Dolly and Doug. And His Roommate Eddie.

“Eddie really likes you, you know."

I opened an eye and looked at Doug, a law student who had been my legislative intern during my first term in the State House and then who I started fucking (Scandal!  The Judge I was screwing lectured me about the ethics of if, but then I kissed his wedding ring and told him he didn't exactly have the high moral ground!).  Doug was younger than me, and not just by a couple years, but he was fit, a runner, smart, erotic, pliable to my needs in bed, had gorgeous hair, a model's face, and his eager lips were doing amazing things to my neck in between his words. I didn't feel in the mood to talk about another man at that moment.

"Okay," I said only somewhat kiddingly. "You, young sexy Doug who just made me cum so hard, win the prize for least romantic post-coital talk," I told him, wondering what had made him bring up his best friend and roommate now.

Doug tickled my skin. God that boy was great with his hands as well as his lips, and even better with his mind.  I might have been seduced just by the mind from what a sharp and helpful intern he'd been in Tallahassee at the legislature, but lucky me, he was hot too.  But maybe too young, telling me about Eddie when I'd just removed his full, freshly used condom full of still warm goo, which tasted of me on the outside,  and then I'd skipped the wash cloth and licked him clean?  He rested his head against mine. "It's true, Dolly."


They've discussed this?

Where was this going? "I like him, too," I said absently. "He's a sweetheart, its just that usually I see him on my way to your bed, you know?" I raked Doug's skin with my nails, not really thinking about Eddie, wondering if I could get another amazing fuck out of him that evening.  Thank goodness for breaks in the legislative calendar that coincide with law school spring break.  OMG, I was fucking a law student on spring break!!  

Doug and I hadn't spent a night apart that spring break week after a few months of finding our chances for illicit sex where we could.  I knew I was his MILF conquest.  Made me feel amazing and young and sexy.   He and Eddie were lifelong friends, heck, their parents had been friends since college and they had been inseparable since birth, same college, now same law school, closer than any two guys I'd ever known. I admit, I'd hung out a bit and watched TV and snacked with all three of us a few times.  

"I don't mean like that," Doug continue. "I mean, Eddie's attracted to you.  Like if he'd been your intern, he'd have been the one lucky enough to hook up with you and he'd be in bed with you instead of me. He really likes you," Doug emphasized.  Much as I attract men, and sometimes men in close relationships to one another, the subject didn't usually arise when I was naked with someone else.  Shouldn't Doug have focused on our mutual nakedness and opportunity, instead of Eddie.  Who, I realized, was home, in the apartment. 


"He's probably listening on the other side of the door right now."


"What?! Shut the door!"  Really, he was perving right outside?   "Doug, what's going on here?"


"It's okay, Dolly, I'm not jealous or anything, but what if he had been your intern instead of me?  Would you have ended up in bed with him, fucking his brains out like you do with me?  He and I think maybe so."  Okay, like I said, we'd hung out a bit, the whole little affair with my intern seemed like a trip back to grad school days, so a slice of pizza and some drinks, a shot or three, and then Doug and me getting hot enough that anyone else would have said, "get a room!" before we barely made it into Doug's bedroom.  And yes again, like I said, Eddie was attractive.  More rugged, whereas Doug was like something that fell out of a catalog or GQ but actually liked women, more "pretty" , so to speak than Eddie.  Eddie had played football as an undergrad, and Doug ran track, and that, as far as I knew, was the only thing they hadn't done as a team in their lives.  Did they want to tag team ME?  Eddie.  Thinking about him.  Wondering if he manscapes like Doug, or if he's natural.  Eddie had more hair on his chest.  Oh God, Doug was right -- to an extent, anyway -- I WAS attracted to Eddie.


I rested a hand on Doug's chest and propped myself up slightly. He tried to distract me, laughing against my neck softly. "Oh, you would have. You find him attractive, too." He ran his tongue down my neck to my collarbone, making me arch my back. Making me wet.  Well, wetter.  Shit, sometimes I just get hooked on a guy.  Not usually this young and yummy, though.  I was about to throw him on his back and use him to satiate my carnal needs when what Doug told me about Eddie flooded my usually one-track mind.

Taking my hand and placing it on Doug's hip, close to but not touching his fine cock, I asked, "Why are we having this conversation?"

He gave a small shrug. "It occurred to me earlier and I meant to tell you when you got here but then you distracted me, as usual." He dropped a kiss on my forehead. "Besides, it doesn't bother me. You can admit you're attracted to him and I won't get upset. I'm the one you're with."  Those lips on me again, and his fingers.  Damn, he was smooth. Fortunately, Doug didn't seem to expect to continue the conversation because he suddenly pushed me onto my back and hovered over me, kissing my nipples, sucking them just right, his fingers discovering just how easily he made me get wet.  It was early evening.  We'd been in his bed since about noon.

"Are you hungry?" he asked. "Or should we eat dinner?"  I grinned wickedly and he had his answer.  Dinner was very late that night, but I managed to get him to let me leave, using the excuse that I hadn't brought anything to spend the night.  Other than a box of condoms.  Which was halfway gone.  And smart boy that Doug was, he wasn't totally worldly and didn't realize that State Representative Dolly Jewel is always prepared for any contingency and I had everything in my car that I needed if I had wanted to stay.


I also had an appointment with my personal trainer in the morning.  And I thought it only respectful that I not go to that appointment straight from Doug's law school apartment bed, freshly fucked.  Because my trainer and I, well, you can guess how we finished those private sessions in my home just before he used the back hidden stairwell to leave my home until next training session ...

That was the last Doug mentioned about Eddie having a thing for me until a few weeks later. In retrospect, if he had planned it, I don't think Doug could have picked a better time to mention it. That day there was a long session in the legislature, actually debating and considering issues of some substance rather than headline-stealing fluff about protecting all sorts of rights that typically are lightning rods for controversy.  Like we need a law to guarantee our religious freedom?  Hello, 1st amendment of the Constitution!  Even my sexy law student boy toy and his hunky roommate (okay, I admit it) could sense that perhaps we could make a better use of our time, and I focused on some tax credits to support certain counties in need of economic support and inducement.  As we left the statehouse I simply told Doug, "this will need some close consideration, I could use your help".  Which translated to "I've wanted to fuck you all day and now you'll be mine all night." 


Doug never had any objections to late night close considerations. He had been teasing me with his lips and hands for what felt like hours, not letting me actually come, before finally using the first condom of the evening and (at last!) entering me (Ahhhhh!). We were thrusting away at each other when Doug suddenly tensed and stopped moving. His eyes went wide with shock momentarily before he laughed.

"I can hear Eddie outside right now," he told me, smiling, eyes wide with excitement.  

"So what?" I said in a frustrated tone. "I don't care if the entire Bolivian army is waiting for you and me out there, Sundance, you've been making me wait and now you're finally inside me, filling me, fulfilling your role as my hot sex puppet intern with a young strong magic wand, why did you stop?" I demanded, writhing against him. I love the feel of skin on skin, but Doug hadn't started pumping me again. He was still laughing. "I'm telling you Dolly, Eddie's outside listening."

"So what?" I said fiercely, grabbing his behind, which was as solid as something Michelangelo might have carved from marble, and as timeless and gorgeous as his statues as well. 

Doug began moving again, but now he was slow and controlled.

"You don't mind Eddie's listening to our sex?" he asked teasingly.

I groaned, partly out of frustration. "Fuck me, Doug, just don't stop," I gasped.

He leaned down to nibble my neck. "You really don't care, do you?" he murmured in my ear.

By now Doug and I had spent enough time as sexually well-matched bedmates (and shower-mates, bent-over-the-sofa mates, up-against-the-wall mates....) that he  knew there was little I would say no to regarding sex, though he didn't know about Dolly dates or my many fabulous friends in different cities.   He also knew that I was so turned on at this point that even if I didn't have a naughty side, I wouldn't have cared.

I must have looked bewildered, along with naked and slightly perspiring from all our physical action in Doug's bed, having just engaged in seriously intense illicit secret sex with him, and listening to him giving me permission to fuck his roommate, Eddie.  Doug kept talking, " Just tonight at dinner Eddie couldn't keep his eyes off you. Eddie's like another part of me. I can't blame him for feeling that way about you.  I know how happy and exciting this is for me, I want him to feel like I do."

Was I on Candid Sexual Camera or something?  "Have you guys done this before?" I asked, trying to get my head around this.  I've had threesomes, mind you, but never a targeted conquest plaything like Doug offering to share me -- as if I was his to share!


 I asked again, "So, have you guys?  Shared a woman? Be honest, you can tell me."

Doug looked at me calmly. "No," he said firmly.

I nodded. A new thought popped into my head and I blurted it out without thinking.

"Have you and Eddie - ever...with each other?"

 He smiled.  "No Dolly, in case my sexual performance with you hadn't established my orientation, we're not homosexuals.  We're not even willing to try.  He wants YOU, not ME."

 I nodded again, my mind still racing. I'd thought I'd done it all, but my previous MFM threesomes had been that way by design, never one man who'd had me deciding to give away some of what would otherwise be his exclusive time with me. And the rest of it - having Eddie watch.  Did I want it? I had to admit the dirty talk had been a huge turn on, but did I really want to go through with it? 

Since Doug had brought the subject up a few weeks ago, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been looking at Eddie a little differently. Noticing him more, noticing him watching me, wondering fleetingly what he looked like naked or what he was like in bed.


I decided to check my confused ego at the foot of the bed and graciously accept the fact that I was going to get a 2-fer on young fucking machines.  Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one.

I grinned and leaned in to kiss him. His hand came up to the back of my head, twisting in my hair as our tongues met, and I impulsively pushed him to his back on the bed. He dragged the sheet away and gripped my waist, sliding me along his hardening length. We moaned simultaneously. I pressed my lips to his, exploring his mouth with my tongue.

"Mm, Dolly," he muttered, trying to focus on me. "So that's what you want, Eddie, too?"

"Yes," I whispered against his lips. "But right now, I want to finish what you and I have going on here, just the two of us."

He grabbed me tighter, kissing me, reaching for a condom and I helped him roll it on while I licked his sack and made him shiver, and suddenly Doug was inside me again. In the midst of my orgasm I vaguely registered a noise just outside the door. I had more orgasms to go that evening.  Eddie would still be around when I'd worn Doug out.

The next morning  I wandered into the kitchen to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.  Yup, slept late that time --we had been at it till the wee hours of the morning.  Looking back, I shudder when I think of how much time --off the clock time!-- I invested in the Doug chapter of my life.


Eddie was standing in front of the open fridge wearing nothing but boxers. It wasn't anything I hadn't seen before but this time I wasn't simply on my way to Doug's room for sex with my intern. Telling myself to snap out of it, I tried to pretend it was just another Saturday morning.  I had snuck in a fast shower and even dried my hair with Doug still sleeping through it, and had on a teasingly not quite long enough spaghetti strap cotton top, no bra, and fresh, sexy panties that covered just enough ass to be legal but still turn a man's softy into his erector set.  Eddie's eyes worked me over.

I gave Eddie an appreciative look for his own morning attractiveness.  Young hunk.  He was starting to get erect from the situation, and I was in no mood to experiment with him at that moment.  "Just in case you're thinking what your roommate says you've been thinking, not before breakfast.

"I wish we had a personal chef to make us pancakes"

I shrugged. "I'll make pancakes if you want," I offered.

His face lit up. "Really?"

I laughed. "Sure, if you can wait until I've had coffee."

"Senator, you're the best," he said happily and I couldn't help laughing again.

"Representative, not Senator.  You law students are easy to please," I commented. I noticed he had strong looking hands.  Big hands.

"I'm going to take that as a compliment," Eddie said with a grin, sitting down next to me and sliding the arts section to me. 


Things seemed so normal that I relaxed as I began flipping through the paper. I narrowly avoided choking on my coffee when Eddie spoke again.

"So did you guys have fun last night?"

I swallowed. "Uh, yeah. I guess the walls here are thin?"

He met my eyes for a moment, nodding slowly. "You sound just as sexy as you look, Dolly."  Never broke his eyes from mine when he told me that. For some reason I couldn't tear my eyes away, either.  I tried to distract myself with my coffee.  Suddenly I didn't need it so much, I was more awake than I thought I would be.


"Doug getting up?" Eddie asked me.  I simply said, "He will probably sleep in today."


"Sounded like he worked hard to meet his supervisor's approval."

"I wasn't just a spectator," I said innocently, turning back to my reading.

"I know Dolly, I know," he said softly.  "But you still have needs and I've never been one who enjoyed the sidelines and being a spectator, either."

I couldn't help blushing and feeling my pussy just flooding but didn't say anything as I started the pancakes. After we ate I was starting a second batch to take to Doug when Eddie came up next to me to put his dishes in the sink. Again he took in a deep breath and looked at me, head to toe and back again. Worshipping me is a definite turn on.

"All this and pancakes, too" he said. He threw an arm around my shoulders after he'd washed his plate and gave me a squeeze. "I wish you would...."

The warmth of his body penetrated through my thin t-shirt and spread through me, making me light-headed. His arm lingered, but I couldn't seem to move away. I snuck a glance up at him to see him watching me with a warm smile.

"Never said I wouldn't," I said with a smile and a hint of wistfulness.

He squeezed my shoulder again before drawing his hand away, letting it run down my back before he stepped away. I nearly burned the pancakes.


"I know what I'm doing. I know what I want..." His hand moved slowly to my cheek, moving in a soft caress. "I've wanted you since the day you first came here. I expected it to go away, but every day since I've just wanted you more and more. I told Doug, and he said he understood."  I moaned, and sensed moisture forming from my entryway.

I closed my eyes, feeling dizzy at his words and the feel of his hand stroking my jaw. His fingers curled under my chin and I slowly opened my eyes to see him inches from me. His gaze dropped to my mouth and I saw him swallow. He brought his other hand to my neck, tangling his fingers in my hair.

"Eddie," I whispered with longing. He smelled good, he felt strong, and nothing gets me hornier for great sex in the morning like great sex the night before.  His member was growing in excitement and depending how he stood, it was occasionally peaking out from the fly of his boxers, the old fashioned blue oxford cloth kind, rather conservative for such a young handsome man.  It made him look a bit older, which made the idea of having sex with him seem...less dirty.  Don't get me wrong, I thrive on dirty.  But there were so many lines being crossed here, age, intern, student, roommate, listening, the fact that they'd discussed it....I was reassured by anything that hinted of something safe and normal -- you know, like most of my honorable upstanding Dolly date lovers. 

His eyes met mine again, drawing me in. I placed my  hands on his arms. His hand gripped my hair and his lips grazed mine gently. I tightened my grasp on his arms, my breath coming in shallow gasps. He was barely kissing me and I already felt strung tight, my entire body on fire.

"I love how you kiss," he said in a quiet moan. So far, a gentle was ... nice.  At that moment if you'd asked me about Doug, I'd have asked, "Doug who?"  And that would have been okay with Doug.  He wanted this, too.  All three of us did. But I was lost in the kiss.

His hands tightened in my hair in direct contrast to the soft strokes of his lips against mine.


Eddie trailed kisses from my cheek to my neck back to my mouth. Oh God, I needed those lips on my lips.  My LOWER lips, of course. I molded my body into his.  I WAS his.  Giving myself fully to this young man.

I felt my eyelids flutter and a small moan escaped my lips. Every inch of me was tingling.

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Part 2: The Conclusion of The Ballad of Dolly and Doug. And Eddie.

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