Not My First Prom

I was out to dinner recently and was charmed by a few larger parties in the restaurant that night.  Groups of ten or twelve, all of which were clusters of high school students in their prom dresses and tuxes, looking handsome and lovely, out with a limo full of friends to start the night with a fancy dinner, then on to the dance, the post-party, and then the post-post party. Like I said, so charming to see them young, excited, looking their best, and possibly some of them just a few hours away from losing their virginity. I remember telling my junior year prom date that I was a virgin, and would he be my first.  It felt special.  It was the first time I'd ever had post-prom sex. 

Well, technically, it wasn't.  A week before my junior year prom, my running-buddy neighbor who was a senior at a Catholic High School with a different prom night had come home from his prom, and since I'd always had a crush on him (but he'd had the same girlfriend forever so we were "just friends"), I was waiting for him with a Gatorade when he got home. I asked him if he'd had a good time (yes) and did he have enough energy left for a run or did his girlfriend finally give in so that he was spent (regretfully, no, he said in a very disappointed voice).  I said that a run would help him sort things out, he'd feel better about everything, and that my parents were in the Bahamas for the weekend so I hoped he'd let me make up to him what his girlfriend failed to make special about his prom.  So my running-buddy neighbor and I finally had sex, it was awesome, and that was my first post-prom sex, even though I hadn't gone to that prom with him.

So to clarify, my junior year prom, when I lied about being a virgin, that was the first time I had post-prom sex when I'd actually gone to the prom. 

Anyway, it certainly wasn't the last time I had post prom sex ... when I'd actually gone to the prom.  But the last time it happened, I wasn't in high school any longer.  Or college, for that matter.

 If we haven't met yet, if you're new to my blog, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dolly Jewel.   If you've seen my photo galleries, you might be able to guess that I work hard to keep myself fit, and I'm eternally thankful to my loving parents for some wonderful inherited genes -- my parents are gorgeous, and some of their good looks trickled down to me.  Though I think my charm, sexual hunger, sense of humor (*wink!), and easy going nature is what my Dolly date lovers seek most, I suspect that a good portion of my generously overstuffed gift envelopes come from how I look. I'm 5'7 and have 36D-24-36 measurements. I was a cheerleader in high school and ran track in high school, college, and then on the international circuit for a while.  Finishing fourth at my best Olympic trials, one spot out of the games, sucked, but the hot threesome with a decathlete and a wrestler that night soothed my wounded pride (and left with me a sore coochie for a couple days!). I then moved on to triathlons and now yoga and Pilates, so I try to stay physically fit. I confess to a touch of enhancement and love my D-cup girls almost as much as the men whose lips and tongues make me feel so good. I get many compliments on my fitness, my buns of almost steel, flat tummy, toned but still feminine physique. I am quite satisfied with my body.  My Dolly dates, my fuck buddies, my friends with benefits, my opportunistic seductions, and the men who at various times have been my husbands have also been pleased with my body.  My dentist features my smile on his website's home page, and I've done some fitness modeling and have been told that it’s a shame I choose not to show my face at my website because I'm so pretty.  (To which I said, "thank you," and returned to giving that nice gentleman head).  Staying fit has given me a youthful appearance, and when I was just barely old enough to buy wine legally I had the unique combination of guys in liquor stores not believing I was "legal" but still wanting to fuck me.  But this story is about another way my youthful looks got put to use. 

It all started when I first moved away from Florida to try living in another part of the country not long after college. I didn't know that many people so I spent a lot of time hanging out with my uncle David, his second wife Mary, and her two sons; Sean, 12, and John Thomas (J.T.), 18. I'd known Sean and J.T. since David and Mary got married, about ten years earlier, but we never really talked. I was just enough older than J.T. that we were never in junior high or high school together, so we didn't have much to talk about. Uncle David visited South Florida on business, so I was close to him, but the full extended family visits were not all that frequent.  But when I first moved out to their city, it was a big help that David offered me the use of the guest suite. "Separate entrance, Dolly, just like having your own apartment, that's important for a beautiful young woman like yourself," he told me.  I blushed that Uncle David called me beautiful, but I wasn't too shy to say, "But since I wouldn't have my own separate driveway, you could always report back to Daddy about who might be coming or going, though, right Uncle Dave?"  He laughed, and I accepted, and as I got to work with a local radio and television promotions company, I found that I worked so many evening functions that my non-work nights were nights I wasn't particularly interested in dating.  Yes, by dating, I mean sex and all that goes with it.  Staying in and even sometimes babysitting Sean while J.T. went out chasing girls was actually pleasant and helped prepare me for parenthood.  Not that I didn't see J.T., too. I actually was quite impressed with how J.T. had grown up. He had firm muscles, but not big and bulky. You could feel them with every hug. He was athletic. Almost 6 foot tall, longish hair that curled at the back of his neck. Handsome face, hazel eyes. Sometimes I imagined what it might look like, J.T. and his cute high school girlfriends, making out on a date.  He'd tell me about his dates.  Well, not everything,  but he did seem to like my company, and maybe the 5-6 years difference in age didn't mean so much as it did back when I was losing my virginity at sixteen and he was still in elementary school.  Hmmm, was J.T. a virgin?  I hadn't asked.  Yet.

It was mid-May. The weather was warm, and  I was in just a slim fit t-shirt and denim shorts. I remember I was sitting around my aunt and uncle's kitchen, when J.T. came down. He looked a bit distressed as he walked through the den into the open kitchen, where I could still see and talk to him.

"What's up, little big man?" I asked. (I borrowed that nickname from an obscure Dustin Hoffman movie.  I had to tease him that he was younger, but such a strapping fellow, I thought the juxtaposition of the two opposite adjectives described him well.  He never seemed to mind.)

"Nothing." He said reaching for the refrigerator door.

I knew something was wrong, because he had been so talkative with me in the months since I'd moved in.

"Yea right, nothing's wrong, J.T. Come talk to your cousin." I patted the sofa next to me.

He grabbed a bottle of water and closed the door, more furious than when he opened it. 

"You're gonna find out anyway.  Me and Stacy broke up."

I still remember that exact answer, because I remember wanting to correct his grammar but I thought it wouldn't be the right time. He was clearly frustrated with the situation.

"Aww... I'm so sorry to hear that." I said, getting up and walking over to him. I wrapped my arms around him. It was a good hug. I felt his firm muscles under my arms. His strong chest pushed against mine. I remember how good he smelled. I remember thinking 'There's nothing wrong with enjoying his after shave.'. His one arm wrapped around my waist. His hand gracefully touching my lower back, and falling to the brim of my shorts.

We pulled away.

"That's not the most upsetting part," he continued. "Prom is next week. I've paid for two of everything. And a lot of that money I can't get back. Plus, I'm gonna be stag in a group of couples. That's just flat out embarrassing."

Thinking about it for a moment, I couldn't do anything but agree with him. He was right. It was a shitty situation.

"There has to be someone you can ask. You go to a big school."

"All the normal girls I know already have dates."

"Then don't ask any of your normal girls. Like I said, it's a big school.  Maybe there's someone 'abnormal' you can ask?"  I thought I might get a chuckle out of the word 'abnormal'.  I did, but just a little one.

 "I guess you're right. Letcha know what happens."

That was the end of that discussion. The next few days went on like normal for everyone. Except there was a lot more talk about Stacy. Except the name 'Stacy' was replaced with 'slut' and 'whore'. Even by Aunt Mary, which I thought was funny as hell.  Turned out Stacy was going to prom with J.T.'s friend Mike, whom he'd known since summer camp at age 9.  "Make that 'ex-friend'" J.T. clarified for me.

Two days before the big night, I felt like J.T. wanted to say something. I asked if he wanted to talk, but as he'd open his mouth, he'd withdraw, and I didn't want to push it. Just as I was about to head up to my suite, he stopped me.

"I asked every girl I know about prom. Normal, abnormal, you name it."

"And?" I asked.

"I got nowhere."

"Aww, that sucks. I'm sorry."

"Do you wanna go with me?" he blurted out.

I was stunned. "I... uhh... What?"

"Do you want to go with me?" he repeated.

"I can't go with you." I felt like shouting. But he shushed me.

"Why not?" 

"I'm already out of college, six years past my own prom."

"So? You totally look like you could still be in high school.  Well, your pretty face, yeah, you still get carded.  Now your body, that's another story, but...."

"Hey, eyes up here, J.T., I'm your cousin."

"My friends don't know that. And technically only step-cousins, my father isn't family and my mother is only in your family by marriage."  He'd thought this through.  He was cute,, I couldn't do this.  Though I realized everything he'd said was true. 

"Okay, that may be so, but...I just can't." I tried to continue.

"I'll pay you."

I stood there in silence. Now I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but life in the style that Dolly prefers is an expensive proposition. I wasn't yet supplementing life with Dolly dates, and entry level promotional public relations jobs don't pay much.  So free money, just to get dressed up and listen to music for a few hours, seemed like a no brainer. Except for the person asking me.

"Just think about it." he said.

I took a deep breath. "I'll think about it." I promised him.

He smiled. "Thank you."

He walked away and I went up to my suite to think about the whole idea.

And this is the start of my realization that commerce and dating could be an idea worth pursuing.

About a day later I sent him a text message saying simply "I'll do it". He sent one back thanking me. I reminded him about payment. We agreed on $200. He'd offered $400, and since I hadn't realized how much cash my cousin (okay, by marriage, not a blood relation, but still ....) was carrying around and I was only planning on asking for $100 I sort of felt bad about taking his money and said, "Cut that number in half". Now it seemed like a business deal, not dating my "cousin", and it did ease the awkwardness about it a little. At least for me it did. I told him he also had to pay for my dress, which he obliged. But he had a request of his own. Absolutely no one could know that we were cousins. The embarrassment he would feel about taking his cousin to prom would no doubt be worse than going alone. I figured it would be the least I could do. 

When I saw him, he handed me a stack of bills for payment and the dress. He said any color would do. So I promptly went shopping, wondering what I might find that could fit without any tailoring, since there wasn't time. I actually found a beautiful strapless gown. It was bright yellow with a bright floral pattern for the trim. It went all the way to the floor but it had a sexy little slit going up the thigh. Even if I didn't wear it to the prom, I still wanted it. It was a bit snug in the bust and on my ass, but I'm sure no one would mind. Especially since it hugged all the right places, and pushed all the right parts together and out. Yup, no one would mind at all.

On the evening of, I had him pick me up from my separate entrance, so it didn't feel like I was going with a member of the family who I lived with. And right on time, a limo pulled up in front of the house. J.T. walked to the door, looking really handsome in his classic black tux, and walked me out to the limo. The driver opened the back door and helped me in. J.T. got in on the other side, sat down and smiled at me. As we started the drive, I got a closer look, beyond the tux, at the young man wearing it. I do have to say, he cleans up VERY well. 

 "Just remember," he starts to say, "please don't let anyone know who you are."

"Don't worry. I've been an actress. It's what I do." I left out the part that the actress reference was for some homemade porn with college boyfriends, which to this day I'm grateful never made it onto the internet. "We're the first couple the limo is picking up, we're getting the others."

We reached our first stop, and two couples slid in. I slid right next to J.T., but he kept a comfortable distance. Once the four teens all got in, they looked up at me and the boys' jaws dropped. One of the girls' too.  I was afraid they saw my age. Until, I noticed one of the boys eye me up and down, before his sight went straight to my tits. That's when I knew we were in the clear. For now.

"What did you bring?" Derek asked one of the boys, before reaching for a little bag on the floor.

The boy reached in his pocket, and pulled out a flask shaped bottle of favored rum. 

"Where did you get that?" I asked. I guess the infliction in my voice put him on the defensive. His eyes got wider.

"I've got connections. Why?" he whispered. About that time I saw one of the other boys produce a similar flask shaped bottle from his jacket. "And I've got connections, too!" he whispered, less loudly.  So I lowered my voice and whispered more softly directly into J.T.'s ear, my lips bumping his soft earlobe as the limo moved, and again noticing his aftershave. Still nice.

"If we get caught and have to show ID's, you're going to have to account for why your date is twenty four." I whispered back. After our private conversation the boy closest to me was passing the flask my way. I tried to at least be responsible and turn it down, till I saw the condescending smirk on the little shit's face. I got baited to join, and I did. 

By the time we reached the last stop for the final couple, we had already finished the bottle. Of course, due to age and practice, I was able to hold my composure better than these teens, but even if was feeling it slipping away.

On the way to the dance, all the couples were getting more touchy feely. And yet here I was, with my cousin, sitting side my side, our hands in our own laps. We would have gotten away with it, if one of the kids didn't notice.

"What's wrong?" the one kid asked.

"We can control ourselves." J.T. said with a bit of asshole in his voice. That was so fucking hot.

"I got something I'd love her to control." the third boy in back said, under his breath. We still all heard it. His date gave him a smack. I would have smacked him too.

"I have a man, thank you." I responded. The booze was starting to hit me.

"Uh huh." the first boy said with a smile.

Our lie was unraveling quick. I thought about my money, and knew what I had to do. So I took a deep breath, grabbed his arm, wrapped it around the back of my neck. That's when I put his hand right on my left boob, nuzzled into his neck, and started doing my tricks. Kissing, biting, licking. The whole nine yards.

The whole limo went up in cheers, right before we reached our destination. As everyone was piling out, I took the time to fix myself. J.T. just sat there quietly. We were the last ones out. As the three couples started to make their way to the entrance door, J.T. spoke.

"Wow. That was... Wow. Thanks for...."

I stopped him. I pushed him right up against the limo. 

"That never happened.  Got it?" I was mad at myself more than him. Wasn't mad at him at all, truth be told.  But I had to blame somebody for feeling slightly wet down below.
"Uhhh, yea."


And that's when I lost control for the first time that night. I grabbed his face and slid my tongue into his mouth. To this day, I don't know why. Maybe it was the booze, but I just had to taste him for real. I felt that thick bulge get thicker right up against my thigh. I loved it. Then I pulled away, and grabbed his hand and started to drag him inside. 

"Now, I wanna dance." I said.

Once inside, it was pretty much a typical prom. Finger foods, punch, awkward dance moves. The only problem was, usually when I'm at the club, and I've had a few drinks, I can get a little dirty on the dance floor. More snuck-in booze in darkened corners. This city's high schools sure had lame chaperones.  So here I was, a bit drunk, kind of hot & sweaty (in a sexy way), sexually experienced way beyond anyone around me, and grinding my ass hard against my cousin's groaning junk. Feeling his breath on my neck, his hands all over my body, it was so sexy. We sold that lie about us being a couple pretty good. I was even starting to buy into it.

Even when J.T. went to the bathroom, a boy asked if I wanted to dance. During the song he asked if I wanted to go to his after party. I told him that my man had plans for us. I didn't know if it was true, but he didn't care. When J.T. came back, I kissed the boy on the cheek and grabbed his dick while looking into his terrified eyes with my sexually worldly blue eyes. I'm sure I made his night.

Afterwards I was, in fact, informed of an after party. At this point we were all sweaty and buzzed. We crammed into the limo, and I made my way onto J.T.'s lap. The other girls did the same, but this time, we were the first couple getting close, in contrast to the ride to the prom. One of the girls put music on, and I started grinding into his dick some more.


Was my cousin J.T. going to become a sweet memory?  Know the scene in Animal House with the devil on one shoulder, the angel on the other?  THAT was how I felt during that limo ride on J.T.'s lap after his prom.

 We pulled up to someone's house.

Inside it was wall to wall teens. Dancing, drinking, eating, making out. I didn't have a change of clothes but a few people didn't either, so I didn't feel too bad.

This is where the story gets a little fuzzy. I remember the major stuff, but the little stuff I tend to forget. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

We got a few more drinks. I'm sure he was getting me drunk, but I liked the drinks that night, I was feeling young and irresponsible, so I didn't mind. Then we made our way to the dance floor. As I'm grinding into him, he places his hand on my hip, then starts sliding it around my thigh into the slit of my dress. That drove me crazy.

Soon a boy walks up to us. J.T. pulls his hand out, but the boy says nothing and starts dancing against me too. I have one thick penis against my ass, and another between my thighs. I pull my skirt up, to try to position myself to get more comfortable so I can dance with these two strapping young men. Mmmm, I was in heaven.

After a few songs, I had to sit down. I was getting dizzy. I grabbed a seat on the couch, J.T. sat next to me. I snuggled next to him, and went back to work on his neck. Even today, the idea of getting so turned on by my cousin, in the middle of a big crowd no less gets me so wet. I think he enjoyed it too. Especially when he grabbed his jacket and placed it over his lap. When I noticed, I lost control again. I slipped one hand under the jacket, and straight to his zipper. I pulled his tux pants down to his thighs and worked my hand deeper through his boxers, until I was able to wrap my fingers around his already swollen member. Holy shit, I thought, I'm jerking off my cousin in the middle of a crowd (which wasn't my first public display. But that's another story) All this time I'm thinking, "This is so wrong. It's dirty. I'm such a fucking whore. Oh my god, it's so sexy. I think I'm going to fuck him."

This went on for a few minutes, until I felt a warm wave of lust wash over me. The lights were low, everyone else making out and dirty dancing and whatever else was going on. That's when I decided to go to the next step. I pulled my hand out, and buried my head under that jacket. I first started to lick his balls, with his dick resting on my face. I sucked his dick for a bit too, my head bobbing up and down, until I felt my panties being soaked. I needed him. I pulled my head from under the jacket, stood up, wiped my mouth, and told him to hitch up his pants and follow. We made our way up the stairs and found an empty room at the end of the hall. I entered first, he followed and closed the door behind us.

"Sit on the bed." I told him.

He did so with the biggest grin on his face. I kneeled down in front of him and started stroking his fat, wet, veiny cock, while I cupped and fondled his balls. I licked his shaft, then up to the base of his deep red cockhead, the a teasing lick at the base of his quivering nut sack.

"You won't tell anyone about this, right?" I whispered between licks.

"I won't." 

He moaned as I moistened his balls with my mouth, jerking him off.

"Are you sure you are okay doing this?" he asked.  "I'm loving it, you're amazing and I've had a crush on you forever, but I only ever expected a gorgeous date on my arm so I could enjoy prom, Dolly."


"And aren't you enjoying your prom?" I asked him.


"Oh God yes, you're fucking amazing."

 "Then be smart and shut the fuck up so I don't change my mind. Look, you're handsome, have a nice cock, I haven't gotten laid in a while, and besides, you paid me to be your girlfriend."

"Mmm, I did, right.  That makes you my good little slut." Dirty talk?  Sounded sexy to me.

Sure, sounded sexy, but momentarily sobering up, I thought, "no one calls me a slut". Okay, nowadays as I revel in my fully developed Dolly-sexuality, I call myself one all the time. But at the time I went to the prom with J.T., I didn't know I was going to become the Dolly you know and read about today, and didn't like being called such names.  On the other hand, I was drunk and horny with my 6 years younger cousin's cock in my mouth. Step-cousin, whatever. It wasn't the time to be politically correct.

J.T. reached down and pulled my dress down, and started playing with my tits. Precum and drool dripped from his cock and balls, down my chin and into my cleavage. At that point, he got me up and pushed me on the bed, face down. He pulled my dress up over my ass, and moved my bikini panties to the side. I felt the head of his dick rub against my pussy lips. Holy shit! Wait, I thought about how he hadn't been expecting to do this, and my fear was about to be realized, as I nearly yelled that he didn't have a condom!  And neither did I!  Shit! As I felt his fingers start to spread me apart, I reached back and put my hand in the way of this unholy, but technically not incestuous coupling, and begged him, "J.T., go get a condom from someone.  Anyone will have one, its prom night."  I sure was worked up, this would have been my chance to put a stop to this taboo evening, but all I could think of was how to stay responsible while getting laid.  Uncle David? Aunt Mary?  Never heard of them.  A condom seemed to cure all improprieties.  But J.T. didn't move.


"I've got one, Dolly. Don't worry."  Had he planned on fucking me?  His cousin?  I'd have been kind of creeped out if I hadn't been so turned on by the thought of this young meat specimen wanting to fill me with my own family. "God," I thought, “I am a whore. A dirty nasty fucking whore," and I loved every second of it.


"Like you said, its prom night, I figured someone might ask me to borrow one, and with a date as hot as you how could I explain that I hadn't brought any."


That made sense.  Or if it didn't, if he was bullshitting me and he'd been planning all along to fuck me since I'd moved in, I couldn't have cared less.  I heard him tear open the foil wrapper. There was a moment's pause as he suited up while I was reaching back between my legs and was twiddling my pleasure button and I was gushing.  J.T. then pushed my head down, and pulled my ass up, and his now-safe cock crossed the taboo Rubicon into my body, and oh, did J.T. proceed to pound me.

"Fuck me." I moaned. Loving my decision to go to prom.

"Mmmm, God this is better than I ever imagined."  So he HAD thought about fucking me. "Is it okay to call you my fucking dirty slut." he said. Asking permission like a polite 18 year old being corrupted by his slutty older sort-of cousin. In my buzzed state, God, I loved that. 

I reached up and grabbed the bars of the head board, as he drilled into me. "Give it to me, yes, fuck, yes I'm your slut.  Tonight I'm your slut. Just keep fucking me." I shouted over and over again.

He turned me on my back as he continued to plow into me. With my legs on his shoulders, and my tits bouncing back and forth, I knew I was his. I thought to myself, "well, he bought and paid for me, right?"  His eyes were filled with primal lust. "Yeah, tonight, Dolly, you're my slut, making my cock feel good. Loving my cock."  I wanted to kiss him, but this wasn't a kissing position.  Mmmm, but oh my, what a fine, hard-fucking position.

 "What are you?" he asked as his stiff dick slide deep inside me.

"Your slut, J.T. All night, your slut!" And what do you love? he asked me.  "Your cock. Your big thick powerful cock."

"Correct." he said in a voice that hinted he might be a future Domme type control fucker seeking submissive lovers.  Okay, that could never be me.  But for this night, it was all good.  Very good.  Except for being morally wrong, it was all good. 

I felt my body get tingly all over. My pussy got tight around his dick. I couldn't hold back. I squirted all over his dick. He knew I came, and started to pound faster. And harder. He was right behind me.

"I'm gonna cum!" he announced.

 Where do you want to cum, lover?

"In my slut's mouth" he screamed as he pulled out, unwrapped and thrust his cock toward my face as I shifted toward his sweaty, lean, luscious young body.

I reached down to my own secretions to lube up my hand and grabbed his cock, stroking toward my mouth and as I got the head past my lips my mouth started to feel every pump he had. And that's when he let loose. Load after load, all over my tongue, some gushing out and onto my chin, then dripping down to my tits. I jerked him harder, taking every squirt of young, virile cum he had and making it mine. I sucked the head, til I was sure he had nothing left. I'd swallowed J.T.'s seed. Looking back, there's a song that rolls through my mind.  'I'm going straight to hell...."

We were spent. We just laid there. Semi-covered in each other’s juices. We each still semi had clothes on. I guess that was a good thing since I just fucked my semi-cousin. We sort of both had a moment of realization in the midst of all the post-coital bliss.

"Don't tell anybody." I managed to get out between breaths.

He simply said "Ok."

And then I passed out. 

And couple hours later, I woke up. The party was still going on and I was still drunk in my prom dress. My prom dress!  I was twenty four years old, a college graduate considering an MBA, and I was in a prom dress.  But that's not what woke me up. J.T. was moving on top of me and he wasn't wearing pants. He proceeded to kiss me on my lips. I reached down and felt his cock, and he was wearing a condom.  I touched myself, and damned if I wasn't a bit damp myself.  "You were rubbing yourself, playing with your clit in your sleep, mumbling "I'm your slut" and then your grabbed my cock with your other hand, you DID want me to do this, didn't you?"  Wow, I'm a more fun still-buzzed, sleeping, freshly fucked prom date than I knew.  He was still handsome, it was still the after-party, and I was still bought and paid for as his prom date, I thought.  I didn't know what to do, so I just opened up my legs, wrapped my heels around the back of his thighs, and started sucking his tongue when his face got close to mine after he'd managed to fill me until he was balls deep. I clawed at his back, then broke the kiss and we nuzzled each other's necks while he really went to town.  This was face to face, intimate, entwined, bodies together....oh God, I was loving it way too much, and decided to just keep loving it and deal with the consequences afterward.  He went on plowing me for a few minutes, and when I thought he would pull out and jerked his load onto my face or tits, he instead took my wrists, placed them flat against the sheets, up beside my ears, interlocked fingers with me, spread his knees as wide as he could, gave me another half dozen hard pumps in my pussy and a wet, tongue-filled passionate kiss on my mouth and then he stiffened, groaned, clutching at my body, his cousin's body as he came, and the wickedness of it all brought me over the edge, too, and our bodies pulsed and rocked together. I was J.T.'s prom slut, completely. And I loved it.

The next morning, with the sun filtering in, we hardly spoke. We washed up, and called a cab. Such a quaint, pre-Uber and Lyft time it was.  A more innocent time.  You know, a time when cousins go to the prom and fuck.  No, this didn't take place in Alabama or Mississippi.  And like I've tried to emphasize, he was my uncle's second wife's son from her first marriage.  It felt much dirtier than it was.  Not like I hadn't fucked an eighteen year old boy before.  I'd been doing that since I was sixteen.  Holy shit, I'd been fucking eighteen year olds for eight years, I thought!  It was such a quiet car ride back to his house.  My uncle's house.  Where my prom date lived.  The one I'd fucked and whose cum I'd swallowed.  And I lived there, too.


I thought back to the time I had post-prom sex with someone I hadn't gone to prom with.  It was back when I was a junior.  You remember, I just wrote about it in this blog entry, scroll up if you must, but he was the one I told I was a virgin and other lies, and he fucked me then got drunk.  When the cab got us to his house, I realized his parents were divorced and there was no mom, and his dad was handsome, too.  His dad said he was sorry his son had ruined my prom experience and that he would take care of getting him up to bed, then get me home.  I told him my parents were cool if I slept in at a  friends' house, no rush, and that I'd help him carry my date upstairs.  Dad's eyes were all over me.  We got my date into bed, and then I told him he had a great house, would he show me.  When he merely motioned through an open door to his master bedroom, I sauntered in, looked over my shoulder and said, "Well I hope you're joining me, and you should probably close the door, we don't want to wake your son."

So it’s not like my night with J.T. was the first time I felt like a slut on prom night.  Just the first time I was the older of the two people having hot sex after the prom.  Mr. Junior year prom-date's dad got me off with his fingers, then his mouth, and then fucked me good and slow.  After we'd caught our breath, I complimented him on how long he'd lasted, that I'd moved up from boys to men and loved how long a man in control could last.  He giggled and admitted after seeing me in my cheerleading outfit all school year and then in my skimpy little track outfit, and finally the prom dress at the start of the night, he'd jerked off thinking of me and so that's why he'd lasted.  I was bursting with pride when I kissed him, thanked him for the honesty, then sucked him back to hardness but he couldn't finish.  But the next weekend when my date was visiting him mother, his dad did finish two times with me.

 But back to my morning after prom with J.T. We walked up his walk way, and into the living room. Empty, everyone was still asleep. We turned and walked back out, then around to my separate entrance to the in-law suite I was living in. He walked me in.

"That was fun." he said. I was relieved to hear his voice, softer, normal again.

"It was but you can't tell anyone what happened."

"I won't." 

He started to turn and walk away, but I didn't want J.T. to think he was in this alone. Besides, it REALLY was a good night. So I reached out, grabbed his hand, pulled him back to me and planted a kiss on his lips. Yeah, kissing him was even good sober. His tongue worked next to mine so perfectly. I even felt myself get moist. Even more so when I felt him grow against my thigh.

I pulled away, and he nodded in agreement "I better get going," he said. If I could have thought of another rationalization to justify keeping him there and fucking him again, I thought, I would have.

He grabbed my hand and put it on his bulge, smiling.  Apparently I wasn't the only one with second thoughts.  Or was it third thoughts?

"J.T!" I whispered. "We shouldn't, not here."

"Everyone is asleep. And no one can hear what goes on in here.  I should know, I've tried" he said. He pulled away from me but still held my hand, and sat on the couch. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled it out. Thick and stiff. Even sober, in the light of day, with the prom over and no longer being "bought and paid for", it looked delicious. 

I knew I shouldn't, not there or at least not then, but I couldn't help it.

"We'll make it quick." I said smiling. He was all grins.

I got down on my knees and licked him from sack to tip. I wrapped my lips around the head and let my drool dripped down the shaft. I started pumping my head up and down. His breathing got harder. My left hand started stroking his moist balls, while my right pumped his cock in the same tempo as my mouth. Mmmm, it tasted so good sliding deeper in the back of my throat. I moved faster, trying to make this as quick as possible. It didn't take long for him to thrust his hips up as he squirted that salty seed down my throat. I swallowed load after load, until he had nothing left. I squeezed every drop before rising to my feet. "NOW you do really have to go."

"See you in a little bit," he whispered before heading out.

That wasn't the first time I did slutty things, but it was the first time I was a slut within the confines of extended family or in-laws or step-relatives. It was also the first time I was paid for sex, though technically I was paid for my time and company at my date's social occasion.  Sometimes I wonder, was my over-aged prom date with step-cousin J.T. where Dolly dates originated?



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