Fun in the Valley of the Sun



"You look way too beautiful to be standing in the Sky Harbor cab line."


The stranger who said that to me had passed by on the sidewalk and then backed up to say that directly while looking at me and smiling.  After a long flight, and in my "traveling, dressed down" mode, with no makeup, a tee shirt, some athletic capri-length pants, sneakers and a pony tail, I didn't feel beautiful.  So I blushed, accepted the compliment, and said, "well, thank you, if you're talking to me."  A regular Dolly date friend of mine had invited me to share a week of warm weather and pampering while he got in some golf while escaping from a New York winter.  I was looking forward to checking in at the Camelback Spa and Resort in Scottsdale.  An extra compliment along the way always make the day better.


"Where in Phoenix are you headed? There are other options beside cabs.  And I'm Kevin."  He extended his hand.  Awfully forward, full of confidence.  Confidence is sexy.  He looked to be sixty or so, a bit of middle aged spread, had lost a lot of hair over his years but a nice tan on the top of his well-kept head and a still-dark shade of gray for the remaining hair.  Maybe 5'10".  Golf slacks, and a custom embroidered golf shirt with the name of a company I'd never heard of.  I was in public, security around, I decided to be polite.  "Dolly," I responded, and shook his hand.  He took his time in letting go.  "Scottsdale. Vacation. My fiancé is joining me but he took the next flight, so I'd rather get there and lay by the pool than sit in a terminal."  Okay, the "fiancé" part wasn't true, but the rest had its basis in truth, and it let him know that I had a man and that I wasn't traveling alone or available for a hook up.  At least, not that week, anyway. *Wink.


"Camelback or Omni Montelucia?" Kevin asked.  I guess that was a compliment, assuming my destination was one of the high-end properties.  They're down the street from each other on Lincoln, as it happens.  Have had marvelous extended Dolly dates at each location.  "Camelback," I answered.  Why did I answer that?  He was clean shaven, hazel eyes.  I knew why I answered.  It was the eyes.  He had nice eyes, the kind that draw you in.


Kevin pointed to a black town car and uniformed driver in the next lane. "I'm headed to the Omni, let me please save you from a cabbie taking you on an expensive, unnecessary detour on the interstate when its faster on state roads and surface streets."  


"I don't know you."


"I understand, but I'm not abducting you, the car and driver will take you to your location first.  Oh wait, here..." he reached into his pocket, removed a wallet, and just when I thought I was going to receive a business card, he instead handed me his driver’s license.  "There, now you know everything about me, you can take a picture, send it to your fiancé and let him know if he doesn't hear back from you in twenty minutes he should send the police to find me.  I'm harmless.  You're just too pretty to ride these cabs, I'm telling you."


Excusing the downgrade from beautiful to pretty, which I'm pretty sure he didn't realize (but I did; women always do, guys, just so you know), I was flattered by his energy and the attention got to me, and since I had the goods on him, via the driver’s license with the Monte Sereno, California address, I decided to take him up on the offer of a free ride in style.


He grabbed my duffle for me, but a couple seconds later the driver materialized by his side and took it from him, while handing me the limo company's card.  I'd seen the company's name on previous dates in the Phoenix area, so I felt secure I had made a safe decision, though I don't recommend these tactics to just anyone.  Beside, I'd taken the pepper spray out of my checked bag and it was in an outer pocket of my bag.  I have tested my "quick draw", and have the ability to pepper spray a trouble maker in just a couple seconds, maybe less if the adrenaline kicks in.


During the ride, Kevin's eyes were all over me, but in a fan-boy sort of a way, not in a creepy manner.  "You really look familiar,” he said, and but I told him I was sure we hadn't met.  "Are you maybe a physique or bikini fitness competitor, my company sponsors the South Bay Classic in San Jose each year?"  I told him no, but given the implied compliment, I volunteered that I've done marathons and triathlons, and asked if he did anything in that field.  "Me?  No, no, it’s all I can do to walk the seven thousand yards of the golf course.  Ride a bit of stationary bike while watching Bloomberg in the pre-dawn hours."


I explained I no longer competed, and then his eyes got wide and I swear I saw the light bulb turn on above his head.  "Dolly.  Dolly Jewel? That story on Yahoo Sports just ahead of the Hawaii Ironman a few years ago, about you deciding to discontinue competitive events, and it called you maybe the fittest woman in the southeast and how you'd done it all with a career and children, too.  That's where I know you from."


Okay, now I was blushing.  Bit my lip a second and then just smiled and said, yes, yes that was me.  I hated the attention.  I'm very much a private citizen now, but thank you for remembering.  "I thought you were beautiful. Were those fitness model shots in that article or what?"  Definite fan boy.  Wedding ring. Potential regular Dolly date?  Okay, getting a bit ahead of myself.  But hopeful.


"So what are you in town for?  I told you mine, now tell me yours." I said to change the subject.  I was feeling my nipple harden and felt thankful I'd made a decision to travel in a sports bra to keep me contained.  Otherwise my nipples would probably have been saying good morning to him through my shirt.  Call me beautiful, a physique or bikini competitor, a fitness model, and remember an article about me from a few years ago, yes, he had my full attention, and suddenly I was sorry that the car ride wasn't longer.


'Conference of the vendors using my software. Enterprise level, tracking and predicting, sales and service customers use it.  Rolling out our latest upgrade.  About a hundred or so at the Omni for three days at a time, and we're running a half dozen sessions."


We chatted a bit more, he asked about my fiancé, and I paused to consider a cover story but I didn't want to have to remember too much that wasn't true so I simply said, "Wall Street type, large deals." 


"Well he's a lucky man.  Tell him I'm jealous, ha ha, no just kidding.  I mean, I am, but you don't have to tell him that."  Okay, I felt a tingle, I admit it.  I let an image of Kevin ramming me from behind when my Dolly date arrived run through my mind.  I imagined him with an average sized cock, just going based on the rest of him, but the great part about an average sized cock is being able to take it all into my mouth and throat and snuggle the tip of my nose in my lover's pubic hair, or against his skin if he's a manscaper.  Kevin didn't look like a manscaper, if I had to guess.  And since we were turning into the Camelback, guessing was all I was going to get to do.  "Thank you again, Kevin.  Not just for the ride, but for your compliments, you make me blush.  If your wife with you?"  That was designed to ease the tension, create a break in the chemistry so that it would be easier to get out of the car.  Before I simply bent forward and started licking his manhood.


"No, she's back in the bay area, spending my money and keeping a busy social calendar of drinks lunches and committee meetings." He shrugged, "It works, mostly."  Now my thought was that it was a real shame I was booked all week.  He definitely seemed like a man in need of what my Dolly dates offer a successful man.  "I've got three more sessions, nine more days, and then I can get back home and see if anything's returnable.  No, I'm kidding, I'm blessed and I'm glad to share the blessing with my wife."  He shrugged again. 


As the car stopped, I leaned over, placed my hand on his thigh, gave him a chaste peck on the cheek, and told Kevin that he was a wonderful man, I'd thoroughly enjoyed our conversation, and thanked him for rescuing me from the cab line, and wished him a successful rest of his time in Scottsdale and safe travels home."  And then I left, not expecting to see him again, and his car drove away. 


It wasn't until I got to the check-in desk that I realized I still had Kevin's drivers license in my hand, the one that hadn't rubbed his thigh a bit.  I needed to focus on my Dolly date arriving at the private villa he'd booked in just about another hour, but figured shortly after a "so great to see you again, God I've missed you" fuck, I'd call over to the Omni and let them know I had it."


Dolly's "Fiancé"


My Dolly date arrived, by which time I'd managed to grab a quick shower, take care of my hair and luckily I only use a touch of makeup so I can switch from travel mode to Dolly date mode efficiently.  Donald had come in on his private plane, he was remarkably fresh for a trip from New York, and he gave me a smile as he stepped into the room that made me smile right back.  I know what he likes in a kiss, and I gave him plenty of that. A low throat growl from him followed by "God I've missed you. We're going to have a great week."  I started to answer but he'd already taken control of my mouth with another kiss.  I dropped a hand to palm his bulge. Must have done so for five minutes and I felt the twitches but Don was still sucking my tongue.  Felt nice.  Finally on a break from liplock I told him that I was good and ready for a proper welcome.  "I freshened up on the Gulfstream," he told me, and started unbuttoning his shirt.  I helped.


Close to half an hour later, sweaty, feeling the effects of so much Asian Cowgirl and Reverse Asian Cowgirl in my legs, and with my nipple a bit tender from his lips and my pussy well-fucked, I lifted his face up with both hands from where he nuzzled my neck after finally pulling out, unwrapping his tool and shooting all over my belly like a man half his age (Don was early sixties) and asked him, "Don, when you freshened up, you jacked off, didn't you, so you'd last longer?  Our first one never lasts this long.  I haven't had a welcome fuck like that in I don't know how long."  I noticed I was still panting a little.


"Yes and no."  Great, he's playing games.  But he continued, "Yes, I jacked off while freshening up.  But it wasn't for the purpose of lasting longer.  Lasting longer was just a side benefit.  The reason I jacked off was that I was so fucking hot to see you I just couldn't wait."


I could handle that.  So I slowly teased him with my mouth, doing a sultry cameltoe slide (known in some circles as a stripper slide), and then had him take me from behind while we prepped my ass with my butt plug, and then after just a bit more oral encouragement from me, I stood naked, tits to chest with Donald, grasping his cock in my control, teasing my clitoris with the head of that nice dick, and told him, "now fuck my ass like you know I like it."


The cock twitch my fingers felt in response told me I was in for a good time.


Don isn't young, but really, almost all men are strong enough to have exciting sex and take enough control to excite me (sure, I'm really always the one in control, but if a man, can use a full voice to tell me how he wants me to undress, and can put one hand on my hip and the other in the middle of my back to press me forward over whatever I'm bracing myself for while he fucks me doggy style, and then can drive it home to his own delight, then that's a great beginning.  You don't need to be able to lift me or carry me.  And if there's been a back or leg problem somewhere along the way, we'll find a position that works in the bed.  Confidence is all it takes to be in command while I'm on top, riding.  Don probably hasn't seen the inside of a weight room in years, but no matter.  On this occasion, he was in fully sexy talk mode with me.  Some highlights of his narration while he fucked my ass:


(While grabbing my ass with both hands, his cock nestled in the crack of my ass while standing) "Fuck, Dolly, your ass is so tight, I just want to be a part of your ass, inside you, feeling your firm sexy ass tight, straining around me. I could feel your ass all day, man yours is the best."


(While positioning me to be on the receiving end of his anal fucking) "That's it, damn your back is sexy, hot damn Dolly, I just want us to fuck all week, not get dressed ... shit, look at your arms, toned, sexy, your triceps, oh I can't wait until your digging into the sofa fabric while I'm inside you, and seeing your legs flex to absorb each thrust, hearing you moan and looking at your eyes when you peek over your shoulder to watch me while I do you, my hands on your slim waist, my fingers pressed against your hard abs but feeling your soft skin..."


(While pausing to let me get re-accustomed to his cock taking me anally, just the head inside at this point) "That enough lube for you Dolly, so you can handle my cock in you.  I love that you asked me, begged me to fuck you ass because you love how I do it, let me know when you're ready for more, I can take my time, don't worry, there's plenty of lube and plenty more, and your body is gushing, too, its so fucking sexy."  For the record, by the way, I thought I commanded him, not begged him, but oh I love having my ass filled so much I wasn't about to get into an argument over semantics.


(As he fulfilled his drilling mission and reached a depth of balls-deep) "Oh my fucking God, you feel so amazing, I love that you give me your ass, all of you, all of you is mine, Dolly, I've been in your mouth, I fucked your pussy good, and now your ass is full of my cock, taking over and making itself at home.  I'm going to pump you slow until I can't help it anymore and need to fuck your ass hard and fast.  I love it when all your magnificent muscles tense and flex, so sexy and beautiful but fit and ready to fuck all night, my own personal fitness model fucking machine." Fitness model fucking machine.  I liked that, gave his cock and anal squeeze when he said that one, and moaned, "Mmmmm, yes, fuck my ass good, you fuck it the way I like, I'm all yours, fuck me all you like."


(With one hand clasping my right breast and nipple, as I'd leaned halfway up to bring my tits closer to his hands) "Shit I love feeling all of you, I just want to feel all of you, everything, always Dolly.  Lift your leg up baby, onto the couch, open yourself up more for me, yes, yes, like that, oh my God you feel so fucking good, I love pounding your ass, yes, turn around and let me see your eyes, ....I knew it, I knew you would be biting your bottom lip, that's it Dolly, take it, take it like a good girl who wants her ass fucked...."


(Moments later, as he was clearly beyond all control and out of his mind with excitement overload and I was right there with him, pretty far gone, too.) "Fuck I love pounding you, God yes, push back against me like that, Oh fuck yes....I'm gonna stop...I'm gonna stop..." I turned my head again.  "Why?  Why are you stopping?  I don't want you to stop."  We'd played this scene before.  Here comes the fun part.


(After I told him I didn't want him to stop) "Then beg me.  I need to hear it." 

 "Don't stop." 

"Don't stop what, Dolly?" 

 "Fucking me." 

 "What about fucking you, Dolly? Tell me what about fucking you you're trying to tell me or I'll stop." 

"Don't stop fucking me."

"Ask me nice if you want me to keep fucking you."

"Please.  Please."

"Please please what, Dolly?  Say it."

"Please don't stop fucking me. Please, I want you to keep fucking me, please don't stop fucking me."

"What part of you, Dolly?'

"My ass. Fuck my ass. Keep fucking my ass."

"Put it all together, ask me nice, beg me, so I'll keep going.  Convince me."

"Fuck Don, please, please keep fucking my ass, Don, I need it, please, fuck my ass and don't stop, you can fuck my ass any day, any time, God, so fucking good, fill my fucking ass with your cock just like you're doing, I'm yours Don, my ass is yours, Don, please keep fucking my ass, its yours Don."


The last part of that pushed him over the edge.  Me too, I'd been balanced on one arm and diddling my clit with my supervibrating toy (you boys know the one, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend it!) and I starting squirting and  contracting around his tool in my rear and he pulled out and ripped the condom off and cum dumped onto my lower back.  Love that feeling.  His fingers had a death grip on my thighs and ass while he did and he just growled like an animal, no words, purely primal.


I was glad we'd put the extra blanket on the floor at our feet, gave us something to collapse onto.  So fucking hot. Love to get off to hot draining starts for extended dates like that one.


Don kissed me good morning as the sun rose the next day.  I could see some dinner plates on the table near the veranda, and remembered us eventually having some shrimp cocktails and salads and wine and I think there was a single filet we split, medium rare.  That's right, we had been naked under our robes, had a view of a full moon, and then practically crawled back to bed dropped the robes and slept nude all spooned together.  I love when I've gotten so intimate with a lover that it feels so right.


Don pointed to another tray.  "There's coffee, mineral water, sparkling and still, grapefruit, some muesli, a vanilla Greek yogurt.  I'll put last night's outside the door. I'm hitting the links before it gets too hot. Don't worry, sleep as long as you need."


I didn't need that much sleep. I reached up and opened his fly, dropped his golf shorts and boxers, and slowly licked up the underside of his dick.  Cupped his balls. Ran my mouth and tongue and lips all up and down his shaft.  Teased the underside of his head, He didn't get all the way to full mast before he caressed my cheek.  "I can't, I'm still recovering darling, but God that feels good."  He bent over and kissed me, his breath a mix of Colgate minty fresh gel and coffee.


A couple days later, Don was playing golf (with my blessing) over at the Paradise Valley Country Club, and I was just curious enough to include a detour to the Omni resort while heading to take a Camelback Mountain hike.  I valet parked and wandered the grounds a bit, my tourist/hiker outdoors-oriented attire a perfect camouflage for the sexual being beneath my skin.  Nice place still, made me think back to a previous visit, a Dolly date that involved a lawyer and his wife.  That guy was friendly, had an infectious laugh, could hold his liquor, was in his fifties, 5'7", balding, thick glasses, wealthy.  His wife?  Six feet tall in her bare, pedicured feet, model thin in her late forties, blonde, tanned, gorgeous, didn't hold her liquor as well but that didn't stop her.  Married since college, dated since high school.  Can't really accuse her of being a gold digger.  She was game for a good three-way, but this wasn't a regular thing so she didn't go down on me (at least, not to her husband's knowledge! *wink!), but loved when I did so on her (wonderful body, smooth shaved, a rich lady who does yoga and spa treatments for a living, but as they informed me, is a responsible mother and only takes sexual detours with her husband's blessing and participation.  She did tell me "what a good fuck" I was after she kissed me to taste herself and then told me to "go fuck her husband like he's been telling me you can".  Apparently he reads my blog.  So if you're reading this, Hiya, Scotty and Mandy!!


Sorry, got busy reminiscing.  So I found my way to the conference center and there was Kevin's seminar, and he was walking the room with a wireless microphone, and got applause from the three quarters filled room when he was done, and then I saw him spot me and his face lit up.  He put up his hand in a "halt" gesture, which I interpreted as "don't go anywhere."  I didn't. Gotta love a man who lights up lke that when he sees me.


After the clients left, he came up to me and greeted me as if being recorded.  "Miss Jewel, I do hope you have been enjoying your stay here in the valley of the sun.  You look well.  Changing your accommodations to the Omni or is that just wishful thinking?"  When I surprised him by stepping close to hug him, pressing my body against his and kissing his cheek.  Okay, I was horny and Don was golfing.  Not that I was going to fuck Kevin on Don's visit.  At least, I don't think that was the plan.  But I was wondering....


No.  Not how I roll.


I made some small talk, let Kevin know my fiancé was golfing, and I wanted to see what his seminar was all about.  It was too early for a drink, but there were great organic juices in the space near the pool that later in the day becomes something of a sports bar.  I never did hike Camelback Mountain that day, and a little side salad followed the juice and then switched to mineral water.  And slut that I am, loving how Kevin's eyes would detour to my body and then come back up to meet my eyes, then again and again, I told him that I was wondering if I might store some things at this resort because I had a day to kill at the end of the visit since my fiancé was returning a day earlier than planned. Actually, I built an extra resort/dry heat day into my calendar, no change to Don's schedule. Kevin had a lump in his shorts when he said yes.  We discussed the arrangements. He held my hand as he walked me back to the valet. I sucked his bottom lip only briefly as a departure from what I thought would be a flirty peck on the lips.  His hand was on my hip.  "To be continued," I told him, and left, after tipping the valet a twenty with a wink while saying, "you didn't see anything."  "No ma'am."


No, the valet wasn't hot.  I checked.




Part of what makes Don such a great regular Dolly date is that he gets it.  And he's excited by what I do, and intimidated not in the least.  So he asked me what I had lined up for fun after he went back.  He knew there was an extra day on my ticket.  And I told him the taxi line story.  "Were you thinking of him when I was inside you?" Don asked after a nice, physically fulfilling foot of the bed doggy style scrogging (finished on my lower back, so I reached around, scooped with my finger, licked it clean.)  "All week, Donny, I've been picturing that guy all week.  Almost called you by his name a time or two."


Don laughed at that one, and then nipple sucking expanding to finger -twiddling of my clit and I gushed and he licked and we laughed.  "Seriously, gonna fuck him before you head back to Florida?"  I smiled.  "Wait and see, I'm due for a new blog entry soon."  I love when his body stiffens when his finishes, he grasps me tight, gasps a few "Oh God's" and I know how happy I've made him.  As he got into his car for the private airport, he told me there was an extra envelope (thank you again, sweety!) for how amazing the week had been and how much extra fun he'd had after I'd told him about Kevin (not to worry, didn't share Kevin's name or occupation with Don.)  "Hope he can handle you, sexy, I know I can't," were Don's parting words.  He was walking funny.  I love when I do that to you boys.


So I texted Kevin, "when can you come get me?"  "Ten minutes" was the answer.  Yeah, the resorts are that close.  "See you at the main turnaround off Lincoln" I told him.


I put my hand on his thigh as he drove back up the street after a business like, friendly but not sexual, greeting.  I guess even Dolly can get a little tense.


"My Chief Information Officer is doing today's presentation, he knows the code better than I do.  There are a couple video's I've done that get shown, so they get a dose of me, and they saw me yesterday and last night at a reception."


"So you're mine for the day?"

"Yes.  What time's your flight later, how long can you stay?"

I ran my hand up over his blood-filling cock bulge. "Actually, I'm here through morning.  You don't suppose this place can put me up, do you, I've checked out from the Camelback Inn and don't have anywhere else to stay."


"I've got somewhere nice and private.  Well, maybe not private, but no one here will be any the wiser."  Smooth.  He was, as I'd noted, married.  I played with his ring.  "Are we okay, I mean, are you?" His eyes were between my tits as he responded, "I've been thinking of you all week while jacking myself, Dolly, but I think I've got a little left for you and they've changed the sheets since my last Dolly fantasy so the bed is clean."


I had to smack his arm for that one!  Then I leaned over and softly bit his shoulder.  "Glad you saved some.  Take me."  He did.  Took everything I had, too. But not at the Camelback.


He again had his town car and driver chauffer us, same driver and everything, and we went to downtown Scottsdale and then after I thanked him for the offer of a quick shopping stop at Fashion Square, we made our way to a place I was not familiar with, the Valley Ho Hotel.  Oh my God!


This place was amazing.  A 50's-60's era hotel, all fully restored and updated in a hip, chic way.  Brash, bold colors, a pool scene that seemed like it was out of the movie "Catch Me If You Can", just gorgeous people all over, skin skin skin, much of it inked and pierced, ripped bodies everywhere, alcohol flowing, funky retro music... "How fucking amazing!" was all I could say.  Some waves as we walked into the lobby, a great mirrored lobby bar overlooked the pool scene...and it turns out the place was actually condos that are frequently rented out and Kevin just happened to have one of the units.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as aggressively as I knew how.  "He started giggling about the time my tongue started taking a third lap around all the sensuous locations his mouth offered.  "I take it you approve," he said, and then kissed me with three quick pecks and said, "lets get our suits on, I love the pool here, let me see if they've got some good locations left out there."  I stripped where I stood, then while Kevin was trying to call and arrange some cushioned double loungers and an umbrella, I went to my knees and started rubbing his growing cock through his trousers.  His hand began to stroke my cheek, then he ran his fingers through my hair as I undid his belt and lowered the zipper, and wasted no time in kissing his rapidly hardening cock's lovely head. "Yes, I'll take that, great, can you have it stocked pretty soon?  Great." Kevin ended the call and tossed his phone to a retro padded arm chair and helped me get his trousers and boxers the rest of the way off him.  He stepped out of his loafers, which showed me that he was sockless, and he lifted his company logo embroidered polo over his head, all while moaning, "Fuck, I can't believe Dolly Jewel is sucking my cock, this is so fucking amazing, holy shit can you suck cock, oh fuck yes, right there, shit, that's so good...."  I love making fantasies come true.  Like I said, I shaped him up as a fan boy early.


Kevin was half-guiding my head, half steadying himself as he started matching my deeper and deeper schlurps of his cock farther and farther into my mouth and back toward my throat, my goal as always being to feel his pubic hair all over my nose as proof that I'd taken all of his cock into my deep throat.  "Mmmmmppphhh,   mmm hmmmm, mmmm, " was all I could moan, but I know it sounded encouraging to him.  "Oh my God, Dolly, oh God, mmmmph, oh, oh God...."  Kevin wasn't exactly reciting poetry, he was incoherent, but it sounded like sweet success to me.  I love the feel and power of reducing a brilliant man to a babbling pleasure recipient with my sexual skills. I popped off his soon to spew hard dick and stroked the saliva coated shaft as I smiled up at Kevin and told him, "there's a condom in the outside pocket of Michael Kors bag over there, you get that and I'll get on the bed, whaddaya say?"  He couldn't speak, he just shook his head yes, rapidly.


I was barely back on my elbows when he kneeled at the foot of the bed and placed the protection over his eager cock.  "Can I taste you, too?"  I started to tell him no, because I really did have a need to be filled, but I remembered that he was a fan boy, and this wasn't just today's lust, this was years' worth of imagination cumming true.  "Just quickly, Kevin, I want to feel your hard man stick in me, your body on mine, your lips tasting your precum from my lips as you enter me, feel my tight warm wet pussy, the way you made me wet, accepting you, submitting to you, surrendering to the power of your soon as I can.  Ugh, fuck, just lick me quick then fuck me please."


I only gave him maybe sixty second, and he was pretty good, though I think the excitement-induced hyperventilation might have hampered his style."  He did have a good tongue, knew how to use his finger tips to slide my hood back and reveal my pleasure button, and ... I was really in need of penetration by something that only did its speaking by fucking, not by words.  "Fuck it, Kevin, I just need you to fuck me.  Now.  Fuck me NOW, Kevin, fuck your damn cock into me, don't you want to fuck me?"

Like most software company presidents, Kevin is really smart, and he knew there was no reason to try to refuse my demand.  He climbed on up, I opened my legs wider, pulled him into me with my heels under his ass, at the very highest point of his thighs where those thighs vanished and because his ass. His cock was actually somewhat less in length or girth than many I've had lately, which makes just about no difference to me, since Kevin could clearly do some fucking and knew what he was doing--once he got started jamming his manhood into my receptacle. A man who has an erection and more than just half a clue of how to give me pleasure and I'll be content and happy.  As the sound of his flesh slapping mine filled my ears and his hard flesh filled my sex hole, I felt so turned on.  I gushed in a squirting orgasm that elicited a "so fucking cool...." from him.  I later learned Kevin had only read about squirters in dirty stories or seen it in porn, but had never experienced this sexy amazing physical sexual reaction from his own body's sexual exploits with his lover before.  He was right behind me, and soon stiffened, squeezed my body and I squeezed him with my toned legs.


We caught our breath, and caressed each other's sweaty bodies.  He was babbling about his fantasies, he asked me if I was really there with him or was he just having a really realistic sex fantasy.  I pulled his face to my breast, my nipple to his lips, which he gladly suckled, hard, so hard he hit that metaphorical "t'aint" spot between fantasy and reality, and I told him, "I'm very real, and that fucking you just gave me was very good."  He was still catching his breath, and when he did, he seemed to have recovered a couple brain cells that I thought I might have fucked right out of him.  "I really do still want to take the sexiest woman here to the pool.  I promise you'll love it."


Turned out Kevin scooped up a no-show last minute available poolside cabana, and we had wine and sparkling waters and sliced citrus fruits.  I saw some sexy ass women with amazing fitness bodies, full arm sleeves of tattoos sleeves and bikinis that are simply not legal in any state that voted for Ted Cruz (I'm sorry to get political, I just thought his voice was too nasal and his charisma was just above my father's accountant -- not the secretly kinky accountant he dropped after catching me fucking him in daddy's office, I'm talking about the bald, bespectacled, introverted bean counter that  daddy hired to replace the kinky CPA so that I'd never interfere with getting the quarterly reports finished ever again). But I digress.  To sum up, there were some serious hotties at this sixties-era pool scene, and strong cocktails, and retro music.  Lots of muscle and skin.  God I was so turned on and wet.


Lots of eyeballs were focused on me, but mostly Kevin told me about it, since I was too busy doing my people watching and pointing out hotties to Kevin:


"Kevin, check out the navy blue with gold trim bikini girl, red head at three o'clock, some tribal ink around her arm, rose on her hip above the bikini line, and she must have strong back muscles not to topple forward with those over-sized boobs she had installed.  Think she'd be fun, or would she be too high maintenance, ya think?"


"I think the muscle-bound marine next to her, the medium complexioned black guy with the massive arms and shoulders would know the answer to that.  Looks like he's packing a big package and I don't think it would be wise to go ask him that question.  Though he might be into a trade, since he's been checking you out, if you hadn't noticed."


"Huh, where...oh, him.  Yeah, he is big, but not my type.  I'm not trading you anyway, Kevin."


It went on like that for a while.  And we had a few rounds of drinks, so I got even more in the mood.  I know, I know, how could I get more in the mood, I'm always in the mood.  Well, okay, I AM always in the mood, but sometimes I don't just want it, I want it right NOW!  So as I finished my drink and decided that I wasn't interested in the celebrity bar tender (he was a former major league baseball player from the 70's or 80's, Kevin said he recognized the name), and I dragged Kevin back to the cabana, which was designed for shade, not privacy.  But there was a section of hanging beads in place of a front wall across maybe half the cabana.  You know, like you see in old movies and TV shows from the 60's?  I wanted cock, and that was all the privacy I needed, I decided.


"Kevin, sit on that lounger. No, farther back.  Yes, there."


"Okay Dolly, what are you thinking, people can see...."


'No they can't.  Here."   I handed him a condom.  Don't ask where I had the package stashed.  I draped an oversized beach towel across my waist down to my knees as I stood in front of Kevin and backed up until I was in position to lower myself onto him.


Yes, onto HIM.  Cabana fuck here we cum.


"Kevin, take it out, wrap him up, then guide me down since I'm not going to look over my shoulder, and nudge my thong aside."


He didn't have to be told twice.


I couldn't do a full range of motion Asian reverse cowgirl, since I didn't want to go totally up and down since even in my bare feet I'm 5'7", but short thrusts and Kevin again following my orders well by slamming himself up into me, using his arms to get a good push, and it was fun.  I narrated what a slut I was being for him, and he didn't last but a couple minutes.  The thrill of public sex, he later used as an excuse.  I'd like to think it was more my words....such as these:


"That's it, fuck my tight sweet pussy, Kev, do you like that, how that feels, your hard dick fucking me, all those hot sluts so close but none of them fucking, only me, I'm the only MILF here getting laid, demanding your cock to fuck me hard...mmmm, gaaah, yes, like that, fuck me hard Kevin, like you want me to cum and gush and scream your name, everyone looking at what a wanton fucking slut I'm being, giving you my pussy right here....God this is so good, oooh, yeah, uh huh good, fuck yeah, keep going,  uuugh, mmmm, don't stop, I'm so fucking close to cumming all over your fucking cock, damn you fuck me so good, we should get one of these inked young sluts to join us, she can lick my clit while you fuck me, then she can lick your shaft as you slide down out of me, mmmm, yes, right there, harder Kev, fucking harder dammit, ooh, and she can suck my pussy flavor off the condom then unwrap you and swallow your load when you're ready to cum from how good it feels to have your big thick cock splitting me in fucking two right out here...."


That was about where he lost it. As he pulsed and convulsed and then the last dick twitches of his dying orgasm faded, I mumbled something about how good it would be to have so many sexy bodies watching us fuck, and asked if he wanted to fuck any of these hot women, that I could definitely get them to come join us.


Meeting Kevin was great.  Don loved hearing about it when I snuck into New York for an extended evening at the Waldorf while I rode him and fed him strawberries from my mouth to his in between hissing out the details of my sex with Kevin.  Don's really cool like that.


Two cool guys, one hot pool scene at the Valley Ho, and great sex all week at the Camelback.  No kidding that Phoenix is a hot city.



Purely fictional fantasy for our reading pleasure!

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