Christmas Party Leads to Pleasure. As You Knew It Would.

Would it be a cliché to get laid in connection with an office Christmas party?


What if it wasn't my office party?


What if I wasn't even a guest at the party?  (Come to think of it, there was a different time I did go to a Christmas party as a guy's date. He found out he was getting passed over for partnership and decided to get drunk. I ended up spending the night with the partner who didn't give my date the promotion right after my date got arrested for vandalizing the partner's car in the parking lot.  Waaaay too much to drink.  I figured an evening of Dolly sexing the guy to the edge of his ability to withstand pleasure might get him to not fire my date, and to drop the charges.  Well, that and paying for all the repairs.  That partner I fucked was married, wasn't getting laid much, I gathered, and was so damned appreciative of me taking him inside me three different ways.  Sigh.  So Mr. Drunk Date and I didn't see each other again after that night.  I did have a few more visits with Mr. Vandalized car married appreciative partner guy.  But this is a huge digression--I'm not writing about that time ....)


The Christmas party that resulted in me getting laid when it wasn't my party and it wasn't my office and I wasn't at the party as a date was actually a random situation. One of my dearest girlfriends, Miranda. I mean we're friends, okay, that's all, no sex.  She's too busy with her catering business to explore the inherent bi-curiosity every woman with a sexy body should have.  She's a party planner.  And a few of her servers were out with a stomach bug that was going around.  She was desperate.  "Dolly, this is so beneath you, but I don't know where else to turn, please, you're my dear friend, and you know wines and look amazing....."


So I said yes.  I mean, Miranda told me I look amazing.  Which made my coochie pucker and twitch.  Miranda is hot, she and I do yoga together.  She and her husband are mostly happy.  But I know something Miranda doesn't:  her husband shared with her that he wants to have a three-way with me.  So Miranda knows that her husband, Chet, wants me.  She just doesn't know that I know. 


Chet told me after I stayed and helped carry a few things to Miranda's van after a fundraiser for dog rescue that she planned.  I was basically poured into a tight, cleavage-accentuating dress that evening which did not permit me to wear anything underneath because there was no way to hide the lines.  Chet had consumed just enough alcohol for it to act as truth serum.


"I wish you would come home with me and Miranda and let us both fuck you, Dolly, you are so gorgeous, I've always wanted to fuck you since I first saw you."


"Well, Chet, um, don't play coy with me young man, what are you hinting at?" I replied.  Then I burst out laughing.  And hugged Chet. 


So many funny things.  Like, Chet is nobody's young man.  Miranda is his third wife.  He has grown children.  Miranda is the same age as his daughter.  Oh, the taboo possibilities on just that fact alone.  Chet is handsome as hell, older gent notwithstanding.  And Miranda and I had made out on a dare for a one thousand dollar donation to the rescue group that night.  Slowly and passionately.  The thousand dollar slutty bi-face-sucking was not on the agenda.  It was unscripted.  And Chet still had a stiffie from watching.


Damn, that girl can kiss.


"Seriously, Dolly, I saw you sucking her tongue, your hands on her ass, that's been my fantasy for years, you two and then I get to fuck you both, Miranda knows, I've told her."


So when Miranda needed an extra server for the Christmas party she was putting on, I thought, "maybe Miranda will be super grateful." 


I said yes.


Short black skirts, white crisp shirts, tied at the midriff to expose tight abs.  So really, Miranda could only ask an in-shape girl to help out.




Chet pinched my ass when he saw me as a server.


I squeezed a handful of mature, three-times married and nearing age sixty dick right through Chet's pants.  Turnabout is fair play.


Promises, promises.


I brought drink orders to party-goers from the bar, kept the drink tray near my tits to direct people's eyes, and during the course of the evening I brought glasses of wine, beers, and mixed drinks to the surprisingly sexy guests.


What sort of company was this?


"Social media marketing, Dolly" Miranda told me. I was only half listening. I was picturing me sixty-nining with Miranda while Chet fucked my ass. Yes, I really do get lost in such thoughts throughout the day.  


"What exactly does Social Media Marketing mean, Miri?"


My sexy friend smiled. I only called her Miri when I was horny for her, I'd confessed one night after a couple frozen margaritas. 


"For this company, it means everything that's chic, trendy, millennial, popular, superficial, and sexy."


"Whatever, Miri, your party is filled with hotties."


She just smiled.


After a couple of company speeches and some toasts and the food buffets being made available, the music got better and the party seemed to be hitting its peak.  Which is when I felt hands on my hips from behind.


"Dear, I know you want to fuck me, and it’s cool with your wife, and sure, I'd want to, but she's my friend...."


I felt a hard cock press up against my ass, making my tight, wet (surrounded by hotties, after all) pussy tingle, and then I heard an unfamiliar voice say, "so you're saying there's a chance ..."


I spun on my heels, and it wasn't Chet.  I was mortified.


"Oh my God, I thought you were ...."


"Well since we haven't me, whomever it was, that's not who I am."  His hands were still on my hips, and his hardon was now pressed into my abdomen.  He was more distinguished than genuinely handsome, but he had a presence, a substance, if you will, about him.


In other words, a man I'd definitely consider fucking.


"I'm Dolly" I said.


"Steve" he replied and shook my hand.  I glanced at his other hand.  Wedding ring.


"My wife doesn't have any friends named Dolly.  So does that mean you and I are in the clear to fuck?"


I blushed.  I smiled.  He had his answer.

*************************************************** LATER


The black skirt and white shirt were on the floor, the heels by the side of the bed after we decided they were just too hazardous to continue fucking while I wore them, and my lacy bra and lacy bikini panty, again white on top and black on the bottom, same as the shirt and skirt, were at the foot of the bed.  When Steve came back to the bed after depositing his condom in the toilet and flushing, he brought a warm moist wash cloth for my well fucked pussy and a bottled water for the thirst I'd worked up riding his cock in cowboy and reverse cowboy positions.


Steve snuggled in next to me.  We were both sweaty, he was a pretty vigorous fucker, and my manicured fingers wandering through his wet chest hair, mmmmm, it just seemed so intimate.


Intimate, but with a complete stranger.  With whom I'd spontaneously decided to set down the drink tray and just leave the party (not like I was getting paid for the party, and with Steve at least I was getting laid) and he took my upstairs.  Lived up in Boynton Beach, didn't want to drive drunk so he'd taken a room at the hotel.  And we'd used it, oh had we ever.  Come to think of it, given the mouth magic he'd played on my clit and pussy, even rimming my sweet slutty puckered back-door (we dragged each other into the shower first for foreplay, take it easy and don't get all weirded out by the tongue in the ass portion of our game playing), and then the fully devoted embracing, deep kissing, silently fucking, grunting, gasping, a few "oh yeah's" or "fuck, oh yes, right there, keep going" with our limbs entangled, maybe we weren't such strangers.


"I like the way you fuck, Steve.  You treat a woman right."


"You're a fucking amazing piece of woman, Dolly.  This was the craziest most amazing sex I've ever had, just meeting you like that."


It’s not like we'd been flirting or eyeing each other all night.  Turned out Steve actually just thought he was going to flirt after checking me out and that he would try to get my phone number when he put his hands on my hips.  Looks like he got the bonus package.  But we really had worked well together.  It’s fun when it works that way,


We fucked again, doggy-style followed by cowgirl, and then I pulled that condom off him and sucked his man-juice all down and licked his dick clean.


Two hours in the room including another shower afterward and all the sex and small talk and swapping contact info.  Definitely want to play around with him again.


And then Chet and Miranda saw me get off the elevator when I was back in the lobby.  I started to explain, "I know I said I could help you but there was a friend of mine I hadn't expected to see ...."  Nice when friends are close enough that fuck-buddy hookups are a defense to leaving your friends in a lurch.


They weren't having any of it.


"Save it Dolly, we saw you get picked up and decide to go fuck.  So totally hot that you do that.  We'd just love you to do that with ol' Chet here, I want to see him rock your body."


Well, well, turns out Chet was telling the truth.  Miranda was cool with me fucking Chet.


Luckily, Steve hadn't been overly big or rough or anything, so I was really just kind of warmed up and turned on rather than sore from our sex upstairs at the hotel.


And Miranda was going to be in the room.  But I still had questions.


"So, you're cool I fucked one of your clients' employees."


"I was kind of hoping you would, and lucky me, you did get picked up by a member of their executive council.  So I should get more business from them in the future.  They hire hot people, they have lots of un-documented sex on the down low, they'd all lose their marriages if they got caught, so I knew having you at their Christmas party would help.  I was ready to do more than just the catering, and in fact I did suck one guy off," Miranda told me.  Huh?


"It was so hot watching her suck him, Dolly, did you see that tall, ripped black guy, lean body like a basketball player or something, God it was so hot watching the contrast in his dark hand gripping her hair and that mahogany shaft splitting her sexy mouth, I love when Miri sucks or fucks a brotha..."


Okay, again, more information about which I had not previously known.  Sometimes you don't really someone even when you think you do. 


Miranda blushed. I looked at her with a "huh?  you wanna 'splain this to me?" sort of a look on my face.


"I had a black boyfriend in college."


"Ha!  Boyfriend! That's bullshit..."  Chet was calling her a liar. 


Miranda sighed.  "Maybe technically he wasn't my boyfriend, but I fucked him more in college than anyone else so that makes him something."


"Makes him your white ass's master black cock, makes him your bull, makes you his white bitch cum slut...." Chet continued, and in fairness, his pants were bulging, so it clearly turned him on that she was into fucking black men.


"Dolly, anyway, thanks for helping and fucking Steve tonight.  It all helps.  Hope you had fun."


And before I could say anything else Chet chimed in, "now you're going to come home with us and fuck me and then get to know Miri much more intimately, too, aren't you?"


Okay, I'd been played.


I was going to get to fulfill my Miri fantasy.


Fucking Chet was sounding more fun with Miri there, and maybe she and I might team up, you know, share his dick, ride him facing each other and make out and tweak each other's tits and finger each other's clit while Chet got his thrills.


So yes, maybe it was a cliché to go have so much sex at the office Christmas party and afterward, too.


But damn, it was such a good cliché.


And I'm not even including when Chet tried to show me the video he'd made of Miri sucking her black buck, and how worked up watching that video made all three of us.  God it was hot, and Chet had zoomed in for a close up of her perfect French manicure and wedding and engagement and anniversary bands on her slender finger stroking that thick blacksnake, then wrapping it and guiding it in to occupy her pussy.


Merry Christmas.  Let me know if any of you want to hire me to go to your office parties this holiday season.  So hot, very hot. Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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