Collecting The Rent

I had flown in to Orlando from South Florida. Though sometimes not the liveliest city for the type of Dolly date sex that revs my engine, Orlando can be a bit family-friendly and wholesome compared to how I like to indulge my pleasure cravings, it is nevertheless a place that attracts many conventions and visitors.  And as a parent, I like the kiddies to see that happiest mouse on earth or the other fun places in Orlando.  But grown-ups need fun too, and well, they do have a marathon that has more than once led to a second, more primal form of heart pounding activity.  I own a fantastic condo is a terrific luxury high rise there, the thought being when I wasn't there with little ones, or agreeing to let my Ex use it so that he could take the kids to the theme parks, I could have a comfortable, well stocked in-call ready for Dolly-type fun.   I like real estate, and own rental property elsewhere in Florida including in Gainesville, not too far from Orlando, and  I rented it to a handsome medical resident at Shands Hospital at University of Florida with family money named Dominick, or "Dom".  No, not Domme.  At least, not that I knew of when I went by the condo.  I told him I was dropping by to inspect my property since I was already in town. I told him I would collect this month's rent in person.  He was late.  It was not the first time he was late and I'd had to interrupt my yoga, spa treatments, long runs, tanning session, and erotic trysts to follow up on rent.

The fact that Dom was on his knees with his face buried between my toned thighs leads me to believe that he had hoped for and anticipated the trip, well aware from my eye-fucking him during our previous in-person meetings that in truth, this was no casual visit. Yes, I later found out, he'd been late with the rent on purpose.  

"Oh God that's good," I exclaimed as he held my thong to the side and continued to lick and suck my smooth, passion-soaked pussy.  My fingers buried in his hair.  Fuck, what were the odds of finding such a talented woman-loving man who didn't have to worry about a wife checking up on him so that he didn't have to rush through sex, but instead could really allow us both to savor the pleasure?  And to think he was sending ME a check each month!

"Fuck, Dom, when I was married, my husband never did this for me, "OK,  almost never, but not with such nuance.  Ugh, yes, yes, YES! You make such a great... mother...fucker."

"Is this what you came all this way for, Ms. Jewel?" he inquired as he shed his pants and released a delicious looking, ever hardening cock.

"I told you, call me Dolly. Ms. Jewel makes me feel old."


"You're not old, Dolly, you're fucking sexy..." he managed to say before plunging his pleasure-giving mouth back into my sex.  I was sooooo very glad I was once again single and available to fuck this young man.  How old was he anyway?  A tongue like that?  If he was over 30, would I consider making him full time, marrying him and keeping him all to myself?  Naaah, I've found I love variety too damn much to get married least, for now....but still, mmmmm, aaahhhh, yes, damn, Dom, that's good....the lad knew his way around a pussy. My slutty, divorced, available-to-be-fucked-to-pieces pussy.

 Then his tongue reached whatever point on my body's map is labeled, "perfection" which made me exclaim "Oh yeah, thats what mommy likes. Just look at that cock. As long as you're late with the rent I'm going to continue to use you as my personal boy toy."


That's how it started.  Me and Dom.

 That statement, Dom being my personal boy toy, doing what mommy likes, defines the arrangement that has ruled my life for the last year. Dom, the sexy, rich kid internal medicine resident who was late on his rent to entice me to be his MILF.  The guy was brilliant, who knew a year could be filled with such guilty hot pleasure?

After our first time, when I'd plied him with wine after we signed the lease, then I'd offered to show him the rooftop hot tub and simply dropped my clothes in the condo so that we never made it to the hot tub but instead fucked in the living room, on the sofa, bent over the sofa, all with a "view" of the University of Florida campus in the distance, Dom said the difference in our ages (oh that's right, he's 26, yeah, too young to marry, I'll just have to keep having recreational sex with him.  *Smile) was part of what he liked about me -- he told me that I was anything but, hard to look at, in fact just the exact opposite. Dom told me I was the epitome of the bored Palm Beach divorcee, a MILF, not old enough to be a cougar - looking to make up for lost time and still hot as all get out. Why thank you! *Blushing.  And about the lost time, in my case that meant years of pent-up sexual frustration. "Dolly, you totally fit the description of Trophy Wife to a tee except you're no longer his wife, and it is such a turn on that you are also your own woman.

"So what does Palm Beach MILF mean, Dom?  And oh by the way, South Florida, yes, but Palm Beach, no."


He didn't even hesitate to categorize me.  "Mature with long tanned legs, blond hair and fantastic, well-enhanced by an expert silicone tits, No one could want more, just that your dumbass ex-husband was fucking a version of you that seemed exciting because she was forbidden. Poor damn fool, now I get to enjoy your body."


"Thanks, nice to know I'm a piece of meat to you."  Actually, it was nice to know that.  Loved that he wanted me, really wanted to have me, treat me as his, gratify all my urges and desires, and that he felt special to be with me.  "So what the fuck did your ex see in his little tart?"


Ah yes, the little tart.  She was pretty hot, actually.  


Here was my assessment of her, and my divorce, to Dom: 


"Fucking bikini model. The girl was a carbon copy of me, just even younger and I was already a decade younger than he was, and if he'd have shared her with me, been open about it, we might still be married, but lying, denying it then getting caught in public and causing a mini-scandal that made all the social gossip in South Florida, well, that was more than I was going to overlook."

 Truth be told, it suited me just fine. I was smart enough to have not signed a prenup. I cut him some slack and only took half.  Then to buy my silence so as not to impact his public career, I took half of his premarital wealth, too.  He'll make it back.  And now I've got Dom fucking me!


While my ex-husband was out fucking 20 year olds ( I might be exaggerating a bit... though I know for a fact in once case I'm not....sheesh, darling, I almost want to tell her, 'you're doing that for a lobster and champagne when I do that for thousands of dollars and still get the lobster and champagne?' But I digress, as is my habit.), I was making sure my sexual odometer was racking up the miles as well. Including trips to Orlando, or even all the way up I-75 to Gainesville, where my favorite boy toy lived.

As Dom continued to suck and lick, his hands explored the entrance to my body that was quickly becoming more than moist.

 I sat back in my desk chair and spread my legs wider. "Taste mommy's sweet pussy, baby, you're such a .....oh fuck me, Dom, mommy likes....."  Felt so good I lost my train of thought.  I arched my back, pushed my pussy deeper into his face. Then I raised my right leg up and held it at the ankle, giving my young lover more access. "You ARE going to fuck mommy with your nice talented cock, aren't you baby?"  He'd let me know that me dressing in sophisticated fashions for when I arrived, calling myself mommy, calling him baby, all fed his fetish fantasy of banging his best friend's mom, or the trophy wife of the chief of medicine (his boss), or the Dean's wife, or ....hell, did I care which variation of MILF or Cougar fantasy I was really fulfilling when I actually had such a patient hot muscular guy?  No, I didn't.  It turned me on too.  Taboo, naughty, I love it all. "Fuck mommy's pussy Dom, fuck me like you know I like it.  Baby knows what mommy likes.  Fuck me the way you do."


Yeah, he liked a healthy serving of  "Milf a la Dirty Talk."

 Dom stopped licking, stood up and I reached for an unwrapped a condom, stroked his cock with my slender, red-manicured fingers, applied that Trojan, and without saying a word, or even looking into my eyes, Dom slipped his powerful young cock deep into my waiting hole. It was so wet, so tight. He kept pushing until his balls were resting on my asshole. "I love fucking you mommy," he told me.  Shit, that sounds so dirty just to write it.  Again, naughty but fantasy, its all good. Ugh, grunting as he started to thrust and pound into my body.

"Oh Fuuuuuck. That's deep," I exclaimed, "Do it again. Pull it out and pump my hot slutty pussy again."

 He did as he was told and I watched his cock sink back into my dripping, trembling pussy over and over. 

"You're loving this aren't you, Dom?" I smiled.  Calling him Dom indicated to him we were putting the "mommy" stuff on hold for the moment.  Because sometimes I need to feel the adultness of my lover, and not just be his dirty MILF fantasy fuck.

"All day long, Dolly I could do this all day long." he answered. What a gorgeous smile.  Wondered if he got his looks from his father.  Wondered if Dad has ever given him pointers on how to please a woman--men who are THIS good usually have some source of instruction, either personal or print or video...Would Dom's dad fuck as well as Dom?  Hmmm, a father & son DP...kinky...


I was broken out of my day dream about Dom's dad when Dom placed a condom in my hand and asked me to "please Dolly, wrap my cock so I can fuck you till I cum."  Such sweet poetry.  My DP fantasy of Dom and Dom's daddy at the same time would have to wait.  Naturally it doesn't take me long to apply a condom.  Just saying it wasn't my first prophylactic. Seconds later I was loving it as his now safely shrouded cock head, engorged and purple, pushed aside my thong. His cock spread the lips of my bare, silky moist pussy and plunged deep into the hot wetness of my core. God, I swear I don't feel complete and whole until I've got one in me....

 I was watching him as he fucked me--and this was no love-making, this was fucking.  Like you read about. In fact, like you're reading about now!  A slammin' good time, I love when  man puts two and two together and realizes an athletic body like mine is well put together and not only can withstand a hard fucking, it thrives on it.  Dom was watching me, too. Our eyes met, we both chuckled. "You're too fucking sexy not to watch!" he told me, and I leaned forward to kiss him, hard, aggressively.  A hungry, lustful, fuck buddy kiss. He was so into it, me being his MILF, his landlord, a mature woman in her thirties, married and divorced already, while I guess his medical school graduate status be damned, Dom still seemed like a boy in his 20's.  And I say boy in the naughtiest, most sexually carnivorous way possible.  His cock certainly felt like a boy in his twenties to me.  Which is a compliment, you understand.  Young, quick to harden, quick to recover for subsequent rounds....I loved the faces he'd make as his cock would push into my body, occupying me, taking me, making me his.  Making me submit my being to this younger man.  I pushed back, met every thrust, used every muscle inside me to increase his pleasure, nipped at his ears, grunted, raked his flesh with my nails, told him I loved what his cock was doing to me and that he could have his way with me any time, any place.  Later, when I took his rent money and left, well fucked pussy still feeling on fire, he told me that I'd "earned every letter of the acronym. Mother. I'd. Like to. Fuck."  I guess Dom was, what, my "TILF"?  Tenant I"d Like to Fuck?

 My right leg was fully extended upwards. My left leg spread wide and our bodies fused at the groin. My breasts were pushed forward pushed against the front zipper of the slutty little dress I'd worn. The curves of the back of my legs fully exposed. I loved having him fuck me in this position. I believe he could have pumped me like that for hours if I'd let him.  

 I closed my eyes and smiled to myself.  I loved everything about that encounter.  I was dressed for business but, the black Louboutin heels set near vertical were just a little too high. I know what I'm doing by wearing heels that silently tell men, "I want to fuck." At least thats what Dom heard my heels say. 

Over my thigh high nylons I'd worn a strand of diamonds set in an anklet worth more than Dom's entire years’ salary. I don't often wear that anklet, but when I do I'm usually asked about what it meant if a woman wore the anklet on her left or right leg. Like, did one leg or the other mean I was taken, or open to their advances?  To me none of that mattered. 

To those souls brave enough to ask I'd just reply, "It means I need to be bent over and fucked."

Usually this would leave men flabbergasted and speechless because it was so direct. Many seemed to want to take me up on the possibilities but, few would find the courage to follow through. Luckily for me Dom didn't have that problem--like a great tennis player, he was magnificent on the follow through.

Later, as my mouth gave thanks, and licks, to his wonderful cock that had delivered such pleasure to me, Dom told me that he loved the way the anklet would catch the light as my legs moved when he pounded my "hot slutty fitness MILF body".  Again, such sweet words.  Crass can be so sexy when said as a form of sexual worship.  "You're so fucking oversexed Dolly, but you know what you want and it’s so cool to meet a woman who has no problem asking for it."  Smart fella, I could see why he'd gone to medical school.

 I loved it when he was impatient and so I dressed for easy access. The mini skirts and dresses I wore for my rent collection fucks came down just past the top of the thigh high stockings he loved me to wear. Mmmmm, so much like a slut mom, my outfits for Dom. "Baby like mommy's thigh highs? Does it make my baby boy's dick extra hard to feel mommy's stockings against his flesh when mommy wraps her legs around you while you fuck mommy's pussy? Ooooh, so wicked!"  I loved the looks he'd give me when we'd be in public and I crossed my legs and exposed the lace top of the thigh highs!


 Now for anyone reading this and worried about my liberal use of the word "mommy", no, I don’t have any incestuous fantasies, this was just me reveling in Dom's Milf fetish. Okay, I'll admit there *might have been some cousins or a stray uncle or aunt at a family wedding once in a while who looked really sexy and a couple times my freshly fucked body convinced my mind to have a naughty moment wondering about that person as a taboo lover ... but hey, wanting to fuck my hot cousin just means I'd be right at home in Alabama, doesn't it? *Wink!


That day with Dom I wore a sleek tight fitting, pinstripe, mini dress. Too formal for club wear, probably too sexy for most offices. That was the whole point of why I wore it. This was a dress meant to tease and drive him wild for "mommy". I sincerely don't recall when it got taken off me or if I stripped out of it.  Thigh highs stayed on. Black patent leather five inch fuck me heels. Getting hard, reading this, are you?  Hmmmmmm.

 Now regarding panties, I love all forms of seduction and tease, but that day I had a feeling Dom was going to be way too worked up for any patience (a correct guess! lucky me!  And lucky Dom, too!) so I just pulled the thong of the day aside and then his lusty fingers took over. His hard young cock was on fire and the only way to quench it was to drive deep into the wetness of my warm, snug pussy. I've had my share of them ripped off me by men out of control.  Hey!  There isn't much fabric at all I know, but you guys might be shocked at how much they can cost.  Please be considerate.  But back to the fucking he was giving me....

"I'm about to cum," I gasped as I absorbed the full length of his cock. Nothing special in the length department, so again, as I often write, stop obsessing fellas, just do cardio so you can keep fucking longer without getting winded (that lawyer I know in a certain town had that happen, and bless his heart he went out and dropped about fifty pounds...only on my last visit to his town he couldn't see me because he was out of town doing a half-marathon!  oh the irony!).

 I was just loving the pumping I was receiving.  His sweat dripping onto me upon his body's impact with mine. "It's so deep baby, it's so deep. Fuck me. Fuck...mommy, fuck mommy's sweet MILF momma pussy."

 While I don't consider myself a spinner. I'm game for action if the guy's been working out.  Ah, that hot young doctor boy-toy had been hitting the weights, I guess, because he picked me up and stood up, so I wrapped my toned, tanned runner's legs around Dom’s waist as I humped back and impaled myself over and over on his shaft — the condom now slick with my squirty juices.

"Mommy's cumming, oh God baby, I'm cumming, yes, you're making me cum so hard..." I gasped as Dom sat down on the bed and leaned back. 

I loved the change of position, I continued to ride that medical resident's shaft like I was a cowgirl at the rodeo. I was now in control of my own orgasm as I slid my wildly ravenous pussy up and down on my tenant's cock. I either passed out or it was a blur.  Somehow I ended up lying flush on his chest, tits pressed between us, his body's scent, my sex, oh, the aroma of primal instinct so full and powerful in that room. Had he cum?  And if not, was that my problem?


As I regained a few of my senses (a screwing like that and the after effect must have been the origin of the phrase "fucked her brains out"), Dom said, "I love your body Dolly, I love your mouth, too, use your mouth on me, please mommy".  For some reason I was able to look past the "Perv" aspect of this fetish and feel the heat.  If it reads creepy, well, you had to be there.   Hmm, maybe I can arrange you "being there".  Try it with me sometime, but make sure our appointment is extended!

 I positioned my mouth under the point where his mushroom head ended and the shaft started. I licked that intersection while stroking my boy's cock with lubed hands. If I'd wanted, I could edge him like that for hours but I didn't have ALL day ( a scheduling decision I later questioned, considering the intensity of the dirty sex) so I moved my licking, sucking and stroking along to make my lover come as soon as possible. I gave him a treat and mixed in some tit fucking so he could feel his cock enveloped by my 36D tits. He loved the girls.


"Enhanced or not, they're spectacular. Only the best plastic surgeons get to touch a Palm Beach trophy wife, huh Dolly?" he said.


Sigh.  Again, "I'm not from Palm Beach, Dom."


"You're not my mother, either, but that's not stopping us from talking dirty and having a helluva good time, Mommy."


He had a point.

Too bad the ex-husband who'd funded my boob job wasn't around to enjoy these beauties. His loss, dining at the kid's table with coeds instead of being with me, a real woman.  I know my skills as a lover have grown, even though I think I was a pretty good fuck in my college days (Stop snickering, okay, maybe a part of high school, too -- can I help it I had a sexy teacher....or that my friend's brother was hot....oh, and then my prom date's dad.... wait, I almost forgot, daddy's accountant....well, back to my rent collection with Dom story.)Oh I do love to see how they make men melt in my presence. I think my eyes, smile, and body fitness are my most attractive physical highlights, but you guys focus on the girls a lot of the time.  By the way, thank you, and you're welcome.

 I applied another condom and we were fucking again. I could have continued to ride him in the cowgirl position forever, it seemed, until I came, but Dom had other ideas. 

 "What are you doing?" I exclaimed when he rolled us onto our sides and he pulled out of me, "I was just about to cum. Again."

 He went to his back again and pulled me down on top of him and whispered in my ear and told me just how today was going to end. He spoke with a husky, deep voice, in no uncertain terms just how things would be.

"So that's how it's going to be? Let me get ready." I said with a wicked sneer while I was squeezing more lube out into my hands.  The youngster had the stones to ask, who was I to say "no"?.

Instead of lubricating my usual fuck holes and preparing them for Dom, my hands wrapped around his cock in a vice grip.

"So this is no longer good enough for you, baby?" I whispered.

 "You don't want mommy anymore?  Now you want me to beg for your cock like some airhead 19 year old bimbo? You want me to be submissive and talk dirty? Is this what you want?"

Yes, that’s exactly what he wanted. He couldn't respond without cracking up.  I love when hot sex is fun, and laughter is such a bonding agent.

 Now on my knees, I continued to stroke Dom's shaft and gazed into his eyes. My new role play, or rather, my take on his new desired role play, continued.

"You need to see me aching for cock? You like what you see? You like me whimpering in front of you like some insatiable little slut? You like how my tits bounce in this dress while I jack you off?"

With every stroke of my hands my tits bounced. 

"Do your bimbo girlfriends beg for dick? Do they beg to be fucked? Do they beg to be covered in your cum?"

 He couldn't wait any more. Between the dirty talk and the nonstop stroking he closed his eyes and stiffened, his toes were curling.  He was going to explode! At this exact moment I took him into my mouth, not that I love strawberry lube but that's what they make it for, and sucked hard, to drain his life force from him.  He had a full load in the chamber. Though I was no longer playing, "mommy", I thought, "good boy".

 Dom's shaft twitched like a garden hose turned on full blast and left to flail and spew everywhere.  I let his seed drip out of my mouth, down my chin, letting it drip on my tits, then positioned myself to make a show of scooping it back up and licking my fingers clean.  He was watching in silent awe.


He'd felt like he was in control.  I'd played two roles for him.  Slut Milf and then sub-slut-swallower.  But men, Dolly is always in control, you only feel like you're in control when I let you think that way.  I needed to make sure he understood, so I kissed him with my cummy, strawberry-lube flavored lips and explained it to him one more time.

 "I run the show here. My condo, my rent, my pussy. I'm only letting you get by with these extensions on past due rent because of the talent and skill in your cock. Don't mistake my generosity with weakness. You're only getting to taste and fuck this gorgeous body because I say you can."

 Then I whispered in his ear, "Did that excite you? Did that make you want to fuck me more? I've had my fun. The ball is in your court. What are you going to do now? Whatever you do it's going to have to be in South Florida, I can't keep coming up here, and you're a spoiled trust fund baby, you can come on down whenever you want.  Maybe you and your father could both visit me?  Would my boy like that?  Mommy would like to meet your daddy...."

So now you know how I treat my tenants.  Anyone want to hear about this wonderful South Florida condo I bought at a bargain as an investment during the great recession?  Mmmm, it’s much closer to where I live....


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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