A Shocking Upset in Atlanta or Was It?

I was furious.

I was returning to the U.S. from a tournament overseas where I was knocked out earlier than I expected to be. I was excited to be seeing my boyfriend in the states. Our relationship was a world-travel whirlwind, what with me on the tennis circuit and him in global marketing for a major consumer products company.  Not naming company names, but his home base was Atlanta.  So when he and I got together for world-wide trysts and he was teaching the world to sing, it was exciting and sexy. I loved having a sex stud who wasn't all up in my business 24/7 like the girls who were screwing their coaches or practice players (or even same sex lovers on the tour).  It was great, and we managed to see each other pretty often.  And I HAD BEEN so excited because the upside of an unexpected early upset was that I had some extra time in my schedule so I flew home early in advance of what I thought just might be when he was going to propose. Nice thing about Atlanta is they have the world's most traveled airport, so I could get a non-stop flight there from anywhere.  Fold-flat seats that turned into a bed up in first class, I arrived refreshed and looking forward to sweaty, exhausting, draining sex.  
My guy's condo was in the Four Seasons, a beautiful high rise in the mid-town section of Atlanta, with hotel, restaurants, offices, and residences.  The doorman knows me, and he smiled when I stepped out of the town car.  The desk captain, ever efficient, seemed to know that I was early.  Nice to be on his mind and be expected!  "Miss Dolly!  Welcome back, I thought I was informed to expect you tomorrow, shall I call up to Mr. Donald ? (love that, every one is Mr. or Miss and then the first name, no last names because no one is a stranger, he'd told me once.)"  "No worries, Claude, I'll just let myself in, may I have my key, please?"  "Oh let us carry those bags for you, Miss Dolly, please, and we'll let you in and give you a proper announcement!"  I wondered if there was some sort of hospitality audit going on.  "Claude, I'm good, my key, and I'll let myself in and surprise my Mr. Donald."
The phone was ringing when I let myself in.  Went to pick it up, but saw on the caller ID that it was the front desk.  Seriously, Claude, glad Donny didn't pick up the call, you'd have ruined my surprise.  Hell, I was wearing Donny boy's favorite thong, the last thing I want is to ruin the thrill of unexpected sex.  Unexpected for Donny that was.  Me, I'd been waiting for his cock all the way back from Munich.  But meanwhile, where is he that he didn't pick up, since Claude would have known to tell me if he was out?
Dropped my bags in the foyer, went to the left to the study, the bedroom, the master bath....nothing.  Went back the other way, and missed a sign in the kitchen and through into the living room when I saw my own "surprise".  Not a good one.
Clearly he wasn't expecting me until the next day.  Given the fact that I looked through and saw him on the back terrace with a leggy brunette pushed up against the railing with his hand under her skirt and her tongue down his throat. Nice body, the slut was hot; there, I said it.  But the natural chemical reaction that I have when I see sexiness was put on hold, rapidly. Not like I didn't think he was fucking other women when he got lonely.  But, really, on the day before I was expected?  


Rather than make a scene I spun on my five inch fuck me heels, left my bags in the entry way and headed back downstairs to the lobby bar.  Which involved passing by Claude.  Who saw the smoke coming out of my ears and fire in my eyes.  "Not your fault, clearly you were trying to warn me, thank you Claude," I told him as I passed by, and he even reached out and squeezed my hand in a sincere gesture of empathy.  I heard my shoes making a noticeably angry clicking on the marble floors as I made my way to the bar and ordered a shot of Petron. Nice to be recognized so they know how I like my drinks, but too pissed off for the festive aspect of tequila that day. "No, I don't need salt and lime, thank you very fucking much."  Okay, that was out of line.  I'll tip him big to make it up to him.  And sign it to Mr. Donny's account. Fucker. In those days I always gave my body a forty-eight hour recovery from any sport fucks or lust fucks or just plain hookups or even career and publicity advancing slutty evenings prior to coming home to Donny.  You know, like any good loyal girlfriend!
Okay, so while the years have passed and as I've matured and come to be so much more worldly about recreational sex that in no way compromises love, and so I'm being a bit snarky in that comment about being a loyal girlfriend even though I, too, enjoyed men other than Donny, in fact, I enjoyed a whole lot more lovers than Donny did, I was good and pissed that day.   I slammed the shot and contemplated another. "I'll deal with him later..." I thought.  Hope I get to see the security camera footage as he discovers my bags, realizes I was there, and see how he reacts to the knowledge that I'd seen him and Suzy Q engaged in heavy petting.  But the thought of that did little to cool my temper at that moment.

 And then he walked up beside me and ordered two shots. When they came he slowly pushed one over to me. I gave him a once over... tall, built, tan and focused, yes, that would be a good word to describe the look in his eyes. I raised an eyebrow as our eyes locked. Without breaking eye contact he raised his shot glass and said, "Here is to whatever has put that fire in your gorgeous blue eyes."


 I couldn't help the smirk I knew had just crossed my lips. I nodded and we both slammed the shots. "Want to talk about it?" he asked. I shook my head, "No, right now I just want to hit something, hard, repeatedly." And he smirked back.   "Jeff," he said simply.  "Dolly," I replied, and smirks were again exchanged as we shook hands.  "I've seen you play, nice to meet you, sorry to be meeting you on a bad day."  I smiled.  When I was playing, I loved being recognized.  Like I said, I was younger then.  "Bad day nothing.  I'm fucking pissed. Like I said, I need to hit something hard, and I haven't got my racquets handy."

 He nodded as if he had the solution. "I have a better idea." Jeff said as he took my arm firmly and lead me through the lower lobby level to a back private elevator, one I'd forgotten about and that Donny rarely used, and he silently took me up to his floor. Maybe it was when I interlocked my fingers with him as he held out his hand to make sure I was going to follow him onto the elevator.  But yeah, I knew what his idea was and I was "in".  Taking a key from his pocket he unlocked the door to his condo.

"You live here?" I asked, as it looked too clean to be lived in. "I just keep a room for when I'm in town, my brother lives in the Four Seasons, too, and showed me around when he moved in, and it made a lot of sense to get my own place," he answered while locking the door behind us.  Small world.  Dolly's luck was looking up.  Fuck you, Donny, right here with your neighbor, that's how I'm going to get my revenge fuck.  We'd walked to the bedroom.  Which was fine, I was in no mood for subtle.
I stiff-arm pushed him backward onto his bed, much like Elaine used to shove the guys on "Seinfeld".  He looked surprised, "I said I needed to hit something.  So should you, I want you to hit it hard.  Can you do that, Jeff, can you fuck me hard like I need?"  Then I pounced on him.

 He caught me, reached out and grabbed my breasts, squeezing my nipples through my dress. He learns fast, I thought.  But I was still so angry I slapped him across his face. "Let's see what you've got".  He showed me.

I drew back to slap him again but he clutched my wrists, yanking my hands behind me, causing my body to slam against his. "What the fuck!" I growl. "I see how you want it today, baby, you want what I've got, you'll get it."  "Baby?" is all I said.  He kissed me hard.  It wasn't passionate, but it was sexy, a turn on, that he was just taking what he wanted, and that I was being taken but a sexy handsome man to get back at Jeff.

 Jeff quickly stood us up and turned us, pushing me back against a wall, one of his legs between mine, pinning me there. I struggled to free my hands but he held me tight, controlling me.

"You think this is what I want?" I grind out between clenched teeth. Jeff smiled and I felt my body heat increase with both anger and... lust. I was wet, and suddenly realized, with all my senses heightened, the scent of sex was already starting to escape from my short dress.  And I got a whiff of his aftershave.  Oh I needed to be fucked in a major way. Jeff must have sensed all those same clues.  He released my hands, cradled my face, brought his mouth down on mine in much more passionate kiss, devouring me like a starving lion on a fresh kill.  Somewhere in that kiss I remembered my last kiss with Donny, which reminded me that I was furious.

My hands found Jeff's hair and I pulled, hard, wrapping a leg around his hip and digging a 5 inch spike heel into his butt cheek.

I moaned into his mouth, "I probably just ruined your slacks... sorry... NOT."

 He released me only for a moment, then pulled me off my feet and across his lap as he sat back down on the edge of the bed. I was over his knee, with his other leg across both of mine and I was effectively trapped. Strong, over-powered me.  Again, a turn on.  Angry sex requires an athletic lover.

 He had me pinned with an arm across my shoulders. With his free hand you yank my short dress up over my butt, revealing my already wet scanty lace thong. Donny's favorite.  Which another man will now get to take off me and have what's on the inside. Fuck you again, Donny, was my thought.

I heard him drag in a ragged breath as he skimmed his large hand across my ass. "God you're fucking sexy" I heard him whisper, then...


 That fucker smacked a sharp blow on my ass that caught me by surprise more than it hurt me, but I cried out "Owww!" and struggled to get free from his grasp.


Another!  But I was silent that time, I didn't want to give him the pleasure of my cries again.  So I bit my lip against the slapping discomfort, again, not too painful, it was clear I wasn't the first woman he'd spanked, and I made a point to slow my struggles...


Three.  A moan escaped my lips.  Shit, he knows he's turning me on.  Now I'm all his.  But ... why was that a bad thing?  I wanted hot sex, Donny fucked up, and I was still getting hot sex and it this was any clue, this was going to be way more satisfying from a purely gratification sex sort of a way that anything I'd have done with Donny. My ass was on fire and I was a mixed up, hot mess of anger, hurt and... so, So WET.

WHACK! "Was that the type of hard hitting you wanted, Dolly, or did you mean something else."  His hand was stroking the backs of my toned, smooth shaved thighs, teasing up to my firm butt cheeks, so on fire, and he soothed my skin with a perfect touch, leaned over and blew a cool breeze across my ass and my pussy, and I almost came right then.

 He began to caress my ass, continuing to soothe the pain, then his hand dropped lower, and his fingers found my dripping pussy. I heard the change in Jeff's breathing... he was as turned on as I was, and I realized the hard length of his cock is pressed into my abdomen as I was still across his lap.

 He released my legs and swung me effortlessly back onto the bed, facing him, and our mouths, lips, tongues, all met frantically, expressing hunger, desire, lust, consent. My slinky dress was suddenly around my waist and he easily pulled it off over my head. I was naked now except for the next-to-nothing scrap of sex soaked lace between my thighs. He stood, dropped his trousers and boxers and flipped his shirt over his head in something close to record time and rejoined me on the bed. Grasping my thong he tore it away.

Damn. Was about to say how much I liked that thong, but then I remembered it was Donny's favorite.  And it was just so hot to feel his lust as he tore it off me. His cock was at attention.  Nice.  Hey, he fully manscapes, too!  I was thinking how popular that was getting, more and more guys, including Donny.  Who wasn't nearly going to get as wildly fucked by the cute brunette as I was going to fuck Jeff today.  "Protection?"  I whispered.  "Right here," he said, and I saw him lift the top off a wooden chest on top of his night stand, and remove a Trojan from the stash in there."  He kissed my shoulder as he leaned forward while unrolling it onto his manhood.  "I've got KY in there, too, but your body seems fully self-lubricating," Jeff told me as he sniffed the fingers that he'd previously inserted into my body heat.  "You made me this way, now fuck me hard like I need."

 He smiled wide, pulled me up on all fours and slammed into me from behind in one powerful thrust. I gasped at the sudden feeling of being filled by a new, somewhat thick cock, filling me, stretching me in the way that I love. Jeff grabbed a breast with one hand and twisted a fist in my long blonde hair with the other, he pulled my head back until he could kiss me, all the while slamming his hard cock into my hot pussy hard, just like I needed.

I was moaning and gasping, writhing, and pushing back against him, hissing, "fuck me, yes, fuck me like you know I want, oooh, fuck yeah, God, yes, more, oooof, yes, give it to me..."
I knew I would cum in seconds. And I did, tensing, contorting, digging my nails into whatever flesh or bedding was closest to my fingers, he was grunting, growling and biting my shoulder as he neared his own orgasm. The tender aftershocks from my pulsing pussy pushed me over the edge again as he reached down and dipped a finger into my body's Dolly-lube and then reached over to twiddle my clit while thrusting into my womanhood.  "Yesss... don't stop..." I panted.

We both came together, his "ahhh, ahhh,  ahhhh" as he filled his Trojan while my body clamped on his tool and milked that angry, wonderful cock, while we together descended into an oblivion of clenching, thrusting, panting, biting, grasping, riding the waves of our release.

 We collapsed, and Jeff covered my body with his.  Amazing how strangers can do this, but we were so in synch.   Our breathing was heavy for a long time, then we finally began to return to normal. He rolled off me, onto his back, but kept an arm caressing me, the hand on my ass. A gesture of a connection with this man I'd just allowed to pick me up in a bar (albeit a fancy one) and fuck me. We were silent for several minutes, our breathing the only sound in the room.

"That was my favorite thong" I whispered softly. "My boyfriend's favorite, too".
"Sorry?" he said, questioningly, and we both laughed. "Is he still your boyfriend?" Jeff asked.
"I guess so.  But make sure to give me your cell number, too."  We both laughed.
"How long can you stay, like I said, I've seen you play, I'm a fan, but now being with you, you're real, you're so hot, we just click, I'd totally love to get to know you.  I mean, I understand you have a boyfriend, but, well, you, me, this....wow."
I kissed him, softly, tenderly.  I looked in his eyes.  He was right, we had clicked, something seemed natural, familiar with him, even though this was stranger sex, we'd sensed how far to push things, and what would turn the other on.  I kissed him again. Then I bit his bottom lip, sneered, and we both laughed and kissed again.  He continued, "no really, stay Dolly.  I don't have anywhere to be until tomorrow, and that's just upstairs, at my brother's Donny's place, he's throwing a party to introduce the family to his girlfriend.  He won't tell me anything about her, says he wants it to be a surprise."


Purely fictional fantasy for your enjoyment!

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