If It Wasn't My Hottest 3-some Ever, it Was Still Damn Hot!

Jim and I were enjoying a gentle slow romantic fuck. Our eyes in constant contact with each other's. Passionate kisses, our tongues softly swirling together.  Stroking each other's skin, limbs firmly keeping our bodies joined in intimate pleasure. Whispering to each other how much we were loving what the other was doing, the taste, feel, scent, sound, and every other sensual aspect of our mating. 


I should probably mention that Jim is my best friend's husband. I'm Godparent to their child. I'd wanted him since I first met him when we'd all gotten together for dinner at their house along with some other friends. Tried to resist the attraction for as long as I could, out of friendship and my devotion to her. It was not a long resistance, though.  Just after dessert that evening, when I'd excused myself to use their bathroom, Jim said he'd show me where it was. He said that he needed to go check some emails from overseas and needed to step down the hall himself.  Which let me know that I'd read his face correctly all night, and once out of sight he took my hand and led me into the guest room and closed the door behind us. I was so wet for him, I was going to the bathroom to rub one out thinking of him. Instead, about thirty seconds later he was behind me, our clothes open to grant our mutual lust access to desired satisfaction. While our spouses continued the evening with others, Jim's long thick cock was sheathed in a condom I'd snatched from my handbag, buried deep inside me, his hands reaching around fondling my breasts, pulling on my erect nipples the way I like. 


We've been fucking ever since. And now here we were again, in my own marital bed this time while my husband worked late (code for fucking his assistant, a pixie-ish red head with freckles, green eyes, pert B cup tits who gasped, he told me, "cheese and crackers" when she came because she was a minister's daughter who never took the lord’s name in vain and so used that phrase as a substitute for "Jesus Christ"). 


Jim moved his hips upward, his cock pressing against my g-spot, making me gasp with pleasure, "oh Jesus yes, lover, dear God I love your married cock in me." The ironic contrast in my use of the almighty' name while my husband was having a few helpings of cheese and crackers gave me a laugh later on. But at that moment my body and mind belonged to Jim.  He moved a hand down to my pussy and began to stroke my hard, swollen clit. 

That was all it took and I thrust my hips back against him. I screamed and climaxed, my pussy clinching around his cock. He moaned and his hips thrust hard against me, and I felt his hot cock throb and twitch as he exploded, safely wrapped in a condom he'd brought this time, deep inside me. My orgasm seemed to go on and on, till finally I was spent. We fell on the bed, his cock still buried inside me. He kissed the back of my neck, and stroked my breast. 

"Dolly, have you ever thought about being with Beth?  You know, sexually?" He asked his lips close to my ear.

"That's what you want to talk about?  I mean, considering the circumstances?" I said laughing. 

"I was just wondering, I asked Beth if she had ever made it with another women, and she said she hadn't, but had thought about it. I just wondered about you."

I could hardly burst his bubble and let him know that while what we shared in our stolen, clandestine times together was hot and special and delicious, it wasn't necessarily any better than the marvelous times with my Dolly dates, and yes, those dates also include sexy women from time to time.  Not to mention my non P4P times with hot sexy ladies, like I've written about in this blog many times before.  So, I lied.

"No, Jim, I haven't been with another woman, but if I were ever to try it with another woman, Beth would be my choice. I guess it would be like making love with myself." I said seriously. Beth and I have been taken for sisters since we first met. We have similar fitness model-type builds, have our blonde hair highlighted and styled by the same stylist, do our tanning together, have blue eyes, work out together, serve on community philanthropies together, have children the same age who went to preschool together (which is how we met), and when we are approached by someone thinking we are the other, we know each other's story well enough to fake it and play along with the mistaken identity, answer the question, then call the other to laugh, and tell what we told the person we were talking to. Many never catch on to the mistaken identity. 

We also have the same taste in men. We both like Jim. She just doesn't know that he and I have been having a seriously hot and sexy affair. 

"If you had the chance, would you make love to her?" He asked.

"I don't know if I'd make love to her.  But for sure I'd love to fuck her!"  He snorted in laughter. I laughed too.  Even though I wasn't kidding.

"Okay, Jim, what do you really have in mind, you devious sexy bastard. You want to have a threesome with me and your wife, don't you?" He laughed, and 'fessed up with a 'yes' in my ear. 

We let it drop for the time being. The seed was planted in my brain. I began to think about it. I began to fantasize about her sexually. 

One evening I had taken a shower and was standing nude, thinking about being with my friend Beth. I slid a finger down and inward to slip between the lips. They were wet. I ran my finger inward, then up inside my pussy.  In the mirror, I imagined my finger slipping up into Beth's pussy.  My finger slid out, then upward to find "Beth's" clit, swollen, and aching to be stroked. I spread my thighs a little, and hunched my hips forward, finger slipping around my clit in little circles. I squeezed my breast and my finger went faster and faster, over "Beth's" clit. I cried out as I came, still imagining it was Beth who came, all from my sexual technique upon her tight sexy body. The body Jim fucks when he can't have me. I wondered, what would Beth's pussy juice taste like? I called Jim, and told him I was "in".  I would do it! I was going to get bisexually intimate with my best friend, whose husband I'd been fucking behind her back. 

I wanted to see what she liked.  He invited me to watch -- secretly.  Damn, this was getting hotter and hotter.  He left a hidden key for me, and I parked down the block to avoid letting her hear a car pull up.  Jim let me know the time. I slid the key into the lock and opened the door quietly. Jim had Beth in bed making love to her. The hall is carpeted, and I walked down it almost silently, and then I heard Beth moan softly. I watched from the hall, hidden in the shadows. 

Wow! I stifled a gasp. Beth lay on the bed on her back, legs spread. Her breasts were soft pools of flesh, her nipples jutting upward, hard and erect. Her areolas were long erotic rounded silver dollar sized disks of brown flesh.  They looked ready to suck and lick. Jim was between her white thighs, his mouth spread wide on her pussy, head moving slightly. I could hear little sucking noises as he ate her. I was struck by how much alike our bodies were. From this angle it looked like he could have been going down on me. I love his unfaithful tongue.  Even when watching it be faithful, as I was, it occurred to me.

I slid my hand down, pulled my skirt up and slipped my bikini panties down revealing my pussy. I slid my hand to my crotch and slid a finger between the lips of my pussy. It was sopping wet. I slid a finger up into my core. I held back a moan. 

On the bed, Jim sucked and licked Beth's pussy, reaching up from time to time to fondle her breasts. My pussy dripped, thinking of all the times he had slipped his talented tongue into my pussy, and eaten me to multiple orgasms, before he mounted me, and drove his hard, fat cock into my body. 

"Oh God, Jim, you're killing me! Just come up here and fuck the shit out of me. I want you inside me. Please!" Beth's voice was hoarse with passion.

 Jim paused and his head turned toward me. With the barest nod he motioned me into the room. Wait!  What?  No, this wasn't the plan! We had set the scenario before, this first time was just for me to watch and see what she likes.  That bastard, he'd played me, he wanted the threesome and he wanted it tonight!

He continue his mouth magic on Beth's clit while his fingers thrust up into her core. I could hear his sucking noises. She began to moan and cry out as her orgasm neared. I rubbed my swollen clit a little faster. I wanted to be just on the edge of an orgasm. 

Jim moved into overdrive and Beth's cries filled the room as she came. Beth fell back on the bed and gasped, catching her breath. Jim turned his head toward me and watched me fingering my pussy. I stood in the doorway, legs spread wide, skirt up around my waist, my panties down around my knees, hand at my crotch, a finger obviously making circles over my clit. I'm sure lust was mirrored on my face.

"I think we have company, Honey!" Jim said with a chuckle. Beth's head turned slowly toward me. She was still recovering from her intense climax. Our eyes met, it was on!

"Oh, God, I'm sorry, Beth. I didn't mean to barge in. I knocked before I came in (I hadn't) and thought you might be back here watching TV. I never dreamed Jim was here. After I saw him making love to you, I don't know what came over me. It was almost as if I were watching myself on the bed. Nude, you look so much like me. It was as if I were watching myself being made love to by Jim, I was fascinated, and you're both so sexy.  Truly Beth, you are. And Jim was eating you, God, I just couldn't help bringing myself off. Forgive me?" I asked leaning over and kissing her very so lightly on her soft lips. She didn't pull back. The kiss lasted a long moment, then I pulled back.

Beth answered back. "Seeing you touch yourself, your body Dolly, holy shit, talk about erotic!.  We always joke about looking alike, wow, now being naked in bed with you here, like this, touching you, its like having illicit sex with my twin.  And if my twin looked like you, I think I'd say the hell with taboo and take her into my bed, Dolly.  Get over here!"

Stifling the sensation to raise my arms in victory, I smirked in my best seductive slut face and went to her. Our eyes were locked onto each other's bodies and I approached and we began to touch each other, and it was too much for me. I exploded, I moaned and cried out as I came. I had almost no control over my body. I came violently and pretty much ripped my clothes off with a bit of help from Beth

Jim had sat up on the bed, his thick cock erect and pointing up. The head was wet with his precum. I wanted to slip my mouth over it. "Poor Jim, we both have had our climax and he hasn't cum yet.  Oh my God, Jim's cock, I can't believe I'm seeing....hey, Beth, you never told me what a great looking cock Jim has.  Fucking lucky bitch, Beth, you come home to this?  Wow!"

She nodded, moved toward her husband.  My lover, whose cock I worshipped as well (okay -- truth is, he was solidly average in size.  He was simply a great lover, and caring enough to be that good in bed makes any cock an extra 3-4 inches in length and girth as far as I'm concerned).  As Beth took his straining tool in her French manicured fingers, I spoke again, "I hope you don't mind if I watch."

She looked at me a moment, then said "that would be hot". She stroked him while looking at me. She then turned her head and slid her mouth over the head. Jim groaned and looked over at me and winked. I watched as she slid her mouth down over his cock. His eyes closed and his toes curled.  Clearly Beth had lots of practice. And considering how often Jim and I were fucking, when did that man find the time, or even eat or sleep? Slowly his cock disappeared, and I watched her lips move down almost to his balls. She moved her mouth up and down. 

I saw Beth pat the bedsheet next to her.  The signal for, "come here."  She looked at me and momentarily removed my lover's cock (her husband's, okay) from her mouth "Please?" 

I needed no further invitation. This is what Jim and I had planned, and hoped for. The sight of my body, so very like her own, and her heightened sense of lust had led her to the point we had hoped would happen. I just hadn’t known it would be tonight.

I took the next step and kissed her lips. They were wet from her saliva and Jim's pre-cum. She closed her eyes and kissed me back. I reached and cupped one hot firm breast and stroked it ever so softly. Her nipple was hard against my palm. I wanted to slip my tongue into her mouth, but hers entered mine first. It was such an erotic sensual feeling. 

I sighed as her tongue slid out tentatively and delicately moved over my lips. I made myself not thrust my tongue into her mouth. I flicked my tongue over hers lightly, then let my mouth open to allow her tongue back inside. I put my hand on top of her hand, around Jim's cock and pushed down a little, letting both of us slowly jerk him off. As we kissed our hands moved up and down his hard cock. I felt it throb under our hands.

We both looked down. I bent down and moved my mouth to one side of his cock and licked the swollen head. Beth looked down at me and moved to the other side and began to lick him too. We licked up and down his cock. Beth was the first to slide her lips over his purple head and slide downward. I licked her lips as they slid down. She moved up and down for a while then slid upward. I kissed her and slipped my tongue into her mouth. While we kissed Jim began to finger our pussies. Then a nod from her, and I licked Jim's cockhead and let it slide into my mouth. I grinned as I did, for I was now sucking her husband's cock with her watching. Permission, at last, for what I'd been doing for a couple years!  I swirled my tongue over the head and Jim moaned. I reached down and stroked his balls as I sucked his cock. 

"Beth, lie back honey. I've got to fuck you, or cum in your mouths, one or the other." Jim moaned. Beth lay back and Jim slid between her thighs. I reached down and grasped his cock, and guided it to her spread core. I almost asked about a condom, then remembered they were married, and so was I, and how would I explain my instinct of condoms when to Beth's knowledge I was a faithful country club trophy wife. I moved down to watch it slice into her wet pussy. Jim's cock head pressed inward and her lovely pussy parted, then his slid into her. I moved up and began to kiss her breasts. 

Jim slowly pumped his cock in and out of her beautiful body. My pussy was hot and swollen. Then I felt a soft feminine hand on my thighs, that moved to my pussy and a finger carefully slid into me. My pussy spasmed delightfully around it. Beth looked over at me and I closed my eyes, and thrust my hips against her finger, burying it into my dripping pussy. She continued to finger fuck me while Jim slid into her. After a few minutes of slow fucking, he pulled out and positioned her on her hands and knees.

We had agreed on this before. This was all so sexy I'd nearly forgotten the rest of the well-choreographed ménage a trois.

Jim got behind Beth and slid back into her drenched pussy. I moved around and lay on my back, and wiggled a little to get my head under hers. We kissed as he fucked her. She reached with one hand and stroked my breast, I reciprocated by reaching under her and stroking and kneading both of hers. Our tongues fenced and probed. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I could actually feel my juices flow. I moved downward slowly till my mouth was under her breasts, and began to suck first one, then the other. She bent and sucked one of my breasts. Her mouth felt so wonderful. I thought about how only a woman truly knows how to make love another women. She certainly knew how to lick and suck my breasts.

The final move was at hand. I kissed downward, over her heaving stomach to her pussy. I slid the final few inches down and there was her beautiful pussy, lips spread, Jim's long cock gleaming with her juices, moving in and out. The heat of their bodies and the smell of her excited sex filled my nostrils. Her clit was just peeping out of its sheath, being moved back and forth by Jim's cock as it slid in and out. I looked one last time, then raised my lips and placed them against her pussy. I slid my tongue out and ran it over her swollen clit. I heard her cry out.

I sucked the hard nub into my lips and alternated sucking hard and soft, the way I loved to have mine licked. I continued to suck her clit, waiting for what I hoped would happen. Then I gasped, her mouth came down on my pussy, her tongue slid between my lips and ran up and down my wet slit. We had done it! Beth was licking my pussy! I spread my thighs as wide as her arms would allow. She burrowed her face against my pussy and thrust her tongue into my core.

Her soft body on top of mine, her hot skin touching mine, this was amazing.  So, so happy that Jim had such a fantasy and shared it with me.  Not that I could thank him in front of Beth, though.

 Jim's thrusts came faster and harder as his beautiful wife came from his efforts and my lips on her clit. I watched from below as his scrotum drew tight, and shot his load of hot sperm inside her. I felt her body shudder and writhe against mine as she came. Juices flowed from her body around his pounding cock, his cum mixed with her juices, a mixture of passion. Jesus that was hot! 

Jim gave one last hard thrust. He held his hips hard against her for a long while, I licked her pussy lips avoiding her sensitive clit. Slowly Jim pulled his cock out of her. I hesitated a moment, then covered the slowly closing flesh of her red inflamed, wet vagina with my lips, and thrust my tongue into her sucking gently. My lover's creampie being licked from my best friend's pussy. God, what a sensation. 

She was not through though. She moved and placed her mouth on my pussy, her finger on my clit, it took almost no time at all, till I was screaming my climax out. It was one of the most intense climaxes of my life. My lovely friend seemed to know almost instinctively just how to kiss, suck, and lick my pussy as she made love to me. I went from one peak to another till I was spent.

She rolled off of me and moved around to kiss my face gently. Jim moved to the other side and kissed the other side of my face, and bent over to kiss Beth's lips from time to time. We all stroked each other gently. Jim kept looking from one of us to the other. I knew he couldn't believe we had finally done it - gotten his wife and mistress in bed together. And Beth and I had made love to each other, too. 

"My God. I can't believe we just did that!" Beth said catching her breath. "I actually just ate my best friend's pussy. Wow! And I loved every minute of it. I never thought I would do that, not in a million years. Did you Dolly?" 

I just shook my head slowly.  Inside I was overjoyed that our plan had worked. We had both made love to Beth. It was Jim's plan essentially, but I was glad that we had gone through with it.

Jim spoke for the first time. "I wish you could have seen you two making love together. It was almost like twins making love. I almost couldn't tell who was who. Dolly, that was some show you put on for us, bringing yourself off. My cock swelled up bigger than it's ever felt. I couldn't wait to get it inside Beth's tight pussy. She went wild too, knowing you were watching." He said kissing first one of us then the other. 

I reached over and took his soft cock in my hand. I felt it swell slightly as I squeezed it. "Well, I admit I got jealous down there watching it slide in and out of her beautiful pussy. Beth, I have to admit, I licked it too, while it was pounding in and out of you. It was covered with your juices and tasted delicious. Do you think I might borrow it some time, when you get tired of it?"  We all burst out laughing.

We all crowded into the shower. There was a lot of laughing, and playful hands exploring in the shower. Soapy bodies slipped together, and Beth and I both slipped our fingers into each other’s pussies and asses, while we kissed. It felt so good to soap Beth, and have Beth soap my body. Jim's cock grew and pressed against the cracks of alternate asses, but didn't penetrate. At least not then.

After we dried off, we were still horny.  Maybe more.  Maybe the drinks we had while "wearing" nothing but our towels contributed. Without a word, Beth took my hand and led me back to the bedroom, her eyes on Jim, who sat in a chair to watch us, with a nod that indicated, "Go ahead." 

We lay kissing, bodies entwined, hands exploring. Our toned, tanned thighs spread, each straddling the other's equally sexy thigh, glistening smooth shaven pussies humping against soft flesh, leaving wetness on them. I moved down first to kiss and suck her breasts, sucking her nipples to harder points, pulling them gently with my teeth, then my lips. Her hands stroked and combed through my hair, so sensually. Her fingernails dug into my scalp, letting me feel her lust. 

"Oh fuck Dolly, don't tease me, just put your mouth on my pussy and eat me!” Who was I to say no? 

I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy, parting the lips. My fingers opened her inner lips, spreading her wide for my tongue and lips. I slid my tongue into her opening, thrusting deep as my tongue would go. I wished my tongue was longer. 

She cried out her joy. I concentrated on her clit, sucking it in and out of my mouth, the way Jim did to me, and which I loved so much. I used my free hand to put a finger on each side of her clit, and push upward sliding her firm clit from its hiding place in its hood. I slid my tongue across the tip and Beth cried out, and her fingernails bit into my scalp again. She howled with full throated pleasure. "Oh, my God. That was fantastic. I don't think I've cum like that in my whole life. Are you sure this was your first time with a woman? You certainly know your way around my body. I've never been finger fucked like that in my life." Beth said kissing me. She tasted herself on my face and licked my lips. I loved having made her feel so good, so what's another little white lie between best friends when you're already fucking her husband, I thought to myself. 

"First time, Beth, but I guess paying attention to what my husband does paid off." I looked over at Jim, and he was smiling, and stroking his swollen cock slowly. 

"A mischievous look on her face."


"What?" I questioned.

"Could we put on a 69 show with each other for Jim?  He loves to see that in the lesbian porn we watch."

Beth and Jim watch lesbian porn together!  I looked at him and he looked "caught" and shrugged.

 My answer was to move to her and kiss her, and cup her firm breast. We slid together again and began to make love. It didn't take long for us both to become hot, and we turned and moved into a 69. 

I made sure I was on top and again feasted on her dripping pussy. Her face burrowed into my spread pussy. After we had made love for a while and were both panting with desire, Jim moved behind me and slid his cock between our bodies, aiming it at Beth's mouth. She took her lips from my pussy, and he slid his cock into her mouth. 

I could feel his hips thrusting against my ass. Beth took him down her throat for a while, then pushed him away. My pussy was just above her mouth. She did what Jim and I both had hoped, and planned, she would do, she took his rigid cock and moved it upward to my pussy, and ran it up and down my slit.

"You were asking about borrowing Jim earlier, Dolly, did you mean it?" Beth asked me while we were still in a sensual 69 with each other.

"Only if you two would be okay with it," was my answer.  Such a liar I can be at times.  I was already wet, my pussy spread, hell, with the slightest push his cock, still wet from her mouth would have parted my pussy lips and pushed into my body. "But, shouldn't we use a, you know, since he and I aren't married..."

"Oh God, Dolly, I don't have any condoms, Jim and I don't use them, but I want you to enjoy his cock, he fucks me so good, like you saw, so, what if this one time he didn't..."

Oh dear God, Beth, don't suggest bareback, I was thinking.  Which would have been hot and amazing but still, such a no-no, Dolly knows how to play safe.  So how the fuck was I going to explain a condom with all of us married?  Ah, inspiration!

"Well you know, Beth, I noticed some weight gain not all that long ago and my OB took me off the pill so I've actually got condoms, we've been using them at home, at least until I can get a new prescription now that I've worked off those few extra pounds.  I don't still look fat, do I?"

Okay, so I lied again.  I hadn't gained any weight, but my excuse included that I'd already lost the weight, so no need to explain why I looked as fit as I usually do.

"Then wrap my man and fuck him like your fingers and lips just fucked me, you sexy bitch!"

God I love Beth.  I went back for my purse, got a Dolly condom out, made Jim safe. And got myself back into intimate ready to fuck position with him.

"Oh God, he's so thick! Jim, please go slow, you're stretching my pussy to the limit." I cried out convincingly. Like I said, he's average in size, but Beth doesn't have the awareness of other gentlemen like I do, so she thinks he's thick, and why should i ruin her admiration for him.  She loves him.  He loves her.  I don't pretend my affair with Jim is something other than close friends with an attraction fucking, and neither of us want to mess up the other's marriage.  But again, Beth thought this was our first time, and I pretended that I needed to adjust to him. Beth, below me, licked my clit and his cock as he worked it very slowly and carefully up inside my body. I gasped as the head bottomed out and he did his best to stretch my pussy further. "Ohhh, he's so deep inside me. I felt him against my cervix. I've never had a cock so big, or so long inside me. God, Beth, you are such a lucky woman. Go slow, Jim, let me get used to that big pole of yours" I begged. She bought it.  I glanced over my shoulder and saw a smirk she couldn't see.  We were both loving this.

He moved slow and carefully so as not to "hurt" me. Beth's sweet lips on my clit and her husband's cock inside me was too much for me, and I exploded, screaming various unintelligible fragments and semi-words.  Beth's lips managed to stay with my pussy and added to the total joy that enveloped my body. The feel of her soft body under me, and against me, sent me into another dimension. Jim's cock thrust to the hilt inside me and my pussy grasped it tightly. 

The two kept up their wonderful assault on my body.  Finally, Jim's cock thrust hard and I felt his hot cock pulse and throb inside my pussy, safely packaged in the condom. We held each other, all of us, just moving as one sexual unit of three by now. Beth slowed her kisses on my clit and Jim slid out of me and Beth's lips covered my pussy sucking my juices out, then she took off Jim's condom and sucked him clean, dripping a bit of his cum on her tits.  I licked his seed off her skin.

Holy shit had that been a night of sex. Jim spoke next.

"That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. You two were - well - wow! I've never seen you look so beautiful.  And Dolly, my God, so sexy, wow, thank you Beth Darling, for the gift of being with Dolly, my God, I love you so much for this Beth." Jim said kissing her softly. 

"It's the least I could do. I was making love to her, and you were right there. I wanted her to feel that magnificent cock of yours." Beth laughed. "I hope you didn't mind, Dolly?" she said kissing me. "I barely even asked if you wanted another man's cock. But under the circumstances, since you'd already been having sex with his wife, I didn't think I had to ask."

The irony of that statement and the fact that I'd been fucking Jim struck me.  Could we possibly tell her?  Would we want to?  Would that fuck everything up?  Probably that last question is answered yes, so I vowed to do everything in my power to keep the secret.

"Oh Beth, darling, that you and I... well, this was the hottest night of my life.  And I know you both will hold my trust so that my husband needn't find out. But, God, I loved this so.  I just hope that this is something you and I can continue do in the future. I think I'm hooked on making love to you. Hell, both of you, if you'd have me."

Hadn't rehearsed that part, but then Jim had changed up some details on me. Fair is fair. "Unless that would make you feel threatened, Jim?"  I winked.

"Do I look threatened? If I get to make love to both of you two, then I'd be crazy to object."

That was a two years ago and we are all still very good, and shall I say, very intimate friends. There is no jealousy between us. Beth and I are semi-regular lovers, and the still the very best of friends. Jim and I still are lovers, only now with Beth's full consent. We make love often, at their house, and sometimes at mine. Jim says it's like having two wives - who are sisters - or twins. Even our closest friends have no idea of our relationship. My husband loves hearing about it when he and I have our own intimate time.  He's just not into being in the room with another man during sex and I understand.  And Beth wouldn't be the type to do a three-way without Jim.  It’s all good. Casual friends and business acquaintances sometimes see me with Jim, and think it's Beth. What can I say? I love it, and both of them.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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