Kinky Steps

Carsten, my Dolly date, had his shit together, that was the impression I got from his emails, and he had great references from classy, successful ladies (all of whom were HOTTT!!!  I loved his taste in women.  In fact, I wanted to do just that....taste his women.)  So I knew this was going to be a fantastic Dolly date.  He was a lawyer (wow, I sure do get to get fucked by a lot of lawyers, don't I?  But then, isn't that what lawyers do, fuck people?  *Wink!), he was sixty years old, married, and his wife, who was sixty-five, he told me, just wasn't into having sex very much anymore.  "I'm not saying that I was faithful only to her during the earlier years of the marriage, but I do still love her even after thirty-four years, oh, it’s complicated, so maybe if we hit it off I can explain more, but I'm very excited to meet you and don't worry, I'm not going to have any hesitation or cancel or back out or anything like that" he said in his 'getting to know you' email.  Said he ran 10K's and 5K's and watched what he ate.  I didn't think too much of that explanation, it sure sounded like many other wonderful men I've met -- and his wife even sounded like many women I know in my civilian life as well.  Well read on, because this was not only a great date (oops, is that a spoiler?), but it turned out to be very NOT AVERAGE (**More Winks!).

"I know better than to engage in suggestive or sexual or explicit dialogue when I communicate with you.  I've been well trained by the great providers I've been with.  But your pictures and stories ... damn we're gonna have fun!" he wrote to me.


I was thinking, he was right!  Our banter was so perfect, he showed such insight into women, I scheduled an entire weekend, with him, something I never do with a man I haven't seen before, and will never do again just as a policy, but I made this one exception for Carsten and have never regretted it though I realize it was a one in a million shot that we got along so well.


So I didn't know my way around the downtown of his city all that well, and had not realized that there was a lobby of the legendary hotel at either end, so the directions I was giving him was totally screwing him up because he lived there, and he knew where the main entrance to that hotel was, but I was the silly one who had come in the other way and so all my directions, left, right, front, back, were all the opposite of what they should have been.  So it was thirty minutes late when Carsten finally arrived, and I was so apologetic.


"I hope you can stay later,  I'm so, so sorry, I've been so looking forward to our date..."  I was babbling.


"Shhhh, its really okay." And then he kissed me.  This man could kiss.  I don't usually swoon.  I'd barely noticed the fabulous suit he was wearing, the impeccable shoes shined to a high gloss, the perfectly tied bowtie that I couldn't wait to undo with my teeth -- I love untying a bowties by pulling one end with my teeth.  And here he was, softly sucking my tongue, making me forget my name, distracting me from all the business aspects that need to be covered and gotten out of the way so that we could have uninhibited getting to know you time.


His hand in the small of my back, "You're just as sexy as your pictures, no, wait, sexier, your face isn't in your photos.  You should do something about that, it’s a crime not to share those eyes, you smile..."


Which made me kiss him.  Eyes and smile, when those are the first things a man compliments, then I know I'm not just some pussy he wants to fuck.


Now let me explain; I LOVE being a pussy you boys want to fuck.  Just not a complete day without a man entering my body, penetrating me, using me for his sexual pleasure, yada yada yada, fucking me hard and all that.  But sometimes it’s nice to be noticed for other things.  I've got feelings.


And Carsten was a perfect gentleman.  Asked permission to touch here, set his bag down there, take this off or that off.


And then he mentioned that he'd just had a Nooner the previous week with a hot sexy top ten rated lady provider with whom I've enjoyed some doubles (what a man calls a three-way we providers sometimes call a "double").  And he said, "she told me about you and she and the cardiologist.  That sounded absolutely amazing."


I blushed.  The cardiologists at the New York Hilton.  Oh that was a time.  She was from Las Vegas, he'd seen both of us previously, and he chose to fly us both to the Big Apple.  Nearly thirty hours of non-stop pleasure.  So what if it had been booked for twelve hours, he'd "re-upped" mid-way through and brought enough Benjamins to make it all happen.  "What else did she tell you?"


And then he told me. She told him the good stuff!  And it didn't frighten him away or intimidate him.  Which sometimes happens.  We can be a bit much.


And then he excused himself, said nothing as he placed an envelope on the coffee table, and said, "I'm going to go use your shower and freshen up." He took a wooden hanger, and emerged twelve minutes later shaved, showered, hair combed, suit and shirt all properly stowed on the hanger, a towel around his waist and just the right mix of gray in his chest hair to draw me in.  Love my daddy-looking lovers.


Me?  I'd greeted him as he asked, in black stilettos, and basically black satin with white lace and bow trimmed lingerie, featuring thong, stockings and garters, bra with some rhinestones, and the perfect shade of red for my mani-pedi to just make me look like sex on two legs.  Which is what I am, I mean, c'mon, let's face it.  I led him to the bed.


And about ninety minutes later, after his mouth completed his fourth or so trip of leading me to the mountain top, after his fingers had found just where and how to touch me, after I'd licked myself from those fingers, kissed my flavor from his mouth, chin and nose and after I'd apologized for leaving a few scratches on his shoulders, only then did he say, "I knew we were going to get along."


His kink was that I was his son's teacher.  He was just a natural at role play.


"Miss Jewel, when I saw you at my son's open house, my first thought was that I was going to love my son's junior high years and my second thought was that I just had to become your lover, so when you called me to say you wanted to meet me in private to discuss some urgent matters, I was hoping this was what you meant and not that my son needs some ADD medication or something like that."


"You're the sexiest dad of any student I've ever had," I replied, hoping my role playing skills could match up.  "When I saw your bulge at the class family day at the lake, I knew I wanted to get totally inappropriate with you.  I knew I could fuck you like your wife never could."


"I love my wife, but she's never turned me on like you do.  You know how to make a man feel.  What I need.  How to let me give you what you want."


The rest, truth to tell, was either boring or mundane.  I wanted to ride him.  He had a nice cock.  If anything, a tad short, but thick and he lasted a decent amount of time before gasping, gripping my body tightly, and grunting in my ear. "Miss Jewel, I don't want this to be a onetime thing.  I've never been with anyone like you before."


We went through several condoms.  I sucked his cock and licked his balls and teased his anus with my skilled fingers. He was two steps ahead of my needs most of the night.


I was on my back when he was slowly thrusting in and out, whispering to me, "I probably can't finish this round, you were too sexy for me, earlier, but please let me pleasure you with my hands and my mouth."  Thank goodness I showed up totally prepped and cleansed and ready.  His tongue was everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.


Later, after he couldn't keep it up any longer, we drank sparkling water and he told me about his horses, his early childhood in Europe and then coming to America as the son of a diplomat and how he'd learned about sex from his stepmother, who had been his American nanny until being seduced by his father.  He'd learned more about sex from his stepmother's younger sister, who was just five years older than him, and he'd had his first threesome with those two ladies.  His father then passed away during his college years and he slept with his step mom and her sister, individually or together, for the rest of school until the year after he received his law degree.


Which was when he married his step-aunt.  Yes, the same younger sister of his step mother, the one just five years older than him.  She was pregnant with his seed when he suggested they get married.  As was his step mother.  Who by then had remarried after his father's death.  And her new husband was not the father of her child, Carsten was.


So these half-siblings, Carsten explained, were conceived the same night.  In a three-way.


"You made love to your step mother and her sister bareback, both of them?"


Carsten explained, "It was all in the family, none of us had been with anyone else for years and years by then.  They both said it "just happened", but I've always suspected they planned it."


And did the two of them .... you know, the sisters, did they ... with each other.


"They don't allow reviews, Dolly, so I guess those secrets, did they or didn't they, or do they or don't they, remain private.  They’ve both taught me to be a pretty good lover, though, I think."


Damn!  Now I was curious about everything.


And does your wife know about things like this?  Us, Dolly dates, your other amazing providers who all told me what an awesome guy you are and you're even better than any of them said.


"Dolly, " Carsten replied, "you know that women have finer taste then men, at least finer than straight men though in many areas gay men can give a tasteful lady a run for her money."


"I love how you flatter all women, Carsten, so I'll play along, yes, women have superior taste.  So what's that got to do with if your wife knows.  What, you guess if she finds out she'll give you a pass because you've been with only highly rated, fit, gorgeous ladies.  Oh, and me."


He gave a playful frown.  "Don't even joke about that, I know you don't want to say it about yourself because it would sound stuck up, but yes, you are sexy, a fitness model babe type MILF who could make a cadaver get a hard-on.  And to answer your question, no, it’s not that I think she'd give me a pass."

"So what then?" I asked.


"Dolly, like I said, women have better taste then men.  You think I could have selected such amazing women without someone else being my consultant and my screener for who I should meet?  My wife, my former step mom's sister, one and the same, she's who selected you and the others for me once she realized that she just didn't have the desire anymore after getting a bit older and having some health problems."


"Wait, your wife picked me out?"


"Dolly, final confession.  She's the person behind the screen name at the couple of websites where I'm registered.  You were emailing with her.  I'm very busy in my career and the rest of my life, selecting sexy lovers for me is sort of her job.  She loves making me happy, she knows time with you and the others does just that, and so she approaches it with pride.  Sort of like the way you approach sex -- you want to be the best.  She tells me who I'm meeting, when, and provides info and photos to get me excited, and notes on what she expects the lady likes after reading detailed on-line reviews."


Oh God, no wonder he seemed to have such insight into women.  I was emailing and texting with his wife.  Who had started fucking him when she was his step mother's hot sister, and he was already fucking his hot step mother.  Holy fuck!


"You know something Carsten, for a totally kinky fellow, you're totally cool and normal and not an out of control freak.  And your wife sounds amazing.  I'm just sorry I can't be part of a three way with her."


'Did I mention my former step mom, who's now my sister in law of course, not only bore my child but also had a lovely daughter with her actual second husband. named Cassandra, or Cassie, and Cassie's not my blood relation or in-law at all."


I smiled and sensed where this was going.


"And have you and Cassie been intimate?"


"My wife and Cassie's mom were very open about sharing me, very unusual for Americans who are usually more repressed sexually, and Cassie got curious and on a visit to our house my wife made an excuse to run an errand and Cassie came on to me, and then handed me the note and said, 'from auntie" which was what she calls my wife.  The note read, "With my blessings.  Do her good, give her the works."


I did one of those hand gestures next to my head, pulling my hand away slowing while opening my fingers, like 'you've just blown my mind'.  And that's what Carsten had done.


"So my wife and my sister in law would like you and me to introduce Cassie to threesomes.  She'll be here in the morning, for the second half of our weekend, but I'm so glad we're enjoying tonight just by ourselves, it will be so wonderful tomorrow with her if you and I are so comfortable with each other, just like she and I already are so you'll enjoy her, too.


Coolest kinky step-fucker ever, that Carsten. As far as he'd told me, no one had committed any incest.  Okay, he hadn't answered about his wife and sister in law, but he'd shown me their photos (dressed!) and they were both gorgeous.  But as kinky as all this was, I just don't even want to know where Cassie learned to eat pussy, since Carsten's body didn't have one for him to practice on.  But wow.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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