Sensuous Times In Vegas With Friends

Is it politically incorrect to call a gorgeous warm sunny autumn day by the name, "Indian Summer"?

Is it politically incorrect to call a gorgeous warm sunny blonde from South Florida a sexy piece of ass?

Anyway, as I sit here on a gorgeous Indian Summer type of afternoon, having a skinny girl martini at a water-view outdoor café, I definitely feel like a sexy piece of ass.

Let me tell you why.

Hi, I'm Dolly, I'm in sales.  Luxury sales.  Very exclusively high end.  If you have to ask, then you can't afford what I offer.  People want, crave and lust for what I sell.

I sell time with Dolly.  Interested?  *wink.

I recently met Roger.  Roger was in real estate. He was based in Las Vegas, and after a couple visits in Miami he flew me out to Sin City.  He was in his element there and not standing in line for anything in Las Vegas is a very attractive perk that came with being with Roger.  He flashed around a wad of cash at a fashionable club.  Great table, roped off, with a view, visits at the table from gorgeous hostesses who wanted to flirt with me as much as they wanted to flirt with Rog.  That's what I took to calling him.  Rog.  Rhymes with hodge, or podge, or lodge.  He seemed to want to be even cozier when I called him Rog.

Only thing was, Rog was kinda showy with the cash.  Everyone noticed Rog, and Rog wanted to show off the brick shit house hard body build of his sexy new friend.  His phrase, not mine.  He was talking about me.  What is it with that "brick shit house" phrase.  Guys, get a better compliment that won't make us ladies cringe, please.  But Dolly typically likes a lower profile, more sophisticated, elegant.  And then behind closed doors, then we can get it on however we like.

I was spending time talking with one of the alluring hostesses at this club. Her job seemed to be to stay part of Rog's posse for the evening to make him look important and sexy for the evening.

Can you imagine a woman allowing herself to be paid for such a service?  *wink and a grin on that one!

Then a quiet guy stepped up to Rog, spoke directly into his ear because it was loud, and they shook hands.  Rog indicated to sit down, please, and with a hand wave summoned a hostess.  The sexy gal seemed to be bi-racial, Asian and Caucasian, with long silky straight hair down to her ass in the back. She had her Caucasian parent's green eyes and long legs and olive skin and whether the tits were natural was something that I didn't care one way or the other because simply they looked awesome, and our eyes met and....

And the guy patted her on the hand, seemed to be saying "thanks but I can't stay," and after stopping to check me out, left our elevated mezzanine club retreat and went back to general population.  General population being my name for the main floor of a large public club.

I watched him.  He wasn't gorgeous, but he was handsome enough. He was graying, seemed to be in decent shape for a guy over forty. Sure I could whip him into better shape if I was his personal trainer. Even though looks-wise he was kind of in over his head in this club, confidence-wise, he walked like a man very secure in who he was. He returned to a seat at one of the bars down below, and I saw him slide a twenty to the bar tender who, I surmised, had held his seat for him.

I had to know.

"Rog, who was that nice man, the sport jacket but no tie guy who spoke into your ear.  Is he some kind of gangster, they speak into each other's ears..."  I even used my "ditzy" voice.  Rog was entertaining, but he and I weren't a great fit, if you haven't figured that out.  The half-Asian sex goddess I just described stepped up when she saw me approach Rog and she slid her arm around my waist.  I felt my body respond, or at least the sexual entrance between my legs.

"Rog would love to have us both, together" she said into my ear then nipped my lobe.  Damn.  Smelled enticing, sexy, everything amazing about her.

"You sure he's worthy of the two of us together, darling?" I spoke into her ear, then I licked that ear.  I felt her tremble.  Damn, she and I could probably defy gravity together.

Rog finally decided to answer my question.  "Oh, Jeremy?  He's my money guy.  The financing goes through him.  Sold a property, he let me know it was closed.  He's brilliant, got a tricky deal done on that one.  And then, go figure, he said no thanks to my offer to stay with us here, to keep Ginger company.  But he was interested in who you were, I just told him you're Dolly, my new sexy friend.  He nodded, but still headed off. Though I see his loss is your gain, with you and Ginger arm in arm."

Ginger.  Yes, that was her name.  I smiled at Rog.  "You're sweet to want to share her, Rog."

"Well I'm good at sharing.  Take Jeremy, for example.  If you decided you wanted to get to know him, you know, as a friend,  that would be good too.  Maybe not as good as you and Ginger, but...."

"You'd like to see me and Ginger with you more than me and Jeremy with you, though, right Rog?"

Rog blushed.  "I knew you two together...." he started, but I cut him off.

"Yep, well Rog,  at least as far as Ginger and I go, I feel it, too, but for now how about just the two of us.  Promise I'll have her back before dawn."  And with that I twirled, taking Ginger with me, and we left the private enclave where Rog was holding court and we made our way to the showy glass elevator (very cruise-ship like in its appearance). I sensuously kissed her on the way down.  Oh, how Ginger could kiss.  All responsive, never tried to take the lead with her tongue, but she followed and countered my moves in her mouth, her hands on my breasts, her legs parting to allow my knee in between.  Did she want to scissor with me right there in the club?

We arrived down at general population, temporarily out of Rog's sight because of the way the elevator support was built.  I handed her my phone and told her to put her name and number in.  She did with a sexy French-manicured finger.  When she handed the phone back I took her hand in mine, brought that finger to my lips, then sucked.  She shuddered.

"Soon." was all I said.  Then a peck on her full deep red lips and I turned on my five inch heels and started to make my way toward Jeremy.  He had been interested in me, and I was interested in him. I wanted to find out what was making me so interested. I could feel Ginger's eyes on me.  So much to do in Vegas.

When I got close, I saw that Jeremy was wearing a wedding ring.  Never stopped me before with a man I wanted. Eye contact and a head nod from the bar tender told me that I should stand next to where Jeremy was watching a game on one of the flat screens behind the bar.  And like magic a club host arrived with another high top leather backed bar stool, moved some folks aside, set it down and then offered me a hand to help step up into the stool.  This drew Jeremy's attention.

"You're Dolly, Roger's friend. I saw you with him, did he send you to retrieve me for something else?  He knows how to text me."

I offered my hand, he took it and shook.  Handsome hands on Jeremy.  He seemed to like touching mine, or maybe in the aroused state from my close encounter with Ginger I was imagining that his touch lingered longer than usual.

"He didn't send me, I escaped, " I joked, and Jeremy smiled.  "I saw you, too."

"I see you have a drink, already, can I get you a new one, though?" he offered, and I accepted.  When the next round came (and really fast, too), we clinked glasses.  The small talk while waiting was harmless, about the club and how long we'd each known Roger.

"So Jeremy, if your work with Roger is done, why don't you head home, or is this your favorite sports bar to watch Lakers games?'

"Well, I am a Lakers fan, but this isn't home.  Los Angeles is, which is how I got to be a Lakers fan. Roger flew me in for a couple days, so the choice is watching alone in a suite upstairs or some great people watching down here."  His eyes moved up and down my body, but admiringly, I took it as a compliment, not creepy.

"Or there's what's behind door number three..." I replied, "upstairs could be you and me."

Often when I make my intentions that blatant the man takes a final swig of the drink and then asks for the check.  Jeremy didn't bother with his glass.  He simply stood, and while helping me down from the bar stool told the bar tender, "add twenty five percent and put it on my room please, Freddie."  I clasped fingers with him on the way out of the club and through a sumptuous lobby to the elevators.

 * * * *

I love a man who isn't intimidated by me.  I stay in terrific shape, there isn't much fat on my slim, firm five foot seven inch body.  Having been to the spa that day after my workout, my skin and blonde hair were luminescent. All Jeremy said about me on the way to the elevators was, "I noticed you immediately tonight, you look amazing.  I, I, ...I've never met anyone like you Dolly." He was looking better and better.  Confidence, desire, decisiveness.  Jeremy was going to get what Roger wasn't.  Me  tonight.

* * * *

 I thought about the night before, sex with Rog.  Hey, it’s almost impossible for sex to be bad, especially when I'm participating, so don't take this as a complaint or an insult to Roger.  Average sex is still ... SEX! But afterward, when Rog had taken his leave and it was me all alone, I'd crawled into bed, and dragged my fingers across my D-cup breasts. My body rapidly responded to the sensual feel of my skilled hands on my skin. I'd been excited by this trip to Vegas, even though I knew and understood that Rog and I were... well, we weren't exclusive and there were no restrictions discussed and he'd told me, "I like variety, Dolly, you understand, right?"  But since I'd landed at McCarran, I'd been as horny as I could remember; and my nightly masturbation had become a ritual to help me try to fulfill that need. I closed my eyes, played with my breasts, ran my hands across my slim tight toned midsection and thighs, and dipped three strong fingers into my smooth, sweet sexy pussy. I love how responsive my body is. I fingered my clit and used a toy inside my pussy as well as my favorite outside the body toy--my Dolly dates know the one--four out of five dentists recommend it-- in just the right spot for a series of blindingly hot orgasms before falling into a deep happy sleep.

* * * *

We got to the elevator, there was a crowd even at the private concierge elevator, and he pulled back on my hand, waiting for the next one. "Damn Dolly you do look amazing. Turn around for me."

 I complied.

He looked at my shoes. "Gucci?"

 My face broke out in a broad smile, "No, but love that you wanted to try to know about ladies' shoes as an excuse to look at my legs?"

"Caught me, you, look great. I'm a leg man, but, well, I like everything I'm seeing.  It’s not like that at home."  He nodded at his ring.

I leaned in, our eyes still meeting even at close range. "Duly noted.  If she's not upstairs waiting for us, then it’s all good."

"It's all good, Dolly."

There was no one else around, and I grabbed his package through his pants.  He was hard, and his size felt like Goldilocks liked it.  "Not too big, not too small.  Just right."

With my other hand I let my fingers brush against his. I stood close.  I wanted to feel intimate.  I wanted to be his.  At least for the night.  Jeremy signaled that he wasn't used to a woman coming on so strong not by acting intimidated, but by talking a bit about of his wife. A good sign, I thought. She was on his mind so he probably didn't cheat regularly. I fancied the hope that this might even be the first time, but who was I kidding as he came to Vegas regularly.

The elevator opened again and this time it was just us.  Although a couple, somewhat older, in their late 40's, early 50's I estimated, passed by and watched as I slipped my arm into his and we prepared to board.  The gentleman recognized two people in heat and couldn't take his eyes off me, and I smiled and winked. "Looks like you and your wife need get to your room as quickly as possible" he said, which made his wife's head spin.  I was just going to blush, but Jeremy responded, "Oh, she's not my wife, my wife's not here." Unfortunately for this gentleman, his wife noticed how he stared at me, and hearing Jeremy's blatant proclamation of extramarital heat, she was pissed at her husband having been so turned on. Their fight would rage deep into the night.

After the elevator door closed I turned to Jeremy and gave him the steamiest kiss he'd ever known. My tongue moved through his mouth like molasses, slowly setting a passionate fire to his tongue and lips. His body trembled and his legs shook.  Confidence is one thing, but being Dollified is another.  You like that phrase, being "Dollified"?  Yes, I was taking over his mind, body and soul sexually.  God I was turned on that night!  By the time the door opened I effortlessly turned and slipped my arm back into his. For the walk down this hallway, anyway, we were a model of propriety. Except for when I lifted onto my tip-toes, just a bit thanks to my heels, to huskily mumble into his ear, "Jesus, I want to fuck you." Then I nipped his ear.  Big night for me and ears.

Jeremy's suite was on the hotel's top floor. It offered a wonderful view of the Strip. I walked to the window. In its reflection I could see him staring at me. Was he in my power, under my spell, or being driven by his own lust and desire?  Probably didn't matter, all those roads led to the same orgasmic destination.   I knew he was mine, but I also know the male ego. I walked towards him, my stride seductive and languid. "I know you're married and I respect that. If you want me to leave I will, it’s just that, well, I've been divorced for three years and I meet so few attractive men with brains and confidence. Jeremy, everything about you, the way you carry yourself.... Tonight, just tonight, make me yours? No one will ever know. Not Roger, not your wife."

I thought I knew what was going on in his head. While he wanted me more than he'd ever wanted a woman, he was a mortal man after all and I confess I am aware I can come on strong.  Perhaps there were lingering thoughts of his wife. So that's why I had offered him the chance to play the good knight, letting him know that not only would he be satisfying his rampaging lust, but that he'd be helping a woman in need. He looked down, then back into my eyes.  He smiled. His body pulsed with desire. I was standing directly in front of him. He growled and threw his arms around me, pulling my body to his as our mouths met in a desperate needy kiss.

As our frantically dueling tongues leaped from his mouth to my mouth, my hot red manicured fingers slid under his tie and, using my superb dexterity, deftly loosened it. I unbuttoned his shirt's top two buttons and took hold of his tie, leading him to the bedroom. Pushing him back onto the bed, I reached behind my neck, unfastened my dress' clasp, and pulled it over my head, tossing it over a chair and shaking my head to let my blonde hair fall back into place to the middle of my back. I was wearing a tiny pair of black panties that barely covered my baby-smooth, already well-moistened sex, a translucent lacy black shelf bra through which my hard nipples were fully visible, and heels. He stared at me, trying to speak.

On all fours I crawled on to the bed. I took off my shoes, tossing them on a chair near my dress, sacrificing the fetish of fucking with my heels still on for the safety of nobody getting poked with a stiletto. I ran my strong fingers across his chest, pulled off his tie, draped it around my own neck, and unbuttoned his shirt. I opened it and pushed up his tee shirt, kissing his chest and dragging my heavy breasts across his chest while moving up to his nipples, which I licked and sucked hard, making him gasp, "oh fuck, Dolly...". When I was done using my mouth to introduce my sexual appetite to his body, there I was, on all fours, holding myself above him.

He was staring at my breasts. I got on my knees and undid my bra. "Are you a breast man, too, Jer? I hope so. Mine are very sensitive."  He didn't flinch that I'd shortened his name.  I love doing that, like I do with Rog.  A form of taking control over my lovers.  No one has ever complained.

Jer answered by lunging for my breasts, covering them with kisses before taking them into his mouth. No starving child ever sucked a breast with more need than he did to me. I was thrilled as he teased, kissed, and sucked my tits.  After Jer spent several happy minutes feasting on my boob-flesh, I pulled away. Then I stifled his unhappy groan by ramming my tongue into his mouth, kissing him with wild abandon, exploring the hidden crevices of his mouth. I felt his boiling need and that he, normally a strong and decisive man, had ceded control to me. Oh God, I love the feeling of a man surrendering to me. Yet at the same time, he felt strong.  Controlled but in control?  Was it possible?  Stop overanalyzing, Dolly, and fuck this boy!

I reluctantly ended the kiss and turned his head to whisper in his ear, "On baby, you make me so hot. I need you to fuck me, hard and deep and all night long.” I fondled his raging hard-on through his pants. ”You know, Jer, I hope you don't think I'm a slut, but it’s just like I like, nice and hard and perfectly sized to fill me, thrill me, but not hurt or kill me." I undid his zipper and ran my hands inside his pants, taking his hot throbbing cock in my needy cock-stroking hand.

In fact, he wasn't all that big, maybe a shade larger and thicker than normal, but at the moment that was how I felt, that he was perfectly sized.  "Perfectly sized cock" is a range, not one particular measurement.  Most normal men need not worry, they fall into the range of perfect.  Not that I complain when I do meet someone with a bit of extra dick size, but I'm not hung up on it.

I swung off Jer and dragged his pants and underwear off his body. His hard cock sprang to attention. God I was in heat! I licked my lips as I stared at it, fondling my breasts with one hand and slipping my other hand into my teeny panties. I felt like I was in a dream. He was watching my hands. "Do you like it when I touch myself, Jer?" The look on his face was all the answer I needed. "It's just that you make me so, what's the word you guys like, horny." I nonchalantly removed my now well soaked panties.  Looking back, wished I'd sniffed, or draped them on his face, they must have contained the essence of pure sex and lust!  But what was more important at the moment was that I was naked. Despite the fact that he was married, and that he loved his wife, at that moment she pretty much didn't exist in either of our minds.  Jer later told me that he was thinking "I'm going to fuck one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, I've never seen such a sexy woman; my God, she's sexuality incarnate."

And not to jump ahead, but the second Jer told me those thoughts, which took place later, I sucked him back to hardness and rolled a fresh condom on him and rode him until his dick gave out and he couldn't maintain yet another hard on any longer.  Love riding one until it has no more to give.

But at that moment, not knowing his thoughts, though I could have guessed the general subject matter from the look on his face, I was still reveling in my control over this sexual conquest:   "Lie back and just don't worry about a thing, Jer baby! I'm going to make you come until you can't breathe." I took his erection in my hand, feeling the heat of his body and the crown of his cock in my mouth, lavishing attention on it with a wildly lashing tongue. He could have rammed his cock deep into my mouth, but in the face of the raw animal sexuality I was displaying, he stopped. He knew he would love letting me continue to be in control.

I stroked and teased his shaft as I fed on his dick, savoring the taste of the pre-cum dripping from him. As I took more and more of him into my lusty mouth I gently stroked his heavy balls with my fingertips. When the head of his tool reached the back of my mouth I kept going and was able to fit the head of his cock to the opening of my throat. I'm Dolly, and I didn't gag.

Jer looked like he was in heaven, his head propped up on pillows as he watched in amazement while my face slid over his cock until my nose reached his pubic hairs.

Oh, I  considered letting him cum down my throat, which makes a man feel like a king (and I  love, love, love making a man feel like a king) but at that moment little ol' occasionally selfish me had a more pressing need. That week I had been living in a constant state of arousal, continuously yearning for someone to stuff a hard dick in my hot horny pussy. Okay, I confess.  I'm nearly always in the state of arousal I just described.  I guess it was that super full moon that was on the news or something.   So I put on a show, slowly letting the fully aroused, engorged cock slither from my mouth and straddled my latest lover, and took hold of his dick, aiming it at my open wet pussy. I paused, bit my lip to let him think I was debating whether or not to make him wear a condom (not that there was a chance of bare-backing, but sometimes it can be sexy to tease).

He made it a moot point, and said, "protection"?  Good boy.  I had one within arm's reach -- when don't I?-- It took just a second, done mostly while my eyes were locked on his, my lips apart, my heart beating, my fingers knowing how to prepare a fuck-ready hard-on for safe sexual encounters without having to look.

"Dolly, I can't remember wanting so badly to be fucked. God, look at you, your body is toned and groomed to perfection, your gorgeous tits with your nipples erect, your sexy blonde hair shining like that, your face so filled with lust, your full red lips with a perfect smile."

Jer's face was a combination of awe and lust. Here he was, practically worshipping me, and knowing that sexually I would conquer him. This was going to be a great ride.  Effortlessly holding my body in the air, I fit the head of his now-protected cock to my moist, waiting pussy lips and looked at my partner for the night.

"I'm going to use you as my fuck-toy all night long. You don't mind, do you?" He shook his head no and I leisurely slid my hot sex down his pole, feeling my pussy lips and cunt expand and mold themselves to the throbbing shaft.

We both looked at the mirror, admiring for the moment our bodies merged in carnal need. I ran my hands from my breasts across my flat stomach and down my sleek but powerful legs, finally resting on my knees.

I shut my eyes, focusing on the burning need between my legs. My hands moved to Jer's flesh, feeling him, kneading his muscles, some light clawing. I concentrated on my pussy muscles, letting them ripple on the man-meat that filled me with absolute control; Jer, moved his hips in time with the bed's slow sway as I rocked almost imperceptibly back and forth.

As I  flexed the muscles of my sex tunnel I felt Jer's hard cock against my g-spot. I needed him. "Jer, I want it! Fuck me baby, do me, go for it, make me hurt. Do you like my juicy pussy baby, because I know I like your big hard fat dick." I placed his index and middle fingers on the sides of my clitoris and moved them up and down, showing him exactly how to touch my body. He was a compliant pupil. He clearly would do anything I wanted.  And what I wanted was for him to fuck my brains out.

As I rode him, gripping him with my pussy as he slowly increased the upward pressure with which he thrust up into me, I felt it. You know, "It".  "It" was in my cock filled sex cavity and the pit of my stomach, it was growing. Oh yes, I wanted it. I closed my eyes as a short, powerful, delicious orgasm rippled through me. My moist lips parted, letting out a delighted whimper. Another orgasm came, then another, my body jolting and shaking with each impact. I rode the waves of my orgasms like a skilled surfer. When my eyes opened, Jer was watching in awe; he must never have seen a woman come like this before.

Sometimes I get focused on the man's pleasure.  Other times I get greedy.  This was a greedy night.  Michael Douglas was right in "Wall Street" -- "Greed is good; Greed works."  I knew another mind-bending orgasm lurked inside my body. "Oh fuck, so good, I want it, yes Jer, keep fucking me like this...."

I leaned forward, placing my hands besides Jer's head, and stared into his eyes. I was insistent and demanding, like a bitch in heat ordering her man to perform, "Fill me up, big daddy, fuck my tight hole! Make me scream with that rock hard fucking steel dick of yours!" I rocked back and forth, sliding my slick, fully energized pussy up the length of his thick cock until only its head remained embedded in me, before pushing back, burying him back inside me like I never wanted to let him leave. The subtly of a few minutes ago was gone; this was the raw hard fucking of two animals in heat.

Jer was sweating, I noticed, and I realized that I had worked up a nice sheen of perspiration myself, mesmerized by the carnal intensity of this liaison.  Jer, pushed hard into me, trying to keeping up with the sexual demon I had become.  So I had wanted him to fuck my brains out when I had mounted him?  We had for sure arrived at that destination.  I was just rutting now, with him gasping, "Your pussy  .... so tight ... God, you've got .... sexual energy ... so raw hot..."

I guess Jer wanted to try to show me that he was my sexual equal.  "You little slut, I'm going to fuck you till you can't walk!"

"That's it baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Deeper! Harder! Faster!"  I decided to let the "little slut" comment go.  It was in the moment.  I mean, how dare he, right?  Little?  Bullshit -- I was a great BIG slut, sexy and unstoppable.  Little.  Huh.

Sweat dripped from me, drops of it fell from my nipples to his chest. There was a load of cum churning in his balls. I sensed how close he was and demanded in a lust-soaked voice, "Don't you dare come until I say so! I can't believe what you're doing to me. Do not stop!" He gritted his teeth, fighting off his orgasm, obsessed with trying to please me.  And doing a nice job, very nice job.

This was amazing, I loved it, this married man, all mine, a prop in my sexual world. The pleasure and thrill were too strong, I couldn't hold out. I arched my back and screamed in joy as a final orgasm rammed into and through my body. Jer, riveted by the sight of me exploding above him, let out a deep grunt and shot his cum into the condom that was covering his dick while it was buried deep in my body.

Afterwards I lay in his arms as he ran his hands over my body. He had pleased me, and he knew it. At 3:00 A.M. he got up to go to the bathroom and returned to find me starting to get ready to go. I said nothing, just smiled.  He said, "I know, I get it."

He'd been amazing.  I've received so many lovely tips and gifts from men, I wanted to give one to him.

"If you didn't mind me staying just a little bit longer...." and he cut my sentence off, "yes, stay."  He took my wrist, firm, controlling, but not hurting me, and brought me in close.

"Jeremy, thank you..." I started, then I stopped talking and kissed him, and not gently, either.  Then I finished what I had started earlier, taking his cock down my throat and letting him come directly into my stomach. Then I wrapped my lean, sexy strong runner's legs around his head, pinning his face to my sexual essence, and his lips and tongue knew what to do. "Got dressed too soon," I thought to myself as I came and came again. After a few hours sleep I joined him in the shower, pushing him against the shower wall and then, standing on my toes, dropping my wet pussy to rub against the underside of his shaft, until his erection could take no more and he blew his hot heavy cream between our bodies, only to have it quickly washed away.

He canceled his appointment with Rog and another one on top of that.  "She's fine" I heard him say, presumably responding to a question about me from Rog.  "And thank you."

"Thank you for what?  Did Rog tell you he wanted me to hook up with you?  He didn't, this was me, me seeing you and wanting you."

"I know, Dolly, he's way too self-centered to have brought you here for someone else.  Except maybe for Ginger, but even that's really for his pleasure.  But someone saw us leave, and now he has to save face by claiming that you and me was his idea.  Makes him happy to think I believe it."  We returned to the bed, screwing until late morning, when I finally had to head back to my suite.  We had sexually bonded, took each other's full measure.  Whatever you want to call it.  Felt like so much more than a hook up or a fucking.

I saw Ginger at the pool cabana much later. Amazing body, nothing huge or defined, just fit and beautiful.  She fed me a frozen grape from a plate. I was too sore for a cock.  But Ginger, she might be just what I needed, I remember thinking.

"Was this your first time making love with Jeremy?"

"Yes, how did you know we, I mean he and I ... ? " She caught me off guard.  Wait, "making love"?

"Well, the heat between the two of you was pretty intense, you didn't come to work out at the spa this morning, and your face is absolutely radiant."

I could tell that I was blushing, "Is it that obvious?"

Ginger leaned forward, placing a hand on me. It felt nice. "No, I was looking for you, my eyes followed you last night and, I hope this doesn't sound too strange - I've only really known you a few days - but I feel a special connection with you, like we've been friends a long time. And I'd like to know you better. More."

"I'd like that." I felt her nails drag on my flesh, as if to pull me toward her.  Though not right then and there, I suspected soon, and not just once, that it would happen."

"Well, don't give me too much of your love too fast, especially after you hear the rest of what I want to tell you. You see, Jeremy and I, well, I guess it’s called friends with benefits, when he's away from home, and I know why you are glowing like you are, isn't the  sex amazing?"

"Yeah, it was off the charts last night. And when I..." and then I stopped, embarrassed. I was lost in her green eyes. 

 Ginger knew what I meant. "Yeah, I know, and he texted me and let me know to make sure you were okay, to make sure you knew he felt something, that you're special, and hopes you can understand that his marriage is complicated but that if you're okay, he'd like to see you again.  But he only told me to pass along that message after I told him I knew and how happy I was for you both. He's hard to share. If my husband had been that good in bed we'd still be married. But seeing as you're also friends with Roger, I'm hoping that means you didn't come here to meet a husband, just to build special friendships."


When had my fingers interlocked with Ginger's? Her skin was shimmering.  Was that the desert heat playing tricks with my eyes?  A touch of glitter in her body lotion?  The after effects of a night and half the next day too of sex with Jeremy? The night and next day that had made my coochie sore.  A good kind of sore, but still, tender and too hard fucked to play again.  Except that Ginger would be using her tongue, and her touch on my skin let me know her fingers would be heavenly on my intimate spots even in this condition.  I was so lost in these thoughts that I hadn't seen her face draw so close to mine.  So beautiful and exotic...

Ginger's lips softly met mine, just a hint, a wisp of more intimacy to follow.  "Anyway, Roger got called away and our suites and accounts are open ended on him, so whatever Jeremy has gotten set up for him, it’s working.  I'm hoping you can stay a few extra days at least?"

"Sure," I smiled, and Ginger poured then handed me a celebratory glass of champagne.

"What are we toasting to?" I asked after a clink and a sip.

"You," Ginger said, then she set her glass down and strolled in a way that we usually only see Beauty Pageant contestants do in a bikini and heels. My eyes lingered on her swaying ass. God, I thought, that woman is sexy. And then my thoughts turned to Jeremy, too.  As I slipped again and watched her, I knew I would be with her before I left Las Vegas.  What I did not know for sure, but certainly hoped, was that I would be seeing Jeremy again, soon, and often.


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