After the Mile High Club, Pleasure in China

Hi, in my last blog, before I could finish the story about sexual fun in Shanghai, I got all worked up reminiscing about sex on a Boeing 777 in first class over the Pacific and with my high school English teacher in Jamaica.  Good times.  Sometimes its difficult to remember all the slutty situations I've been in.  But then I remember, and oh, the joy and smiles to think of such adventures.


So I owe you the story about Shanghai.  There is a bullet train that goes up to 400 kilometers per hour, maybe faster, between the airport and the city.  No place to fuck on that train, so even though Mark picked me up, we couldn't get jiggy quite yet.


And truth to tell, I was kind of scared to do much in the way of public fornication.  The place is kind of totalitarian.  Not at all like the libertarian leanings I have which allow me to leave normal upper middle class morals at the door and instead pursue carnal delights.  I could see getting arrested and never being heard from again.  Something about human rights violations there, left and right.  Now the flip side of that is that the streets of downtown Shanghai all feel really safe.  I guess without a constitution or a bill of rights to get in the way of the police doing whatever they feel like doing to keep the billions in line, well... no crime that I could see. And with my body clock off by exactly twelve hours, I was awake at all the wrong times.  Apparently I should have been making myself sleep when I was instead fucking Captain Ron on the plane over.


In some cities, everyone speaks some English, so they can make money off Americans if nothing else.  Hey, I'm an American, don't let my accent fool you.  But in Shanghai, nope, not a word once you're out of the downtown hotels catering to westerners.  But inside the lovely Waldorf, they speak plenty English.


Oh, must tell you, so we're on the Bund, the lovely walkway along the Colonial side of the River in the middle of town, and a tourist (or so we thought) offers to take Mark's photo -- he was taking some without me, you know, to show the rest of the world.   She chat's him up, oblivious to me being in close proximity.  Wants to know way too much about him.  She's from another province, has been to America which is where she worked on her English, and she's actually kinda cute I'm thinking, when she asks him, "So are you here with anyone or could I be your friend, you're nice."


Wow, I didn't see that one coming.  My global competition. 


Mark didn't see it approaching either.  He went with the "no thank you" response.  His later comment was that he was st least impressed to see such an entrepreneurial spirit in an emerging free market economy. "Nothing free about her, Markie, and my body can be free for you". Then I pulled him tight and kissed him while pressing my tits into his body and grinding against his growing bulge.  "Just kidding, Mark; or am I?" I winked. 




Mark and I toured around town, but I was wiped out from the trip and thankfully there was a video taken by the guide, because I remember very little, I guess I was dozing but still too tired to sleep.  We ate...somewhere, and my chopsticks skills were rusty but Mark fed me.


He asked if he could walk me to my room to make sure I got there okay.  He'd put me in a big suite overlooking the river. In spite of the body grind and kiss along the river earlier, I felt like I was auditioning for "The Walking Dead" as we made our way to the elevator and upstairs.  Basket of fresh fruit, bottled Waldorf waters, all very nice.


He didn't know how to ask.


But I did.


"Mark, I know this is business, but I'd feel so much better if you'd stay the night with me, I'm just so out of sorts.  Would that be a problem for you, this suite is huge, and I trust you on the other side of the bed if the fold out in the living room part of the suite isn't up to your standards."


Hard dick alert in Mark's pants.


He asked to check in, and I didn't know with whom, but that wasn't my business. Sure, go ahead, I told him.


I wanted three things.  Sleep, to sign sales papers for a yacht, and sex.


Apparently, that wasn't my inner voice telling me that, I'd said it out loud.


Mark was laughing, and I was debating whether I cared that he'd heard me say it.


"Dolly, I didn't bring you here for a sales pitch, I'm definitely buying the yacht. We're just going over specs and options while you're here, and I'm lonely and missed you. Just to be clear. But I'll totally sleep with you and treat your body like a temple."


I was half-way asleep already.  Damn.  Oh, I was going to wake the hell up and fuck Mark, big time, but it was going to leave me even more exhausted later on and tomorrow.  And of course, that wouldn't stop me from filling the rest of my visit to see Mark with sex.  I did see a comatose return flight shaping up when the designs were picked and the pussy was fucked.


I've heard of worse reasons to be all worn out.  Not complaining.


I gave Mark a full body embrace, just pressing and molding myself into him.  Arms around his shoulders, hands clasped behind his neck, full French kiss in progress in seconds, and his hands on my ass.  I confess now, dear readers, the embrace was for support to keep from just collapsing in a heap.  I was holding myself up until the sexual charge spread through my body.  Or if it never did, I had no problem with being Mark's fuck doll as my body slid into unconsciousness.  After all, this was what I wanted, and nobody had slipped me any Quaaludes or other drugs to render me defenseless.  Hey, Hey Hey!!!


"Strip me, I want to feel your big strong hands undressing me, taking possession of my body, claiming me, Mark.  Claim me and fuck me, Mark, just wear a condom is all I ask, otherwise, I'll do as you say, but please fuck me."


Don't I just say the sweetest things?


Felt his cock twitch against me when I finished that wanton slut beg for cock.  And then more and more of my skin was exposed, my clothes were being draped onto a chair, his mouth was all over my skin, mmmm, nice soft kisser, and Oh! he knew how to suck a nipple hard enough to thrill me, but not so hard as to spoil the mood.  What's that scent that smelled like sex?  Oh, wait that was me, my body was half asleep, and the other half was getting ready to be penetrated.  If a jet liner can have an auto-pilot, why can't my body? 


And then he was nuzzling my neck (love that!) and teasing my clitty and my increasingly moist kitty with his forefinger and middle finger, and my knees were weak. I wrapped a third limb around him, a leg wrapped around his.  My eyes were closed.  Oh please, make me cum, that's what I was thinking, I knew an orgasm would send electricity through my body. And then the rumbling started deep in my core.  Not sure when he'd lost his clothes, perhaps I'd actually dozed off for a few seconds, but I reached down and felt raw hot flesh.


I forced an eye open, and it burned just from exhaustion, and located the bed, a big king-size, and sat on the edge.  "I need to taste you, Mark, please stuff that nice cock in my mouth so I can suck your dick like a slut until you suit up and fuck me.  But you do have to suit up.  And I insist you fuck me.




I never talk like this.  Except when sleepy and horny. (See what you're missing if you have not booked me for an overnight?  *Wink!).


And then my throat was full of married circumcised cock. I slowly drew back, lips tight, teeth apart, and then my tongue played with the tip and his pee hole. I love the taste of dick, it tastes like...victory.


He gagged me a couple times, and I liked that I was sleepy enough to be more passive than my usual because I could sense Mark taking charge of our sex like he never had.  I love when a married man goes for broke with me, and really fucks me like it’s going to be his last chance.  I love providing an opportunity to fully experience manhood for my lovers, no holding back or worry about if they go nuts there'll be some tension or explaining or apologizing.    None of that with me.  Never.


As my body was starting to perspire, his breathing changed as his missionary position fucking got tighter and closer and pretty much became stationary humping, all four of my limbs clinging to Mark and his cock just thrusting for all it was worth.  And at that moment, it felt like it was worth everything.  He lifted his head, I opened my eyes.  No words, just his mouth moving to mine, and my mouth surrendering to his as he secured his place between my legs and used my body to fuck his cock into, over and over, enjoying the sensation and the slick smoothness. I nipped at Mark's ear, "oh, ow, mmm, ugh, yes, fuck, oh, uh, fuck, yes, fuck me, fuck me stud..." I groaned into his ears, as just bodies slapping together isn't truly the whole goal, I need to feel my man, feel his lust, desire, and need.  Oh Mark needed me.  And I needed him.


I reached down with one hand that I pulled back from his shoulders and neck, and touched myself.  Just where I like to be touched.  And Mark grinned that I was touching myself, and he adjusted his pounding to be less directly attacking my clit to more of a strategic penetration at an angle to allow my hand room to thrill myself at just the right....ah, oh God, yes, right there...sigh, gasp, oh my!  Ahhhhh!


Mark rolled me onto my belly, and lifted my hips.  I really did want to be asleep.  Oh, that was it, the time difference, it wasn't just a long day, it was about a day and a half getting there, I'd missed a day of my life, took off on Thursday morning then landed Friday night at dinner time.  Kind of a flight through time.  And now Mark holding my hips in the air as I was collapsed onto my elbows, primed on my knees, and Mark getting ready to fuck my pussy doggie style. Which he did for a while, then he backed off and then I felt his mouth on me.  "God that feels good, eat me, oh fuck, lover, eat that slut's pussy, fuck her good, please."  Loved talking about myself in the third person there.  Mark got excited, too.  He only lasted approximately four or five minutes but what a great time it was, oh it felt so good.


And then he stiffened, and I felt a warm pulse, and I was glad I'd made it clear to wear a condom.  We collapsed flat on my belly and Mark flat on me.  His dick still inside me. 



Such a thrill for a woman to fall asleep as occupied territory, her womanhood filled with the male phallus.  I think I only slept a couple hours because by then my body sensed that in Miami, early risers were rising at that very moment and truth to tell I had no idea what time it was so who was I to argue with my body.    But it was still just evening. Mark was spooned with me, and he kissed my shoulder as he sensed me awakening.  "Good evening again, gorgeous, it’s still just ten o'clock".


Fuck.  Bed time, and I was waking up, tired, but not enough to sleep.


What's a girl to do?  So I rotated and we did sixty-nine until I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum that partly missed and got onto my chin and neck.  Mark's mouth didn't quite get me to the promised land, but that's what my little toy is for and I gave Mark perfect instructions on where it was stashed in my bag so that he could retrieve that magic mini vibrator and soon enough my back was arching, toes curling, and I cried out, no words save for a few "oh's" and "fuck's".


Such a dirty mouth.  Don't you just love it?


And then we were dressed.  Mark tossed me my clothes and I was a bit dazed, but he said, "late night food is great across the river at the Ritz Carlton, we'll eat outdoors on the fifty-eighth floor or whatever it is, and the view is amazing and the buildings are still all lit up for another hour.


It was gorgeous.  Google "the bund, shanghai" and click on images.  Amazing.


Loveliest part was all the brides.  Apparently it’s a big "thing", to have the bride and groom photographed on the bund. Some in western white wedding dresses, and some in more traditional Chinese deep red wedding dresses.  You know, the color of nails and lips when a woman is on the prowl for sex.  God, I wanted to fuck half those cute Chinese brides!


"Dolly, shhh, this isn't exactly a free country where you can say anything you want!"


Oops.  Again, apparently that wasn't my inner, voice, I'd really said that, good and loud.


I assume the smiling brides like fitness chicks and speak English.


But we got into a cab and Mark reached into a pocket, sorted through some cards and handed the cabbie a pre-printed card that apparently says "take me to the Ritz Carlton" with the address and all that in Chinese.  He said he had the cards, pre-printed for westerners, for about a half dozen of his most frequented locations, and the rest he does one at a time from his friends the hotel concierges, whom he regularly tips well.


He was right, the view was amazing, and being outdoors was such a trip.  I didn't know if it was morning or night, but the dumplings and noodles were delicious and I stayed with sparkling water because I had no idea if I'd just go comatose if I drank alcohol.


And when he got me back to my suite Mark fucked me in a standing doggie as we gazed out the window at the suddenly dark bund.  You could see the shadows and outlines of the crowds still out there, but the buildings all went dark at 11:00 p.m. before we'd gotten back across the river to the Waldorf, on the old imperial side of the river from which you could look across at all the modern, unique shaped buildings that all light up like Times Square or Tokyo or Hong Kong.


I was in China long enough to take a side trip to Beijing with Mark, see the great wall (again, for both of those, as I'd been there before when I ran track, but Mark didn't need to know that, I wanted him to feel like a king, opening up new worlds to me.)  God, he was such a great date.  I sort of felt bad that I'd made the comment about the contract for the yacht.  Mark was worth the travel for the fantastic western host in an exotic land fucking me so well. 


On a later morning, after he spoon fucked me from behind after I'd ridden him in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, we nestled, cuddled, his cock still in me, shrinking, the condom intact and keeping his potent seed out of harm's way, when I moaned to my lover for the week, "mmmm, Markie big American man with big American dick, me love you a long time."


We laughed.  And then showered and made our way to an amazing brunch, classic Chinese specialties along with gourmet breakfast dishes.  Watching him eat pot stickers, amazing roast pork like I'd only ever seen in Chinatown in San Francisco or New York, along with bacon and eggs struck me as so funny.  Fresh fruit and egg whites with bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, bean sprouts were more present on my plate, with some fine cheeses....if you get the chance to try the Waldorf brunch in Shanghai, do it.


While touring the city we stopped by some no-English-being-spoken places and I had Xiao Long Bao.  Soup filled dumplings.  Amazing.  Though later that day after I'd sucked Mark off and told him that his cum was the second-best fluid in my mouth that day, and I only placed it second because I was in China and could only get the Xiao Long Bao there, Mark told me that actually I could get those dumplings throughout southern California.  Blow my mind!  "Okay, Mark, your cum just got moved up to #1 in the charts!"



And at some point we got online, with Mark commenting about how we were automatically hacked by the Chinese government as soon as we were online so we navigated carefully to a site where he'd told me to "store" the information about selecting the choices for the interior, and from my king size bed, at God knows what time of day it was, either according to my body or on the clock in Shanghai, a city of twenty six million people (!), two named people named Dolly and Mark made final selections of materials, finishes, interior layout options.  It was going to be such a magnificent ship.


As he kissed me after escorting me onto the 400 kilometer per hour bullet train to the airport, into the terminal, and up to security where he could go no farther, Mark softly kissed me, thanked me (I thanked him right back!) and told me that the best part of the excitement of waiting for the final interior build out and then delivery of the yacht would be christening the yacht by making love to me on board.


"Making love to you on the yacht will be wonderful Mark.  So long as you fuck me hard and dirty and slutty up on the deck, the movement of the water rocking our bodies along with your amazing fuck thrusts."


This time it was Mark's turn to smile.  "You're right Dolly.  You do say the sweetest things."


And what do you know.  Sexy Cougarific Brooke the flight attendant was on my return flight. I know I told you in the last blog entry at the end that I'd tell you about Brooke and my nude beach in Miami with her and picking up Cubs, but that would really be violating her confidence, I now realize.  The return flight was through Detroit, and then she was dead-heading on to her home base city.  And then she impromptu invited me to take a detour with her.  And I did.


That husband of hers, married twenty-one years, and he's so cool and they have an understanding?  Wow, he loved watching Brooke have her way with me, and me make her my source of pleasure as well, and then she gave great instruction to her husband and I as to how to please each other as she watched.  Before she joined in with me and then he mated with her on one side of her body as she and I scissored and kissed and fingered face to face .....


I'll never look at dim sum the same again.



Purely fictional fantasy for your reading pleasure!

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