All-Star Escort

Baseball season is in full swing.  I've written before about some hot baseball-related adventures, and I'm thinking back to other steamy getaways that were connected to the national pastime.  Ever hear of the Midsummer Classic, a.k.a., The Major League Baseball All Star Game? 


A very fun Dolly date took me to the baseball all-star game, and whilst baseball is not my favorite sport (hint--no racquets, no finish line, no hot women participants like Maria Sharapova or Lolo Jones), I still love vibrant, excited gatherings and competition in general.  My date, a sports-radio talk show host, was traveling to the game and told me he would love for us to have a bit of an extended overnight Dolly date to include traveling to the game, some of the pregame excitement, the game itself, and our own post-game celebration.  Apparently his station has done very well, and was bought out by a national radio station parent company, and my guy was not only the on-air "talent", he was a part owner.  "Can't a short, chubby, balding Irish guy with no morals spend his windfall taking the sexiest sports model type blonde to the all-star game and have a hell of a rollicking good time, both in and out of bed?" was his rhetorical question.  My answer was "take me out to the ballgame."


His name was Grant, "Grand Slam Grant" being his on-air nickname.  He'd never played, at least not past junior high school.  He'd never hit a grand slam, nor any other kind of home run.  "My coach mocked me with that name after I struck out for the third time in a little league game, and the nickname stuck.  Fuck that coach, I showed him, now I'm using that name on sports talk and getting paid well, too.  Fucking douchebag coach, though.  Why my mother married him I've never understood.  If only she'd married a tall guy, but no, dad was short, fat, and sarcastic.  Guess this apple didn't fall far from the tree.  Okay, we're here, nice hotel, huh?  Great to be on an expense account to work the game.  Should we go upstairs and fuck, or are you so hot for me that you can't wait that long and we'll need to tip the valet for entrance into the luggage room?"  Maybe I shouldn't have encouraged Grant, but something around that rant made me laugh, and I told him, "I'll force myself, it won't be easy, but let's wait to get upstairs.  Hope we have a river view, don't you love scenic sex the best?"


"Mostly I prefer sex with a woman in the room with me instead of me being all alone.  My eyesight is shot. But sure, Dolly, I'll ask for a river view."


It was looking like it might be a looooong couple days with Grant's constant wise-cracks.  I placed a hand on his chest, slid it up and over his shoulder, clasped the back of his neck and brought his mouth to mine.  I let my tongue remind him that when he and I get together in his city or when he comes to South Florida, we've had great times in large part because I take the lead sexually.  When I broke the kiss I nipped at his bottom lip, then whispered, "Grant, do I need to put my pussy in your face to shut you up or are you going to behave.  I felt his cock through his pants, yes, right there in the lobby, and when it pulsed I said, "I'll take that as a yes on both you wanting your face in my pussy and you agreeing to cool it with the jokes." It pulsed again.  He smiled and looked like a school boy at Catholic School who just got chewed out by a nun.  Except I'm no nun. And the chewing was going to be all pleasure.  "Sure, Dolly," he said, "I'm psyched you're here with me."  Whew.


Grant checked us in as I talked up the concierge.  His name was Louis.  It was my first time in this particular city.  I smirked a bit when I said that I was here with "a friend".  He understood, and told me that it was a very discreet hotel, that the privacy of all guests and all of their friends was something he was dedicated to preserving, and he wrote his cell phone number for me on the back of his card and said, "don't bother with the house number for this desk; that's for tourists, and I can see you are a very discreet traveler which makes you a very special guest.  Anything at all. Enjoy your stay."  God he was cool! I thanked him, told him my name was Dolly and told him I was sure I would enjoy my stay.  He nodded over toward the registration desk, where Grand Slam Grant had met some fellow members of the media and was holding court and cracking jokes.  "Seeing your friend, and seeing you, I'm quite sure he'll be enjoying his stay.  You, however, well, good of you to accompany your friend to the game. Do you drink coffee?"


No idea why he asked about coffee.  "Not usually, why?"  "Doesn't really matter.  It’s a "code" thing for you to use Dolly.  If you need some rescuing from your friend, in case he gets out of line or over-served as drinkers on expense accounts are known to do, text me a message saying, 'Its Dolly, send coffee' and I'll have someone buzz your room and say we have a package delivery for you that needs your signature, can you please come down.  Then it will be your choice if further steps are needed.  Or if it’s dangerous, text me for Espresso and I'll send security."  I smiled, "thanks, but don't expect to order any caffeinated beverages like those. He's harmless and I know how to make him behave."  Nice to know my concierge was looking out for me.  Handsome.  Wondered if Louis was by any chance not gay?


I saw his Adam's apple bob.  "God that sounded hot, 'making him behave'.  I think I need to send up something special just for letting me hear your voice purr like that. Lucky 'friend' of yours, getting to hear your voice, that accent, hot in his ear."  Concierge's orientation still an open question, but maybe...


At which point Grant arrived, shouting over his shoulder to someone before turning his attention to me, "American League again, it’s a lock, I tell you.... hey Doll."


"Hey yourself."


"So, can you still wait until we get upstairs?" I locked my fingers in his and led him toward the elevator, shaking my head, and pretending that I couldn't feel his eyes all over my ass.  "Coffee any time you need it, Miss Dolly," the concierge called out as we walked away.  I snorted at that.




Grant was sweaty, had his shirt unbuttoned but still on, along with his socks, and his cock was deflating as he lay back onto the bed, panting, "God, Dolly, you get better and better, I swear, I can't believe how hard you make me cum.  And so fucking fast, that never happens with any of the other girls, just you Dolly, you're just so sexy."


I smiled, wiping his cum off my chin, though a few drops went down on a sperm string to my tits.  My blouse was on a chair, my skirt was sort of half-on, half-off that chair, my heels were in different spots on the floor where they'd landed between the door and bed, and my bra was alongside where I was laying on my side toward the foot of the bed, where I'd perched myself to suck Grant's cock. I still had on my bright yellow thong. "All my fault, Grant, I'll make it up to you next time, I swear, next time I'm going to make sure you last and last and last...."


Grant reached over and ran his fingers through my long blonde hair. "You're such a fucking cool chick, Dolly.  I'm a two pump chump premature spewer and I know it, but you make me feel like a king every date. I'd kiss you but with that much spunk around your lips, under the laws of this state technically that would make me gay.  Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, just not what I wanted to accomplish when I brought Dolly Jewel with me to the All-Star game."


Okay, that one was cute and I laughed, smiled and said, "Your fine, Grant, this is all wonderful and I'm having a wonderful time."  Then I wiped his goo from my mouth and chin with my hand, kissed his nipple and squeezed his now fully unconscious post-premature orgasmic dick, and got up to get a warm, wet wash cloth to clean us up. 


 "God you have a sexy ass, Dolly.  All this and points on the board in the first ten minutes.  Best All-Star game ever!"  Points on the board.  Such a charmer.


Luckily, when he kept his jokes in moderation, I did think he was adorable.  And I seem to fit his ideal mold of sexy partner, and he cums easily and has a clue when it comes to using his mouth for my pleasure.  Even scored me a couple of very lucrative referrals.  A television network sports guy and an agent, both of whom have been wonderful dates and repeated semi-frequently.  Yes, Grant is a terrific date, even if I do have to make him behave sometimes.  Ooooh, that does sound sexy, the concierge was right!


I wiped us up, we drank from the mini-bar, and then Grant reminded me I'd said something about his face between my legs.  "I thought you'd never ask....."


I started to get in position on the bed, but Grant said, "hey, you like the river view, don't you?  Let's put it to use!"  He guided me to the windows, floor to ceiling, and placed my palms on the glass, pulled my hips back, kissed my neck and shoulders while he ran his fingers up and down my thighs and ass, and then he slid his hands around to the front of my hips, up to my waist, his belly pressed against my back, his hands rising up my flesh to cup my tits, and tweak my nipples.  I rotated my hips, pressed back against him.  "Mmmmm, Grant that feels so good darling...." and I felt his cock twitch momentarily up against the thin strip of thong that ran along my increasingly wet slit. I looked over my shoulder, and we twisted our heads to kiss, and I swirled my tongue around his as one of his hands trailed down, feeling my abs on its way to my smooth, freshly shaved pussy, where he rubbed a single finger up and down alongside my thong. "I know it’s a sexy stringy thong, but you're still over-dressed."  He hooked his fingers and slid it down to my knees, then paused. 


And then I felt his tongue.  Ttracing the curved line when my legs ended any my tushy began. Then going into the crack of my cheeks back there, to where my firm, tanned ass all meets, and he rimmed me.  "Uuughh,,, oh, fuh...." I hadn't expected it to feel so good, I couldn't even finish saying, "fuck". I arched my back more, shoved my ass backward into his ass-licking face, "that's right, tongue fuck my ass, bad boy, lick me...." but his finger distracted me by locating and playing with my clit.  He'd dip down, slide it around my inner lips, getting his finger good and slick, and then rub that Dolly-lubed finger rapidly across my clit in the way that he'd learned I like during previous dates.  Oh God, I could feel my first one welling up.  Wow, this really was going to be a great trip....

I twitched and convulsed, reached back and grabbed his head with one hand, thrashing my ass up and down so that his tongue would reach my pussy, too, I felt numb in my fingers and electric in my toes as I went up on my tip-toes and Grant's hands tried to hold my thighs still so he could keep his mouth in the vicinity of my taint.  "Yes, Yes, oh fuh..." there it was again, couldn't finish saying "fuck", ...."fuh, fuck, fuck, yes, Grant, so so good darling...."


He slid my thong the rest of the way down my legs to the floor.  I was free to go into any yoga-inspired contortion I wanted now, and I bit my bottom lip as he shifted fully to pleasing my pussy, which somehow was not rebelling against continued stimulation.  Because he'd brought me off on the exterior, and now his tongue was inside my warmth.  I pumped my hips, so close.... I knew what he wanted......oh God, please, yes...... ah, ah ahhhh....


And I squirted and splashed my sex nectar all over his face.  Now his tongue was all over every spot of my most sensitive, tender flesh as he licked my taste off the skin surrounding my back hole and the uppermost areas of my thighs and of course my sensuous labia.  Good tongue, that jokester.  "Mmmmph, Dolly, fucking drowning me in your sex juice girl, love it."  With Grant, I just go with it, I always have a good time. 


I felt his cock poking me, and knew that in all his excitement he'd need to be monitored. Then I felt his left leg slip inside my left leg, and knew he was positioning himself.  "Grant baby, you know I need you to use a condom darling, I've got some in my small duffel, inside the inside zipped case right near the top.  I dropped it somewhere on the way from the door to the bed when I needed to taste your man thing in my cock starving mouth."


He scampered back to find the condoms, and I heard him compliment me, "love how you talk dirty with that cock starving mouth, Dolly, yes, sorry sorry sorry, of course I know I need to wear one...."  Tries it every time, bless his heart.  But never have to remind him twice.


I was checking out the views while I had a few seconds.  The river, the stadium, some new upscale development in the blocks surrounding the stadium and then up toward the hotel as well.  Wondered which hotel the players were staying in, was it the same one I was about to get mounted in from behind?  I'd had Dolly dates with a few of that year's All-Stars.  All sorts of naughty thoughts filled my head.  Would it be a violation of journalist ethics (Journalist?!?!) for Grant to share me in a three way with an All-Star if Grant was covering the game?  Well, Grant had reserved the entire two and a half day trip exclusively, so if there was going to be anyone else, male or female, that would need to be something he initiated.  Subject to my approval, of course. 


Then hands were on my hips and a cold glob of lubricant on a condom-wrapped dick poked my pussy.  I gave a minor shriek and jumped a bit, but Grant's hand held me close. "Ooops, sorry, Doll, should have warned you. Stuff's cold, huh?"  Like I needed the lube, anyway. Suddenly I had no time to consider the irony any further because with an unceremonious push, he was in.




"I'm close, oh God I'm so close, fuck, I didn't want to this soon, oh fuck you feel so good though Doll.....ugh ugh.... oh God..."


At which point I took my hands off the glass, reached back and slid my hands between where his thighs were slapping into my ass and pushed him back, causing him to involuntarily dismount.  "Then pause, lover, let's make it last."


"Let's find a way!" he sang.  "Huh?"


'Silver Bullet Band, Doll.  Thought you were doing their song.  'Let's make it last, let's find a way....'"  I had nothing.  "No?  'We've got tonight?'  Really, you don't know that one? Cuz you were singing it.  Love that band.  Bob Segar and the Silver Bullet Band...."


I pressed a finger to his lips.  "You're rambling.  It’s okay, you didn't cum, that was the idea.  Follow me."  And I led him by the hand, mostly-still erect condom wrapped cock coated in a mix of Dolly's special body fluid and tube lube pointing out in front of him, to the bed.


I put one knee up on the bed at the foot, the other still on the floor, facing the head board.  "Follow my instructions, Grant-baby, let Dolly be the director and you just be the porn star."


"Awesome!"  And he shoved it back into me.  I shuddered slightly.  Sigh.  Give a lady a warning, maybe?  "Um, really, wait for me to give you instructions; don't start fucking until I say so."


Got it.




Wow, he's so grateful and affectionate after he comes.  Something so cute about him.  I'd swapped positions at about five minute intervals, starting with that semi-standing doggie, keeping his pacing slow, deep, and methodical on the back swing, then me riding him so that I could control the penetration, his hands mesmerized by my tits and erect nipples in his fingers, and then having him go to missionary, then finally put my legs up and wide and over his shoulders and begged him to "finish fucking me, now, hard baby, fuck my pussy, fuck me good...." and he went balls deep until he stiffened and gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, held my body tight, and filled his Trojan condom while my hands were flat against his chest, the method I'd been using to regulate the pace and depth while on the bottom.  His kisses were sloppy and enthusiastic.  Like my puppy at home, I thought.  "God we fucked for a long time, you really are the best, you know that Doll?"  Ordinarily I prefer not to be called, "Doll."  But it just always sounded okay when Grant said it.


Now I know you guys didn't click on this blog to hear how the game went.  I've kept which city it was in a secret so you won't know which year, don't want to give anything away about the performance of any one of my boys.  Remember, I adore "Grant".  But Grant did introduce me around as his arm candy, his media connections got us in everywhere, and the next morning before the home run derby I got a lot of attention dressed as his sexy girlfriend on radio row in the nearby arena that was serving as media HQ for the All-Star festivities.  The morning guys from Atlanta interviewed Grant and put me on air, too. One of them recognized me from my tennis tour days, and I invented a great back story about my on-again off-again romance with Grant.  "Yes, that marriage I had to the football player was while Grant and I were on a break.  Walking in and seeing him with three of the sexiest players on the women's tour was too much for my fragile little ego, but life's funny and I'm happy to be back with 'my man' and to meet you, too."  He blushed.  His on-air partner didn't look at me once.  Which was cool, since he was a Dolly date client and knew exactly what was true and not true about what I was talking about over the air waves.    Amateur body builder, that guy, shaved head, good lasting power.  I winked when I signed off and said, "Maybe I'll see you boys next time I pass through Atlanta."  My interviewer said to come back any time.  My Dolly date said nothing but I later saw that he sent a date request four minutes after they finished their shift. 


Every time through the lobby, Louis was "on" -- didn't he ever sleep or take a break?  Always a smile. Got us a great table for dinner at the city's premier steak house.  I went to slip him a token of my appreciation, tastefully folded, but his hand covered mine and confidently kept my hand closed to prevent the tip from being handed over. "Please, no, it’s my pleasure. Anything for our guests."


"But Grant's the hotel guest.  I'm just his friend."


"Well, you're my friend now, too, so there!  Really, thank you, but, I can't."


"You deserve something, Louis."


He leaned in.  Suddenly, a whiff of his cologne and seeing him so much more up close, he was definitely straight. "Well I'm still jealous that he gets to hear you purr in his ear."


I brought my lips to his ear and in a hot and husky hiss replied, "I'll see about that before I leave, then, Louis."  At which point Grant showed up, still making loud bad puns with more folks he knew. A former manager I thought looked familiar (though whether familiar from television or a Dolly date I couldn't be sure.  More than a couple guys sent their eyes downward when they saw me in their vicinity on this trip!)


"C'mon, Doll, I'm ready."  And as I looped my arm in his, Grant said to me, "I think that concierge is hot for you, Doll.  You know, I always thought those guys were gay, but this one doesn't seem gay to me.  Good looking guy, and here you are with me."


"Ssshh, I'm happy to be with you, Grant, always."


"Yeah whatever, hey, he's a good looking stud, looks like the types in some of my favorite porn, that'd be hot, that guy breeding you."




Sheepsihly, "okay, I'm sorry, that was crude.  God I love having you be my date."


And that pretty much how the rest of our All-Star mini-week went. Grant was the life of every party, every room, and when he got over the top, all it took was a single word, or a nudge, or a squeeze of the hand, or finally just a look, and he reverted to nice appreciative guy enjoying time with Dolly. 


And sex.  Grant and I enjoyed shower sex, bed sex, couch sex, and lots more oral sex before the trip was over. Seriously, I think sometimes there's a correlation between quick cummers and good cunnilingus - like he developed a skill to make up for the lack of staying power.  Not the only lover I've had like that.


My jaw was starting to get tired the last morning, when we were going to have to check out and he'd let me sleep in because of how late we'd been up the night before for him to record post-game interviews.  He'd kissed me lightly when he got up at the insane hour of 4:00 a.m. to go get on air by 5:30 a.m., then fed me his cock already hard with morning wood, and I fellated him to completion, though by this point in the trip there wasn't much output when he came. "Check-out is at noon.  I'm off air at 10 o'clock, be back here by eleven," he whispered, then kissed my cum-flavored lips goodbye.  "That doesn't make me gay, does it baby, kissing you when you've got 'me' on your lips?"  He laughed at his own joke as he started to leave, then he turned back. "I know this is a Dolly date and all, it’s cool sexy Doll.  I've had you all to myself the past couple days, everyone else has been eye-screwing you..."


"Grant, what are you getting at?"


"Might make a great story for your blog if you did fuck the concierge.  Just sayin'.  He's gotta get his points on the board, too, you know?"


Too shocked to say anything as he giggled his way out the door.


I lingered for a few minutes, then snaked a hand down and used my fingers to finish my orgasm.  Ah, that was better.  Glanced at the clock.  Hours to go.  I grabbed my phone.  I knew one local number.


"Is coffee available to be delivered?"


"Just saw him leave. Sure you want coffee?"


"Mostly I just want delivery. I owe you a purr, don't I?"


"I'll have your delivery in five minutes."




A knock at the door. That was quick.  Was it him? I checked the peep hole. Louis.  I hadn't even had enough time to put on the robe that the hotel provided.  So I did a classic escort move and stood completely behind the door as I opened it so no one outside could see me.  When he stepped in, I closed the door and it was just me in my birthday suit and Louis.  I realized the "Do not disturb" was still inside.


As he admired me, head to toe and back up to my smile and my blue eyes again, I asked him, "Louis, don't you think we should put the do not disturb on the outside of the door?"


"I brought one with me, hung it on the outside before I stepped in."


I stepped into a close embrace, this time closing my eyes as I inhaled his cologne.  His hands went to the small of my back, then one slid down to my ass.


I moved my lips next to his ear. "Mmmmmm, purrrr-fect....."


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