Husband's Cousin Cums To Visit

When you live in Miami, relatives and friends find excuses to come visit.  "We'd love to see you!" really means, "Wow, a free place to stay and you're right on the water?!"  So it wasn't terribly unusual when my husband and I were at a wedding for one of his cousins' children and that cousin's younger son, a very bright college student at a frozen ivy league university wanted to talk all about life in South Florida with me.  He mentioned how the previous winter had been a record-setting snowfall on his brainiac campus and how the girls were too busy studying to share a warm down comforter after the library closed.  And how his school had an extra-long break over Christmas and New Year's, just about four weeks.  "Well you need to thaw out, maybe you should ask Santa for an airplane ticket to South Florida and come enjoy the warmth."


Stop snickering.  Honest, I thought I'd have an obnoxious, over-educated, under-sexed, know it all over-staying his welcome and that I'd get a super-nice piece of jewelry out of my husband for being so nice to his extended family.


Apparently part of how smart Steven was included checking out my body and not letting me notice.  More on that boy's mind than his pre-med studies, I found out.  Quickly.

 First, I'd underestimated how nicely muscled and strong he was back when he was wearing a tux at the wedding reception.  I met him at baggage claim, December 23rd, and he was in a pair of shorts and an Under Armour compression shirt that showed me he had kind of a chiseled, if pale, body. I asked if he had been working out since the wedding, I hadn't known he was such a hunk when I'd seen him last.  Yes, I used the word "hunk".   I thought I was being sarcastic.  Steven smiled a proud smile and told me, "Yeah, the tux place screwed up the sizes so we were all wearing oversized tuxes and I could have been a stick figure inside that jacket for all anyone knew."  I squeezed his bicep for play.  "I've got some chores around the house for you, when you're not at the beach or the clubs, that is."  Another smile, still appreciative of the escape from the snow belt, "love to."


The next revelation was on the drive from the airport.  I asked about whether he had a girlfriend, after all he was twenty-one now, and he told me no one in particular, that on his campus everyone seemed like they were on their way to law school, med school, Wall Street and an MBA or being a future billionaire from launching a high tech start-up, so no one really went steady in a boyfriend girlfriend situation.  What little sex there was tended to be spontaneous stress relief, and in fact his last night on campus, after his last final and before heading home the next morning, he's participated in a threesome with two girls who weren't particularly pretty, really just average looking he said, but they had been really stressed and went at it like porn stars, "especially with each other.". Wow! I squirmed in the driver's seat a bit.

That totally melted whatever ice might have ventured south with Steven.  My husband's cousin's younger son and I were suddenly best buddies. "I guess you can't very well talk about this with your parents, huh?"  "He blushed (love that I can make a hot college guy blush) and said, "Dolly, I've gotta tell someone, and if I can't tell the hottest cousin in the family, then who can I tell?"  Apparently how to charm a MILF is taught very well at Ivy League colleges.  Suddenly the sucky football teams didn't seem like such a terrible thing.


The rest of our suddenly candid chat consisted of a lot of dirty talk, not because I get off on talking about sex with young studs and only care about hot fucking between carnal animals, but because I was just loving the fact that I wasn't just a ticket to beach accommodations.  I wanted to cultivate my status on the guy's good side. If we stayed "friends" then I could continue to have an unexpectedly hot holiday season myself, exercising bad judgment and conversations including all kinds of comparisons of tits, talk about licking pussy, which girl was better, etc.

 After we got back to our place, I showed Steven around the house, the back yard, the pool, the dock.  And when I went back into the house to fetch us some bottled waters, I caught him checking me out.  Another drip on the moist pussy meter.  When I returned we talked about things a bit more typical, academics, his folks, how his brother and new sister in law were doing, our respective fitness routines, and then he said, "this is really great of you to invite me here.  I get to see you, get out of the cold, and maybe see if you've got any friends who look anywhere near as amazing as you who might take pity on the pale skinned refugee from up north."  Another blush, thank you Steven, and I laughed and said, "I've got very beautiful friends, yes, Steven, but keep in mind best prospects for mind-blowing sex are the trophy wives married to older men who no longer satisfy their sexual needs, and these ladies required top of the line sexual prowess from their boy-toys."  He'd gotten a chubby growing in his shorts from our talk (Good!) He glanced at a family photo on a nearby shelf, observed my husband's handsome but yes, older, salt & pepper hair.  Like he was doing math. "So how much younger than my cousin are you?"  Big shit-eating smirk, and I gave him a play punch to the shoulder, then a hug, and he hugged back.  Long enough to be affectionate, not long enough to be inappropriate. Yet.


We finished our drinks, he got unpacked and showered, and we had a lovely dinner of a kale salad, grilled fish, mango salsa, Bahamian seasoned vegetables, with a key lime sorbet I get from a local home made ice cream shop.  My husband was home, and we talked, caught up, watched a bit of the meaningless ESPN small time bowl game du jour, and Steven and I never got caught admiring each other's bodies.  I told him I was going to go for a run bright and early at 6:00 a.m., or did he want to sleep in.  "See you at 5:55 a.m."  My husband wished us a good run, but as I knew, he had an annual Christmas Eve early tee time with some business partners.  He left out the part about how the after-golf rituals involved several drinks at a local high end strip club before the club closed for Christmas Eve.  Wouldn't be seeing him before sunset, when we'd be joining friends for a Christmas Eve buffet dinner, another tradition. 


I was going to have Steven all to myself the next day, in other words.  Which excited the hell out of me.  I was thinking all about Steven, imagining that young, strong chest, those arms, that butt of his when I climbed on my husband and brought that nearly dormant cock of his to life with a very saliva-filled blow job, taking his balls into my mouth and swirling my tongue over his sack, wiping precum off my face with my fingers and making a show of licking my fingers clean, and then mounting him and riding him reverse cowgirl style at the foot of the bed, turning my head and kissing him over the shoulder deeply, fully, and then asking him, "how do you want to finish, baby, will you fuck me from behind?"  God, it didn't last long but it was intense and made him so affectionate when he collapsed onto my back and we held each other until his dick finally slipped out of me.  And somehow I managed not to cry out Steven's name.


It was a quiet  morning run, very sunny, he looked amazing his running shorts and a loose fitting sleeveless tee that accentuated his arms. When we finished back at the house, we both had a light sheen of sweat and  I was just as clingy as he was, wearing  just a sports bra type top and some tight running shorts. I was playing the stereotype of a trophy wife: great firm body,big blue eyes, and mid-back length blonde hair. I guess I'd pinpointed his desired stereotype, because in the middle of our grapefruits and yogurt on the back patio he said, "You're just fucking amazing, that must have been a light jog for you and it was all I could do to keep up with you.  Do all you trophy MILF's work out at the same club?  God, are they all jealous of you?  No way your friends are as sexy as you, Dolly"  Did he just call ME a trophy MILF?  Suddenly perspiration wasn't the only fluid my body was producing.


I guess these "best and brightest" types from elite eastern colleges don't fight their way through impossible admissions competition by being shy.  Steven wasn't shy. 

I wanted to push back a little. "So Steven," I began, "you'll be meeting a few of these lovely hot MILF's as you call them and seeing a young stud like you among our charming but graying husbands will have them all taking me aside to ask all about you.  I'll need some answers.  So, how long did you last when you lost your virginity. Are you a leg man or ass man or breast man?  What is your favorite method of bringing your lover to orgasm?  And how old has your oldest hookup been?"


"To answer your question, not long at all, but my friend was due home any minute and I had to get back to school for a national honor society meeting, anyway.  I consider myself something of a boob and abs man, a tight midsection, like yours, turns me on as well as great tits.  I'm better with my fingers but I wish I could meet more girls or women who would share some pointers when I go down on them because I'd love to have a magic tongue.  And twenty-three years older than me, she was forty, my friend's mom, that is.  Oh wait, so I guess she was forty-one by the time we graduated, the last time we did it.  Or did you mean the forty-two year old aunt of the bride at my brother's wedding, just after I talked to you at the reception and got your invitation to come down here?  Of course she was only twenty-one years older than me. Oh, I noticed you didn't ask about my size, Dolly."


Wow.  I'll see your breast man question and raise you all sorts of cougar and milf stories. Face never changed expression, either.  No smirk.  Cool, reserved, confident.  Confidence is so fucking sexy.
"Seems you're having some fun at college. Oh, and my friends and I are grown women, we aren't experimenting with cocks as young inexperienced girls do, we know that size is just one issue and so long as you're functional and within one standard deviation of average, you'll be sufficient for any of our needs."

I just stayed quiet and sipped my drink. I realized I'd just spoken in the plural, including myself with my sexy South Florida trophy wife MILF club friends. I knew Steven's interest in not just sex, not just MILF sex, but MILF sex with me wouldn't stop anytime soon. Or at least, I certainly hoped it wouldn't.  My pussy was tingling. I'd freshly shaved that tingly pussy just before fucking the hell out of my husband the night before, the time I'd been thinking about Steven. We were studying each other.

I reached over and put a hand on his shoulder, absent-mindedly playing with his flesh with my nails.

 "Glad this isn't awkward for you. But you know, I had a lot of fun in college myself. A lot of fun, like what you're having. And you'll be surrounded by lots of opportunity tonight to set up the rest of your stay with me, uh, us."

I sort of rubbed the back of his head for awhile and looked him in the eye. I had an idea of how to break this silence.

"Hey, uhm, if I ask you to do something for me, don't think it's weird? Ok? And you can't say no, because we're related."

The line "Because we're related" was meant to test him. We weren't related by blood.  Steven smiled before he responded.  He had a great smile. "What?"

I stood and led him over to the counter at the outdoor kitchen we've got built in to the shaded patio in the back.  I turned so that I was in front of him (and his three-quarter husky cock in those small shorts, obviously as turned on as I was), took both his hands, and placed them on my exposed abs.

"Just kind of feel mine, and tell me if they feel like those young college girls in the threesome."

 He had a "are you crazy" look on his face.  But he didn't move his hands, either.

 I continued, wanting that look to come off his face, "Ssshhh, just do me this favor ok? It would mean a lot to me. It's not like I can ask just anybody. Come on, it's not a big deal."

"Dolly, first of all, the women on my campus aren't hot and fit like you, you should be doing bikini or fitness competitions ..." Again, his hands were on my midsection, his fingers touching my skin. 

 I reached up and took both his cheeks in my hands. He towered over me by a good 5-6 inches.

"Just feel them for a minute, it won't kill you. You know you want to.  You know I want you to. Now come on..."

 I took his hands again and re-positioned them on my midriff. I looked up into his eyes and took a deep breath. I put my hands on his shoulders. "Just squeeze, tell me if I feel as tight as any you've ever felt."

Steven looked down and as he touched my still slightly sweaty, moist abs, and I dug my hands into him. I walked into him and pressed him into the counter. I could feel his cock against my pelvis. It made me even hotter, and if he was in any way uncomfortable, he sure didn't show it. My body was on fire, my grin was wide and white. I didn't want him to stop

"Go ahead, feel into me."

 He pressed his palms into my skin and massaged me. 

"Are they nice?"

 He nodded, "Sure. Plenty nice."


The position we were in was intimate. My crotch was up against his, his hands were feeling my body and pulling me tighter, and my toned arms were outstretched and touching his smooth, fair-skinned face, fingers clinched behind his head. I closed my eyes and smiled.

"That feels kinda good."

 He kept it up, and looked at my neck and tanned toned arms and I saw in his eyes that he'd had some kind of sexual flashback. Whether to a fantasy or an actual cougar in his past I didn't know, or care. I always liked when romantic intimacy with a man starts when he puts his face in between my neck and shoulder, kissing, nuzzling, From the look on his face, I'd delivered him to where he wanted this to go, and he was studying my body, my flesh, and liking what he saw. Little dots of freckles, perfect skin tone, a little muscle showing...

 I looked down, as did Steven. He was almost fully erect, and he knew I had felt it.

I laughed. "I guess I still got it, huh? Thanks honey."

 If some imaginary line hadn't been crossed already, I took care of that by removing my sports bra top.  The way the sunlight was shining on me very softly from behind him, well, this was Christmas Eve and like Rudolph's nose, you could even say I glowed. Both of our bodies were responding. His mouth dropped open, taking my body in visually.

 "Go ahead, I want you to have a look. I work hard to look like this."

 His eyes followed my hand to my nipple, which I was caressing. I started slowly manipulating my right breast while I stared at his rising cock. I couldn't help myself. Steven's mind kind of glazed over, and he stared. I had no idea I could move my hands over my body so seductively. The pheromones were in the air.

"Yea, there we go, there, he's saying hello."

 He looked down and he was almost fully erect. I put my hand over his groin. I stepped forward and brushed his arms aside. My tits were nearly touching his chest and I have to admit, I was a little mesmerized. Steven's young cock kept getting harder.

"Closer, closer, closer, aaandd..."

The head of his cock strained against his gym shorts, creating a small stain and touched my bare midriff. I let out this cooing, sexy sound, "Aaaahhh, there it is..."

 My white teeth bore a big grin as my eyes closed to enjoy her victory. 


And that's when I heard my husband's voice. WTF?


"Dolly, the Club had a sign apologizing for the course being closed for excessive ground under repair.  None of the other guys were there.  I never got the message. Found the email in my spam folder," he called out.  What, you boys couldn't drink and look at strippers without playing golf first?  I backed away, we were both disappointed, and I quickly pulled my sports bra back on.  Steven sat down to hide his raging hard-on. I was all worked up and no place to go.  Well, not quite "no place."


"We were just finishing breakfast, you're just in time for what I need, Steven was going to shower and check out the beach and I need to shower too. C'mon, I'll make it worth your while."  As I stood in the shower, my foot up on the built in bench to allow my darling husband better access to my sex for the second time in about twelve hours, I couldn't help but think how Steven was the best thing that ever happened to my husband's sex life.  Not that I minded this much activity with my husband, who I loved.  And I loved that he knew I had affairs, and we called it "my book club" meetings and then I'd come home and sometime in the next couple days he'd say "tell me about your latest book" and I'd say "oh, it was a romance novel, here's how it went..." and then describe my fuck with my lover, or even a Dolly date if I'd gone out of town "to a book club convention" while we had sex.  Just because he couldn't fulfill all of my needs didn't mean we didn't still turn each other on.  I imagined Steven wanking off in the shower.  Later on, he confirmed that he had indeed, envisioning what he and I had been on the verge of consummating when we'd been interrupted.

 That night, I wore a red (for Christmas, naturally) tight, scoop neck little dress with side cutouts so that my tight core was on display as well as my cleavage. All of the women looked great, and as I'd had dalliances with a few of the other husbands, I loved how many sets of eyes were on me.  But nothing more exciting and new than Steve catching glimpses of my breasts when I bent over.  I looked up and found him enjoying one so-called stolen glimpse, smiling slightly. My friends adored him, and looked back his way, but in that moment I knew he was surrounded by willing, available MILF pussy but was only gawking at me. He was showing no remorse, or guilt, or really anything at all in response to everyone else in the room.  Missy Rosenbaum, our hostess, a petite 5'1" brunette with a cheerleader's figure, brown eyes that twinkle in a naughty way and 32C breasts that looked even bigger on her because of her tight frame was eyeing Steven from the time we arrived at her home. Missy was a nice Catholic girl who'd married Milt Rosenbaum after meeting him during a promotion on his yacht when she was a corporate event planner.  I laughed with Donna Miller, another trophy wife in our circle of friends (whose husband Bob was another of my "friends" and with Donna's permission, too, though Donna wasn't into women no matter how much I begged so she merely watched and then thanked me for pleasing Bob while I dressed and left) that Missy was a poor hostess, grabbing the best piece at dinner for herself.  But Missy's lust, which gave Donna a chuckle, nevertheless spoiled any possibility of things getting overheated with me and Steven at the Christmas Eve dinner party by planting herself on Steven's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and whispering into his ear. From my angle I saw her nibble on his ear lobe and then she headed toward the bedrooms, allowing her hand to stroke his crotch as she stood, her diamond engagement and wedding rings glistening in reflected candle light Steven looked at me, and I winked and nodded my head in the direction that meant, "Go, follow her, fuck her brains out."  I kept Milt occupied by listening to the rest of his story about how he'd only thought to go to law school to continue his student deferment during the Vietnam conflict, then when the war still wasn't over he'd gone into the JAG core and made legal connections that had been the basis of his lucrative career.


I was jealous by the time they made their way back about thirty or forty minutes later.  She'd gone around the back and entered from the patio, glistening with sweat and mentioning something about how humid it was for late December.  Funny thing is, much as I wanted Steven, HE was the one I was jealous of, because he'd gotten to fuck Missy and have her slutty mouth and long red nails tease and torment him (silly little fuck bunny must have done a number on his arms, he'd had his sleeves rolled up earlier, but they were unrolled and buttoned at the wrists when he returned.  She and I had done a three-way at "book club" with her lover at the time, a handsome forty-something man of Latin descent and while he was certainly satisfying I'd found out that Missy had one of those magic tongues Steven had mentioned.  She was dynamite in bed, and when Steven's eyes met mine he grinned a crooked grin, and gave me a head nod to let me know that yes, she was all that and more. 


The next day was Christmas, and some local family like my husband's children from his first marriage, who were after all Steven's cousins, occupied the next few days after that.  I was taking Steven for runs, but he got awfully shut-mouthed about Missy except to say, "yes" to my dirty questions about his Christmas Eve tryst and "yeah, she told me about that time with you" when I asked him if she'd mentioned any of her other extra-marital fun times.  A couple days after Christmas, when he said he was meeting one of his cousins at the beach, I knew he was really fucking Missy again.  Because half an hour earlier my husband had left on relatively short notice, saying that Milt called him with a last minute tee time for two at Inverarry, the Blue Monster course, from a friend who was a member there. Steven smirked when he walked out the door, borrowing my Lexus.  He knew I knew.  My frustration was killing me. Though my husband was having the best sexual week in several years.  We felt so close to each other, and he'd let me know that he was cool with what was going on, not quite behind his back, "You've really been fucking and sucking my brains out since he got here.  I hope you'll have a book club story about him before he goes home."  God I love men who understand my needs and wants!

 But I wasn't going to let Missy have all the fun with Steven.  That night, after a casual dinner at home, I decided to do a sunset run and asked Steven to join me.  I didn't ask him anything about Missy, and he didn't volunteer anything other than telling me how good I looked and that he was having a great visit. When we got home, my husband was asleep. "I'm going to shower, how about you?" I asked.

 "Was that an invitation? Did you want me to join you and do it?"

I shrugged, "Maybe."

 He giggled an evil giggle. "You're so bad," I said in a sultry voice. "Look, do you want me? I'm offering myself to you, Steven, don't be mean."  I hadn't worked for it this hard in years.  I loved the challenge, but he'd better be good.

I looked at him, right in the eyes. "Let's use the guest shower, let's not wake him making noise in yours." God he was a cool character.  Too cocky?  Then again, Missy had invited him back for more.  Yeah, he was going to be good. I walked past him, in the direction of his guest suite, which though it lacked a bath tub had a double walk-in shower. I'd imagined it would be fun for visiting couples when I had the tub removed and the shower sized doubled in the last renovation.  And now I was part of the couple that was going to benefit.  I stripped practically without breaking stride after I passed Steven.  "Go on, take a look at what you want to see."

 He let out a sharp sigh, "That's so hot. I like that." He caught up to me in the bathroom, after watching my ass the whole walk down the hall.

 I licked my lips, "Listen, women really, really like to feel wanted. And...whatever this is, I love it. I fucking love it," I told him, whimpering a bit, which is out of character for me but I'd wanted him all week.  "I want you to touch yourself while you look at me."

 Steven hesitated.


"Come on! Just once, puhleeese. You do it every day, just show me. And get hot over me."

 He removed the rest of his sweaty running clothes very methodically, like he was going to be examined by a doctor. I checked his reaction. A glow kind of came over his face.  I'd lucked into another quirk of his fetishes.

"You're rock hard. I did that to you?"

I cleared my throat.  "You're really look better than you did when you got here, sunshine, running and healthier eating than on campus no doubt."

 "This isn't cheating, you know?" I said, "To me anyways. He knows I have lovers, so maybe it's condoned cheating." I laughed, "Am I rambling? This is just so fucking sexy, Steven."

 He just looked into my eyes while he reached down to his cock, and started touching himself while I looked at him, with my own nipples hardening and my own fingers reaching down to where I wanted that cock to be buried. Steven's eyes reacted with pure lust.

 I turned on the water, "Keep going, it'll take a second to warm up. Do it wherever you want."

 I felt a fleeting shame from thinking that I wanted him to blow it in my pussy. I wanted to put it inside me, just to have him feel himself cum with no barrier, to feel the taboo and the danger, the heat and the thrill of mating with me, and to make him regret all the teasing. I was trying to think of how I would then put it in my mouth, when I felt his body tighten and knew with was about to flow up from his nuts. I closed my eyes and imagined Steven spraying his young potent all over my chest so that it flowed down the channel between my abs and then oozed into my well fucked pussy.

I flashed a huge, thrilled smile for a second, before clenching my brow and moaning as I returned to my remaining thread of sanity and opened the drawer in the bathroom where I'd stashed condoms before Steven arrived.  Back then I'd given the odds at 50/50 that I would fuck him.  Missy had heard me tell her those odds a week before he arrived, and she'd lifted her lips off my sex to giggle and called me an incestuous slut before going back to her fantastic erotic all girl cunnilingus on me while Bob slammed into her from behind while Donna frigged herself into a screaming frenzy while watching from the love seat.  All in all, not just this night, with Steven, but the whole anticipation, it was like I was living a porno clip. And now, placing condoms on the counter for him, in that fleeting moment, I felt like I was luckier than any porn star.

"Mmmmm, you conquered me big boy. I'm yours."

 He took me into the shower and as I'd imagined, started with his face in my neck and shoulder, the water cascading over us, I closed my eyes. Steven's fingers went to my nipples, and mine to his cock, and his lips met my wet flesh.  I teased my increasingly excited clit with the head of the nice cock in my hand.

 His cock was maybe an inch or two away from penetrating me, uncovered.  God I didn't want that to happen, couldn't let that happen.  Had Missy made him wear one?  God I hoped so, we can't be teaching these young studs unsafe habits.  As his fingers made their way to my womanhood, and teased the exterior of my labia before venturing into me, slowly, millimeter by millimeter it seemed, and the contrast in temperature made me realize how hot my body was and the warm water, oh God this was amazing....


I clung to him, now my lips on his shoulder, his pectorals, my nails clawing his chest and I lifted a leg and wrapped it around his thigh to open myself up and then he had two, then three fingers inside me, pleasuring me.  I bit his flesh and cried out, 'Oh fuck, Steve, fuck yes, right there, don't stop...." I'd never called him Steve before.  He didn't speak, but I felt his lips and turned my face to him.  His tongue brushed my lips and then I welcomed it into my mouth as I came with him for the first time.  I jumped up and wrapped my other leg around him, now both legs around his waist, my pussy wide open to him, his alluring cock not covered, and his hands under my ass, supporting me as he leaned me back against the shower wall. I imagined I was Missy, so petite and easy for a man to lift and do standing missionary with, like I so desperately wanted to do with Steven.  Had they fucked in this position?  Had she taken his seed in her? And if she had, did he lick his own creampie out of her?  For a woman being erotically pleasured by a lusty confident young stud, I sure was concerned with others.  Oh God, wait, no, don't let me let him inside with bareback.

 "Listen, you're young so maybe you don't know but...guys show the girl he cares enough not to make her the condom police and stop him from fucking her without one.  The guy should respect her and himself and make her feel special enough that he puts one on without being told. This is a little different, because of the situation, but it helps the girl to feel special. I want that's your turn, ok?"  Did any of that make sense?  Did it make me feel special to have him put on a condom?  Hell, its just what I said, in the moment, but I really did feel special with him and want this and I even felt a bit romantic and ... 

 He nodded and kissed my shoulder, "It's OK, Dolly, we're going to be safe, just feel good and know that I imagined I was with you when I filled all those condoms when I was inside Missy."  God, and here I was feeling jealous of her, of him, and he was thinking of me, and he wasn't bareback with her after all...rarely does a man telling me he'd fucked one of my best friends sound like such a turn-on.  Couldn't wait to tease her the next time we got busy with each other by letting her know he'd been imagining me when pounding her pussy.

 He smiled, "I've never worn one in a shower.  Let's dry off and go to the bed."  And he kissed me as he turned the water off.  We stood in the steam, arms wrapped around each other, slowly, passionately, deeply kissing.  I felt his cock pulse up against me.

 I was so enamored with this collegiate stud puppet.  He passed me a towel and grabbed one of this own, and we half toweled ourselves off, half toweled each other off, and stroked each other's skin and then he grabbed the condoms and led me to the queen sized bed in the guest room.

 I already knew what I wanted. He was my drug of choice. I stretched out on the bed, on my side, crooked my finger in a come hither sign that has never failed to produce the desired result and Steven went for it.

 He walked over and hovered above me. My nipple was hard, his lips felt so good, just the right amount of suction. I placed his other hand on my breast and grabbed the back of his head as he continued to suckle at my chest with hungry lips. I started to kiss my way down his neck, until I lingered by his lips. He was smiling widely and I was squirming to his touch. 

He rubbed his cock head on my clit. The juices and heat felt so perfect. I was aching for it.

"Just slide it up and down it bit longer, I want this to last before we go all the way. Ok? Just slide." Go all the way?  Good God, like I was back in college, or high school, on a heavy petting date.  

He slid a bit but then paused and suited up.  Ah, youthful impatience.  "God, I've gotta have you." Protection in place, his body and hands returned to make me his woman.  My hands dug into his back and my eyes widened as I felt his strong young member slide into me fully. Rapidly I responded with unbridled joy, with moans and glee like the pornstar I had watched in my bedroom days before with my husband (my husband?  oh yeah, I remember him,  Oh, what a book club story I was going to have to share with him some night soon...)


I sort of tilted my head to the side with my eyes wide open to take in all the sensory experiences. As Steven started humping into me, his knees having spread my legs open and my arms reaching up to his sides, pulling him down into me after each pullback, he lowered his lips to mine, then continued his lips downward to my tits. "Oh God, yes, Fuck me Steve, really fuck me, yes!"  I climaxed and he stopped, but I told him, "no, don't stop, keep fucking me when I cum, you're going to make me cum a lot, and I'm going to squirt my sex on you, keep fucking me Steve."


Little whispers between us led to position changes, to me being bent over the foot of the bed, then lying on my side with one leg pulled up by my ear as he scissor'd into me from behind, then both of us on our knees on the bed, to me straddling and mounting him, pulling his hands up to my breasts. I slowed down, we looked into each other's eyes, and no words were necessary.  I slowed to a halt, used my kegels to grip his cock, pulsing and squeezing, dismounted, then took off his condom. I sucked his wonderful cock, which had lasted so long (as I noticed the clock and we'd been in the bed over half an hour after all that foreplay in the shower) and calmly licked, sucked and generally orally pleased him off until he finished.  Curling his toes, grunting, "fuck Dolly, oh fuck Dolly, God yes, suck me dry, fuck so good ,"shooting strands of his cum into my mouth, then all over my chin, neck, and the last one, since I had shifted positions, landed on my shaved pussy.

I paused for a moment, then laid next to him, now as his lover and no longer as his flirt or tease. He took a few minutes to catch his breath, re-orient himself, and then took my right hand, slid it through his cum and then fed me my finger to lick clean.  Then he used my left hand and used my middle finger and ring finger to clean my chin. He delighted in looking at my engagement, wedding and anniversary diamonds as he licked his seed from my fingers.  "I'm not bi, its just a turn-on when its my seed and she's married and wearing her rings.”


Future swinger for sure.  God I hope he invites me when he reaches that stage of life.
 We sat quiet for a second. I wasn't sure what to do. He kissed me, softly, then broke the silence.

"So, to put it all out there, what I love is turning you on. I just can't believe someone like you would be attracted to me, and I know my time here in Florida with you is short, so I want that feeling again. And I wasn't sure about the whole family part, but after thinking about it we're not blood relations, it’s not taboo except that you're married and it sounds like you're not jeopardizing anything in your life and I'd never want to hurt you...I just want this to not be a fantasy anymore."

 "Close your eyes. I'll show you this is real and not a fantasy."

 He obeyed, I draped my hands over his shoulders. I whispered in his ear. He sat up at the edge of the bed.

"Open wide. And you can touch and join in all you want."

 I backed up and a strip tease began. I had memorized a dance routine to coincide with a song for my husband's birthday.  Now I was sharing this seductive dance with his cousin's son. (Later on, during the book club confession of all this, he told me how much he loved me using his birthday dance to seduce young cock!)  I swayed and dragged my ass along Steve like a professional. I gyrated my hips into his groin and he licked my sternum as I pressed my tits into his face. He stroked his own cock when I wasn't doing it for him or cushioning his cock between my tits. It was one of the most erotic encounters of my life. Soon he was masturbating furiously.

 I came back over and straddled him, so that he'd release his cock which was now fully back erect, and he sucked on my nippples as his hands went to my abs, to feel my body the way he had that first day, when he'd told me he loved sexy abs. I put my hand behind his head and guided him as I dismounted and laid down on the bed.  I wanted his mouth to taste my sex, to feel that tongue I'd been kissing.  "Lick me where you fucked me," I thought, but I did not speak.  He was entranced, and I whispered some directions, "left, more up and down, harder, don't be shy, now suck that, go slow there, more gently with that..." My wish was his command. I placed a condom into his hand, and his mouth never left me as he unrolled it onto his cock while tasting me, catching a few squirts of liquid sex in his face, and he didn't miss a beat after my second orgasm and my toned legs unsqueezed his head when he plowed his cock back into my hot pussy. His eyes were closed and he was moaning until I sucked his lips and tasted myself.  We fucked like we were being graded for intensity until his response to my third orgasm and my nails scraping his back was to stiffen and empty into his condom with intense convulsions. I knew what I had to do next, and summoned some trace of remaining physical strength even with all my desire nearly drained from me, I stood up and put my hands on his shoulders. I leaned in to kiss him. I licked up and down his cock after removing his condom.  I crawled over top of him. My pussy was so wet, it left a trail of musk and lust.  And I kissed him once more, his tongue searching for every remnant of his own seed from my mouth after I'd licked it from his cock. "Good night" I whispered.


We kept enjoying each other the rest of his visit.  The second time I had him come to my bedroom, I knew it would be a thrill for him to make love to me in my marital bed. Yes, I said make love.  He was amazing, and while I knew this was all fantasy, there was an emotional connection.  We filled afterglow moments by naming the relatives who would have future birthdays or anniversaries or other such excuses to see each other and fuck then, too. As I betrayed my marital bed, so to speak, Steve had my leg braced against his hard bicep, with my pedicured foot high in the air. He took me with small, rapid strokes. He was actually barely moving inside me, but our pulsations and intimacy were sending me over the moon. I heard myself screaming in pleasure, no words even, just cries and gasps and moans and screams. We had found ourselves emotionally in the strangest, most erotic place.

It occurred to me that Steve would probably never bed a woman like me again. Sure, MILF's, cougars, married women, trophy wives cuckolding their husbands ... but to add the taboo of a tryst with "family"?  We didn't have too many candidates like that in the family except me.  Okay, and except the others you've read about in my blog. Still, fucking Steven over his winter break, I can remember feeling yet not thinking, a sexual out-of-body experience, and I had done what I needed to do.

The last time, when we knew we were making ourselves late for his flight, when we were done, coated in sweat, we laid there, exhausted, for some time. He laid behind me, kissing my back.

"I haven't cum that hard in my life.  You have to keep that up. Making a woman feel that way is important when you want to get ahead in life."

Somehow my instructive words sucked my growing romantic notions out of the room. I was back to being a married, lusty trophy wife, but no longer harboring thoughts of "maybe Steven and I could make it work together" in the nonsensical parts of my brain.  He just smiled.

"I liked that. I'm glad you wanted me. I'll never forget this."

 I smiled, having heard him return to being a college student who has having a learning sexual adventure but was not kidding himself that he owned me (in spite of some of the things I'd told him when his dick was inside my ass after I taught him how to fuck me anally during our third go-round together, back in the guest room.) "I liked it too. You're so good at this."

 The family weddings, anniversaries, and yes even a funeral (I'm mildly embarrassed by that one, but the service was over and everyone had time to kill back in the Marriott before dinner, so I figured....) were a sexual blur. We never had the same carnal explosion as we did that first day, but we both seemed to love sneaking around. I was completely in the driver's seat, as I was so turned on that he kept telling me that it was so hot that I wanted him. I wasn't worried, I was in control and the only other person in the family who knew was completely turned on by it. I even dialed the phone once just before Steve and I went at it so that my husband could listen, live and in real time.  I just wanted to keep fucking him until the thrill was gone.

 And if the thrill ever does go, I'll be sure to let you know.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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