Winter Passion



Some cities are better equipped for a major snowfall than other cities.  Hint:  Don't get stuck in Atlanta if there is snow or ice expected.  Just don't.  Great town, good luck to their Falcons in the upcoming Super Bowl and all that, and a wink-wink hello to my several friends there.  Especially that one guy -- you know who you are.  He had the best, funniest excuse for premature ejaculation I ever heard, "Now I get to have you work my cock with your magic mouth for the next fifty-eight minutes with no possibility that I might cum and be done...'cuz I'm already done!"  Sure, he's not a long lasting lover, but he OWNS it and makes it part of the fun!  His other line, "My wife says its better this way, she can let me fuck her and she still has time to get showered, do her hair and makeup and get dressed for work in the morning."    Moving on from Atlanta, Minnesota is pretty well prepared, no surprise there, and the downtown buildings are connected.  Venture north of the border into Montreal, the subway stations are connected to stores and restaurants and it’s practically an underground city.  Just remember you have to bring legit, real name ID for customs.  What, you think perhaps my passport might say something other than "Dolly Jewel"?  *Wink!


Anyway, you might have seen some of the recent snow jams in much of the country.  My recent snowed-in experience was in a city that was a special request not appearing on my website calendar, so I can't identify the city.  But it was north of where I live (Duh!) and pretty well prepared with mass transit that kept running, connected buildings, and quality pubs, fitness clubs, liquor and wine stores, groceries, hotels and malls all accessible despite the weather.  No, I wasn't staying at either Mall of America or that massive mall in Edmonton. 


It was cold, I was still warm.


Hot, in fact.  I'd had the couple of VIP special dates who convinced me to add their city to my early 2017 adventures, and they convinced me to extend my stay, they re-booked my ticket for me, got me the extra nights in my suite without having to change rooms... and then one of them who had an entire day of my extra time in town booked got snowed in at his suburban location.  Though he couldn't make it into downtown, he had everything he needed where he was.  Well, except me.  What a sport, he had paid me (for my time, of course!) in advance at the end of the first date and then just told me, "keep it, we'll cross paths again sometime down the road".  My message to him, "get a physical and make sure your heart is strong before that make-up date."


So I had room service, vegan and organic choices, a killer-equipped fitness center, everything I could want.  Except a dick to suck and ride and fill my ass with.  What's a girl to do?


The bartender, Christopher, was cute but gay, though since he was charming as hell and was keeping my wine glass full and refusing my tips (I should be paying you for the sexy company, sweetheart, if only there were more men in here for you to attract, maybe I could snag your leftovers and lure them to the dark side....I snorted wine out my nose I laughed so hard at him!).  A few folks passed through.


There was one guy, somewhere in his sixties, balding, but a jovial face to go with a cute pudgy body of a man who'd been behind a desk for forty years.  Said his name was Gary.  His eyes took a full inventory of me.  I hung on his every word.  He was in town through the end of the week.  I sensed a nice bonus for him and someone to cure my need for cock, all "on the house" considering the circumstances.  And then he said, "well I hope I'll see you around again."  And then the fucker stood up and left!


I was crushed!


Which was when I heard, "What a jerk.  I'd love to fuck you if you'll let me, since Mr. Clueless just dropped the ball."


My nipples hardened.  My coochie went up in temperature and the moisture content increased down there as well.


The voice was female!  Think, "Kathleen Turner" back in her Body Heat days.  Red nails, rust colored satin blouse, black short skirt, tight, showing a trim figure though not an overtly fitness type, she was tight where a lady would want to be, soft where a man would want her to be.  She had medium brunette hear just past her shoulders, hazel eyes. Her long legs ended in black satin fuck-me-pumps with an extreme six inch heel. Her lips were glossed with metallic slightly chocolate leaning toward rust lipstick, (it went great with her skin tone and the orange blouse), and a pout that would otherwise have been ready to suck cock. Had there been a cock attached to me.  Which only left nipples, my rapidly slickening pussy, and my own hungry mouth (love to kiss a really hot woman!).  She looked to be early thirties, and wore a nice diamond engagement and wedding set.  Her manicure matched her blouse.

My hot little MILF, ready to fuck.


"Hello" she said.  She introduced herself as "Janet".


"Dolly" I replied.  She said she knew, she'd been eavesdropping.  I hadn't even seen her.  How had I missed her?


Another Crown Royal on the rocks was set down in front of her, and the bartender exchanged winks with her.  Janet nodded toward him.


"Christopher and I are buddies.  I comp his mineral waters in the spa, and sometimes lend him a treatment room when he has a boy he wants to get friendly with and needs privacy, and he pours my drinks.  Management knows but since we each develop great local clientele to augment the business travelers, they look the other way.


Of course!  The health club manager!  She knew my name from my sign ins!


Janet leaned in to speak directly into my ear, not that anyone was around to hear and the music was soft to allow normal conversation. Not the usual music, I didn't think, what with the snow and all.  Christopher had put on his favorite Adele tunes.  Janet's hot breath on my ears was making me start to forget that I had my heart set on dick that night, and now with the snow out from my VIP and the abrupt cluelessness of Mr. Bald Man, perhaps Janet could lure me to the female version of what Christopher called, "the dark side", i.e., hot sex with a member of the same sex.

I felt Janet's hand slide across my ass, her nails dragging, as she asked, "Does that feel good, Dolly? You like how my hand is on your sexy tight ass like that? Do you want me to play with your sweet ass, the one you've kept firm with lunges and everything else all while you've been here? Oh, and I planned ahead since I couldn't go home--the spa doesn't close in this town just because of weather, so I brought overnight things.  Like including my husband.  He's hot.  And I share. I can't wait to get fucked. Would you like him and me to fuck you, too, Dolly."


[This is the part where you cut to the video of Madeleine Kahn signing "Oh sweet mystery of life at last I've found you!" when the creature fucks her with his big monster cock in "Young Frankenstein.  Or where Mike Myers says, 'Schwing!" in Wayne's World.] 


I licked my lips and placed my hand on her knee, then dragged up her thigh.


I looked over at Christopher, who'd heard everything.  "She's cool, go for it sweety, her husband is the local managing partner of the ownership group of the hotel, how else do you think the wanton slut keeps her job, don't believe that local clientele bullshit" he told me with a huge grin. 


So I turned to face Janet saw her blush and shrug her shoulders.  "guilty" she said.  "But Brad and I really would enjoy fucking you and you'll enjoy Brad."


So I moved my lips close to hers, "You had me at 'hello".


And off to my room we went.  As I gave Janet my suite number to text her husband, she clasped my hand in hers, squeezed, and said, "he already knows, Dolly, you've been signing in all week and I hoped we'd get a chance with you the minute I saw you.  He's been calling me "Dolly" while fucking me the past three nights, and I've been trying to imitate your accent, but I can't quite get it, it just comes out sounding like a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation."


OMG, they'd already been role playing fantasy sex with me?  Why the hell was I the last to know?  And thank God for the snow and ice!


Okay, Brad wasn't a model, but he was a handsome man.  He was smiling the first time I saw him.  Was that because we left the door ajar and when he walked in his wife Janet and I were already finished peeling each other's clothes off and were nude on the sofa, fingers twiddling clitorises and tongues exploring each other's mouths. "Mmmmph, I've been hoping to get to touch your body all fucking week down at the spa," she said.


Brad was surprisingly older than Janet. I found out that he was her former high school counselor, who'd been working on his Ph.D. at that time before embarking on a psychologist career.  She used to confide in him about the sex she had with her boyfriends, the fantasies she had about her teachers or other students or her friends' dads or brothers.  "Basically, Dolly, I was a slut, big time, and Brad never got creepy, never judged me, just encouraged me to feel good about myself and stay in school, not drop out and get into porn like I told him I wanted...."


Brad added, "she was beautiful, sure, but you and insecure and confused. My dick always registered arousal but an adult mind desires another adult, and she wasn't ready to be that yet. It was my job to help her become that woman." How romantic and sweet, I suppose. As he said those words she went to him, romantically intertwined her body with his, ... oh my God the warmth they gave off could cleared all the snowy, icy roads that were keeping us inside. Though considering all the gorgeous kinky pleasure to come, I didn't exactly want to be anywhere but snowed in with Brad and Janet.


He was probably a dozen years older than her, He was average build, a nice smile, someone you'd say "hello" to, but not someone you see and then go imagine its him when you use your vibrator on yourself.  Or was that too much information?  Anyway, honestly, he didn't deserve to be called "hot" and he didn't seem to measure up to Janet.  In the south, where football is king, a guy who looks like him married to a girl who looked like her is said to have "out-punted his coverage." 


Now, it may be that the reason she was speaking glowingly about him was that she was speaking to me about him while she was on her back, legs wrapped around his thighs, and his cock slowly moving into and out of her lovely pussy, which featured a thin landing strip above.  Then she'd close her eyes, go into a trance, deeply kiss him, her fingers so elegant, her love all over her body molding itself to him, becoming one with his.  He took his time, my God that man could last! I'd frigged myself off once and then moved up close to her so that she could turn her head to the side and lick me into a frothy frenzied orgasm while receiving his tool.


There is something very hot about watching bareback love-making.  "I'm on the pill, but we play covered with everyone else, Dolly, we're married, please don't worry."


Worry?  Okay, I was so entranced watching the flesh to flesh of their sex mating that I might have had to pause and remind myself to put a condom on him when it was my turn.  Say, when was it going to be my time, damn, that man could really last!


"Do you want me to cum in Janet for you, Dolly?" he asked. "Guest's choice."


We were in my suite, who was the guest, wasn't that them?  Oh, I guess I was the hotel guest and I was the one not married to the other.


"Since I can't bareback you, Brad, " I began, then I stepped close to him, let my hard nipple brush his chest and kissed him, tasting Janet's pussy from the expert job of going down on her he'd utilized for foreplay, "I need to decide if I'd rather lick both of your tastes off your cock after you cum inside your former student's body or if I'd rather you came directly in my mouth while I sucked you dry."  Then I sucked his tongue and rang a finger to his taint and applied a bit of pressure.  He was just so mature, so in control, I wanted to be his, and felt a bit jealous. I'd begun to run my hands over his body, to rub his own man-nipples, while he made love to his wife.


"Straddle me"  That request came from his wife. Deep down I knew she was right. But I also knew that I would return to her.  With nowhere else to go, I appeared back next to Janet's face, then swung a leg over hear head so that my own can't-get-enough pussy was perched at Janet's lips.  Her tongue sampled me.  That was all it took for a small thunder clap of excitement.

 He towered over Janet as she lay submissive and adoringly compliant, being fucked gently by her husband while tenderly tasting me. Brad's glistening bare married shaft in the pussy betrothed to him, standing at attention. Her lips opened and her tongue began preparing the next pussy her husband would fuck.  I looked Brad in the eyes, then looked down to where he and she united, and my put my lips into a semi-large "O", anticipating the cock they would suck.


"Dolly, my wife wants to share me, or really to share you, make you a gift to me, even though I want to be your gift.  What do you want, Dolly?"

 My answer reflected desire rather than tenderness: "I want you to fuck me. I want your dick. I want you to fuck my face. I want to suck that cock. I need you to fuck me."

Gone was any holding back I'd been pretending to be able to do in the presence of these two remarkably restrained and civilized lovers, replaced by the desire to cum. My only desire was to cum and I just wasn't used to having to wait and by then I'd do anything to get it. Even if it meant begging.

"Come on baby, don't make me wait. Give me that cock. Give me that fucking cock."

 But Brad didn't get overly worked up by the dirty talk, he was maintaining his steady lovemaking.  Janet, for her part as the lucky recipient of her husband's dick, was moaning, her mouth was watering. He pulled out and I leaned down, flush against Janet's body, and slipped his Janet-flavored cock into my eager mouth, my lips closed down on the first few inches before opening to receive Brad's full length.


"This is why I love MILFs, Dolly, you're such a pro at sucking cock."


The hell of it was that it was Janet who said that, not Brad.  Brad was one cool customer. 


"I chased him for the rest of high school, Dolly, and two years of college, and finally on my twenty-first birthday I convinced him to meet me for a legal glass of wine, that I would meet him at his place, and I showed up nude under a trench coat in fuck-me five inch satin heels and pearls and my mother's diamond stud earrings and anything else to make me look sophisticated.  I wanted him to ravish me, bang me, ram me, use me like a fuck doll."


Okay, this girl's voice, that sexy Kathleen Turner thing she had going, with all that dirty talk, she was going to make me cum. Who tells a story calmly to a woman who's mouth is around her husband's cock.  And damn, that man had some staying power, he still hadn't nutted.

“And then he led me to his bedroom, Dolly, a grown man's bedroom in a swim tennis subdivision neighborhood four bedroom house, this was so amazing for me being just twenty one, I was ready to have his use all my fuck holes!  And what do you think he said to me?"


I had my mouth full of his meat, and mumbled, "ah dun ho" which was sort of "I don't know" if you're sucking cock and talking at the same time, which I was.


“He looked me in the eyes, and said, "Are you really ready for me, Janet, because you're a beautiful young lady, but you are very much an adult woman now, perhaps you've been one all along?  So is this what you want?"


Janet was fingering me, starting to slide a lubed finger up my ass, her lovely legs surrounding me, still pulling Brad close while I sucked him. 


“He got between my legs, I was so excited that I'd forgotten all about condoms, and he kissed me just a peck and asked, "Are you ready to get fucked Janet? To become my submissive little slut? Ready to have all your holes flooded with cum? I'm also going to cum all over that hot little slutty body of yours. Your face, your tits, your ass, your legs. Everything. No matter how long it takes.”


“Oh God Dolly, that was exactly what I wanted." I'm never one to be kept in suspense.  I took Brad's cock out of my mouth, a long strand of cum and spit connecting my lips to his hard married cock, and asked, "will you just tell me, did he fuck you ten different ways to Sunday?"

Meanwhile Brad arched his back as I returned to sucking his cock. His shaft slid in smoothly and pushed against the back of my throat. Every time he pulled it back I'd moan and beg for more cock. Janet had her hands between my legs and was diddling my overly sensitive clit. 


"He didn't fuck me, Dolly.  He said no, Janet, I'm going to teach you about love, lovemaking, about giving yourself to someone, experiencing pleasure together.  Just like you see him with me today."


Cue the theme from some early sixties romantic movie.  I hadn't seen this "twist" in the story coming.

I couldn't articulate any response or surprise because my mouth was full of cock. Her fingers meanwhile and all the dirty talk and the thrill of sucking a married cock while his wife was licking my pussy drove me over the pleasure cliff and my spasming body gave away that I was orgasming. Janet pulled up her tanned legs that were still wearing her fuck-me-pumps. She pulled me close, and her husband too as I was cumming. I slowed my sucking so I could focus on the fullness of the pleasure that was wracking my body.

 I regained a degree of control, looked up and locked eyes with Brad, who I mouthed the words, "Thank you Dolly." He was thanking me? What sort of dream had I found myself in?

 I felt Janet me pull onto my back and so I braced for what I hoped would feel so fundamentally blissful as what Janet has just experienced. Janet smiled, then kissed me, sensuously licking all remnants of her husband's cum from my mouth. 


"Nobody's ever touched me like Brad. Please make him happy, you're so amazing." Then she knelt and placed a condom on her former high school counselor's cock. She kissed me again as he positioned himself at the entrance to my being. She whispered into my ear, "I do so love watching him be happy and making a sexy woman happy."


Brad's tongue nuzzled my neck, his mouth as warm and welcome there as his cock was inside my pussy. Now, I'm used to a much more sweaty, intense and aggressive expression of sexual desire. But this man, this former high school counselor now married to his sluttiest former student and she was now luring other women to their marital bed for adulterous threesomes including bisexual woman on woman sex. For arousing kink, this man was in a league of his own. Not that I could survive long without erotic hot sex, but this kindler gentler brand of intimacy, well, it seemed well suited to the fresh fallen silent snow that had trapped us all together.


I had what can only phrase as a soft, weightless-feeling, like I was floating type of orgasm, and instead of squirting I "flowed", that's it, my sex juices pretty much poured over us. 

As my DNA covered our lower bodies, Janet, who looked even sexier than when I saw her in the bar now that she was freshly fucked, re-joined us. He withdrew, and her tongue cleaned my taste off both of our bodies, lingering on my clit long enough to make my body buckle and convulse with a follow-up climax. Brad took off his condom and her mouth closed around her husband's cock. He continued to thrust and that left me with the most satisfying mental image when at long last that wonderful lover finally reaped his own rewarding orgasm. Cum spilled over the corners of her mouth and the bottom of her lips. It poured onto her exquisite tits and dripped off her nipples. I cupped my own 36Ds and played with my nipples.

"Kiss your nasty little whore. All my holes are yours."

"Silly Janet, all your holes are already mine. But you're my lover and a beautiful woman, not a nasty little whore." He turned to me, stroking my flesh with the hand that wasn't still holding lovely Janet.  "You're both beautiful, sensual lovers". 


Janet blushed when he spoke so lovingly to her. She looked so good, so sexy and as if drawn by primal desire for her I leaned over and kissed her. Our tongues explored each other's mouths like we had never done before. I tasted Brad's cum again, and my own juices that she'd licked off my body, from her lips.

Brad's cock was now soft (at last! Porn stars are few who can hold back like he had done!). The three of us napped, together. One bonded sexual trio. We would fuck again. 

We would wordlessly awake and play with whomever met our fact, sometimes the third joining in, sometimes staying as a duo with a knowing, enchanted voyeur in bed with the lovers. 


My long succulent legs were teased and the treasure between them pleased.


 I kissed the inside of her thighs and treated my submissive little MILF to a slow, orgasmic tongue lashing. That sexy voice of hers when I brought her to an oral climax was like smoked honey.

"You're making my pussy feel so good. You're making it so wet. Oh, yes. More, baby. More. God...fuck it. Dolly, yes! Fuck me with your mouth. I'm so hot baby. I'm going to cum again if you keep this up."

I kept licking and sucking.

"I love that tongue inside me. Give me more. Go deeper please. Oh God. Oh God, Yes."

I stopped just as she was about to cum.

"Don't stop baby, don't stop. You know how this feels Dolly."

So I smiled and got her all worked up again, starting from zero.

"Fuck baby, stop it. You're being such a tease! Brad, finish me. Don’t let her tease me baby."

I finally committed. "No Brad, I'll take her the rest of the way." I buried my face in Janet. My ass in the air praying Brad couldn't resist. 

"Oh yes, do it. Just like that, ugh, ooooh, yes fuck me. That's good. Ooh. It's so good. Oh it feels so good. Don't stop. Oh. Oh. Oooooh god. I'm cumming. Come on don't stop. I'm cumming."

Janet was exhausted. But I was actually the one whose "don't stop, I'm Cumming" words you just read. Those words were mine. Brad had taken the bait of my ass in the air and fucked me from behind while I was on knees and elbows orally devoting his wife. My favorite threesome position, by the way.


Writing all this is making me so wet. I'm recalling when we wrapped ourselves in spare blankets, nude beneath, and went outside onto the snowy balcony to suck nipples, lick cock, and revel in the frigid air, seeing our breath, then went back in and warmed each other up and made love in the warm steamy shower.

In that shower, Janet again reverted to the slut she'd been as a high schooler dreaming of being taken sexually by her counselor, "Take it Brad. Take it. Fuck that cunt. Make it yours. Make me your little slut. Teach me to fuck you like a MILF. I am your little slut. I'll help you fuck your MILFs".

I got down on my knees and spread her ass cheeks with my hands and teased her asshole with my tongue.

As I looked over my shoulder and saw Brad preparing to take her that way, too, I realized this had been a long time coming, and it was what both Janet and I wanted. I was a tinge jealous that she had constant reliable access to someone who could fuck her properly in every way and still touch her heart, fill her soul.

I'll keep private the details of Brad's wonderful cock filling his wife's ass, and then mine, but rest assured that we were in that suite for about two days and room service made several visits until foods and bottled waters were about to become scarce in that hotel, when suddenly the winds shifted, the sun reappeared, and we were, sigh and alas, no longer snowed in.


When I got back to my natural habitat of south Florida, I slept for 24 hours. And I've booked a ski trip with Brad and Janet. We'll only need one suite, one bed.  I may forever associate them with warmth in a snow buried environment. But they've let me with a question--did I miss a golden opportunity when I never made a move in Mr. Morales, my handsome Latino high school counselor in south Florida?


Purely fictional fantsy for your readingpleasure!

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