Wedding Weekend Story Telling

One of my fancier Dolly dates a few years back was for a wedding weekend at a gorgeous spa and resort.  I had several very nice Dolly dates with this particular gentleman friend as we were very compatible. He was on the shy side in much of his life but seemed to blossom and feel confident with me.  It was his cousin's wedding.  He was in his early 50's, and wanted to show me off as his sexy arm candy to the family.  I was his personal trainer was the cover story.  In a way I was, he and I really went at it in a cardiovascular manner ... sorry, was thinking of this one time he and I got into some really flexibility-limits-testing positions in a private outdoor setting....But getting back to the destination wedding date, the gift he offered was waaaay too generous to pass up, and the weekend was elegant.  Dolly can handle elegant.  Let's call my friend Sam for purposes of this blog.  Sam flew me to his city from South Florida, and then we flew first class to the destination, where a limo was waiting.  Driver chuckled and said, "yes ma'am!" when I told him to make sure we took a long enough route to the resort so that I could be in the back for at least an hour with "my lover".  I thought Sam was going to melt when he released his hot seed into my slutty mouth as I cradled his pulsating nutsack in my palm as his orgasm drained all the life force from him.  Something about having so much room to spread out in the back of a limo that makes me enjoy sucking cock to completion in limos.  In case any of you were wondering about my preferred method of being greeted when I arrive in your city. *wink.


Sam told me a bit more about the weekend when he recovered, and while my slender manicured fingers tried to stroke a second round out of Sam since round one took all of four minutes (poor sweet man hadn't had sex in a couple months, I totally understood and thought it was sweet.  Well, actually more salty than sweet.  *wink*.) 


This was going to be the second wedding for Sam's cousin Ned, actually.  But this would be the first wedding for Ned's young beautiful bride, Morgan, hence the big fancy wedding ceremony, full weekend of festivities, black tie reception.  She was late twenties, definitely a trophy wife Sam told me, and she had been Ned's physician's assistant.  Ned paid richly to his first wife when first wife's  P.I. had evidence of Ned's comings and goings (and, ahem, cummings) once Ned and Morgan started fucking.  To my doctor friends, God I love how much you find hot sex to be the stress relief and reward to yourselves of choice.


Ned and Morgan had started fucking all of maybe three weeks into her employment.  Ned had a healthy medical practice and no previous vices, so while the divorce was expensive, he could recover financially.  Sam showed me Morgan's photo on his iPhone.  Smoking hot!  Something about how she took a year between college and physician's assistant school to be a pro football team cheerleader.  Yeah, I believe it.  Go for it, Ned.  She was so hot, and I'm picky about my ladies (so shallow, I know, luckily I'm much more a connoisseur of men!) I wondered if I'd get a chance to sample the bride's body and sexual talents during the weekend.  I whispered my fantasy to get naked and feel her firm, sexy young bridal body next to mine and exchange precious bodily fluids with Morgan into Sam's ear as I bit his earlobe and tried to stroke him to hardness again in the limo.  I intended to mount him reverse cowgirl for this round.  "Sorry baby, looks like it will be later that I can please you again." I kissed him gently on the lips.  He hadn't physically pleased me all the way from our petting in the limo, to be sure, but inviting me to a big fancy weekend, the generous gift, picking up the cost of the dress and shoes as he'd offered, that pleased me plenty.  Sam's cock did twitch a little when I told him I loved fucking sexy trophy wives, especially during their weddings. 


Our driver had a big handsome smile, and a ruggedly handsome mustache. He was a medium complexion black man who wore a chauffer's suit well, and who had what appeared to be a fucking garden hose in his trousers as he held the door for me to exit after he had glanced in the mirror and took an extra lap around the approach road to the resort once he realized I hadn't quite put myself back together from feeding my nipples to Sam for hard sucking to really get me worked-up.  I stroked Mr. Garden Hose's bulge as I slid out the door, palm of my hand, then dragged my nails...oh God, this guy was ready to star in the remake of Mandingo. "Mmmmm, yes Miss Dolly, I'll be back to drive you and Mr. Sam to the airport Sunday night." I smiled and winked.  Would I?  Could I?  Doubtful....but damn....


And just like that the cover story was being implemented, we were bombarded with family all over the lobby, hugs, air kisses to the side, overweight uncles, matronly aunts, some very "earthy" types wearing sandals and looking like they'd just received telephone calls from the sixties demanding the long hair and groovy clothes back.  Soon enough we were having our bags taken to the suite without us, and we were basically forced to go to the hospitality suite ("Dolly, Sam's told us nothing about you, you're so beautiful why would he keep you a secret--come come, you have to meet everyone, oh, there's Rochelle ... Rochelle!  Rochelle!, Sam's here, and look, meet Dolly, this gorgeous creature is Sam's date, he'd been holding out on us!"


Not sure how Rochelle was related, made a quick note that she was one of the better looking family members, had a wedding ring, and that Rochelle looked me over in the way that indicates "bicurious".  Put her down as a "maybe."  But I missed everything she said after "hello" mostly because as she was talking, I saw two seriously sexy "targets" as I looked over her shoulder and toward the rest of the room during the air kisses.


God, I'm such a shameless sexual predator -- but only for consenting adults, so it’s all legal and fun! 


Okay, I'll confess, I was recently  heartbroken to find out the hunk I saw jogging in my neighborhood recently wasn't the guy who'd moved in one street over -- he was the seventeen year old SON of the guy who'd moved in one street over.  I started to ask one of my lawyer regulars to research the age of consent, but then... Nope, can't cross that line. You must be eighteen, old enough to vote, to ride this ride. And damn if that boy didn't have an eye for MILF's as he checked me out at a neighborhood monthly happy hour.  "Please tell me that you have an identical much older brother?  Or that you'll wait for me and not start dating some sweet young cheerleader but instead give an old broad like me a chance," I told him, and about the time his eyes remained glued to my tits as he said, "What?  You're not old, you're hotter than girls half...." I cut him off, finger to his under-aged lips. "You never mind my age, honey, I can feel myself burning from all the fire I'm playing with by talking to you."  And I walked away. God, hadn't thought of him since...oh who am I kidding, I totally found out his birthday and when he'll be legal.  I know I shouldn't....  oh, this was the story of Sam taking me to a sexy wedding weekend....


So I was up to the point where I saw the two sexual targets.  Number one -- the bride -- brunette hair past her shoulders, green eyes, full lips, 5'7", great legs in a sexy sun dress with luminous glowing, gently tanned skin and about a C-cup with just enough cleavage showing to be lovely, but not at all inappropriate.  Can't be inappropriate when you're going to be a doctor's wife.  An ass that had probably been ogled since she was not even legal yet, and had probably been man-handled by many a fraternity boy, professor, supervisor, and finally a physician who was willing to close the deal.  Professional looking makeup, great manicure and pedicure, French on the fingers, seduction red on the toes (my fave when I bring a lady to my bed), she was everything you'd imagine in a gold-digging, pro football cheerleader turned trophy wife for a physician.


 "Morgan, Sam's told me all about you, I'm Dolly, so nice to meet you." More air kisses.   Nice scent, I think her perfume is called, "I Just Stole Your Man".  I placed a mental bet that she was waxed smooth down below, same as me, and was just about to imagine a slick sexy straddle with her when I saw target Number Two  nearby.  I draped an arm around Morgan's waist (and felt her relax and slightly press into me, and I wondered....) and said, "and this handsome gent over here must be your lucky Doctor Ned!"  He was six foot, maybe one ninety, seemed to have a solid upper body, more pepper than salt in his hair, brown eyes, a very suckable full bottom lip, and a well groomed handsome pair of hands that I instantly envisioned on my own D-cup breasts while I rode him in his office, gasping, "Oh, doctor, yes, fuck me, fuck your hot thick cock into my tight assistant's pussy, make me yours Doctor!"  Yeah, I go straight to porn in my head sometimes.  I had my hair in pig tails in that vision. His hands were such a turn on.  Well groomed hands. 


"Oh, no, that's not Ned.  Ned's over there, in the plaid shirt and knit tie, such a cutie, isn't he, I just fell in love...." as she pointed over toward where Ned was apparently straining to follow what three white haired older relatives were saying.  Ned was....fine.  Nothing wrong with him.  But not exciting like Mr. So-Who-Is-This that I'm already planning to fuck?  Morgan slid her arm out from behind me, and smirked as she dragged her fabulous French manicure along the small of my back, and slid her other arm behind Target Number Two's back, "this is Ned's best man, his medical practice partner, Burton.  Burton, this is Dolly, she's engaged to Ned's cousin Sam."


(screetching sound of the record needle sliding across the vinyl.  Huh?  Engaged?)


"Oh, I'm sorry if someone misspoke, Sam and I aren't engaged, I haven't landed him yet.  Nice to meet you, Burton, I'm Dolly, and it’s a pleasure to be invited this weekend.  Wow, what a wedding, a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, and a just as handsome best man!"  Gotta compliment the groom, but sorry Dr. Ned, Dr. Burton was way yummier than you.  Note to self, wedding ring.  Okay, where's Mrs. Doctor Burton?


Burton's hand held mine and I never wanted it back. God, those solid fingers must feel wonderful inside a pussy.  "Please, call me Burt.  Welcome Dolly, well, if you're not engaged, then this cousin Sam is a fool, he'll need to watch you this weekend, you know how romantic wedding weekends can be, you just might talk him into it and how could he resist you." And then his left hand, the one with that band of gold, covered my right hand, still secure in his right hand. I think Van Morrison's "Moon Dance" was playing in my head...


Was Burt trying to get me wet?  Totally worked.  Seconds earlier in my mind I'd been licking between the bride's presumably smooth shaved wedding night pussy (yes, yes, only in my mind, but the weekend was young, right?), with Morgan wearing white lace stockings and garters, her lacy bridal though pushed to the side by my fingers of my left hand while the tip of my left index finger teased her bridal clit, and my right hand caressed and tormented her erect, pert brown nipple above the white lace demi bra...Total going down on the bride fantasy...complete with that French manicure in my thick, long blonde hair, the bride gasping, "oh God, yes, Dolly, taste me, eat me, fuck me with your sexy mouth, make me your woman...." 


Yep.  I can get that level of detail in seconds.  Another part of that fantasy has Sam stroking himself watching from a couch nearby while I went down on Morgan and tasted how sexy she is on the inside.  But that fantasy was gone now, POOF!! and Sam was nowhere to be found in fantasy number two, with target number two.  Married Dr. Burt.  Salt & Pepper sexy man.  Those hands.  Those eyes.  Fantasy number Two, the Burt fantasy had me on my back, Burt still with remnants of his best man's black tux remaining on, mostly the open shirt, black satin bow-tie undone but still draped around his collar, cufflinks still in place so my hands were feeling the broadcloth of the shirt sleeves as I reached up to grip his arms, my right knee bent up to open the access to my "please fuck me, best man, stud-man, groom's married hunk of a partner" fantasy lover and my left leg up over his shoulder, with Burt on his knees, between my legs, condom clad cock stroking into my ridiculously wet pussy as our lips met, our tongues danced...."


"Dolly?  Hello?  Red or white?"  I looked at the hospitality hostess with a tray of half a dozen wine glasses, in different appropriate shapes for the Bordeaux and the Chardonnay.  How long was I day-dreaming? 'Oh, sorry, so much to take in, and I'm just a guest..." I told Burt and Morgan.  Sexy One and Sexy Two.  "Red, please." Burt handed me the glass, then took one for himself and clinked glasses with me and smiled.  Morgan placed her hands on my waist, leaned in, and lightly kissed me on the cheek--NOT an air kiss!--"I just know we're going to be cousins, soon, I can feel our connection, you and Sam are going to have a great weekend, I know it." She didn't wink, but I swear there was a twinkle in her eye, and then she was gone, off to greet more arriving guests.  I felt my face--flushed.  Had I cum?  Jesus she was gorgeous.  And then, have a look at Burt.  Burt?  Where'd he go?  I spotted, him, shaking hands, placing his glass down, accepting hugs, doing the best man thing, and then he looked over at me from maybe fifteen feet, and nodded.


Wanna know how cool Sam is?  He watched the whole scene, kept his distance, and when I returned to his side he whispered, "it's totally cool for you to be fantasizing about fucking both of them when you and I are together upstairs.  In fact, I want you to be fantasizing about that, Dolly.  Just as long as you verbalize what would be going on with you and Morgan, you and Burt, so I can listen in to the fantasy of you fucking my cousin's bride AND his medical partner.  Who I'm told by Ned is not a faithful husband and has managed to attend this wedding while his wife is back home, so if you take really good care of me tonight and tomorrow morning, maybe I'll be so worn out I'll have no choice but to share you with Burt after the ceremony tomorrow night."  "No time like the present", I told him, clasped my fingers in his, led him out of the hospitality suite, dragged him to the desk so we could find out what room our luggage had been taken to, and I was fidgeting the whole time, like a kindergartener who has to go pee.  I didn't need to be pee.  I needed to be fucked.  The smirk on the desk clerk's face confirmed that I was way past subtle about my need by that point.  She smiled and looked from Sam to me as she said, "enjoy your stay, and please let us know if there's anything you need." Our eyes met, and we had a moment, and then I said, "c'mon Sam, time we started enjoying our stay...."


I have no memory of stripping Sam's clothes off, or mine.  I'm fairly sure I held myself in check until we got into the room. 


So, Sam wanted to hear me narrate the fantasy bride and best man dual seductions?  Oh God, I gave Sam an earful.  And for the second time since we'd landed my world class blowjob (so I've been told) worked its magic on Sam and he gave me a mouthful. 


 And with a bit of rest and a lot of Dolly's attention, he was back to working condition, so I wrapped him in a condom with my mouth and he filled my pussy nicely, and then my ass. Then a wipedown and fresh condom and back in my pussy after I'd licked Sam's nice dick to make it even harder.  Biting his bottom lip, "okay, what about Morgan, what about Burt?"  Sexiest thing about Sam just might be his horny mind!


My fantasy play by play was first Morgan, just prior to when she would have been walked down the aisle, taking her into my spell, my lips, my fingers, her cheerleader's body responding to my fitness model body, my lust for her beautiful bridal image and knowing that I could satisfy her hunger, and her throwing caution to the wind to surrender to my advances.  "Oh God, Dolly, we shouldn't, mmmmm, fuck, yes, right there, God you know how to make me cum" she gasped.  In my mind, remember. 


But I wasn't done.  I told Sam how the rest of it would go.....


"Oh God, Oh God, yes, mmmm, uugh , fuck, yes,... like that, mmmm, fuck so good, so fucking good, make me your slutbride, Dolly, the only one who ever made me feel as good as you make me feel is...." and then Burt walked in, and in my fantasy I'm thinking he's just checking to see how long until she walks down the aisle.  And he stood, watching me ravish his partner's lovely bride, seeing my nude, fit, tan all over fuck-me body, while Morgan kissed me, then to my delight and surprise Burt fed me Morgan's nipples to suck, touching her in a way that let me know he was not touching her for the first time...then Morgan rode my face, my lips and tongue taking her places Ned's cock never could, while Morgan's hands took a tour of Dollyland, and her touch was amazing ...


And that's when Morgan saw Burt, and gasped, "Burt, oh, please...I know we said we'd have to stop once I married your partner, but Dolly's making me feel so good, like only you ever have before, starting the night right after the first day I worked for Ned ...." and just then (in the fantasy!) Burt, Best Man in the wedding where I was having my way with the Bride in a hot bisexual seduction, went down on me, and in between flicks of his married, pussy hound tongue he mumbled something like, "oh God, Dolly, I've wanted you since Morgan brought you to me, doesn't she taste good, can you taste me in her, we've been lovers and after we met you we were both so hot that we came up here to the bridal room and fucked, you make us both so hot.


Morgan is moaning, groaning, arching her back, lost in a rising euphoria at this point, I told Sam as the story continued and Sam's cock rose yet again and he wrapped himself this time, placed my leg over his shoulder and started to thrust into me.  I knew it would last, since he'd already cum.  And I was having a hell of a horny good time story-telling about Morgan and Burt.


Burt!  I picked up the fantasy, and told my audience (Sam) that Burt gasped as I stroked his married cock with a spit-slickened hand, and Burt rested one hand on Morgan's sexy flesh while she rode my mouth and Burt said, "Ned thinks she 's going to breed with him right away but I couldn't resist her and when she begged me, 'please Burt, cum deep inside me like you usually do so my partner will just have to raise my child as a cuckold while I am secretly pleased by you."  I then moved my fantasy desire for Burt along, and had him continue, "I was powerless to resist Morgan, and now seeing your fit sexy body with hers...." and then Burt licked me to a thrashing orgasm, after which obeyed when I pointed to my purse and he took out a condom, placed it on, and mounted me after lubing a finger in my hot honeypot and then slid that finger into my perfectly freshened, inviting tight bunghole.  This was where Burt was face to face with Morgan and as they each rode me, and now the sexual circle was complete.  That sexy well-manicured strong best man's hand of his rubbed his partner's bride's  clit, the other sexy hand brushed her about to be married to another man breast, then took a handful of her thick, lustrous  hair as he full on open mouth kissed her and my body spasmed and convulsed in a wet, wild, gushing orgasm thinking and verbalizing all that while riding Sam's cock in the real world.  Sam and I had worked our way to me on top, in control, the better to tell dirty stories while fucking my man and testing the sound-proofing of the venue.  I was grinding Sam into submission until his spent dick was limp and the girl-cum soaked condom wrapped sex muscle slid out of me. I collapsed onto Sam, head on his sweaty chest. My fingers slipped the condom off him, and I licked his own cum from his cock, where it had spread after he filled the condom in response to my erotic, taboo fantasy.  As I licked, I imagined it was Burt's married, powerful cock in my mouth, and I imagined the female flavor I was tasting was directly from Morgan riding my face.  God, this was one of my best dirty stories.


After he caught his breath, Sam told me, "God that would be so hot if that all happened."  Hot, kinky, and naughty, really naughty.  Yeah, Sam was an amazing date for a wedding weekend. I'd about dozed off fantasizing about how much of that fantasy might possibly cum true this weekend.  And then we showered and dressed for the rehearsal dinner, which was a fun western-themed dinner, outdoors, grilled foods, lots of fresh salads, cowboy hats.  I didn't go for the daisy dukes, I wore tight jeans, boots a wonderful friend of mine from Dallas took me to buy, and a colorful flannel shirt worn with lots of cleavage showing over a black scoop neck tank top.  Then a big grin hit Sam's face as we left to go to the cowboy dinner.  "I didn't expect the story to involve the two of them, that was a nice treat, Dolly.  But, how did you know Burt's been fucking Morgan, did I tell you?"  Now it was my turn to be surprised, and my eyes grew wide, half with shock, and half with ...hope?  "Yeah, turns Ned on so much when Morgan tells him about it.  Hey, we're cousins, we've got a lot of the same kinky turn-ons.”



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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