Post Tennis Match Pleasantries

My Friday night tennis matches were always fun. It was mixed doubles, with an equal number of men and women playing, young post-college types like myself, and after each set we changed partners. Doubles partners I mean!  I know what you were thinking, but really, don't worry, you know there's going to be hot sex in this story.  Okay?  So, anyway....

After one particular night's five sets of tennis were over, I was taking my time leaving the courts. I had played unusually well, and I was sitting on one of the benches, just sort of reliving my gratifying results.  Those who know me aren't' surprised, I'm notoriously competitive and success-driven. After a bit I noticed that everyone else had called it a night and gone home, but when I picked up my tennis bag and was headed out the gate I noticed that there was someone walking along the far end of the courts. I waited a moment and saw that the other person was a pretty good looking man who was new to the group and I had not played with him that evening.  Again, you know what I mean, TENNIS, I hadn't played TENNIS with him.  Anyway, he seemed to be peering around looking for something.

"Well, maybe I can help," I thought to myself and walked over to him. I saw up close that I recognized him from earlier in the evening, and that I noticed his retro-styled 70's Fila Bjorn Borg tennis shirt, pinstriped, from the 70's.  He was late 20's, not much different in age from the rest of us.  When I got closer to him and could make out more than the shirt I could see he was attractive, short dark hair, and maybe about five foot ten, but with a worried look on his face. 

"You look concerned," I said as I walked up to him. "We haven't met, you must be new.  I'm Dolly. Can I help you look for something?"

"My tennis bag," he answered. "I'm new to this group, in fact I am only temporarily in the area on business, I'm a consulting engineer. But I put my bag down while I was playing and I guess someone walked off with it. Maybe I'm too trusting, but I didn't think a fellow tennis player would do that!"


Okay, let's process.  Lost, check, that means opportunity.  I know, I'm such a sleaze sometimes but if you can't manipulate situations to your sexual advantage then why are we here?  Cripes, is that really my outlook?  *Smiles.  I guess it is!

 "Well, I know most all of these tennis players, and you're right," I said, "I don't think any of them would take a bag that didn't belong to them. Let's look around some more."

Even as I said that, I noticed a dark shape under one of the benches at the far end of the courts. "Over there, under that bench, could that be it?" I asked as I pointed across the courts to the bench at the far end.

"I don't think so," he answered as we walked in that direction, "I wasn't over in that area at all tonight, I don't think."

But sure enough, there was his bag, tucked away under the bench where it couldn't be easily seen. "Oh my gosh," he said, "I guess I must have been over here. These are new tennis courts to me, and I must have gotten confused as to where I had been. Thank you so much," and he extended his hand for a handshake.  Ha! I shook his hand, locked eyes with him, and then clasped my fingers with his, stood on tiptoe and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He smiled, then blushed.  And I was standing close enough to the man in tennis shorts to feel that another part of him had blood flow to it as well.  You know where, down there.  Is everyone with me before we go farther?  Man alone, tennis on a Friday, hard on, Dolly making moves on him....try to keep up.

"I just wanted to make you feel more welcome than just a handshake and I'm glad I helped you find the bag" I said. "Let me walk you to your car. These tennis court lights are on a timer, and since all the other players have left, these lights will go out soon and the only light there will be are some low-intensity security lights. "  

He blushed again, and glanced at the cleavage my tennis blouse just couldn't contain and at my tanned, toned legs.  Even in the moonlight, all my exercise pays off.  Thank you, personal trainer and great genes from my parents!


"Oh, that's nice of you to walk me," he said as we made our way toward the parking lot.

While we walked I learned that his name was Stuart -- "Stu", he insisted, and that he expected to be traveling on business to our area fairly often in the next year.  I processed that into the "plus" column.  Time to eat some Stu for dinner? (See what I did there, little play on words?  Oh come on! Okay, enough jokes, on toward the seduction....) 

"I love to play tennis," he said, "And I try to play a lot at home, but we don't have anything like this group in my home town ." As he said that, sure enough, the tennis courts lights went off, and the area was bathed in the soft glow of the security lighting. He looked into my eyes. His were glowing, too.  Moonlight, or lust?  Did I really care?

 "How romantic," I said, as I squeezed his hand. We stopped at the SUV that was parked at the end of the parking lot. Stuart leaned against it, waiting, like a gentleman, to open the door for me when I got my keys out. 

"I just love tennis," I said, then after a pause added, "And exercise makes me so horny." I took a step closer to Stuart, then reached around him and opened the SUV door. Stu about had his eyes pop out of his head when I then reached up under my little tennis skirt, pulled down my thong, stepped out of it one leg at a time and tossed it into the SUV after teasing him by inhaling my own sexy scent first. I'm sure he got a wonderful view of my firm, no-tan-lines-anywhere bare ass as I tossed my racquet bag aboard and cimbed into the SUV.

"C'mon, silly," I said, looking over my shoulder at his entranced, focused stare. I saw his cock-bulge in his shorts and I wanted it.  "What are you waiting for?" as I found a comfortable place to set myself down to be fucked good by my newest lover Stuart. "You gotta climb in because I need you inside me, c'mon!"


Stuart didn't need a second invitation. 


The back seats of the SUV were down flat and the floor was covered with some kind of blanket and padding layers, like you might use for big dogs to be comfortable on a long trip. I settled in on my back, and Stu followed, straddling me. He pulled the SUV door closed and began undressing once he saw that I was slipping out of what I still had on after I'd already slipped off my thong. I quickly took control of his hardening cock with my slender, manicured fingers while he assisted in the final removal of my tennis top and sports bra. My delicious full  nipples were already hard and ready for tweaking and sucking, but before he could play with them too much I got too horny to wait and leaned up to take his cock in my mouth. I let out a deep sigh as my warm wet mouth tightened around him, causing him to gasp, "oh fuck Dolly your mouth is amazing...."


I soon had a rhythm going, stroking Stu's nice cock with my hand in time with my full sensuous lips and tongue bobbing up and down his sex meat. He reached down and ran his fingers along my already-wet, aroused pussy lips. I was already so wet that Stu's fingers slipped easily between my lips, and he ran his fingers along my body's sexual front door in time with my oral ministrations on his cock. He fumbled a bit in his efforts to stimulate me, later admitting that my mouth and hand felt so good that he lost coordination with my strokes. Not the first time I was so good with my man that he lost count or forgot where he was.

It wasn't long before I had that familiar feeling of a man's cock getting harder and bigger (or so it felt to my experienced, sensitive mouth), and I was preparing for him to cum.


He grunted, "Dolly, if you keep that up I won't be able to hold back." Do men understand that saying something like this means that I'm going to finish him off?  There is no second choice on that island.  I took my mouth away and just looked up at Stu with a little smile and kept on stroking him with my spit-slicked hand. His face was in Wonderland.  Just that smile was all he needed to say, then my mouth was back on him, and in between his gasps and pre-ejaculation grunting he urged me on to "suck me dry, finish me off, taste my cum", and my personal fave, "swallow my love".  Love?  Really?  Sheesh, men, so simple to control!

This was all so unexpected and I was so into the sudden moment that I returned his cock to my hungry mouth and it wasn't but a few seconds later that with a primitive grunt he unloaded his seed into my mouth. My hand strokes urged every bit of cum from him and I took it all except for the final spurt which I let dribble down the corner of my mouth. I licked the last after-climax dribble of cum from the head, then let loose with a giggle.  I was having a great time. From the look on Stu's face, he was, too.

He got so cozily attached to me in the afterglow, what a sweety, he snuggled to my fit, firm, tanned body and took one nipple into his mouth while teasing the other with his fingers. A boy and his toys.  Me?  My head was tilted back in enjoyment. Love making a man so satisfied.  Somewhere in my thoughts was also, "hope he's got another one in him, he's pretty hot and I want him to fuck me.  Hard."

Maybe he was a mind reader, because suddenly he stopped nuzzling and got busy.  He moved down, pushed my legs apart, and darted his tongue just along the edges of my pussy's moist, full, excited lips. I felt myself shudder as Stu's tongue found my clit, and then his fingers joined the stimulation along the edge of my pussy. By now I was so wet! He slid his fingers in and out of me as his tongue massaged my clit, making me let loose with sounds like a kitten would make, just little mews. It wasn't amazing, but it was just perfect for spontaneous casual sex.  I started bucking against his hand, and my sex moisture ran down along my tight, fuckable ass. Again, he must have been a mind-reader, and perhaps heard my thought of "yes, touch my ass" because Stu pushed against my asshole with his thumb, making me groan just as I came from everything he was doing to me, and next his wet thumb slipped into my ass.

"Uhh, uhh, fuck, oh, mmmm, uhh, yes, fuck, don't stop," I panted and shuddered again and again, then I just seemed to collapse while his fingers and thumb were still in me.

And bless his soul, Stu was almost hard again by this time. I was still coming down from my orgasm and Stu pushed my legs up as far as they would go against the roof of the van. "Don't suppose you have a condom, Dolly?" he said in a hesitating voice.  Would he have tried to take me bareback if the answer had been "no, its not like I was expecting any of this", but lucky for him (and me!) I'm always ready.  "Zipper pocket of my racquet bag." 


He was so into fucking me he didn't even comment about the fact that I went to tennis with condoms at the ready.


Once suited up, he spit on his fingers to lube me up but I didn't need the help, my body was fully prepared for a strong entry.  He went balls deep on his first long push, and just ground himself against my pussy. Next he moved back almost all the way out, and then slammed into me again. Not bad, not bad at all, and in a few moments we were matching stroke for stroke.

Just when I thought he might be speeding up toward a premature second blast, he slid his cock out of me and said, "Roll over."


Love it when they don't ask, they just tell me what they want.  And he wasn't even a client.  I obeyed and looked back over my toned shoulder at my new fuck buddy.  This was really a fun Friday night!


"You're so fucking hot, Dolly, this is amazing.  I want to do you from behind." He pulled my ass up firm to his loins and was back inside me.  I love the feeling of being full, like I'm just not complete without cock occupation of my loins.

We began a slow steady fuck with me rocking back against Stu as he pushed into me, "God, I love watching my cock slide into your hairless pussy," I heard his mumble. I couldn't resist wetting my finger tips and running them up and down across my clit.  I'm going to claim most of the credit for the next orgasm I had moments later, but Stu was definitely doing a great job on fucking me.

"Umph," I grunted as my body stopped puckering around his still hard cock.  He'd already cum, how long could he go this time?


"Stu, fuck my ass.  Take me there, you've had the rest of me, your thumb fucked my ass, now fuck my ass with your cock, go on, fuck my ass."

"God damn, Dolly..." he trailed off as he pulled out, scooped out my own pussy fluids and rubbed me all around my asshole. He spit and lubed up his finger real well and pushed it against my hole, and with a little extra effort it popped in. "This first, to get you ready," he said.  He moved his finger into my hot ass a little further, then out a little, then in a little further still until it was all the way in. He lubed up another finger really well, and on his back strokes he managed to slide it into my back fuck door also. "Mmmm, yessss...." I hissed.

"Not long after he drooled more spit down, scooped up more of my body's lubricating fluids, and then I felt him withdraw his fingers and next I had the tip of his hard cock against the rim of my asshole and he pushed. His dick slid in relatively easily because of the preconditioning from his fingers. He went in slow but steady, and I felt my sphincter muscle tight around his penetrating cock. Stu worked in and out, going deeper each time, making me grunt like an animal until he was all the way up in me.

"Yes, baby, just like this, yes in my ass, oh, keep fucking my ass," I moaned.


"You love me fucking your ass, I own your ass."


Okay, I didn't expect him to claim ownership, but I loved that he was so into it that he wanted to talk dirty. 


I just wanted him to keep on fucking my tight, sexy ass with slow, steady strokes, filling me each time. Wow, just an hour or so ago I looked across the tennis courts and noticed this attractive man looking a bit lost, and here I was with his cock buried in my ass, having already swallowed his cum.

He picked up the pace, sliding into me faster and harder. I rocked back against him, again matching Stu stroke for stroke and we slapped together in a frantic rhythm. I could feel the next orgasm rising in me again, and I hoped I'd get to feel his orgasm as well, filling his condom with cum while pulsating in my ass.  Then damnit, he pulled out and pulled off the condom, and told me "turn around, I want to cum on your tits."


Dolly's mission is always to please, so I adjusted to the letdown of the throbbing cock no longer filling my ass, and I turned myself around, looked up at him with cool, ice-bitch slut eyes, and told him, "do it, shoot your married cum on my tits, use me."  I also reached up and worked him with my hand that I'd spit into for lube.  He didn't last long.

"Omigod, omigod, Dolly, yes, I'm gonna cum," he gasped as he erupted onto my tits. The spurts grew smaller each time, his dick started to droop, the tension was all released from his body, and we both collapsed, totally spent, onto the floor of the van.  


We stayed like that for just a few more moments.

"Oh, God," we both said at almost the same time, then laughed at the coincidence. "We need to..." he started and I finished the half-formed thought, "Yes, we do."  We had to get going.


He found his jockey underlayer and his shorts and was busy pulling them on as I put back on my bra and top, then my skirt. We opened the sliding door and slipped out. 

"Jeesh, we really gave your SUV a workout, didn't we?" I remarked. "You might want to air it out. Must smell like a hot orgy in there." 


Stu was about to laugh when his head snapped back around and he looked at me, wide-eyed.

"My van?" he asked. "This isn't my van, my car is over a few spots. I thought this was yours!"

"God, no." I answered, "My little convertible is over there in the next row." We both just stopped and looked at each other, suddenly realizing that we had been fucking in most ways a body allows in someone else's vehicle.

"God, we could have been so caught, couldn't we?" I finally giggled. He had to laugh too, at the thought of what we had gotten away with.

He walked me to my car, now that I'd pointed it out, and as I settled into the seat and started it up, he turned to me. "I love my wife, but I have never been so thoroughly fucked by suck a hot sexy woman," he said, and that gave me a big smile. "If you'd be okay with doing this again, I'll probably be back in a few weeks, and you can be sure I'm going to be looking for you again."

"I can't wait," I replied, "And maybe next time we can pick some place that doesn't belong to someone else." He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, then I saw him in the rear view mirror watching as I drove off.

I chuckled as I looked back to the road, and thought about the SUV. So there I was driving off when I suddenly remembered something. Neither Stu nor I had taken anything out of the SUV except the clothes we had on and the racquets, the rest was as we had left it, so I hoped that whoever owned the SUV didn't have a girlfriend or wife who would get too upset when they found a sex soaked thong and an ass-scented condom with traces of spunk on the inside on the back floor.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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