The Conclusion of The Ballad of Dolly and Doug. And Eddie.

(Please read Part 1 first: "Dolly and Doug. And His Roommate Eddie."

"God, Eddie," I whispered, breathing heavily. Doug had started this by talking about Eddie watching me with Doug.  And then the idea of inviting Eddie not just into the room, but into ME!  And here I was in his arms....

 Eddie continued caressing my lips with his without deepening the kiss until we heard the door opening. We drew apart, slowly, with regret.  We had company. Doug had awakened, and he was watching us for a moment before awareness of what he was seeing washed over him.  The corners of his own talented mouth curled upward.  "I smelled pancakes," was all he said. That was a polite lie. Anyone with a working nose on that apartment could smell lust and a prelude to sex. I realized that's what I smelled, which completed the match set with how I felt. Eddie's eyes seemed to say "me too." 

I cleared my throat. "Pancakes, right; I'll get plates," I said, standing and serving Doug, while Eddie waved off a second stack.

 Doug looked at Eddie, they exchanged that silent guy stare that I believe means, "we're good, bro". Then Doug pulled me tight to his body for an intense kiss. I tasted syrup in mid mouth, and felt a hunger that Aunt Jima was not going to satisfy, I was. Serious fucking kiss, I was panting when he released me. We stood with our eyes locked, staring at each other in amazement.

"Let me finish", he said, nodding toward the rest of his pancakes. "I won't take long. To finish eating...the pancakes, anyway" Doug said, exhaling slowly.

He spanked my behind lightly as I walked away, and I shot him a look.  Then I looked at Eddie.  Had Eddie and I been caught?  Or had we received a seal of approval?


You might have heard that sometimes in Florida we get rain.  This was a rainy Saturday.  I could catch a yoga class to occupy the rain filled day, but not until much later.  I decided rapidly that I didn't need to rush home.  My intern affair seemed to have expanded its offerings with a new menu. I told the boys I was going to shower and change, and they should use Eddie's bathroom to do the same.  Sounds dirty when I call them boys, doesn't it?  I think they were twenty four years old that spring.   I had already celebrated my thirtieth birthday, that's all I'll admit.  Mostly they just made me feel as young and carefree as they were.  I love all men who make me feel that way. Several of whom I hope are reading this to fill the time until our next Dolly dates. Yes men, you all make me feel as young and carefree as Doug and Eddie did. Maybe I should start calling you all "boys".


I took my time that morning, after leaving the breakfast. At the time I scolded myself for having eaten those pancakes. Thought they might feel like lead in my belly while we would be getting frisky. Later, when the amazing ravishing was done, I looked back and was glad about the fuel the pancakes provided for my body. I told myself to take a moment to relax and think.  I checked my hair and finished my lashes. Though it was only late morning, I decided that I wanted slip on a little black dress that I'd left in Doug's closet after a legislative reception the previous week (fun event -- champagne, jumbo prawns, more than a dozen Governors from the region, exclusive waterfront mansion location, confirmed a future weekend-long Dolly date with one of the Governors with whom I had shall we say a special relationship and went and fucked my intern hard and long into the early morning hours).  This LBD showed off what Dolly loves to show off about herself.  Leave it at that.  And by me dressing sophisticated it would exaggerate their comparative youth and give me a rush of fucking a pair of twenty four years olds -- just a couple nights after riding the face of a forty-eight year old, I quickly surmised. Sometimes the math of it all is sexy, you know?  At the last minute I pulled on a pair of black pumps and headed to the door. Smoothing the little bit of the dress that went below my firm, toned, fuckable tushy, I took a deep breath and entered the living room to find it empty. I heard them talking in the kitchen and smiled to myself. I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed when they entered. Sexual play toys who clear the dishes after a meal. Doesn't get much better than that for a woman.

They both stopped short at the sight of me, their mouths open, their eyes traveling up my smooth, toned, tanned bare legs.  I felt sexy as hell. I looked back at them, smiling, with my own lustful looks. 

"Come here".  I didn't specify which one.  I was curious to see which one would approach first.

Doug walked to me without speaking, bent down and gave me a long kiss.

"You look so hot," he said huskily during a mid-kiss repositioning of our kiss angle. 

I grinned.  "Sit."  He flopped down next to me, our arms and legs pressed against each other. I looked back over to Eddie, patting the cushion on the other side of me. He crossed the room in a few steps and sat down. We were silent. Doug's hands settled on my lower back, softly massaging the muscles and I arched my back a little in response. Eddie turned to me, his eyes full of desire.  He'd heard me fuck Doug so many times, undoubtedly had been told in detail by Doug what sex with me was like (what? like you don't know I'm aware you all talk?  *Wink). I smiled and rested a hand on his thigh, dragging my nails on his firm flesh. All my willpower not to stroke his hardening bulge right then.  He looked past me, starry eyed, then I saw his eyes focus at Doug, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Doug nodding.

 Eddie brought his hands to my face, searching my eyes. I blinked slowly and moistened my lips. His gaze dropped to my mouth and he swallowed. We leaned toward each other at the same time, our lips meeting softly. Doug deepened his massage, his hands slipping around my midsection, and I sighed into Eddie's mouth. His tongue instantly met mine and I brought my hands to his hair, so thick and full. He ran his hands down my arms, circling my back and pulling me closer to him. It wasn't until his hands reached my behind that I realized Doug was no longer touching me. Eddie cupped my ass and squeezed, lifting me onto his lap in one quick motion. He had turned me quickly so I was now facing Doug.

Eddie and I both turned to Doug, who was leaning back, watching us intently. He gave us a slow smile and nodded encouragingly. Eddie began nuzzling my neck and I closed my eyes to savor the desire I felt through his lips. The realization that this was really going to happen with both of them... Well okay, it's not like this was a once in a lifetime for me, but every time is special and this had the added attractions of a new lover and first MFM with either of them. And it was my first MFM in weeks, since that time I'd left a state house environmental committee meeting early at the invitation of two hockey players on a day off before their game in Tampa. If any of you reading are hockey players, email me, you guys fuck like starved carnivores just out of prison. And one of those two I left the committee meeting for was a native French speaker from Quebec. Oooh-la-la!! The Everglades were still going to be there and in need of saving, but Jean Paul and his left winger only had that one afternoon available. Oh, but this was Doug and Eddie's story, right, right

So getting back to the three of us on the couch, I heard Eddie sigh and he pressed his forehead against my temple, his hand massaging the back of my neck lightly. Our eyes were so close. I closed mine and whispered, "yes, please".

But I felt movement and there was no longer a forehead touching me. Changing of the guards. 

I opened my eyes to see Doug's face directly in front of me. My thought was, "just go with it".  I slid my arms around his neck and dragged his mouth to mine, kissing him deeply. Now it was Eddie's hands stroking my back and I tangled my fingers in Doug's hair with a whimper. I didn't want to spoil how sexy this was, but inside I was really hoping for some cock, and soon. The word "patient" doesn't show up in many of my reviews.


I broke the kiss and threw my other arm around Eddie's neck and brought his mouth to me. I felt hands all over me, some even starting to drop the zipper on my LBD and didn't know whose they were. The sensation thrilled me. Just like my competitive track days, when the finish line came into view, the rush, the adrenaline. 

I went from one of their mouths to the other, kissing each of them with all the arousal that had been building inside me. I finally had to lean back against the armrest, trying to catch my breath. Doug moved back to lean on the opposite armrest and grinned at Eddie before turning to me. He ran his eyes down my body before meeting my eyes again and I felt myself shiver and my moisture level between my legs was approximately the Mississippi River.

In the shifting, they'd combined to support me while removing my dress.  One of Eddie's hands was stroking my toned, tanned back, the other cupping my chin to tilt my head, his lips brushing against mine. My breath was coming rapidly. Doug was following Eddie's hands with his eyes. I looked down to watch as well, the sight of Eddie's large fingers exploring me, so eager to live out the dream realized, it made me arch my back. I glanced at Eddie's face, and he was staring at my body almost reverently, as if in a trance. 
His hands slowly slid up my torso to my black lace demi bra and let out a quiet moan when they cupped my breasts. His touch was so light I'm not sure I would have felt it if I hadn't been looking. He ran his thumbs over each nipple so delicately it was as if he was afraid I would break. I ran my hand up his back to grip his hair and he dragged his eyes up my body to meet my gaze. I had one word for Mr. Other Side of the Door, "Harder".

 He crushed his lips to mine, one hand pressing, clasping a breast and the other winding around my back to pull me up against him. I about tore the shirt off of him, desperate to feel his skin against mine. A movement caught my eye and Eddie and I both glanced over to see Doug whipping his shirt off, too. He grinned at us. I was excited about all the new touching. I slipped my hands down and explored Eddie's body with my fingers, leaning in to nibble his neck. His hands tightened around my waist. 

 Eddie had returned his attention to my bra. He seemed fascinated by the lace, running his fingers along the edge, lowering the cups as he did so and slipping a finger in to feel the top of each mound. He leaned forward to kiss my shoulder and I heard simultaneous gasps from both of them.

"Fuck." Doug's voice was hoarse.

"That is so hot," Eddie said, sounding stunned.


Boys, so amusing when satiated, their sexual fantasies coming to life.  But jeez guys, don't stop in the middle to just gawk when you've gotten a horny triathlete's pulse up to 100, Full speed ahead! To borrow from Kenny Rogers, you never count your money when you're sittin' at the table, there'll be time enough for countin' when the dealings done.  Don't remark about how hot this was -- keep doing the hot stuff and reflect on it later.  (But they weren't wrong, it WAS hot!)

I ran a finger down Eddie's chest, following with my eyes, until I reached his jeans. I looked up at him to see him staring at me. Dipping my finger just inside his jeans, I moved along the edge of the waistband as I watched him. His eyes fluttered shut for a moment. When he opened them, I was startled by the dark, intense look he gave me. The beast within was awakening.  He kissed me again, his tongue now relentless. One of his hands stroked my legs, moving to my wet smooth place. His fingers did not go in, they stopped when they felt the heat.  We broke apart, staring at each other with our chests heaving.

"Let's go to my room" Eddie said in a voice that was telling, not asking. Again, so hot to see his confidence with me growing.   He glanced at Doug in time to see him stand, looking pained he was so aroused. He undid his jeans and stepped out of them, charging toward Eddie's room. Eddie and I followed, losing what was left of our clothing on the way. I pulled down the sheets and blanket, laid down, and pulled Doug's hand to my breasts, then pulled his index finger to my lips, then sucked it, making them both gasp. Emerging beast or no beast, I felt control returning to me, which makes me feel freer to be more open sexually.  Lucky for these horny MILF-sharing law students, you know?

 I returned my attention to Eddie, who was sitting on the edge of his bed. He nodded and held his arms out to me. I walked to him, standing between his legs. He ran his hands up my legs again to my heat, tracing the outline of my excited labia, his lips exploring my flat, defined and by then lightly perspiring abdomen. He held me steady I felt Doug's familiar hands my behind. I started to step out of my heels when Doug stopped me.

"No," he ordered. "Leave them on."

My eyes widened at his command, another thrill centering between my legs at the tone of his voice. And also centering between my leg's were Mr. Roommate's fingers. I looked down at Eddie even as I felt the tip of Doug's cock find a resting place between my firm ass cheeks.  Eddie looked up, his eyes gauging my response, then he smiled wickedly and his arms wrapped around my thighs, Doug scrambling out of the way.  Quickly I was on my back on his bed. I let out a small squeal of surprise and giggled. He stood over me, his eyes running from my face down my body, inspecting every inch of me.

Eddie placed his hands next to my shoulders on the bed, hovering over me but not touching me. I reached up and my fingers introduced themselves to his cock. He gasped at my touch, and a smear of precum made it clear that we were ready. "Time for you to wrap my present and then give it to me," I said to him in my best Lauren Bacall type seductive voice.

"Almost," he replied. 

He leaned in and I rose up for a kiss but he directed himself to my neck, just under my ear, and I shuddered, sucking in a loud breath. His tongue swept over my skin, his teeth scraping lightly as he teased me. I heard a low growl and he increased pressure, tasting me as if he were starving. His hands were alternating between familiarizing themselves with my tits and tweaking and teasing my nipples. Like learning to play an instrument. I wanted him to play a symphony on me. 


He moved so that his mouth could drop and give pleasure to my breasts for the first time. His lips caressed my body, nipples and elsewhere, lovingly, his hands and fingers joining in the continuing exploration of every curve and hardening nipple, before finally, agonizingly slowly, he took one carefully between his teeth. He paused, I held my breath, and his tongue teased the tip of my nipple, making me feel an explosion of electricity snap through me. I surged with that jolt, one hand clenching behind his head, pressing him to my body, my leg instinctively wrapping around him, "Mmmmm, yes, oh yes yes, mmmm, ahhhh". 

I felt the bed press down behind me and then more hands were on me, sending my senses into an extreme pleasure overload.  Internally I giggled and thought, "and I haven't even gotten started with the main event yet..."  Doug settled in behind me again, his cock poking me (yes please!) his hands roaming down my arms, pausing to slowly feel the results of my stretching, yoga, the rest of my fitness routine that I have to thank for having arms which make me proud to go sleeveless as often as possible. He placed kisses on the back of my neck while continued his attention to my breasts. My head fell back as I moaned. Doug turned my face to him with a single finger under my chin for a long, deep kiss, before withdrawing. I heard him move up the bed to rest against the headboard and glanced back to see him watching us, nodding and smiling slowly. Eddie returned me to laying on my back again.

"Take me already," I demanded, my voice thick with desire.

 He grinned, and I glanced down to notice his erection sticking straight out, ready for action. I know my eyes widened again. Everything about him was proportional. I bit my lip and smiled.  I licked my lips in anticipation and glanced back to look at Ben, I noticed a similar expression on his face and I looked over his body seeing how hard and oozing he was.  He completely wanted to watch me fuck another man, one whom he had chosen and trusted completely. "Fuck him," he mouthed silently to me.  "Soon" I mouthed back, grinning a wicked, mischievous Dolly grin.  I realized my mouth wanted to play, too.

I moved one hand down Eddie's body to cup him between his legs and he gasped. Circling my hand around the base of his erection, I looked up to meet his eyes and watched his face as I slowly opened my mouth and extended my tongue.

"Jesus," he breathed, his eyes wide.

I started with small strokes of my tongue and light tickles with my hands, running my tongue the length of him while holding him loosely, then moving my mouth away to tease his body as I tightened my grip. One of his hands fell to my head, caressing my long, sun-kissed blonde hair. I alternated my attentions between his shaft and the rest of his body until he was panting and gripping my hair. Meeting his eyes again, we stared at each other as I finally took him between my lips, circling him with my tongue before taking him in deeper. His head fell back and he moved his hips toward me, gently fucking my face. I opened my mouth to fit around him, but I stroked him with my hand to get enough lubrication from my saliva to help, pulling back to the tip repeatedly and taking him further each time. 

I could hear his grunts and moans and when I peeked at him, the expression of joyful disbelief on his face excited me, making me moan around him. Behind me I could hear soft sighs and murmurs of approval from Doug, but I couldn't see what he was doing. Much as I wanted to look, just hearing him was enough to push my arousal into overdrive and I bobbed my head onto Eddie a little frantically. He quickly shoved me onto my back, I knew this time to finally penetrate me, covering my body with his. He gripped my face and speared my mouth with his tongue.


Babe, you are so hot," I heard Doug say faintly. "I love seeing you like this."

I lifted my hips off the bed slightly for Eddie when I felt his fingers softly stroking my outer lips. He was gauging my reaction as his fingers explored me, noting each response as if trying to memorize which touch elicited which moans or sighs or gasps. In truth, any touch would have set me off at this point, but I definitely appreciated his close attention to learning what I liked most. Next he lowered his mouth to me and extended his tongue, making me cry out when it made contact with my clit. He didn't move, just held it there for a moment before drawing back briefly, then he licked the entire length of me, stopping at my nub again and flicking it. "Oh fuck yes, Eddie, Oh God yes..."

 Eddie began moaning against me, sending delicious vibrations through my body. One of his fingers was inside me and I realized he must have felt my contractions increase around him. My orgasm had been building surprisingly slowly, considering the anticipation leading up to this moment. Doug joined in again, his hands on my breasts, teasing me with his voice as well, "You are so close, Dolly, you are going to come so hard."

I grabbed whomever I could reach to dig my nails into as Eddie increased his movements until my thighs were clamped around his head. Within a second I was shrieking and moaning, my legs shuddering, feeling the warmth shooting through me, the pounding of my heart reverberating in my ears.  Eddie was still clasped between my legs, his movements restricted by my thighs and I forced myself to loosen them. Eddie returned to my lower target, giving soft kisses between my legs and Doug stroked my breasts lightly. Soon I found myself having a few more small climaxes and I had to roll away, curling my legs up to my chest when I became too sensitive to be touched. It didn't take long before I felt Doug place a condom in my hand, and I reached over to Eddie and licked his still-hard, still-oozing with precum cock, and rolled a condom onto him.  "Now" was all I said. Eddie re-mounted me, his eyes closed and he buried his face in my neck, his teeth grazing my skin and I arched into him. He rolled on top of me, his hands on either side of my face, his thick firmness pressed against my wetness. He began slowly inching inside me and I spread my legs to accommodate his. He rocked his hips slightly, applying pressure to my clit and my head fell back. After all we'd shared that day, and I guess from all Doug had shared, it all just felt so ... right.  So familiar, not like the first time, physically, as we were moving together from the first entry.  I felt his hips jerk and tightened my legs around him, while the words spilled out of Eddie's mouth without thinking.  "I'm inside you," he said, dazed. "Oh my God, we're actually fucking, me and Dolly."  But paired with the excitement that now I was coupling with Doug's roommate, a young hot law student in his own right for whom I was a fantasy MILF he had a big crush on. A dash of reality intruded on the fantasy when not much longer than a minute inside of me, Eddie groaned, "Oh God, Dolly, this're so ... oh my God, where do you want me to come?"

 "Not yet," I begged, as he was beginning to move inside me faster and faster, with sharp shallow thrusts.  "Oh, God," I groaned, my upper body coming off the bed.

I looked down to watch him thrusting in and out of me, stunned to feel the warmth bursting from where we were joined and spreading throughout my body.  "Jesus, Dolly, oh my God," he exclaimed. "I can feel you - you're about to cum again, aren't you?"  I whimpered and nodded, clutching his shoulder with my hand, trying to leverage myself against him. My mouth on his flesh, I think it might have been his chest, I didn't care, this was hot, with Doug watching, Eddie and I were fucking and going to ....

  "Harder, Eddie, make me cum, cum with me" I pleaded. I saw his jaw clench and he withdrew even further, plunging into me deeper and harder. My head flew back, my breasts flattening between us, against his chest. Our fingers were entwined and he pressed my hand into the bed with the force of his movements, my wrist beginning to hurt but I was enjoying myself too much to care. Eddie made a grunting sound each time our bodies met and I began crying out, barely registering what I was saying, only knowing that I kept encouraging him to fuck me harder. My vision went blurry, the explosive sparks dancing over my body in an endless wave. 

"Fuck," Eddie gasped. "Dolly – oh, fuck, Dol– " He never finished my name before joined me in explosion city. He winced and shouted. His hips made short, rapid jerks into my body as he came, moving his hands to grip my hips tightly.

I came back to awareness on my side in Eddie's arms, his shaft slipping out of me. Doug had moved in, and was behind me, his arms stroking my breasts and stomach, his hardness pressed into my behind.

"That was the sexiest fucking thing I have ever seen," Doug said.

 Doug, knowing no matter how much I might seem all fucked out, I am virtually always hungry for more, adjusted his hips so that he was between my thighs and rocked me along his length. I let out a long moan and gripped his arms. Feeling more hands roaming my body, I opened my eyes to see Eddie stroking me everywhere he could reach. Then when I felt Doug push into me all other thoughts escaped me. For just a moment I was still, and Doug read my mind, "I'm covered, Dolly." And then I was into this fuck sandwich with lucky me in the middle.

His movements were shallow but urgent,  later he told me he'd been on the verge of cumming just from watching Eddie and me, and his hands were twisting at my nipples and his teeth biting my neck. Eddie wasn't gone, though and he kept a hand gripping my tangled hair and plunged his tongue into my mouth, his tongue thrusts matching Doug's somewhat side-saddle doggie-style, spooning improvisational coital thrusts. I groaned and whimpered against Eddie's lips, wrapping my arms around him until my breasts, still covered my Doug's hands, were smashed against his chest. Intense, just massively intense.

Doug lifted my leg, deepening his thrusts, and Eddie pushed his hips against me. The base of Eddie's amazingly recovering cock pressed directly against my clit and I cried out. One of Eddie's hands was still gripping my head and he reached the other around Doug to crush me between them, trapping my leg above his arm. I couldn't move, but didn't need to. They somehow timed their hips to grind into me and against me perfectly, Eddie attacking my mouth while Doug alternately kissed and bit the back of my neck and shoulders.

"Oh fuck me Dolly," Doug cried out, and I knew he was close.

My walls clenched around him reflexively and I bit Eddie's bottom lip.

"Cum with me, you know what I like" Doug gasped. Yes, I did know what he liked.  I loved it, too.


My body responded to Doug's request and tensed for a moment before I peaked, feeling my muscles contract and release around him, hearing him cry out my name repeatedly before slamming into me one final time with a shout, releasing my leg, which I immediately flung over Eddie. I continued coming in one long moan, my entire body convulsing so much I felt my teeth chattering. My legs were still shaking but I kept a tight grip on both of them, not letting them move.

"Jesus Christ," they said simultaneously.  Me being an elected legislator, I had the passing thought that there was certainly no separation of Church and State that day in Doug and Eddie's apartment.

I opened an eye to see them look at each other, chuckling. I pressed back into Doug, a satisfied sound coming from deep in my throat. Eddie was stroking and kissing my hand. I looked back and forth between them before finally giving in and closing my eyes, letting the sensations take over. 

"Dolly, you are amazing."  They both said it, exhausted.  Did I feel good about what had developed?  Damn straight.


I knew right then and there, as I drifted into a nap without a care in the world, all wrapped up with two eager and no strings attached sex-loving young lovers.  I was definitely going to run for re-election.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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