Olympic Medalist Returns to S. Florida

If you've never read my blog before, my name is Dolly, I am what some call a MILF. I'm over 30, I have blonde hair, and a really tight, fit body. I have size 36D boobs and an ass you could bounce a quarter off.  I'm a fit mom, so being a mom puts the "M" in MILF.  My husband is very successful, and I'm his trophy wife.  He works long hours, travels internationally and I live the life of a pampered house wife with help around the house, a healthy credit limit, a luxurious club where I keep fit, and I try not to let my affairs cause any embarrassment to myself, my husband or either of our families.  My husband follows the same policy when he meets his secret friends. It works for us. 


I have a story to tell about something that for other people might fall into the category of "naughty" considering I'm married, but truth be told, I can't say I regret it, it was a thrill. Even a little patriotic. Here, I'll tell you about it.

My kids and their friends loved watching the Olympics from Rio during their summer break.  One of the men's US gold medalists (can't reveal his sport, trying to protect him a bit, too) has a home in my general area of South Florida.  I had not met him before the games, but I confess that I felt myself getting wet checking out his body on the Ultra High Def TV in our media room at home (is it wrong to fantasize about fucking another man in my husband's "man cave"?  Anyway, let me try to stay on track instead of telling you about the man cave TV watching, or even last spring's man cave adventure I had with my husband's business partner.)  Anyway, back to the Olympic medalist I was referring to, he has a great body and is very sexy. Dark hair, tan, movie star eyes, a muscular body and in the prime of his life.  I became quite the fan. There was kind of a public rally when he returned home, and there he was, body bursting out of a red, white and blue USA polo shirt with a medal (or maybe more than one!) around his neck.  I know some people around town so I got a prime location up front, and hoped to make eye contact.   Sure enough there he was, and he checked me out while I was doing the same to him, and Mr. Medalist shot me a smile and I shot one back. He came over and talked to the kids and I gazed at his beautiful body. He asked the boys if I was their older sister and they laughed and then told him that I was their mom. He winked me. Telling a lady she looks young, well played Mr. Medalist! 


He took pictures with the kids, signed autographs, and was a great guy. He asked me over to take a picture, I went over and put my hand on his chest which was hard as a rock. He put his arm around me and put his huge hand on my ass. I was shocked but excited. He whispered to me that while the media was all over him, to escape the hassle his agent booked him a local hotel suite, and would I like to get better acquainted. I was caught off guard -- I just thought we'd been simply flirting, and told him I was married.  I know, Dolly turning down an offer of sex with a world class hunk? What next, dogs and cats laying down together? I was already questioning my sanity, telling myself that I'd blown it. Didn't faze Mr. Medalist, I think he took my ring as a four carat challenge. He told me the suite number, and I knew the hotel location very well (*wink!) and he said "well it’s up to you, and God I hope you change your mind because you're sexy and amazing and it would be great to be with you." 

I then piled the kids back in the car to get them home. The whole ride home all I could thing about was Mr. Medalist and that rock hard body that I'd seen on TV and now had touched.  He'd even smelled good.  It had been a dry spell since my husband had touched me, and I'd ignored my usual extramarital playtime needs while the kids had been out for the summer.  I needed to get laid.  And this was such an amazing specimen of physical fucktoy, I was nearly building to an orgasm just imagining the feel of his hard flesh penetrating me, his hands holding my legs open, his lips on mine, my arms around his neck holding on while he violated....okay, I told you I was getting worked up.  Just thinking back, see, it happened again.  To sum up, I was so wet, my mind kept thinking about having that gorgeous man close to me and him putting his cock in my soaking wet pussy. Having seen his body perform athletically, I hoped his body would perform at a similar skill level sexually.

I made up my mind.  I told the kids they could order in dinner, called the cute babysitter from our neighborhood who my husband calls "the jail-bait tease" even though she's now home between her second and third years of college, age twenty, no longer the fifteen year-old cutie she had been when she first sat for the kids.  I left money to cover the sitter and the dinner on the kitchen counter when she arrived.  My cover story was that I was going out to meet my sister. My sister and I always cover for each other when there are sex games involved.  I texted her so she knew to be on alert to vouch for me. "Tell me tomorrow over lunch!" she texted back. Love her.  



I got all dressed up, putting on my sexiest gold cocktail dress, very short and with a neck that dips down to show my ample cleavage. I bought it on a whim and wear it when I'm anticipating sex. It's a "fuck me dress".  I also put on my sexiest black g-string and my full, enhanced tits bounced a little as I walked. My toned, tanned legs on display for everyone to see. I was going to do this and do it right.  Only the best for USA Olympians!

As I arrived at the hotel it was crawling with celebrities, because that's the nature of that caliber of hotel in a certain area of Miami.  With so many of the beautiful people hanging around hoping to see and be seen, one more Olympic Medalist here or there wouldn't really move the needle on anyone's celeb awareness meter, and even I, Dolly Jewel, was mostly under the radar in the lobby.  Okay a few heads turned.  Like I said, I dressed "hot". Then I sat at the bar in the lobby and was hit on multiple times but I told them I was meeting my husband. (Meeting my husband dressed like that? As if!).  I had a pair of drinks building up the courage to go give myself to this Olympic stud. As I put the second one down, empty, I was feeling ready and my pussy dripping wet from all the excitement.  The bar tender noticed the fifty I'd left on the bar.  He winked, and leaned forward as I stood up, "whatever it is, have fun, Miss; I'll be glad to serve you one on the house after your, well, after, or to call you a discreet cab or Uber, whatever you need.  My name is Jake if you need anything in this hotel."  Nice.  Sure, the unspoken message was that I looked like I was there for a good fucking.  Which I was. But he treated me with respect.  And you can never have too many friends. "I'm Dolly, thanks."

I took the elevator up to Mr. Medalist's floor. I knocked on the door after fixing my boobs. He opened the door and he was there in just a towel and explained nonchalantly that he had just jumped out of the shower. He was very happy to see me. He said he was glad I could make it and invited me in. He was so sexy, he had the perfect chest and I couldn't wait to see what was under that towel. 

We had a glass of champagne. We went out to the balcony; we could see the waterfront, skyline, the ocean, the beach, the horizon, the sunset. He then toasted me for coming and he told me how beautiful I was. He could have said "hot", or "sexy", but he said "beautiful."  Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winner!


I stepped closer to him and we kissed. I could feel his cock growing under his towel as we continued to kiss. He then grabbed me and started to rub my ass. He brought his hands to my breasts and helped them out of my dress. He gently kissed them and then he took my dress off my shoulders and it quickly hit the ground. I undid his towel and saw his beautiful cock. He was 6 inches long and not completely hard, his cock had nice girth to it, almost as big as my wrist. I knelt down, stroked it and and licked his balls. I then took his healthy sized (but not porn-sized) tool in my mouth, I was so hot for him.  I imagined the John Williams-composed Olympic Music that the network plays endlessly as the soundtrack to my sexual athletic adventure with him.


I played with his cock and it grew in my mouth, but he was nowhere near coming. I then stood up and he took down my g-string. I leaned over the balcony and spread my legs giving him access to my wet pussy, and asked him if he had a condom.  Nice responsible stud, "sure, gorgeous, let me take care of that."  I glanced over my shoulder, and he quickly returned from his bathroom and dropped the foil wrapper on the floor.  Men.  Even the sexy ones need a woman to clean up after them.  I reached back and slid my slender fingers along my wet slit, and told him I needed to feel him in me.  I saw an upward twitch of his cock when he heard that!  He got behind me and placed his now-protected cock in my pussy. He slowly worked it in and then was strong, not subtle, and a few spanks to my firm ass and his hands on the rest of me, damn it felt good.  Before I knew it I was coming and screaming off the balcony. He was a machine pounding at my pussy, he just went faster and faster. I had two, maybe three orgasms, I lost track of exactly how many. He was still slapping my ass with one hand and pinching my nipple with the other nearly twenty minutes later when I felt him tense up and he let out a scream as his shot his load in the condom while still buried in my well-fucked creamy pussy. 

We then laid out on the balcony still naked drinking champagne off each other's body and holding each other. I would poor the champagne on his cock and lick it off. After doing that a time or two his cock came back to life. I played with and sucked his cock some more. He then picked me up and took me to the bedroom where he laid me on my back and I spread my legs open to expose my hungry pussy, still slightly gaping from his power fucking. He then got on top of me, retrieved a second condom, looked at me and said, "you sure you want me to wear this, or did you want some Gold Medal Seed?"  PUH-LEASE!  Really, 'Gold Medal Seed'?  I did stifle a chuckle and thanked him for wearing one again.  For this muscular fuck, he used the footboard on the bed for leverage and pushed deep in my pussy. I came again and again. He then grabbed me in his powerful arms and flipped me and had me ride his cock I cried out in guttural pleasure with each orgasm. I rode him for some time and then he growled some primal release of a grunt as I felt him spasm within my body. Two fucks, nothing to mess up my hair or make-up.  I liked this guy. My pussy was sore, but a good, happy kind of "so glad I got to fuck this guy" sore.  Was it too soon to offer my ass to him, I mused....

I left back for home at about 2:00 am after another go at it in the shower. No, it wasn't too soon to offer him my ass, he told me while the water cascaded down our bodies.  I had a good lube that stands up as good as anything to a shower so as not to be washed away.  Again, he was strong, forceful, I felt truly and satisfyingly fucked, and my ass felt so empty when his cock pulled out but I'd begged him to nut on my tits, which got washed clean seconds later.


"You promise to suck me off and swallow my seed next time, Dolly, I loved having you in two places, I want the third," he had told me as I was dressing and getting ready to leave.  Loved that he wanted more of me.  I wanted more of him, too. 


"I think that just might happen, yes."  I kissed him.


Jake was still at the bar when I made my way through the lobby.  I saw him watching me walk, and he blushed.  Yes, I was walking funny.  I cracked up, too.  Approached the bar, and he simply asked me if I'd like anything at all, even a coffee or a bottled water.  I took the water, then tipped him again.  "I suspect we'll meet again, Jake," I told him.


I found the kids asleep when I got home, and the sitter was texting.   I looked almost like I could claim nothing had happened.  She smiled, told me a quick inventory of the evening, and that everything was in control.  She told me I could call her anytime, then before she stepped out the door, she turned and said to me, woman to woman, "one of these days I hope you'll teach me some of your secrets, Ms. Jewel, you definitely get everything out of life and I'd love to experience just a fraction of your life."  She'd been babysitting during illicit sex for me since she was fifteen, I realized.  And never spoke a peep.  Trustworthy as well as cute, slender and fair skinned with dark brunette hair, turned heads and never wanted for attention.  ""Julie," I called her by name, "when you turn twenty-one, I think we'll go out for a girls' night on the town.  We'll figure out if you'll meet some older men, or if I'll meet some younger ones, when that night arrives."


"Maybe some of each, we can split a sampler platter," she replied.


I laughed.  I hugged Julie, and I'm pretty sure she smelled the scent of sex on me, in spite of the shower, because she lingered, then looked in my eyes, and I saw not just envy, but lust.


All I could think about in bed was how exhausted I was from the best night of fucking I had enjoyed in quite a while. I hoped that when I awoke I'd figure out some excuse for that photo Mr. Medalist took of me wearing a G-string and an Olympic medal and nothing else.  Just too good of a photo to delete.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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