Not Your Usual Aunt Dolly Story

"Oh my God, oh my God, you're so ....oh fuck, oh, ugh, ugh, mmmm, oh fuck so fucking good...."


I loved David's brand of sexual exclamation.  I had my weight on my arms, pressed to the bed as my breasts bounced between my elbows and were also pressing to the sheets on my down bounces. I was bent over, being enthusiastically fucked hard from behind.  I had managed just one knee onto the bed, my other leg hanging down straight toward the floor behind me, with David's hands on my hip and thigh, supporting my hybrid position to receive a hot, sweaty impromptu fuck.  His sexy associate lawyer, Lisa, however, merely coo'd and whimpered with soft gasps as she lay on her back, legs spread around me and my mouth sampling her particularly sweet, thick love syrup, her dark landing strip a sexy contrast to her bleached blonde straight hair, past her shoulders when she was upright, but now just around her head as she closed her eyes and received my oral skills.


A fabulous way for opposing counsel and I to conclude a week-long trial.


We had a bet on the damages that would be granted by the court.  A non-married couple who'd broken up and sued each other for breach of contract on the home they'd bought together.  The salesman and the stripper.  Yes, she was a stripper, she'd been hoping to marry him and get a green card.  Sexy Finnish accent, and while she had a nice body, she had the embarrassing indignity to be the second best looking woman at her table in the courtroom thanks to lovely Lisa.  David and I had tried cases against each other before, and were friendly at bar association breakfasts and continuing education conferences.  He was decently handsome but nothing particularly special in appearance, not fat but not in shape as three kids and a busy law practice apparently didn't leave him much time to work out, and he had been married going on twenty years.  Lisa was tight, in her late twenties, just a couple years out of law school, had a great tan, blue eyes, a wonderful sorority girl body with what I guessed was a 32C-24-34 figure, about 5'4" and maybe 115, a terrific, alluring red manicure, and an impressive engagement and wedding diamond and platinum set on her ring finger.  Any man with a pulse who wasn't legally blind would find her totally fuckable.  It was all I could do to keep my eyes from being glued to her killer, professional but sexy courtroom suits with skirts showing a lot of her toned legs.


I'd worn a series of navy, black, or pinstripe lady suits, the skirt mid-thigh, short enough to be sexy but by a margin of maybe a quarter inch not quite inappropriate.  Three inch heels seemed as much of a compromise as I was willing to do in front of Judge Ricardo "Ricky" Diaz, a handsome, mid-thirties, clean shaven, fast rising star in the south Florida legal profession, now the judiciary, and in the future, who knows, perhaps governor, federal appeals court judge...his future seemed unlimited.  I'd shown a bit less cleavage than my usual professional outfit, partly out of respect for the case and partly because I knew I didn't have to impress his Honor.   Judge Diaz was fit, a runner, someone I'd known outside of the law as a local age group champion-caliber runner.  I'd sucked his clean shaven, circumcised cock in an adrenaline fueled rush of lust following a 10K two years earlier and we enjoyed each other so much on that first get together that we had a few reunions. If his politically well connected, dark haired, dark eyed Latina local news reporter wife suspected, she hadn't made trouble about it.  I suspected her legs might occasionally wrap around some non-judicial inseminators.  Ah, Miami-Dade County, and Broward too, such a great place to live and fuck.


Just a week prior to trial, during a nooner quickie on board one of my family's boats at the dock, Ricky told me that he decided it would raise more eyebrows for him to recuse himself from my case than to go ahead and hear it as the judge and rule upon it.  "So I can't fuck you during the trial, Dolly."  We laughed.  "Yes, your honor.  Now, may I please the court?" I said after a quick kiss, unable to finish the sentence because of the "flesh gavel" of his that I'd taken between my lips and slid my tongue around. And he knew how to bang his gavel.  So hot," fuck me judge, fuck me" in between my gasps.  He'd even worn his robe with me one time, and I loved being in a classic black garter belt and stockings look with classic black patent leather fuck me pumps with four or five inch heels.  How decadently lawyerly.


But now it was post-trial, and instead of Judge Ricky it was my opposing counsel I was enjoying sexually, and he was enjoying me. And I was giving some well received continuing education oral examination to opposing counsel's sexy junior associate lawyer.  And to think it had all begun as a friendly wager, "winning counsel buys the drinks afterward" sort of a thing.


I had wondered if David was fucking Lisa?  She was eye catching, and had done well, handling the opening argument as well as direct examination of their client, the Finnish stripper.  Bet she worked closely with him to gain those skills.  What other skills come into play when they worked so closely together?  I didn't care if she caught me looking at her during times when the court was in recess and Ricky was off the bench, and soon enough she was looking back.  No interest in the stripper, who was something of a ruthless mercenary, having systematically acquired much of my client's wealth.  It was all I could do to get Judge Ricky to throw out the deed that would have given the opposing party my client's house.  The place was worth about $2.5 million, so my fee, while considerable, was very proportional to the recovery.  Lisa seemed to work very physically closely to David, and from what I knew of David, he didn't play around, so the intimacy without blatant touching grabbed my attention. But still, the pheromones were in the air.


Our final day was a busy day in the courtroom, as Ricky, oh, okay, Judge Diaz, since I wasn't fucking him or even giving him handjobs this week, had a full calendar and we merely had to show up to get his ruling since he had announced at the end of the previous day that he was going to take it under advisement over night.  So we had to come back Friday after a Monday through Thursday trial, the trial being delayed by an impromptu contempt hearing Thursday afternoon after my bitter client had taken too much of his meds in the mens room on Thursday and leered at Lisa, telling her she was really hot, and even sexier than his ex-girlfriend, the stripper.  When Lisa told him that she was an officer of the court and he shouldn't be speaking that way to her, my dumbass client couldn't help himself and kept going.  "I can't help it you're hot, I mean, come on, you know you're hot, you've got a stripper for a client and you're way hotter than her.  And I think she's really hot, I fucked her for years, and I can tell you'd be a hot fuck too."


So on Friday, while the results of the case in chief were successful, I left without a client because Ricky held my schmuck of a client in contempt and locked him up for the weekend.  "Your honor, given the bitterness of this prolonged litigation, I ask you to reconsider...." I'd tried.  Ricky cut me off.  "Counsel, I admire your desire to represent your client.  But he cut his own throat, and he used a really big knife.  See you Monday, make it around 4:30 p.m., after my scheduled cases that day."  Which meant he wanted to fuck on Monday. Yes!

 I smiled, and looked him dead in the eyes, "yes, your honor". 


David was whispering to Lisa (his face in her long blonde hair, not all that different from mine in appearance though she had dark roots in a style that you're meant to see; his lips were oh so close to her ears).  Lisa was looking right at me, raising her eyebrows as if to catch my attention even though there was a tinge of timid to be found in her manner toward me, then she held up a hand with one finger, understood to be "please wait a minute". I didn't have other plans for Friday afternoon, maybe this was going somewhere.  David backed away from Lisa, they looked at each other, and Lisa shook her head yes.  "Dolly," David began, "there's not enough of the week left to make going to the office worthwhile, and Lisa and I would like to buy you a drink, show you there's no hard feelings, that we were both impressed by your trial presentation.”  Lisa hadn't worn any stockings that day, her legs and ass and oh hell, all of her looked great, and David knew I'd been checking Lisa out, he had a look in his eye.  "I'd like that," I replied.  We agreed to meet at a certain local watering hole known for a high end, discreet crowd, large drinks generously poured, and a connecting interior door to the four star hotel next door.  You know, the place politicians, lawyers, and visiting conventioneers go to get drunk and get laid. And I'd been in court all week.  And so had David and Lisa. I smirked when he mentioned the destination of choice, and he blushed.  Game on. 


I got there first, and got a corner booth to allow us some privacy.  They weren't long behind me, and I'd dumped my raincoat and purse in the corner on the opposite side of the booth.  I motioned for Lisa to do the same, and so she sat across from me, and David slid in next to me.  Drink service was quick, and disparaging remarks about our own clients' mis-steps were nearly as quick.


And then it was on to war stories, and a second round of drinks, and Lisa had at some point unbuttoned an extra button on the day's silk blouse.  French manicure that day, nice tan, not quite a C cup but on that flat-tummied trim figure that she obviously took care of, and I realized she had done her makeup in a slightly smoky eyes manner that day.  Seductive.  David was a man in control, comfortable wherever he was, and not inappropriate.  He knew I did triathlons and he asked, and I replied about the Houston, Texas triathlon that was upcoming, or perhaps the Jacksonville one the month after, and I mentioned that I'd seen "Judge Diaz" at the Jacksonville half ironman the year before.  "Yeah, Ricky's really into that, too, and almost as fit as you, Dolly."  "Thank you, David," and we clinked glasses. Funny to hear David call him Ricky.  I guess that wasn't a nickname reserved for lovers, since David and Ricky were both straight.  Lisa drained her wine a bit quicker than we did, and motioned for another.  "Getting your nerve up for something, sweetheart?" I thought to myself.  Pretty sure I thought it to myself.  Don't think I said it out loud, or even under my lusty breath.  But she blushed when she saw me watching her. Soon we'd each gone onto our next drinks, with Lisa still up one on us.


The lights dimmed, and I realized it was after five.  Okay, we're all feeling good, making small talk, and eye-fucking the shit out of each other. I noticed their hands close to each other's but not touching.    I stood to go to the ladies' room, and Lisa did the ol' "I'll go with you," routine.  Okay, maybe I can find out what's going on.  I was wet thinking about the situation, even if David wasn't a hottie there was nothing wrong with him at all and I do love a confident professional in a suit with single needle stitching.


Private, and quiet in the ladies' room.  I fixed my lipstick, really just checked myself out in the mirror. Lisa was mostly just looking at me, absent-mindedly pretending to check her hair.  Okay, time's up.


"Lisa, pardon me for being blunt, but you and David are giving off some serious vibes.  Is it more than professional between you?" She was stunned for a second, and I felt my own chest pound with the magnitude of me asking her that question.  Think about it, Dolly Jewel asking about what two other consenting adults are doing behind closed doors.  Like I'd ever answer a question like that!  But there was a big difference, they'd specifically asked me to join them here.  "Mind telling me exactly what I've been invited here for?  For just a civilized drink we had plenty of other potential destinations.  Talk."


Lisa bit her bottom lip.  I felt my palm sweat a little with excitement. "We...."  she seemed at a crossroads. Not so in charge without a well-constructed legal outline in her hand.  I took her hand in mine, circled her wedding engagement rings with my thumb, stepped closer, and leaned in so my lips were near her ear, like David's had been, earlier.  "I said, 'talk'".


"We've...wanted to ... but its complicated ... we're both ... and then spending a week with you in a cramped court room and you ooze sex appeal, and add in a stripper from Tootsie's and we thought...."


Finish a thought, sister!  Lucky for her she litigated better than she philandered.


I looked in her eyes.  "So not yet but you both want to?"


She nodded her head.  Wow, strong young litigator is apparently a sub when it comes to sex.  Oh, kitten, this is getting hot now. Now I didn't care if David did want to fuck her or not, I was getting excited by the way I was dominating her will, commanding her to speak, taking her hands in mind, feeling her move closer to me.  I was in the mood for some sex, too.  She was so hot, too bad she didn't have a cock.  Oh wait, she did have a cock, I realized, it was attached to her boss, David.


"Does David have a room?"  Again, we were in a specific location with a well know reputation and the set up to facilitate such intimate matters of "professional development".


She nodded her head up and down.  I spoke strongly, in a litigator manner she'd recognize: "I'm sorry, miss, you'll have to answer yes or no, the court reporter can't record your head nodding.  Or bobbing.  You do want to do some head bobbing tonight, don't you dear?"  So much fun, feeling my nipples harden as I reeled her in. "Yes" she whispered.  I raised my eyebrows, titled my head, in a "well, I'm still waiting" manner.  Silence.  Lisa looked down, then squeezed my hand back strongly enough to show agreement, compliance, obedience. "I mean, Yes, Dolly."


I pulled her toward me, now holding both her hands in mine.  And then we were both startled when a matronly gray haired woman entered, stared at us, and then walked briskly to a stall.  I spun on my heels and led Lisa out, with one hand behind me, towing her as she obediently followed.


David's eyes got wide as he saw our hands, so I clasped and interlocked my fingers with hers.  Love to show off, have you boys noticed that?  Walked straight up to David, who stood as we approached.  Leaned in now, my lips near his ear, his nose in my hair, and he pressed forward, inhaling the wisp of perfume I'd tantalizingly lightly dabbled on earlier.  If you were close enough to sense the smell, it was too late, you were in my power. I felt Lisa's breast against my back, she was standing flush up against me. "She's ready for you, David.  Me, too. Your stripper won, pay the check and meet us upstairs next door.  Can I have the key card?"  I was getting a three-way that included luscious fit young (and married!) Lisa.  I saw the bulge in David's trousers.  He handed over the card to me. "Twelve eighty one" he said.  And off through the inner "hidden" (only hidden if you didn't know where to look, actually) passage to the connected hotel.


David got to the room and found the door slightly ajar, held that way by the security bar flipped outward.  He fixed that as he stepped in, and the door closed behind him, and I heard him lock the security bar.  I say heard him because my eyes were closed, enjoying the soft, feminine, sweet yearning kisses of my newest "pet", Lisa, whose jacket was on a chair, blouse was untucked, and hands on my breasts just where I'd placed them.  I'd unbuttoned a few of her buttons, and then put one hand on her great little ass and one in her hair, grabbing a handful.  Enough to confirm I was her domme, but nothing heavy duty or humiliating, Just a sensual orgasmic Dolly seduction. Then I touched the skin on her thighs, smooth, moisturized, waxed and a flow of electricity passed between us.


David's cock poked my ass before his hands touched my shoulders and started to rub, and the obviousness with which we'd collided in that special horny way made me laugh and the kiss broke.  I turned my head and received David's kiss.  He started losing his own tie and jacket, and the way in which he didn't care about dropping that nice suit onto the floor to get rinkled was impressive.  His mouth was on my neck, "Mmmmmm, God, I love that....and Lisa you're so fucking perfect for this."


This.  What exactly was "this"?  They were going to START an affair with a Dolly threesome?  Wow, sort of like NASCAR starting the season with the Daytona 500--using the biggest hottest event to get the action started instead of building up to it.


So I started working the blouse off her, then the skirt, and I told her to do the same to me.  "Yes, Dolly."  David's lips left my neck (or was it my ears by that time?  Bit of a slobbery kisser, but the action part of my evening was so fun, what's a little saliva if not simply an advance sample of what's going to coat my clit and David's dick in just a couple minutes.  Lisa's hand were on me, where I'd left them, but stroking, exploring, tweaking...waiting to be brought back into the main event.  I broke the kiss with David, and merely said, "Lisa, take the rest off, but leave your heels on.  David, you're way over-dressed for this meeting, too."


Damn Lisa was down to skin and stilettos fast! I had to lick her erect nipples, and her fingers went to my wet heat, and soon enough the four hands that weren't mine were getting me down to skin and heels, too. David's fingers on my hard, sensitive nipples, and Lisa staring up at me, lips parted, her fingers in my clean shaved, slick, hot wet lust chamber.  "Like this, Dolly?" Loved her use of my name to punctuate her sentences. "Slide them inside me, Lisa dear, you do know where to touch me in there, don't you honey?" 


Oh God, she damn well did know!  Fuck, the girl was good with her hands, like she must touch herself constantly or be a gynecologist to know her way around a pussy this well, and last I checked, female anatomy isn't on the law school curriculum so she must be working herself into a frenzy nightly.  She licked her fingers, switched hands, and proved to be ambidextrous when it came to fingering a woman.  David's cock was vertical, resting between my ass cheeks pointed to the small of my back, his lips on my shoulder blades and his hands every which way but loose on my torso and tits.  I gushed on Lisa's hand when I came for the first time, and then Lisa fed me her Dollycum drenched digits.  Mmmmm, love sucking my own flavor off a hot lover.


"Lay down, Lisa, I need to taste you now," I told her, and we took just a few steps to the bed and got into the positions I told you about earlier.  I knelt on the bed, her legs open to give my face access to her sex, and she was fragrant, perhaps a wisp of fruit essence in whatever scent she had pre-treated her body's sex zones with. Without looking over my shoulder I said to David, "if you need condoms there are some in my black leather purse, but David told me, "I'm ready for you Dolly.  Have been since you were the new associate, like Lisa here is now.  You okay, sweetie?"  Her neck was already tilted back, her fingers splayed on the insides of her thighs in a classic Hugh Hefner induced pose.  Truth be told, I'll miss the nudes in Playboy, now that they're discontinuing one of America's great institutions, because my taste in beautiful women was always fairly close to Mr. Hefner's. "Oh, fuck David, I can feel Dolly's lips on me, oh my God....." and there wasn't a whole lot of human language out of her for a while after that, save for a few "yes's" mixed in with the sweet blissful mewling and coo'ing.


My own lips and tongue were exploring Lisa, bringing her to the brink and then backing away, wanting her ecstasy to be prolonged and relishing her fabulous body for my hands to explore and my eyes to survey while my tongue ventured so far into her I could have taken her temperature and maybe tasted what she'd had for lunch. A peak at her puckered and flawless back door.  Immaculate.  A perfectly lickable asshole, clean and inviting.


And then I felt David's tongue on my own backstar. Rimming, slowing circling, then dabbing in the center before moving on to the self-lubricating target I'd pointed up I then air when I placed my hands and knees on the bed to go down on David's associate.


I brought Lisa off, and her increased flow of juices was very subtle, but her body tremors and silent open mouthed "I'm frozen in pleasure" face was delightful.  I backed away, knowing how sensitive she'd be, and enjoyed David's mouth in my sex. "Mmmm, cock, give me your cock David, fill me counselor, fucking fill my pussy, I need it so badly,"


So let it be written, so let it be done.  David slowly, steadilyy, slid into me.  And after some initial testing pushes and withdrawals, we got into a sweat-inducing rhythm and I got my mouth back on Lisa.  Which is where the story started.


David's verbal hints that he was close were more urgent.  "Oh fuck, oh fuck Dolly, mmmm, oh God, fuck Dolly, ahhhh ahhhh, ahhhh, nnnnnno, oh God fuck yes, here it, shit, yes, I'm gonna..."


I felt him pull back suddenly, and he must've ripped off that condom damn quick because I had hot custard sauce on my lower back, and given the angle with which I was hunched toward Lisa, it slowly oozed toward the small of my back, actually higher on my back had I been standing. 


David's breathing took a while to get back to normal, so he was huffing and puffing as a witness when Lisa came again. I then collapsed onto my tits and belly, coated in perspiration all over, cum on my back, sweet young married pussy on my face. Lisa shifted over and briefly licked my well fucked pussy (I adjusted my hip tilt to give her better access).  Then she licked David's cum off my back, and they kissed.  I turned my head to take in that action.  They kissed for a long fucking time.


I'd rolled to my side and propped myself up to watch them.  She moved to his cock, and slowly, tentatively licked the underside of his shaft. I reached over, meaning to help prop his cock at a comfortable sucking angle for her, but she took my hand, never looking my way, and interlocked fingers and kept going on him without assistance.


She got him hard again in due time, pretty good for a middle aged married man, and then Lisa silently moved onto her back, and David went between her legs to provide some quick reciprocation, and she was so wet and his sloppy style actually made for some hot, schlurpy porn sounds, but she reached down, with that wedding ring wearing left hand of hers, to his face and guided his face away from her married pussy and up to her married mouth again.  He positioned his rod at her entrance, and that same left hand moved down to center it on her opening and to guide him into her.  They were both silent, eyes locked on each other, now only occasionally kissing quickly, as if to reassure each other every step of the way.


This was absolutely their first time.  I felt so honored to witness it intimately, have just been with both of them sexually before they had each other.


Lisa's legs, heels still on, hooked around his hips, pulling him in.  Her hands on his arms, not that they were particularly muscular, but they were the arms of the man making love to her.  Yes, that's what I said.  Because even though his movements in her were awfully primal, his DNA taking over and nature compelling him to breed her, they eye contact and little kisses made it clear.  They were moving in synch, hard, forcefully, with a purpose.  It wasn't even until I saw her hands on his back, fingers spread, her diamond rings again reflecting a bit of sparkled light that I realized David hadn't put on a condom before fucking Lisa.  I guess I realized just in time to appreciate the gravity of the situation (yes, yes, I was totally frigging myself watching this--it was beyond hot, considering the context), because I barely heard her say, "yes, please, I want you to," as her legs gripped him tighter and his back strokes shortened and then their mouths met and he groaned into her mouth as he stiffened, pumping himself into her. Just an "Oh my God" from David was intelligible, the rest was moaning and gasping.


Lisa turned to me a minute or two later, a tear in her eye, and she extended her hand to me, and I took it.  She mouthed "thank you" and I whispered, "I'm going to go".  David started to rise, "Dolly, I..." But I shhh'd him, and said we'd all meet for a Starbucks one morning next week, just email me which date after they'd gotten home.


Home.  I knew my deal, what I was allowed to do and how I was still welcomed home, and how sharing my sexual adventures was a part of what made my home relationship great.  But these two?  God, I've rarely looked forward to coffee like I did for the next few days.




"So this has turned into a monthly coffee, the three of us," I said to Lisa and David.  Lisa was fresh-faced, just a trace of makeup, and glowing as we sat outdoors, ocean view, at the best located Starbucks in the area of Miami near my office.  I was the only one still wearing a wedding ring by this time, though Lisa wore a sapphire engagement ring that matched her eyes.  David looked relaxed, open collared, no tie, and Lisa was just starting to show, I noticed, when she walked up, and I stood to greet her with a hug and kiss on the cheek.


"If it had been a girl, we were considering 'Dolly' for her name, or maybe her middle name, since you were there, and a part of it, but it’s a boy, so he'll be David Junior," Lisa told me. 


Apparently they'd connected personality-wise even while she was clerking for him as a University of Miami law student.  She never interviewed anywhere else, and they'd made all the decisions and weighed all the consequences, including the professional scandal, the two divorces that would follow, and even the twenty four year age difference between them.  David's wife had family money and apparently had likewise looked elsewhere as their marriage had slowly drifted apart.  He got off lucky, there was not much in the way of bitterness in his marriage, and the children being in high school and college made up their own minds about which parent to see when, and they were guided by a sense of "it’s about time, you two haven't had anything to say to each other in years."  It also helped that their mother had found some happiness, too, and never spoke ill of David to their children.


Lisa's husband had been one angry cuckold.  He'd had not a clue about Lisa's love for David, and did not believe her when she told him she never meant to hurt him, but she just never realistically believed she could ever be with David, and she thought he (the husband) was a great guy and had planned to spend the rest of her life with him.  And then David let it be known that he reciprocated her love. Lisa's ex admitted that he was most hurt because he really thought she'd gone off the pill to get pregnant with him.  He actually was a very handsome, attractive desirable man, and when word got out he'd been dumped, the offers from sexy women to make his hurt go away flowed in.  So he got over the hurt in fairly short order, and knocked up a Hooters girl not long after. Lisa and her ex had only been married a short time, didn't own a home yet, and there wasn't much to fight over once Lisa told him to keep all the wedding presents except she wanted either the china or the silver, one or the other, whichever one he didn't want, and he could keep the furniture and furnishings they'd bought together. He kept the plates, gave her the silver, and she was fine with that.  Her ex and his pregnant Hooters bride moved away from Miami soon after.



Me?  They'd each mentioned me when they were having drinks and their lips had been loosened by alcohol,  The subject had turned to "so which member of the local Family Law section of the bar would you most want to fuck", to which they'd added, "present company excluded, of course."  David said, "easy, Dolly Jewel", and Lisa surprised him and said, "you know what, that's what I was going to say."  ''Oh, you knew I was going to say her name?" David asked.  "No, silly, she's the Miami Family Law attorney I'd want to fuck most if I can't say you, and we said 'present company excluded'".  They'd laughed, and she'd admitted having the fantasy of being with a woman, but had never done it, that her husband would ask her about it but she never admitted any interest or showed any willingness to do so with him.  "But with you I'm an open book, David. So you're my love fantasy, and I guess you and she are my two hot kinky forbidden sex fantasies."


And yes, our post-trial threesome had been the first time they'd made love, and yes, I'd witnessed David impregnating her while she was still another man's wife, and while he was married as well.  So for all of you who might have wondered if Dolly is the most scandalous woman in south Florida--NOT!!


The next time the three of us shared a bed, at least the next time after the three month mark when Lisa started telling people about being pregnant and we'd all celebrated with a menage a trois at my home while my own handsome fella was attending a Sotheby's auction in New York, by which time Lisa was a luminous five months’ worth of baby on board womanly glowing beauty and David was such a tender lover with her while fucking me hard as I urged him on to do, I felt so honored to be sharing such intimacy.  And right after Lisa came while riding David's face and I came while riding David's condom wrapped baby-batter blaster,  she and I had been facing each other, Lisa playing with my tits and I'd stroked her sweet baby bump, we kissed.  I then held her mouth open and whispered, loud enough for us all to hear, "if you can hear me in there, Junior, it’s just me your Aunt Dolly...I'm not really your aunt, but I've been a part of your life the whole time--and I mean right from the very start!"



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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