried to make me feel better, "Dolly, you can't blame yourself for wanting the hot guy.  You have a smoking hot world class body, so why shouldn't you be with someone who looks almost halfway as good as you do."  I grinned at the halfway remark and saw that Ted was smiling, too. He wasn't done, "A shame he's dumb enough to cheat on you, his stupidity is a waste of his good looks.  Hell, if I swung that way I would have taken a crack at him too". I sprayed out the mouthful of sparkling water I had just drank, and reached across the table to hug Ted.  I thanked him for the laugh, apologized for spraying his shirt with my water, and told him I'd call him later.  "No worries about the water, Dolly," Ted told me as we left the student center to return to our dorms, "maybe someday I can make you wet, too." Then he punched my arm gently, and jogged off toward his dorm. As I watched him, I realized that he had firmed into terrific shape under my leadership, and since we got along so well and laughed at each other's jokes, maybe it was time to let Ted in from the friend zone and give him the chance to make me wet.

 I sent Ted a text that afternoon: "Where the fuck are you, I need a friend today!  Come over, please."  I was hoping he'd be available, as I was having such a tough time of it and he'd seen how he could make me smile in spite of how I was hurting.  "Yes, of course I'll be there, you know I'm your friend, see you soon."  I was excited to get to see Ted sometime other than our runs, workouts and healthy lunches. I had a little bit of time and got ready for his arrival.

 Ted knocked on my door and when I opened it, his jaw hit the floor. I wore a pair of lacy red and black boy shorts and a matching tankini that qualified more as lingerie than activewear. Barefoot, my toes a seductive "come fuck me" shade of deep red, my manicure half a shade lighter. He was as dumbstruck as the day we met. I'd done my hair which instead of a workout ponytail was down, long, straight and lustrous to the middle of my back, I'd put some makeup on with a slutty shade of red lipstick and knew I had a smoldering fire in my eyes when I looked up at Ted.  He finally stopped gaping at me, smiled, and started to say hi, when I pounced.

I surprised him and damn near knocked Ted over and back into the hallway as I lunged for his lips, slamming my chest into his mid-section. Our lips met, his tongue quickly getting into it, exploring and intertwining in a passionate wrestling match with mine. His hands were as quick a study as his tongue, and Ted slid his hands down my back, reaching the top of my boy shorts. I wanted him to go for it and squeeze my sexy ass that he had been following for months, but I guess he needed to see where I wanted this to go before this went beyond hot making out. 

We kissed at an awkward angle, me trying to climb up Ted's chest to get to his lips, his neck craned down to meet me. He slid his hands down my back and reached the crease where my perfect runner's legs met my rear end, wrapped his hands around my legs and lifted me off the ground. I felt his strength, and felt an extra gush of warmth between my legs from the idea that I'd trained this now-strong young man.  My arms wrapped around Ted's neck and one hand went to the back of his head, pulling his face tight into mine. I wrapped my legs tight around Ted's waist, driving my pelvis into his, feeling his hard cock for the first time which sent another thrill and boost of fluid and adrenalin to my smooth-shaved pussy. Soft moans escaped my lips as Ted readjusted one of his hands to cup my ass while his other hand slid up my firm, toned back. He was a good kisser, especially considering he was a college freshman, and I started to grind my hips against him, moaning louder and kissing him deeper. I'd decided in advance the initial attack I planned would decide how far I would go with Ted.  

 In that moment, there was no more doubt about where this was going. I wanted him, and he obviously had been waiting for this opportunity and wasn't going to let it go to waste.  Ted slid his hand under my boy shorts and squeezed, sliding his fingers toward my puckered ass and then on to the outer lips of my already moist, musky pussy. We realized we were still standing in the doorway, and Ted stepped forward and kicked the door shut behind us. He started to look around, and I reassured him that we were alone. "She goes home on weekends." I unwrapped my legs and let go of Ted's neck, forcing his surprisingly strong, toned arms to slowly lower me to the ground. I yanked Ted's shirt off over his head and pushed him backward into the door. I pressed into him, wrapping my own toned arms around, and my hands grabbed the waistband of Ted's shorts from behind and started to slide them down. 

I ran my warm tongue over his much improved abs as I kissed my way down toward Ted's waist, my lace covered tits scraping their way past Ted's waist and down over his hard cock as his shorts and underwear fell to the floor. I slid the rest of the way to my knees, looking up and never losing eye contact, my deep blue eyes transfixed on his, which were trance-like. Ted's cock twitched with excitement as I ran my hands up the front of his strong thigh, fingernails trailing on his skin. Ted shivered as one of my hands reached his pelvis and I encircled his young, eager cock around the base. My other hand slid slowly around to squeeze Ted's ass and pull him toward me. Still without breaking eye contact, I made a show of parting my bright red lips and slowly took Ted into my lusty mouth. 

I could tell from his reaction that the sensation was intense, and Ted damn near lost his load right there. I sucked hard as I took him in inch by inch. I pressed my tongue against the underside of Ted's cock and then swirled up and around over his swollen cock head and back under the other side as I took him deeper. The moist warmth of my mouth enveloped most of his tool before I stopped. Then I slowly slid it back out, leaving a trail of bright red lipstick down his shaft, never looking away. I loved how I'd marked him, made that cock mine, I felt, with my lipstick.  I felt triumphant.  I'd trained this boy, built him, and now I was going to take him for his first test ride. My bright blue eyes burned into Ted's and I increased my suction as I reached his head again, letting it slide out of my wanton mouth with an audible pop. I licked my lips, finally breaking contact to look at his cock and size him up, if you'll pardon the pun. But I knew the bedside condoms I'd set out were regular size, and Ted was no size freak so I knew I had the right protection at the ready.  I couldn't think about it too long, though, because Ted's cock twitched in anticipation and I did not leave him waiting. 

I pulled him forward and inhaled the whole length. I felt the head hit my throat as I swallowed. My nose pressed into his pubic hair and I held there, massaging the head with my throat and moaning. I held Ted there for a few seconds more before slowly sliding back off his cock. As soon as his cock's head popped free, I devoured him again, taking the entire length and swallowing the head. Again and again I took Ted deep in my throat, finally pausing to look up at him, my mouth filled with his cock, my eyes burning bright blue with desire. I was so wet and slide a finger down to dip into my own sexual wetness.  Ted was shaking, his back slumped against the door, clutching the door handle for support when I let his cock slip out of my mouth and gave him a devious grin with pre-cum smeared lips. I still held the base of his cock in my fingers and began stroking up and down the length of my new lover's shaft massaging my saliva into the cock that I wanted to feel inside me. 

 I knew he probably couldn't take much more so I stopped, and slid back up Ted's body, kissing and licking his skin as I went, until our lips met again. He hooked the top of my bra with a finger as I slid up to meet him and pulled it down. My supple tits fell free of the top, my nipples already erect and hard. Ted grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me from the floor again, this time lifting me so high that I had to break our kiss and let him run his tongue down my neck and chest. My pussy was on fire with lust and desire, but I was enjoying the pregame festivities enough to wait a bit longer. Ted's lips found my nipple and sucked it into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the tip.  I had one of those false tremors, the ones that you think are an orgasm but then realize it’s just an amazing chill that goes down your body as your sexual tingle increases. Ted was really sensual, this was amazing, and he'd been right there in front of me the whole time.

 Somewhere along the line of all this foreplay I went nuts, moaning and wrapping my legs around Ted's waist again. God what a release this was! I ground my pussy against Ted's stomach and I could feel the wet lace of my boy shorts rubbing on his hard cock head. Ted let go of my ass with one hand to find my other breast. He cupped them both now and squeezed while pinching my nipples between his thumbs and fingers. He lowered his mouth and sucked hard on one nipple, then bit down on that nipple and I went over the water fall on that one. My body shook hard. I let out a loud moan and squeezed him tight with my legs. Ted released my tits and held me as I rode out the first orgasm I'd had with him, and I think I blacked out for a moment. 

 Ted carried me to my bed and laid me on my back even as I continued moaning and shaking. He kissed me deeply, our tongues exploring each other again. He broke our kiss and ventured down my neck and chest taking time to stop at each nipple again. I squirmed as he continued down, sliding his hands down my sides to the top of my hips. Ted hooked the top edge of my shorts as he kissed across my tight stomach, as I had done to him. This was amazing. I relaxed my legs and let my shorts slide down as Ted reached my waist. He licked across my lower abdomen to my sex as her shorts slid away to reveal silky smooth skin and a cleanly shaved slit. I ran my fingers through his hair, gasping and whispering, "Yes, oh God yes...."

 Ted got an up close view of my soaked clean shaven pussy now that my boy shorts were on the floor. My outer lips glistened from my juices and they parted just enough for him to get a glimpse of my fleshy, swollen clit and moist, ready to be penetrated inner lips. He held my leg up, admiring the view while he kissed up my inner thigh. I wanted him inside me, and pointed to the night stand to where I'd set out condoms before he arrived, and panted, "please, you have to wear one when you fuck me, oh fuck, please don't make me keep waiting, I want to feel you fill me".  I was the lucky beneficiary of being such a patient lover.  He ran his tongue across my pubic area, making sure to rake it just above my lips and clit. I moaned and quivered again and I put my hand on the back of his head. My fingers caressed Ted's neck and I guided him to my slit. 

 He kissed around my opening, dragging his tongue dangerously close to my lips and clit each time he passed. "You fucking tease....I love it, don't stop!" was all I could say.  My body went on auto-pilot, starting to slide my hips, trying to guess where he was going next and still trying to pull Ted's tongue to my throbbing clit. After teasing me for what felt like an eternity, Ted finally gave me what I ached for. He parted my legs wide and ran his tongue from the bottom of my dripping pussy to the top, licking up my sweet juices, flicking my clit with the tip of his amazing tongue. I cried out "Oh God, oh, ugh, fuck, yesssss...." and pulled Ted's face and tongue into me, my entire body spasming. Ding! Round 2!  He paused just long enough for my thrashing to come back to a manageable after-shock level, and then he did it again, much slower and deliberate, barely grazing my clit this time. "Oh God, Ted, where'd you learn to do me like this?  It’s like you're a fucking lesbian, how you know your way around a pussy!"  I was delirious. And he was GOOD!

 Ted kept switching between light and hard flicks with his tongue making me jump each time. At last, he stopped at the top, and dug his gentle tongue into my clit, and drove me back over the edge for a third time. I screamed in ecstasy, no words anymore, just animal sounds of mating and passion and again my entire body convulsed. Shit this was exhausting, and he hadn't even fucked me yet! I wrapped my legs tightly around Ted's head and flooded my running buddy's face and mouth with my sex juices again as this latest orgasm continued to ripple through my body. He gently sucked on my clit until my perspiration coated body went limp and my spent, weakened legs released him. My breathing slowed, my legs occasionally twitching, moaning softly as Ted kissed his  way back up across my stomach, stopping at each nipple on his way to my lips. I love tasting myself on a lover's kiss. I sucked his lips, gently, as I didn't have much strength at that moment.  I can usually fuck a platoon of soldiers into submission and then go do a half IronMan, but that day Ted had drained me.  It was the best tired I'd ever felt. I was vaguely aware that Ted took a condom off the night stand, unwrapped it, and unrolled it over his cock.  It was an average sized cock, which just goes to show that what really makes someone a great lover is between his ears, in his mind, not what's between his legs.  I raked his legs with my nails, lightly, anticipating fulfillment internally to match my spiritual and orgasmic fulfillment that had already been delivered.

 My legs instinctively spread as Ted's loins met mine. Complete intimacy now. I was his.  "Oh God, Dolly, I can feel your heat on the head of my cock" he exclaimed as I paused ever so slightly while he started to enter me. "Mmmmmmm" was all I could add.  My eyes were still glazed over until Ted's cock head pressed through my meaty pussy lips. I stared straight into Ted's eyes and in one quick movement, spread my legs wide, grabbed his ass with both hands and he drove the rest of that cock I'd enjoyed sucking earlier into my snug, silky pussy. My wetness enveloped that pulsing, throbbing sexual visitor and I squeezed my pussy walls down on Ted's meat. Our hips met with a loud slap and I moaned, shaking my head and begging him to fuck me silly. 

 Ted started with long slow strokes, pulling out until his head was barely in contact with my lips, then slamming back into me until our hips met again. He quickened the pace with each stroke and I pulled my legs up toward my shoulders giving Ted full access and permission to fuck me like a porn slut.  Which he did, bless his heart. My breathing quickened and again I begged, "that's it Ted, fuck yes darling, pound my hot pussy". I squeezed his dick tighter with each thrust. The sounds of Ted's balls slapping into my sweat-slicked ass grew louder as I sensed he was at long last nearing his own release. I slid my hand down in between us and fingered my clit, as Ted's eyes looked at me desperately, signaling impending release. 

But I got there first again! I started to shake, wrapped my legs around him once more, and screamed in pleasure. My pussy clamped Ted's cock in place and tried to squeeze the cum out of it. My juices were flowing down his balls, and he buried his cock as deep as he could, I think trying to hold his release until I was finished. He dropped his head and told me he couldn't hold back anymore and I found a burst of energy and inspiration and unwrapped my legs, pushed him off and unwrapped his darkened, purplish cock when he hit the floor. I jumped on top of him face toward his feet, my pussy toward his face sixty-nine style, grabbing his cock, feeling its heat and pulse in my fingers and inhaling the entire length down my throat again. Ted's toes curled, he grabbed my waist and felt my toned lower back muscles tense and then he lost all control and let loose a current of cum, causing me to gag and pull back slightly until I repositioned, then I took him all the way back down again as he shot load after load down my throat as I sucked him dry and heard only straining, aching, ecstasy sounds.. 

 At last he finished and we laid there, exhausted and totally spent. I climbed off him and fell back on my bed, licking my lips and fingers clean. Ted mustered up the strength to crawl into the bed next to me, kissing my bare flesh tenderly. Seconds later I was asleep, purring gently, he told me later. I vaguely remember him wrapping his arms around my naked body, pulling me close to his chest. We never did make our sexual relationship exclusive, but it never stopped, either, not for his marriage or mine, though always with disclosure as part of understanding and liberal relationships.  Ted is so cool, to this day, and that's why I refer hot bodied fitness chicks like Christy to the gym Ted owns today.  Once Ted got finished with grad school he didn't find as much time for fitness, ate meals on the run or at business gatherings, and physically today he's more of an average Joe, but with his talents and the everlasting memory of the best start of a winter semester I ever had, he's the model of the type of lover I enjoy adding to my list of friends.


I might have trained Ted's body, but he really did help teach me what's most important to look for in a lover.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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