Dolly's Faculty Frolic

When I look back to my marriage to Marty, who was a college professor in the government and public policy department, I think back most fondly of the handsome research assistant he had one year.  That handsome young man's name was Greg Molloy.  When Marty looked at Greg, he saw a promising undergraduate student he could take under his wing. Me?  I saw something different.  I saw a young stud with a maintenance free body.  Really ought to be a rule against me being on a college campus.  So many amazingly fit bodies, so little time.


Marty was always so energized about being on a college campus, he loved the lectures and the debates.  He loved fucking me, too, but he also loved to fuck some of the lovely co-eds.  Can't honestly say I blame him, but being so obvious, sigh, it gets embarrassing.  As his department chair asked me while we caught our breath after an enthusiastic standing missionary screw in the department office (just down the hall from Marty's office), "so, if he's got a hot slutty fuck like you at home, why is he banging the young co-eds?"  To which I said, "Thanks, I think?  But to answer your question, he fucks them for two reasons; first, because they're so fuckable.  I mean, look at some of these girls!  And second, he fucks them because he can.  Just like you and I just did, because we could.  Nice thick one, by the way, Professor Chairman."


Anyway, Marty and I were doomed as a married couple, though it wasn't terribly ugly when we split.  But oh how we did enjoy using our time together on campus as a personal pussy and cock hunt.  And we were great hunters. And Marty led Greg right to me. Which was lucky for me because young hot bodied guys like Greg are typically found where young tight fuckable coeds are found, not in bed with faculty wives.  Must have been the not-so-secret listening devices that Marty had in the bedroom -- we gave him some great audio.  And the secret camera that I found, that gave the audio.  I gave the blowjobs and access to my tight, tanned ass and we were both happy.


But back to how I added Greg to my all-time favorite on-campus fuck buddy list.  Marty invited Greg to our home on an evening when we hosted some other faculty and administrators for dinner.  Well, Greg must have seen something about me he liked.  Was it my ass in the too-tight dress?  My legs, tanned and toned and on full display given the short hemline above the knee?  My blue eyes? Blonde hair?  Did I even care?  I just was having a blast and feeling a wet tingle in my private girl place to see this twenty year old totally infatuated with me, following me around, offering to help, asking me if I was a runner (yes), or a tennis player, (yes, again) and did I ever enter competitions (yes a third time, I told him, and then I whispered into his yummy ear, "we should go running some time").  I saw the bulge in his trousers flex and pump.   Lust -- it does a body good!

Marty used Greg as a research assistant, and Greg would find any excuse to swing by our house, which wasn't far from campus.  He'd see me dressed to the nines and about to go out (sometimes on a Dolly date!  Oh God how I wished I could tell him!), sometimes in workout clothes, and once in a terry cloth robe I grabbed as I went to answer the door once I realized Marty wasn't home.  Greg knew our cars, and he knew Marty wasn't home either. When Greg commented on my fuchsia pedicure, I knew he was not just fantasizing about fucking me, he wanted it to happen.  No man ever commented on a detail like that about my appearance unless he wanted to screw me.  Well, except for a few LGBT friends who thought they were permanently on an episode of Fashion Police and trying to tell me I was too flashy.  But the hetero guys, they seem to want to fuck me.  And several got the chance. Like Gregy-poo.

And as the toe nail polish evening wound down ("Why no, he's not here Greggy, oh so sorry for you to have wasted your time, dear Greg, -- and then leaning in closer, and speaking softer so that he'd have to lean in , smell my scented body lotion, peek down my robe, maybe see my nipple....-- "you know you can call me here any time before coming over....") I decided that sure, I was older than he was, and I had many friends with sons as old or older than he was, and I was way more woman than any boy can handle...but that didn't mean he was too much boy for ME to handle.  Sometimes even gourmets need a little snack.  Sometimes I just like training the young, impressionable ones.  Teach them the right way to make a woman cum, how to drive her pussy wild.  Consider it a community service if he is going to go out and use those skills for 40-50 years or more.  If teaching fuck skills had been a professorship, I'd have been worthy of an endowed chair.  The boy's mind was wandering, looking at my body, thinking of me as a fuck target.

"Greg, like I was saying, you know you can always call first, I love hearing from you."  Stretched out the word "loooooovvve," for his benefit.

Just looking at me, a bit puzzled.  Sigh.  Okay, Dolly, spell it the fuck out for the boy.  And hurry, Marty's coming back and this was one of the nights he wasn't making an excuse to go have a tryst with Paula from the Administration office who had befriended him and his cock and sometimes even dropped by our cozy cottage.  Yes, hurry Dolly, get Greg to fuck you, I told myself.  Before I love all my reserve and jump him and take as I please and jump his fine young ass.  


I had some brownie points, I decided.  I had decided to keep myself on Marty's good side earlier that afternoon and seduced him, blew him, swallowed a load, gave him my ass.  Then tucked him in because he'd be asleep early.  Cheating lying bastard, he was cute when he'd snore and drool after a post fuck pass-out to deep unconsciousness.  Ah well, it was complicated, and I was still with him.


But back to spelling it out for Greg.

"You know, Greg, here, let me give you my cell number.  My private cell, Greg, so don't give this to anyone else.  And don't let Marty know you have it.  It can be our secret that you have my cell number. It could be lots of fun for you and I to have a secret."

His eyes starting to "get it".

"And you can always call me, anytime, to find out if the coast is clear, um, I mean if Marty is home or if he's out for quite a while and won't be back for a long time."  I gritted my teeth about the other faculty wives Marty occasionally fucked when he was out for a long time.  Then I smirked when I thought about the sexiest faculty wife my husband Marty the professor was fucking.  She was Jodi, the third wife --  trophy wife, to be precise, of Marty's undergraduate college roommate Bennett.  Bennett was now the University Provost, and Marty and Bennett had helped each other's careers advance.  And Marty had fucked all three of Bennett's wives.  Though don't ask me why he fucked the first two, they were nothing special.  Then Bennett inherited his family's money, at long last.  And made a significant endowment contribution.  And went from associate professor to Provost in about six months after that.  And scored Jodi, the hot trophy wife. 


But don't ask me what a Provost does.  Bennett's job seemed to be showing up at events, knowing everyone on campus, schmoozing, and helping find Marty women to fuck by marrying them.  Kidding about that last part.  Sort of.  And anyway, Jodi was sexy.  So sexy I'd.... well, I don't want to give the rest of the story away quite yet.


Okay, so I'll fill you in that Bennett and now Provost, former associate professor, and my husband's old college roommate, fucked me from behind in a tailgate RV at a Homecoming game maybe eight years earlier, and like I said, he was a professional schmoozer.  He was actually witty and fun and good company as a secret lover.   Objectively, not a great lay, but such great company that I loved my time with him and we'd met up twice a year or so in the eight year's since we took advantage of being tipsy, horny, and the only ones who went back to the RV for a refill at half-time with the score 28-0 in favor of the other team.  Average to slightly below average dick, but a great dirty talker.  English major, he explained when I complimented his verbal kinkiness after my thighs stopped trembling when I came during our second tryst.  Which was in his office.  Yeah, it was slutty.  In the best way possible.


And by the time I was getting ready to add Greg to my list of campus conquests, Bennett knew Marty was fucking his young trophy wife, but he'd fucked me before he married Jodi, so he figured it was just another form of when they were in college and occasionally traded off girlfriends.  Oh those Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers, brothers for life.  Phi Alpha.    Bennett also had a prenup from the state's version of divorce lawyer to the stars, so it’s not like he was all that worried about Jodi leaving him.  But back to Greg.

"I end up spending a lot of time here in the cottage without Marty, you know, Greg.  Though I love long walks through the trails and orchards toward the agriculture school, or using that wonderful workout and fitness facility on campus.  Do you know the one, its mostly students there, hardly any faculty, I just love going there.  They keep it so hot in there, don't you think?  I have to strip down to practically the skimpiest workout clothes I own when I in there.  On the treadmill, taking a yoga class.  If you see me in there, do be a dear and know that you're welcome to say hello."

"Uh, sure Mrs. Jewel."  How quaint.

"Please, call me Dolly.  Let me hear you say it."

"Dolly." I imagined that being gasped, or grunted, into my ear as he filled me.  I was on a mission. Next step, the one I just imagined, time to make it happen.

"Now come whisper it in my ear before you go, Greg, so I can think about your voice so close that I can practically feel your breath on my ear, on my neck...." Yeah, I know.  That was slutty of me. But I was on a mission, as I explained.

Greg stepped close, actually inside the door so that the entire passing pedestrian population didn't see him stick his face into my blonde hair. "Thanks, Dolly, I will call you, definitely." I touched his hand and squeezed.  Frigged myself good and hard after he left.  Then fucked Marty as soon as he walked in the door that night.  The fact that Marty smelled like Jodi's preferred perfume only made me like fucking him more.  Imagined it was her tongue making me have convulsions. 

But again, back to Greg, it took him two days to call.  I tricked him, had him come over when Marty was also home.  Greg played it cool, and Marty was still happy with me from the wonderful PSE fucking I'd given him after Greg's last visit.  And then, since Greg had called, I had his number stored in my cell, and I had Greg over again when Marty was in Washington DC to advise a senate panel on something. I told Greg that we would have a drink and discuss anything that came to mind if he was free. I got a text message right back from Greg telling me that he would drop right over at ten o'clock that evening.

I ushered Greg into the den. I always loved this room. The walls were lined with books and the chairs were the burgundy red leather kind. Sophisticated.  Greg had worn a sweater and khakis, he looked deliciously collegiate.  Tousled hair, brown eyes, large hands, about six foot, lean, clean shaven and not much facial hair, arms and legs looked like he worked out.  A CBILF.  You know, College Boy I'd Like to Fuck.  God I hoped he could last.  Some of these young ones, sheesh.  By the way, boys, it isn't a race to see who cums first, okay? Just sayin'.

I poured him a drink and told Greg to have a seat. As I sat down next to Greg and clanked my glass with his, I asked, "you are legal to drink, aren't you, Greg?"

He took a large swallow.  Marty's favorite single malt, the good stuff.  (Thanks, honey!).  "And if I'm not?" He winked.  Good boy, welcome to Dolly's game.  I felt my body begin to prepare to accept an internal guest.  Oh hell, my pussy was molten, a sea of hot sex fluid waiting to be filled by youthful muscle.  Safely sheathed in latex of course.  I smiled, clanked glasses again, leaned next to him.  I was in a skirt and a sleeveless blouse, arm holes a bit large so my red bra was visible from the proper angle.  Or, I guess that would be an improper angle? Sandals that could be off in a second, no hose, matching red thong. 

"Can I tell you something, Greg?"

"Sure, anything," he said, eagerly.  I watched his lips.  Soft looking, full, supple.  Wondered if they knew how to pleasure a clitoris.  If they didn't, they would learn.  Soon.

"I have always been attracted to you." I told him with my hand on his leg.

Greg nearly choked on his drink. He apparently didn't expect me to be that blunt, though clearly he was hoping to make his "fuck the professor's wife" fantasy cum true.  But he had no idea how he should respond to that. So I got up and knelt down. I reached out and started to pull the zipper on his pants down. The boy (twenty; is that a boy, or a man?  I vote boy, especially when moving up in class to take me on) was totally in shock. "What if Marty walks in?" "That's why I have you call me, Greg.  To make sure the coast is clear, remember?" I pulled Greg's cock free.

"I just knew you had a big one," I told him.   Slight fib.  Average.  Certainly no less.  But I wanted him confident, it was definitely enough cock for a terrific fuck.  Most are.

 I didn't know how quickly he might pop so I didn't waste a second. I wrapped my bright red lips around Greg's dick and started to bob up and down on him. I hadn't been with anyone so young in a while. This felt so damn good. He was moaning, and I tasted precum very quickly.  I throttled back slightly, I needed him to last.  Greg just tilted his head back and closed his eyes. He was in a daze when we both heard a voice.

"Don't let me interrupt you both."

It was Bennett, the Provost.  Apparently one thing Provosts do is have extra keys to faculty homes when they have been friends for decades with the faculty member, since college, and when they are also fucking the wife of that longtime friend.  Which would be me.  


Greg's face got red and he was scared shitless,  didn't know what to say. I sure didn't stop what I was doing and Bennett took a chair opposite us. He was watching the proceedings and I saw him start to rub the outside of his pants. So much for subtle, Bennett.  Greg couldn't believe what was going on. I had gotten Greg hard, that was for sure. I took his slobber-coated tool out of my mouth finally and stood up, still stroking him. I stripped out of my clothes. Bennett's chubby grew when he saw me almost fully nude again, I love it when a mature man reassures me that I look damn fine.

And so did Jodi when she entered the room on cue after Bennett, just as my clothes were, except for my thong, on the floor by my feet. Hate to lose the bra, I love wearing that matching red set. But a plan is a plan.

And ah, Jodi.  Her breasts were large and firm and I could see her pussy lips peeking out from her tiny trimmed pubic patch. She kissed Bennett as she passed him, then took my hand, kissed me on the cheek, then the lips, lightly, and then we proceeded to strip Greg. 

"Fuck him good, ladies.  Make a man out of him," Bennett told us.  Jodi giggled, then told Greg, "you need to help me get naked, young man, I'm way overdressed for the party you and Dolly invited me to."  Greg's cock bounced up and down when she said that.  I smirked at "young man", since Jodi hadn't turned thirty yet, and was much closer in age to Greg than to Bennett. 


 I think Greg was starting to worry about Bennett, who spoke up to address that obvious issue, "My young wife is a beautiful young woman, Mr. Malloy, and she loves for me to see her body in its full sexual potential, which is sometimes hard to do from up close when it’s my penis she is enjoying.  Give her that nice young hard dick of yours; please her, let me see how she fucks a young man like you, how much you'll enjoy her, too.  No one needs to find out that you were in here with your dick in Professor Jewel's wife's mouth if you didn't want that to get out.  Are we good?"  Jodi had stepped over to Bennett, who was fingering his horny, attractive wife all while she beamed at Greg, eager to be mounted.  And to think I'd figured her for just a gold digger when Bennett told me about her after the first time he and I fucked.  Then I took the yoga class she led, saw her confident lack of modesty in the ladies' locker room, and knew I had to have carnal knowledge of both members of that married couple.

Greg looked down when my mouth went back onto his cock and I "fluffed" him before applying the condom.   Jodi didn't wait to be mounted, instead she straddled Greg and then she reached back and positioned his young cock at her opening. She eased down onto that hard hot rod and they started to fuck. I just had to look over and see Bennett's reaction. He had his dick out now and was stroking himself. There was no way I could resist advancing the agenda for my own benefit, I knew I was leaking lady fluids.

I kissed Bennett, taking his non dick-stroking hand onto my tits, then he let go of his poke stick and moved that hand between my legs.  His fingers glistened and he placed then in my mouth.  Greg was not going to impress anyone with his staying power and began pushing up into Jodi's damp hole. She pushed down onto his prick and they got into a steady fucking motion. "He's got a great cock, Dolly, you should feel it inside you." 


 What a great idea!

Bennett slapped me on the ass, "go for it," he told me and I was right back over by the young couple, the married Provost's trophy wife and the junior year undergrad.  So dirty, I loved it.  As a yoga instructor, Jodi had tight pussy muscles to go with her tight, flat abs and fit ass to die for. She was squeezing Greg's dick as she slowed down, approaching a stopping point to swap pussies with me so I could be the one Greg was fucking.  Greg finally relaxed as he felt her slowing, but then upon the dismount, when Lisa spun around, got down onto her own knees, removed the condom and started licking the underside of the shaft of Greg's young fucking machine of a cock, I then re-wrapped him and we had to both remove our mouths and hands or he'd have popped.  Still wasn't going to last long.  Oh well.

I turned to face Greg, unlike the reverse cowgirl that Jodi had been doing, and rode Greg as hard as I could, and he locked his eyes with mine and gave me everything he had. My face grew close, I thought we might kiss, I love to kiss when I fuck, and especially when I sense real gratitude like I did with Greg. But instead he spoke to me, quiet enough that only I could hear, "This sure is a bizarre situation I find myself in. You sure Provost Mitchell was okay with me fucking his wife?"  "Well, she's fucking him now, they're kissing, too," I mentioned, and both Greg and I turned and watched her loving her horny kinky Provost of a husband as he fucked his adulterous wife in right there in my home, a home where Bennett had previously cheated with me and she'd cheated with my husband.  Got all that?

 I reached and brought Greg's hands from the small of my back, where he initially held me while I rode his young cock, and placed those mitts on my big firm D-cup tits. He began to tweak each nipple with his hands. Then we kissed, and his mouth was young, submissive and hungry.  That really got Jodi worked up. Turned out now WE had an audience from the married fuckers across the room.

"Oh God Greg, yeah, fuck her hard!" Jodi shouted at Greg.

You could hear skin hitting skin from both sides of the den as I dropped down onto Greg's lap. I had my arms wrapped around Greg's neck and he was holding on tightly as I rode and he pumped into my hungry pussy. I know I lost track of time there in the den. I heard Bennett start to moan, it was familiar--he doesn't cuss or invoke the name of the almighty when he cums.  "Oh yes, oh yes, mmmm, yes, Jodi, yes my darling, so good, you're so sexy Jodi, mmmmm Yeeeessssss!  YESSSSSSSSS!”

 I was starting to feel the pinch like Greg was getting close. "Did you want to cum on my tits, baby?" I asked him.  No idea why I called him baby, other than he was young and it felt right.  But I saw the look in his eyes. There was no way he was going to pull out. Then he closed his eyes, grunted and unloaded inside my body. Thankfully into a condom.  Young kid like that, bet his swimmers are all Olympic caliber.  His body stiffened and he held me tight. I couldn't quite seem to orgasm together with him. I needed something more.

And then I felt Jodi's hand's near our joined sex regions, and her tongue, too.  I leaned back, to expose my clitoris, and Jodi pleased me with her lips like only a woman who owns her own clitoris and orgasms can.  Unlike Bennett, I did cuss, exclaiming, "Oohh, fuck, mmm, ahhh, fuck, fuck yessss, bitch don't stop, lick it, Jodi, lick my slutty pussy, lick that fucking cock in my pussy, too!" I flooded her face and Greg's cock with hot gushes of my girl juice.

It must have been the situation. Greg, came, but he still stayed hard for the longest time. I lifted off him, and Jodi licked my flavor off the outside of the condom then took it off Greg's still ready-to-rock cock and emptied the condom onto her tongue, letting some dribble out onto her chin.  Hot fucking slut, that Jodi.  My legs had some fatigue but I shuttled over to Bennett and stood over him (he'd reclined) and placed his face at my gamey, slick, well-fucked pussy.  Bennett's mouth lapped at me while his sexy young wife milked all the rest of Greg's still hard cock's juices. Greg finally blew his load and as Jodi sensually cleaned him, showed all his seed to the boy and then made a show of swallowing his essence. I looked to see Bennett's seed spurt out of his cock and onto my lap, and I scooped it with my fingers, went toward my mouth, then faked him out and fed it to him.  What a good sport he was about that trick, he simply swallowed and said, "its okay, its mine."

 There were tissues close by. Jodi and I grabbed a few of these and wiped herself, myself, her husband, and my boy toy down and cleaned up the leather couch. She kissed me with her cummy lips and whispered, "we waited way too long for that, and thanks for sharing your young friend, too.  You really don't want to do this with Marty?  He's very nice to me when we fuck, you know?"  Ah, such naiveté.   Marty is good to Marty, and if you know what the game is, you can position yourself, figuratively and literally, to feel good, too, along the way.  Jodi took Bennett by the hand, and they picked up their clothes, walked out of the room and went to find the guest bathroom.

There I sat with my now spent, finally limp dicked young paramour sitting across from me. He still didn't know what to make of Bennett shooting his load as he watched Greg fuck the shit out of his wife, and the whole scene of me switching and me fucking Bennett, "wow, this is a lot to process," Greg said.

"That was so hot," I told him. He smiled, "yeah, you're fucking wild, Dolly". 

"Why thank you, kind sir" I said as I fluttered my eye lashes.  "But you should probably go back to calling me Mrs. Jewel, we wouldn't want to raise suspicions."  I'm such a tease, should have seen the look on his face.  "Oh you can still call me Dolly whenever we fuck, and I'll be hoping to see you here often the rest of the semester while you're working with Marty.  I just meant outside the house, or in front of Marty, that's when you should call me Mrs. Jewel."

Jodi and  Bennett returned, wet-haired and dressed, and we actually got Greg embarrassed from the three of us discussing the fuck session while Jodi and I flirted, kissed, touched and gave an all-girl foreplay with clothes on show to Bennett. Well, Jodi had clothes on.  Bennett stepped over, Jodi and I shared his nice mature cock, gray pubic bush and everything, and swapped it from her mouth to mine, then Bennett popped on my tits.  Jodi licked a bit off, and I reached over for the tissues and I cleaned the rest of the spunk from my tits and his cock. By the time Jodi and I had composed ourselves, Greg was hard again. There was casual discussion and one round of drinks after that. Jodi and Bennett said they had to go. I walked Bennett to the front door. Jodi took a detour, went to Greg, handed him a piece of paper, and kissed him deeply, her tongue flavored with me, her husband, herself, and Greg.  Greg surrendered to her tongue, too.  Note to self, I thought, the boy has some sub-tendencies.  I thought, I could have fun with that, but no humiliation, just a bit of aggressively taking charge.  Next time.  Only now, apparently, I had competition.  I kissed her same slutty mouth before Jodi joined Bennett for the walk home.

"Call me," she said to Greg over her shoulder.

It was very late, even by collegiate campus standards.  I let Greg know that he and I couldn't share a bed overnight, certainly not that night, not in Marty's and my marital bed.  He nodded his head in agreement.  I kissed him on the lips and off he went.

I sat down, turned on Seth Myers and replayed the whole evening in my mind. I knew I had to fuck Greg again. And Jodi, too.  Needed to thank Bennett extra special for making that happen.  The next time Jodi and Greg and I wouldn't be watched by Marty’s old roommate, the horny frisky Provost.  I wanted Greg to really go to town on Jodi in a way that I knew he'd never feel okay doing with her husband in the room.

The next day Greg called the number on the paper Jodi handed him. Jodi answered. She said she wanted to get together again as soon as possible. Then she called me and I told her I could distract Bennett so that she could have one on one time with Greg.  But eventually Jodi and I would have to give Bennett the thrill of watching us again. She said the next time, but for the upcoming second visit with Greg, she thanked me for making sure Bennett was long gone. 

The next time I had Greg all to myself, and he was an enthusiastic, fast study, and fucked me good and hard.  I was wrong, he wasn't a subby boy, he'd just been caught off guard that first time and was a bit tentative.  Did some hair pulling, rimming, and told me he didn't want to fuck my ass...yet.  He wanted to save that for a while longer.  I said I could get away again in a couple of days’ time and we set a date.

Jodi and I fucked that boy senseless, and he was pretty damn good to us in return.  I started this story thinking back to Greg, but Jodi was the type of woman I had always dreamed about as a partner in crime, so to speak, for extracurricular shared sex with some bi action with a smooth, yoga-toned fit hottie. She was kinky, slutty, gorgeous and boy, could she fuck. We never did do all the boys on our "hit list", though -- she got hung up on Greg.  On my occasional get together-s with Bennett, he told me that Jodi is still fucking Greg, who is now in a Masters program, and she's even talking about going on a graduation trip with Greg, just the two of them.

In fact, that last time, during afterglow and pillow talk, Bennett started, "You know, Dolly, my children are grown, I've had a vasectomy…"  and I wanted to head off this conversation before it went very far.  "Bennett, you know, we can't do that, we have to always be safe..." I quickly reminded him.  "What?  Oh, oh, no, not that Dolly, I know that.  I was just thinking, you know, that Jodi's so much younger than I am, and I've had a vasectomy but she'd love to be a mom like you are, and she and I have been discussing whether she should take Greg, get him tested, and maybe try to have his baby after Greg graduates?"

I sprayed my wine across the floor, I think the sheets avoided getting Merlot on them.  What did he say?  Oh my, what did I get started!!??



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