Rough Sweaty Fuck. No Words Needed.

He was kind of rough.  He always was.  That was part of the attraction.  My boobs smushed down against my chest by his pecs, his strong arms pinning me down, his thighs spreading my knees open and some relentless hard brutal fucking.  Loved it.  Hooked my heels behind his thighs and pulled him into me.  No talking, there never was.  Not while he was fucking me.  Wasn't terribly talkative otherwise, either, but the intense eyes locked on my eyes, eventually his sweat building up to drip on me.  Pretty good staying power, after a few dates he admitted that he would jerk off before hand to last longer.  "Why thank you, kind sir" I replied.  He smirked.


Truth is I had trouble cumming when he fucked me.  Just a matter of our body angles and not having a free hand to use my toy on myself.  Tried once, but he told me, "don't; I want you focused on me, what I'm doing to you."


Sure, "with" me rather than "to" me might have been sweeter.  He wasn't one of my sweet ones.


What Darryl was, though, was my ex-boyfriend.  He had a great resume, top-tier schools, law degree, thriving practice, great car, dressed sharp, worked out.


And three words of small talk per night, or so it seemed.  Strong silent type.


A few months in, I could see that Darryl and I were not going to be a match as a relationship.  A shame, since he knew about my "Dolly dates" and was cool with it.  That's a rare find.  And he didn't try to argue with me when I told him I was breaking off the relationship.  "Yeah, I can't argue with what you're saying, Dolly, that IS how I am.  But we can keep fucking, right?"


I might have sprayed my drink if I'd been sipping a beverage and heard that.  "What?"


"We can still fuck even if we aren't dating exclusively, right?  That part works well.  You aren't hung up on exclusive relationships for sex."  Okay, he had a point.  Not just a point, I'll say it, he was right.  But did that mean that I would keep fucking him?


Thirty minutes later I realized it did.  How strange, a deep, probing, physically arousing kiss, and it was purely sexual.  No passion, just sex.  Whereas the night before I'd been trying to convince myself that passion was possible.  He'd always worn condoms, liked to fuck until he came in the condom, deep inside me.  He'd bite my bottom lip when he spewed seed into the bag, not hard enough to hurt, just enough to let me know he could do to me as he pleased.  We lay there, lazily, perspiring, sort of entangled in each other's arms and legs yet now, it wasn't snuggling.  Maybe it never had been, but now I was aware that this was fucking, pure and simple.


And when I started to remove myself from the bed he simply said, "Don't, stay.  I'll get something." And then I watched his tapered back, wide at the shoulders, narrow at the hips, walk to the bathroom and run hot water, and then come back with wash cloths. Then he presented his cock to my mouth, as he stood by the side of the bed.


"Suck me?  You're good at it."


Was that last part his way of saying, "I love you?"  But again, I couldn't exactly remember him using more gentle terms before I'd broken up with him.  So, loving cock as I do, I did as Darryl said.  I sucked him.  Licked, sucked, teased. His strong hands moving to my blonde hair, and he took over, fucking my face.  Kind of hot, knowing my mouth was making him breath heavy, and grunt and strain to hold back.  I love his cock.  Yes, present tense.  Though I'm looking back in this blog, he's still a man who takes me for his pleasure.  He even became a paying Dolly date after a few post-break-up fucks, when he recognized that my schedule did not include regular time for him as it had when he was a boyfriend.  A former boyfriend now giving me generous gifts to continue fucking me after I broke up with him.  That makes me feel hot.  The power of his desire for me. 


And then, back to that first post-break-up fuck, he went still.  Motionless.  My lips firmly suckled on his dick. He hadn't cum.  He reached to the night stand.  A condom.  Goody!  And lube.


I knew he wasn't going to use the front door, he had that look in his eye.


His thick strong fingers preparing my back hole for invasion.  Fuck, this was going to be rough, too.  Not the place to be rough.  I stroked his cock with my hand, remembering when that hand used to wear a wedding ring.  Here I was fucking an ex-boyfriend, why hadn't I ever fucked my ex-husband since the divorce, it was amicable enough.  I walked in, found him banging my personal assistant who had texted me that she was out of town and would reply tomorrow (and telling me that lie on a phone that I paid for her to use!).  Gina was a spinner, tight little body, I'd found her as a class leader at my gym while she was finishing a masters in administration.  Very exotic, she had a Filipino mother and her father had been a naval officer.  A cups, flat hard stomach, short cute pixie-ish hair style, chocolate brown eyes, all over tan, and a thin racing stripe of wispy hair from her pussy upward a short distance.  Maybe 5'1", maybe 100 lbs.  Kind of fun watching her bounce on my husband's cock.  If he hadn't been my husband, with whom I thought we were in a committed monogamous relationship (this was a while ago, okay, my views have changed, I was trying out monogamy, and it wasn't for me--CLEARLY!).  Gina had a fiancé.  A young doctor in residency. I met him a few times. Ah, the power of the letters M.D. after your name.  He was a troll.  From a rich family.  And Gina was so hot that they were willing to overlook that she wasn't a nice Jewish girl like Matthew Weinblatt, M.D., was supposed to be bringing home to meet his parents.  Since he was an ugly troll and all.  So being that Dr. Matt was a toad, there was no chance of salvaging anything via a revenge fuck.  Yes, I ran through that scenario. Her hand with another man's diamond engagement ring digging her red nails into my husband's flesh.  "Fuck me, oh mmm, fuck yes, God, just fuck me."  Sexy, but not original.


Oh but wait, there was more to discover than just my assistant fucking my husband that time I'd walked in. I discovered that my ex (I'm leaving his name out of this.  We have a child.  Who lucked out by getting his body from his father and his brains from his maternal side.  So that's why no name) wasn't wearing a condom.  And a moment money shot.  Cream pie.  WTF?  Really? Aside from the fact that I sort of considered licking Gina clean while spanking her slut ass, I knew it was over. 


Though I've role played the exact same fuck- a-married-man-in-his-marital-bed-scenario many times.  Hot when it doesn't hurt.  If he and I had ever said, "wanna include others in our sex?" I'd have said yes, and if he'd said, "Can we bring Gina into our bed?" I'd have said yes to that, too.  It was the lying.  So gents, just be up front and honest with me.  You never know, I just might say "hell yes!" to your request that you can't get satisfied at home. Don't lie to me.


Which brings me back to what was cool about Darryl.  Never had to lie.  I took a deep breath and closed my eyes when I eased into the "I'm Dolly, the world class escort" style conversation, and then he was like, "Wow, you must be really amazing in bed.  I'll bet you get to meet really interesting people.  But we can still date, right? When you're not working, I mean."  How cool!  Detached, impersonal, but cool.


Yes, Darryl was cool. And that first post-break-up fuck, he surprised me and took his time, easing slowly into my rectum, and gradually, millimeter by millimeter, took over and let me adjust, then a bit more, then more getting used to the ex-boyfriend's cock in my ass time, and eventually, he worked me though a hardy ass fuck. Took off the condom and finished on my lower back.


My thoughts wandered back to Gina. She married Dr. Matt, but couldn't stop fucking my ex.  I hadn't gone to Matt with what I knew.  Sometimes I re-think whether I should have, but I told her, after I greeted her in the living room when she exited my bedroom, that she needed to tell Matt or I would.  But she knew me, and knew I wouldn't.  When she traded up to a well-established orthopedic surgeon and left Matt that was not unexpected.  Though getting to that stage of the Gina story does make me smile.  Because her second husband, Doctor Jeffrey Cohen, was not as good a fuck as my ex-husband was.


Yup.  Speaking from experience.  Jeff was a hook up before Gina, then when I heard about him and Gina, I went back for more, and then I was Jeff's last fuck before he tied the knot with Gina.  "Make sure she tastes me on your lips when you kiss her, Jeff."


Final thoughts on Darryl.  He fulfills a niche, the strong silent type with a nice cock, sweaty fuck, no worries about passion or tenderness, which I get from other guys.


Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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