Treasured Memories

When we sell a yacht to a long-distance client, we hope to get future referrals.  When we sell a yacht to a wealthy fellow South Florida resident, we hope to make a friend for the rest of our lives. They will never regret their seven figure (or eight figure) purchase, because we're going to be seeing this person again and again.  Thankfully my family's operation has been built on quality, quality, and quality.  So we are blessed that when we see clients, they have often become friends.


One such friend was Morris Steinberg.  "Maury" had an importing and exporting business.  "But I'm not Art Van de Lay" he would tell me.  What?  "Seinfeld," he explained.  But to counter-balance the corny jokes there was a heart as big as the Gulf of Mexico and I became part of Maury and Marsha's extended family.  Cards, flowers, hospital visits if a family member was ill, such warm and loving people, and bless his business sense, I was invited to all of the parties he hosted on the yacht.  He said it was to pretty up the crowd, that sweetie, but he knew as people walked around his yacht and took in all of the "wow" factors, he was invaluable to us as he brought me in to the conversation and said, "well this is who you talk to, Dolly here and her family only build the best."  We send some holiday gift baskets, Heat and Dolphins tickets and many forms of thank you gifts back to Maury and Marsha. 


This year, Marsha called me and says Maury wants to invite me to their first ever Passover Seder at Sea.  "A what?" I said back to her.  "Dolly, you know what a Passover Seder is, nu? ("Nu" was their little Yiddish way of saying, "right?" though I always felt the Spanish "verdad?" was a closer translation.) Marsha continued her explanation of what I knew I had to say "yes" to:  "Dolly, this is the ritual dinner that begins the eight day holiday of Passover, when Jews all over the world tell the story of Moses bringing the slaves out of captivity from Pharaoh in Egypt.  The family gathers, ritual foods, we read the story, and we pass along the traditions.  And we eat matzoh, no bread because the slaves had to hurry and there was no time to let the bread rise.  Just watch “The Ten Commandments” with Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner.  And Dolly, to us you're family, and we're hosting the Seder on the yacht.  And oh by the way, you drink four cups of wine."  Yes, dear readers who are gentiles, FOUR cups of wine!  So of course I said yes.  Ahoy, Rabbi!


Maury and Marsha must have invited thirty or more people, the ship was packed, and the welcome aboard before we set out to cruise the intercoastal was spent drinking wine and introducing myself around.  One of their friends, a sixty-five-ish man named Joel took it upon himself to be my chaperone and introduce me to whomever I didn't know.  Joel explained he'd been Maury and Marsha's CPA for years, and they had been so kind to him when his wife sadly passed away two years earlier.  Joel pointed out a man he told me was a recently divorced doctor named Jason from the same congregation.  "She was a bitch, that one, Jason is such a nice boy, a wonderful boy, takes groceries to his grandmother every week kind of a nice boy.  A thriving practice.  You want I should introduce you? I told Joel I sensed I'd been played.  He smiled.  "Marsha," was all he said.  "She's a loving woman, wants to see a man be happy.  And may I say, there's about a hundred happy men’s worth of beauty in you, so how could she resist the chance to find you a match!"  I smiled, not just at the compliment but at the un-witting joke about a hundred happy men.  Little did Joel know I've made many, many men very very happy, but he was just calling me pretty.


How was I dressed?  Well, I'm Dolly, and the skirt was South Florida short, my legs on display, and while my cleavage wasn't obscene, well... I didn't want to create a problem, and it hadn't dawned on me that a Passover Seder was going to be a set up.  Even kind old Joel noticed, though I could see he'd hoped he hadn't been caught looking.


Jason was seated next to me, and Joel on the other side was the social director of our section of our table.  But two cups of wine, some bitter herbs and some matzoh later, I'd heard all about ten plagues and was sure that the eleventh plague was how self-centered Jason was.  Barely looked at me, bragging about this and that, critical of everyone and everything.  Oy!  But Marsha and Maury made the rounds, and asked "so Dolly, we see you've met our friend Joel here.  From a very prominent family.  They endowed a chair at the medical school, you know, and his grandmother was a lifetime honoree of Hadassah. Such a good family."  These were his selling points? 


 And Joel, seeing that the set-up was a disaster, was a life-saver all night with jokes, charming stories, and trying to add variety to Jason's stories about his portfolio and his family.  "Dolly, I'm sorry to interrupt," he said as Jason was telling me about how successful his oil and gas investments were, "I need to borrow you. Excuse me Dr. Jason, I want to try to find that traditional hidden matzoh so we can finish the Seder after dinner and I need Dolly's help.  I'll bring her right back," he said.  He led me to the upper observation deck.


"I'm so sorry, sweety," he told me, "Marsha insisted she knew you'd hit it off with Joel.  I don't know the boy myself, though I've met other members of his family.  Lives in South Beach for years now. I didn't meet the wife but I was told.  Now I think she maybe wasn't to blame for leaving that putz.   I hoped Marsha was right, but it looks like that family's gene pool is lacking the personality gene.  I'm sorry I couldn't have rescued you from him sooner.  I'm sorry it didn't work out, I know a young beauty like you will find someone."  Oh, if he only knew the half of it!


I laughed and kissed Joel's cheek, and wrapped my arms around his shoulders in a hug.  We both laughed.  And to hug this man old enough to be my father, easily, felt so safe and reassuring.  His hands were on the middle of my back, and while looking at the stars together a moment, so close together, he started to lightly massage my muscles in my lower back.  I pressed tight to him as he told me that he wished he could do more for me.


Did everyone just get the same sly grin I did when he said that line to me, live and in real time?


His cologne was something...I don't know, regal. He simply smelled wonderful.  He was a man who got a manicure, it seemed, buffed not polished, and his hands were strong and the rest of him was well tailored and impeccable as well.  I backed away just a step, my arms sliding down to his lower back, as did his hands on my back, and I smiled, feeling, well, an attraction to him.  "I should return the favor and fix you up with one of my beautiful friends," I told him.  Left out the part about the amounts some of my friends get paid per hour, or me per night on my Dolly dates, as that topic didn't seem appropriate.  "If any one of them is half as beautiful as you, then count me in," he told me, and then he leaned forward to give me a little peck on the beak. Only when he thought he was finished, I brought a hand to the back of his head and brought his lips back to mine, and I gave him a real kiss.  He seemed stunned at first, and then slowly, like emerging from deep sleep, his mouth loosened, his lips and even his tongue to respond to my kiss.  We were making out, our embrace tight, and -- boink!-- did I feel about that, I asked myself, and my inner answer was, "get me to a stateroom!"


"Joel, since your wife, have know, anyone....."  I trailed off.  I knew what I wanted to do for him.  And it wasn't anything to do with another helping of brisket or gefilte fish or more matzoh.


"No, Dolly, I ... I don't know, I, I just haven't."


I tilted my head and smiled.  He was so cuddly, hair a bit thinning, a little soft in the middle, so good hearted...


And hard.  I felt his kosher foot long pressing into me. No, it was not really a foot long, but that was the joke I made to him, by asking if his kosher foot long pressing into me was kosher for Passover.  He blushed, but the man was hard (I've still got it!  Never gets old).  His answer was that meat was only kosher if prepared under strict rabbi supervision. By now our embrace was intimate, and we were nuzzling noses and he was softly kissing my neck and ears and telling me how seductive my perfume was and I was thinking thank goodness he is smelling the perfume because the way my body was reacting to the idea of making love with this warm wonderful man, the more I expected to soon produce my own natural scent of sex.  "So is there a rabbi on board to supervise our preparation that's going on here?" I asked, with a twinkle in my blue eyes.  "No, but I go to a more liberal Temple," Joel told me, "so I don't limit myself to strictly kosher for Passover delicacies this week."  His hand was on my ass, and as he moved it away in a moment of uncertainly, I reached behind me, took that hand in mine, and put it back on my ass. "You know my father designed this yacht, right?"  I said to Joel, "and that I was Maury's consultant on the design.  There's a secret door into a secret love nest that from the outside looks like a part of the bridge, but it isn't."


"Show me."  The crow's feet next to his eyes were pointed up in a full face smile.


I led him to the panel, pressed what looked like a fire sensor ("dual purpose," I explained, "a working sensor and also the entry to the secret door panel behind.")  I interlocked my fingers with Joel and led him into a maybe 8 x10 space that had fully reflective tinted glass on the outside, and inside had a double bed, a wine chiller, a nite stand, a small nautical "head" and a small cabinet.  "And Marsha once showed me that after they took deliver they kept this nook stocked.  Let's see...."


It was!  Condoms in the night stand, Chandon in the chiller, glasses in the cabinet.  I began unbuttoning Joel's shirt. 


He took my hands. "Dolly, everyone can see!"  No Joel, when I hit the light switch, even though only a dim night light came on, the timer sensed that at this time of night the auto chromatic light sensitive panels would darken and no one could see in.  We can see them, they can't see us. I put his hands on my tits and kissed him, my tongue looking for every trace of Manischewitz I could find on his tongue. He softly, tentatively massaged my breasts while I undressed him.  I removed my blouse, bra and skirt so that I was topless in just a thong and heels as I knelt in front of Maury and took him in my mouth.  "Oy gevalt, it has been so long Dolly, that feels so good," he said to me as he caressed my hair, holding still, seemingly too nervous to realize I would have welcomed his thrusts to fuck my mouth. He was already hard, but not an abrupt premature cummer, sweet mature gentleman that he was, and as I used my hands on his re-awakening cock, he took my hands in his and whispered, 'but why me, Dolly, I'm old enough to be your..." I shut him up before he could finish that sentence--"Because you're kind, funny, charming, caring, I've been loving your company all night and I caught you peeking at my body just often enough to know I had a shot at getting you to let me seduce you."


I had him starting to ooze a droplet of clear precum, and I rose, and with my heels I was if anything a couple inches taller than Joel. I kissed him, knowing my mouth tasted of his precum.  A selfish man seals his lips closed to such a kiss.  A loving man welcomes traces of his own masculinity from his lady lover's lips back to his own, as her proof of the loving tender act of oral pleasure she has performed on him.  Joel was a very loving man, and his cock twitched to my touch not once or twice but a few times. He looked at my body, "Sylvia, bubbeleh, forgive me, I always loved you, but darling, just look at her..."  Silvia?  He wasn't talking to me, he was looking upward, speaking to his deceased wife of thirty-eight years. I got a tear in my eye, and told him, "she'd want you to be happy."  He smiled, "Oh I know, a woman as beautiful as you, with me, this could only happen because she must have sent you to me."  Not this time, I thought.


He sat on the bed, pulled me close, buried his face between my thighs, inhaled deeply, held me.  He was still, then he kissed just below my belly button, and lowered my thong, and I stepped out of my heels and put one foot up on the bed, opening myself to him, and Joel started with a single tongue swish, but soon he was making me tremble, massaging my firm ass and thighs while he licked and sucked and brought me to a squirting climax on his face.  When I licked my own sexual juices from his confused but going-with-it face, his cock twitched, and I laid him on his back, opened the compartment designed to be a handy condom container, and wrapped Joel's cock after dipping two fingers into my own sexual fluids and using that moisture to rub him back to full attention.  Then I straddled him, centered myself, leaned over to smile into his face to see bliss like I have rarely seen, and lowered myself onto him.  I hunched over, and we kissed as I rode Joel.  His hands reached up and cupped my breasts, then his fingers found my nipples and he had toys to play with while I pumped my fit tanned body up and down on his throttle.  Then it happened.  We noticed some other guests up on deck, having also finished their meal.  They couldn't see us, even though we were just on the other side of a 180 degree curved glass wall, and we giggled and I leaned over and kissed him, passionately, while his hands wandered down to my ass while I did my best triple crown jockey impersonation.  I gasped, "oh God, Joel, yes!" and he got a horrified look on his face, his eyes darting side to side. "They'll hear" he hissed softly.  I put my hands on his chest, lowering my face to his while still thrusting my pelvis on and off his joystick, "no darling, I designed this room, can't see in, and soundproof, too -- watch---" and then I shouted, "Oh my God, Joel, fuck me, yes, you're an animal, God, yes just like that!!"  No one on the outside flinched.  They continued to gaze at the stars.  I'd have continued rising Joel but my cries of pleasure sent him over the top of the excitement meter and he strained and stiffened, his fingers clasping to my flesh, pulling me close, my tongue deep in his mouth. I lay on his chest, saving the happiness I felt from him. He kissed my shoulder, my forehead, my neck, my hands, everything he could.  God I love a gentleman, and Joel is the guy whose picture appears next to the word Gentleman in the dictionary. 


As I snuggled with him a few minutes before we both realized it was time to get dressed and follow the other guests who were heading back down for the post-meal last parts of the book that is read at a Seder.  They had been looking all over for something, and nobody seemed to find anything.  It couldn't have been us they were looking for, they were looking in small nooks and crannies.


Joel's eyes were moist, and I kissed him softly, no tongue, and thanked him for being such a wonderful lover.  "Dolly, I'm the one who should be thanking you, I haven't felt this alive...." and he trailed off. Then he looked down and shook his head, and told me that once, just once, when his beloved Sylvia was alive, had he ever slept with another woman, and that had been a confused time of business and family stress and he'd mistaken the friendship for more and then realized how much he loved Sylvia and told the other woman that it could not happen again but it would be a treasured secret memory all his life.  I asked him, "do you still treasure that memory?"  He smiled, "I do, and now I have this special night to add to that treasure."  I told him that he should take his time and decide if he ever wanted to add to that treasure box again, because it would be my pleasure to bring him just a bit of the pleasure he'd given me that night from time to time.  Then I opened a drawer in the night stand, looked inside, and removed a broken half square of matzoh, wrapped in a satin embroidered sleeve.  "Hey, look, " I told him, "this must be that hidden piece of Matzoh that Dr. Stuck-up Jason bragged he found every year at every Seder he'd ever been to, the dessert matzoh."


Joel was bewildered, but took the matzoh from me and shook his head in astonishment, "I guess everyone had looked everywhere else, Dolly, you're a miracle."  We rejoined, the group as everyone re-took their seats.  Joel handed the satin wrapped broken matzoh to Marsha and announced, "here is your Afikomen."  Everyone applauded, asking where he'd found it, that Marsha had done such as expert job of hiding it.  Joel merely shrugged and said, "it was in the last place Dolly looked."  Marsha winked at me, and Joel told me that he'd break it to Marsha that the set up with Jason that Maury and Marsha had tried to arrange hadn't taken.


I lingered behind when we got back to the dock, and succeeded in being the last to leave.  Maury gave me his usual hug and kiss on the cheek, told me again how much he loved every bit of the ship we'd built for him.  Marsha said she'd walk me out. " I almost forgot," I told her.  "Oh, what did you forget, dear?"  I giggled and took her hand in mine, "No, I meant that I almost forgot that you'd told me the matzoh was hidden in the love nest.  Joel wasn't any the wiser when I suddenly opened the drawer and took it out almost as an afterthought.  I think he was still on cloud nine."  Marsha and I smiled at each other.  "Thank you, Dolly," she told me. "He's been alone these past two years, and I've loved him ever since our one night together years ago, I wanted him to be happy again.  I've treasured my one chance when we shared happiness, and I sense it is still a warm memory for him, too, and I'm so happy you didn't slap my face silly when I asked you if you would consider making him happy tonight."  Marsha was positively beaming, "was he still as gentle and tender as I remember?"


I hugged Marsha, and we both had a tear or two.  "Marsha, he was just as you remembered, and now there are three of us with treasured memories. And he never suspected that Jason was in on it the whole time, acting obnoxious so that Joel would have to rescue me from what he thought was the date from hell.  He said he thought Sylvia must have sent me to him, wasn't that lovely?"  Marsha chuckled," Not this time, not you".


Just then I saw Jason and his partner Robert come downstairs and realized I wasn't the last guest on board. "Oh, Dolly, sweetheart, I think you know Robert. Oh, and here, you slut," he said with a wink and a smile and he placed my thong in my hand.  OMG, I'd left my thong in the "nest"!  Robert chimed in, "dear, as if watching Jace-boy here pretend to be interested in you wasn't getting me worked up and jealous, then finding your thong, twisted in the corner and soaking in your essence, oh that's just not what we needed.  But Dolly, Jason was right when he told me that you were so hot you just might almost make a boy switch teams.  And your thong smells sexy, too.  I suppose, for guys who are into women, I mean."  We had a laugh and we all hugged.  Jason runs a progressive theater company near South Beach.  Robert is the doctor, but Jason as an actor portrays straight better than Robert, making him the choice for the fake set up.


And as Maury helped me step off the ship he told me, "It was a mitzvah, a good deed, what you and Marsha decided to do for our dear Joel; you made a wonderful man happy who needed happiness, just like my Marsha did for him those years ago, too, when he was so troubled in his mid-life crisis.  Sylvia and Marsha had a good hug and cry, too, back then when Marsha did for Joel what Sylvia asked, and now Marsha's paid it forward through you.  Dear women, then and now". 

I looked at the stars, and was glowing about how lovely a Seder it had been.


Purely fictinal fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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