Dolly As A Pro Sports Dancer



During a sabbatical from the luxury yacht business (go figure--luxury yacht sales dipped a bit during the great recession!) I found myself kind of bored and frustrated from hearing for the umpteenth time, "maybe when things get better, but not now."  Not that I needed the money, but what I needed was a feeling of it success.  And sexual being that I am, I regard the pleasure I share and receive sexually to be a pretty recession-proof source of success for me.  So that year I decided to step away from the yachts until the buyers returned, which of course they did, and instead I occupied some time by being on the dance squad for one of the hottest pro sports franchises, which must remain unnamed here in the Dolly blog.  I figured the sexy outfit, hot moves, and the company of the rest of the totally fuckable hot ladies would provide many new opportunities for achieving sexual satisfaction and success.  Consider this blog entry my "Diary of a pro sports dancer."




One of the cool, but theoretically non-sexual perks was getting invited to the luxury suites to mingle and greet the VIPs.  I've been in many a suite before, including my family's own, but on these occasions all I had to do was be enthusiastic and look good, and my fit toned body, tan, long blonde hair, blue eyes, sexy runner's/dancer's legs, my smile that is dentally bragged about, and my flirty nature made this new role so easy.  I got chummy with one particular client, Mike, who was the heir to a locally based telecom company.  Nice guy, never married, reputation of being classy but perennially not ready to settle down.  One of the city's top ten most eligible bachelors.  Not model good looking, a bit prematurely thinning in the hair department, green eyes, sandy blonde hair and an average build.  What was attractive about him was all about his personality, his ability to show an interest in me as a person, not just as the yummy filling on the inside of the dance team uniform (which left little to the imagination.  So slutty and erotic.  You know, PERFECT for me!).


He let me know he liked me, but was very up front that he didn't want to give me the wrong idea.  I wasn't looking to settle down, either, and wasn't intimidated by the family's money, so I guess we just sort of clicked and small talk became bigger talk, and then I agreed to lunch.  And soon enough, the local gossip columns caught wind of the relationship, and I needed to be less public with our friendship.  Which, to that point, was still just a friendship.  So a couple weeks in, and I'm thinking, "wait, I got into this for the sexual opportunities to follow, and this perfect target, not looking to get attached or anything that I don't want either, he hasn't made a move.  What's up with that?"




When the casual sex gets tough, Dolly gets going.  I swapped suite assignments at the next home game so that I got to be one of the girls visiting Mike's suite along with my best GF on the dance squad, Larissa.  Larissa was a personal trainer when she wasn't working the games, and was engaged, and wore her rings and was up front about the fact of her engagement.  "Cuts down on the guys being so 'hands on' when they know I'm taken", she explained, "but I still love having them look and truth is, so does my fiancé.  I just know some day he'll want to watch me fuck another man while he watches."  Which got me excited as I made a mental note to remember that and see if I couldn't get the ticket for the seat next to her fiancé to watch right along with him.  Mike liked Larissa's dark eyes, dark brunette hair with a glorious natural body wave, her fit figure, 5'5", C-cups, ... okay, she made me hot, too.  And a great French manicure to finish the sexy details.  We got to talking about music, and Larissa mentioned a favorite performer of hers, and Mike came right back with, "you know, funny you say that, no one from the family is using the suite at their concert here Friday night, so the box is available.  I've never seen her or her group, think I'd like them?"


BINGO!  "We'd love to help you become their newest fan, so you can come and enjoy, perhaps it would work best if Dolly and I both came here to the concert with you to help you enjoy the evening?"  Shameless of her, huh?  Big grin from Mike.  I'll leave the passes at will call under Larissa's name, for both of you, sign the family business as the "from", and that way we won't get any unwanted tabloid stuff going.  When we left the suite that night to keep making our rounds, Larissa told me, "he's totally into us both, but I'm taken, and from what you've confided over drinks I think you and he would be just what the other one is looking for right now."  I squeezed Larissa's hand, scratched her palm in a "I want to girl fuck you" sort of a way and said, "Exactly; he's not Mr. Right, but he sure can be Mr. Right Now."




Larissa and I arrived at the suite Friday, and Mike was there and had arranged some wine and cheese, assorted craft beers and light snacks, some California rolls, sparkling water.  Nice.  He didn't know Larissa and I had already split a bottle of wine ("it'll get you loosened up so you won't be nervous, Dolly", she'd said.  Okay, clearly she didn't know the real me, but she was being a pal, a wing-gal, and an enabler.  I loved my buzz and intended to make Mike's body buzz, too.)


We moved aside the stools that usually sit by the countertop that rests against the plate glass window, and were dancing and waving our hands in the air to the beat. We let out a raucous, "girls partying" whoop when we saw Mike bring us drinks. We all toasted one another and enjoyed the show.

 We made sure that for Mike, the concert was the greatest show of his life. Not the concert per se, mind you; I mean the show we gave him INSIDE the suite. We were tipsy, frisky professional dancers and knew how to move it, and we proved it. Mike got into it, totally relaxed, and raised his arms too and shook his thang, clumsily and humorously but with enthusiasm. Larissa and I turned to him, and we danced in a little circle, sipping our drinks. Then I turned my fit, perfect ass to Mike and buffed his crotch with my butt. "Oh God, yeah baby," he encouraged me, sounding like a frat boy; I could see that his pants were suddenly not quite so comfortable. Larissa, loving that I was making contact with Mike and sensing the pheromones in the air, not to be outdone, bent over and did that thing where you punch one butt cheek and then the other in rapid succession, producing a sexy butt wiggle that drives men wild. "Oh my God, keep going girls, you're working it so good," he growled, while touching her amazing butt. 

"So you want an ass wagging throw down, baby?  Game on!" I challenged back. It was one-upsmanship now, and Mike was the smiling focus of our efforts while his cock grew more and more noticeable. I tied a knot in my snug T-shirt; exposing my bare midriff for Mike to see. Then Larissa started sliding her torso left and right relative to her hips like a belly dancer. Oh my God, her amazing abs were prominently involved in this activity. I have no idea how she could bend that way without removing her spine. My own flirty dancing slowed as my eyes were mesmerized by the sight.

"Show off," I teased. I took her chin in my fingers, stroked her face, and said loud enough for Mike to hear, "I know you're engaged, but it’s not really cheating if you're getting pussy instead of dick, is it?"  Big grin from my sexy fellow dancer. Her tummy had been on display from the get go, sexy feminine six-pack and all, she knew to flaunt what she'd worked that hard to perfect.  Larissa put one leg between mine, bent her knees, and danced, rubbing her crotch against my thigh repeatedly. I glanced at Mike's erection, now upgraded to a full throbbing hard-on, while we dirty danced. 

"Hey, no fair touching" I pretended to protest. I pulled away, but placed myself into the same tight contact with Mike instead of Larissa, and I rubbed my back and butt against his torso, arms out the way the way a table dancer does to let you look over her shoulder. I followed his eyes, and got a rush of power seeing the results of me wearing a shirt Mike could easily look down the front of.  At last, the sexual success I had been seeking.  Or at least, the early stages of it.

"Touching's cool with me, Dolly," he murmured with a slight crack in his voice. My boy's boner was painfully pinned inside his pants, and I was not about to make this stop. 

"Do you like this, Mike?" I teased.   I'm fairly sure the music had lyrics, but we were all so worked up, it was just background noise.  I felt myself becoming wet, my body craving to be filled.

"Oh yeah." 

"Then I bet you'll really like this," Larissa challenged, and moved towards me. Next thing I knew, the two of us, me and Larissa, still dancing, had our arms around each other and were kissing--with mouths wide open. 

Our goal was to make him think, "Holy fuck! These girls have done this before!" Truth is, we'd practiced kissing before leaving my apartment to go to the arena, after splitting the wine.  But never before. Not that Mike knew that. "Oh yeah...a lot, she misses her fiancé, you know, when he travels for work," I sighed.  Larissa groaned into my mouth.  I think Mike had to reach down to adjust himself. 

All at once Larissa bent over, giggling hysterically, ending the kiss. I giggled too, and then did a quick dancer's spin toward Mike and asked him, "So, did you like it?" in my best sultry husky voice. He nodded... but I wasn't really asking him, because I slid my hand along the front of his tented pants, and with no trouble found and rubbed his rock hard cock. "Hmm... yeah, I guess you did." 

"I think you need a little adjusting," I hissed, sliding my hands into his pants. My soft, warm hand gently grasped Mike's tool.  He was already leaking fluids, the kind of leak I love to discover after dark on a Friday night. I ran my palm up and down his length twice, making him harder still. 

"Whoa, whoa, not here..." he pleaded, looking over his shoulder, so I withdrew my precum smeared hand. 

"Did you just stick your hand down his pants and cop a feel?" Larissa accused playfully.

"Maybe," I teased with a big smile.   He smiled, too, showing that he was getting with the program,  "Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?" he asked. I slowly raised my arms up around his neck, my eyes on his. I tugged him down to my height gently. Mike put his hands on my waist, touching the smooth bared skin of my lower back. Our lips met, gently at first, but soon our mouths were open and tongues explored each other. I molded my athletic body into his arms.  "Hey you guys, get a fucking room," Larissa teased.


I broke the wonderful kiss to say, without moving my eyes from his, "I think you're right, we DO need a fucking room.  Which way to the fucking room?"  I snickered as I emphasized the word "fucking".  My buzz made me think they didn't get the point. Then back to the kiss that converted us from flirty buddies to fuck buddies.

Larissa giggled, rubbed my hip and kissed Mike on the shoulder, through his shirt, while our kiss lingered a while longer until we stopped and returned our attention to the concert. Larissa was dancing like she was in a club, but I went for the slow and sensual. Again I pressed my ass up against Mike, rubbing against him while swaying slowly back and forth. He put his arm around my waist; I squeezed his bicep and clung to him, the man soon to fuck me. 

We stayed that way for almost a full song. Then I bent my neck back leisurely until my face was looking up at him, kissed him again, and whispered "well?"

"Hmm?" he mumbled, not catching on.

 I copped a feel," I whispered. "Sort of makes it your turn.  If you want to. I know I want you to want to feel me."

 With that invitation Mike caught up and slid his hand up and under my shirt. I felt him touch the satiny feel of the cups of my bra. He rubbed them appreciatively, finding my nipples. "Yes...." and I bit my bottom lip.  The first time with a new lover, each new step, a new success, always excites me. He found the bottom of the cup and slipped his fingers under it, and holy shit, the way his fingertips touched my nipples... they felt like were being continuously subjected to gentle but exciting electric shocks! Oh dear God his fingers knew their way around a pair of D-cup tits and he tweaked them gently... I moaned and pressed my head into his body gently. My eyes were closed as my body responded to my lover's touch. It was a moment of pure bliss. And all too soon he pulled his hand back out. "I want to save some of that for later," he whispered. "Anytime you want me, anytime."



 I'd imagine that you're thinking we slept together that night. To be honest, I was kind of taking it as a foregone conclusion that I'd feel him inside me that night, on top of me, underneath me, behind me, making me his own, and showing him how my body responds to a well-practiced, considerate lover—but that's not what happened. The concert wrapped up, and I hadn't realized how much alcohol we'd treated ourselves to in the suite until Mike took my face in his hands, and sweetly proved himself a gentleman by saying, "I'd be taking advantage of your buzz, let me take you home and I hope you'll let me take you out again.  Soon." A soft peck on the lips.


Again, not the sexual success I'd been seeking!  Larissa's eyes showed that she was disappointed I wasn't going to be gettin' any that night.  I started to speak but he put a finger to my lips. I sucked his finger like a slut, but the rich boy was no amateur.  "I know you're worth waiting for, just a little longer." Larissa pulled me into the back on his car and gave directions while he drove us to my place. She stroked my hair.  I touched her skin, smooth, sweaty from dancing. He walked us to my door, kissed me softly on the lips, no tongue, and then faced Larissa, shit eating grin to shit eating grin, and the two of them kissed so amazingly I damn near came from my face being so close to the action. She finally flittered her tongue back from his mouth, and I noticed her hand cupping his package, her long nails raking the underside of his scrotum through his pants. "But that's ALL you and I can do, I'm engaged, remember, but you're sweet and you need to ask my best friend out again really soon or you'll blow the best thing that ever happened to you."


"For sure."  And then he was gone.  We were both sweaty.  I felt giddy inside, but in a spot higher in my body than I'd expected to be stimulated that night.  Oh shit, was I falling in love?  Larissa interlocked her fingers in mine, led me to my master bath, commented on the oversized walk-in shower, and started undressing me.  I was pretty psyched about my consolation prize.  She got the water just right, then quickly pulled her own clothes off, and I noticed another contrast, that while I keep my tight, juicy pussy baby smooth and hairless, she had a very alluring skinny landing strip leading down to the top of her sex, and her lips were a bit more closed than mine.  Or was I just more worked up.  "We're both sweaty," she said, and she lead me into the shower.  We soaped and stroked, touched and caressed, but when my fingers started to want to make a glorious entrance, she took my hand and kissed it. "I'm engaged.  And you should save your strength for Mike.  That boy is a keeper, and God can he kiss!"


We toweled off, and snuggled into my bed together, nude, her skin was amazing, her body perfect, so perfect... and we dozed off, entangled but affectionately rather than sexually.  She'd called herself my best friend.  Who was I to say no?




I was a little disappointed when I woke up alone this morning," I told her when I made it into my kitchen, finding some fruit and yogurt in the fridge have as I sat next to her at the breakfast bar.  I'd pulled on a thin satin robe.  She'd helped herself to an oversized sleeping shirt decorated with puppies that she'd apparently found while rummaging through my drawer.  "Go through people's stuff much?" I teased demurely with a smile. She kissed my cheek, and we hugged.  "You left your phone face up, Dolly, so I wasn't peeking, but check it out, he's texted you.  Just once, so we can relax that's he's not obsessing or stalking you.”

 I checked the text.  It was caring, considerate, asked if I needed him to bring me anything for a hangover (I didn't) and if, since he now knew where my place was, could he bring me dinner on Saturday. (Yes, he could). 


"Sorry if you feel I went too far with you -- or with him -- last night.  He's fun, I'll flirt like that with him if it doesn't make you jealous because it’s fun, but I'll only sleep with my fiancé. But I'll back away if you say, no problem."  Yes, we were clearly new friends.  "You were fine with him, he loved it and I loved seeing it. about us.  You know, you and me?" I asked.


"I'm curious sometimes.  You're not the first girl I've kissed, or even showered with, but you are the first in a while, and the first since Matt and I got engaged.  I love men, I love Matt. But Dolly, you ooze sex.  Out your pores. Half the arena must nut in their pants when you dance. I'm only human.  I never slept like that with a girl before.  I don't know if any of this weirds you out, but we planned the kiss, and I liked it, so I hope I didn't take too much advantage after we got back here.  It felt so good being close to you in bed, that's all.  It would make me feel a lot better to make love to someone that made me feel like he cared about more than just my body."  I leaned over, and we kissed again, softly this time, a hint of tip of the tongue only.  "No regrets from me, best friend." I told her. 



 I had no problem with how things had gone, or almost gone, with Larissa.  What I did have a problem with was that Mike hadn't fucked me, and I hadn't sucked him.  So when he called and asked how I was feeling, I was back on my mission for success.  I thanked him for his kindness and concern last night, and told him that I wanted him to come over so I could repay his kindness in a way that I thought he'd definitely appreciate.  He told me that he was hoping I'd make such a suggestion, "For months I've be dreaming of what I hope this evening will be."  Success!  I know, I know, I hadn't HAD the sex yet, but to hear he'd been lusting for months, watching me on the dance team, checking me out, more than just a pretty girl to meet for lunch...if I was less of a carnal predator I'd have been worried about his well-being for fear I'd fuck him to death...but a long time ago I adopted an "assumption of the risk" attitude toward any potential casualties among my lovers.(Just kidding boys, but Mike had me worked up and waiting).


Mike arrived, he brought some take-out from Whole Foods and wine, and we had a glass of wine, and then I just took the glass out of his hand, put both our glasses over to the side, then walked back, pushed his shoulders back on the couch, and straddled him.  I planted my smooth bare mound, commando in my short shorts, on his growing lump. I wanted to savor every new touch, sight, and smell. We started kissing, embracing, his hands on my ass, lifting me, and soon we were lying on the couch. The more we kissed, the more our hands travelled. Somewhere along the way I tossed aside my tank top. No bra to match the no panties. Mike's hands lovingly explored every inch of my firm, toned, lusty body... his fingers getting to know my flat belly, my navel, a second visit after last night's feel to my D-cup breasts, and my hard, tender nipples. He skillfully took my hand to my breast to present myself to him and then he suckled on the nipple.
Next thing Mike knew, I was pleasuring him orally. Well, pleasuring was really an understatement, because when I sucked Mike's cock, I could tell from his twitches, spasms and gasps that I was making that dick sing with delight. "Fuck, Dolly, I don't know what your secret is, but I'd have walked a thousand miles of broken glass barefoot for a blowjob like you're giving me!" I was on a mission, and I gave him the best of my active tongue, my soft lips, as I relentlessly took his cock into my throat time and time again.


I peeked up and got a rush to see the look of awe on his face as he watched me with wonder making him feel SO good so easily. "My God, Dolly, you're so good, it’s like you could do this in your sleep, like a pornstar".


I reluctantly withdrew him from my throat to reply, "No, I just really like to do it with a guy I want to make happy and who makes me happy." Then I slowly, teasingly returned his cock into my mouth. "Back to Adventureland." I heard him mumble.  Psych!  He nicknamed my mouth "Adventureland!"  I guessed my pussy could be Fantasyland.  All in good time, I figured. I was having too much fun with his dick's' natural reactions giving me very direct and immediate feedback. I do so crave the feeling of empowerment I get from being able to bring about such strong reactions out of a man. I gave him the works, showing that I could stroke it fast to get it to the brink while my tongue worked its magic, but I still knew it was a sensitive things and it likes to be touched gently, too. I continued with gentle touches and teasing and using my mouth and throat to fuck Mike's dick like a surrogate pussy.

Once I had started sucking Mike, there was only so slow I could go. I was torn, I wanted to taste more than the precum I was licking from his sensitive head, but I had a fire burning in my body that needed to be filled with the dick I was sucking.  Dilemmas, dilemmas, like they say, sometimes it’s hard to be a woman!


Fortunately, he made the decision for me, and peeled my talented mouth off his happy dick. I squeaked with surprise when Mike picked me up to my feet, both of us nude, and I wrapped my full body against his, and somehow we made our way down the hall to the bedroom. His cock bobbing against my clit and wet & ready pussy almost convinced me to stop in the hallway and make him take me there, but I was so glad when he laid me gently on the bed, kissing me again, if felt so sexy in my bed rather than the hall.


He moved down between my legs, his hands stroking my hard calves, toned thighs, firm hamstrings. "I love your legs, and I'm going to love being between them and returning the favor." I bent and lifted my knees, and he eagerly licked my sex. I was already glistening with excitement before Mike even started running his eager tongue up and down the delicate folds. I played with his surfer boy hair while he ate me. My clitoris rose and became more prominent, to which Mike responded by dedicating more and more of his oral stimulation to it. I couldn't contain my sounds, he definitely knew how much pleasure he was giving me, and that seemed to encourage him further. I peeked between my thighs from time to time; his eyes were closed while his tongue and lips did their magic on me.  It was harder to peak when my back arched involuntarily from the pure enjoyment of his mouth taking me to nirvana and back. But when I could focus my eyes on this magnificent lover, he was just so into giving me oral. He looked maybe close to as happy as I felt. It was a look that I just knew already that I would never, ever tire of seeing.


I guess when he felt the bed shaking Mike knew it was time for other ideas. "Please, I need to feel you inside my belly, ugh, oh oh, aaah, no really, please baby, that's so good but in me, inside me, please... there's protection in the nightstand". He unrolled a condom onto his sex poker, and then as he positioned himself I needed to kiss him, and I loved licking his beard of my own entrancing love juice, then I took his now-safe cock into lined up position for the main event. I lay back on the bed again, eagerly splitting my strong dancer's legs wide apart for him, though soon I wanted to wrap those around him, to pull him fully into my being, clinging to him with four limbs, since I knew it was going to be magic. He smiled a wicked grin, seeing my sex glistening with desire, my thighs open like a wide valley... shaking with excitement. "I'm so ready, take me Mike, please take my pussy...."  He thrust in with one strong, steady thrust, wonderfully hard as steel, not painful, just...perfect. He was mine.  And I was his.

Oh my god! His cock made me feel even better than his sexy mouth! He was in so deep, having slipped in easily because of my drowning wetness, and I gave him a constant, gentle squeeze from the inside with my soft flesh. I pressed my pubic bone against his, trying to fuck him back, but he'd given me so much physical sensation that my legs were not at their strongest.  He wasn't my biggest or thickest, but truth to tell the bigness doesn't matter so much as the man its attached to, and the understanding of a woman by that man. I just loved the look in Mike's eyes as I was receiving him, pumping me, opening up my most private of treasures just for his enjoyment. 

Our eyes met--and I noticed a vulnerability in them. He felt it too.  This wasn't a booty call. Shit, I didn't want to get attached, neither did he.  I'd already been married and divorced, and found my happiest joy in my lifestyle of many men.  Good as this was -- and it was awesome, I knew in a month, week, maybe days, I'd want another man to make happy, even if I still wanted more of Mike.  Rare is the man who is cool with that.  And ....Oh God, he was hitting me just right.  No, not hitting, caressing me.  Can a cock caress a woman from the inside?  Mike's was.  This much I knew--I was his for the night, and I'd made no further promises than that.  Though I wondered if I'd pass out from how fucking good this felt.


Mike didn't seem to wonder anything, his arms were body builder arms but any man's arms feel good to reach up and hold on to for steadiness when he's making love to me so fully and completely.  He bent down over me, kissing me deeply while thrusting slowly and easily. Our mouths opened, our tongues met; I felt wrapped my arms around his shoulders and ran my nails down his back. I wrapped my fit legs around his hips and hooked the heels of my feet around the back of his thighs at the top, just under his flexing ass, pulling him into me, making us one. And as our middle of a sensual fuck kiss gradually expanded the last remaining traces of first time love-making tentativeness was rapidly replaced by wanton lust, driven by the pleasure we both felt from our sexual union. I broke off the kiss and stared into his eyes with complete trust, and Mike began to thrust with renewed intensity, drinking in the heady sensation that came with each new penetration. 

There are cars, and then there are Ferraris; I hope I don't sound too stuck up to say there is sex, and then there is Dolly. I work hard to keep my body at or close to its peak; truth is dancing on the squad had taken me up a notch from my usual fitness routine.  I love being a provider of pleasurable sensations. But I felt such a link, such a connection, that I realized I'd somehow kind of just laid there and taken it; I internally scolded myself, "you're Dolly, damnit, act like it!", and soon I was constantly active, involved, actively working to increase both my own and Mike's pleasure. But this wasn't the encounter for slutty dirty talk, though I can't remain silent when it feels so good.  Instead I whispered sexy encouragements like "oh baby, that feels so good... oh god... please give me more...oh..." We were in full-fledged fuck mode, and it was mind-blowingly awesome. 

And then he delivered me to the Promised Land. Holy fuck, did I arrive wow! My open and inviting arms and legs all closed around Mike's pistoning body like a Venus flytrap. I tightly locked my legs around his waist, and lifted myself entirely off the bed clinging to his torso. I knew he could feel could feel my body shudder in orgasm. Attached to him and lifted from the bed, I shook like I couldn't remember, and he pressed into me tightly as well, held together by his fully penetrating cock. It was incredible. Time slowed and the world melted away; all that was real was my orgasm, shaking and taking me with a sense of weightlessness.  Until there was something else real, and that was his own climax, grunting, straining, groaning, wordless, tightly squeezing the breath out of me. A huge exhale, what child birth coaches call a "deep cleansing breath" followed the couple of minutes of earthquake and aftershocks.  He collapsed on me struggling to catch his breath.  "Oh my God...." I recognized among the moans and gasps. 

I had no sense of time.  Eventually he softened enough that he slid out, and I moaned in disappointment.  He giggled. "Wish I could have stayed forever." "You're welcome to," I told him.  Had I just really said something about forever?  No, he said that word, not me. 


I molded my body to his as we repositioned to cuddle. Brightest fucking afterglow I could remember.  "Dolly, you're amazing," he told me.  Never one to turn away flattery, I kissed his ear but remained silent, hoping to hear more. 'I mean, the naked symphony of your muscles working in harmony as you moved was amazing to watch." He touched my smooth legs, my belly, my breasts as a sort of victory lap of the body he'd just conquered and colonized.  Wow. And that had simply been a missionary position fuck.  I hoped to have many more chances to show him just how this girl worked out, not only to have a body like I do but also the flexibility and the many positions... How long would it take him to be capable again?  



 We were on the terrace, in the shade, overlooking the ocean.  Some things are universal, and Mike had asked if he was big enough to really please me.  Okay, the search for perfection was still on, I had to take a one point deduction for bothering to ask.  Especially after such a great time together.  I felt like...oh, damn, I had to be honest with myself.  I felt like a girlfriend. We had been so good together.


"Mike, you guys are so concerned about size. It's not size that determines if a girl is going to be satisfied anywhere near as much as it is how she feels about her partner. The way you've made me feel right now, you're all the man I could ever ask for."


His face looked skeptical, so I continued: "I'm not gonna lie and tell you you're bigger than every other guy, or any percentage of other guys. You wouldn't believe me anyway. But it's not as big of a difference as you probably fear it is. More importantly, you satisfy me on a whole other different level than I am used to being taken. It's hard for a guy to understand; all of your orgasms seem to be more or less the same, so it doesn't matter how you get them. It's not like that for us, or at least not for me. If I really LIKE a guy, orgasms can be much, much more. It's like your body and soul are in harmony, responding to your partner in unison. It's strong; it's emotional; it can be almost spiritual. And you can't just make them happen by rubbing the right spot for a certain amount of time. Emotional orgasms come from somewhere deep inside you, and you have no control over if and when happen. But I'd trade a dozen physical orgasms for one good emotional one."


So now you know about my first time with Mike. How did things progress with Mike?  Is Mike still in my life?  What was Mike's reaction to finding out about Dolly dates?  Or did Mike ever find out about Dolly dates?  This much I'll admit to no one's surprise:  the first time with Mike was not the only time with Mike.  And that is all I'll admit.

Mike wasn't really his name.  Telecom wasn't really his family's business.  I might have fibbed about his age, too.  What makes my life so happy is knowing how many great gentleman friends I have who just might be smiling ear to ear, thinking back to our first time together, and thinking, "Wow, cool, I'm the inspiration for 'Mike'!"

I'd type a bit more, but my fingers are way tired from thinking back, remembering the feelings I've had, the amazing rush of success you all give me, and the feeling I get from knowing the feelings and pleasure I'm honored to give to my Dolly date gents.  Oh, my fingers aren't tired from typing, I did this using voice recognition software, actually.  My fingers are tired from, well, yeah, touching myself as I think back on the many men who all combine to represent "Mike" that contributed to how wonderful I feel being your Dolly.  Thank you, boys.

Oh yes, maybe you're wondering about Larissa. <SMILES>  There's more to tell about her, too.  Keep checking back, though, because my fingers get tired when I think about her, too.



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