Telephone Layover Date

I was trying to fly using rewards miles, and I'd had my flight cancelled, and it was a busy holiday weekend.


You know, airport hell.


I'd texted a classy and generous friend I was traveling to see for a Dolly date, letting him know about these circumstances beyond my control.  I heard him sigh.  I hate that, how could I make it up to him, I asked.


He sighed and told me, "well, when they get you here, we'll have a good time with however much time we still have available to us."  I knew he had a busy schedule.  But so did I, and I was disappointed, too. Frustration is such a waste of energy, but a day without fucking is a waste of a day.  For those I haven't met, you might say I like sex.  Like a fish likes water.


And then the next flight filled up without clearing any stand-by's.  Which is what I was now.  Me and a crowd of other frustrated stand-by's.  I noticed one guy, he seemed pleasant enough, with a t-shirt from a concert tour that I was planning on seeing when it reached South Florida.  But I wasn't in South Florida, and I wasn't in my destination city with a fun Dolly date ready for me to fuck him silly and squirt my sex juice all over him and with any luck have him fill me three different ways.  I was stuck there, too.  Dolly the stand by.

 I called my date again, and let him know how disappointed I was, too.  He'd cheered up, and told me, "Honey, don't worry. I am sure you'll get on the last one. And even if you don't, there is nothing to worry about. Get a room at the Airport Marriott or Hilton, whichever you prefer, and sleep well. Just think of this as extended anticipation for us. And see if the hotel bar is open. If it is, I want you to go in there and drink some wine. I am sure it'll calm you down."

He was almost right. A drink would calm me down.  Not as much as getting a deep physical screwing, my body being rocked and filled with cock, and feeling my lover's body stiffen and spasm and getting to taste his precious seed.  Having a man's hands all over me, twiddling me, and my mouth on his, our tongues dancing.  Now for sure, THAT would have calmed me down.  Or revved me up, but same effect, I'd have been happy.


 I got to the Marriott, which had better airport hotel ratings in that city, got checked in on a concierge floor, then went to the concierge lounge and saw the complimentary wine selection.  A pedestrian Merlot, but given the circumstances, it would do nicely.  I was a few sips in when I saw looked a young-ish man also entering the concierge lounge and he looked around. He saw me, and his eyes got wide, and he smiled.  Love it when I get that reaction, always. And he asked, with a smile, "Looks like you're drinking a red, how is it?"


We were the only two in the concierge lounge.  He was younger than me and modestly handsome.  And presumably he had what I craved between his legs.


Yes, sometimes it’s that easy, guys.  Be well-groomed and try to smile.  Sometimes we ladies need it as much as a man, or maybe even more.

 I said, "it’s okay for free wine. Try it, here, keep me company," I suggested and leaned forward (the better to show off my tits in my scoop neck top) and took a long sip from my glass. The young man sat down in the chair from across from me, placed his drink on the table and extended his hand. 

"I guess we're drinking buddies at the present. I am Mike."

His grip was strong yet gentle. His voice had a deep baritone that reminded me of a radio announcer. I looked him up and down and as he turned while setting down a backpack, I saw the back of his t-shirt and recognized the shirt from the gate at the airport among the stand-by's. Mr. Concert Tour himself.

“Hello, Mike.  I'm Dolly.  I guess you are trying to connect out of here, too."

He said, "Yes, missed one flight already."

And before I realizing it, I blurted out, "Yeah, I know that."

 He was surprised that I remembered him and said, "You noticed, huh?" and I smiled and shrugged, nodded my head 'yes'. And he added, "Yes, I did notice you too."

He said, "Not that it helps us, but I'm glad I'm not the only one stuck here.  Less lonely."

And suddenly, I had an idea about how to make my date less disappointed and lonely.  I'd seen him a few times before, and he was a kinky sort, loved that I had many lovers and it turned him on, he told me, that I had sex with other men, too.  Said it made me something of a sexual goddess and he loved that he got to be with a sexual goddess. (Guys--no woman ever gets offended by being called a sexual goddess.  Imitating my Dolly date would be a good idea, either with me or with some other lucky lady.  Even your wives!).


So I started ad-libbing in response to the comment about being "less lonely" and said, 'Yes, my husband will be so worried, if I don't make it on the next one. And he has to go to work early tomorrow morning and needs to sleep in peace." He seemed to nod his head believing me to be married.  Whether I was or not at that particular point in my life is beside the point.

Mike replied, "Yeah, my wife is already upset. She has to go to work early too and she's already a bit cranky from lack of sleep and anxiety."

Mike suddenly said, "I am going to call my wife." He pulled out his cell phone and called her. "Hey honey, I am still stuck here without a connection. The first one tomorrow morning is at seven."

He continued, "So here I am, sitting in a bar at the airport, all alone, drinking a beer, going to watch a game, then get a room.  I've got an airline voucher for the room."


 He hung up and asked, "Don't you want to talk to your husband?"

"I spoke to him just a short time ago," I told Mike, "so now I'm on my own."


We both smiled.  Wicked minds tend to find one another, ever notice that?

We had another drink.  Well, Mike had two more, I had one more.  I wanted to stay in control.  Mike was clearly interested. 


I excused myself and went to the ladies room, and called my date.  I explained I could not get out until morning, but would his kinky streak like to hear me having sex as a little stimulation to try to carry him through until tomorrow?


"You've got someone else to fuck already, Dolly?"


Hello?  He sensed the gaffe, too.


"Sorry, dumb of me to say that, you could attract men any time, anywhere".  Love when I've got them well trained.


"Just play along like you're my husband and whatever name I use for you, okay darling?"


"This is fucking awesome" was his non-responsive answer that nevertheless communicated that he was definitely okay with the plan.

I checked myself out in the mirror.  Not my peak attractiveness, but I'd do me.  Bet Mike would, too.  I went back, re-joined him, sat closer, leaned forward to show off my boobs, and touched his knee.  "So why did you tell your wife you were all alone?  Do I make you nervous?"  I winked and smiled.

"I'm not sure, except that you ... are just really beautiful and I didn't want to explain about being alone with a beautiful woman."


"Thank you, Mike."  I squeezed his knee, and left my hand on his leg.

We sat in silence just for a bit. I broke the silence. "So, would you have really wanted to get on the last flight, or now that we're here, would you rather spend the night with me?"


Mike seemed stunned at first but recovered, and put his hand on mine and answered, "I've never cheated on my wife, but Dolly you're sort of the embodiment of the fitness MILF fantasy I have in my head all the time.  Something tells me that this is a dream come true opportunity and maybe it is also once in a life time opportunity. I guess I told my wife I was alone because I was trying to be decent but in reality I wanted to take you to my room and get in bed with you ever since I saw you at the gate."

 "Mike, this must have been meant to be, I'm so attracted to you...." I trailed off and bit my lower lip.  Okay, I was fibbing.  What, a gal can't compliment a man who she wants to fuck her?  

 I took him by the hand and led him to my room.  We kissed like teenagers.  Sloppy, desperate kisses.  Hands groping.  This was not highly skilled seduction.  Which was just fine by me.

We started reaching into each other's clothes, and then taking off our own clothes and helping the other as well.  His body was average, which means that he was a perfectly acceptable lover, and his desire was all I needed to get turned on, too.

My excitement about my plan was growing by the minute. I was going to surrender my body to a complete stranger and provide some audio erotica to my date, who would listen in.  And Mike would think he was fucking another man's wife while that cuckolded husband listened.


We were naked, and groping for each other. Pressing our bodies into one another and kissing passionately. I could feel Mike’s cock harden below me and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter.   I whispered into his mouth, "I've only ever been with my husband since we married, yours will be the first cock to defile me and make me a slut, a cheating wife.  I want you to, Mike, but you're married, I can't risk you planting your hot seed in me, you have to wear a condom.  Do you have one?"


The sensation was unbearable. I wanted to take his hard cock in my mouth. It was so hot to wonder if he would really try to force his cock into me, but if he tried I was ready to dismount and use my mouth. We kissed, and his passion was growing while his cock twitched between our bare bodies, and he ran his hands all over me, feeling my triceps, my quads, my glutes, my back." 


"God, your body, Dolly ...."


"The condom, Mike, you have one?"  I wanted more than just to have him fuck my mouth. 



"It’s okay, Mike, I'm pretty sure I have one, I was on some medicine that made the pill less effective when I'm with my husband.  If you wear one, you can fuck me.  Will you fuck me, Mike?"


"Oh God yes!"


I loved that he was younger.  I loved that he was married.  I loved that he thought I was married and that he was so overcome with lust that he didn't care and wanted to have me anyway.


I retrieved a condom, licked his cock a few times to get twitches that seemed to be telling me he wouldn't last long.  Which is what second rounds are for, right?


And then once he was positioned to enter me, missionary position to start, my legs hooked around his thigh and pulling him toward me, his neck bent and my nipple filling his mouth, I placed a palm on his chest and pushed, stopping him.  He looked up.


"Did I do something wrong?"


"I don't want to be a cheater, Mike.  It’s not cheating if my husband tells me it’s okay, though, right?"


Mikes face was confused.  Which morphed into panic when I picked up my cell phone and told him that I was going to call my husband. "Hello honey, this is me. Like you said, I missed the last plane and am now in a room at the Marriott. I'll try to catch the first plane out. I just don't want you to worry."

 My date played along perfectly.


"I just want you to be relaxed and happy Dolly, I wish I could be there to make love to you, I know how you love sex and your body was built for sex baby."


I upped the ante, while Mike was still waiting on the launching pad, his cock at my entrance, but not yet inside me.


"Darling, baby, you're right, my body is meant for sex.  I need to fuck, and you've always been the man fucking me.  But you can't be here tonight, and I can't take another night alone."


"Dolly, what are you saying?"  Loved the dramatic touch of fear he put in his voice.

I grasped Mike's condom clad cock and slowly pulled him closer to my face. My eyes were locked on Mike's as I whispered into the phone, "Darling, please keep talking to me while I get what I need.  You do want me to be satisfied, right darling? I love how we both love dirty talk. So please talk to me. I am going to put you on speaker-phone so my hands can be free, with the volume real low and you can hear what I'll be doing here, darling. I want you to hear my moans and jerk off. Maybe I'll turn the TV on, and get a dirty movie. Ok, Clark?" 

 His name wasn't Clark.  No idea why I called him Clark.  But he went with it.

"Clark" said, "Oh God, Dolly, it sounds like you are hot and horny tonight."  "Or what if a movie isn't good enough, what if you had a real lover, Dolly, to do for you what I can't do because I'm not there.  What if I was there, though, and you preferred him to me?"

 I continued, "Clark, baby, you know how we always fantasized threesomes?"


"Sure Dolly, yeah."


"Well, there actually is someone here, but you have to tell me that you permit me to fuck him, to give him your wife's body for the night, to do me like I belonged to him.  Give me to him, Clark, release your claim to be my only lover, free me to be a slut at last, to fuck a stranger.  Even though you can only listen, it will be like we're finally having that threesome, okay?"

And "Clark" came through, and started to narrate the fantasies, "I always imagined some man sucking your nipples, feeling your tits while you rode his cock, baby, and I'd be watching, seeing your sexy body from a new angle that I can't see while I'm fucking you.  Would you do that for me, Dolly, be his for the night, ride him, do everything to him that you only ever did with me since we've been married?"


Shit, this was a fantastic script and we were ad-libbing.  Mike was about to cream in his condom.

While "Clark" continued creating fantasies with words over the phone, I exchanged a series of nods, pointing motions, and just plain summoning motions to indicate that I was going to mount Mike in a tawdry, adulterous manner and we were going to be broadcasting to a listener he thought was my husband.  A change of positions, maybe, from what we might have done otherwise, but I was making it up as I went along.  And Mike was going along with it.  And "Clark" (again, not really his name and in case I've confused you, he was my out of town Dolly date I was missing because of the missed plane connection--all caught up now?), well, he was making lemonade out of lemons.  I planned on staying extra time with him when I finally got to him, and all it would cost me was a shopping trip to a particular store I love in his city.  I'll be back.  All in all, this felt like a "win-win-win" scenario when the other person can't be present.


I pulled Mike's body close to mine and then slowly moved towards that lovely cock. I nuzzled his dick with my face, but he'd already put the condom on, so sucking latex wasn't thrilling me as much as penetration would. I straddled him, then slowly lowered myself onto his fully erect flagpole, and described it for the speakerphone and Clark, "Oh fuck, yes, God Mike, what a fucking hard cock you have, so fucking hard, I can feel your heat, mmmmmm, oh gaaawwwwdd so good, I'm going to sink all the way down, oh, ah, you're filling me baby, can you feel me, how does my pussy feel as it sucks your cock into me?"


I nodded at Mike, then added a hand motion indicating for him to speak.


"Fuck, Dolly, your pussy is so tight, so wet and tight and slick, I'm so deep in you, I love fucking you."


Not great, but considering I'd sprung this idea on him, not bad.


"Mmmm, lover, I think I didn't hang up the phone, oh dear, I was talking to my husband, do you think he can hear us fucking?  You're so much better than he is, you own me, I love what you do to me, mmm, more yes, just like that, fuck me hard like that darling!" I was hoping "Clark" was getting a thrill.


Poor Mike, apparently not his natural instinct.  But he gave it a try again, and after a shrug, kept slamming up in to me, meeting my down thrusts, and we were getting some good squishing sounds and I started moaning.  Mike's face lit up, and he added, "you ARE a dirty talking slut, Dolly, fucking me like this while you're away on business, hell, you didn't even really have to make this trip, you just needed an excuse to come suck my cock, swallow my seed, and beg me to fuck you because you're not getting what you need at home.  Say it, say it, Dolly, you love my cock, you need my cock...."


Quick study, that Mike!


"No, please, don't make me say it....oh God, fuck, Mike, just like that, right there, yes, suck my nipples, I love how that feels, your mouth on my tits, your cock stretching my married pussy, your finger lubed up with my sex juices and sliding into my back door, mmmmphh, oh damn, Clark, if you're listening, dear, he's just so good, I need what he does to my body...."


I heard moaning back over the phone from "Clark".  "Clark Darling, you wanted this, you wanted me to have sex with another man, it’s so good, so much better than I imagined, can you hear what he's doing to me?  I'm not going to ever give up Mike, baby, so tell me you admit to wanting me to do this."

 "God Dolly, you sound so sexy fucking another man, giving him your body, your sex, breaking your vows....(then I heard heavy breathing and grunting before he spoke again),  so yes, yes damn it,  go for it Dolly. Only let me hear you saying all those dirty things clearly so that I can jerk off too. Describe him to me so that I can visualize that lucky bastard who is fucking my sweet wife."

Big grins from me and Mike, remember he thought it was really my husband listening "His name is Mike and he has the most magnificent cock I have ever seen." Then I softly called out, "MIke, darling, please keep fucking me with your gorgeous sex tool. Ooooh, ow! Oh, my.., God, yes, yes, oh Clark, what he's doing to me, he's turned me over, using me, making me his fuck doll.  Wow! Mike, I need to taste you, please, oh Clark, fuck it, I'm just going to say it, I love this guy. Mike, please fuck my mouth with it, please darling. Fuck me till I taste your come."


Mike put his hands under my ass and lifted me up, and we dismounted and I removed his condom.  I intentionally tried to speak with a mouth full of hot, hard excited dick.  "Mmmmm, so good, mmm, yes, fuck my mouth, use it like a pussy..." (More grunting from the other end of the phone line.  I heard moans mixed in.  We were on a roll.)


Then I guided Mike's face to my frothed up pussy and spread my tanned, toned runner's thighs wide and lay on my back, oozing with desire as Mike worked his tongue into my wet, hot pussy. Satisfied, I said into the phone, "Clark dear, I don't really know how to explain this to you. I would love for you to actually see me sucking on his cock. I can't have enough of it and he is so huge but he doesn't make me gag at all. And his pre-cum, hold on, let me lick that drop from his cock, is pure honey. Clark honey oh God you need to get to see my body being violated like this."


"Clark answered in a strained voice, "I never made you sound like he's making you sound, Dolly, fuck.  Fucking wildcat, that's what you are Dolly. Yeah, I do want to watch you behave like such a fucking slut ... is he deep inside you?"

 "I'm sixty-nining her, buddy.  That's right, your fucking hot ass hardbody sexy fuck machine wife is sucking my cock and I'm licking her smooth hairless pussy like you never could.  She's mine now, Clarkie, she'll always come back to me now.” 


Truth be told, it was nice, but nothing amazing.  Not that nice is bad.  Nice is terrific.  If my tongue could reach, I'd never leave the house.  I pulled Mike's dick from my mouth and looked at him with a strange expression on my face.


He shook his head no, and mouthed, "don't worry.  Just acting.  Okay?"


Whew. So I went back to teasing my date at the other end of the phone line.


 "Darling, please talk to Mike. Tell him to fuck me like he says, darling. Give him the go-ahead to fuck your horny wife."


Then no words were spoken while I kissed Mike, stroked his cock, reached for another condom, wrapped him up again, and motioned  for him to sit at the foot of the bed while I rode him reverse cowgirl style.  Our flesh slapping, moans, shrieks, just spontaneous sex noise, nothing contrived.  I felt Mike tense up and whispered, "yes, Mike, let it go, inside me, like we are, you're wearing a condom, its safe baby, cum for me."


Lions roar.  Bears growl.  Mike was somewhere in between.  I love bringing animal noises from a man who then collapses like I've drained his life-force.

I spoke into the phone again, "He said he loved me and wanted to fuck me every time he got a chance, but in the future with you watching the whole thing." 

 "Mmmm, that can be arranged." I heard from "Clark".  He sounded drained.


"Did you cum, too, Clark?  Was this fun for you, darling, hearing Mike fuck me like he's never fucked any girl before."

My freshly masturbated to completion date said, "Dolly, for a moment it felt like I WAS right there while he was fucking you. Your body is so amazing, I'm glad you got have sex tonight."

 I said, "Trust me dear, someone really was fucking the hell out of me. I simply don't know how to thank you enough, Clark darling, for letting Mike fuck me with you listening to our moaning.  I'll see you when I get home tomorrow, if I'm too sore to fuck you I'll suck your cock and you can have my ass, Mike didn't go there.  At least not this time."

I said good night to my date whose name is not Clark and hung up the phone. I thanked Mike for the wonderful performance by sucking his cock and to my sheer delight, his fingers finally touched me just right and I finally managed to cum (I was the last one of the three of us!  Go figure!  And I love cumming while I've got a mouth full of cock).  Mike was so full of himself, he felt invincible, and he said, "I don't know about that husband of yours Dolly, if you were my wife..." but I cut him off. 


"Mike, don't go there.  There's a lot that's complicated that you don't know.  And lover, don't ever think there's any one single individual man who can satisfy me, okay?  You were fun, let's keep it nice."


His eyes indicated he believed every word I said.  He fucked me once more, doggy style, but couldn't cum again, and lost his hard-on.  I'd cum again, though, having pulled out my toy to work on myself while on all fours.  We didn't exchange numbers.  One special night seemed enough.

 I got on the first flight in the morning and headed to my Dolly date at last. We made up for lost time when I got there, and we laughed like we had never laughed before.


"So, darling, how was your business trip," he asked me.  "Were you a slut like you like to be when you travel, darling?" he asked me.


"I could tell you," I replied, "but since you've already listened, why don't I get naked and get on the bed and let you show me what a really good fucking feels like instead!"



Purely fictional fantasy for your rreading pleasure!

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