Sensual Seduction - A Gift Of Dolly From A Loving Brother

As a member of the yachting community, I am fortunate to be invited to some luxurious parties on some marvelous ships that my family's company built.   This past spring I was blessed to fly to St. Maarten for a bit of relaxation, reuniting with friends on board a motor yacht that slept nearly twenty of us in wonderful luxury.  We were invited for six nights, and would tour some neighboring islands.  Always been fond of Prickly Pear, nice to be back in that cluster of islands, and to catch up with good friends.


My host was Jack, a fine client of our firm, who had now upgraded to a much larger, more luxurious ship that had suddenly become available when the commissioning client went bankrupt (sigh.  But something told me Jack might be ready to trade up, and I was right.). "This makes my hundred foot yacht feel small, Dolly, why didn't you and your father sell it to me in the first place?" Jack teased.  Jack had brought along his brother, who he introduced to me as Professor Carl.  I went to shake his hand and immediately felt awkward, because I knocked Carl's cane from his hand reaching to shake it.  As I bent to retrieve the cane, I could see from his movements that Carl had some physical challenges, but he had a smile on his face and that is the most important physical attribute a man needs.  No need to get into Professor Carl's medical details.  Professor Carl asked me to sit with him and to please just call him Carl, and we laughed as I said, "thank you, Carl."  Some small talk later, I realized I'd met him before, but just long enough for an introduction, never a conversation.  At a wedding reception for Jack's daughter, Carl's niece.  I was invited to that wedding as a close friend and Jack's yacht consultant.  And because Jack and I had some really hot sex on the yacht (but AFTER the purchase papers were signed!).  No, I didn't fuck Jack at his daughter's wedding reception.  But when I did get him in bed after the next day's brunch, he told me that he'd hooked up with one of the bridesmaids, his own bridal daughter's sorority sister.  I laughed when he told me, and 'fessed up that I'd bedded the classical guitar player who had so beautifully played prior to the ceremony.  Any man who can strum a six string like that can usually make me cum with his fingers in just a few minutes.  And he played me over and over... 



But getting back to Carl and my trip to St. Maarten, I learned that Carl was Jack's older brother, that his physical condition manifested itself in his youth, and he'd never married.  Carl wasn't cut out for sports, he knew, so he'd studied music, held a masters of fine arts degree, and taught at a small college in his home town.  He'd lived with his parents until his father's death, by which time his mother needed to move into an assisted living community for her final years.  Carl told me that he'd never been to the Caribbean, and he was so grateful to Jack for bringing him, and was also grateful to Jack because Carl now lived with Jack, who had built an addition for Carl with some modifications, and had hired a driver for Carl and a housekeeper for some extra duty on Carl's wing of the house. 


 After monopolizing Carl with conversation that never lagged, I did excuse myself, found Jack,  kissed him on the cheek and told him what a lovely story I'd heard and how blessed Carl was to have him for a brother.  


"No Dolly, I'm blessed to have Carl for my brother.  He taught me to appreciate the arts, music, culture, and broadened my world far more than my engineering degree or industrial career ever could have."  I hugged them both and told them they were the luckiest brothers I knew. 


Now, I mentioned that I knew Jack in the biblical sense, as well.  These were actually Dolly dates.  It had turned out that Jack was referred to a certain Dolly Jewel through a non-yachting friend of his in whom Jack confided about his "hobby" activities.  No face, but Jack recognized certain body features in my photos.  At a convention he discretely said he needed to speak with me privately, and was as delicate and non-threatening as could be in letting me know the random lightning strike of recognition.  Then he begged to have a professional hobby encounter, promising me he knew and understood the ground rules.


Candidly?  I wondered how many great Dolly dates I'd missed out on when I previously assumed that Jack wanted to have a civilian affair.  Our first Dolly date small talk was on that exact topic, that Jack wanted to bed me, have a great time with me, but not mess up my life or his. Perfect.  Then he teased that he had been fantasizing about me before he knew about my Dolly-date life.  We laughed, then we sixty-nine'd and then I rode him. Amazing how fun sex can be when the people involved have great chemistry. Jack and I have had many fun dates since then.


And now Jack guided me to a quiet, secluded lounge on an overlook deck where no one could hear us, and said, "I'd like to ask you to have a Dolly date with Carl.  He's never had a romance, never had the nerve to seek one out because of his disability.  Not a virgin, but Dolly you know the city where he and I live, ladies like you don't live there and don't visit there.  He's a beautiful soul, and so are you, but you've got the most magnificent body and Carl deserves the  treat of being your lover.  I saw how you were getting along earlier, and well, he has mentioned you ever since the wedding reception.  You'd be a fantasy come true for him."


Carl had mentioned me?  From just the brief introduction at his niece's wedding? Okay, I was looking hot that night, a blue dress that showed off my favorite assets and brought out the color of my eyes, but still.  Wow.  And yes, he was so charming my nipples had stiffened when we chatted. I hadn’t even noticed his physical limitations, and I knew we could have a truly pleasurable and memorable night together.


"Don't answer me now," Jack continued.  "There's a gift in your stateroom in the bedside drawer--that's yours just for coming on this yacht cruise as my guest and being Carl's friend as you already have.  Nothing further needed if you're just not comfortable. You don't have to say anything more to me at all about this, ever. Only, Carl can never know this conversation took place or that a gift was involved,  He doesn't know about Dolly dates or that you are anything other than my friend and yacht broker. No matter what you decide, and if you do share yourself with him, he can't know I ever had anything to do with it."


I was quietly processing when Jack kissed my hand, and asked me to excuse him so he could check on his other guests.


Again, wow.


I looked at myself, and thought, "If I'd known, I wouldn't have dressed like Daisy fucking Dukes."  I thought I was on my own time, but when I'm on Dolly time, I want to look absolutely my best for that lover.  So I wasn't dressed in my usual style, but to humor Jack's more rugged, man of the people sensibilities (thinking he'd be the man I might fuck during the cruise), I'd worn tight denim cutoff shorts that hugged my trim, toned fitness model type ass and a white tank top that barely seemed to be able to contain my D-cup breasts. My long sun kissed blonde hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail and fell to the middle of my back, past my toned, sculpted arms and shoulders. I stood and returned to the cocktail gathering on the social deck below, and went about my business as if no such conversation had been held, and Jack left me alone, but I could feel Carl's eyes on me. I knew my outfit was attracting him, too, and liked the idea that Jack and Carl both thought of me being so special. A lot to think about. At that time I had just turned thirty and I'd been with men who were sixty, like Carl, and who had physical challenges, again like Carl.  I guess it was being the object of what just seemed to me to be such a generous act, brother to brother, that left me feeling, well, special.



Some of Jack's guests disembarked after three nights on a nearby island to fly home to commitments they couldn't change.  Another left the next night, and then another after night five. So then it was down to just Jack, Carl and me.  I'd gotten Jack's envelope the first night, and wow, it was a doozy.  The note with the gift simply said,, "Beautiful souls make this life beautiful."  I'd spent more time with Carl, both dressed sexy, such as at meals, and other times barely dressed, such as in the hot tub, just laying out, or when I'd venture to the beaches.   We grew close, but he was a perfect gentleman.


On one island I'd brought Carl back a little gift, a hand carved music box, from one of the islands we visited, and telephoned his suite to ask if I could bring it by.  I was still in my bikini top, wore a sheer wrap around my hips that left my bikini bottom visible, and of course on the ship we were all barefoot.  He smiled, we laughed, I told him about the day and what I'd seen on the island.  He seemed wistful, mentioned again how good to him Jack had been to him, and their parents as well, and that he appreciated how Jack arranged the tour that he and I had taken in a horse drawn carriage on one island, listening to its history from the guide.  Then he asked me about the little pile of clothes I had in my hand.  I'd been so enchanted speaking with Carl I'd forgotten that I was bringing a few items of laundry to the steward.  "They'd have come to your stateroom to pick those up, you know."


"I'm just used to taking care of important things myself, I guess."  I stood, told him that I was looking forward to being his "date" that night now that all the other guests had left and I wouldn't have to take any time away from our conversations to be polite to the other guests like I'd done on the previous nights.


"Well, there is still our host, remember, its not just you and me, Jack is here."


"Maybe I'll put some ex-lax in his food so that he'll need to spend the night in the head. Now that the big party's over, maybe two's company, three's a crowd." I bit my bottom lip, then stepped up to Carl, put a hand on his forearm, kissed his cheek, slowly, lingering. I whispered, "I'll see you soon."  I picked up my little collection of laundry, turned and left.


Only I  "accidently" dropped one of my black thongs on the floor but decided to leave it there, pretending I didn't notice when I left the room. I wondered what he would do as I brought the rest of the things to the assistant steward on duty.

Carl saw the thong but said nothing, didn't try to call me back.  He used his cane to help pick it up.  He ran it through his fingers. Yes, he sniffed it.  He closed his eyes as he inhaled my scent.


Cocktails were lighter on the alcohol, mellow with some classical string quartet recordings Jack had selected in tribute to his big brother, and we watched the sun set with strawberries and mango and kiwi and pineapple. Dinner was gorgeously plated but truth be told, I never did hear exactly what kind of fish it was or the identity of the spices or herbs. I was enchanted with my expectations of the evening.


I shared with Carl the various brushes with culture in my life, my own family's interests in the arts, and shared with him what few details I could recall of my evenings at special symphony concerts with special guests like Itzhak Perlman.  Carl lit up at the mention of the violinist's name.  "Jack took me to see Perlman in Atlanta in '96, he played there as part of the Olympics.  I'd watched the Olympics with Jack all my life, every four years, and Jack said, "who knows when the Olympics might ever come back to America, Professor Brother of mine, we missed L.A. in '84 when I was in college and we're not missing these games." 


I was holding hands with Carl, and his brown eyes seemed livelier than at any time since I'd met him.  Jack excused himself with some excuse of needing to review some emails before it got too late, but I think Carl and I both knew better.  "I'm glad Jack stepped away, Dolly, because I needed to tell you that you left something behind in my stateroom earlier. I smiled slightly and asked, "And what was it that I left behind?" 


Now, I knew he had lifted, touched, and sniffed the thong.  After I dropped off my laundry with the steward, Jack had brought me into the wheelhouse and showed me the security camera footage.  "Didn't mean to spy on my big brother, but he gets tired, and if he fell or had any accident I wanted eyes on him." 


Carl reached into his trouser pocket and handed over my thong, blushing. "Sorry," he said meekly.

"Oh there it is. I was wondering where it went." I gently took it from his hand and carelessly tossed it onto the couch behind me. Kind of too warm this evening, I was thinking of going inside, would you keep me company?"

"Of course Dolly, I'd be honored," Carl said, and with my arm in his, and his cane in his other hand to assist his walking, we made our way to my stateroom, which had a lovely picture window sitting area, and everything else I could ever need for a sensual seduction.  I wondered if I had security cameras, too, but decided that Jack loved his brother too much to intrude. 

Carl got comfortable, and then I leaned over and again kissed his cheek.  But he looked like he wanted more. This was it, I realized, and I brought my finger to his chin and our eyes met. "Trust me?," I said softly. 'Sure," he whispered. I brought my other hand to his face and brought it closer to mine. I closed my eyes and kissed him softly. When I opened my eyes, I looked back at his face and saw the growing desire begin to take over his shock. "So, you've seen what my underwear looks like. Do you want to see what it looks like when I'm wearing it?"

 Carl barely nodded a positive response. He stared in rapt fascination as I stood up and hooked the hem of my shorts with my thumbs and slowly pulled them down. He looked at my bluish green teeny panties, a cross between a thong and bikini, and if his nose was as good as mine, then I knew he could smell my arousal scent. This slut was in heat for sure!


I moved my shorts down my long, lean legs, tossing them aside. I stood back up and ran my fingers up my legs, teasing him. I looked into his eyes saw the growing hunger. My fingers went beyond my legs and moved up my sides, pulling my scoop-necked top with them. Slowly, I revealed my body to him, much of which he'd seen around the ship, the pools, in the sea, wearing bikinis. Bra and thong was a different story, though.  His eyes moved up and down, and focused on my flat firm stomach and my D-cup firm breasts. I shook my head lightly and let my long hair wave across my face and shoulders. I cupped my lace covered breasts and gazed into his eyes with a smile. "So do you like what you see?" 

"Very much so," he said, a slight quiver in his voice.

"I'm glad. But now you have seen me in my underwear, I want to see you in yours."

"Oh, God, Dolly, I..." he started. Lust filled and consumed me now. ”Leave it to me" My hands did the work removing Carl's clothing.  I kissed him as I undid some buttons, and his lips were soft, and this time he kissed back, growing in confidence.


 "Did you like kissing me?" I whispered, our lips still close.

"Yes, very much."

"Then kiss me again." And we did.

 Carl moaned into our kiss as he felt my hand begin to fondle his cock. 

I kissed him deeply, my fingers feeling him harden in my grasp. I pulled back from the kiss and said, "I want you to see my breasts." His smile gave me the answer I expected and I undid the clasp of my bra. I held it to my breasts, cupping them. Ever so slowly I lowered it, exposing them. When they were fully in view, I dropped the bra onto the floor beside me. I reached out and brought his hands to my nipples, making them harden under out mutual touch. 

"Still trust me?" I asked, already knowing the answer. 

Carl just nodded.  Love it when they get speechless.  His eyes watched as my fingers hooked my panties and pulled them down, revealing the rest of myself to him.

I ran my fingers over my shaven skin, lightly pulling my lips apart, showing that I was already wet. I felt his hunger for me. I placed myself in front of him, brought my pussy to his lips, rubbed a finger along the leaking fluid, and brushed his lips with my essence. He sucked my finger, then I dipped it back in, and he sucked it again like he was giving my finger head.  I had to be careful not to make myself cum as I wanted Carl to have that pleasure.


"Now let’s use your fingers." Slowly he nudged one finger into me, but Carl didn't have fine motor skills as a result of his medical condition so I took his wrist and guided him in and out of my toned, alluring body. Then I guided his finger to my clit and he smiled as he heard my small whimpers. "Mmmm, Carl, you like?"  He smiled and licked his lips, a twinkle of excitement growing in his eyes. "Oh showing me your tongue, would you like to lick me too?" I inquired.  "Oh yes, please, Dolly."

Carl leaned down and gently sampled my flowing juices with his tongue. My sexy musky sweet flavor covered his tongue and I could see the twinkle become fire in his eyes. He became primal, instinctive. Something inside him took over and his tongue began to probe into me instead of just licking my pussy. 

I began to whimper louder, and moans also escaped my lips. Carl was a natural.  My eyes closed as I enjoyed every minute of what was happening. I clasped my hands against the back of his head, pressing his tongue harder against me. "Oh God, yes, lick me hard, lick my clit baby, suck it!" 

My hips began to thrust as I neared climax. I felt a sense of warmth take control of my body I wrapped my legs around Carl, trapping him and holding him close. I moaned more loudly, my eyes tightly shut, my hands moving from his head to his shoulders and sexually clawing at his flesh. Then my body went stiff, all my muscles straining as a wave of ecstasy filled my body. I arched my back and tilted my head back as I screamed something on the order of "Oh yes!"  Or maybe it was "Oh fuck, yes!"  Truth be told, this part is fuzzy in my memory. I remember my body shuddered as my climax washed over me. The rest I can't guarantee word for word.

Oh God, he was still pushing me farther over the edge with his tongue and I'd already gone over the cliff!  I pushed him away and begged him pretty please to stop, as I was too sensitive from "this amazing licking you've given me". The waves of pleasure cascading over my body began to subside as my breathing began to slow to normal. I finally opened my eyes, sat back up on the couch and looked at Carl.   "Oh my God, yes, I just knew you'd be an amazing lover! Awwww, come here baby," I said, opening my arms and pulling him close, my breasts pushing into his chest. He looked into my eyes and we kissed, softly, sweetly, oh yes, so so sweetly.

"I'm sorry Carl darling, to push you away like that but the orgasm you gave me was so good that if you continued to lick my clit, it would have hurt," I explained softly. I returned to kissing him, as I loved tasting myself on his lips. Really one of the great things about sex, a lover tasting herself on her man's mouth.  Even better to taste it when he's fucking her.  Soon. My fingers returned to his hardening length. Slowly I moved my hand up and down his rod, feeling him harden under my expert touch. I looked into his eyes, "Please let me give you a blow job"

 "Oh please do," he said, looking into my eyes, a sly grin forming on her face.


I placed a hand on his bare chest, pushing him back against the couch. I leaned into him and kissed him passionately, moaning into his kiss, feeling his tongue with my own. Slowly my kiss moved to his ear and my tongue snaked out, licking the outer edge. When I felt him relax, and all tension left his body, I smiled inwardly, knowing my seduction was complete. I lightly nipped at his ear lobe with my teeth. I kissed down to the back of his jaw and slowly moved down his neck. 

I moved my lips to his shoulders. I softly put my teeth to his flesh, a jungle cat teasing its catch. I saw that his eyes were closed in bliss and moved down and kissed his left nipple, lightly nipping it then sucked on it, making him moan lightly. Then I switched and attacked his right nipple, sucking and licking it to hardness as well. My hand still held its grip on his length and I felt a drop of precum forming on the head. I wanted to taste it but forced myself to wait. I continued to move down his chest and stomach, kissing, licking and tasting. I felt his stomach tense as I used my mouth on his body. I moved down further still till I finally reached my destination. My free hand moved up his chest and lay there, while my other hand teased his length.

Carl saw me looking up at him as I smiled, my hand still fondling him, playing with his cock. He looked down at me there, kneeling between his legs, wondering what I was going to do next. I didn't make him wait long to find out. I leaned forward and licked the head, lapping up the precum that had formed on it. I moaned slightly as I swallowed his flavor, savoring his taste. I kept licking his lovely cock head and slowly lowered my mouth onto him, sucking the head as my hand slowly moved up and down his rod. I moved my mouth up and down on his length, each time taking more of him into my not-to-be-denied mouth. Each time I came up I swirled my tongue around the head, causing Carl to moan softly. 

I soon had his length all the way in my mouth, my hand now fondling his balls. I bobbed my head up and down slowly, savoring the taste of him, loving the fact that I was sucking a deserving man off. My fingers played with his scrotum, feeling their weight, wanting what they held deep inside them. I moved up and down his length faster, taking all of him with each down stroke. I let him pop out of my mouth and moaned, "I love the taste of your cock and I want you to cum in my mouth. I want your hot seed to flow down my throat, would you like that Carl?"

 Carl merely nodded, bit his bottom lip, and moaned as my mouth closed over him.

I sucked and tongued while my hand continued to stroke his hard, saliva-coated shaft. My other hand continued to stroke and gently fondle his balls. I felt his hand tough me. God, I was so hungry for his seed, wanted to taste it and feel it flow down my throat. I was so into making Carl cum, I couldn't wait to bring him off. My hand jerked him faster, causing him to moan, as his breathing became panting. 

In another moment I felt his body go rigid, his ball sack tighten and I knew he was about to cum, so I pulled my mouth away, keeping it open and waiting to let him watch his own money shot into my seductive mouth. I stroked him faster and aimed his love stick at my mouth. He grunted as he spurted hot white jets of cum into the back of my throat. I felt his jets of cum flow into my mouth and trickle down my throat. I felt his body shudder as he released himself into me. When the last of his cum shot into my mouth I showed it to Carl on my tongue, my eyelids heavy with lust, and swallowed it slowly, my eyes still locked on his, savoring the taste. I licked my lips before bringing him back into my mouth. I stroked his slowly softening length as I kissed and licked the last of his juice from his cock. I smiled devilishly and asked, "Did you enjoy that baby?"

Carl tried to control his breathing before he answered in a slightly raspy voice, "Oh God yes I did. That was the best thing ever in my life."

After some snuggling, kissing his body, I led him to the bed and guided him into it. I climbed on top of him, straddling him with my naked body. I made sure he was comfortable, lying on the soft sheets and resting his head on one of the many pillows.

I leaned down and kissed his neck, slowly moving down to his shoulders before I came back up. I looked down at him and saw his purity, his innocence, so rare in a grown man, and so special to get to share. I looked into his eyes and asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

 Carl looked up at me, bliss having taken control of his mind as well as his body, and smiled, "Yes, I'm sure."

 "Okay then, I promise I will make you feel good." I used my mouth ever so briefly and reached for a condom from my night stand drawer, pulled myself up and straddled his waist, my pussy inches away from his length which had quickly hardened again. I reached down with one hand and held his cock while my other hand unrolled the condom over him.  I briefly even considered whether, given his extremely limited experience it would even be necessary to use a condom, but rules are there for a reason so alas, I did not get to feel his seed in me, and we were safe and protected when I guided him into my warmth, slowly lowering myself onto his hardness. I impaled my body onto him, feeling him fill me.  He wasn't large, and he might have been a tad smaller than average.  Frankly, dear reader, I didn't give a damn.  I've rarely felt so honored to be with a man.  Suddenly I thought to myself that I was going to fuck the shit out of Jack as thanks for his wonderful gesture of bringing Carl and me together for such a special night of intimacy and pleasure.  I moaned, reveling in the feeling of being so filled. I gave Carl a minute to get used to being in someone.  In me. 

 I began to grind my hips against his, grinding my clit against Carl's pale skin. I leaned forward slightly and placed my hands on his chest, bracing myself, holding myself up, and not wanting to hurt Carl or make his slightly fragile body feel uncomfortable. My fingers lightly clawed at his flesh and I heard him moan softly. I raised my hips a few inches and then sank back down on him, over and over until we had a rhythm. 

Carl lightly ran his hands up and down my body, caressing my smooth skin. He reached up for my swaying breasts. I reached up and held his hand on my breasts, knowing his fine motor skills were not his strength, and I helped his hand to knead my breast. I began to ride him harder now. I rose up nearly to the point of him coming out of me and then sank down where I just ground my hips into his. I looked into his eyes and saw pure animalistic lust in them, feeding my own desire. My long blonde hair fell over my face as I threw my head back, the feelings of pure pleasure began to course through my veins. I ground my hips hard against his, forcing him deep into me. Carl began to grunt, the feelings, the sensations washing over him. I leaned all the way forward, my tits now pressed to his chest, my lips to his neck, his chin, his face, and his lips. His mouth opened, and he took my tongue, and it was as if our mouths were made for kissing each other.

I had developed feelings for this kind, gentle man all during the cruise, and probably would have even if Jack had not told me of his "gift" to Carl at the start of our yacht cruise. I knew he watched me and it made me feel good. I wanted him now more than ever, wanted to feel him fill me with himself, and fill his condom while it was deep inside me, our bodies locked, the latex the only thing preventing biology from taking completely control.  I never wanted this to end, but then again, when does it ever really last as long as we'd like.  And just like that, I took Carl over the peak of the mountain, and he grunted and pounded his hips up into me. Pleasure began to fill his mind as he closed his eyes as he began to stiffen and I felt him twitch and spurt inside me, safely into the condom.  I closed my eyes, too, and it turned out we both arrived at our climaxes together,


"Oh God Carl, I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to cum!" I hissed. I continued thrusting as my fingers clung to his slender arms, bracing them against the sheets. I bounced one last time before sinking onto his length and ground into him. My toned pussy muscles contracting around his spurting length, milking him, urging him to cum even more. My screams rang out in the room as I came, my juices squirting all over him and wetting the sheets below us.

My orgasm slowly began to subside and I held onto him tightly. I could feel him, feel his warmth inside me, slowly shrinking. I kissed his neck, then looked into his now open eyes, deep into his soul before leaning into his kiss. Our tongues played as we kissed deeply.

We lay on the bed, our bodies still entwined. I looked into his eyes once more and saw the caring feelings in them. "Dolly, I know tomorrow we'll each go home.  But tonight will last forever for me, I can never express how wonderful you've been to me." I kissed him tenderly on his lips before I buried my head against his neck because I didn't want him to see me cry.  Damn, I hate not being the cold-blooded cock-seeking sexual carnivore I brag about being.  Sometimes, there's love, even if we both know it’s borrowed from the heavens. I smiled as I realized that not in a million years could I love Carl as much as his brother Jack did.  I was definitely going to show my appreciation to Jack sometime.  But not that night.  That night, and the next morning, and until I truly did need to be on my way back from the islands to Florida, I was all Carl's.  And he was all mine.


"Stay with me tonight, Carl." I closed my eyes, felt him with me, and soon fell asleep.

Carl held me close and soon his eyes closed too, falling asleep in my arms.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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